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sunlit-elain · 40 minutes ago
imagine elriel fanart of az and elain like eugene and rapunzel with the lanterns, except for them, they are on the sidra during starfall
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nialeirza · 2 hours ago
Our shadow batboy Azriel confirmed he sings, but it is also canon that he dances well.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I always wondered though after getting this scene if Az danced with Elain during that time as well. She wasn’t mentioned anymore after Nesta started dancing and she wasn’t in the scene where Az and Nesta were dancing and Rhys and Feyre were talking to Eris while Mor and Cassian watched through Rhys 👀
Also, unless we get flashbacks, it’s sad that we’ll not see Elriel (through their POV) celebrating some events like the Solstice and Starfall in their book since I doubt Koschei will wait another year to attack 😅
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exquisitley-obsessed · 6 hours ago
Does anyone else think that the rose-glass pendant is inherently symbolic of Elain?
Like Azriel has his blue siphons and Gwyn has her blue gemstone - it just makes sense that this pink gem belongs to Elain. It’s also a friggen rose like, c’mon!!!
I just think that if a lot of Gwynriel is based on Az giving her this necklace then it’s kind of a weak ship, like the core ‘romantic’ element between them is a necklace that was not only meant for another woman, but also, is an inherent reminder of said woman.
I just think Az isn’t going to be able to see the necklace on Gwyn and not think of Elain, like how are they supposed to build a relationship if every time they’re together, Gwyn is literally wearing a symbol of Elain around her neck.
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bookofmirth · 7 hours ago
Okay am I the only one who thinks Elain shouldn’t become a warrior but like, a poison expert???? I read something about a woman who would go undercover at major events, banquets, and would poison men as her way of killing. She would see if the men were evil/if they deserved to be killed as she didn’t feel comfortable killing innocent people. The woman wanted to make sure that they were guilty. She would craft the poisons herself because she knew plants, flowers, etc and she had her own secret garden hidden away where she would grow these things.
One thing that I always appreciated about Elain (even tho she’s not my favourite character) was that in a world where physical violence was usually deemed as the only response, she chose to bring beauty into it through her gardens. I don’t want her to become some bloodthirsty woman or some warrior who has to be going into battle. We have enough of those woman already. I want Elain to use her social skills to go undercover (maybe with Lucien because of his magical eyeball and his own social skills), find out shit about bad guys, then murder them with a poison she created herself in her gardens. I want her to keep some semblance of her morals because I would hate to see the one character in the series who is gentle, kind, and not always out for blood, but turned into that because physical strength is the only strength known.
This shit is so long and I’m so sorry lmao. But it bothered me how the only times Elain is theorized to be strong it’s usually with a sword, dagger, battlefield shit. No I want Elain the poison master. I don’t need more of the same sword wielding heroine. Give me sweet but cunning, social but smart, dainty but deadly Elain.
I really love stories where people are just Smart and that’s how they get what they want, or beat the bad guys? The Winner’s trilogy is like this, with Kestrel. 
I totally headcanon that Elain is smart af from her gardening knowledge because it’s not just freaking flowers, which is what her characterization has boiled down to. But gardening also requires planning and understanding how much space they need and what type of care and how they react to seasons and it’s a lot? I would love to see some fan art of her with other types of plants and foliage and it not just be Soft. 
I think people (not just fandom but everyone around her) underestimates Elain because they see her being nice but they don’t realize that that is a choice and that it isn’t easy. I want an Elain who could kill a man but chooses not to because she won’t stoop to that level unless she absolutely has to. She will be devastating in other ways.
Also yeah, her social skills are going to be invaluable. It just fits in so well with Lucien’s skills to think about the bigger political picture. And to think about the greater good rather than what he wants and/or needs right now. 
Lucien’s magic eyeball + Elain’s seer powers = unstoppable.
I have zero interest in Elain the warrior. She already had a chance to be that in acowar, and she only did it in dire circumstances, when her father had been killed. Then she returned the weapon and turned her back on it. 
