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#Eddie Diaz x Evan buckley
phantomqueenmorrigan · 2 days ago
WISHING THE VERY HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS TO MY DEAR LITTLE SIBLING @cowboydiaz! I hope you have the best day ever, Oli!!!!
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therogueheart · 8 months ago
Eddie was the first person to grab hold of Buck's rope and was waiting for him right by the door when he got home.
Eddie was so fucking soft this episode. He was so gentle with Buck and he listened to him and reassured him and he didn't take his eyes off the building for a fucking second when Buck was in there.
Eddie Diaz is the love that Evan Buckley deserves.
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anon911andbuddie · a month ago
Chimney’s Guide To Dating a Buckley
Here’s a thought that I’m not sure has been done yet. (I am working on requests, but it’s been a slow going process so I thought I’d give you a head cannon of what came into my brain today) -Red
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-Imagine, Chim just hands Eddie a poorly bound book. In bold
-Chimney’s Guide To Dating a Buckley by Howard Han
-Chim doesn’t even acknowledge Eddie as he leaves him alone with the book. Eddie is, at first, very confused. Why would he need any guide to dating a Buckley? He wasn’t dating one (it doesn’t matter that he actually really wants to, now that he thinks about it more). Anyway, he doesn’t take it seriously, but he puts the guide in his locker anyway.
-After a couple of weeks, it’s almost forgotten about, his stuff having piled over it. Eddie never brings it up to Chim, and neither does Chim. 
-After a few months, Eddie doesn’t remember it’s even in his locker.
-He finds it when cleaning out his locker, taking dirty clothes home to be washed. Buck is beside him, cleaning out his own locker, “oh, what’s that?” Eddie jumps, “what? This thing? Nothing, nothing at all...a stupid present Chim gave me a while back.”
-Of course, Buck wants to see
-Eddie doesn’t let that happen and throws it in his duffle to take home and quickly leaves the station.
-The thing is, Buck doesn’t let it go. 
-And now it’s a constant reminder in his head and he just can’t stop himself, he looks at the guide
-Chapter 1: They’re pretty cute, right? That’s the reason you’re doing this.
-honestly, the start is sarcastic, but oddly serious and it’s like Chim can see into his mind as he pictures Buck, which is a little disturbing. 
-Chapter 2: But they’re chaotic. Don’t even think about letting them both out of your sight together, they’ll get into more trouble than either of us can handle. 
-And he’s right...apart, the Buckley siblings are chaotic, together...he could only shiver at the thought. They mean well, but sometimes they can get a little obsessed and go overboard. 
-Chapter 3: Even so, they love unconditionally...mainly because of how they were raised. 
-Isn’t that the truth? Daniel died and their parents distanced themselves, so they had to love each other unconditionally...isn’t that the reason Buck threw himself into work and helping Eddie and Christopher? Buck cared and loved so was amazing to watch.
-Chapter 4: Because of that, they’re easily hurt. They’re insecure and unable to realize when they need to ask for help.
-It was like the wind was knocked out of Eddie’s lungs...because Chim was right. Buck never knew when to ask for help, he tried to suffer through it himself...hell, he’d been willing to cause himself emotional or physical pain in order to make sure everyone else he cared about was alright...he was willing to roll with attitudes and demeaning talk if it meant he was being somewhat seen.
-Chapter 5: But we help them even if they don’t ask for it...because it’s our job to make sure our Buckley is treated the way they deserve to royalty.
-Eddie couldn’t agree more. Buck deserves the world and Eddie would try like hell to give it to him, if he asked for it.
-Chapter 6: So stop being a coward, they need to know your interested or they won’t make the first move. 
-Chapter 7: Other general things you need to know, starting with the sacred pinky promise.
-Chapter 8: Relationships aren’t perfect, but you better learn to compromise or else you’ll have an angry Buckley sibling on your doorstep in minutes flat.
-Chapter 9: But they’re all bark, no bite...well, most of the time.
-Chapter 10: Dating a Buckley sibling isn’t easy, as with any kind of relationship, but the easiest part is loving and supporting them.
-And how stupid is it that reading 10 chapters of a guide to dating a Buckley by his coworker is how Eddie finally got his shit together and asked Buck out for a date? But, Eddie’s happy and so is Buck, so Chim might have had a point.
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nb-spacealien · 2 months ago
Hen: Buck! your boyfriend's calling, he wants to talk to you
Buck, walking over: Eddie's not my boyfriend
Hen: He's not?
Eddie, on loudspeaker: I'm not?
