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juegofthrones · 6 minutes ago
Y qué si al igual que Rhys, Azriel al conocer a Elain ya tuvo la leve sospecha de que era su compañera, pero con él enamorado de Mor por 500 años y el no conocer todavía a Elain nunca dijo nada.
Sabemos que el caldero tiene algo por Elain, qué tal si cuando ella es convertida y Azriel estando al borde de la muerte, le da como compañero a Lucien.
Me imagino a Az despertando y enterándose de que Lucien es compañero de Elain, pero él (nuevamente al igual que Rhys) al ver a Elain convertida ahí finalmente reconoce 100% que es su compañera, pero ya siente que es demasiado tarde por Lucien y todo el drama de cortes si se da un duelo.
Tumblr media
A pesar de todo pasa tiempo con ella y la ayuda a sanar, pero se termina enamorando y es ahora cuando le es imposible estar cerca de Elain y Lucien, porque no sólo es su compañera sino también la mujer que ama.
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ladyelain · 15 minutes ago
Me rereading ACOMAF just to get the end, you know, the Cauldron scene, just to get to ACOWAR, just to read about Elucien -
- meanwhile being stuck in middle of Feysands mating frenzy that my 15-year-old self went nuts about.
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queenringer · an hour ago
Unfriendly Reminder! Elain Archeron is a political pawn right now
Friendly Reminder! In chess, a pawn can become a Queen 
Get ready for the lovely Elain Archeron everyone
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exquisitley-obsessed · 2 hours ago
What we thinking of this fancast??
Nesta: Zoey Deutch
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Elain: Elle Fanning
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Feyre: Anya Taylor Joy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ladyelain · 3 hours ago
Ok so idk why I’m this confident in my ship but at this point I don‘t even understand anymore how people believe Elucien wouldn‘t happen. Like are we actually reading the same books?
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nialeirza · 6 hours ago
Don’t you just love how SJM squeezed the Inner Circle’s entrances and greetings to Elain in a single huge-ass paragraph except for Azriel who got his own paragraph. Then we got Elain’s reaction to him in a separate one 😌
Tumblr media
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fantasynaction · 6 hours ago
Ya know I wasn't intending to read the next books, if any, especially if it centres around Elain, because of how annoyed I am with acosf. But then I saw yall taking ships off the roof and censoring ship names like yalll make me want to read the next one if it comes up just so ik what people are talking about during the ensuing shitstorm
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lily-mj-fae · 7 hours ago
I’m done accepting Nesta’s pedestal. As long as people want to ignore Elain’s intentions with Nesta, then Nesta deserves to have her intentions ignored too. And Feyre. And everyone else. Elain was not a villain here in acosf. Was she perfect? No. Was she going out of her way to cause harm though? No. She was doing what she thought was best, just as Nesta had once for her.
No, Elain’s actions in ACOSF are not good. While Nesta needed some intervention (and I’ve seen the theories that perhaps the amount she spent on that particular night as a cry for help and maybe? but that’s for another post) there were better ways to handle it than locking her away in the house of wind. And Elain, if she thought it was best, but wanted to show Nesta support, should have been there. I might be able to understand why she’d volunteer to pack Nesta’s stuff. Why she might not have wanted to be there. But honestly, we all agree I think, that at least in that moment, she maybe should have been. 
And upon visiting Nesta, Elain wasn’t going to visit to hurt Nesta. I think we all know that. What’s more likely is that Elain had heard that Nesta had started to make progress, and wanted to visit her. And yes, perhaps naively hoped for more than was likely given the short time. But Elain is an optimist. And We already know that she is perfectly capable of logically knowing better, but hoping for something else and getting burned (aka knowing that things with Graysen are likely over, but hoping that perhaps he loved her enough to still love her and they could make it work, then getting burned by his rejection). The same thing happened here. Did she going in logically knowing that Nesta was still going to be angry? Yes. Did she also likely have hope that maybe she and her sister could start to talk again? Yes.
