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#Elsa of Arendelle

Originally posted by disneytva

*not my gif*

It’s my birthday!! I’m finally 15! I’m glad that I get to celebrate my birthday here with you guys even if the world around is in a crisis. Please stay safe and have an amazing! 


* Camila’s POV *

 Jane smiled and gently pet Bruni’s head, “How can something this cute cause a forest fire?” I shrugged and smiled, “I have no idea…” Gil smiled at Bruni, “So he’s the Fire Spirit?” I nodded, “Yeah, Bruni is the Fire Spirit, Nokk is the Water Spirit, the Earth Giants are the Earth Spirits, and the Wind Spirit…” Carlos nodded, “You already know the Earth, Fire, and Water spirits but how about the Wind Spirit?” I looked at him and sighed softly, “I’ve never encountered the Wind Spirit.” I felt Harry wrap his arm around my waist, “Do you ever think you’ll meet the WInd Spirit?” I looked up at him and smiled softly, “I think I will but I just don’t know when.” he nodded and Ben suddenly spoke up, “We made it!” I looked and saw Evie’s house coming into view. I smiled when I saw Celia peeking through the window, she noticed me and waved eagerly. I smiled and waved back just as enthusiastically. Harry smiled at me and whispered, “You’re so cute…” I blushed and looked up at him, “You really think so?” he nodded and pressed a small kiss to my cheek. I giggled and watched the front door open and Mal came running out. Everything seemed as if it would be okay. I was wrong. Really wrong. The Wind Spirit had officially made their appearance. 

 Dude screamed as Jay, Carlos, Harry, Jane, Bruni, Gil, and myself were suddenly lifted into the air by a small tornado. I looked around and saw leaves and rocks were mixed into the tornado. My eyes landed on Harry as he held onto Bruni. I looked around and took in a deep breath, “We can do this.” I extended both my arms towards the walls and I shot out ice from both my palms. The ice made contact with the tornado instantly turning the once grey air into a blue and white air instead. I noticed Harry looked towards my figure and shouted, “Camila, be careful!” I tried to answer but I was too focused on ending this tornado. What had knocked me out of my trance was everyone except for me dropping down to the ground, leaving me alone to deal with this. After they dropped I only pushed my powers further trying to get out of there as soon as possible. I felt myself getting a bit weaker but I only whispered, “You can do this…” I closed my eyes and suddenly felt myself being harshly lowered to the ground but the tornado still didn’t budge: 


*both aren’t mine*

I kept my eyes shut as I felt my arms beginning to bend towards my body. I can’t get weak. Not now. I shook my head trying to push myself more but suddenly a voice yelled out, “Anna, be careful!” I knew that voice, it was my Uncle Kristoff. I wanted to open my eyes but I knew that would destroy my concentration. I only whispered, “No…” the voices only continued to grow, “That’s my sister!” I couldn’t handle it, I opened my eyes and gasped when I saw my mom becoming a frozen statue:


*not mine*

 I watched as she looked up towards the sky and shaikly raised her arm, “A-Anna…” her powers seemed to leave her hand as a small stream of ice left her hand and flew into the sky. I shook my head and felt tears filling up in my eyes, “M-Mom…” I closed my eyes again trying to forget what I had just seen. The tornado still wasn’t going away, it felt like it wanted to stay, it wanted me to see these things. I tried to calm myself but I opened my eyes and this time I saw my Aunt Anna, my mom, and the same man from Ahtohallan. It was the same memory but with a different ending. I watched the memory and this time I screamed out, “Mom!” I knew my voice could do nothing but I couldn’t just stand there and watch a man try and kill my mom. My eyes widened when I saw my Aunt jump in front of my mom screaming out, “No!” she raised her hand towards the man’s sword but her whole body turned to ice, making the sword break into pieces:


*not mine*

 I cried out in relief letting my tears fall down my cheeks. I sniffled and closed my eyes feeling the icicles beginning to form under my feet as I continued to battle the Wind Spirit.  

I wish this would stop. I began to grow weaker, it feels as if at any given moment my powers will give out. I began to pant softly, “I-I can’t do it…” I tried to push all my energy towards my powers but I nearly fell to my knees when I heard my mom’s voice, “I’m sorry, Camila…” I tried to ignore her voice but it came back, “Water has memory…” I shook my head trying to focus on my powers but it kept growing stronger, “I wanna see what happened to them…” what happened to who? Who was my mom talking about? All the questions were knocked away from my head when I heard  unfamiliar voices speaking, “Ahtohallan must be the source of her power…” 

“We keep going for Elsa…”

“The waves are too high!” 