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justapoet · 16 days ago
Two best friends, one of them dies. Eddie spiraling, another panic attack — he gets confused, because there was no Ana anymore.
The girl is not the best friend, there's an emotional meeting afterwards, and boom — they're actually girlfriends.
Eddie gets really, really lost with feelings, and Buck puts a hand over his shoulder.
And, then it clicks.
He didn't have panic attacks because he pictured a future with Ana.
He had them because he had pictured a future without Buck.
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wackybuddiemewbs · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Buddie Moodboard - Forever AU
Aaaaaand I'm back on my bullshit! Because somehow, immortal!Buck has crept his way into my lizard brain. As per usual, now it's your problem, too. Welcome.
Buck honestly hoped that his first day at the new fire station in L.A. would start a lot smoother. But he miscalculated, underestimating Red's resentment for him starting as a firefighter again. Even though they talked about it. Many times. A few weeks ago, Red even seemed to have warmed up to the idea, but just this morning, he decides to throw a tantrum, of course.
One would assume that as a senior, Buck's son would not act like he used to as a child, but far from it. Though Buck knows better than to just give in. Red wants to be stubborn? Then so be it. He understands that he is having a rough time, unable to work the job he loved anymore, and most of his friends either dead or no longer available after they had to move.
They had to move for the same reason that Buck, a man in his early thirties, is the adoptive father of a man past his seventies.
Immortality, plain and not at all simple.
Buck has walked the face of earth for 300 years by now. He used to serve on a military ship when he first died, only to wind up by the shore, very much alive.
Since then, he has lived many lives. And Buck dares to think he lived to save many other lives, too, as this is the purpose he dedicated this long life to.
Red actually became a firefighter, following his father's example. Buck has lived as a firefighter a number of times. He was also a soldier, a doctor, a teacher, but foremost a father.
Though no one can know of it, of course. To anyone who asks, Red is Buck's grandfather, which always makes them laugh afterwards. But how do you explain this to people in a way they will not just understand but believe?
Because yes, immortality is much more complicated than one may think.
Buck is not the only new member of the 118, though. On the same day, Eddie Diaz joins the team. He is a single father taking care of his son Christopher. His mother is no longer part of the picture. Needing a fresh start, Eddie moved to Los Angeles with his son. A new job, a new life, and hopefully a new perspective.
It doesn't take long for the two to discover how well they work together as partners. And while Eddie wouldn't know it, they have way more in common than he may think. It's just that Buck's son is comparably older.
Buck, for his part, couldn't be happier about the team he has found, especially his new partner. Even Red seems to overcome most of his misgivings as time progresses, after Buck has the bright idea to introduce him to a literal ray of sunshine called Christopher Diaz. Soon enough, the grumpy old man dotes on the boy. Buck returns the favor by introducing Eddie to Carla, who is also helping him manage taking care of Red.
No matter how happy they all are, Buck is acutely aware that this happiness is a most fragile thing. Especially working a job like this, death is imminent. Thus, Buck has to be sure that no one catches him actually dying. Or else he will have to answer how he comes back alive the next day. Or how he suddenly winds up approaching from the ocean when he used to be on dry land when he disappeared - died, actually.
Normally, he keeps his distance past a certain point. Buck never shied away from friendship and companionship, but the only person he allowed himself to truly love with all of himself was his son, of course. You can't help but love your children, after all. But with the others, Buck wants to choose not to. Because he doesn't know how much more his heart can break once he will inevitably lose Red.
Because yes, immortality is complicated, and it is also very cruel.
Despite his efforts, it's not just the team, not just Carla, not just Christopher, who creep their way into his heart. Foremost, it's Eddie who he can't keep out of his mind, out of his heart. Buck can't say he ever felt this intensely for someone other than his son. And if he didn't know better, he'd think that Eddie feels the same way for him.
But even if he does, Buck knows it shouldn't be. It mustn't be, actually. No matter what Red may have to say about it, about Buck needing to find people after he is dead to keep him company, Buck can't do this. He knows his son means well, but you can't really understand what it's like unless you live a life unending.
Thus, Buck continues his balancing act of being close to Eddie and Christopher without letting them too close to his heart, ignoring all along how much he is failing every day anew.
Things take a sudden turn when Shannon steps back into Eddie's and Christopher's life. Buck is enthusiastic about it, as this will mean the two can have a normal kind of happiness again. And he can put a bit of distance between them and his aching heart again. Right?
But then mortality wreaks havoc again, leaving Eddie a widower and Christopher a usually so happy child burdened with enormous grief for the mother he lost a second time. And so, keeping his distance is no longer an option. Buck tries his best to be there for them both through this most difficult time, lets them close as far as they need him to be.
