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#Eijiro kirishima

So I’ve got to Kirishima’s flashback and it got me thinking…

Most of the time we see heroes who’s “bodies moved on thier own” to save someone.

But I think that Kirishima’s struggle, the fact that he wanted to do something, but his body couldn’t move, is what most of people can relate to. Even if one wants to be a hero or a person who’s a little more proactive, there is always a chance that their own impulses won’t let them. Either one would panic and wouldn’t know what to do, or one would take too long to react. The fact that not so long time ago Kirishima exprienced a moment of triumph only to daubt his own growth next time when he was going to fight, is another thing that most people can relate to.

And do you remember how Iida was running away during UA’s Entrance Exam? Later he realized that Midoriya got accepted because he helped Uraraka. Iida told himself then that he would probably do the same; he would help somebody if the situation was serious… but his tone betrayed that he wasn’t quite sure about that. Because this is something we can imagine happening but we don’t know if we would be able to do the right thing.

And it’s kind of a scary thought - the realization that we might not be as good people as we initially thought.

This is why Kirishima is relatable - he’s the kind of person who tries, who takes lessons about inner strength and bravery to heart but there are moments when he feels like a failure because his own body panics.

We are all Kirishima.

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Imagine class a1 meeting deku's cousin who's a hero from overseas known as the Merciless Hero cause he leaves villians in a state that makes sure they can't commit crime again



Originally posted by ghostofcheney

-Someone like him, finally.

-Katsuki is trying to be a little less aggressive, therefore he will try not to be too influenced by him…

-But the truth is that Katsuki wants to learn his moves.



Originally posted by iah-dyhm

-He finds him pretty manly, but he doesn’t think every villain should be treated that way.

-After all the Merciless hero may be too violent for his taste.

The others:


Originally posted by gameraboy1

-I think that all the other students have the same opinion; that’s not the right way to act.

-One thing is if the villain is trying to kill him, but more times than not police prefer them alive to get info from them.

-Also they don’t like the imagine he made of himself, a hero, usually, shouldn’t be merciless.

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  • When playing rock paper scissors, Kirishima always chooses rock. He doesn’t understand why he always loses the game.
  • The rest of the squad has chosen not to explain it because it’s hilarious. And it means they have an advantage when it comes to tie-breakers.
  • Bakugo, though he’d never admit it, is a sucker for physical interaction. Occasionally someone will lean against him or put their arm on his shoulder and he’ll complain loudly about it but won’t push them away, at least when it comes to those in the squad. 
  • Kirishima will straight-up drape across Bakugo’s lap or rest his head on his shoulder. Bakugo will glare at him and grumble under his breath, and Kirishima will just grin at him.
  • The squad will often have movie nights which end in them all sleeping in a pile.

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Words: 1000
spice:  Mild


You are a new transfer student at U.A., stifled by the language barrier between you and your peers. When that barrier comes crashing down your emotions get the better of you and you cant contain yourself-

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