I knew those names. I quickly opened my eyes and saw an ice statue of my grandparents holding each other, but they were getting covered by the harsh ocean waves:


*not my gif* 

I fell to my knees and looked at the statue in horror before I shouted, “No!” I don’t know what happened but I felt my powers exiting through all parts of my body quickly defeating the Wind Spirit’s tornado. 

I cried as I looked at the statue of my grandparents final moments together. I tried to make the icicles disappear but I couldn’t due to my weak state. I heard Harry’s voice shout, “Camila! Love, it’s okay! I’m here.” his arms then wrapped around my weak body holding me close to his chest. I couldn’t help but sob out, “S-She almost died! M-My mom and a-aunt! T-They died looking for a c-cure! They died b-because of our powers!” Harry ran his fingers through my hair and rocked my back and forth, “Shh, Darling, it’s okay. I don’t know your grandparents well but you or mother are not the ones to blame for their death. You cannot blame yourself for what happened.” I tried to believe him but my thoughts were beginning to overcome his words. I shook my head and looked at the statue, “I-It’s our fault…” Harry must have noticed me continuing to look at the statue so he moved over until he was blocking my view of the figues. I looked up at Harry’s ocean eyes and took in a breath, “S-Sorry…” he looked at me with a frown and he used his right hand to cup my cheek, “Love, never be sorry for something like this. You couldn’t control what the spirit was trying to do. If it showed you this, it had to be for a reason.” he wiped a few tears that had fallen from my cheeks. I slightly nodded, “I just w-wish I knew why they keep showing that…” Harry nodded and placed a kiss on my forehead, “The spirits work in mysterious ways, sending out clues of the bigger picture.” I rested my head on Harry’s chest, exhausted of what had just happened, but I knew we had to keep going to try and end this fight, “I think I’m better now…” Harry looked down at me, “You sure?” I closed my eyes and nodded, “Yes.” he nodded and helped me stand. I was still weak but the feeling would pass by in a couple minutes. I held both of Harry’s hands to steady myself and I smiled at him, “Thank you, Harry.” Harry smiled at me, “Anything for you, Love.” I stared into his eyes and found myself falling in love with him. Of course that had to be cut short when I heard Evie’s voice, “Thank god you’re okay!” I was then trampled by a couple people. I nearly fell over due to the number of people but Harry got behind and placed his hands on my waist making sure I didn’t lose my balance, “Be careful, she’s still weak.” Everyone eventually got off of me and I heard Evie’s voice, “Thank goodness you’re okay!” I smiled and pulled her into a hug, “I’m glad you guys are okay too, all of you.” she smiled and looked at Harry, “Thanks for keeping her safe.” I heard Harry chuckle, “Anything for her.” I blushed heavily and watched Celia smile and mouth, ‘He’s really cute.’ I winked and nodded. 

