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#Elizabeth Olsen
celebsbeinghot · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Elizabeth Olsen
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baddestbitchesglobal · 9 hours ago
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Elizabeth Olsen
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falsescarletwitch · 2 days ago
right where you left me
Summary: Taylor Sloane had been your girlfriend for only one year, but things felt off from the moment she started talking to a random woman on social media. When you confront her, things only go south. Pairing: Taylor Sloane x Reader Theme: Angst Word Count: 2.2k Warning(s): Mentions of mental health | Insinuation of sex | Swearing | Heartbreak | Distrust Author's Note: This was an entire mind-fuck of a vent piece. Thank you to @maximotts for helping me wrap it up. Don't think I would've been able.
Tumblr media
“Can we talk, Taylor?” There was a stiffness to the question, Taylor peeling her focus away from the phone screen that rested in her palm. A brow rose in silence before they pinched together, emerald irises still as effortlessly clear in the crest of sunlight that parted through the living room window. She sat on the same couch as you, but her back was against the opposite armrest, keeping her torso distanced as her toes pressed against your thigh.
“What about?” Her thumb pressed the side of her cellphone, making the screen lock shut behind a black screen as she placed it gingerly on her abdomen. As much as you wanted to see some form of concern, her expression held nothing but confusion as she dipped her head towards you as if impatiently awaiting a response. She folded her arms to her chest, blinking in the silence as your gaze dropped. You pressed your thumb against your palm, massaging along the tissue in a subtle distraction from Taylor’s heavy glare.
“Y/N, you are the only girl I want to kiss,” her hands cupped your cheeks, the warmth in them igniting under her touch. The strokes her thumbs left along your cheekbones making your stomach contort in anxiety, as she leaned in. This was it, this was going to be the first time you were going to kiss Taylor Sloane- the girl you’d so helplessly pined over for the last few years on social media, befriending, and falling into a middle-school ideology crush for her.
The kiss was gentle at first, cautious, but dangerous at the same time. You knew once you leaned back into it you would be captivated by her, far more than you already were. She was the most potent drug you’d ever become latched to and you succumbed to the addiction. Your body anchored against the pull of hers as your lips molded into hers, moving in a matched dance as you felt her lips smile into the kiss. Taylor Sloane was kissing you in the drowning silence of your bedroom; the same room where you’d previously scrolled her Instagram in hopes of one day making her yours.
A sigh laved past your lips, blinking to dissuade the tinge of wetness behind them that loomed as the question played through your mind. You’d barely seen Taylor lately, she was far too busy becoming the influencer she’d longed to be. Her Instagram became more of a priority than you think you’ve ever been to her. You wanted to be wrong, to think there was no chance she’d replace you with an app. But most of the leftover dates you had consisted of staged photos and quirky captions, leaving you to play with the food on your plate as she fashioned hers into a post for her followers. Every time you tried to pry the phone from her grip she would shoot you a steely glare, before rolling her eyes in disapproval and begrudgingly placing it to the side.
“I- I feel like things have been off,” you finally exhale in a hesitant breath, ignoring the way Taylor’s focus only narrows, “I feel like I’ve become a distant concern to you lately, more of an annoyance than enjoyment.” The pressure of your thumb driving into the center of your palm increases when you feel the weight on her side shift. You chance a glance towards her, her legs pulled against her criss-crossed as she studies you, moderating her own thoughts. At first, you expected some form of denial, not what came out of her lips.
“Yeah, well, you haven’t exactly been a beacon of happiness lately,” Taylor manages, scoffing as she shakes her head dismissively. The action makes your stomach recoil, swallowing your fallen heart at the words that your girlfriend admitted to. You knew yourself to have your own faults, your mental health never being a suitable benefactor for happiness most days, but damn did you try for her. Maybe you didn’t try hard enough, but a part of you couldn’t deny the rebuttal towards her as you fell under her watchful glare.
“I’m sorry,” you admitted, your tongue parting between your lips to soothe the temporary dryness, “Taylor, I am. I just- I miss you. You’ve been so-”
“Busy?” A nasal laugh sounded, making you drop your eyes submissively to continue to play your thumb across your palm. Your eyes studied the lines, tracing them to try and quell the hurt that ricocheted through your mind. The hostility in her tone was only building up the idea that she’d been done with you long before now.
