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#Elizabeth olsen
celebsbeinghot · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Elizabeth Olsen
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abimess · 2 days ago
Mistletoe kiss
Tumblr media
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Wanda always took your flirting and pick up lines as a joke. This Christmas, you'll make sure she knows what your real intentions are.
Warnings: none
Pronouns: none || Word count: 2.747
For this request || Christmas Special Masterlist || Masterlist
───── ⋅ ⋇ ❅ ⋇ ⋅ ─────
Today is Christmas, finally, and you decided to start celebrating your favorite date by sleeping a little later than your conventional schedule. You had to be wide awake for the party tonight, after all.
When it's close to ten o'clock in the morning you decide to go to the kitchen to get something to eat and have a genuine smile placed on your lips as soon as you see the other person who's there as well.
"Good morning, Miss Maximoff," you say charmingly, approaching the kitchen counter and sitting down on one of the stools, "you waking up even more beautiful today is a true Christmas miracle."
Flirting was a significant part of your personality, everyone who spent at least ten minutes around you noticed this trait effortlessly.
You flirted with everyone and anyone unpretentiously. So when Wanda and Pietro joined the team, it was no different.
While the boy found the flirtations amusing, always responding with something in the same tone, the brunette always got extremely rosy cheeks, tripping over her words as she tried desperately to change the subject.
The behavior caught you by surprise at first. After all, no one used to take your flirtations seriously.
But as time went by, Wanda got used to the teasing, and the flustered posture was replaced by a debauched one, with rolls of the eyes and sharp comments.
You, on the other hand, began to develop feelings for the brunette. While your flirtations were usually natural, things you thought of on the spot in the middle of conversation, with her you found yourself thinking beforehand, longing for the moment when you could use them.
Not only that, but with each new conversation or moment you spent together you felt your heart act differently, your stomach turn in a funny way until you finally understood what it was all about.
And so you began to dedicate your flirtations exclusively to her. From the teasing comments of the rest of the Avengers, it wasn't hard to assume that everyone already knew. You thought that even Wanda already knew, actually, but if she didn't want to do anything about it, that's fine, you wouldn't push it.
"Good morning, Y/n, what do you want?" Wanda asks as she continues to stir the food in the pan, rolling her eyes at the usual flirtation, and you giggle.
"It depends. For breakfast, the pancakes." You reply, pointing to the pan. "For Christmas, you." You complete boldly, winking at her, and Wanda giggles, shaking her head in playful disapproval.
"I hope you'll settle for the pancakes, that's all you're getting." She answers sharply and you smile amused.
After that you wave your hands and use your powers to summon plates and cutlery, as well as drinks and accompaniments for the pancake.
As you both eat breakfast, you chat about your plans for the day and you try not to get too lost in the witch's beauty.
⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅
Later that day you walk to the TV room in the complex and hear conversations coming from there. As you pass through the door, you see Sam and Nat, each in an armchair, and smile as you see Wanda on the couch facing them.
"Two best friends in a room, they might kiss." You speak in a sing-song voice as you make your way to the couch next to Wanda.
"I'm leaving." She says, getting up as you sit down on the couch. As the other two in the room laugh softly at the interaction, you watch the brunette leave with your arms slightly raised in a playful offended posture.
"You don't give up, do you?" Sam comments with an amused smile and you turn your gaze to him. "Of course not."
"Why don't you go find someone else? There are at least three girls in your class who are interested in you." Nat questions and you grimace, remembering the SHIELD agents you train.
"I would never hook up with a student," you reply, settling back on the couch, "besides, and more importantly, they're not Wanda. I like her, you know? Actual feelings and stuff."
"Wait, you really like her?" Sam asks, dumbfounded, and you frown, surprised at the reaction. "Of course I do!" You reply, laughing awkwardly. "I thought everyone knew that."
"Y/n, no one knows that." Natasha replies and you widen your eyes, perplexed. "You're always flirting with everyone." Sam completes and you smile. "I used to. When was the last time you saw me flirting with anyone other than Wanda?"
You see the two older Avengers frown as they think and then widen their eyes as realization hits. "Holy shit, you do like her." Nat lets out, astonished, and you chuckle.
"Okay, geniuses, now that you've figured out the least classified mystery of all, I'm out." You say, getting up from the couch. Walking out of the room, you leave the two stunned Avengers behind.
⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅
It's close to six o'clock now, and with a few hours left before the party, you decide to play some video games.
Some time later, you're startled by your bedroom door opening abruptly, revealing a wide-eyed Yelena entering the place.
"You have feelings for Wanda?" She asks shocked and you take a deep breath, pausing the game afterwards. "You gotta be kidding me."
"Why didn't you tell me?" The blonde questions, crossing her arms and you shrug. "I thought it was obvious! I keep flirting with her."
"I thought it was as a joke!" She retorts, exasperated, and you just stare at her for a moment.
"No one knew? Really?" you ask, not believing the situation. "No! Everybody's talking about it." Yelena counters, and you widen your eyes. "Everybody?"
"Everybody." She assures and you swallow dryly. "Do you think Wanda knows?" You ask cautiously and Yelena shrugs dismissively. "Probably, I was training with Pietro when Nat told me and he ran off. Quite literally."
You clench your jaw at the information. The whole thing was completely unexpected. You genuinely thought that everyone knew, including Wanda. But now? What would that entail?
"Hey, that could be a good thing!" Yelena speaks next, as if reading your thoughts. "Maybe now that she knows you really like her she'll give you a chance."
"Or she'll run away for good." You retort, considering the possibilities. "Good luck, my friend." She says, an empathetic smile on her lips as she gives your foot a reassuring squeeze, and you reciprocate with a grateful smile.
In the few months of friendship between you and Yelena you two have learned to read each other very well. You knew when the other was uncomfortable, worried, needing to be alone, or otherwise distracted.
Now, you wanted to be left alone with your thoughts and as always the blonde understood this very well.
"Don't be late to the party!" she says, patting your foot before walking away, and you utter an assent before she closes the door behind you.
Now alone in the room, you shove your face in your hands, huffing heavily. While the game remains forgotten on the TV, you try to think of a way to face Wanda in a few hours.
⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅
In the end you decide to continue acting as usual.
Now that everyone, including Wanda, knows about your feelings, changing the way you treat the witch would only make things awkward between you. So, when you see the brunette entering the party venue, you smile.
"Shouldn't you be on top of the tree, Angel?" You flirt as soon as she approaches you and get a roll of the eyes in response, as usual. "Merry Christmas, Y/n."
"Merry Christmas, Wanda." You respond with a warm smile, to which Wanda easily reciprocates. Before you can get even more lost in the beauty of the girl in front of you, a thought crosses your mind.
"I got you something." You say as you remember, snapping your fingers, and the brunette looks at you in genuine surprise.
You then hold out your hand in front of her and Wanda sees a small white and gold package forming on your palm.
When the object is completely ready, the brunette takes it in her hands, and you smile as she opens it. "I hope you like it."
A soft smile forms on Wanda's lips as she sees the set of rings, silver and with some red details.
"Thank you, Y/n/n, they're beautiful." She thanks you with the most beautiful smile you've ever seen and you catch yourself unable to look away.