I leaned against Harry and asked whoever, “What did you guys find about Audrey?” Mal looked in my direction, “She’s growing stronger. Her magic is beginning to overcome my own.” I nodded and sighed, “We gotta do something fast or she’ll get us too.” after I said that I felt Harry’s grip on my waist grow a bit tighter. Mal nodded, “Okay, so, we all think that Audrey could be at Fairy Cottage. We have no idea where it is. Did she ever take you there?” Ben nodded, “Every Fairy Godmother’s Day. Where is Fairy Godmother when you need her?” I frowned and looked at Jane. She sighed softly, “I wish I knew.” I noticed Carlos was holding a box and I smiled pulling Harry away from the two, giving them some space. I looked at the statue and sighed softly but Evie’s voice knocked me out of my thoughts, “You feeling okay?” I noticed Harry was talking to Uma about what happened in the forest. I nodded and smiled, “Yeah, it’s just…I don’t understand why I was shown this.” I started to walk over towards the statue but Evie caught up to me and held my hand, “I don’t want you to see it alone.” I smiled and nodded, “Thank you, Evie.” she smiled softly but her smile faded when we reached the figures. I frowned and looked at their pained expressions, “They were trying to go to Ahtohallan and find the source of my mother’s power. Their ship ended up going down due to the waves.” Evie nodded and looked at how they held each other, “They spent their final moments in each other’s arms. That’s true love.” I smiled sadly and nodded, “My mother always told me they had been made for each other.” Evie smiled, “I believe your mom was right. What were their names?” I looked at my grandparents and smiled softly, “King Agnarr and Queen Iduna.” Evie smiled and nodded, “Such beautiful names.” I nodded and looked over at Ben, “Doug! Go with Jane.” Evie and I walked over and Harry smiled at me, “You okay, Love?” I smiled and nodded, “Never been better.”  Ben patted Doug on the back, “We need to find Fairy Godmother.” Uma instantly stepped forward, “They might need some muscle.” Doug looked at her, “Hey.” I stepped forward, “I can go with them.” Jay looked over, “We need your powers in case Audrey finds us.” Harry pulled me into his chest and nodded, “I’m not letting you out of my sight after that whole tornado.” I looked up and nodded, “Alright.” Gil looked down at his muscles, “Well, I’ll go.” Carlos nodded, “Yeah, actually, I would feel better.” Evie nodded in agreement, “Yeah, actually, I’d feel better too.” Mal stepped in raising her finger in the air, “Same.” Doug sighed and nodded, “Actually, I would too.” Harry chuckled and pressed a kiss to my hair while I smiled and lightly blushed. Gil smiled and wrapped an arm around Doug, “All right, man. Let’s do it,” he smiled and looked in Jane’s direction, “let’s go, Jane.” Jane smiled, “Okay.” Carlos looked at her and sighed, “Be careful, okay?” Jane nodded, “I will.” she looked at me and smiled. I smiled and waved, “See you soon.” that seemed to comfort her a bit since she relaxed, “Okay..” we watched as they left and Evie had invited us to go inside so we can start planning our next step.

hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! love you guys!


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Hey! If you could pause your scrolling just for a moment!

My name is Ren! I’ve been cosplaying for a few years now and I’ve even picked up a job where I cosplay. (Party princess and Jedi)

This is me:


I’m a highschool student who cosplays in their free time while also picking up shifts where I usually have to travel 45+ minutes (both ways, sometimes multiple times a week.) My work has been trying to add a new character to our list, which has been put on hold. We need to get a proper wig and I need to upgrade my prop.


(Video: Arctic Comicon 2019 by ModerateKeys)

(Kylo Ren: chrominicus on Instagram)

Rey has been a lovely character that I’ve only gotten to cosplay once for an event. I didn’t wear a wig for this since my hair was fine. I’ve since chopped off all my hair, and Rey has been sitting in my closet.


I need to purchase a wig and upgrade my saber, which will be an expensive investment.

You may be asking: why are you telling us all this?

I’m considering opening up a ko-fi or a patreon in people would like to support me. Because of isolation, I am not able to pick up shifts and be paid. Cosplay is a huge hobby of mine and I would love to pursue it further and get really good.

Perks would probably include videos detailing how I’m doing things, requests on cosplays, behind the scenes on photo shoots and conventions, and so forth. I have been looking to start my YouTube channel back up but have it be geared towards cosplay.

If you’re still a little on the fence about handing over money to someone on the internet who has one good cosplay, here’s a few more that I’ve done:

Elsa: Senshi Con 2019


(Photographer: Enso_Dynamic on Instagram/Facebook)


(Video: Senshicon 2019 by ModerateKeys)

Ciel Phantomhive: Senshi Con 2018 and Yuki Fest 2019


Belial (original character): Senshi Con 2019


What does the future hold if I choose to support you? (Cosplay wise)

The cosplays I have planned are:

Coronation Elsa/Spirit Elsa

Loki Laufeyson

Levi Ackerman


Elizabeth Swann (a possibility, not set in stone)

Of course, if someone is willing to support and wants to request a Cosplay, I will be more than happy to work on it.

Benefits as a patreon supporter (if I decide to use it):

  • Videos detailing things I’ve learned. I’m by no means an expert but there’s always something I could teach.
  • Requests for photos/videos/cosplays
  • Behind the scenes construction of things I hand make. I do purchase a lot of my cosplays by means of ease, but I am no way against hand making things. One of these first items would be Maui’s Fishhook (for reasons I cannot say :P)
  • Sneak peek videos of projects I may be planning or working on. This may be a CMV or a cosplay I’m starting or even a new item I got for a cosplay.

I’ll figure the other perks and benefits in the future.

Also: support all the amazing people in this post!

