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Asma’s inventory! With all the things an Inquisitor needs 
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noobsydraws · 6 days ago
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It's fine.
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dejavudepictions · 3 months ago
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Elfroot 🌱
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"All your elfroot belongs to the Inquisition now"
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natalinanize · a year ago
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Flora of Thedas
Me: Lets make some relaxing quick sketches of Dragon Age plants as reference for next piece...
Brain: Tryhard mode activated.
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thisauthorisscreaming · 10 months ago
This is my Inquisitor. Her name is Tyriana Lavellan and she eats entire elfroot plants straight from the ground like a cow. She is a warrior and her best skill is Flatly Refusing to Die. She has excellent taste in tiny Orlesian cakes and terrible taste in men.
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thepersephonecabin · a year ago
good morning ladies let's get this elfroot
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sauwun · a year ago
Ah yes, the only True love of Inquisitor mighty elfroot
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fandomn00blr · a year ago
WIP Wednesday
Oh look! It’s Wednesday! I sent myself an email last week with an empty subject line, and all it says in the body when I open it up is “smoking then boning,” and even though I can’t remember why exactly (I mean, I have a few ideas), the fact that I sent it to my fandom email account obviously means it was meant to be some kind of prompt for myself for later. I mean...right?
So here I am bright and early on a Wednesday morning, clearing out my inbox and writing some fenhanders recreational drug use (well, they're talking about it, anyway). Under a cut cuz drugs...
Anders came slinking into the kitchen holding a little tin with a smug-looking grin on his face like he’d just gotten away with something.
“What?” Hawke asked.
“I, um… prepared some elfroot for this weekend… ��
“Why?” Fenris looked up from Varric’s latest manuscript. He was beginning to regret offering his continued editorial help for free now that Varric had seemingly little else to do in Kirkwall but write taller and taller tales loosely based on their exploits. But then he had agreed to take Malcolm and Leandera for the weekend. “Are you anticipating any injuries?”
“I think he means to smoke… ?” Hawke laughed. “Or did you do oil so we can bake with it? Smoking it usually just makes me hungry, anyway.”
Fenris still looked a bit perplexed by this. “For recreational purposes?”
“Yes... nerd.” Hawke pulled the stack of parchment away from him. "It makes almost everything more fun."
Anders shrugged apologetically at him. “It’s just something we used to do when we had a weekend to ourselves. We don’t have to… ”
“No. I just have never done it before.”
“Why would I lie about this?”
“Okay... but I just figured. I mean… you enjoy good food. Good wine. You’ve got the whole ‘laid back philosopher’ thing going on... ” A thing which Anders had come to admire very much these past few months. The effortlessness of it, mostly. But never before had he realized what a calming, reassuring presence Fenris could be when he actually wanted to be.
“It was not something ever offered to me in Danarius’ household, and I apparently missed all the opportunities to smoke with you back in Kirkwall.”
“I don’t know how. I mean, Merrill and Isabela definitely partook. Merrill usually brought the best stuff.”
Hawke nodded enthusiastically. Merrill definitely did have a knack for finding, and sharing, particularly potent strains of the herb. “Even Varric smoked with us every now and then… ”
“You must’ve thought I wasn’t cool enough?” Fenris smirked. “Merrill only ever brought me tea. And Isabela... well, she usually didn’t bring anything. Just helped herself to the good wine. And anything else in the cupboards.”
Hawke caught the humor in his tone and snorted, while Anders just frowned, still trying to remember why Fenris had never been invited to join in. It was definitely going to bother him now, and possibly ruin a perfectly good opportunity to remedy this oversight.
So Hawke did her best to intervene. “I’m pretty sure Justice didn’t think you’d be interested,” she offered. “Maybe he felt a connection to you as a fellow spoilsport and tried to spare you from the fun?”
“Mmm… ” Fenris glanced at Anders. It certainly wasn’t entirely his fault (or Justice’s, for that matter) back then if he hadn’t wanted to include him in these types of activities. Fenris had done almost everything he could to avoid spending time with him and Hawke together, out of misguided jealousy and resentment. “Perhaps.”
I’m going to tag @serial-chillr, @funkypoacher, @polypolymorph, @paraparadigm, @noire-pandora, @hawkeish, @blarrghe, @juniper-tree, @zuendwinkel, @whatsherfacewrites, @dafan7711, @barbex, @pinkfadespirit, @cartadwarfwithaheartofgold, @elveny, and @ziskandra. No obligations, feel free to ignore and/or participate however you wanna! And please please tell me if you would prefer not to be tagged in the future.