To make things worse, Buck's leg is crushed after a bombing soon thereafter. And since he didn't die on site, he now has to deal with the consequences of the injury until he can reasonably "reset" himself. Or else his secret may be revealed, and he'd have to leave again. Even though Buck, more than anything, simply wants to stay. With the team, with Christopher, with Eddie.
Because yes, immortality is a complicated, wicked, cruel thing, giving you too little time to love and too much time to grieve its inevitable loss.
Despite his efforts, Buck's wish of wanting to stay may not be granted to him, though. When he and Christopher find themselves caught up in a tsunami by the pier, Buck is forced into making impossible choices to ensure that he can return Christopher to his father. And if he has to die a thousand times over and swim his way back each time again, so be it...
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nurse-buckley · 5 months ago
Anniversary Surprise
Fandom: 9-1-1 Word Count: 935 Pairing: Buddie Warnings: None Summary: Buck and Eddie’s anniversary dinner is interrupted by a surprise visitor.  Tagslist: @firemedicdiaz, @fireladybuckley, @pupandangelscoffee, @winterreader-nowwriter, @dayrin085 Requested by the lovely @pupandangelscoffee. Beta’d by the amazing @milkymarjan  To say Buck is excited for the night ahead is an understatement. He and Eddie are celebrating their one year anniversary of getting together. They’d planned to cook a whole family meal together and had a movie lined up with popcorn and candy per Chris’ request. 
Tumblr media
The blonde is in a mind of his own, focusing on getting home to his boys as he hums along to the music coming through the radio. He’s snapped out of his thoughts as an older woman flags him down, waving her arms frantically for him to stop. A groan escapes him as he checks his watch, checking he has time before pulling over next to her. 
He rolls down his window, leaning out, “Ma’am, what’s wrong? Are you hurt?” 
“What? No, no it’s not me.” 
“What seems to be the-” His question is interrupted by a loud wailing noise. 
The cry sounds like an injured child, causing the firefighter to look around, frantically searching for the noise. The woman sees his response, pointing upwards towards a nearby tree. Buck follows to where her finger is pointing, letting out a breath of relief as he sees a small black kitten with white paws, screaming down at him from one of the lower branches. 
“Hey there, buddy!” He calls. 
Buck’s rewarded with another scream as the kitten seemingly replies to his call. The small creature is clearly stressed, moving up and down the branch as it tries and fails to find a way down. 
“You just hang tight little guy, we’ll get you down,” he calls. He turns to the woman beside him, “Is it yours? I’m Evan, by the way.” 
She shakes her head, “Amy, and no, but we’ve got a lot of strays around here. We usually have to call the fire department out to get any who climbed too high and couldn’t get down.”  
Buck lets out a laugh, shaking his head. “Well it's both your lucky days. I’m a firefighter with the L.A.F.D. Do you know anyone around here who has a ladder so we can get this little guy down?” 
Amy nods, pointing towards her neighbours house. She makes her way over, leaving Buck alone with the kitten screaming from above him. “I hear you. You just stay there alright?” 
The blonde checks his watch once again, seeing the time creeping nearer to when he should be home. He pulls out his phone sending a quick text to Eddie that something had come up, but he’d be home as soon as he can. 
Amy returns with the ladder shortly after, helping Buck to set it up against the tree. She stands beneath, holding the ladder as Buck climbs his way up to meet the small creature. The kitten moves away, startled at the intrusion of the man before it, letting out another loud meow as it backs away. 
Buck reaches out a hand, making a few kissing and clicking noises with his mouth in an attempt to beckon it closer. The kitten hesitates for a moment before it trots forward, rubbing its head against Buck’s hand, signalling its trust. Buck is slow with his movements as he gently reaches around the creature, grabbing it and pulling it protectively close to his chest. The kitten begins to pur, contently snuggling in against Buck’s chest as he makes his way down the ladder. 
Once he’s back on the ground safely, Buck holds the kitten at arm’s length, checking it over. Happy the kitten looked relatively unharmed, he makes an attempt to hand it over to Amy. 
“Um. I can’t take him. I already have 2 of my own,” she explains backing away at Buck’s attempts to hand the small kitten off.  
He sighs, bringing the kitten back to his chest, the small cat snuggling in to him in return, purring in content. “What are we going to do with you, huh?” 
“He seems pretty happy with you,” she remarks, seeing how the kitten had settled in the firefighter's arms. 
