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#Eijiro x katsuki


Oi i’m back with some New kiribaku art… QwQ

Those time, i’m feeling very down and i try to put it away on art. I have make a couple cause i found it cute and i don’t got the determination of making Sonic on a couple for the Time, i where listening to “Stay” by Rihanna when i was doing that art. TvT

Time: 2 hours.

Characters belong to ©kohei Horikoshi.

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If that last spot is open could I please get some Kiribaku begging, it doesn’t matter who’s doing it but make one of them beg please

It was open…but it was snatched up!

BY YOU!!!!

To be honest, I had A LOT of fun with this request! It might not be what you wanted exactly but I do sincerely hope you enjoy the quick lil’ scenario my gorgeous anonybirb condpiracy! Love to know what people think!

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🕸🕸Undead Raven🕸🕸

🦈🦈 Bakushima 🦈🦈

 “Aw, come on man…you can’t keep on saying no!”

 The ash blond haired man scoffed, ignoring the slight whine in Eijiro’s voice in his attempt to dismiss Eijiro’s more than annoying pleas. Admittedly, Katsuki couldn’t blame Eijiro for begging for it, it wasn’t an everyday occurrence and, not that he would ever admit it, it tasted pretty fucking good.

 However, when they first moved in together as a couple, they had made an important deal. About this very circumstance, specifically, that only Katsuki could decide when it happened. Not Eijiro.

 “Yes, I can shitty hair! I’m the one that gets to decide when we do this, not you and you can before for it all you fucking like but the answer is still going to be no!” Katsuki scowled, a glare settling on his features, one with enough anger and frustration to make Eijiro flinch away ever so slightly.

 Eijiro would be lying if he said he didn’t feel guilty about asking Katsuki for this despite their deal but he just couldn’t help himself! It was fun. He knew that Katsuki enjoyed it as much as Eijiro did, though he didn’t particularly act like it which made it hard for Eijiro to understand why Katsuki didn’t ask for it more often.

 It was a perfectly natural thing to do after all, switching such important roles.

 It was a manly thing to do.

 “Katsuki, it’s been months since the last time you asked me…please! I’m not even asking for much! Indulge me!”

 Katsuki let out a guttural snarl of displeasure as he turned away, shaking his head quickly, ashen locks bouncing slightly with the movement of his head.

 “I said no damn it! You aren’t fucking cooking tonight shitty hair!”

(Friendly reminder that this is why people should specify if they want sfw or nsfw from me… I never turn down an opportunity for shit posting!!)

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Chapter 14


Everyone could hear the overexcited voice of Present Mic. As soon as they entered the arena, the crowd cheered harder than before and surely the whole stadium was packed.

“Man, I’ve never seen this much crowd before for the first years….kinda makes me nervous.” Y/N said, “What if I get distracted?”

“…Seriously, can you be positive about yourself for once?” Kyoka commented, “Although, it is actually a bit scary to see this many people. It’s like they are gonna be judging us for every single thing we do.”

“Well..that’s what they’re here for though. To judge us and scout us.” Y/N replied, “But it feels like they are expecting more after the villain news.”

“Yeah..also, the media will concentrate more on you if they find out about you.”

“They already know about me. That’s the thing. They’ll judge me more than anyone else. Probably tell me I’m not suitable for this course or something.” Y/N said as they stood in front of Midnight who was the Chief Umpire for the year. Judging by the expressions of the students as well as the crowd, pretty much everyone was focusing on her costume. Not that anyone can blame her, she was a charming lady.

Kirishima said, a blush covering his face, “Uhh someone should talk to Ms. Midnight about what she’s wearing.”

Kaminari, who was also known as a bit of a pervert and came up with ideas along with Mineta nodded his head in approval and said, “Yeah, that costume should come with a warning.”

Y/N looked at Kyoka who had a neutral expression. They spent a lot of time together, so one thing they both knew about each other is that neither of them were comfortable about their own bodies. Well, most people are insecure about something involving their appearance, even though some look confident, there’s always something. But with Kyoka, Y/N felt that she can finally talk about it, instead of suppressing it like she did before.

And the girls in their whole section was, no doubt in it, absolutely gorgeous. Something that made Y/N feel a bit insecure about herself.

“Silence everyone!” Midnight yelled, “And for the student pledge we have Katsuki Bakugou!”

