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daffodil75 · 2 months ago
eeeeee rogue piss day ask!!! g getting adam into a rlly subby headspace and then fisting him till he pisses himself and being all sweetly condasending abt it chz adam is a Dumb Slut🥰🥰🥰
daisy coming in with the actual last piss ask of the day because she is special and so gets special asks thank u for ur service daisy happy piss day<3
adam is utterly pliant. 
he’ll do whatever george says, anything george wants of him. he’s loopy with pleasure and neediness, having been edged three times before george put his fingers inside him. while george worked his whole hand inside, adam had been almost constantly awash with pleasure, never in any discomfort despite the considerable stretch of george’s hand inside his little body. 
he’s barely holding onto coherent speech, entirely braindead with how good it feels to have george’s hand rocking back and forth inside him, constantly putting pressure on his prostate and making his cock stream. he’s cum twice already, and he knows he’s not through, and george won’t stop until adam says he’s had enough. 
the pressure inside him from george’s whole hand is pretty intense; there’s not much to adam, and the bulge of george’s fist is very clearly visible in his tummy. he keeps rubbing his hands over it, feeling george’s hand through his skin, and it’s driving him crazy. 
it all feels so incredible, and then george shifts his hand just right and pushes down on something inside adam’s body, making his cry out in pleasure. he hears the piss hissing out of him onto the sheets before he feels it or registers what’s actually happened, and he stops dead. george does, too, making adam whimper.
“oh, honey,” he coos, his voice sickly sweet and dripping condescension. “did you have a little accident?”
adam takes a few seconds to get his head around it, but then he nods, whining a yes. george tuts and rubs a hand over his arse. 
“was it too much pressure?” he asks, but he’s not concerned; he’s had subs piss themselves for him before, and he knows that adam would have said immediately if something was wrong instead of playing up the stupid act. 
he nods again, his cheeks going pink. george’s hand is still not moving inside of him, and he’s desperate for more, so he wiggles his hips and whines impatiently. george smacks his arse. 
“stupid baby,” he coos, starting to rock his fist again. “can’t even hold his own piss, huh?”
adam whines another yes. this is all getting to him more than he’d care to admit, and his stomach is starting to tighten, especially from george’s hand rocking so nicely against his prostate. 
“harder,” he whines, and george picks up a little speed, still careful not to hurt adam at all. another leak of piss dribbles from his cock, and george coos over him yet again. 
“such a dumb slut, too preoccupied with how good it feels not to wet yourself! such a one track mind. aren’t you just the most beautiful, stupid little boy?”
adam doesn’t reply, just arches his back and presses his face to the mattress, letting george’s fist sink even deeper into him, and moans.
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yanderegarbage · 5 months ago
Feeding - headcannons pt.1
y’all i really like food, and i have a really unhealthy relationship with it. so i’ve decided that if i’m not gonna eat, then some bnha yanderes better force me to. this actually took a while i really wanted to make it good. i hope you all enjoy! + check out my profile pic i made it eeeeee
warnings: rape, drugging, serious injury, force feeding, stockholm syndrome, non-con and dub-con, obsession, chasing/escape, dumbification
Tumblr media
bakugou absolutely loves to cook for you and feed you. after he ***took*** you the kitchen become one of the only places he feels calm
that’s not to say that he’s a good cook by any standards but he tries.
he buys cookbooks and likes to make something new every night. if you seem to like one thing in particular, if you make a positive comment or just seem to be enjoying yourself more than usual, he’ll start to build that meal into the rotation more often.
the amount of joy that he’ll feel if his darling complements his food is immense.
of course, you have to eat every crumb. it’s important to him. if you don’t eat it all than you’re being ungrateful. you’ll need to learn how good you have it.
but on the more positive side he’s bought you two these cute matching frilly aprons. they’re pink and lacy and flouncy and have little hearts on them. they’re completely over the top.