When Elain is there to visit, she’s happy to see Nesta. She smiles. She compliments Nesta. And although Nesta thinks Elain doesn’t hug her because she doesn’t want to, I think it’s Elain recognizing that she might get rejected for it. She and her sister have barely spoken, it’s likely Nesta might not want that hug. And she asks a genuine question about Nesta’s wellfare.
The easiest way i can think to explain it is (and i am aware it’s far from a  perfect analogy, but the point is there): Your parents plan a trip. You don’t want to go. Maybe it’s a trip to visit your boring uncle who smells like soup. And his house is small. And you won’t even have any videogames to play. But when you get there, you make friends with the neighbor kid. And you start to hang out. And sure, maybe the first little bit of the trip you’re still not happy to be there, but you found something that you at least can enjoy. And by the end of the trip, you had a blast and you’re begging to go back, sad to leave.
So when Elain asks if Nesta is enjoying her time, it’s not stupid. Nesta was getting to do stuff in the library. Elain knows that Nesta loves books. She likely thought that perhaps, Nesta would find joy there. She gave Nesta an opening to a dialogue. She’s not wrong in thinking that Nesta might not be miserable the whole time. In fact, we know she hasn’t been. She’s started to find that peace.
And yes, the retort about how Nesta was handling her trauma. Totally off key. Not the way to handle it. But if Nesta is allowed to take her anger out on everyone around her because of her trauma (since so many people do excuse her behaviour with that. Not everyone, but there’s too much of it), then Elain is allowed to have a minor outburst as her sister drags up her own trauma. (Because Nesta wrongly assumes Elain’ is healed...but I think we know better). And Elain couldn’t even properly finish her jab. And it’s not like Nesta didn’t fire right back. It’s not like Nesta didn’t go for the jugular. Elain wasn’t trying to hurt Nesta. Nesta was trying to hurt Elain.
I also want to bring up a parallel. We see Nesta constantly putting herself in Elain’s way when it comes to people wanting to ask Elain for help, or Elain wanting to help. She will take Elain’s role in those situations all in the name of her protecting Elain. No one comments on the fact that when Nesta is being asked to help, when Nesta is wanting to say no, Elain steps forward. Elain offers to put herself in that position that Nesta doesn’t want. It’s protecting Nesta the way Nesta protected her. Of course Nesta rejected it. And fandom is mad at Elain for calling Nesta out on that when Nesta had previously blamed her for living a simple life. 
And now lets get to the other “worst offense”. Solstice. Was the comment about Nesta being paid to be there called for? No. No it wasn’t. The comment about Feyre? Yes. I do think it was. And it wasn’t to be mean to Nesta. It was because there was stress with Feyre. Elain was trying to protect Feyre. And after everything that had happened, how little Nesta had seen her sisters in the time between everything AND how Nesta had been behaving around them, yes. That was a consequence of her taking her anger out on her family. 
See, if you look at Elain’s intentions behind everything, you grow to understand (as people grow to understand Nesta’s behavior) that she’s not out to hurt Nesta. But she doesn’t have experience making choices that have big impacts. She’s been exceedingly sheltered. And She doesn’t make perfect decisions because she’s not perfect. Neither is Nesta. And while in the end they weren’t great, none of Elain’s actions there caused much lasting harm to Nesta. 
But yeah. They’re intentions. They only mean so much. BUT if you’re going to ignore Elain’s intentions in her actions with Nesta here. You have to ignore Nesta’s intentions with her extreme protection of Elain that led to isolating Elain and made the situation worse. Not better. We know Nesta was trying to protect Elain. We know she was doing what she thought was best. The same is true of Elain here. Elain was trying to help Nesta. Doing what she thought was best. But it’s very obvious Elain wanted Nesta to be happy, to find happiness and healing, even if it was away from her. Didn’t include her.
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highladyofdreamcourt · 8 hours ago
Elain: Be careful when you go outside, it's ass eating season!
Lucien: What??
Elain: There's ice everywhere. If you're not careful, you'll slip and eat ass!
Lucien: Who told you that?
Elain: Jurian.