“Uhh..” Midoriya looked at him nervously, “He’s the first year rep?”

And as expected, Y/N did have a small smile on her face.

“Can you be more obvious?” She heard Kyoka say.

“I can. You haven’t seen me fawn over someone yet.” She whispered. “Also shut up.”

“I guess that hot head did finish first in the entrance test.” Sero said, followed by a sigh and a girl from General Studies complaining, “Only for the hero course exam.”

It pissed Y/N off, “Save some of your bitterness for the competition, you’re gonna need it.”

“Hey! Why would you say that?! They already hate us!” Kaminari shouted from the front.

“Exactly.” Y/N said, “Other than their inferiority complex they have literally no reason to hate us. Why blame us for being in the hero course? If they want the position, they gotta prove that they deserve to be in this position. But first of all, they failed and second of all, they blame us for it? Fuck them dude. Why exactly do they expect us to respect them when they have been treating us like this?” She then turned to the other classes and said, “Learn to earn your damn respect instead of whining and complaining about it.”

“Are you kidding me Y/N?!” Kyoka nudged her with her elbow, “What has gotten into you? We are training to be heros.”

“So? That gives all the other classes the VIP card to disrespect us?” Y/N glared at a particular boy from General Studies and said, “I don’t know why did I even bother to try to be friends with them.”

“Chill dude.” Kyoka sighed.

“I don’t think I can. As if its not enough that we are nervous about the whole competition, that the other classes think its a great time to pass hateful comments.”

Bakugou was finally in front of the mic as the students finally quieted down, “I just wanna say-” Y/N just wished he wouldn’t be himself for once, “ -I’m gonna win.”

While everyone booed him and Iida was trying to talk about him being disrespectful, Y/N’s eyes observed something else in him.

“Not my fault the rest of you all are just stepping stones to my victory.” He said and started walking back to his position.

He actually wasn’t being himself. He would’ve made it into a joke and laughed while saying it if he was actually being himself.

This was him challenging himself.


The preliminary round of the festival was obstacle race. All eleven first-year classes have to race along a four-kilometer-long obstacle course around the festival stadium. Participants were allowed to use their freely to try and win, as long as they do not leave the race course. The first forty-two competitors that finish will advance to the second event.

As soon as the race started, most of the students got stuck trying to rush out of the stadium. In the middle of it, when Y/N finally was able to get out from the crowd, suddenly ice covered her feet and she got stuck.

“Oh for god’s sake, I bet it’s that stupid Todoroki again.” Y/N cursed and concentrated on rising the temperature of the water gushing out her feet. It took some time but when she finally got out of it, she used her water quirk to rush forward. In a way Todoroki made her path easier with the ice. She slid along the ice covered path like she was ice skating.

But she had to stop. In front of them was their first obstacle - Robo Inferno. Something that they faced during their entrance exam. While Todoroki froze them when they were off balance and took off to his path, the rest of the students were yet to pass them.  

Just as expected, some students of Class 1-A were already on their way, avoiding fighting the robots, including Y/N who now had to use more of her power in order to run since Todoroki stopped creating his ice path. Bakugou and Todoroki were way ahead of everyone else and Y/N was almost catching up to them. The thing is, having any kind of power very similar to the five elements is a benefit to those who were in the race.

Soon, the second obstacle was on her sight. It was ‘The Fall’ - a canyon that must be trekked across by walking along tightropes. Now that one was a bit difficult. If she used too much of her power than required, she might miss and fall down.

“Well, I gotta take my chances.” Y/N said and moved forward, almost slipping down once if it wasn’t for Ochaco helping her balance herself. Todoroki did slid on the ropes but using those would’ve been dangerous if the ice slipped off from any part of the rope.

Her patience was running low with these obstacles slowing her down on every path. Using more of her power now out of frustration to reach the first position, she rushed forward as she came across the last obstacle - Mine Field.

“I wasn’t plotting around just because I talked to that guy asshole.” She started walking forward avoiding the mines and gritted her teeth muttering, “I wanna win fair and square because I fucking deserve it.”

Todoroki and Bakugou were already on their way, not only avoiding the mines but also fighting with each other along the way. Suddenly a huge blast took place, as she looked up and saw Midoriya moving forward - more like flying forward to the first position.

“No way.” Y/N gasped, “Fuck it.” She said and used a huge blast of water to move forward, even though it ended up in another mine field blast, slowing the other students down.