he says he got them cause he thought you’d like them but you catch him smiling as he tries the apron around his waist.
sometimes if he’s in a good mood he has you both stay completely naked except for the aprons while you’re cooking
he loves seeing your little ass skimpering around the kitchen as you cut veggies and grated cheese while he’s kneading dough.
if you’re waiting for something to bake sometimes he sits you up on the counter and fingers you underneath your apron. he hopes you’ll kiss back as he fingers you.
or he might bend you over across one of the counters and fuck you from behind as you suckle on a finger he dipped in sugar or honey. you should probably be complaint. he’s in a good mood when he’s cooking which means it’s a safer space for you too.
Tumblr media
shouto is a surprisingly good cook. he’s not wonderful and it’s not terribly classy or anything but it’s seasoned well and he rarely fucks anything up.
if he does you’ll want to be careful and behave. he doesn’t like messing up and feeling like a failure just makes it more likely for you to get frozen.
he used to set up his ipad in the kitchen and find recipes to make online before he cought you trying to look in his messages for a chance at escape.
that wasn’t a fun night.
now he buys cookbooks and he rarely asks for you to participate.
your duties are at most to grab him a cup of water (a plastic cup. he hasn’t forgot the glass you threw at his head) but mostly he has you sit on the other side of the counter while he works.
if you choose to sit in silence that’s up to you. while cooking, he rarely speaks unprompted. it’s more about pushing you to initiate things than not wanting to speak.
if you do choose to talk he’ll be excited, but he won’t show it. he’ll try to keep the conversation going though, whether or not either of you are god art carrying a conversation. He’ll usually ask you about your interests or opinions on general topics. He’ll avoid asking you about dreams or admissions or even what you did that day. He may not understand why your situation upsets you but he knows that conversations dwindle when the outside world comes up.
if you choose not to talk, you should otherwise be on his best behavior. he tries his hardest to be understanding. you’re just coming to terms with your situation. you’ll understand eventually. but though he didn’t realize it, if you stay silent, especially if you’re giving him a bad attitude, he’ll take any opportunity to punish you later.
Tumblr media
look. is it okay that he cums in pretty much every meal he makes for you?
does he think it is?
and this isn’t even something that started when he took you. this has been going on for months.
those bento boxes he’s made you when you were extra busy? yea he came in those.
the pasta he made for everyone at that dinner party? yours had cum in it for sure.
the coffees he would bring you when you would meet at the library to study? he jerked off into that too.
you probably don’t even find out for a few months after he kidnaps you. you think that stare of adoration while your eating is just about how happy he is that you’re eating.
but no. he thinks that with you digesting a “part of him” it’ll somehow bring you too closer together.
you probably just thought he was a shitty cook until he breaks the news. he didn’t think you’d react so angrily. thought you’d think it was romantic.
he won’t put up with even a single meal of you refusing to eat though. he’s here to make sure you’re healthy. and if that means he has to sit you down in his lap with your wrists tied up behind you and tears and protests falling off your lips, so be it.
honestly, he enjoys spoon feeding you and will continue to spoon feed you even after you’ve vehimetly agreed to eat.
unlike kirishima who begins using spoon feeding as a punishment, he uses it as a reward, thinking you enjoy it just as much as he does. that your tears are just you being overwhelmed with affection and the wonderful taste of his spunk.
Tumblr media
shinsou is good.
like really good.
watching him work is like watching a spider build its web or a bird take flight, in that this is what he’s meant to do.
he moves with efficiency, washing dishes and putting ingredients away as he no longer needs them. he finishes with nothing left to clean other than your plates.
a key jangles on his belt loop, attatched with a carabiner, clinking around with every step and turn, teasing you.
it singsongs taunts to you. escaappee it whispers. i can get to the kniiveees.
he unhooks it smoothly every time he opens a cupboard or drawer, deliberately. He unhooks the key, twists it into the tiny keyholes, opens the drawer or cuppboard, bringing out his desired plates or utensils or pans, then places them aside and closes the storage unit again, twisting the lock back into place. 
you suspect its just habit now, or a warning, maybe proving his dominance, or making sure you know you have no chance of escape. It’s not like you can get to them anyway now. and even if you did it’s not like you can run anymore.
your ankle still throbs, most likely healing wrong, despite the amount of care he puts into it, you haven’t been able to go to a hospital. 
he broke it a month ago, after your escape attempt. You’d gotten pretty far, miles from the remote house. You probably would have escaped if it weren’t for your foolish pride.