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exhausted-archivist · 6 months ago
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Thedosian Botany
Have a taste of what I’m working on for the Healer’s Field Guide and Handbook. It’s Dragon Age Day, I’ve been hoarding these little samples for today. I’ve got most of it written, and am now just working on the art. 
“Plain” Elfroot is modled after the Origins elfroot. Bitter Elfroot and Royal elfroot are from Inquisition naturally. Love those vine like little beacons. Gossamer elfroot is a hybrid between the two. Its suppose to look like it has spidersilk on it, as its name “gossamer” implies. I love how it rendered out, but I’m holding that till I get to tease the final layouts.
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blarrghe · a year ago
Wip Wednesday
@nug-juggler and @fandomn00blr tagged me for a wip wednesday! I’ve done a tiny, tiny bit of writing for Twelve Nights today. I swear it’s gonna be a happy chapter, but this is what I’ve got. Agonizing over imminent long distance relationships? :(
tagging forward @hollyand-writes @the-gay-wardens @mars-colony @elfsidian @ellie-effie and anyone else who wants.
“You ever miss Orlais?” Sera asked suddenly. She was watching the sky too. She’d never quite stopped being fascinated by it, even after having lived under it for years. Nowhere else in the world had a sky like this one. 
Taren chuckled, passing her back the pipe. He shook his head, “nope,” he said, and Sera joined him in the laugh. 
She took a long drag of her own, but her face twisted up in thought as she watched the smoke wisp away towards the treetops. “Not even the big libraries and shiny museums?” 
Taren shrugged. “Stolen artifacts and old dead shems.” he said, which was true enough.
Sera laughed harder at that, flicking her eyes back down from the sky, and rolling them before she passed him the pipe again. “Can’t fool me, you secretly love a little bit of fancy. Hippo-whatsit.” 
“Hypocrite,” he said; truer still that he had, back when they’d been at school, spent more time wandering Val Royeaux’s galleries and bookshops than anything else. 
“You said it.” Sera shot him a knowing grin.
“Fine,” maybe it was just the elfroot, but he laughed again under the look. “But I like what we have here better.” 
“Hm,” Sera watched him take another draw, the smoke on the exhales growing thinner as the bowl of the pipe ran down to ash. “But you don’t wander like you used to. I predict long trips in your future.” She wiggled her fingers at him, sorceress-like, giggling. 
Taren shook his head; in love or not, he still took things seriously. “There’s too much going on in the valley for long trips.” he said, and that was the part that might make him mopey. 
Sera took the pipe back, and finished it, coughing somewhat over the dregs of a last draw that was more ash than root. “Won’t always be. Especially not if Fancy’s plan works.” she said, and if she was trying to hide the upset in her tone, she was doing a bad job. 
“I’m not going anywhere, Sera.” Taren frowned. 
“If you say so. You could though. Long as it’s not forever. We’d survive.” 
Taren sighed, and brought his eyes back up to the sky and trees and mountains. He knew what he wanted, he’d always been pretty good at that. And he knew what he didn’t want, too; a life of long trips. There was a reason he didn’t wander like he used to — he’d already figured that much out, that there was a difference between a heart that hikes in the mountains and rejoices to jump in the sea and one that’s always stuck in motion, going to and fro between far flung homes, never resting. He liked to travel, but he didn’t want to go anywhere.
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carinavet · a year ago
What is it with fans’ obsession with latching on to one plant and having it be a marijuana alternative in every damn fantasy setting?
Like talking about Gandalf going to the Shire and getting high. Pipeweed is tobacco, you morons. Just because we use “weed” as one particular slang now, do you really think Tolkien, writing generations ago about a Medieval-ish fantasy world, used “weed” as that same exact slang meaning in Middle-earth? Come on.
Or fans latching on to elfroot in Dragon Age and talking about smoking it, all the time, just because it’s the most commonly mentioned herb in medicine/potions. I’m pretty sure nobody in canon talks about smoking elfroot. Ever. Nor is it ever implied that it can be use recreationally, for anything, unless I missed something major. But I just ran across an otherwise well-researched post listing various magical/medicinal herbs and under “stimulants” listed elfroot as “magical marijuana”. Which, A) marijuana isn’t a just stimulant, it can be a depressant or hallucinogen, depending on who’s taking it, and B) just no. And then later in that same post lists elfroot’s actual canon uses in the medicinal section.
Similar with alcohol. I’ve seen SO MANY FANFICS where kids get drunk off butterbeer. Like, just because it has “beer” in the name, that doesn’t mean it’s alcoholic. Have y’all never heard of root beer or ginger beer? And do you really think they’d be serving actual beer to thirteen-year-olds in Hogsmeade?
