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tovelarisdreams · a day ago
Tumblr media
✨The night-blooming jasmine✨
Art by mien.artist and commissioned by Azriel_elain (ig)
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stars-who-gaze · 2 days ago
Bed Time with Elriel
Tumblr media
Lights out version
Tumblr media
They had a busy day🌿
Art by me
(The little flowers are paid models)
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nikethestatue · a day ago
I love the idea that Elain smells of jasmine. Jasmine, the flower of the Night Court, a night blooming flower that facilitates sleep and relaxation.
Azriel, who hasn’t slept for what seems like 500 years, will finally be able to get some peace and some rest with her by his side.
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secretpeachtaco · a day ago
No one:
Literally no one:
Me: Azriel stayed up late listening to elain's plans for her garden.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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the-laughing-bubble · 2 days ago
This happens to remind me of someone
- I just need help remembering...
Tumblr media
Oh wait....if only I could remember who stepped out of a shadow🤔 and killed a king🧐 but also plants pretty flowers and herbs...
Oh yes.... It's Elain!
We all know her book is gonna kick arse, I mean I don't understand why anyone wouldn't want to read her story.... I mean these are things I want to know:
How did she walk out of that shadow?🧐
Was it Elain's shadow or Az's?🤔
If it was Az's shadow, how and hoooooww?😦
What went through her mind as she killed/stabbed the king? 😶
How did she know that would be the perfect moment? (this has so many implications to her Seer powers)🧿
How much has Elain seen?👀🧐👀
Why the f😦ck aren't you curious? 😂😂😂
I love that there's so much for SJM to explore in Elain's story, she sowed so many seeds and now I want to see what has bloomed from those, except Spring, of course. If you catch my drift? 😉
Nb: if anyone knows the illustrator please let me know, I'd love to give credit to them for this lovely piece? Thank you🌻
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lovinpages · 2 days ago
Something I keep wondering about is how the Inner Circle votes over Nesta. How they analyse and judge her over and over again. And when Nesta finds out, I can’t help but get so angry with all of them. How they hurt her like this, and then just say they’re doing it to protect her. Not even think about her feelings.
Protecting someone doesn’t mean you can judge them as much as you want with an entire group. When the people she loves, make her feel they hate her. They make decisions about her, that will have an enormous impact on her life. She doesn’t even get a say in it. They don’t think about how all this makes her feel. And when she gets so incredibly angry with everyone she thought loved her… she gets abandoned. Yes, she said too much.
And everyone understands Feyre when she’s incredibly angry with Rhys and the rest of their family for not telling her about the danger of the baby being born. She gets her space to be angry. But Nesta? No, they just make all the decisions for her and she doesn’t get a say in it. She doesn’t get the space to be angry. She just has to accept it and deal with it. They don’t think about her feelings and trauma’s. They say she only thinks about her own trauma’s and not theirs. But they all did that themselves too. The only one who really tried, who really understands her is Cassian. And later, Emerie and Gwyn too. But I can’t get over how awful the rest of the Inner Circle treated her. Yes, in the end Nesta needed the training and work in the library that they forced her to do. She needed to be away from the city. But I think they never had the right to make all of the important decisions for her besides that. To analyse her behavior like that. They don’t even try to understand why she is so hurt. And I get why she was hurt. I mean who wouldn’t get hurt when people you love (and you thought loved you too) analyse you and make every decision for you without telling anything about it to you. Until you find out some way.
No, the only thing that was more important was how they felt. And the worst part is that Nesta forgives them without any doubt. She blames herself, not them. But I think they’ve treated her awfully too. Yes, Nesta was awful. But she did apologize to everyone in the end. She forgave them, but they didn’t apologize. They even didn’t accept her apology out loud, but just said some wise words as a reply, nothing else. And Nesta didn’t say a word about how she was treated. She only thought about her own behavior and how bad that was. She only blames herself.