"I'm glad you like it," you reply, trying to disguise the trance the witch's beauty has put you in, "I thought they would look nice when you use your magic." You tell her and Wanda lets out a shy chuckle.
The brunette then puts the rings on her fingers, replacing the ones she was already wearing. When they're all there, she wiggles her fingers, and soon the red magic so familiar to you envelops them.
"I was right." You say proudly, admiring how the items reflect the scarlet red of her power. "Thanks, I loved it." She says again, her cheeks taking on a slight pinkish hue that makes your heart melt inside your chest.
"Maybe in the future I can put another kind of ring on your finger, if you know what I mean." You flirt, unable to control yourself, and Wanda smiles broadly, rolling her eyes in playful annoyance.
"You're infuriating." She hits back and you chuckle in amusement, the laughter dying into a smile as her green eyes lock on yours.
Wanda parted her lips slightly, as if to say something, and you frown slightly at her hesitation.
But then the brunette looks away, clearing her throat to disguise it, and you can't help but feel a twinge of disappointment at her giving up.
"I'll go talk to the others now." She says awkwardly next, scratching the back of her head, and you nod maybe too vigorously. "Okay."
You watch Wanda walk away with your heart beating fast and your mind racing, wondering what she might have wanted to say but gave up.
"She knows." The voice beside you startles you and you jump with fright. "Jesus, Yelena, you scared me." You complain, bringing your hand to your chest, and the blonde smiles amused. "I know she knows."
"I know you know she knows." She then speaks, looking at you with her eyebrows raised playfully, and you narrow your eyes at her.
"I'm not doing this." You say, unamused, and the blonde giggles. "What you gonna do about it?" she asks, and you take a deep breath. Before you can say you have no idea, a thought crosses your mind.
"I have a plan." You answer and the way your posture has lit up catches Yelena's attention. "Uuh and what is it?"
"I won't tell, it's bad luck." You say, causing the blonde to roll her eyes in displeasure. "The night is young, my dear, just watch and learn." You add then, and with a smug smile, you walk away.
⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅
The party goes on without a hitch. In fact, you can't remember having a Christmas party as good as this one in a long time.
You have fun with your friends, sharing stories and laughing out loud. The food is good and the drink makes everyone loosen up. But not even the alcohol would stop you from making your move on Wanda. In fact, it only made you more confident.
Later on in the party, everyone is more dispersed, small groups here and there while others are alone or blacked out on the couch. Running your eyes around the place, you see Wanda facing the window, watching the street outside. With a smirk on your lips, you make your way over to her.
"Hey." You greet softly as you approach her and Wanda raises her eyes to you, a gentle smile on her lips. "Hi."
After that Wanda looks out the window again and you take your time watching her, admiring the way her eyes reflect the New York lights outside.
"How are you liking the party?" you ask, still mesmerized by her beauty, but unable to disguise it due to the alcohol in your system.
"It's nice." She replies sincerely, returning her eyes to yours. Faced with the intensity of your gaze, however, the brunette diverts her gaze to the party, her cheeks flushing.
"It's my first Christmas since my parents passed away, and we didn't use to celebrate it like this, so..." She tells, pausing with a nostalgic sigh. "It's nice to do all those traditions you see in the movies."
"You didn't do all of them, though." You hit back with a smile and Wanda looks at you with confusion. You then point up and the brunette lifts her face just in time to see the plant forming over your heads.
"A mistletoe?" She asks with amusement, looking back at you with raised eyebrows.
"A tradition is a tradition." You reply, shrugging, and Wanda giggles, crossing her arms. "You're very persistent, aren't you?
"Only with what's worthwhile." You promptly replies, causing an immediate blush to spread across the brunette's cheeks.
Wanda shakes her head in amused disapproval and her smile widens. Just when you're about to think it's not going to happen, the brunette places her hands on the side of your face.
It's just a stupid kiss, Wanda thought to herself. But as soon as her lips meet yours she realizes she miscalculated how attracted she was to you and she melts into your touch, sighing heavily as you kiss her back.
Despite your surprise, you bring your hands to her waist, pulling her closer, the heat of your bodies together setting your own on fire. You then run your tongue along her lower lip, asking for passage, and Wanda hesitates to grant it.
From the beginning, the brunette has had a crush on you. But she saw how you were with the others, flirtations were not something exclusive to her. Not only that, she heard the stories about how you were not the type to settle down. So she decided that suppressing everything she felt would be better for everyone.
But as time went by you stopped bringing people over to the compound and didn't flirt with anyone other than her. Wanda was no fool, she noticed these things. But even though hope grew high inside her, she thought it best not to do anything about it, the fear of getting hurt getting the best of her.
And then Pietro came into her room this morning, telling her about this thing Nat said to him, and the brunette's heart hasn't stopped racing ever since. Maybe it was mutual, maybe you wanted her as much as she wanted you. She wouldn't know if she didn't try.
So she finally grants you the passage you asked for, and you immediately take the opportunity. As soon as your tongue meets hers, Wanda lets out a heavy sigh, and you feel all your hair stand on end.
Neither of you has a clue how long you stood there, but when air is needed, you pull away, breaths ragged and pupils dilated.
"There, will you stop pestering me now?" Wanda teases as she pulls away from you, trying to play it cool and disguise the real effect the kiss had on her. You don't intend to do the same though.
"Not really," you reply, an ear-to-ear grin on your face, "I was thinking I could take you on a date, somewhere nice. Then kiss you at midnight on New Year's Eve. Maybe kiss you under the mistletoe again next Christmas."
Wanda smiles at your confession, biting her lip shyly as her cheeks burn red. You smile, wanting nothing more than to kiss her again.
"Tomorrow at 7," she finally replies and you feel your heart doing somersaults in your chest, "don't be late." She demands, poking at your chest with her index finger, and you giggle.
"I won't." You assure, the smile never leaving your lips, and Wanda nods, smiling as well. The brunette turns away from you then, walking back towards her brother, and you watch her for a moment with a silly expression on your face, not really believing what just happened.
You discreetly fist bump the air to let out some of the overwhelming excitement. And as you make your way back to your friends, you're pretty sure you've never been this happy.
Taglist: @yuhloversxx @madamevirgo @an-evergreen-rose @helloalycia @wandas1mp @cantcontroltheirfear @diaryoflife @cristin-rjd @ensorcellme @aimezvousbrahms @natasha-danvers @purplemeetsblue @randomshyperson @peggycarter-steverogers @b0mbdotc0m @ethereal-pxradise @stephanieromanoff @tomy5girls @gingerbreadcookieforlife @imapotatao @musicinourlips @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @allfiguredout @olsensnpm @magicallymaximoff @nothing-isimpossible @mionemymind @itsmionet @xastrydx @sxfwap @nicole-rayleigh-hot @wellsayhelloaagin @midnight-lestrange @1-800-depressedlesbian @b-5by5 @blackwow34 @nervoustrack @somewhatgreatexpectations @yeetus-thyself @chelleztjs18 @franfineashell @mrromanoff (if you wanna be tagged check the form on my BIO)
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anywaywednesday · 2 days ago
concept: exploring mommy kinks with w. Maximoff
wanda maximoff X reader
A/N i've literally had no motivation to write for the past few weeks but yay i've sarted again and im so happy... anyways here some wanda with a mommy kink
my masterlist
i guess it happened naturally. you were both probably shocked, but wanda's reaction showed that she didn't really mind it that much and neither did her pussy.
it slipped out one day when you were cuddling on the couch with your girlfriend, wanda. you were watching some sappy romance movie and got bored real quick and somehow wanda ended up with her shirt thrown somewhere in the room and your hands softly carressing her sides.
