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#Elizabeth Lail

Countdown (2019)

  • 4/5 ⭐️

I didn’t even know Elizabeth Lail was the main character until she showed up for the first time. Ever since watching “You”, I feel like I see her everywhere which is good! I really like her. The male lead, Jordan Calloway, who portayed Matt Monroe definitely was my favorite. Phenomenal acting performance! Also the kid, who played Elizabeth Lail’s sister, was surprisingly amazing. In my opinion, this film had so many good horror aspects, so it was nice to finally watch a good horror movie again. The idea of an app that knows when you’ll die is scary, that’s for sure but very nice for a movie. Hell, I didn’t even know that the app actually exists? This might sound stupid but even though I considered downloading it, I stopped myself because I was like “Okay, I know it’s fake BUT what if…?” - Yeah, this movie scared the crap outta me but can you blame me? Anyway, I really liked “Countdown” & recommend it to everyone. [THIS REVIEW IS MY PERSONAL OPINION - watched on 03/23/2020]

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