Buck lets out a laugh, “Well...let’s just hope my boyfriend feels the same way.” 
The younger man takes his leave, returning back to his truck, his new friend in hand. He climbs into the driver's side, placing the kitten on his lap. Buck takes a moment, deciding whether or not to call ahead and warn Eddie of the possible new addition to the Buckley-Diaz household. 
He decides against it, wanting nothing more than to be home and not make himself any later for their date night than he already was. When he arrives home, he pulls the kitten into his chest, tucking him into his jacket as he makes his way to the door. 
When Eddie opens the door, his face lights up at the sight of Buck before falling to one of confusion as he hears a small ‘meow’. He leans in, pulling apart the sides of Buck’s jacket, jumping back slightly as the kitten's head pops out. 
“Can we keep him?” 
Chris appears from around the corner at the sound of Buck’s arrival, letting out an excited gasp as he sees the small creature in Buck’s arms. 
“Did you rescue him, Buck?” 
“Sure did, buddy,” Buck says, kneeling down to show Chris. 
Chris reaches out a hand, gently stroking the kitten, letting out an excited gasp as the kitten begins to purr and nuzzle against his hand. 
“Can we keep him, dad?”  
Eddie looks between the two. He’s not sure who’s puppy dog eyes convince him more, but he finds himself nodding. “Yes. On one condition. I’m not on litter box duty.” 
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phantomqueenmorrigan · 9 days ago
Can we talk about the fact that Buck got a black eye and immediately called his husband best friend to come over and *checks notes* put ice into a ziplock for him
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thebookwormfanboy · 23 days ago
Why does I look like Eddie is touching Buck's Ass and is like 'Damn that's good' and Buck is just SHOOK
Tumblr media
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therogueheart · a month ago
God no but like, there’s an emergency at a job they’re on and Buck is the only one who can help, the one who’s gotta go in alone, and just as he’s gearing up and getting ready Eddie comes up to him and out of his pocket pulls out his St. Christopher’s medal, slides it over Buck’s head and tucks it into his turnout. 
“Now you can’t die,” he says, locking Buck’s gaze. “Because you have to bring that back to me.”
And Buck does. He comes out tired and maybe a little worse for wear, but he’s grinning at Eddie and reaching for the necklace to give it back, and Eddie stops him.
“You can give it back to me next time.”
He says the same thing every time Buck comes back to him, because if he never takes the necklace back, that means Buck always has to come back to him.
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anon911andbuddie · a month ago
May and Buck are spending an afternoon together and start talking about friends and college and they end up talking about Eddie and a girl who is May's friend. They point to eachother that their crushes are showing. Cue to bi panic!
Claimed by Red
Warnings: Bi panic (from experience), feelings
Coffee with a Dash of Panic (Part 2 here)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Buck was excited. Today, he was taking May out for coffee and they were going to talk about anything and everything not related to work. 
Buck bounded up the steps to May’s apartment, knocking bright and chipper. It took a minute for May to open the door, where she met the blinding smile of Buck. “Just give me two seconds and I’ll be ready to go,” May spoke as she walked back into her apartment.
“No worries, I’m early,” Buck responded, stepping into the apartment and closing the door behind him. He glanced around, smiling as he took in the home-y feel of the apartment, “this place is really nice, May. It looks a lot better without all the boxes lying around.”
May laughed as she exited her bedroom again, “that’s what Mom and Bobby said a few days ago. I like it, it feels like my space now.”
“I’m one’s given you any trouble, right?” 
May rolled her eyes as she grabbed her purse and faced Buck, “no Dad, no one has given me trouble. All my neighbors have been nice and welcoming.”
Buck gave a playful scoff and raised his hands placatingly, “sorry for trying to make sure that my little sis was doing alright.”
May laughed, lightly hitting his chest as she opened the door to let him out. “Shut up.”
Coffee Shop
Buck sat quietly for a moment, May was laughing at a joke he’d just told. She looks good, happy...Buck’s excited for her to be entering this new phase of her life. When May stops laughing, she smiles at Buck, posture relaxed. “What,” she asks with a little chuckle.
“I’m just so proud of you...and so excited for this next chapter of your life.”
May’s smile became more private, just for the two of them. “To be honest, I’m still nervous. I know I’ve been in college for a few months, but I keep feeling like things might, I don’t know-”
“Come crumbling down?” At May’s nod, Buck continued, “that’s how I felt when I first went to college. I was fresh out of my parents’ house and I kept thinking that they were going to show up and drag me back home...then I blew my college money on a motorcycle for attention and I began traveling the world, tying to join the SEALs and eventually made my way to where I I had to do something right. Because I found the family I’ve always wanted.”