“Fuck,” Taylor laughed breathlessly, launching herself back to fall against your chest, burying her head on your chin. The faint floral scent of her shampoo wafted past your nostrils, closing your eyes to savor the moment of your senses going haywire. “That was-”
“Amazing,” you finished with a diligent smirk, your hand instinctively tangling your fingers through the wavy locks of blonde. Your eyes scanned over her body, a slight coating of sweat glinting across tanned skin. The previously frantic rise and fall of her chest had begun to settle, now moving in a far slower rhythm as she rested against you. Her taste still lingered on your tongue as you swallowed back a breath, closing your eyes to relax into the moment.
“I really like you,” Taylor muttered, her voice slurred as sleep chased her. A smile danced across your lips as you memorized the feeling of her laying against your bare chest.
“I really like you, too.”
Taylor slipped off the couch, another disembodied laugh leaving her chest as she stood. You nearly reached out for her, but she was quick enough to place her fingertips to her forehead, massaging her temples as she clamped her eyes shut. Even in this moment, you felt your heart twist for the adoration you held for her. Behind the anger pooling in her eyes, you only saw the ones that enthralled you the first time you ever saw them. However, the vibrancy was slowly lost by the anger growing behind the emerald.
“Not everything is about you, Y/N,” she sighed out, shaking her head once again as she dropped her arms to fold firm across her chest. The burn seering into your molars made you absentmindedly unclench your jaw, not even knowing you had it shut so firmly as you listened to the words. Your legs lifted, placing your feet at the front of the couch, finding your stability before standing to move face-to-face with the blonde.
You mimicked the headshake, except yours was much slower and read defeat under her hard glare. “I didn’t mean it like that,” the hand your thumb was pressed to fold around the digit, the opposite hand running your other fingers over protruding knuckles. You chewed the inside of your lip, straining to not let your demeanor crack and seem all the more weak in front of her. Despite how wrapped around Taylor Sloane’s finger you were, you still had a sense of dignity, but right now it was shadowed primarily behind your drive of making her happy.
“Taylor, come on! We’re gonna be late,” your fingers spun the car keys around them. A groan sounded from the opposite room, your girlfriend typing sporadically on her phone. You bit down on the inside of your lip, watching the way she was so helplessly entranced by a device, knowing you used to be the one to hold her focus that way.
“I had to share the moment,” Taylor admitted harshly, shrugging past you and out of the apartment door, “It’s not very often I post formal wear pictures.” The comment made the corner of your lip rise in silent disgust, it seemed almost unrealistic coming from her lips. She’d become so infatuated with sharing her life, that she had begun missing most of it in realtime, including you.
“Tay-” you followed behind her after locking the door, reaching to interlace your fingers in hers.
“Let’s go, we’re late,” she breathed out, pretending she didn’t notice the way you sought her touch, using that hand to strike the button of the elevator as you sank your hand back to your side.
“Hey,” you reached out for her hand, and immediately winced at the way she stepped back from your grasp, “Taylor… come on. I just miss you. Don’t you miss us?” Your eyes flashed back and forth over her features. She was looking at you, but she seemed far-off. Somewhere in her mind she was picking through her thoughts, trying to fathom what she was going to say to you next. “Taylor, please, you know I lo-”
“Oh my God, it wasn’t real— It was a fucking lie!” Taylor shouted exasperated, making the blood in our face run cold and the weight in your knees nearly give out. It felt like a train had just collided with your chest, shattering your sternum and sending the remnants through your heart. Despite the volatile hurt in the statement, her lips were strewn into a resenting grin, a stammering laugh playing in her throat. The hands previously folded under her arms were outstretched, gesturing towards you as if to emphasize the velocity of what she was trying to convey.
“W-what,” you tried to manage more than just the word, but the way Taylor turned her body, scoffing and looking to the side before back at you, made your strength waver.
“I was bored,” she spat, the incredulous grin still planted on her expression. “I thought it would be fun, okay? I didn’t think you’d become so…” she reflected for a moment, “...clingy.” She shook her hands out at the final word, as if she was physically disgusted by the adjective. Whatever ounce of vitality you had left in pleading with her was void, there was no point when Taylor was already inclined on spewing what she wanted, despite how it might affect you.