“And back in the stadium is the first place winner - Izuku Midoriya!” Y/N heard Present Mic announce. She grunted and moved faster - hoping to be atleast in the Top 10.

And she was.

She was in the 5th position. The girl in 4th position, Ibara Shiozaki - she looked really delicate. “How in the world was she in that position? Well, Mineta also managed to come to the finish line. She was from Class 1-B. And going by the quality that stood out the most in her, that girl’s hair was different - probably a part of her quirk.” Y/N thought.

She caught her breath and observed Bakugou fuming from the distance. Ofcourse he was angry about Midoriya - once again.

Along with exhaustion and frustration, remembering the words Bakugou spewed, she was now angrily walking towards him. Pulling his shoulder and forcibly making him face her, she said, “I am not that of a low life to plot against my own class Bakugou. Seriously, years of us studying together and this is what you think I fucking am? We are your classmates, not enemies.”

And with that she walked off to congratulate Midoriya, although with a frown on her face.

Totally forgetting about the fact that she was finally able to look at Bakugou in the eye and talk to him directly.

Crush or not, Y/N surely didn’t tolerate someone questioning her loyalty.


Chapter 16



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Headcanons (for Deku, Bakugou and Kirishima) where theyre pretty close to their crush who started noticeably hiding a secret, suddenly hanging out with someone else. Turns out they wanted to learn a new skill to impress them. Something small but doable (like learning the ukulele or some other thing)

We want to impress the bois👏👏 Thank you for requesting!! ❤️💜❤️

Midoriya Izuku 💚

- You two were close friends since the beginning of the year.

- You were best friends, never hiding anything from the other, even your most embarrassing stories!

- But lately, you began to feel something for the green haired boy.

- Your heart seemed to beat faster around him, you’d often get jealous, something you never felt before for him, whenever he’d pay more attention to someone else other than you.

- Secretly, he was feeling the same, but he thought he’d never get a chance with you, so he buried his feelings deep inside, ignoring them.

- But you weren’t like him, you wanted to impress him.

- Knowing him for as long as you had, you realized Deku’s amazing drawing skills! So you decided, that maybe if you got better at this creative hobby, it would earn his attention.

- So now you started hanging out with one of you artist friends from the Support Department, thus making deku feel a bit left out.

- And everytime he’d ask you about it, you just ignore him changing the subject, or straight out lie.

- Even though he was pretty hurt that you were keeping something from him, he never pushed you to tell him, knowing it was something you wanted to keep private and he respected that.

- One day, after having ignoring him a whole week, you ran up to him, giving him a hug.

- He was surprised, what has gotten into you y/n? One day you never talk to him, the other you show him so much attentin.

-“Dekuuu, I know I’ve been treating you badly lately, but it’s for a good reason! I swear!”

- You’d reach into you backpack, pulling out a piece of paper. After asking him multiple times if he was prepared to see what you’ve been so busy doing and teasing him about it, you finally gave him the paper.

- Smile stretching on his face, eyes lit up and red cheeks, hw couldn’t believe what was before him. It was a magnificent painting of the both you.

- After you’ve explained to him that you’ve been working on it with the help of your friend, everything clicked, why you were always so tired, why you’d ignored him so often.

-“I just wanted to impress you Deku!”

-And you did, he now has the painting framed in his bedroom, always looking at it when he felt down. One day, soon, his bedroom would be filled with pictures and paintings from you. But first he needs to confess.

Bakugou Katsuki 🧡

-Were you two friends? No? Best friends? Meh, that’s closer. You two were best friends for ever and ever and ever and….

-Well that’s what you told people. It wasn’t a lie, but maybe you were exaggerating a bit.

- And maybe, everytime you’d mention it, it would truly pull at our angry boy’s heart.

- Was he being friendzoned? Why does he care anyway, you were just a random person, nothing special about you.

- Well, except your smile, your laugh, your eyes, your sweet voice….

-Fine ok, you are special and he is in love with you! But he will never, ever admit it.

-But you didn’t know that, and you really didn’t know that Bakugou was that simple of a man.

-Thinking you needed to impress him to catch his heart, you always spent days daydreaming about how you’ll do it.

- Finally in class, while everyone was talking about some concert or something. It hit you!