May lightly hit his arm, “and that’s supposed to make me feel better? You just told me that you blew your college fund on a motorcycle and aimlessly wandered the world for years.” 
“But eventually I got to where I needed to be! That was the point of the story,” Buck laughed lightly. “It wasn’t all bad, the college that I went to. The course work was relatively easy...but that’s because at that time, I absorbed just about any fact or lecture given to me. I met someone I thought I would spend my life with...but she turned out to only want the ‘fun times’ and nothing else. I made some friends, I still keep in touch with a couple of them...this is a great age, May. You get to meet people from all different backgrounds, grow in your knowledge of the world...maybe you’ll meet your ‘special someone’.”
May’s eyes turned to her drink as her finger trailed the rim of the cup. “In my History 201 class, I met this girl...she’s probably my best friend out of everyone I’ve met...I always want to spend my time with her and we’re both thinking about the same major, so we’ll be in pretty much the same classes for the rest of our undergrad.”
Buck bit his lip to keep his smile from blooming his face. “Best friend, huh? Tell me more.” 
May glanced up before immediately looking back at her cup. “She’s sweet, absolutely beautiful...probably the goddess Aphrodite reincarnated. She’s down to Earth, one in a million...she makes me laugh even when I’m feeling down and I trust her like I’ve never trusted anyone before. What is that you told me about you and Eddie? You have each other’s backs?”
“Yeah, after we removed a live grenade from another man’s leg, we promised to have each other’s backs...and that’s transpired past work and into our personal lives. I don’t think I’ve ever trusted anyone more than I trust Eddie. If you’ve found that with your friend, I’m so happy for you.”
“I think I have...she’s honestly the best. I’d do anything for her...I always want to spend time with her...hell, she was over at my apartment last night because she’d never seen the original Star Wars trilogy so we binged all three movies.”
“Having a best friend is like’s how Eddie and I are...he’s slowly educating me on all the movies Chim teases me about not knowing.”
“I feel like we’re two halves of the same soul.”
“I think your crush is showing, May...but I know what you mean.”
“What? I don’t have a crush,” May spluttered. “She’s just-she’s my best friend!”
At Buck’s amused smirk, May glared at him, “if my crush is showing, so is yours! You said your situation with Eddie is the same!”
“I don’t have a crush on Eddie,” Buck denied, “we’re just-”
“Coparenting his kid? Constantly spending time together? Constantly in each other’s space? Sending heart eyes at the other when they aren’t looking?”
Buck gaped, his face beginning to flush. “At least I’m not gushing about how beautiful Eddie is and calling him Aphrodite reincarnated!” 
It was May’s turn to become bashful, “that’s a totally platonic thing to say! I’m platonically telling you how beautiful she is!”
Buck and May stare at one another, eyes widening further. “We’re in love with our best friends,” they spoke together quietly.
“What do we do,” May asked.
Buck shook his head, “I don’t know...I’m 30 years old for fuck’s sake! I’m too old to have a sexuality crisis,” he hissed.
May was quiet for a moment. She pulled out her phone. “What are you doing,” Buck asked.
May held up a finger, shushing Buck. “Hey, Dad...can you meet Buck and I at the Coffee shop on Main?” May listened for a moment, “no, no emergency...we just-you’ll understand when you get here....yeah, thanks...Love you too.”
Buck gaped at May, “no! You did not just call your dad down here to talk to us about our Bi Panic!”
“Our ‘Bi Panic’? Is that what we’re calling it?”
“So you called me down here because Buck, a 30 year old grown man, is having a sexuality crisis because of his feelings for his best friend, Eddie....and because you are also having a crisis over your best friend, Destiny?”
“What do we do, Dad?”
Michael sighed, sitting heavily in the chair between the two. “Okay, here’s what you’re going to do...”
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somebuddie · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
“I thought we were able to handle all this”
“ Because you aren’t thinking before you do something”
“ I can’t do this right now”
“Because you always put him first”
“I’m not ready”
“What if that doesn’t matter to me”
“Your happiness is the most important thing to me”
“And I wouldn’t want to loose you again”
“Then do it”
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controloffandoms · 4 days ago
Vampire!Buck update. We’re 8700 words in and I’ve just gotten to the truck bombing... 👀 ...
So, I’ll probably hit on most of the major traumas before this is done...and we’re already past 8700 words so...this is looking to be a long one, friends. 
As I want the bombing writing to be read all together with the rest of the fic, I’ll give you some cute Buckley-Diaz feels - (Buck’s first time meeting Christopher).