“C-Clingy?” The words just barely left your throat with how hard they were coming out. Spiky and acidic, the weight of being seen in such a way nearly knocked you out. Taylor was staring at you wide-eyed, waiting for you to connect the dots. You were clingy to her, something fun to pass the time. She’d used her influence, her alluring smile, all of it, to rope you into her world. Just enough to keep you tethered for when she wanted you. Instinctively you wanted to apologize, but your world was crashing, vision blurring with painful tears. “But you said.. I thought we cared about each other— I never wanted to be a burden...”
You’d tried so hard not to get in her way, propping up things for the perfect shot, waiting around with her to find the best lighting for her outfit of the day. With everything you had, you endeavored to be the best and most supportive partner, no matter how empty you felt some days. But looking at her now, not a single worried look was found on her person, it clicked. You were her prop. And now you were too bothersome of a prop for her false carefree aesthetic. “Are you getting it? Hello?” Her hands were on her hips, defensive as she waited for your response.
Try as you might, you couldn’t think of anything. Head both empty and full simultaneously. You wanted to switch off every single thought you’d ever had about Taylor Sloane. Every memory you had with her now would forever be tainted with the knowledge that you’re nothing more than a trendy accessory for her.
As if she felt the need to drive one final stake through your fragile heart, Taylor whipped around, her hair a flurry of shimmering blonde in the low light. “You know what? I don’t have time for this.. crying thing you’re trying to drag me into.” She was slipping on her shoes casually as if she hadn’t just shattered your world view, every passive mumble driving you closer to your breaking point, “I have somewhere to be if I want to keep this partnership and I want to make a good impression.”
“Taylor..?” It shouldn’t have come out as a question, but the disbelief was growing rapidly within you. She had to be joking. Taylor was a lot of things, but you never thought she’d be this brutally heartless.
Still, she was gathering her phone and slipping it into her pocket, giving herself a lookover in the mirror hanging on the wall. Vaguely you thought she must have lost her mind; surely Taylor couldn’t pretend away that there was a sniffling person she used to snuggle up to almost every night fifty feet away from her. “Get whatever stuff you have here. You can probably let yourself out, this just- really isn’t going to work out I think.”
And with that she walked through her house, footsteps fading steadily until the faintest sound of the front door locking reached your ears. You wanted to scream and rage, rant publicly about what a gigantic fucking bitch Taylor Sloane had turned out to be with you. That would probably be the only way to get through to her, anything else she could just crop out of her little social media grid. But you didn’t want to ruin her, you just wish you’d actually ever gotten to know the real Taylor.
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mumblo-number-five · a day ago
Tumblr media
Elizabeth Olsen
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celebsbeinghot · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Elizabeth Olsen
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chelleztjs18 · a day ago
Lost in Assistance - Ch. 44
Elizabeth Olsen x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/n is a professional celebrity's personal assistant in Hollywood got hired with two years contract to be the assistant of the famous and talented Elizabeth Olsen / Lizzie by her manager. Both Y/n and Lizzie hate each other since day one, and they have mutual friend. One is as stubborn as the other, will Y/n stay when Lizzie gives attitudes and tries her best to make her quit before the contract ends?
Warning: fluff, angst, smut (in future chapters), swearing words ( +18 only)
I do not own any pictures, name, brand, song titles or anything that I used in this story.
All chapters
A/n: Hello peeps! I'm back! Yayy I finished this chapter faster than I did lately. Thank you for patiently wait for this chapter. For this chapter, I listened to Break My Heart Again by FINNEAS to get and channel y/n's feeling. So if you want, please check it out to help you get the feeling of y/n. Some of the lyrics fits in this chapter. I like the sad and pain vibe in this song. Also I will put pictures of what Y/n and Lizzie wears in the party on this chapter. Also a visual of how Gwen might look like and Mitchel as well. I know it's a little too late for Happy reading!
Tumblr media
This is what Lizzie wears at the party.
Tumblr media
This is what y/n wears at the party.
Tumblr media
This is "Gwen"
Tumblr media
This is Alice and what she wears.
Tumblr media
This is Mitchel.
You walk to your house, you see Gwen is already waiting for you by the front door. Your mind and your heavy heart are full of Lizzie. Rage bottled up inside you. Not only are you angry with yourself, with Lizzie and also with Gwen but mostly with the situation. It feels like a mix of your anger and sadness overpower you. You are struggling to function. “What are you still doing here? Gwen! I swear if you don’t leave, I’ll call the cops on you. So Leave!” You told her angrily, pushed past the brown haired woman who extended her arms out ready to give you a hug. You walk in, try to slam the door on her but she quickly slides between the door and the door frame to prevent you from closing the door. You are so worn out from everything at the point you don’t care that Gwen stays there with you. You don’t care about her existence right now.