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highladyofdreamcourt · 8 hours ago
Elain: I love knitting needles. I can make a scarf. I can make a hat. I can stab your eyes out. I can make mittens.
Cassian: What was the middle part??
Elain: I can make a hat!
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ink-insomnia · 9 hours ago
I find it really funny when elain stans say that we hate elain because she's feminine because you know what I wanted for her to do in acosf? Become a florist.
She could do something she loved while supporting herself. She would not be the burden she had been her entire life. You think Feyre, who has been paying for her everything since forever, wouldn't buy her a flower shop?
At the end of the day, Elain is all bark and no bite. All she does is jump between sisters at who will provide her the most comfort in the present.
She basically came out of the couldron and went: I'm sorry I used the money you earned by risking your life. Let me use your husband's money, which is basically your money but with a ✨ t w i s t ✨
To be completely Frank, I wouldn't have minded if Nesta didn't get all this training and just became a librarian instead of this unrealistic storyline of her becoming equivalent to a group that were legends on a battlefield with a training of like 4 months. My respect for her would have increased by a good 50%.
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heyovivi · 11 hours ago
You know this week I’ve heard a lot of outlandish theories and arguments against Gwynriel, against Gwyn, and even against Lucien. And obviously it comes from mostly Elriel stans--not ALL of them, but goddamn a large number of them. I can appreciate having your own views on certain characters and certain ships but goddamn at least maintain your humanity and some part of a moral compass. 
First of all, we shouldn’t accuse SJM on writing or promoting pedophilia in her books. The theory that Gwyn is a child is completely invalid. She is twenty-eight and she was sexually assaulted when she twenty-six. Just because she ages differently doesn’t negate the fact that she is still an adult--and if you’ve seen any fan art or read an canon description of her you should know that she is an adult--both Azriel and her are adults and if you’re an Elriel stan trying to convince me otherwise just know Elain is younger than Gwyn. Feyre was nineteen when she fell in love with Tamlin. And Aelin was eighteen when she started to fall in love with Rowan. If there is anything, Gwyn and Azriel is one of thee most realistic ships that I’ve seen so far in the book series. 
So what if Gwyn is a little childish. She isn’t the only one. In ACOSF we’ve seen childish sides from Nesta AND Emerie. That’s how a close circle of friends works and if you don’t think there are childish adults out there who are youthful and overall just chipper people than you honestly have never met Disney adults. Plus Mor is the same age as Rhys and yet also has her own childish tendencies. Hell, even the Bat Bois have their moments. 
Gwyn is a playful person with a cheerful personality. Just because she sings and dances and comes off as a curious soul doesn’t mean she isn’t as mature as other characters in the series. In fact, I think it solidifies that Gwyn’s story is a parallel to the Little Mermaid because who else do we know that likes to sing, wants to dance “on those things called feet”, and is also a curious soul? 
Next. I don't know who thought having friendship bracelets was stupid or unnecessary because clearly that anti didn’t read the book and didn’t realize that those bracelets were a *fundamental part of the Valkyries surviving the Blood Rite. Without them they wouldn’t have found each other or maybe not even survived the Rite at all. And plus, Nesta, Emerie and Gwyn are chosen sisters. Making the bracelets was something Gwyn and Catrin did in Sangravah as a symbol of their unity. The fact that Gwyn decided to share that part of her with Nesta and Emerie speaks volumes of her relationship and feelings towards them. 
Also, comparing Gwyn to Ianthe. I’m sorry, Gwyn is a sexual assault victim. Ianthe is the assaulter. Not only has she assaulted Lucien, she attempted to assault Azriel. Just because they have the same color eyes doesn’t mean ANYTHING. By that pathetic and stupid logic your telling me everyone with teal eyes is evil. Then I guess Elain is evil and is going abuse her children when she’s a mother because who else has brown eyes. Beron has brown eyes. He abuses his children and is also a tyrant. OH who also portrays these exact same traits? Keirs does. Morrigan’s father. Who also has brown eyes. 
Now doesn’t that just sound so incredibly stupid? 