ModerateKeys can be found on YouTube an Instagram (possibly Facebook. I’m unsure.) I’m good friends with Kane at this point from the few videos I’ve done with them and they are awesome to work with! They’re super polite and know the best ways to make a person’s hard work look good. And their editing and filming is just incredible. I binge all their con videos a lot.

Enso_Dynamic can be found on Instagram and Facebook. They approached me and asked to take some photos on the roof of the hotel the con was in. Beautiful view, perfect for Elsa. They were super nice and helped me with the dress (carpeted stairs in heels wasn’t fun and neither was having that enormous train) and they were super easy and awesome to work with. Their photography is awesome and I’d 100% work with them again. Just like ModerateKeys, they knew exactly how to make a person look great.

Chrominicus can be found on Instagram. He and I met at Arctic Comicon the year before and just kept bumping into each other during the day. Then we hit it off, exchanged contacts, and then we did Senshi Con 2018 with a group of Black Butler cosplayers. He was my Sebastian. We later reprised the duo at Yuki Fest 2019 (where we are featured in the video by ModerateKeys, which is where we both met the filmera). I approached him with the idea of a Kylo Ren and Rey duo, and thus Arctic Comicon 2019 was born. I’m unsure if and when our next duo or group cosplay might be (due to things that have happened that I won’t publicly state as it’s really his business and I wasn’t directly involved.) But I love doing stuff with him and he deserves the support for working hard on his cosplays.

I hate to be one of those people that say “get this post to X amount of notes” but I really do need to set a number to see if there are enough people who would support me.

So, if we get to at least 100 notes, I will begin setting up a patreon or ko-fi.

Thank you! You may carry on ^_^

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I was seeing old storyboards and

I’m so glad that she exist, the way she is, her hair, her eyes, her voice, her personality… she’s beautiful and an amazing character I wouldn’t change a thing

Love you Els!!!

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Originally posted by kristoffsqueen

*not my gif*

Hi everyone, chapter 6 is here! so excited for you guys to read this chapter! Stay safe everyone! 



* Camila’s POV * 

I looked into Harry’s beautiful ocean eyes and nodded, “Okay.” Harry smiled and nodded, “Alright, let’s face the ocean.” I turned around so I was facing the ocean, Harry following my actions. I watched as the waves tried to break free from the ice. I looked at Harry and sighed, “What’s the plan?” he looked at me and then the ocean, “Think about something you love.” I thought that was a pretty odd request but I followed along. I thought of my mom, she has always been there for me and made sure I was safe. I thought of all the time she protected me and how she would make sure I had an amazing childhood. It felt as if I was slowly gaining control of my powers. I slowly opened my eyes and saw all the ice was off of the ocean and slowly dancing back into my palm. I looked over at Harry and saw him smiling widely, “You’re doing amazing, Camila.” I smiled and lowered my hand once I saw all the ice from the ocean was completely gone, “It worked…I didn’t think it would work,” I faced Harry and smiled, “thank you, Harry.” he nodded and smiled, “It’s no problem, Camila.” he faced the forest and I looked at the sharp icicles and sighed softly, “This will be more difficult.” Harry shook his head, “It’ll be easy, just keep thinking about your idea of love.” I nodded and raised my hand once more before closing my eyes and thinking of my mother. 

I felt the same way as I did freeing the ocean…free. The ice found its way back home and I couldn’t be even more happier. I opened my eyes and saw the forest was restored to its original state. I turned around and smiled once I saw Harry, “I can’t believe we did.” he only shook his head, “Love, you did this all by yourself.” it was my turn to shake my head, “No, I couldn’t have done it without you, Harry.” he smiled and held out his hand, “Shall we?” I looked at his hand and it felt like all the thoughts were trying to run back to my head but I heard Harry’s voice whisper out, “It’ll be okay, you’ll be safe.” After he said those words I slowly placed my hand on top of his own and he was right. I did feel safe. 

Harry smiled at me, “You okay?” I looked at him and smiled, “I’ve never been better.” he nodded and he began to slowly walk forward, “Ready?” I looked around the forest and nodded, “Let’s go.” we began to walk down the hill hand-in-hand. I think I might have a crush on Harry Hook. 