You didn't notice Clint watching you from afar, smiling in satisfaction watching everything that happened to you. Enjoying the result after he used the coincidence that he found earlier. He has been watching Lizzie since last night, he knows she is in town. He went to your house this morning and saw Gwen sitting nervously in her car near your house since early in the morning. He easily used the situation to get into Lizzie’s head and it worked out just as he thought it would be. He smirked watching your life’s start to crumble piece by piece.
You sit on the couch in your formal living room. Your head hangs low, facing down and is prompted by both of your hands covering your face with your elbows on your thighs.. You start to cry silently from your unbearable pain. “She came back for me just to leave me again. I’m an idiot for saying what I said. I should’ve not let her leave, I should’ve not let her send me back here in the first place.” You sob and mumble behind your palms.
Gwen comes to you, rubs your back. “It’s okay, love bug. She left and I’m here for you. Maybe it meant to happen.” She kissed the crown of your head. “Are you happy now? Are you happy ruining my life once again?! I was fine without you! Why do you have to come back?!” You lift your head and look at her. You gradually raise your voice, talk in gritted teeth.
“I came back for us! I told you, I want to fix us. To win your heart back! You heard me when I talked to your psycho boss woman, I still love you!” She argues back.
“DON’T call MY Lizzie psycho! You are the psycho one, Gwen! You talk about her leaving me? News flash! You LEFT me! She left me because you were here, talking crap! You came back like nothing happened! If that doesn’t define you as a psycho, I don’t know what does, Gwen! I’m calling the cop now.” You stand up, looking for your phone. The black haired woman behind you starts to panic and doesn’t want to give up on you just yet. Her mind is thinking how to get your attention. Then she said something that works on you.
“I’ll leave everything for you, to be with you.” She finally told you the truth, the reason why she came back for you. Despite Gwen being gone for five years, you still know her very well. You know from her tone, she was telling you the truth, sincerely from her heart. It falters you. You turn around to her, you see tears start to fill her eyes. “What did you say?” You asked.
She sniffled and wiped her tears. “I’ll leave everything for you. My husband, my job, I don’t even care if my parents disown me. I will tell them, I want to be with the woman that makes me happy, and it’s you. I don’t care what people are going to say about it. All I care, all I know and all I want is to have a family with you, be happy with you. To love you and be loved by you. I know I hurt you, it was messed up but please let me fix this, I beg you.” She rambles, her cries sometimes make it hard for her to talk.
Your stomach turns. You feel your body slowly paralyzed. All you can do is look at her and say “But Gwen, It’s too--” Gwen interrupted you. “Too late? It’s never too late to keep my promise, our promise. Remember we promised each other to at least once try to fight for the other’s heart back if everything went wrong in our relationship no matter what happened? Please tell me that you still remember that because I do and I’m here, I’m back to keep my promise, to win your heart back because I love you.” She came closer to you, holding your hand. You feel weak, you slowly sit back to your previous position with your hands covering your face and your elbow prompts you.. You face down. Gwen is standing in front of you, hugging you. You remember that promise, you remember that moment. It was one of the intimate moments you both shared.
“I know deep down you still love me, y/n.” Gwen whispers with her lips on the crown of your head. Run her hand from your head to your back a few times. Deep down, the little part of you was shaken. The part of you that you thought has moved on from Gwen but apparently not yet and so vulnerable to listen to everything Gwen said. Your feelings for Lizzie are fighting that little part of you.
Your feelings towards Lizzie makes you pull away from Gwen’s hug. “What’s wrong? She asks. You lean back away from her. “Nothing. Stop doing this to me. You can’t do this to me.” with everything that happened, you are so vulnerable.
“Y/n, I know you still love me, we can finally be happy together. I’m still your butterfly, right?” Gwen tries to convince you, she cups your cheeks and rubs your face. She knows the right words to say, the right things to do when she sees you are this vulnerable.
Once again, you try to fight the feelings that she tries to make you feel and you almost lose the fight but you're saved by the sounds of a knock on the door that’s left slightly open. You quickly stand up as you mumble under your breath “Lizzie.” and look at the door secretly wishing that she comes back for you once again.
“Y/n? Are you home?” You heard the voice, the voice that you least expect to hear right now. You don’t know what is wrong this morning, it seems that everything happened all at once in one morning.