Now, I will say that Gwyn being a lightsinger does make sense in it’s own form. But do I think SJM is going to make her a character who lures males with her feminine whiles and voice to ultimately kill them in end? No. Gosh no. In what world would she think it’s okay to make the victim the assaulter. If you’re going to make an evil-Gwyn theory make it make sense and give me actual textual evidence that can’t be overruled by other textual evidence. 
Lastly, the theory that Gwyn and Lucien are invalid love interests because they are both redheads is just absolutely--like what in the fuckery shit hole head canon hell did that come from? Do gingers not deserve all in the love in the world as well? Is Lucien also not a victim in his own right? Does his story not deserve to be told? 
Lucien has made mistakes. He has even owned up to them and apologized and now he works everyday to make up for what he did by acting as an Emissary to the Night Court. And everything he does for Elain is everything everyone should be wanting from a partner in their life. Yes, he yearns for her. Yes, he is protective. But he is still a respectful king. He lets her have her own boundaries. Gives her space and doesn’t enforce anything on her. Do I like the idea of Elucien? Honestly no. Until I see a little bit more spice and chemistry between them then I will reassert my position (although I do like the idea of the whole fox and fawn theory). 
Guys, keep your humanity in tact. And think before you post. Actually read the words your about to write before you post. I have no doubt that whatever route SJM takes, it’s going to be written beautifully. That goes for Elucien, Gwynriel, and Elriel. 
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starfallhazelcharming · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Elriel or Gwynriel?
Gwynriel credit: @vmiae (Instagram)
Elriel credit: Redbubble
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innercirclestan · 13 hours ago
So there’s this thing that’s been sitting with me ever since I first read this excerpt
Tumblr media
When Rhys talks about the memory of his sister loving the view of the artist’s quartet, he doesn’t say something along the lines of “she’d spend hours looking at it” he specifically mentions a memory that sounds distinctly childlike. When you think of a parent dragging someone kicking and screaming from a place, that someone is usually their small children. But if Rhys is mentioning a memory of his sister, why wouldn’t he mention something more recent. My theory is that Rhy’s sister was still a child when she died. This wasn’t the only thing that gave me this idea though.
Another scene that comes to mind is the fact the Rhy’s mother AND sister went to visit him when they died and were supposed to meet him in a specific region of Night Court. This confused me since Rhy’s mother was perfectly fine staying in a war camp. However, if Rhy’s sister was young, it would make sense that they wouldn’t want her exposed to the Illyrians. Also, I usually think that small children travel with their mothers. Plus why couldn’t they fight back? Mor clearly was trained to fight. If Rhy’s sister was a grown adult wouldn’t she have been granted the same courtesy? Why wasn’t Rhy’s mother and sister able to fly away(Rhys said they both had wings)? She literally left a ring with the Weaver so that Rhys’ s/o could prove she’s strong enough to be with him. The implication here is that Rhy’s mother has some ability to defend herself. If she was busy with a small child, though, she probably wouldn’t have noticed Tamlin and his brothers in time and if she had to worry about said child it would have been more difficult to defend themselves.
Still not convinced? I’d like to present the evidence of Rhy’s mother’s ring. She gave Rhys the ring because his sister wasn’t born yet, because otherwise it should have gone to her. She then gave the ring to the Weaver when he reached adulthood, which implies that his sister still wasn’t born yet. Keep in mind in ye old times adulthood wasn’t 18 years. It was 21 years. Again I would like to point out that Rhy’s mother GAVE the Weaver her ring. I read this to mean that there’s a way for Rhy’s mother to get it back if she needs to. However, she never went back for it. I think it’s because Rhy’s sister wasn’t old enough to get the ring.
Still not convinced? Let me ask you to consider: Rhys is the ONLY one who mentions his sister. You’d think if she was an adult, she would have been friends with Cassian, Azriel and Mor. Why didn’t any of them mention a memory of her? Why don’t we ever get an idea of them mourning her? They all mentioned Rhy’s mother or even his father before. However, Rhys is still the only one who mentions his sister which seems odd to me unless she was a child when she died.