Tumblr media
The door opened a few seconds later, revealing a smiling Eddie with a hyper eight year old half hidden by his legs. “Hey, Buck,” Eddie’s voice calmed him more than he was willing to admit. “This is Christopher.”
Buck gave a small smile to Eddie before crouching down to come eye to eye with the kid. “Hi Christopher...I’m Buck,” he held his hand out to the little man. 
Christopher giggles as he shakes Buck’s hand. “I know!” Chris leans in as if he’s sharing a secret, but Buck knows Eddie can hear it, “Daddy talks about you all the time.” 
Buck covers his laugh with a cough as he sees Eddie’s cheeks pink up. He returns the whisper to Chris, “all good things I hope.” 
“Mostly,” Chris replies. 
Buck lets out a surprised laugh as Eddie full out laughs, pulling Buck into the house when he stands again. Chris practically latches onto him and drags him to the dining room table, telling him all about school, his friends, what he likes to do for fun, what they’re going to watch after dinner...basically anything he could think of...and Buck knows the kid has him wrapped around his finger. And he’s never seen Eddie so relaxed. He’s leaning on the door jam, a soft smile on his face, arms crossed across his chest. It would have taken Buck’s breath away. 
Buck tunes back into Christopher’s rambling when he turns his full attention back to Buck, “Daddy said your a vampire.” Buck tilted his head, unsure of how to respond. Turns out he didn’t have to as Chris continues, “he said someone took the choice away from you. They shouldn’t have, but now you can protect yourself and Daddy at work.”
Buck stilled, thinking back to the apartment complex fire...he hadn’t protected Eddie then...they’d both gotten hurt. “Yeah, he can Buddy,” Eddie stated as he took a seat across from Buck and next to Chris. Buck eyed Eddie, a small frown on his face. “And I can protect him...we have each other’s backs.” 
Chris was silent for a moment as Eddie and Buck stared at one another. “Because Bucky’s a vampire, does that mean he can play with us,” Chris asked, looking at his father. 
Eddie looked away from Buck to meet Christopher’s eyes. “If he wants to, yes.”
Chris quickly turned to him, his eyes already glowing that golden color that all ‘wolves had. “Please Buck! Daddy told me about playing in the gym with you! Please!” 
And how could Buck say no to that face...even if he was terrified of hurting Christopher. “I think I could handle the two of you.”
Eddie raised an eyebrow, a playful smirk on his face, “oh really,” he asked. “You’ve never sparred with me fully shifted.” 
“Pretty sure it’s not that different from human you...and I beat human you all the time.”
Christopher giggled, “that sounds like a challenge Dad.”
“I believe it is, Christopher,” Eddie replied. 
“It definitely is,” Buck smirked.
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alexandrianicolegrey-oc · 2 months ago
*Eddie to Buck*: "If you want it, go get it, it's meant to be chased. All your scars won't heal till you let go, you're perfectly, worth it, forget your mistakes."
*Buck to Eddie*: "If you wanna fly, leave this world with me. We'll touch the sky, let's defy this gravity. Hold onto me tight, when it all falls down."
Tumblr media
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wackybuddiemewbs · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Buddie Moodboard - Soldier and War Correspondent
To send this ahead (it's also in the tags as proper warning!): I don't know shit about wars or military or geography (bad mix, I know). So this is seriously just about the mood and the longing and pining at a distance. This is also supposed to be a divergence in terms of the timeline: Buck and Eddie meet when Eddie's first deployed, and the helicopter crash happens short before Christopher is born. Why? Because I said so. I just have a lot of feelings, mkayyyy?
If Eddie believed in fate, he would have to say that meeting Evan "Buck" Buckley for the first time was a wink of the universe itself. Being stationed in Afghanistan, he honestly didn't believe to run into a journalist who heads right into the danger zone head-first - and try to rescue some kids at the risk of his own life.
But as he learns soon enough, that is inherently who Buck is.
The initial animosities are soon forgotten. Eddie starts to understand that Buck is not just some journalist trying to gain fame within the industry. Buck is genuinely interested in showing the effects this war has on the civilians. Also, he is determined to prove that the supposed plans to withdraw from Afghanistan will lead to disaster.
"Those people will be right back to where they began, just worse."
Thus, Buck heads right into the most dangerous zones to get some hard facts to put pressure on the officials to come up with a different strategy. Eddie finds Buck's efforts admirable, though he fears Buck may be aiming a bit too high with it.
"What can I say? I suck at giving up, even when I should."