"go on, you can touch." you look up at her and slowly bring your hands upwards to her breast, giving them a soft squeeze. she lets out a quiet sigh, fully realzing in your hands.
you begin to knead them feeling them in your hands, giving them squeezes and occasionally kissing around them making her whine slightly. her nipples would grow hard from all the attention and drew your fingers to them. pinching them softly, twisting and turning them, wanda's breathing getting harder and more sporadic.
they just looked to enticing your kisses got closer and closer until your lips attached around her left nipple. sucking on it and occaisionally biting it. her moans only fueling your neediness. you would give equal attention to the right one and fully bury your face in her boobs.
her fingers tangled themselves in your hair and pulled you back up. "mommy."you moaned. and thats where it slipped out. you looked up at her in horror shocked by your own words. you cheeks flared up, your head getting redder the second.
your girlfriends face was hard to read. she was silent and her expression being fully blank. but her mouth began to twitch and a smirk formed on her face.
"say it again."
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atothomas · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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wandamaximoffbae · 2 days ago
y/n, going over wanda's resume: okay, so right here, it states that you’re creative. wanda: yes y/n: okay... may I know what you create? wanda: problems.
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starlets · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Elizabeth Olsen
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xxhorace · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Elizabeth Olsen
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platinum-collection · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Elizabeth Olsen
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abimess · a day ago
A not-so-stupid Christmas costume
Tumblr media
Leigh Shaw x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: During a bet with your girlfriend, you decide to mock her with a ridiculous costume. The outcome, however, is not what you had in mind.
Warnings: smut (18+ only!), top!reader, bottom!Leigh
Pronouns: she/her || Word count: 2.194
Of course we would have smut for the Christmas Special, you are all horny me included haha enjoy!
For this request || Christmas Special Masterlist || Masterlist
───── ⋅ ⋇ ❅ ⋇ ⋅ ─────
"What are we doing for Christmas?" You ask as you and Leigh walk slowly through the aisles of the supermarket, picking items off the shopping list.
"What do you mean what are we doing for Christmas?" The brunette asks, her eyes on the paper in her hands. "We're going to my mom's house."
"Will Amy be here for Christmas?" You ask with your eyebrows knit together in disbelief, your arms resting on the shopping cart.
"Of course she will, why wouldn't she?" She asks, looking at you this time, as she places some items into the cart.
"I don't know, maybe because she's been nomadic since the middle of the year." You reply playfully and Leigh smiles amused, giving you a disapproving pat on the arm.
"She wouldn't miss the holiday." She replies, going back to scanning the surrounding shelves, and you snort. "I bet she would."
"You bet?" She asks knowingly, her eyebrows raised as she turns to look at you, and a wide smile appears on her face.
Every relationship has its traditions, there is nothing more natural than that. In yours and Leigh's, there's the bet.
Almost every time the two of you disagree about something, you make a bet to see who is right, and in the end the loser always has some embarrassment. It was one of your favorite parts of the relationship, if you were being honest.
"That's right." You confirm without flinching and Leigh's smile widens. "All right, Y/l/n, tell me what you got."
You frown as you think and when the perfect idea comes to mind, you raise them, a smile creeping across your lips. "If you lose, you'll have to wear the lamest elf costume we can find. And you'll have to commit."
"What does that even mean?" she asks with a grimace and you simply shrug. "I think we'll find out."
"If I lose, which won't happen." She replies smugly and you smile, pushing the cart as you continue shopping.
"The first step is always denial." You tease and receive a narrowing of the eyes in response. "Okay, when you lose, you're gonna have to take down all the Christmas decorations by yourself."
"What?" You ask in astonishment. "And put them away." She adds and you scoff in disbelief. Before you can complain, she says, "those are the terms."
"I always knew you hated me." You retort, taking the cart to the cashier. "Stop being dramatic." Leigh complains amused, stopping beside you next. "Do we have a deal?"
"Damn right we do, Shaw." You reply, extending your hand, and Leigh quickly takes it. As you shake hands to seal the deal you smile, eager to make fun of her.
⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅
The following days are filled with preparations for the holiday and teasing between the two of you about the bet.
Leigh made a point of scattering as many Christmas decorations as possible around the house, certain that you would have to take them all down yourself.
And you saved the most ridiculous elf costumes you could find on the Internet and sent them to her saying that this would be a memorable Christmas.
Now you are sitting on the couch in the living room, a generic Christmas movie playing on the television while you sort out some work stuff on your laptop. Some time later, Leigh walks into the room.
"My mom just called." She announces, raising the cell phone in her hand, and by the expression on her face you already know what's coming, "She's spending Christmas in the Himalaya."
"Oh, really?" you reply knowingly, a smirk on your lips as you close the laptop and place it on the coffee table.
"Don't even start." She warns, raising her index finger, and you smile broadly, making your way over to her. "I didn't even say anything."
"And you better keep it that way." She retorts threateningly, but nothing is able to take the amused expression off your face. "All right, we can go to the costume store in silence."
As you reach for the car keys, Leigh mumbles something in displeasure. But when you head for the front door, the brunette follows you without complaint.
⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅ ⋇ ⋅
In the end you didn't choose a costume as tacky as the ones you sent her, and Leigh felt somewhat relieved about that.
Still, she was sure that you would use it to tease her for the rest of your lives, so she looks at her reflection in the mirror with a disgusted grunt.
Downstairs, you finish setting the table and getting the food ready to be heated in the oven.
With Leigh's family traveling and you not having a good relationship with yours, you decided to spend Christmas just the two of you. That was not a problem, however, you both enjoyed the time alone.
In the living room, you walk over to the Christmas tree, setting the Christmas lights flashing in a pattern you liked.
"I can't believe you made me wear this ridiculous costume." You hear Leigh complain as she walks down the stairs and an amused smile immediately creeps onto your lips.
Making your way to the living room, Leigh crosses her arms, an unamused expression as she sees you standing up and turning to face her, already expecting your laughter and teasing comments.
Instead, your smile dies slowly, your gaze descending down her figure before returning to her eyes, and Leigh frowns. "What?"
"It was supposed to be a lame costume." You reply, looking at the costume once more.
The dark green dress somehow contrasts perfectly with her skin, the material highlighting the perfect curves of her torso.
Not only that, but the thin straps and cleavage gave full view of Leigh's collarbones and chest, the tops of her breasts in plain sight. On top of that, the short skirt of the dress covers virtually nothing, her legs completely exposed to you.
You gulp. That was certainly the last thing you expected it to be. Leigh raises her eyebrows at your silence. "And?"
"And it's not lame at all." You find a way to say it, stuttering on a few words as your brain races with thoughts you shouldn't be having. A shadow of a smirk appears on Leigh's lips as she reads your expression.