I’d say “use your brains” but I don’t think people who are so damn obsessed with everybody getting drunk or high have any brains left.
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natalinanize · a year ago
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w-h-4-t · a year ago
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All I want is some FUCKING Arbor Blessing for my
fucking potions
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eluvianarts · a year ago
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I really liked the Royal Elfroot I drew for the “Mint Hot Chocolate Solas” piece, so I put this little healing plant up on RedBubble too! 🌿
Available: HERE!
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musetta3 · a year ago
BTV Artober: ‘Elfroot’
Tumblr media
Musetta: I'll write a cute, fluffy entry for 'elfroot,' where Solas and Lavellan pick elfroot together. It'll be so adorable. Let's go to the Hinterlands in-game for inspiration! Two hours later... after falling down cliffs, being eaten by bears, and getting lost looking for elfroot and rams: this story happens
This story features my poor Inquisitor, Aranehn, who had to put up with my terrible map skills while researching for the story. Sorry, Ara! I still love youuu :) Written for the BTV server's Artober event, for the prompt 'elfroot.' 500 word maximum.
AO3 Link
“Where’s the Inquisitor?” Solas kept his voice as casual as possible, so as to not alert the others as to how worried he was. Aranehn wasn’t anywhere to be seen, and it would soon be dark.
Blackwall scoffed from his seat by the fire, buffing polish onto his breastplate. “Where else? Picking elfroot for the gardens. Again.” He grumbled under his breath. “Told her not to go near those woods, what with all the bears—”
“Bears?” Solas’s voice pitched at that, so much so that even the uncouth Blackwall stopped and stared at him. “You let her leave camp alone? In the Hinterlands? With bears? Are you mad?”
Blackwall protested. “She’s a hunter, insisted she’d fine alone. I—”
Solas threw his usual cautiousness to the wind and ran after her, heart in his throat.
‘You should be taking precautions,’ the voice in his head reminded him. ‘Have health potions with you. At least tell someone at camp where you’re going—’
His beloved Aranehn was in danger, there wasn’t time for that.
Solas crashed through the underbrush. “Aranehn?” he shouted, eyes wildly searching for her. “Aranehn.” Cold dread settled in his chest when there was no response. “Ara—”
A blood-curdling scream cut him off, and Solas broke into a run. The sun sank below the trees; it was so dark, he could barely see. Briars snatched his clothes, roots tripped him. Bloodied, breathless. His heart hammered in his ears. Something broke inside him as he sped through the trees, plummeting him into a realization. Aranehn wasn’t just a companion; despite everything, he cared for her. The only thing worse than seeing her harmed would be facing a future without her—
“She’s gone,” a voice hissed. Solas whipped his head around. There was no one.
“You’re too late, Wolf. You always are.”
He gripped his staff. “Show yourself,” he cried. A shadow darker than the rest of the shadows darted between the trees.
“You’ll endure, you always will. Alone forever.” A horrible shriek sounded behind him. Solas exclaimed in surprise; a hooded figure in tattered black slashed at him. It had no face, only row upon row of yellowing teeth.
Solas parried the despair demon’s attack, weaving a fire spell. A gout of flames engulfed it; he pinned the demon to a nearby pine with his staff-blade; the demon disintegrated with a howl.
He staggered towards a clearing; frost clung to branches and trunks. Spikes of ice bristled from the ground, bloody.
He’d never heard a more beautiful sound. He rushed to her side. “Aranehn,” he choked on the lump in his throat. An ice spike had impaled her, but removing it here could be fatal. He gathered her things and carried her to camp.
“You came for me,” she whispered, leaning against his chest.
He pushed the hair from her face, blinking hard. “I’ll always come for you, love.”
Her smile was simultaneously tired and joyous. “‘Love?’”
“‘Love.’” He held her tightly as he walked. “Forever.”
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inquisitor-veowyn · 2 years ago
Thank you so much to @agarthanguide for the inspiration of designing the original Royal Elfroot tattoo for this piece!! I’m getting into needleworking again and ready to make some DA Inspired pencil pouches!!
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agirlwithadiary · a year ago
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Ayyyy call out post, lmao 😂
I'm sorry, I do love knowing tiny bits about the world of dragon age but I can NOT sit and read a single fucking codex entry even if my life depended on it 😂
I mean, I just read last night that elfroot was called elfroot because of how elves used them 😳 (it was the first line and that's why I read it lol)
Bruh. 😂😂😂
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n7athenian · a year ago
Just the daughter of the teyrn looting the plebs' elfroot, leaving the clearly visible unhidden armor and sword untouched
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kafkasai · 3 years ago
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