“Uh y-yeah, I’ll come out. Stay--” Before you can finish your sentence, Aubrey comes in. “Hey, y/n, have you heard from Liz? She left me a voicemail to call her back, but she didn’t answer. Her voice sounds like she was..crying.” Aubrey didn’t see who is with you at first as she hasn’t turned her back when she closes and locks the door. She paused a little and the last word she said faded as she turned and saw the face of the woman she hates so much with all of her heart. She gasped.
“YOU! YOU b*tch! What the hell are you doing here!” Aubrey quickly marches with full anger towards Gwen. You quickly stand in between them to prevent her from doing anything to Gwen. “Aubrey..Aubrey..Please, stop. Listen to me.” You tried to hold Aubrey’s hands that are aiming for Gwen’s hair away
“Let me go, y/n! I have an ass to kick right now!” Flames of anger shot through Aubrey. She tries to pull her hands from your grip. “Aubrey, I know how mad you are right now but please stop it! I can’t deal with this right now.” You tried to stay calm, as you tried to calm her down at the same time. “Why are you stopping me? Don’t you remember what she did to you?” Her brows knitted. She looks at you confusedly as she steps back slowly. “I do, Aubrey. I remembered it crystal clear.” You answer her and your eyes glisten. Aubrey notices it.
“Did you cry?” Aubrey observes and realizes. “You made y/n cry again?!” She gasps as she connects the dot. “Lizzie! What did you do to her? No wonder she cried. You little b*tch!” Wrapped in huge anger, once again she tries to give Gwen a lesson but you try again to calm her down. “Aubrey please. Stop it. I don’t want you to get your hands dirty. You don’t want to be all over the internet that you attacked someone.”
“It will be worth it, y/n. Yes you better hide, hell you better run girl.” She noticed Gwen hiding behind your back. “What are you doing here?! Nobody wants you here! You got nerves to come back!” She gives cynical remarks to Gwen.
“I’m here to win y/n’s heart back! And it’s none of your business Aubrey. I still love her.” Gwen argues and explains. Aubrey clenched her fists. “Then where the hell have you been in the last five years?! If I wasn’t by y/n that time, she wouldn’t still be alive now. Yeah, that’s how bad she was, that’s how bad you hurt her and now you have the audacity to come back like nothing happened? Fuck you!” the brunette pants after letting out so much anger through her yelling at Gwen.
“I did it for y/n’s sake! You don’t know what really happened, so don’t you dare to talk shit about me.” Gwen raises her voice. “Gwen can you please stop making things worse” You yelled at her in whispers.
“Oh shut up Gwen! You are one selfish, heartless human being! You left y/n like she was nothing! You are lucky I saw you here with y/n. So you better get the hell out of here or I’ll call the cops! There’s the door!” Aubrey noticed Gwen’s purse. She instantly grabs it, and she throws it out as soon as she opens the door.
“You know Aubrey, so you better leave. She will call the cops on you if you are still here. So leave right now Gwen.” You tried not to raise your voice. “You heard her! Now leave!” She shows Gwen her phone showing 911 is one press away.
Gwen quickly walks out of your house. “I stay at the same house I used to live y/n. Let me know what you decide. You know where to find me.” Gwen told you as she scurried away.
Aubrey asks you as soon as Gwen leaves. “Decide what? y/n, decide what?” She hopes it is not what she thinks she is. “She-uh she wants us to get back together that’s why she came back. She told me she will leave everything for me, even her parents.” Consideration slightly evident in your face. “And, you didn’t tell her no right away? Seriously, y/n?” Aubrey gives you a judgmental look.
No words left your mouth as Aubrey waits for your answer. The anticipation is killing the brunette. "Y/n, I swear to God, if you get back with her! I will kick your ass, politely. But still, it will hurt." She puts both hands on her hips.
“Well, you came when we were in the middle of the conversation.” You tackled all Aubrey’s remarks and assumptions. “There shouldn’t be that conversation, you should’ve kicked her out in the first place.” Her forehead puckered, showing that she meant what she said.
“I did! She wouldn’t leave.” You throw your hands in the air. “Well maybe you didn’t try hard enough.” Your eyes widened as she said the same thing with what Lizzie said. “That’s what she told me.” Your eyes swim with tears. “Lizzie was right! Oh geez, please don’t tell me that heartless Gwen brought you those roses.” She notices the roses and is about to throw the roses.