-Bakugo was really into music. Everyday he’d come to class with his earphones on, and when he’s in a good mood he’d quietly hum his favorite song. (ok but emo music was so junior high bakugo, now he’s into jazz, disco, electro type of music I will NOT accept any criticism thank you)

-So maybe a way to get his attention, was to impress him with something he is passionate about, music!

- So why not ask Pikapika to help you learn the guitar? Nothing bad can happen, right?

-Oh but were you so wrong, so so wrong.

-Learning a new instrument took way too much of your time, and wanting to be decent at it, you’d practice extra time, which meant spending more time with Kaminari.

-Now you saw nothing wrong with that, enjoying his company, and the way he hypes you up to make the explosive boy head over heels for you.

-But Bakugou did. What are you always doing with Denki? And why aren’t you telling him? Were you keeping secrets from him? HOW DARE YOU?

-Well he let it slide, but not without shading you every once in a while. But he had enough of your little secret when he saw you walking out of Kaminari’s room late one night.

-He wanted to kill him, murder him with his own two hands. And you? Why didn’t you tell him damn it?!

- He returned to his room for he wanted to be alone with his thoughts after being betrayed by his owns friends.

-But he didn’t get the chance as you came barging into his bedroom.

-“Katsukiiiii wanna hear what i learned on the guitar? Of course you do silly why am i even asking?!”

- You didn’t even give him time to yell at you for coming to his room that late, to kick you out and tell you to go back to your secret boyfriend, as you excitedly began playing his favorite song.

-It wasn’t perfect, but he couldn’t help but find it so cute when your brows frowned in concentration, and thr way your little tongue sticked out on a particularly hard note.

- As you finnished, you looked up to him, trying to detect a reaction from him. As much as he wanted to praise you, he couldn’t get pass the fact that there’s something between you and Kaminari.

- When you asked him about it, and he shouted at you that he couldn’t believe that you kept your relationship a secret from him, you put the guitar down, and explained to him that no, you’re not in a relationship with electric boy, and you were just learning guitar from him so you can catch his attention, he never felt so stupid.

-“You don’t need to learn any new skill to make me fall for you y/n. I already have…”

Kirishima Eijiro ❤️

- Kirishima was everyone’s friends, but it took someone special to be his best friend.

- And luckly for you, you had that unique something that made you, not only his best friend, but the redhead slowly starting to develop feelings for you.

-He found you perfect, but he was still too insecure to actually tell you that.

- On the other hand, you were also head over heels for the boy, but how could you not?

- His angelic laugh, his sweet smile and his soft eyes everytime you looked at each didn’t help with trying to get rid of those feelings.

- After the realization of being in love with your best friend finally came slow and clear, you decided to act up on your crush.

- You had no idea how Kirishima felt about you, you were just his friend nothing more.

- But you wanted to impress him, maybe he’ll start seeing you in diffrent way.

- What’s something that could impress him though?

- Manly stuff, manly stuff, manly stuff… What does even mean Kiri?!

-How were you to catch his attention if you didn’t know “manly” activities.

- It was untill the both of you were training that you figured it out! He’d be so so shocked if he see you wight lifting.

- But ugh what a paiiin, it was really difficult and you don’t think you’re able to do that without someone yelling your head off to keep going.

- Oh well that’s easy to find, smirking, you approached Bakugo whonwas looking at you suspiciously.

- You explained to him how important it is for him to help you, and you may or may not have accused him and blamed him “you don’t want to see me happy? You want me to die alone I knew it!”

- Oh my god you’re so dramatic, he had enough with your cries so he finally gave in and accepted to help you.

- But with that, it meant spending less time with Ei, which confused him.

-Are you mad at him? Did you decide that he wasn’t good enough to be your friend? Have you realized how much of a loser he is and his friend is much better?

- You did see how down Kirishima looked lately, thus deciding to train harder and finally show him your impressive new skill.

- But it actually made things worse, he’s been seeing you with Katsuki almost everyday, ditching him to go to the gym with the blond instead him…. Are you… Are you in love with Bakugou?

-How did that happen? And why was Katsuki betraying him? Should he let it slide or have a talk with you?

- The day he decided to face you, you planed to show him, insisting that he’d come to the gym with you.

-“Look what Baku has been teaching me!”

- You’d pick up one of the heaviest weight, eyes never leaving his form to see his reaction.