"How would you describe it then?" She questions, a pang of defiance in her voice that makes you shiver. "In a lot of inappropriate ways." You answer honestly, which makes Leigh let out a soft chuckle.
"Do you have a thing for elves, baby?" she asks provocatively, slightly narrowing her eyes in your direction as an amused smirk plays on her lips. "I have a thing for you on that costume that's for sure."
"Is that so?" She asks suggestively, making her way towards you slowly, and you put your hands in your pants pockets in an attempt to pull yourself together.
That attempt goes down the drain when Leigh places her hands on your shoulders, pushing you down slowly against the couch.
As soon as you sit down, Leigh sits on you, her legs on the sides of yours as she straddles your lap, and you almost choke.
"Oh I'm gonna die." You let out in a breath as she settles down, her warm center meeting your thigh. Leigh smiles, relishing the effect she has on you even after all this time.
"Tell me darling," she begins, her fingers running down your neck, her nails teasing your skin as she moves her hands down to the button of your shirt, "have you been a bad girl?"
You swallow hard, all your senses completely overwhelmed by her presence. Instinctively, you bring your hands to her waist, lightly pulling her down.
Leigh lets out an almost inaudible moan with the pressure, but that is enough to make you tense up. Noting that so far you haven't answered her question, you shake your head in denial.
"No?" She asks rhetorically, bringing her face close to yours just enough for your lips to brush together and you hold your breath.
"You better start now." She whispers against your mouth and before you can think of responding, she connects her lips to yours in a heated kiss.
You squeeze her waist, pulling her against you as you match the kiss in the same intensity, and Leigh sighs, her fingers working their way down the buttons of your shirt again.
Bringing your hand to the brunette's hips, you pull her down as you tense the muscles in your leg.
Leigh lets out a moan of surprise, the pressure intensifying the knot in her core, but soon she begins to move her hips on her own, rubbing against your thigh and you groan at the sensation.
As she finishes unbuttoning your shirt, you move your lips to Leigh's jaw and neck. As she runs her fingers down your body, you suck on her skin, making her sigh.
As Leigh's movements against your leg become more intense, you hold her more firmly by the waist, lifting her up. A whimper of displeasure escapes Leigh's lips, but as soon as you bring your hand to her center, she holds her breath.
You run your fingers slowly over her panties, sighing at how soaking wet she is. Leigh brings her hands to your shoulders, her face tucked into your neck as she leaves wet kisses and nibbles there.
Pushing the fabric aside, you run your fingers shallowly through her folds and Leigh moans softly against your neck, making all your hair stand on end. But when she thrusts her hips down to increase the friction, you move your fingers away as well.
"Don't tease." She warns against your neck and you smirk, continuing your shallow movements in her center. "Why not?"
"Because I'm telling you not to." She replies, lifting her face up and looking at you with menacing eyes. You pretend to think for a while.
"No, darling, I don't think that's enough." You finally reply and Leigh bites her tongue. She knows what you want her to do, and you know the brunette is too stubborn to do it that easily.
So you continue your shallow movements, teasing her entrance from time to time and making her hold her breath every time. Leigh tries to chase your fingers with thrusts of her hips, but you are always too quick to pull them out. Leigh buries her nails into your shoulder in dissatisfaction.
"Please, Y/n/n, I need you to fuck m- Oh!" Her request is interrupted by a loud moan as you thrust two fingers inside her at once. In response, Leigh immediately brings her hands to the back of your neck, holding your hair tightly and making you grunt in both pain and pleasure.
As you continue your movements inside her, your thumb stimulates her clit with precise movements, the burning sensation at the pit of Leigh's stomach getting hotter by the second.
You try to kiss her again, but Leigh is too focused on rolling over your fingers and on the sensations you provide her with.
Giving up the sloppy kiss, you move your lips to her neck, sucking on the skin until you leave marks that you know will be there for a while, smoothing them over with your tongue before moving on to the next one.
Leigh's movements become increasingly jerky and desperate, and you hold her waist firmly to guide her.
The brunette's moans become more intense then, and you soon feel her walls tightening against your fingers.
As she comes undone against your fingers, Leigh kisses you ferally, moaning against your lips as she rides her high, and you keep your movements inside her constantly even though your brain has stopped at her action.
When the brunette can take no more, she brings a hand up to your wrist, asking you to stop. You withdraw your fingers slowly and smile when Leigh whimpers at the lack of contact.
You bring your fingers to your mouth then, but before they can reach your lips, Leigh holds your hand, bringing your fingers to her mouth instead.
The brunette runs her tongue along your fingers before sticking them in her mouth, and you almost choke, "Fuck." You let out in a breath, your intimacy throbbing at the sinful sight.
As soon as she removes your fingers from her mouth, you pull her against you vigorously, capturing her lips in a hungry kiss.
You moan at the remnants of her taste in her mouth, and Leigh smirks as she wraps her arms around your neck.
A few minutes later, Leigh breaks the kiss and gets up off your lap. Before you can complain, she holds out her hands to you and you take them with a smile on your lips.
As soon as you stand up, Leigh approaches you again, kissing you as she pushes your shirt down.
You help her remove the item, soon after bringing your hands back to their previous position, wrapping your arms around her waist.
As she drags you to your shared bedroom you smirk. You were right, after all, this was indeed a memorable Christmas.
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Grief (W.M)
Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Pairing: Post End Game Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader and with other Avengers.
Summary: Wanda has been dealing with grieving but how much more can she take it?
Requested: No.
A/N: Hi lovely people! I forgot to add this on my WIP's, I had it in my draft for quite a while. This is a post End Game timeline, but Nat is alive. (I will never accept the fact that she died in End Game. :D ) Also, I don't know much about medical stuff, so for sure there are inaccuracy in medical situation in this story but hey, it's just an imagination, right? Well, I hope everybody likes how this one shot turns out.
Warning: Angst, angst and angst. ( A bit of fluff if you squint.) Character death. (Let me know if there's more.)
P.S:  Detka / Malyshka : Baby.
Grief, five letters word that Wanda is really familiar with. She has lost count how many times she has cried her endless sorrow out. It’s like one thing after another for her, from losing her parents when she was a kid, then Pietro, her twin brother, the only person she has in her life was ripped away by death from her without any single warning leaving her hurt so badly. Then Vision came to her life only to leave her again, drowning her deeper in misery from his death when she thought finally she had the dream life to live happily and have a break from grieving. People always say “Third time's the charm.” but for Wanda “Third time’s a curse.” She thinks she is cursed to live a loop of grieving hell.
Since then she built up the strongest and the highest wall around her heart, not letting anybody close to her romantically nor platonically so she won’t lose anybody anymore. Nat is the only friend she lets be close to her since she joins the Avengers, or to be more specific since Pietro died. Nat helped her go through her days in anguish from Pietro’s death and then also Vision’s. After a few years of Vision’s death, Nat starts to suggest to her not to close her heart to anybody but all the pain and loss she had made her to be stubborn enough to ignore her best friend's suggestion. Her heart has turned into a cold stone.