“It was from Liz. She brought them.” Your heart wrenched as your mind replayed the view of Lizzie standing in front of your door, holding the roses with mixed emotions on her face.
Aubrey gasps. “Oh my God! She was here and saw Gwen?? Oh poor Lizzie.”
You told her everything that happened. After hearing everything she tries to call her best friend but still gets no answer. “I gotta go find her. I hope she’s okay. Y/n, I love you but if you hurt Lizzie, I will find you and kick your ass myself. I meant it. I”ll see you soon.” Despite what she said to you, Aubrey still gives you a warm hug to comfort you before she leaves.
You spend the rest of your day at home. Thinking about everything. You texted Lizzie. “Love, can we talk? Please? I’m sorry for everything I said and everything that happened.” But you didn’t get any reply from her.
You are waiting for her reply the whole time, in your room with almost no light. After a few hours, you tried to text her again. “I miss you. Can you please at least let me know that you are okay? I’m worried.”
You finally heard a ding from your phone. Your heart fluttered when you saw it was a text from Lizzie. “I’m fine.” That was all you got from her. Little do you know, Lizzie went to the pier you took her. She sits at the beach, crying and mad and tries to calm herself down.
You start to think about everything between you and Lizzie. How sometimes her acts towards you keep changing makes you don’t even know if she wants to be with you or not but you also blame yourself for taking too long to open up to her. But is it worth it? Gwen also comes across your mind. You were mad at her but when she mentioned the promise you both made, it shook your anger towards you. You never thought she would keep it let alone remember about it. “She left and I’m here for you. Maybe it meant to happen.” Gwen’s voice echoing what she said in your mind. It crumbled your anger when she told you she would leave everything for you. It makes you soft. You never thought that you could be this weak when she actually came back to your life.
After hours of thinking about everything, about Lizzie and Gwen. You realized and know what you want, who you want to be with now. You never thought that what happened today became a big shock therapy for you that opened your eyes, and your heart. You quickly grab your car keys. You drive to the place where you need to be in order to start a big step in your life.
You stand nervously in front of the door, you ring the bell. You know you have made the right decision, you know you chose the right person. The person that you love. The door finally opened. You see a smile. “Love bug! You came back!” Gwen smiled, and hugged you right away. “I knew you would come back. I know you still love me. Come in.” She pulled your hand for you to walk in.
You didn’t move at all. Confused, Gwen looked at you and asked “Y/n. What's wrong? Let’s come in.”
“I won’t be long, Gwen.” Oh how the table has turned. What happened five years ago, what Gwen did to you, now is happening to her. “What did you mean, y/n.” She asks nervously, the memory of how she broke up with you played in her memory. Right now, It feels like a DeJa Vu in the opposite way.
“Look, I loved you so much until you left me. It took years for me to be okay after you left. Yes I was mad at you, I hated you but I’m not gonna lie, what you said to me earlier about how you would leave everything to be with me definitely washed my hatred and anger away. That was very mature of you, but Gwen, it’s too late. You had your chance but you blew it, twice. You blew it the first time when you left me, you blew it the second time in the period of five year when you could come back, but you didn’t.” You pause, try to hold your tears back. You take a deep breath, you try to continue even though you see Gwen look shocked and hurt.
“The reason I came here was I wanted a closure, a proper closure for both of us. I forgive you. I hope nothing but the best for you in the future to find the right person to start a family with.” You look into her glistening eyes, filled with tears. “You said that we are soulmates, we are meant for each other.” Gwen tries to speak while holding her cry.
“No Gwen. I was wrong. You are just a hard lesson in life I need to learn.” You swallowed hard. As kind hearted a person you are, this definitely hurt you too because you never want to hurt anybody. “Is there somebody else? Is it that Olsen girl. Your boss.” She asks.
“Yes, I love her. Head over heels in love with her. I would do anything for her just like I was to you.” You nodded as you answered her.
Everything that happened between you and Lizzie before, especially today, every memories you have together, her smile, her laugh, her green eyes and all those hours you spend in your dark room thinking today, you finally realized and admitted to yourself that you are in love, helplessly deeply in love with the one and only Elizabeth Olsen, the goddess of beauty and pure kindness herself.