-To say he was impressed was ana understatement.

-“So that’s what you were doing with Katsuki? I thought…. I thought you were ditching me for him…”

-His words stung, is this what you made him feel like? Is this why he was so sad recently?

- After reassuring him, that you would never, ever ditch him for anyone and that you were doing all of this to surprise him and maybe see you as more than a friend. He couldn’t believe his ears, running up to you giving you the biggest hug.

-“y/n you know how much i like you! You didn’t have to try!”

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HISTORY — a kirishima eijirou social media au

synopsis: y/n and kirishima have been friends since kindergarten up until their last year of middle school. unfortunate events started piling up and their strained relationship ended in a catastrophe.

warnings: mentions of drugs, depression, suicidal thoughts and death


part six < part seven > part eight (tba!)

taglist: @ochabby

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Hey could I request HC of Todoroki, Midoriya, Bakugou, Kirishima, Amajiki with a chubby s/o that is super affectionate (likes to give hugs, back hugs, kisses etc) and is kind hearted and goofy but when in battle or facing a villain she is super strong, fierce and bad ass! SFW & NSFW pls! Thank you!

Ok so again i only write up to three characters per ask so i choose my favs of the bunch. Thank you for requesting!! ❤️💜🖤

Warning: smut! Thigh fucking (?), ridding, praising kink.

Bakugo Katsuki 🧡

- He truly loved every inch of you.

- For him you were perfect, even more than perfect.

- Sweet, cute, bubbly, he loved your personality too.

-And when in the battlefield, how your personality made an 180 flip, he finds it so hot when you get mad.

- What he loved the most about you, was when you’d give him back hugs, he can feel you body on his back, which drove him crazy.

- Always turning to return the gesture, he can’t help but grab your love handles and pulling you closer to him.

- He would also reassure you, whenever you were feeling insecure, that you were perfection,  and in the end, a human is much more that physique, soul and heart was what mattered.


- After fighting some villain, you were drenched in sweat, hair sticking to face, panting so hard.

- Even in your disheveled form bakugo found you hot. Even hotter than usual to be honest.

- Taking you directly to his dorm, not even giving you the chance to complain, he shoved your back to the door, not wasting a second to press his lips onto yours.

- Pulling away to try and get some air, you failed as his teeth scratched against your neck, earning shaky gasps from you.

-Hands palming the soft skin of your thighs, he picked you up and threw you onto the bed.

- “Y/nnn you’re so soft babygirl. Let me feel you yeah?”

- You knew exactly what he meant, laying on your side, you picked up your leg a little bit so he can settle his shaft berween your thighs, so close to your heat.

- He loved the way your thighs felt around him, squeezing him, loving him, and everytime he brush against your clit it would result in the most sensual moan he ever heard.

- Wanting to give you pleasure to, he’d sneak an arm around your wait, making its way to you puffy lips, sperating them and plunging his fingers into your heat.

-It wouldn’t take long for the both of you to hit your climax, screaming each other’s name.

-“Damn, you’re such a good little princess for me! ”

Kirishima Eijiro❤️

- Rock boooooy, he loves you with fron all his heart. And it had nothing to do with your looks.

- He loved your adorable, friendly personality, how you were always ready to help, how you cared so much. He just loved your sweet side.

- And he also loved your meaner side. How bad ass you’d get when you were fighting, the fire that lit your eyes whenever you won.

-If anyone dared to even think about making a remark about your appearance, they would have to go through Ei first!

-He would defend you even if it was the last thing he’d do, whatever to make you feel better.

- He loved when you show him affection, the soft kisses you would leave on his cheeks driving him insane, and how your breast would push up against his arm or his back when you leaned up to whisler sweet things in his ear.


- He was just hanging in your room, nothing unusal. But you were feeling pretty horny. He had been bouncing his leg, wearing shorts, it would show every contraction of his muscles. How could you not drool over him?

- Begging him come to bed, to make you feel good, he finally gave up on his homework, making his way to you.

-“Y/n, you always know how to put me in the mood don’t you sweetheart?”

-Nodding your head yes, you didn’t waste a time taking both of your clothes off, hands roaming all over his body.

-In the meantime, he was kissing every inch of you skin, not forgetting to whorship every part of your body, leaving bruises all over you.