But then one day, aliens attack the city of New York. All Avengers were called to this mission, including Wanda. She saw you were running in fear and a broken car flying to you, Wanda saw what was happening then she quickly stopped the car with her magic. She saved your life. You were frozen for a few seconds not just from the shock of a flying car almost hitting straight to your face, but also when you saw Wanda. You always admire her as one of the heroes in Avengers but you never knew Wanda would save your life.
The redhead witch also forgot how to function for brief seconds after she saw you. Her cold stone heart felt something that she hasn’t felt for a while after Vision. “Watch out! Behind you!” You screamed to warn her an alien tried to attack her from behind. Luckily, she moved fast and you “saved” her life in return. “Why are you still here? Run!” Wanda warns you as she fights the aliens. You tried to run, but she was worried you couldn’t make it somewhere safe, so after she killed the aliens, she grabbed your hand and led you somewhere safe.
“Okay, you are safe here.” The witch says before she turns around back to the battlefield. “Thank you.” You make sure she hears it. She turns around and nods to you and flies away.
Weirdly, a few days after that Wanda wonders about you, hoping that you are okay. She remembers she didn’t thank you for saving her life too. “Ms. Maximoff, someone is here to visit you. She said her name is Y/N Y/LN. Should I let her in?” Friday, the A.I alerts her through the speaker in her room and shows her the front gate camera. She can’t believe her eyes when she sees you through the screen, standing nervously with a basket full of pastries and beautiful arranged flowers in a vase.
She jumps off the bed quickly. “Uh--okay Friday. Let her in, and I’ll meet her at the front door.” She sees the gate open and you walk past the opened gates.
“Hi.” Wanda greets you with a very confused soft low voice. She is subconsciously happy to see you are okay, but she doesn’t know what else to say. The wall still stands tall around her heart. “Hi. I’m Y/n. You saved my life a few days ago. I--uh I’m here to bring something for you as a thank you. I--I wrote a card too just in case I’m not allowed to go into this huge Avengers building but I’m glad I can give this to you in person.” You smile as you stretch out your hand, giving her the gift you had for her.
“Oh. Uh T-thank you. You don’t have to. I-I'm glad you are safe.” She takes it from your hand and her fingers accidentally brush yours a little bit, but enough to send a small rush to both yours and Wanda’s heart and make you blush.
“I haven’t thanked you for saving my life that day. So, thank you.” Wanda’s lips curve into a small awkward smile. To be honest, she forgets how to smile after all the deaths of the people that she loves but surprisingly she managed a small smile for you.
“Oh no problem. At least we are even now. You know, saving each other’s life.” You laughed awkwardly, regretting the not so funny joke you just said. You didn’t hear any laugh from her nor a word from the taller woman in front of you. “Uh well, okay then. I’m gonna leave now. Once again, thank you.” You gave a small nervous wave then you turned around and when you were about to walk away, her broad accent stopped your steps.
“Would you like to go for a coffee someday?” Wanda hesitantly asks you, doesn’t even know where those words come from. You turn around smiling so wide and happy. “Really?” You ask with an excited tone. “Yes. So, at least we can get even with the ‘thank you’ gift” She answers as she lifts the basket a little to support her reference of the ‘thank you’ gift she mentioned.
“Yes sure, I would love to. I’ll give you my number?” Your eyes light up, you smile from ear to ear. Wanda let you put in your number to her phone contact. “Cool. I’ll wait for your text. See you, Wanda.” You left with a smile.
She closed the door, then she put the basket of pastries in the common room kitchen counter to share it with the teammates. She checks out the card you wrote. “Hey there, hero. I’m Y/n Y/l/n, you saved my life and mostly my face from the flying car a few days ago. Thank you so much. Please accept these pastries I made as my way to thank you. Enjoy!”
She closes the card and once again, she subconsciously smiles. “Wow, that girl made you smile for the first time after a while. I like her. Please tell me, you are gonna text her and take her for coffee, Wands?” Nat teases her best friend out of nowhere.
Wanda startled. “Jesus, Nat! You scared me! And how did you know?” She asks the Russian redhead. “Well, I was looking for you, then Friday told me you are at the front door, so I decided to check out the front door camera.” Nat explains with a smirk.
“I don’t know, Nat. I might not text her. I’m scared. I don’t want to start anything.” Fear evident in her face. “I understand but it has been years, you can’t keep doing this to yourself. It’s just a coffee, she seems sweet. Give her a chance. I’m sure she’ll be waiting for your text.” Nat tried to talk some sense to the Sokovian. Wanda doesn’t say anything and walks to her room.
A week after, Wanda still hasn’t texted you. You have been waiting for it. So you decided to come see her again.
Wanda and Nat are about to train today until Friday’s alert was made for Wanda to hear. “Ms. Maximoff, Ms. Y/n is here to visit you again. Should I let her in, to the front door?”
“Yes, Friday. Let her in.” Nat answers the A.I before even Wanda can react to it. “What? Nat, what are you doing?” Panic can be clearly heard in Wanda’s voice. “You haven’t texted her, have you?” Nat squinted her eyes at her but she got no answer from the red haired shy Avenger next to her. “I can’t believe you did that to her. I feel bad for her.” Nat shakes her head as she lets out a disappointed sigh.
“I’m gonna answer the door for her.” Nat adds as she runs to the front door and opens it. “Wait, What? No, Nat. Wait.” Wanda runs to catch her but it’s too late, Nat greets you. “Hi! Y/n, right? I’m--” Then Nat gasps as she all of a sudden dragged away from the door and disappeared to the side of the door from your sight. “Hi?” You are confused with what’s happening and where did Nat go.
You take a step in to check out what’s going on. You see Wanda walk to the door and Nat complains as she walks behind her. “You use your power on me, not fair, Wands!”
“Hi, y/n. I’m sorry. Please ignore her.” Wanda tries to calm herself down from the awkwardness. “Ignore her? I can’t. She is Natasha Romanoff. She is also my idol. Well, after you, of course.” You answer her in excitement from meeting Nat. “Yes, Wands, let her meet me. Don’t tell her to ignore me.” Nat shows up at the door. “Hi, y/n! Thank you for the pastries last week. They were delicious.” Nat greets you and smiles at you, she notices Wanda rolls her eyes.
“Sure! You are welcomed! I made some more.” You show another basket full of pastries. “Oh my God! Thank you.” You hand Nat the basket. “Y/n, what are you doing here?” Wanda asks. “Uh, It’s been a week, and you haven’t texted me, so I wanted to check if you are okay after you eat my pastries, and apparently you are okay.”
“Uh yeah, about that. I’m sorry, I was about to text you but I got busy with missions.” Wanda explains. “Oh okay, no worries. I guess I'm gonna go now. I hope you like the pastries.” You act shy and awkward. “I love it. Thank you.” Wanda answers and smiles for you.
“Okay, Wanda. See you.” with a heavy disappointed heart you slowly walk away. Nervous and fear fills Wanda’s heart but surprisingly she has this strong urge to know more about you, to spend more time with you. As you walk slowly, you get a text. You actually didn’t really care to check your phone right now, but to distract your disappointment thinking Wanda won’t ever text you, you pull out your phone and the text you read falters your step. “Do you have time for coffee with me today?” Your heart jumps up to your throat and beats loudly to your ears. You look back at Wanda, and you see her look at you then she says “I’m sorry for making you wait, can I make it up to you, today?” Her sokovian accent in her soft voice asks you. You can’t hold back your smile. “Yes, of course.”