Eddie struggles when he learns that Shannon is pregnant. He feels immensely under pressure. Thankfully, he has Buck to support him, as he will insist in the things Eddie himself does not quite believe, namely that he is going to be the best of dads and live the happily ever after kind of story you only know from the movies.
Tensions between Shannon and him keep intensifying. And the fact that Eddie starts to develop certain feelings for Buck isn't helping the matter. While he obviously won't act upon them, as he is a married man and absolutely committed, Eddie can't deny that what he feels for Buck is more than simple attraction. And judging by the way Buck talks, the feelings are actually mutual.
Some things just aren't meant to be.
On the last mission he is supposed to finish before going back to the U.S. to be there for his son's birth, Eddie and his squadron crash down with a helicopter in the Valley of Death. They are under fire and can't get a call out to request help. Eddie is critically injured after pulling the body of his fellow soldier Greggs to safety. He vows to get back home, no matter the costs.
Eddie wakes up in a medical tent some time later to a worried yet smirking Buck, who is immensely relieved to see Eddie awake. Buck lets him know that Eddie's squadron survived, safe for Greggs, all the more thanks to Eddie's efforts and sacrifice. Eddie doesn't feel like the hero people make him out to be, though. He knows he failed. And while he doesn't know who got him out and how, he knows it feels wrong to get a silver star for all of it.
Nonetheless, Eddie eventually heads back to America, back home. He and Buck bid farewell at the airport, promising to keep in touch the best they can.
Eddie makes it in time for Christopher to be born. While it is the happiest day of Eddie's life, tensions grow between Shannon and him soon thereafter, for a multitude of reasons. Eventually, Shannon leaves without a trace, leaving Eddie as a single dad.
Wanting the best for his son, Eddie moves away from El Paso and wants to start a new life in Los Angeles as a firefighter. However, something feels missing, and it actually isn't his marriage.
It dawns on Eddie the moment he hears Taylor Kelly, a journalist friend of Buck's, report about an incident in Kandahar: Several people died and members of the press were taken hostage.
What's missing is Buck.
As tough as the decision is, Eddie reconnects with some of his former squadron. He boards a flight back to Afghanistan to free Buck, so they both can finally come back home. Together...
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softboiidiaz · 6 months ago
25 for the kisses writing prompts!
25. Wet kisses after finding refuge from the rain.
A/N: After months of rewriting and figuring how I wanted to end this, I finally did it! 1.4K words of angst + comfort. I hope you like it, my love 🌸
Sheltered Sunlight {ao3 link}
Eddie’s staring at the window, the heavy rain pounding on the roof of his truck. It’s cold, he feels the goosebumps rising as the cool air touches the exposed skin, but he doesn’t mind. It reminds him that he’s alive and he’s still breathing. 
That he’s okay. 
He made it out of that hole in one piece—at least physically. Mentally, some days he felt like he was still buried fifty feet underground fighting to get out—much like today. 
It had been a few months since the accident—months full of nightmares and restless sleep, of waking up in cold sweat and pinching himself just to make sure that he was actually in his bed and not drowning. 
Eddie was alone, Christopher had gone with Abuela for the day and Buck still had a few hours in his shift, so there was no one to distract his thoughts. He needed to clear his head so he got into his truck with no real sense of direction and he found himself at the quarry. 
The land looked abandoned, the grass around the house was overgrown and as he walked past the garden, he noticed that it hadn’t been fixed. The ground was still a mess from having been pulled up and the fence was broken, parts of it littered across the ground.
Eddie couldn’t help but wonder if the woman had moved, figured she couldn’t tolerate staying in a place where her son almost died. He wouldn’t have been able to stay either or even come near it, yet he found himself standing at the edge of the quarry. 
He stared out at the water, watching the droplets of the rain bounce into it. He feels the warmth being sucked from him, the rain soaking every part of him as images of that night replayed in his mind—but he doesn’t budge. 
Eddie knows he should get back in his truck and go home. He knows he should get out of the rain and those wet clothes, find refuge under the covers of his bed and surround himself in the warmth, but his feet won’t move. He feels stuck.
Just as stuck as he felt that night when the earth above him decided to cave in on him.
He’s freezing now, the buzzing of his phone in his pocket becoming persistent by the second and Eddie knows he should answer it. He knows it’s Buck, probably wondering where he is, but it’s still not enough for Eddie to pick up the phone. He allows it to keep buzzing because frankly, it sounds better than the image playing in his head where he hears himself stumble over his words as he tries to explain why he’s standing in the rain in a place where he almost died. 