-He slowly pushed you against the bed, back hitting the mattress slowly, he climbed on top of you, eyes never leaving yours as he ousged himself inside yiur dripping heat.

- Starting in more passionate, slow pace, he couldn’t keep it as his hands were roaming you body.

-Pushing you legs over his hips, pulling him even closer, the feeling of your soft fluffy thighs getting rid of all his sanity, he started getting rougher and rougher with every thrust, whispering praises in your ears as he finally made the both of you orgasm.

-“Y/n honey you’re so good, i love how you make me feel baby, you’re so perfect!”

Tamaki Amajiki 🐙

- He honestly always wonder how he even got such a beautiful girl to fall in love with him.

- He saw you as perfection, your beauty exceeds that of godess and myths.

- Not only were you beautiful, but so cute and lovely, seriously how did he win over your heart?

-The best part about you is how physically affectionate you can get, never leaving him alone, pressed against him, hugging him every few minutes.

- As embarrassed as he’d get, he’d never oush you away, loving the way you fit perfectly against his body.

- But what drew him more into you, was the menacing aura you’d get when you were serious, eyes filled with determination and anger as you’d take down you anyone who dared to look at you in the wrong way.

- If he founds out about someone who was bullying you, he wouldn’t go up to them, he wasn’t one to pick up fights.

-But he would always be by your side, just telling you to ignore everything the idiot has said and just letting you know how precious you are and how lucky he was to have you for himself.


-One day, you were just so angry, fuming, yiu wanted to take off your anger in any way possible.

- So what’s better than ridding your boyfriend while he was doing some homework?

-Pushing his chaire backwards, you plopped yourself in his laps. Kissing up the little neck skin that showing, making him a blushing mess underneath you.

-You slowly started to take off your clothes, making sure to press your boobs against his chest, you grinding against his hardening cock, made unholy sounds come out his lips.

- Homework long forgotten, he quickly pulled his pants and underwear down, just enough to reveal his hard shaft.

-Salivating at the sight, you decided to lower yourself on him, filling you up, head dropping back to let out a moan.

- Bouncing on his dick, feeling it moving in ans out of you, you picked up you pace, just wanting to release, you boobs moving up and down to the rhythm of your thrusts.

-Amajiki just never taking his eyes off of your breasts, following their everymove, leaning down to take a nipple between his teeth.

- Holding onto each other, both chasing release, you finally came undone with a scream of each other name.

-“Y-y/n, I was studying !”

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with Bakugou Katsuki & Kirishima Eijirou 


Originally posted by ms-srgnt--otakuwitch

genre : [ ☀︎ ]  fluff!! & a tiny bitta steam~

hc prompt : how would he take care of you if you come home wasted after a girls’ night out?

author’s note : this is my first time writing headcanons!! idk if this is good hc material but lemme know what you think! :) **gif not mine!!

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Yo can someone please please pleaseeee do a bnha boys reaction to their girlfriends walking in naked while they playing videos games. I will bare your first child please. I wanna see Bakugou, Izuku, Shoto, Kirishima, and Hawks. If someone already did that please tag me in it ahahahahjkjkkj.

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[SEASON II] Chapter 13


Y/N’s body was aching all over as she fell on the ground trying to catch her breath.

The U.A. Sports Festival was arriving and she was practicing twice as hard than before. But the problem is, there was All Might to mentor her moves before. This time it was just her and her own efforts, alone. She didn’t know what damage she can cause or what kind of precautions she needed to take. Because she bit worried about it, she decided spent time on looking for books in the library about it and visited nurse’s office more than expected - not just to mend her injuries but also for advice of what she needed to avoid.

She needed to learn to control on the amount of water she released and if she was going to change temperature along with it, she needed to balance both of it while handling her opponent at the same time. And she needed to do control different temperatures and different amount of water force on different parts of her body.

Ofcourse, she couldn’t get so far. Sometimes she focused so hard so releasing boiling hot water from her feet that she forgot about the water she was releasing from her hand which was supposed to be colder and along with a high force. She just couldn’t focus on different parts of her body at the same time. Maybe only for a few minutes, but whenever something diverted her attention, she messed it all up.

“Already tired?” Midoriya asked running past her.

“You wish!” She said before getting up and running along with him.


*Morning of the U.A. Sports Festival*

There were separate waiting rooms arranged for separate courses and classes.