“You know you won’t escape right?”
his voice echoed through the woods, bouncing off trees, full of rage. his steps were quick, loud. He could see your back, determined to catch you, but off kilter by the gash you’d put in his head.
“I do!” You’d sobbed, screeched as you ran, before you suddenly stopped. 
You turned, walked pliantly back to Shinsou, eyes cloudy, head blank as he walked side by side with you back “home”, silent.
When you’d arrived you layed back on the couch, lefting your leg to meet his arms. 
His wound seemed to be healing faster than yours. Only a small pink scar was there to remind him of your misbehaving. Every once in a while, as he cooked he would scartch it absentmindedly, before sending a watchful eye your way, to the bench where you were perched.
Tumblr media
the first few days of getting kidnapped, you refused to eat anything. probably because the last time you ate a meal with kiri you got oddly drowsy and woke up in a bed you don’t recognize but who knows why.
he couldn’t stand seeing your energy depleated and knowing your tummy was empty. after a while the third day you guys had an argument that ended in you sitting in his lap on the floor, his legs and an arm wrapped around you to prevent you from getting up, and him spoon feeding you red curry while you wept.
he just couldn’t stand you being so upset. but some part of him loved spoon feeding you. you could tell by the bulge that presses into your back when he was prodding your lips with the fork
maybe he just though it was cute.
kirishima isn’t very particular. he’ll let you eat whatever you want as long as you’re eating enough of it.
he’ll get takeout if you ask but he prefers to cook.
most likely you’ll want to stay in the kitchen with him. he doesn’t let you touch anything sharp (you may have made an “attempt” last time you had the chance to grab at a knife) but at least when you’re sitting at the counter you can keep a watchful eye on him and make sure he doesn’t do anything funny.
he moves around the kitchen happily. and with gusto.
he’s an ok cook but he loves to act like he’s more that that. he moves his wrist loosely as he seasons dishes, practically waltzes from station to station, and makes sure to add little tricks, cracking a few eggs with one hand, flipping a pancake in mid-air, carving little designs into his fresh baked bread.
his seasoning choices tend to be a little peculiar, pairing cilantro and bacon or cinnamon and tofu, but it’s never bad, just surprisingly good.
if at any point you’ve made an attempt at escape it’ll take a very very long time to get him to trust you again, but once he does he’s happy to have you waltz around the kitchen with him
Tumblr media
honestly it’s pretty fun if you allow it to be.
he’s not too focused on getting a certain amount of calories or proteins for you and will probably buy you whatever you want.
you want pop tarts and ice cream for dinner? awesome!
you want pizza for breakfast? so does he!
you want to have a pasta night? of course!
the only thing he’s not okay with it’s under eating. he tries to be as kind as possible when it comes to respecting your choices but he needs you to eat.
he does promote fruits and veggies. he love you so much and he wants you healthy, but he just would hate to restrict you.
you pretty much always eat at the couch. he’s a gigantic movie and music buff so if you let him he’ll just go through all his favorite music videos or movies and point out all his favorite parts, trivia, or hot takes.
if your good he’ll play music on a speaker and dance with you while you make some simple food or snack on whatever is in the house.
denki definetely burns. no one can tell me otherwise.
he likes to test new strains with you (though unlike other yanderes he won’t force you) sand to figure out which ones make food taste the best. you’re never able to decide which one. you both are always too high to think too much.
all you know is holy shit this pasta slaps.
if you’re not behaving its less fun.