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bookofmirth · 10 hours ago
Do you think the wood carved rose Papa Archeron made for Elain, which Nesta placed on his tombstone at the end of ACOSF could possibly hint that Elain's book is next? Sometimes I think SJM's definition of obvious is not the same as mine in that it's not obvious. Like... maybe her obvious is more subtle than we think? Or maybe it's exactly what it is and the next book is Elain's bc she's the remaining sister? I don't think Elain's been fleshed out enough but maybe since these books are standalones going forward, it doesn't matter? I have no idea.
It's gonna be torture waiting for the next update. 😭
Honestly, I don’t think it would be something as small as that. I think the hints would be all throughout the book, personally. Also it would be weird to have a moment at a grave be a metaphorical beginning? Just the imagery doesn’t match for me. If Elain had found it at his tombstone and taken it home, that would have had a different impact than it being left behind at a grave. A grave is an ending. Nesta was closing a chapter and coming to terms with her grief, leaving that behind along with her intense guilt and resentment. (That’s how I read the scene, as not being about Elain, really.)
I agree with you that Elain not being as fleshed out as other characters doesn’t necessarily mean that her book can or can’t be next. It’s the author’s job to make us care about and understand characters, so if sjm wrote Elain next and people felt like they needed a whole wikipedia page on the character before they even started reading, just to understand them? That’s a weird way of reading, to me... 
I read standalones all the time. Most adult contemporary and literary fiction is standalones. And maybe it takes me a chapter or two, but I get a feel for who the MC is without knowing anything and can go with it. I don’t need books of buildup. So even though I, personally, don’t think Elain’s next, I also don’t think that her character development (or lack thereof) is a reason for her to “need more time” before she gets a book. 
I know we have a couple of events coming up but it looks pretty clear that they won’t say anything about the next book. Guess we’ll keep speculating!
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azriiel · 10 hours ago
In response to the anon--Gwynriels need to understand that SJM is NOT going to write a love triangle with two women, both of whom have severe trauma, fight over a guy. She doesn't do that and it would be absolutely horrible.
Also, in a way, it would put Nesta and Cassian in an impossible position--who do they side with? Too much entanglement for one book.
Also, there is two POVs, they always forget that. And there was a discussion about Elain, between Rhys and Feyre. All that both POVs are doing is setting up the next book. It will center around Elain, her powers, her arc, her relationships and the aftermath of choices.
All of this!!!
Just to add... Gwyn deserves much more than being a rebound (which she would be if Azriel pursues her after Elain). It’s clear Azriel’s feelings for Elain have superseded his feelings for Mor. ACOSF made that clear. Azriel does not pine after the woman he’s been in love with for over 500 years. Lust does not end an unrequited love like that. 
Azriel getting over Elain... It’s not going to happen because Elain has shown that her feelings are reciprocated. Azriel will not stay way from Elain for much longer. I mean....
“Chain me to a tree, Rhys,” Azriel said softly. “Go ahead.” He began checking the buckles on his weapons. “I’ll rip it out of the ground and fly with it on my damned back.”
C’mon now. He’s not going to back down 🙊
Elain wants Azriel. We know as much from her behavior in ACOSF and her initiation of the almost-kiss in the bonus chapter. The whole book hints that we don’t know Elain, that there’s more to Elain, Elain may have more powers than we already know, that Azriel’s secret is Elain...
The Feysand chapter made it so clear! Without a doubt, the next book is Elain’s book, with Azriel as the secondary point of view character.
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vanilla-art-1998 · 10 hours ago
If you'd rather completely ignore the scenes where they talk about Elain, fine. But if in addition to ignoring the scenes, you take it upon yourself to preach that Elain will not receive a book or that if she receives a book she will be 800 pages long talking about flowers, you are completely wrong and frustrated.
It is quite frustrating to see how Elain is insulted and belittled, and although she is a fictional character, they are in charge of insulting her with insults that affect real people, many Elain stan are precisely because they identify with her, they identify with a character that should of hiding all their suffering for the sake of not worrying the people around them anymore, they identify with her because they like to do hobbies similar to hers, the followers can be identified with Elain in so many things! And there you are, insulting her without knowing if your comments can affect someone behind the screen, you make fun of the reproductive capacity of a character practically declaring that she is worth less if she cannot have children, when you do not know if there are women behind the screen reading with syndromes, with müllerian agenesis, with any pathology that prevents them from giving birth to children, do you think these comments do not affect real people?