She heals herself in the end. Yes, the Inner Circle made the right decision about making her go train with Cassian and work in the library. But everything else came from herself and the girls she met later. From Cassian. Not from the rest of them. And they still expected her to apologize. But apologize themselves? I wonder if it even crossed their minds as they think they handled everything perfectly… it makes me look at them differently. It makes them look arrogant in some way to me. I believe it’s not fair and I am so happy that she found a true family in Cassian, Gwyn and Emerie. And found a home, not only in the House, or with Cassian, but also in herself.
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queenringer · 2 days ago
Day 61 of Spreading Elain/Elriel Positivity
I want to try and spread as much positivity to the Elain stans and Elriel shippers as I possibly can
TW: Suicide
ACOSF Chapter 3 “She’d spent weeks here last year—during that terrible period after being turned Fae, begging Elain to demonstrate any sign of wanting to live. She’d barely slept for fear of Elain walking off this veranda, or leaning too far out of one of the countless windows, or simply throwing herself down those ten thousand stairs.”
I want to bring up this moment right here.
This isn't about people who tried to uplift other characters. I am talking about the ones who bring down Elain in order to do so.
This scene described Elain's state after the Cauldron.
And this scene was used as a way to hate on Elain even more. As always, Elain is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t.
I have seen posts like "poor these characters look at what they did for Elain" "wow Elain is so terrible for making these characters attend to her" and so on.
Elain was suicidal and the antis decided to hate on her for it. They somehow took a scene that described Elain wanting to kill herself and turned it around to make it about other characters.
Elain was absolutely right. “And yet somehow all you think of is what my trauma did to you" perfectly describes the antis.
If you ever need to talk I am always here. Please know that you are so so so loved
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rhysands-hoe · a day ago
Acotar characters in Hogwart houses.
Rhysand - slytherin
Feyre archeron - slytherin (confirmed by sjm herself)
Azriel - ravenclaw
Cassian - gryffindor
Amren - ravenclaw
Morrigan - hufflepuff/gryffindor
Nesta archeron - slytherin
Elain archeron - hufflepuff
Lucien vanserra - gryffindor
Tamlin - gryffindor ( the stupid kind one who doesn't think about the consequences of his actions)
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bookofmirth · 2 days ago
There is one passage during the ball scene in ACOSF not enough people talk about. Here it is:
"And he knew the cruelty of the Hewn city troubled her. But she hadn't hesitated to come. When Feyre had offered to let her remain home, Elain had squared her shoulders and declared that she was a part of this court-and would do whatever was needed."
This shows that Cassian recognizes Elain's bravery, that she could have staid behind, safe at home. He acknowledges that Elain wanted to help and that it wasn't something small.
This tells me that this whole passage (comparing Elain and Nesta in black) wasn't about Cassian doubting Elain's courage and not believing in her. It was more about indicating us that Elain truly doesn't fit in the Night Court. Not because she isn't good enough to be part of their court or because she doesn't look good in black, she just doesn't shine there.
This is why the quote "(...)but wearing black, no matter how much she claimed to be part of this court... It sucked the life from her." is important. It is indeed a direct answer to the quote mentioned above: she claims to be part of the court, but she will never really belong there.
Many focus on her not looking good in black, but that is not what we should take out of this. Elain is not going to prove us readers that she actually looks good in black, nor is she going to completely embrace the Hew City and feel comfortable there in the next book. No, we're going to see her leave the Night Court and end up thriving in an other court.
PS: Also, quickly wanted to mention that saying Elain doesn't belong in the Night Court doesn't mean that she is going to become their number one enemy and completely cutting ties with them. It just means that for her to find her inner self she needs to go somewhere else, a place that will make her fully bloom which, in my opinion isn't the Night Court. As long as she stays there, her development is not going to take off.
Elain is always trying to make the best of a bad situation. That's why she didn't act out in the cabin, and why she hasn't acted out in the NC. She tries, she is optimistic and persists and generally is resilient. Feyre says that is Elain's style of strength. But it's really not to Elain's benefit at this point, to stay quiet about what she wants and needs.
Re: your disclaimer, I totally agree. I'm not sure why it's so offensive to people to say that maybe Elain isn't super comfy in the Night Court, or that she is actually super sociable. Well I do, I just think it's funny :D
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wisteriabookss · 7 months ago
Full Azriel Chapter
This includes the missing page, all in order. 