It was time to get serious and Y/N didn’t want any kind of distractions. Atleast she hoped so until she got ready and heard his voice right behind him before they entered the room. She halted out of reflex and heard him say, “Move, you adopted freak.” His eyes were fixed on her back.

“U-Uh yeah.” She hurriedly opened the door and ran to grab a seat on the table where Kyoka and Momo were sitting. Yes, she did notice the change from ‘grandma’ to 'dumbass’. And ofcourse, it did hurt a bit.

“…Hey!” Y/N finally noticed Kyoka staring at her, “I’ve been calling you for a while now.”

“..sorry, I was just…thinking about something.”

“If you’re nervous about the festival then I’ll say it’s okay to be nervous. But if its-” Kyoka looked behind towards Bakugou who was sitting on their opposite table. She pulled her chair near Y/N and started talking in a low tone, “him, then you can talk to me about it. It’s partly my fault for getting this into your head. I’m so sorry.”

“No no, it’s not..your fault. We’ve been so busy with our training that I absolutely forgot talking to you about it. It’s just that-” Y/N sighed covering her face with her hands, “after the villain attack, I was a bit zoned out for a while and he came over to say somethings. But, I understood about my crush when he - god, i feel so embarrassed - when he brushed his finger against my cheek and said grandma with…a smile? I just blushed so hard and my heart was beating so fast that I just instantly knew it”

Kyoka frowned and said, “Dude you should be embarrassed. I don’t know how you can find someone attractive who called you 'grandma’.”

“Hey you know why he calls me that!”

“Yeah, but maybe just..okay maybe it’s just admiration, like you said. The way you admire All Might?”

“It’s not.”

“It is.”

“It’s not, trust me. I-” Y/N blushed, “I think about that moment and…I think how it might’ve turned out if I held his hand.. or if I..if I kissed -”

“Please shut up, I don’t wanna hear your tongue story before the festival.”

“- his cheek bastard. Honestly Kyoka, how much of a perv do you think I am.”

“It’s not being a perv to think..about doing things you wanna do to your crush. Kinda creepy, but fine. We are all teenagers and we all can be hor-”

“I dare you. I dare you to complete that sentence.”

“-ny sometimes.”

Y/N smacked Kyoka’s head and turned back to Bakugou’s group. She yelled, “Kaminari!”

“Uh yeah Y/N?” He raised his head.

Kyoka was already giving her death stares, so she just smirked and said, “Nothing, just best of luck dude!”

“I already told you that I don’t like him.” Kyoka said.

“I know, but it’s fun to tease you about it. You start blushing, no lie there Kyoka, you know that.”

“That’s not we were talking about. We were talking to get a solution of your problem.”

“You did! I was nervous and you managed to calm me down!”

“You know that’s not the only thing you’re nervous about Y/N.” Kyoka furrowed her brows, “I get it, you like him. But that doesn’t mean you avoid him all together. For god’s sake, you have been avoiding him ever since the villain attack and you can’t even look at him in the eye. Start acting mature.”

“I know it’s stupid.” Y/N gritted her teeth, “I just blush now whenever he looks at me. It’s so annoying. I can’t keep talking to him. I know I’ll like him more and if he continues to act like he does now, I know it’s gonna affect me. I’m just scared and need some time.”

“Well, make it fast. Because I don’t know if you’ve noticed this but Bakugou has been looking weirdly at you ever since he made all the classes hate us. And I guarantee you, it’s not the good kind of weird.”

Y/N looked at Kyoka in confusion as the door suddenly burst opened and Iida announced, “Everyone! Get your game faces on! We are entering the arena soon!”

Everyone got ready and started walking to the arena, Y/N felt a presence beside her when she was walking behind everyone. It was the very person she was trying to avoid.

“I know that you’ve been talking with that purple-headed bastard from another class.”

Yes, she was in fact talking with that guy but he never opened up. He wouldn’t even let her talk to him for 5 minutes. It was just her trying to convince him that Class 1-A weren’t narcissists, but being very subtle about it. Well, atleast she thought that she was being subtle. Y/N looked at Bakugou and well, Kyoka was right once again.

He did look weirdly at her. Almost as if she committed a crime.

“I’m just gonna tell you that whatever you’ve been planning on, won’t work on me.” Jaws clenched, he continued, “And trust me Y/N, if you get in my way, I will crush you like a little bug.”