That day started everything to move further. Both of you spent a long time at the coffee shop, talking about each other’s life. She feels like she has known you for a long time. The comfort she gets from talking with you is indescribable. She thinks it’s so crazy how someone she has just met can easily tear down the walls around her heart that have been there for years. Her heart with endless emptiness is magically filled up with your cheerful lovely energy that feels like a ray of sunshine spreads warmth in her. If Wanda can tell the truth, it’s almost too scary for her that you could make her smile from her heart let alone make her laugh.
From a coffee that day leads to another coffee time, then turns to a date and more dates after a few months that finally let Wanda open her heart for you, and fall for you, so do you. Wanda falls for you hard enough that she finally asks you to be her girlfriend.
Both of you are living the best of your life together, filled with laughter even though arguments are impossible to avoid but both of you manage to make it work. The two of you love each other so much.
For Wanda, her life with you right now is more than she could ask for. She never thought she would ever find happiness again. And when she thought she couldn’t be happier with her life with you, life proves her wrong. Her life indeed gets better and happier with you. After five years of dating and a year of being engaged, both of you finally set the date to start another step of life together as a married couple.
The wedding was simple, intimate yet magical. All the teammates were happy for both of you, of course, as the best friend of both of you and she can’t pick sides, Nat was the officiant of your marriage, and since both of you don’t have your parents or siblings, Tony walked you down the aisle. He has always liked you since the first bite of your pastries that you brought for the first time, and also when Nat told him how you made Wanda finally smile for the first time after years of grieving.
Wanda asked Clint to walk her down the aisle. She wouldn’t be an Avengers if it wasn’t for his words he said to her back then on Ultron’s incident. And if she wasn’t an Avengers, she wouldn't have met you.
The universe and three years of married life treats both of you so well. Wanda has forgotten her pain she had years ago. You have filled her heart and her laugh with so much love and happiness. To be married to an Avengers isn’t always easy. Even though Wanda is the most powerful among the others, you are always worried whenever she goes on a mission if she will return home injured or not come home at all. Thankfully, Wanda always comes home, no matter what.
The fear of losing her plus her worriedness of not having the chance to have a little family of her own with you encourage both of you to have a baby. Thanks to the technologies nowadays and a sperm donor, you finally got pregnant.
You half lay down, half sitting up with your back leaning on the headboard of the bed with a pillow between your lower back and bed. You straighten your legs, Wanda lays on her side next to you facing your eight months pregnant belly. The butterflies in your stomach that Wanda gave you have turned into little feet. She gently kisses your belly after she feels the kick of your little one inside your belly. Your wife lays her head gently on your belly as she is hugging you while half of her body weight is on her side.
“Okay, babe, so if it’s a boy, we’ll name him Pietro Anthony Maximoff. I want to honor your brother that I never met.” You smile. You and Tony grow close together, he is like the brother you always wish for in your whole life in the orphanage. “And if it’s a girl, we name her Irina Tasha Maximoff.” To honor your mom, and Nat. She already reserved her name to be the middle name for our baby even since I told her that I’m pregnant.” You explain and the redhead on your belly giggles at her Russian best friend’s antics.
“I love both names, but one question, why Tasha? Why not Natasha?” She asks in a relaxed tone as you gently stroke her hair. “Because it sounds better than Irina Natasha, besides I already asked Nat, and she is okay with Tasha.” You answer as your hand now gently rubs her cheeks until she slowly falls into a sleepy state. “Hmmm, okay. Irina Tasha it is. I love you, y/n.” She hums in contentment. “I love you more, Wands.”
One day, you were adding some decoration for the nursery room when you heard your doorbell. You thought it was Wanda coming home from her mission. You wonder why she rings the bell but then you think she probably lost her key again. You go downstairs in excited steps, you wish you could walk faster to open the door for her but the baby bump is getting bigger. You open the door. “Hi bab--Nat?” You found Natasha in front of the door instead, still on her black widow suit. You can see some bruises, scratches on her and even a bit of dried blood near her lips. She looks dirty as if she just got out of the ruins of the building but most importantly, she looks sad. “What are you doing here this early?” Then it hits you, you realize. “No. No. Where is Wanda? What happened to her?” Your heart drops to your stomach. Your heart stops a second then beats at an uncomfortable pace. You start to hyperventilate.
“I’m so sorry, y/n. We ambushed one of hydra secret bases, everything went well until more hydra’s soldiers came. They all came for Wanda because they know she is the most powerful one. Clint and I tried to come to where she was to help her fight them but gunshots came from different directions and one of the soldiers wore a vest of big explosive and did a suicide blows up. It happened too fast, a big explosion. Then we tried to find her, but we couldn't find her. Her COMM is dead as well. We have been searching for her for over 24 hours. I came back straight from where it all happened to tell you that.. that we lost her.” Nat explains with tears in her eyes, she swallows hard. “I’m so sorry, y/n.” She adds in her silent cry.
You almost fall, but Nat catches you. “Are you okay? let’s get you seated.” Nat helps you walk and get you seated in the living room. “I don’t know what to do with my life without her, Nat. She can’t be dead.” You start to cry, indescribable pain felt in your heart and chest. You sob on Nat’s shoulder as she hugs you. “She can’t be dead. She promised we will grow old together.” Nat cries with you as she keeps hugging you, she doesn’t know what to say except trying to comfort you with her hug.
After a few minutes she finally lets out her words. “I will stay here with you, okay? So you won’t be alone, just in case you have contractions in your belly.” Nat’s eyes swim in tears seeing how broken you are right now. She is worried about you.
Nat is sleeping in the guest room, but you can’t sleep no matter how hard you try. You can’t stop crying. You sit in the nursery room, crying in the dark. “Please come back, Wands. Don’t leave me and our baby. Please, I beg you.” Your heart wrenches. A noise from the door wakes Nat up. She heard you crying. She cautiously checks the surroundings.
“Detka, I’m home.” You raise your head quickly and turn it to look back. Your tears of sadness turn to tears of joy when you see Wanda standing in front of the nursery door, wounded, looking so pale and exhausted. “Oh my god! You are alive!” You cover your mouth with your hand with disbelief and relief as you cry more happy tears then you run to her and hug her. “Be careful malyshka, I don’t want you to trip and fall.” She tries to hold a grunt of pain when you hug her so you won’t let go of your hug as she hugs you back. “You came back! I thought I lost you.”
“I always promise to come home for you, love.” She answers in a weak whisper then kisses your forehead. You feel alive again in a heartbeat.
“Wanda? Oh my God! You are alive!” Nat is in great shock. “This is great! Don’t you dare scare us like that anymore! We're gonna have to take you to the compound for all your wounds.” The black widow added as she is calling the compound.
Wanda leans down to kiss your stomach then looks at you and your smile as she lays her hand on your baby bump. All of the wound and the pain feels like it fades swiftly. All she cared about was to come home to you and the baby.