Not to mention they want Elain to be sexually abused! for Azriel to abandon her for Gwyn. They hope and wish for Elain to become a villain for Gwyn and Azriel to murder her. Are these thoughts really from a sensible person? I doubt it. I just hope that the Elain haters reconsider her words (and this also goes for the gwynriel which is where most of the elain haters take refuge).
Here I will be fully supporting the next ACOTAR protagonist and all the people who identify with her and are affected by her hateful comments.
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captain-elizabeth-swann · 18 hours ago
Gwyn and Az are not even friends!!! He said "he wouldn't go as far as to consider gwyn a friend" (!!)
I don't know what books you read people
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khaleesidracarys · 18 hours ago
Calling all acotar blogs
I need blogs to fuel my new obsession, please like and\or reblog so i can follow some new people. thankssss
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dreaminginvelaris · 22 hours ago
it's so sad how ppl praise nesta for telling feyre about the dangers of her pregnancy as if nesta did a heroic thing by telling her.
it's not as if nesta actually only told her to hurt feyre once again bc nesta couldn’t stop herself once again and hurt feyre who did nothing but want to stop a fight from escalating.
y’all forget nesta chose to keep that secret just like the rest of the court. even though i think its more on rhys bc that's her mate and the father of her baby so therefore up to him to tell her abt the situation, your favs chose to keep a life-threatening secret from feyre. nesta wasn't forced to keep it, she willingly said she wouldn’t tell feyre. idk about you but I'm not only upset at rhys for hiding this secret from feyre but I'm disappointed at the rest of the characters as well, like it or not, they all did a fucked up thing by not telling rhys to shove it and by not informing feyre. feyre is the IC high lady and by their oath, they swore to protect feyre, which means telling her about the dangers of her pregnancy if it meant a danger on her life.
but even then, nesta only decided to tell feyre to HURT her so like no let's not praise nesta for that, it would have been a different situation if nesta decided to do it out of respect or love of feyre, but that wasn't the case.
telling feyre horrible information like that in such a manner was not cool, yes feyre deserved to know but not in a situation where nesta used feyres upcoming death as a move for nesta to feel in "control" and have the upper hand in a current vulnerable situation.
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queenringer · a day ago
So I Was Reading Chapter 43 Of ACOSF
I know that many people have said that Elain does not belong in the Night Court. I won’t get into the whole “black dress” thing since there has been many posts showing how that does not mean she doesn’t belong in the Night Court. Instead I want to focus on this line in Chapter 43 of ACOSF
“Nesta felt like a storm cloud standing amid it all. But Elain … The Spring Court had been made for someone like her.”
Alongside the “black dress” quote, this line above has been used as a way to show that Elain needs to leave the Night Court. But then this line is said in the following scene within the same chapter 
“The Spring Court had felt stagnant. Hollow. Empty despite its growing life.”
I don’t think SJM was saying that Elain belongs outside of the Night Court. I think she was once again showing how we, as well as the characters, do not know Elain. 
In Chapter 3 through Nesta’s POV it says 
“Elain, who had somehow become the adjusted one.”
“Elain, mourn as she might for the life she would have had with Graysen, had found a place, a role here. Tending to the gardens of Feyre’s veritable palace on the river, helping other residents of Velaris restore their own destroyed gardens—she had purpose, and joy, and friends: those two half-wraiths who worked in Rhysand’s household. But those things had always come easily to her sister. Had always made Elain special.”
Elain’s life is growing. She is perceived as being adjusted and seems totally fine. But we know that that is not true. Elain, just like the Spring Court, is flourishing. But when you take a deeper look you quickly realize that it’s just superficial. That beneath it all there are problems and issues.
And not to make this about Elriel, but not being able to be with anyone outside of the mating bond probably contributes to these negative feelings
Azriel POV: “He shook his head, unable to stand the bleakness he'd brought to her expression.”
Elain Archeron is hurting on the inside, but no one is noticing because she is smiling on the outside. 