Another thing: I always found it weird that Rhy’s father killed Tamlin’s mother despite reassuring Rhys that he wouldn’t (I feel inclined to think he was serious and it was just a spur of the moment-overcome with emotions thing) and that Rhys accompanied his father when they killed Tamlin’s family. First of all, Rhys implied that his parents weren’t exactly warm and fuzzy towards each other. Not to mention that Rhys, despite threatening everyone that he’d rip their heads off doesn’t really follow through on those threats. He still hasn’t killed Tamlin, despite all the crappy stuff he’s done. Rhys and his father would have been risking war with Spring Court. However, when you consider the fact that in Prythian, murdering a child is such an unforgivable act that Kallias was willing to forgo an alliance that could save Prythian because he thought Rhys killed Winter Court children, Rhy’s sister being a child would definitely fit the bill of that amount of rage.
If Rhy’s sister WAS still a child when she was murdered, it makes Tamlin’s betrayal all the more worse. I already despise that jerk but this just tops everything the coward’s done so far.
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vidalinav · 13 hours ago
I kind of... don’t understand why people want Elain and Lucien to become any high lord or high lady when they are literally the chillest characters who just want to catch a break.
I think that’s maybe all of the characters at this point. So I do feel that SJM probably does need to make some variation in ambition for some of these MCs but let’s be real, Elain and Lucien are the least ambitious characters in all five books. Are they really going to be that?
I will be really surprised if SJMs like f Tamlin. He’s dead, here’s a shift in power. For how much she brings him back every book??? She’s obviously not going to kill Helion. So... maybe it’s cottages and traveling for them. You know, maybe Elain is completely on the dot when she talks about her choice to lead a simple life. I can see them being an Outlander type of couple. Just cabins and sex for days and a few drama filled scrimmages in between.
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marygrey · 13 hours ago
Ok, I want everyone’s hot takes on what the next ACOTAR book is gonna be about... wrong or impossible ideas only...
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fandomtrxsh19 · 13 hours ago
How I think the IC would handle Nyx
Cassian: The fun uncle. He’s the type of uncle that would do really fun and dumb stuff with Nyx that might get the two of them i trouble with Feysand ( more specifically rhys)
Azriel: The intimidating yet gentle uncle. I feel like Nyx would be intimidated and kinda scared of Azriel, but after meeting him, I think Nyx would like him.
Nesta: The intimidating aunt. She’s the aunt that takes no bullshit from anyone. She may look scary, but make no mistake, she’s ultimate hawk aunt and if anyone messes with Nyx, that person better run.
Mor: The fun, wine aunt. She would like to playfully mess with Nyx and tell really embarrassing stories about the IC.
Elain: The wholesome, really sweet aunt. She would teach Nyx how to garden and grow vegetables and flowers and omg it’s so wholesome. Also, Rhys would tell Nyx to not underestimate her I think
Amren: The really intimidating aunt. Feysand would tell Nyx a little bit about Amren. Also. If you think Nesta is hawk aunt, then Amren is eagle aunt. She seems uncaring but beware to those who mess with her nephew.
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aquafaith · 14 hours ago
The way some Elain stans adamantly force the innocent sweet soft girl trope on her is... gross. There's nothing wrong with being sweet and soft and innocent as Elain is portrayed, but some people get so offended at the thought of Elain learning to fight and use weapons? They say they only want her to learn to punch at best? Why?
Why don't you want her to be able to defend herself when needed, when a war just ended and a new one is looming? When she's been kidnapped multiple times? Why do you want to force her to be weak and vulnerable to fit into your warped, misogynistic view of femininity?
You can be traditionally feminine and badass. You can fight and kick ass while being traditionally feminine and soft and liking dresses and flowers.
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lily-mj-fae · 14 hours ago
I will never stop thinking about how much Elain is likely hurting over the
“This was a mistake” comment.
Ever. Like.
No matter what the course of actions is throughout the book. And even more than the necklace thing, that should be addressed. Because that hurt.
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