He’s figured out that if he shocks you, your brain turns into the same mush that his does when he over exerts himself.
While eating dinner is fine in this state (mostly because you just can’t remember anything that happened) it does leave you in an incredibly vulnerable and dangerous space. 
The first time he ever sent you into dumb dumb space, while you supposed you just acted like a brain-dead idiot, you also came back to reality on the tile floor of the kitchen with your ass raised into the air, your shirt across the room and pants at your ankles, while Denki’s cum dribbled out of your pussy onto the floor. Denki was walking around with his shirt off, desperatly chugging a glass of water. 
You peeled yourself from the floor, staring for a moment at your hands before you looked at Denki, who smiled and said something.
You weren’t sure what it was, but tears began flooding out of your eyes and your ears rung as you came to a realization.
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milkybunbuns · 5 months ago
smile → kita.s
Tumblr media
Cinemas - 4
w/c: 1.4 K
warnings: vomiting, disobeying Kita which is a sin in itself and extreme dumbness ;p
"since when did you start saying hey hey hey, stealing the owl head's line i see?"
"hey! i can say whatever i want, thank you."
"however y/n-san, under my watch you can't. i will not let you use such profanities and take after the miya twins."
"awww kita-senpai, you're such a mom sometimes."
"i'm sorry, but i don't identify myself as a female?"
"okay okay, you're such a dad sometimes."
"i'm too young to be a dad. i don't plan to have children anytime soon"
"well, too bad, you're literally pure husband material."
"i don't know if i should take that as a compliment."
"you should!"
"yes, googooe, pronounced goo goo eeeeee."
"er, i don't think your sane no.2."
"why am i no.2, i'm older than 'samuuu!"
"yet, he is 1) more mature 2) cooks like a god 3) so much nicer 4) doesn't call his fans pigs 5) hotter 6) more husband material than you will ever be."
"how is he hotter? we literally look the same."
"his hair looks hotter than your not so blonde hair. i mean, why couldn't you dye your hair a platinum blond, not this, this this this, piss coloured hair."
"excuse me, but my hair is not piss colour."
"oh really, when was the last time you checked the mirror?"
"did the mirror not shatter?"
"well, oh beautiful amazing taste in fashion one, what would be a good hair colour."
"grey like 'samu's! You would look good with strawberry blond as well"
"she obviously has something for grey-haired boys."
"i know right rinyyy."
"ew, that name. please kill me."
"it would be my pleasure riny! but first, you have to survive till the end of high school, we need you to score points."
"now that you say it, y/n does seem to have a thing for grey-haired volleyball boys...
the only third year she calls with senpai is kita-san, but that could just be because he's utterly terrified of him which doesn't seem like the case cause she's always chatting to him. and that other day at the gym-"
"yes i saw that. continuing on.
she likes osamu more than atsumu."
"you don't need to shove that in my face gingin."
"oh mah gawd, would yer shut up already and stop interrupting me."
"yes sir!"
"y/n also seems to be a fan of bokuto-san."
"so the next person she might be liking could be...
sugawara from karasuno...."
"why would you even know anyone from a minor school? that's so un-atsumu like."
"how do you know they are from a minor school riny?"
"i'm smarter than you."
"not true!"
"please explain why i'm in a higher class than you this year..."
"you cheated!"
"i'm too lazy to cheat."
"currently considering life choices."
"i want to die."
"Same. Let's die together- WAIT, WHERE DID KITA-SAN GO!?"
"you want to do that with me?"
"yes of course i am. it's time to go, stop mucking around."