All credit goes to Lola-hollin662 on reddit! My BAM edition still hasn’t come in the mail but the redditor was kind enough to post it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nikethestatue · 2 days ago
Friendly Reminder,
Feyre also questioned the Cauldron in regards to her sister and Azriel.
Is Feyre also possessive and unreasonable? She questioned the Elucien mate bond a long, long time ago.
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secretpeachtaco · 18 hours ago
Rhys to Lucien : Relax, azriel is not the ravishing type.
Meanwhile azriel :
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the-laughing-bubble · 21 hours ago
It's Elain's & Vassa's
Stories Up Next
Tumblr media
🤭The gif was a Lil extra I know but vibes man. Seer vibes, Rose Imagery vibes, Some thorned beastly vibes, Smoky/Misty Vibes, Swan vibes, Bond vibes(the ring) and Smoochy Smoochy vibes for their love intetests.😏😂
It's been absolutely intriguing with how SJM tied these two queens together from the first vision that Elain could clearly communicate...
It's so exciting at how the males in their tales are aligned, Az getting Elain to freely speak of the vision without feeling crazy... Lucien looking for Vassa and then some😏
This post is more about these two ladies💪 feel like the silly ship war takes away from SJM's mission to write empowering women that own their stories. The post just basks in the possibilities with a sh🌻t ton of questions...🤤
Tumblr media
The vision Elain had set off a new branch in the ACOTAR world, also left so many questions open....
Will Vassa really watch Elain from the trees?
In what scenario would that take place?
Elain relates to Vassa - she says Vassa was only changed as she was but their essence is still the same... Which leads to would they get a long? When do they freaken meet? Why wasn't there anything about them meeting? What happens when the Seer meets the Bird of Flame?
They're the only two who have a positive perspective of Papa Archeon, will that come up? (This is speculation, we still need to see Elain's thoughts but we have seen that Elain and her Dad had a better relationship in contrast to her sisters. She did wash his face and say she loves him before he was cremated, so maybe not so much speculation.)
What else has Elain seen about Vassa?
In ACOWAR we see Elain track the surreal, in ACOFAS she asks if Feyre is asking her as a sister or Seer, this just begs the question will Elain be able to help Vassa find the key to breaking her curse? 😏
Okay that last one was a trick question😂 - SJM already heavily hinted that Elain is the one that will be finding the 4th throve...Thank you Amren 😎 Oh and one more:
Will there come a time where Elain will track Vassa(I have a suspicion - Koschei is ready for her to be back at the lake sooner than expected) to find Koschei?
With the hopes that ACOTAR 5 is better written than ACOSF, I'm really excited about the possibility of ACOTAR 6 with a fiery and untamed Vassa!
Tumblr media
What deal currently has her free from her entrapment at the lake? I really want to know what the Prince of Merchants negotiated... 🤔
What does she experience in her bird form? Like how does the entrapment work...🤯
Is Vassa the descendant that the Bone Carver spoke off? Koschei didn't work so hard just cause he wanted a Phoenix lady... I'm curious as to why, aren't you?
Why did the other Queens sell her out?
What is her Queendom like?
How will she stick it to Koschei?
Does she trust Jurian? 😏🤔
How has the spell altered Vassa's mortality?
I want to believe Vassa foreshadowed that Feyre - Curse breaker will help her or be involved in the journey to breaking her spell, it strongly smells like a Vassa book was on SJM's mind...😏
It would take a really good change of direction for me to have a change of heart with the excitement and anticipation that's been built up for these two ladies...
I mean....
Spring bloomed throughout Velaris and Vassa declared that Feyre- Curse breaker would help her break her curse.😏
I could be wrong but it's just how I read it...😏
Tumblr media
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elisiarin · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
“You are to stay away from her.”
“You can’t order me to do that.”
Art by me
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awkwardhumpback · 7 months ago
The acotar fandom is at each other’s throats on who to ship azriel with after reading A Court of Silver Flames while im just here like:
Tumblr media
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