You go with Wanda and Nat to get medical help for Wanda as she told you and Nat what happened to her after the explosion, she got captured by hydra then she fought them all, she fought for her life so she can come home to you. She flew home straight to you. Then she promised you to always call you right away the second the mission is done so you won’t be worried sick like tonight.
After that night, Wanda is allowed to have a month off to recover which works great for her to spend more time with you and be ready for whenever it’s time to deliver the baby. Until one evening when you were cooking dinner, your water broke. She rushed you to the hospital right away.
She holds your hand, you scream in pain from the contraction. “You can do it, darling. I’m here.” Wanda tries to comfort you even though she knows it doesn’t help. You try to control your breath as you try hard to push the baby out of you. It has been fifteen hours of contractions and almost an hour of you pushing and it still hasn’t ended yet. She notices you look so pale and weak sweats roll off your forehead. “I can’t do it anymore.” You weakly try to catch your breath.
“The baby’s heartbeat gets lower in every contraction.” Wanda vaguely hears the doctor, as she puts all her focus on you. “No. No. Look at me, my love. You are strong. You can do it.” She whispers to you as she looks at you, shoves your hair back off your forehead. You look at her dearly, your gaze looks so weak, half shut trying its best to stay open, locked with her green eyes. “I love you, take care of our baby.” You are barely able to patch a smile for her. Suddenly the medical equipment beeps like crazy as if it’s alarming everybody in the room at the same time as you close your eyes followed by a one long flat beep.
“No. No. Wake up, y/n. What happened?” She calls you and then asks the doctor and his nurses but they are all too busy and look so worried as they pick up their pace in their actions. The room feels like spinning and stops at the same time, the lights are too bright for Wanda to stay focused, burning her eyes even though tears start to fill up her eyes. She hears the conversation between the doctor and the nurses with words that she doesn’t understand.
“Somebody tell me what’s going on with my wife! What happened? y/n, please wake up.” Wanda rambles. “Ms. Maximoff, I’m sorry, but you need to wait outside. Your wife has complications and it threatens her life and the baby’s as well, so we need to do C-section right now. I will update you when everything is done.” The doctor explains shortly before the nurse escorts her to the door to wait outside.
Nat tries to calm Wanda down while waiting. Fear claws through her, her heart is in her throat. Her heart thudded. She is barely able to breathe and sweat trickled down her spine. The wait feels like an eternity until the door finally opens and she quickly stands up as soon as she sees the doctor, not with a smile. “How is my wife? How’s the baby?”
“I’m so sorry Ms. Maximoff, we tried our best to save both of them but your wife couldn’t make it. Her complications were really bad, she was too weak to survive. We managed to save your daughter but she is still very weak and needs a close watch. I’m so sorry for your loss.” The doctor explains with a very heavy heart. The news felt like a knife to Wanda’s heart.
“No. No. You have to save her! Get back in there to save her!!!” She grabs him by the collar as her eyes glow red. Nat quickly stops her before she blows up with her emotion, once more with her.. heartbreak. “Wanda, stop. Stop.” Nat’s voice reminds her as her eyes no longer glow red but also no longer light up. It turns dark, empty and soulless just like how they were before she met you. “I-I’m sorry Ms. Maximoff.” The doctor goes back inside.
Her body felt leaden, despair drags her down and weakens her knees. She falls on her knees. After almost a decade of being happy, once again, sadness shattered her and grief hollowed her out. She could hardly move, she cried with no single sound. Nat’s heart breaks looking at Wanda in this state.
“Wands, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry for your loss.” Nat cries with her, letting her heart break together with Wanda’s. “Why? Why does this have to happen to me, Nat. I’m tired and sick of this pain of loss.” She talks in her cry. “Wanda, you have to stay strong. You have your daughter now, stay strong for her. Raise her to be a great woman as great as her moms, y/n and you.” Nat tries her best to talk some sense into her. Wanda nods as she continues crying. “I have to see, y/n. I need to.” She forces herself to stand up even though her bones ache in every move.
Nat follows her, she knows that her best friend wouldn’t be able to take it, she knows how much Wanda loves you and it will hit her the hardest ever. And Nat was right. Your wife breaks down the second she sees you laying lifeless in front of her.
She quickly leans down and hugs you trying to feel all the warmth that’s left on your body for the last time before you slowly turn cold. Then bawls her tears out on the crook of the neck with her left hand stroking your hair. “Y/n, please come back. You can’t leave me. I need you. We promise to grow old together.” Sorrow closed up her throat. She raises her head a little bit, her face is so close to yours, looking at your face, imagining your smile on your face. Both of her hands cup your cheeks and she gently presses her forehead to yours with her eyes closed, she talks in a shaky whisper, “I can’t feel you.” She crumbled inside and her spirit fell into another sobbing crying. She then gives one last long kiss on your forehead as she closes her eyes, holding back her tears but she fails.
Nat lays her hand on her shoulder. She can feel Wanda’s body is shaky from her crying. “I’m sure y/n wants you to see your daughter, Wanda.” The Russian redhead trying not to break down as well in front of her broken mourning Sokovian Avenger.
Wanda finally pulls herself up, then she raises your right hand to kiss the back of it. “I love you. I’m going to see our daughter.” She then tries to wipe her tears as if she is trying to look her best to see her daughter for the first time. “Wanda, I want you to change her middle name to y/n’s name, not mine.” Nat addresses her requests to her. “But Nat, y/n told me that you’ve been asking that it has to be your name since forever.” The taller woman asks with her brows furrowed.
Nat shakes her head gently refusing the idea “I want her to remember her mom. So please agree to it.” She answers without leaving any room for Wanda to disagree. She nods and they walk to see the baby.
Wanda comes into the room where your daughter is. She sees the little human in a baby incubator, wires around her from the medical equipment that’s attached to her tiny weak body, her vital stats are under close watch by the doctor and nurses as the oxygen machine helps her to breathe. A spine chilling beeping sound from the equipment fills up the small room that reminds her what happened to you less than an hour ago.
She walks closer, her eyes flooded with tears. “Hi little one. Welcome to the world, Irina Y/n Maximoff. You look just like your mom.” She pauses, taking a long breath hoping the pain will go away but it doesn’t, forcing her to continue talking with stabbing pain in her heart. “I will always tell you stories about your mom, y/n, so she will always live in your life, our life. I will raise you to be as great a woman as she is. I will not let anything bad happen to you, I can’t lose you too. You are all I have.” She holds back her tears, trying to make a smile in front of the weak little baby even though she can’t see her other mom yet.
The torment this time is harder and more painful for Wanda yet she has a little tiny hope from Irina to move on even though it’s impossible for her, even though she doesn’t want to.
Wanda standing in front of your last place to rest. She stays for a little bit after your funeral. “Hi detka. I miss you already. I wish you were with me and Irina. She is still in the ICU. She is a fighter like you, she is not giving up. I promise I will raise her right and to protect her. I know you can see us from up there. I love you.” She pulls her hands up to her face and wipes her tears as she sniffles then leaves to see Irina.