Eddie doesn’t know how long he’s been standing in the rain anymore. He can’t feel his face and his teeth are chattering by the time he’s being pulled from his thoughts, the warmth of someone’s hands cradling his face and it makes Eddie shut his eyes as he wallows in it. It was Buck, the smell of cologne and the calluses on his fingers giving him away. 
“You never picked up the phone and when I got home, you weren’t there so I panicked a little..” Buck murmured, caressing his cheek gently. “I checked your location and I knew something was wrong when I saw you were here.” 
“I just needed to get some air and somehow, I ended up here. I don’t know how long it’s been.” he whispered, opening his eyes to look at Buck's blue ones. “...I’m really cold, Buck…” 
“I know.” Buck murmured, pressing a kiss to his forehead. “Let’s go home.” he whispered, guiding him towards the truck. He helped Eddie get in, fastening his seatbelt before grabbing the keys from Eddie’s pocket and climbing into the driver’s seat. The ride back home was quiet, nothing but the sound of the heater on high and the rain hitting the windshield could be heard. It wasn’t until Eddie realized he was home that he spoke up again, “Is Christopher still with Abuela?” 
“Yes, I called her on my way to you, asked her if she could keep Christopher for the night and she agreed.” Buck spoke softly, helping him out of the truck and up the steps. “We can call him before bed time, see how he’s doing. Yeah?” he continued, opening the door and guiding him all the way to the bathroom and turning on a warm shower. Slowly, he helped Eddie out of the wet clothes, tossing them into the washer as he went. “Do you need my help showering or can you do it on your own?” 
It was so much like Buck to always be one step ahead of everything, always so quick to adapt for when Eddie’s bad days showed up. He was so willing to help him with everything and so patient with Eddie, it never slipped past him. Eddie appreciated him for that and for so much more. 
Eddie shook his head, already feeling like a burden for even making Buck go looking for him, “No, I can manage on my own.” he murmured, offering him a small smile. Despite knowing that he needed help, he refused to make Buck work more than he should. But Buck saw right through his act and proceeded to rid himself of his clothing, everything but his boxer briefs.
Buck took his time with Eddie. He was gentle with him, washing his body from head to toe thoroughly, occasionally pressing reassuring kisses to his skin as he went when he noticed Eddie start to get lost in his head again. When he finally started washing his hair, the soft massaging of Buck’s fingers almost put him to sleep. He let himself linger in the softness of his touch, only opening his eyes when he felt the water hit the back of his head. Buck was smiling softly, looking at him as he rinsed the shampoo from his hair. 
He shut the water off a few moments later, which confused Eddie since he hadn’t washed himself yet. “What about you?” he asked. Buck only smiled, shaking his head and smoothing out Eddie’s hair to get rid of the excess water. He let his hands rest at the back of his head, pressing a tender kiss to Eddie’s lips. 
“I’ll shower when you go to sleep, Eds. Don’t worry about me.” he murmured, looking down at him. “Let me worry about you, yeah. Let me do this for you.” pressing a chaste kiss to his forehead before stepping out of the shower and wrapping a towel around Eddie. It was as if Buck sensed Eddie’s protest because he looked up from wrapping a towel around himself and gave him a pointed look. “Let me take care of you for once, Eddie.” and Eddie only nodded.
A few reassuring kisses and words later, they were both dressed and curled up on the couch. It was quiet, the soft sound of rain hitting the concrete outside could be heard. The smell of spices from the soup Buck left cooking on the stove filled the air, mixing with the smell of wet earth seeping in from outside. Eddie was lying in Buck's arms, head resting on his shoulder as he fiddled with the hem of his shirt, Buck’s head resting on his own. He felt a sense of peace. 
Buck was Eddie’s personal sunlight, sheltered away in the comfort of his home. Blinding light that only seemed to wrap up Eddie tighter on his worst days, warming him up in a comforting way—and Buck somehow knew that. 
Just like he knew that Eddie had walls up, walls he was working on taking down and Buck knew not to push him if he wasn’t ready to talk. He also knew that if he didn’t initiate that conversation, open up the door and let Eddie know that he was willing to listen, then Eddie wouldn’t bring it up. 
“Do you want to talk about it?” Buck murmured, breaking the comfortable silence that had fallen between them. 
“Not yet, B..” Eddie whispered, “..But I will.” 
It didn’t always get him to talk right away, but Buck knew that as long as Eddie knew that he was there for him and willing to listen, Eddie would work his way up to feel comfortable enough to talk. Most times, before the sun rose the next day. 
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