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dreaming-of-azriel · a day ago
Nesta to Elain
Tumblr media
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tiny-g0d · a day ago
someone needs to tell Sarah J Maas that her male characters' desire to violently maim, tortue, or kill men who've wronged the women in their life is counter-productive and not feminist.
literally, men saying they would or should react to victimized women's pain with violence towards the source is so stupid.
if someone you love has been hurt, you don't take it into your own hands to "defend" them, bc SA survivors often don't primarily need or want their abusers to live miserably or die; they want to heal.
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ratabrasileira · a day ago
I want Elain to go to Summer Court, fuck Tarquin as bad as she can and come back to NC to Nyx's birthday
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helenas-reads · a day ago
thoughts on elriel...
okay so I've been seeing so much elriel vs. elucian content on my feed. I wanted to share my thoughts, too.
First, I love both Azriel and Lucien (but definitely Az more, lmao). On the other hand, I don’t really like Elain. Many cases can be made to argue my opinion, and it’s just that: my personal opinion. I don’t like her. I don’t connect with her the way I do Nesta and Feyre. And for lots of other reasons that I’m not going to list.
So, my thoughts on elriel... Plain and simple, Azriel deserves better. I know, I know, I know that just because she’s Lucien’s mate doesn’t mean she’s taken or tainted in any way; she’s independent of her decision to mate/not mate with Lucien.
However... Azriel deserves a mate. And if she’s not his, I simply feel like he would once again be cheated from having true happiness. Not to say you can’t be happy without a mate, but if both of his brothers are mated with Elain’s sisters, I imagine the lack of a mating bond would be a point of contention between the group.
Now, if SJM somehow makes Elain have 2 mating bonds, that would be interesting. But, that’s usually never happened, so I’m choosing to believe Azriel has another mate. 
And furthermore, I know Elain is proving she’s strong and brave. But, I can’t help but think in that relationship, Az would constantly be protecting her. I think he deserves someone just as strong, who could protect him. I feel like he’d be doing all the sacrificing and offering a shoulder to cry on, instead of receiving. 
No hate to any characters or ships or fandoms or shippers! Just my thoughts 🥰 can’t wait for the next book!!!
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bookofmirth · a day ago
Hi! I was just thinking about how Nessian is now mated and is happily in love, if that would somehow effect Elain and her relationship with Lucien. Maybe she would see both her sisters happy with their mates and actually start to explore the curiosity she has towards Lucien and their bond. What do you think?
I think that’s entirely possible! 
I was talking with a friend about this yesterday (an IRL friend) and she said something similar. I don’t think that any pressure would come from Nesta and Feyre, but it would be hard for Elain to see them so happy with their mates and not wonder? Especially since she’s had time to process and grieve. And Lucien knew her father, and he met Graysen, he knows more about her than she knows about him. It’s time she learns.
And ya know, Feyre was somewhat forced to be with Rhys during acomaf, and Nesta was definitely forced to be around Cassian in acosf, but it would be really nice for Elain to choose to be around Lucien? For the plot not to force them together out of necessity, but for them to give it a go because they wanted to? How refreshing. There is just so much longing on Lucien’s part and wariness on Elain’s, it’s gotta explode somehow 😭
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rhys-daarling · a day ago
Elain is hiding something
“Elain had already departed with Feyre, claiming she had to be up with the dawn to tend to an elderly faerie’s garden. Cassian didn’t exactly know why he suspected this wasn’t true. There had been some tightness in Elain’s face as she’d said it.”- ACOSF
Elain is lying about where she’s going and Cassian senses it!
Without drawing on the parallels of her to lucien both lying and sneaking around velaris (mates amiright) the question is WHY.
I’ve seen a few evil elain theories and whilst I don’t think that’ll happen (SJM loves her family trope and won’t disrupt that) I do think Elain is hiding something.
My theory is she’s probably trying to (naively) make a deal with Koschei to become human again so she can get back to Grayson.
Or she’s telling Grayson and fae/pyrinthian and hopes she’ll win his favour that way.
Either way I don’t think she’s over Grayson and she’s definitely hiding something.
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silverlinedeyes · a day ago
Just some cute Elriel to start everyone’s day ☺️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They’re just so comfortable with each other and sweet together 🥺💕
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