Wanda visits Irina every day, telling her stories about you and her. Days soon turned to a week and shifted to weeks. Wanda keeps your phone number active just so she can keep hearing your voice every time she calls it and goes to your voicemail. She listens to it every day, sometimes leaving a voicemail as if she is talking with you. She plays your voicemail to Irina every time she visits the little angel. "It's your mom's voice, sweetheart. She has a beautiful voice. I'm sure if she is with us, she will sing to you every day." Her heart wants to cry but her eyes are tired as if it's giving up on crying.
One day, Wanda is on her way to the hospital, as she walks through the hospital hallway, her phone is ringing. It’s from the hospital. She answers. “Hello, is this Ms. Maximoff, the mother of Irina Maximoff?” says the lady on the other line. “Yes, I am. I’m walking to Irina’s room now.” She answers, the pit of her stomach fell. Fear twisted her gut. Her heart is hoping that it’s not bad news as she picks up her pace as the nurse says “Oh okay, we need you to be here as soon as you can.”
Wanda hangs up and runs to where she has to be. As she walks into Irina’s unit, she sees the doctor and the nurses surrounding her giving her the treatment she needs. There it is again, the same sounds of those scary beeping sounds, this time she notices the serious and urgent tone on the doctor’s voice. “What happened? What’s happening with my daughter?” Her stomach churned after she repeated the same question she asked them when something went wrong with you weeks ago, when you were dying.
“Her complications got worse, her lungs’ and kidneys’ function are declining fast.” The other nurse explains as the doctor is trying his best to save Irina. Everything the nurse told her felt like lightning hitting her so hard as if it’s trying to kill her. Technically, yes, it can kill Wanda if something happens to Irina, if she can’t make it.
The heart monitor machine all of a sudden screaming the sign that Wanda never wanted to get. The sign that tells her that Irina has gone. Then she sees the doctor look at her with huge sympathy from knowing what she has been through the last few weeks. He walks closer to her, before he starts to talk, she interrupts her. “No. No. Don’t tell me you are sorry. Don’t tell me that Irina is dead too. Please don’t, she is all I have. Please save her, I beg you.” Her lips quivered from her biting back a scream of another loss she has to handle.
“We tried our best Ms. Maximoff. My deepest condolences.” The doctor tries to use different words to avoid Wanda breaking down even worse.
The dirt on your grave hasn’t even dried yet and Wanda has to see it open again to bury Irina with you. Wanda is there but she is not. Everybody knows she is in her worst state right now.
Time flies. It has been a month that everybody does their best to help her get through this. After they let her take days off as long as she needs, Wanda asks to be back on missions. They let her but the problem is she lets out all her anger and mourning to all the villains and hydra soldiers. She accomplished every mission but she kills every single one of them, giving them the worst way to die, sometimes even in gruesome ways. She even starts to chase and kill criminals that’s not related to Avengers’s cases to make her feel better or forgetting the endless nothingness she is feeling until it no longer helps her. She starts to get exhausted with no point in her life.
Hydra is taking hostage a whole office floor full of civilians, releasing a deadly gas. “Wanda, take the gas out of the building then the rest will take the civilians out.” Captain America commands her through the comm. “No, I will take the people out.” She refused the command. Little does everyone know, she has a plan of her own. “Stick to the plan, Maximoff.” Tony talks through the COMM but Wanda ignores him.
She managed to take everybody out, and when the other team mates are focusing on the victims, Wanda flies into the building with the deadly gas still in it and locks everything with her powers.
The Iron Man got notified by the A.I. “Sir, there is another person left in the building who needs to be saved now. Tony scans the location with his system. “Maximoff, what are you doing?! Get out of there!” He flies up to the window, trying to shoot the windows to break her out but it is no use. Her magic protects all the windows from anything that can destroy it. She locks everybody out, not letting them save her.
“Romanoff, are you at the door, we have to save her before it’s too late.” Tony sees Wanda sitting on the floor, leaning her back on the wall. Wanda keeps taking deep breaths to inhale as much gas as she can. “I’m trying to open it, but it doesn't work. The explosive doesn’t even work to open the door.” The black widow answers Tony then tries to talk to her dying friend from the other side of the door. “Wanda, please don’t do this. You have to stay alive for y/n and Irina.”
The Sokovian chooses not to answer and pushes Nat away, out of the building and lands her safely on the ground near the quinjet. She takes out her phone and makes a call. “Hello detka. I’m calling to let you know, the mission went as planned and I’m okay. I’m happy. I’m happy that I'm finally going to see you and Irina. I’m coming home, to you and our daughter. I love you, malyshka. We'll say hello again.” She left a voicemail to you like she always does, keeping her promise to update you every time she is done with her mission. Her hand slowly falls from holding her phone up to her ear. As the deadly gas starts killing her inside, eating her alive, it weakens her and her magic. Tony finally breaks in and grabs Wanda out. “Friday, reads her vital.” Tony commands the A.I
“Her lungs are collapsing sir, so is her heart. Chance of surviving is less than five percent. It means she only has less than ten minutes of life.” Tony hears the stats the A.I tells him.
“No. No. Witchy, stay with us. Don’t die.” Tony lands and brings her into the jet. “It’s okay, Tony.” Her voice barely makes it out of her lips. Nat comes and grabs her best friend into her arms. “Why did you do this, Wanda? Why?” Nat asks in a cry. Her lungs burn, her heart beats getting slower and slower, the toxic hurting every inch of her muscles, leaving her paralyze but she doesn’t care. All she cares about is she’s coming home to you. “I’m okay Nat. I will finally be with y/n and Irina. That’s all I need.” She weakly smiles. Her green eyes slowly lose their color as her eyelids slowly close and she takes her last breath shortly before her soul leaves her body.
Nat hugs her lifeless best friend, crying together with the other Avengers in the quinjet that’s no longer needed to rush Wanda to hospital. Silence covers every inch of the quinjet. Even the engine can’t beat the silence from their grief of Wanda’s death.
A/N: I'm so sorry. It hurt me to when I was writing this. Let me know what you think. As usual reblogs, likes, comments, and feedbacks are always appreciated. Follow me for more. See you in next.
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avengerhouse · a day ago
Loki: I think I bumped into something.
Wanda: Oh my god.
Peter: Is it a cat? PLEASE TELL ME IT ISN'T A CAT.
Wanda: It's not a- oh my god it's moving.
Loki: Man of spiders, get a broom. Witch, you go grab rope. I'm gonna try to see what it is.
Peter: No, Mr Loki! Please, it's too dangerous!
Loki: I have to, kiddo. I'm sorry. Oh, and Wanda? You can have my headbands.
Wanda: YES!
Loki: Tell my story, my beloved losers. I will forever, be grateful for our glorious friendship. TO THE BEAST! *dramatic exit*
Stephen *comes in, out of nowhere*: Guys, why is Thor on the floor?
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nerdyfangirl23 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Guys. People don’t give this scene the amount of credit it deserves. Like, yeah Wanda can make new realities and a whole load of powerful stuff. But she didn’t just do that to make Hex!Vision. Like, girl had that much love in her heart to make a fucking sentient being that could think freely for himself and without control from her. FROM JUST THE AMOUNT OF LOVE SHE HAD FOR HIM.
Bruh these two make me believe in love. They literally do. Literal soulmates.
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starlets · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Elizabeth Olsen
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