Chapter 15



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Can I request a first “I love you”s with bakugo, todoroki, & kiri? 🥺

a/n. i did these thinking you meant their first confessions to the reader– if you meant the reverse, my bad and feel free to send that rq!!


katsuki bakugou – doesn’t say those words for a very long time and not because he doesn’t want to or feels particularly embarrassed by them, but rather because you should already know how he feels, damn it. 

there’s no real inclination to voice his sentiments all of a sudden– not when katsuki’s out here winning these useless jumbo toys for you at the arcade all to see you grin; not when he’s giving you tough love talks at 3 in the morning just because you need them and he’s there; and not when he hears you haven’t eaten yet and immediately goes to the kitchen to prepare something.

he’ll grimace through all of these because they’re for you, so what more would you need to hear? he loves you obviously. if there’s ever a tipping point that makes katsuki confess verbally, it comes in an intimate environment and out as almost a grumble. 

facing you on the bed and under the covers, he’ll say it when you’re droning on about something moot but entertaining, and you almost don’t even catch it. the “i love you,” is spoken so low, so under the breath, you suppose it’s more of a spoken thought than a message to you. 

if you tease katsuki with a “i didn’t catch that– say it again?” he’ll bite out a sharp, “nothing. go to sleep,” and hold you tight, arm slung over you. 

but… if you whisper it back in earnest– even if you tell him often yourself– you can throw him for a loop. his bright eyes will dart away and his jaw will clench– just before he tells you go to sleep, anyway.

shoto todoroki – it may take him a bit to say these words to you as well, but this time it’s not because he has other methods of relaying his affections– he probably just hasn’t realized the depth of his feelings himself up until that point. the first time he says these words to you, it will have come promptly from the heart, at the very moment he recognizes how he feels towards you. 

in fact, all of shoto’s friends will probably know before he does. they’ll have to coax him and coach him through it, if he’s being too reserved and you’re unwilling to come forward first too. 

i have something important to tell you. please let me know when you’ll be available. thank you. is what he’ll text you first, and obviously, it sounds a little concerning so you are quick to comply.

shoto will get you in a private setting before he confesses because he probably thinks it’s most proper that way– and it’ll be less humiliating there if you reject him, because sure you always tell him to take care of his health, always texts him “good morning!” and “good night!” back, and always asks how his day was, but do you love love him? hm.

when you react positively to his confession, he’ll genuinely have the audacity to act a bit surprised and go silent. “are you alright?” you’ll ask.

“yes,” he says, regaining composure. “i just didn’t think i’d get this far.”

it will not be much of a struggle to get shoto to say these words from then on. he’ll tell you them as often as you wish to hear them, but it does confuse him a little– do you think that he doesn’t love you? is he not properly expressing himself, so much so that you have to rely on verbal confessions? you’ll have to assure him that this is definitely not the case.

eijiro kirishima – the confession escapes eijiro brightly, loudly; these are the sorts of words that he doesn’t think should be contained, after all. but it’s hardly a confession, really; everything he does for you, with you, to you is a vivid display of affection already.

it happens so casually over a phone call, that he doesn’t realize what he’s done until after it happens. your voice is just so lovely and excited over the phone, so eager to make plans on meeting him later that day and he’s so enthralled and equally eager that it just slips out

“can’t wait!” he tells you, phone slotted against his ear and shoulder as he’s scrambling to put all his belongings in his duffel. “i’ll see you then. love ya!”

now, eijiro won’t actually realize this is the first time he’s said those words to you if you don’t react oddly towards it. if you meet him with an equally enthusiastic “love you too!” before hanging up, oh, he’ll gush a little. a dumb smile flickering on his face for hours, ridiculously impatient to meet with you.

but if you pause, thus making him reflect on what he’s just said, he might get a little abashed– but he would never take the words back. “oh,” he’ll follow up, with a short laugh, “guess i haven’t said that before huh? well, i do!” 

anyone near him when eijiro says this will notice that he’s gone a little pink in the ears. and please say it back after this– otherwise he might think he’s overstepped a bit.

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HISTORY — a kirishima eijirou social media au

synopsis: y/n and kirishima have been friends since kindergarten up until their last year of middle school. unfortunate events started piling up and their strained relationship ended in a catastrophe.

warnings: mentions of drugs, depression, suicidal thoughts and death


part five < part six > part seven

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