She starts to cry. “I’m sorry Gwen, I try my best to end this in the nicest way possible. I have to go, Gwen. Take care. Goodbye and thank you for everything.” You gave one last hug before you left. She tries to cherish the very last seconds she can get from your hug as she cries but you broke the hug anyway. She catches your fingers before you walk away and your fingers slowly slip away from her grip.
Your heart feels lighter on the way home, after you end everything with Gwen. You feel relieved after you realize that you love Lizzie. All you know now is to fight for her trust back, to win her heart back.
A few days have passed, you haven’t talked with Lizzie. You are excited for tonight’s party that you actually forgot, until you got a call from Jane about it. Jane’s company is having an anniversary party. You know Lizzie will be there. You can’t wait to see her.
You arrived at the party and “Hymn For the Weekend” by Izzamuzzic, Jemma Johnson plays in the background. Your eyes instantly search for her among the invitees in the party. You are stunned and frozen instantly as soon as you see her walk in wearing a simple black and white dress with thin materials that’s almost a see through. Your mouth feels dry instantly.
“Y/n! Hey, how are you?” Aubrey shows up from Lizzie’s back and greets you. She follows Aubrey walking towards you. “Hey, I’m okay. How are you?” You hug Aubrey. You can feel Lizzie is staring at you, amazed with how you look. “Hi Liz. Wow, you looked stunning as usual.” You nod, and you hug her. Her scent is so intoxicating that you almost let out a small moan but you managed to hold it. “Hi y/n. You look great.” She greets you with a small smile and tries hard not to look too excited to see you. She is still mad at you, but she misses you. Deep down she is excited to see you. She reciprocates but does not fully hug you. You can feel her right hand on your back, slide down slowly as you pull from the hug.
Mitchel comes to the three of you. “Hello my darlings! Three of my favorite chic women! Look at all of you!” He gives three of you hugs in turns. Four of you talk and catch up with each other. Mitch and Aubrey can feel the awkward tension that flares between you and Lizzie. They give each other eye contact as if they are talking about it. You told him what happened, and Lizzie told Aubrey. The whole time you try to talk with Lizzie and she talks if it’s really necessary. Lizzie acts all awkward but there are shades of anger and jealousy but she steals glances more than she should but it’s all interrupted when Jane calls her to introduce her with someone.
So you and Lizzie are separated. You decided to get a drink from the bar and leave Aubrey and Mitch who are busy talking with other people. You stand at the bar, have some drinks by yourself. You can’t lie to yourself that you are upset with how cold Lizzie is to you. You think she likes that for real or she uses it as a disguise. You got a little irritated. Then you heard a soft voice greet you. “Hey, Y/N. Having a party by yourself here? You look so nice with your outfit.”
“Oh hi Alice! Wow you look pretty yourself. I love your dress. How are you? You greet Alice from the Legal Department. You always thought she is beautiful, soft spoken, and looks innocent but not really. You can see she is flirty to you sometimes. She is always nice to you, not to mention sometimes can be a little touchy but subtly touchy.
“I’m good. How are you? Can I join you?” She asks as she subtly bite her lips when she smiles at you. You chuckle nervously. “Yeah sure. Of course. This bar has quite a space, so why not?” You smile. You and Alice talked for a few minutes, both of you had a great time talking. Both of you laugh every so often. “I never knew you could be this funny. You always look serious or tense. Try to loosen up a little bit, will you? At least when you are with me.” She smiles and she gently rubs your arms with her thumb.
You can feel someone staring at you, and you know who it is. Internally you are glad you finally got her attention. You smile at Alice. “Okay, I will try to.”
“I always love your style, your hair and especially your smell. You always smell good.” Alice leans closer to you and tries to tease you by inhaling softly your perfume around your neck and shoulder but not too close to it then she moves back and smiles.
You know and you can feel Lizzie’s stares getting more intense and a little idea pops into your mind. You want to tease Lizzie, make her jealous so you can get more attention from her.
You spend more time with Alice, and Lizzie hates it but she can’t leave the conversations with Jane and she tries not to be obvious. She tries not to care, she is still mad at you about Gwen. Her gaze keeps going back to you as if there’s a strong magnet pull.
Aubrey notices and whispers to Lizzie. “Who are you staring at? Y/n?” She teases. “No where, but since you mentioned, now I see her. What is she doing with that Legal Department girl? Did you see how they laugh and touch each other?” Lizzie whispers back without leaving her gaze at you.