"hai!!", both you and atsumu saluted to him, marching behind him like soldiers.
finally, everyone found themselves situated inside the cinemas. surprisingly, everyone wasn't kicked out the moment they stepped foot into the theatre, with you and osamu immediately rushing for the snacks corner. the two of you had picked out about 5 large boxes of popcorn, 3 butter, one caramel and one f/f. even though atsumu was usually forgotten, this time he was dragged along, shouting in joy at how he had been included. soon enough, he found out the true reason as for why he was summoned. he was to carry all the boxes of popcorn that had been purchased... let's say, it was a hobby of all the second years to ruin atsumu's life in a playful joking manner.
"isn't that too much popcorn to consume?"
"nah! don't worry about it kita-senpai, we'll finish it all!"
"it's not healthy and you can get a stomach ache."
"awww, stop being such a downer."
"don't say i didn't warn yer."
"eh okay, whatever."
the movie that had been chosen was a sappy romance movie, with you sitting next to kita since the others didn't want to face his cold logic if they stepped out of the line. sitting away would mean that there would be a lower chance of getting caught in the act of something dumb. cowards. yeah, cowards. that's what they all were. although the movie tickets that had been purchased were for the front row, the whole group had decided to sit wherever they wanted, much to the displeasure of kita. yet, he kept his harsh side in, for the sake of having a good time.
yui was beside you, taking a box of popcorn for herself, well behind the three of you sat osamu, atsumu and suna, the trouble second years. you liked to consider yourself a sane second year, although more often than not, you would join in the antics of them. they had 2 boxes of popcorn in hand, one butter and one caramel. behidn the trouble second years, sat the regular third years minus kita, with the remaining boxes of popcorn. kita and yourself had picked out the f/f popcorn since it was your favourite. i mean, kita couldn't really care less about what flavour popcorn he got. popcorn was popcorn, there's no difference. at least, that's what he thought.
"everyone, quiet down, you're disturbing the other people and we don't want to get kicked out like last time. right atsumu?"
"er, uhm, yes kita-san?"
"what's with the doubtful tone."
"be quiet, the movie is beginning."
"ah ah ah okay."
within the first 20 minutes of the movie, half the box of popcorn that was shared between you and kita was gone. kita hadn't even grabbed any popcorn, it was all you. at this rate, the popcorn would be completely gone before half of the movie goes by. since you were meant to keep quiet in the room, kita couldn't scold you for eating so much popcorn verbally, only staring at you which didn't seem to have any effect. you dipped your hand back in, grabbing a handful of popcorn, only to be stopped by a warm hand which was placed over the top of the box so you couldn't take your hand out. the feeling of kita's hand sent butterflies to your stomach, which was ruined as soon as you looked up to see his gaze. he looked at you sternly, a small frown on his face, which indicated that he wanted you to slow down. you obviously decided to come up with another way to eat popcorn, so that's where all your brain cells went to... devising ways to get food...
you used your free hand to shove it's way into yui's box of popcorn, but was quickly stopped by her since she didn't want to s hare with you, knowing that you'd just gobble it all up. frowing, you reached behind you, osamu immediately passing you a box of popcorn, since he was aware that if you didn't get the popcorn, you'd probably make him do a bunch of serving drills...too bad you couldn't do it to the other manager and captain. not wasting a moment, you shoved a handful in your mouth, making kita sigh quietely.
"y/n-san, see, i told you not to eat-"
"so much popcorn and you said you could handle it."
"yeah, i- bleccccch- can."
currently kita was pulling your hair away from your face as you vomitted into a plastic bag that he had conveniently brought along. you, being a smartass, decided to go around and basically finish 7 boxes of popcorn which resulted in the current situation. whoever told you it was a smart idea to eat so much popcorn was totally out of their mind. unfortunately suna was in the background recording you and your misfortune and there was nothing you could do about it, with kita lecturing you.
"no you can't, let's get you home."
"ughhh, fine, okay."
"here, take some honey drops. it'll help you get the bitter taste out of your mouth."
"thank you kita-senpai!!"
"it's no problem. atsumu, osamu, suna. stop. laughing."
"yes sir!!"
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