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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Me, in desperate need of serotonin and self-care: I’m gonna rewatch tgwdlm and Black Friday while I clean and final-polish my dice

My brain: you know damn well that the moment you made that plan it ceased to be a possibility

Me: yea

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yeah coffee shop au’s are great but if you’ve never read a coffee shop fic that takes a sharp turn with some form of blackmail/threats from a nemesis coffee shop (or the landlord) are you even a fanfic reader

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My brain: hey… HEY!

Me: what?

My brain: you know Obey me, right?

Me: yes, why?

My brain: and you know Twisted Wonderland too.

Me: where are you getting at?

My brain: make a crossover


My brain: alright, but at least make a homestuck crossover/AU

Me: with Obey me or Twisted Wonderland?

My brain: yes

Me: NO!

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my brain: ah yes these two characters are perfect together let’s look at the ship for them for hours

me: stumbles upon another ship within that tag

my brain: ooo

me: no.not again. you are already shipping this you cannot dive headfirst into this one don’T YOU FREAKING DARE 

my brain: lalalala it’s canon go write fanfiction

me: but 

my brain: :))) fanfiction!

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one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to tv/movies is when the movie is set in a non-english speaking country, but everyone is speaking english with a british accent, including the non-british actors. this is especially obvious in any kind of historical production.

meanwhile historical inaccuracy? do not care. have at it. go wild.

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