“Ah you are jealous!” Aubrey teases once again. “I’m not. She just needs to watch how she acts at work, she is my assistant.” She replies and her hands squeeze her glass of drink hardly. “She is mine.” Lizzie mumbles under her breath, thankfully Aubrey didn’t hear it.
Ch. 45
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Tumblr media
Elizabeth Olsen
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Elizabeth Olsen
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what’s lost can be found: a playlist for wanda maximoff aka ‘the scarlet witch’ (as she appears in the marvel cinematic universe)
1. boats & birds - gregory and the hawk 2. cosmic love - florence + the machine 3. as the world caves in - sarah cothran 4. yellow flicker beat - lorde 5. as the world falls down - karliene 6. stand in the rain - superchick 7. gift of a friend - demi lovato 8. a thousand years - christina perri 9. you say - lauren daigle 10. still falling for you - ellie goulding 11. reverie - megan mccauley 12. she - dodie 13. la vie en rose - emily watts 14. glitter in the air - pink 15. asleep - emily browning 16. run - leona lewis 17. rules - jayme dee 18. we remain - christina aguilera 19. song to the siren - rose betts 20. she used to be mine - sara bareilles
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🚨yes wanda was the villain of wandavision no her grief doesn’t make that any less the case and yes people can still love her and root for her🚨
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Wanda’s Prize
A/N : this is based on one of my playlists!! i’ll drop the spotify link at the end of the post :)
Warnings: kidnapping, violence, weapon use, slight pet play.
You were a normal civilian, quite possibly one of the most mundane of them. You worked at 9 to 5 job as a journalist intern, took peloton classes. There’s nothing that could’ve separated you from anyone else, except for that night.
You were walking to your apartment, a long day of working for an awful boss had you worn out. Upon entering the building ,something felt off. You looked to your right and noticed the sirens approaching the entrance.
You let out a yelp as a barrage of SWORD agents stormed the building, knocking you over. Their footsteps groaning louder and louder as they ran up the stairs. Deciding to break from your regular day to day schedule, you followed them.
Once you made it up the stairs you heard unfamiliar voices. One of whom sounded angry and rough, the other sweet as honey. Despite her angry words and demeanor, her voice was dangerously calm. A smirk grew on her face as she caught sight of you.
“Hi sweetheart, care to join us?”. Her voice taunted you, urging you to come closer. To your surprise, you did just that. All eyes on were on you as you walked through the armed agents. The leader of which held his hand to signal the others to hold their fire. He was bargaining with your life. Fortunately, the woman was more than happy to play along.
Your face paled as your legs betrayed your fear and walked you right up to her . Her red eyes met yours as you felt your body being lifted off the ground. You barely had time to process when an invisible force bound your hands behind your back, for your back to arch. The agents immediately pointed their weapons at the woman. “That’s an innocent civilian ,Wanda. Let her go she has nothing to do with this.” A gruff looking man spoke as he challenged the woman, now you knew her as Wanda, to try to something else.
“Oh but why would I do that director? This sweet girl is too perfect to let go. I think I’ll keep her with me. She’ll be my reward for when I finally get Billy and Tommy back.” Her voice was calming, even among the chaos. You couldn’t help but trust her even a little bit.
After what felt like an eternity, the woman dropped you, but not before putting you in a chokehold with red tendrils bouncing off your neck. You were shaking and she could tell. With everyone’s eyes on the two of you, she whispered “mommy has you baby. i won’t hurt you my love.” You relaxed in her hold. Maybe this what you needed, a new exciting path in life. “good girl.” It was almost as if she could read your thoughts.
Your attention was brought back by the firing of a gun. “You don’t have to do this Wanda. Don’t add kidnapping to your other charges.” Wanda let out a bitter laugh. “Oh Hayward, I’m not kidnapping her, I’m just taking my prize.” With that the two of you vanished into the multidimensional portal in the wall. Shortly after, the portal closed leaving behind a very frustrated army of agents.
When you opened your eyes you found yourself being tugged by what felt like a leash. “Come on moya lyubov, let’s go find our boys.” You couldn’t argue with her, you couldn’t fight her, it was useless. Besides, you should be happy. She gave you a purpose, a family, and a new adventure, whether you wanted to be on it or not.
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Tumblr media
Wanda: "It is wonderful that you are made of Vibranium"
Vision: "Why?"
Wanda: "So I can hold you as tight as I can without fear of hurting you"
Vision: "And I love when you do hold me... hold me tight Wanda ... you could never hurt me"
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