I looked at Harry and realized he was from the Isle, “How did you get here? How did Uma get here?” Harry looked at me, “It’s a long story but we’re looking for Ben and Carlos’ girlfriend. We don’t know where Audrey is and Uma and I really wanted to find you.” I felt my cheeks heat up as I thought to myself, ‘He wanted to find me?’, I looked over at Harry and smiled, “You wanted to find me?” Harry’s eyes widened in realization of what he had said, “I-I…yeah, I wanted to find you.” I smiled at him, “Thank you, harry. I’m glad you found me.” he smiled as he looked at the ground.I was getting a bit bored of just walking down this huge hill, I smiled to myself once I got an idea causing me to stop walking. Harry looked at me, worry filling his eyes, “Is everything okay? Are you hurt?” I giggled at his questions, “I’m fine, Harry. I just got a fun idea.” he raised an eyebrow, “What ‘fun’ idea do you have?” I let go of his hand and extended both of my arms and we both watched as ice flew out of my palms and onto the grass creating a slide of ice. Harry looked at the ice, “Is this even safe?” I giggled and playfully rolled my eyes, “I once fell down this hill and made one of these, and I came out fine.” Harry smiled at me and nodded, “Ladies first…” I did a small courtesy before I stepped on the ice and slid down. I looked up towards Harry’s figure and I laughed as I saw Harry lose his footing falling down and sliding towards me at a faster pace. Before I could have time to react I was swept away by him.

We finally made it to the ground but we landed in an awkward position. I was laying on top of him with my arms wrapped around his neck. While Harry’s arms were wrapped around my waist in a protective way. I lifted my head from Harry’s chest and saw Carlos, Jay, Dude, and some guy with blonde hair looking at us. I quickly scrambled to my feet and held out my hand for Harry. He smiled and grabbed my hand pulling himself up, “It’s no trouble, Darling.” I blushed at the name but I faced the ice ramp, I raised my hands and closed my eyes focusing on nothing but my mother, but the weirdest thing happened. I began to think about Harry. My heart began to beat faster at the thought of the pirate, the way he looked at me when we first met, the way we held hands, the way he held me. I think I might love this guy. I opened my eyes and saw the last bit of blue mist fly into my palms before I lowered them. I smiled to myself and turned around, “We’re looking for Ben and Jane?” Carlos nodded, “Yeah, we’re trying the forest.” I nodded but before we could leave I faced the blonde guy, “Hi, I don’t think we’ve ever met.” he looked at me and a smile instantly grew on his face, “Hi! I’m Gil, son of Gaston. What’s your name?” I smiled at Gil, “I’m Camila, daughter of Elsa.” Gil nodded and smiled, “Nice to meet you!” I smiled at him, “It’s nice to meet you too. Harry was right, I do like you.” Gil smiled and wrapped his arm Harry’s shoulder pulling him close, “Aw man! Thanks!” Harry struggled to get free but he patted Gil’s arm, “Anything for a friend.” he smiled and let him go, “Exactly.” Jay cleared his throat, catching all of our attention, “We should get going.” I nodded in agreement, “Yeah, let’s go.” before I could go I felt Harry grab hold of my hand, “I missed your hand, Lass. It’s been gone for far too long.” I blushed and smiled, “I missed your hand too.” we began to leave and I could hear Gil mumble from behind us, “Uma is gonna love this.” 


Carlos looked around at all the trees and shouted, “Ben!” Jay followed his friend’s action yelling out, “Ben!” Harry and I walked through a couple trees, I looked at one of the trees and only thought about all the trees I froze. I stepped away from the tree but Harry must have noticed because he held his hand out for me, “Camila, it’s okay. You’re safe.” I placed my hand onto his and sighed, “I-I’m just scared I’ll freeze everything again.” he nodded and pulled me closer to him “You’re in control of your powers. Your powers don’t control you. Don’t live in fear because of them.” by the end of his sentence he had cupped my cheeks, his hook hanging on his belt. I brought my hands up to his own and held them, “Thank you…” he smiled uncupped my cheeks but he still held my hand, “Wanna try?” I slowly nodded and raised my shaking hand towards the tree. I let out a sighed relief when my hand made contact with the bark and nothing happened, I was just touching a tree. I smiled widely and I looked at Harry, “I did it..” Harry smiled, “I’m really-” I shut him up by jumping into his arms and hugging him. It took him a couple seconds to realize what was happening before he slowly wrapped his arms around my waist returning the hug. 

I only pulled away when I heard Jay, “Hey, love-birds let’s go.” I rolled my eyes and sighed, “Okay, okay…” Harry chuckled, “That’s too bad, things were getting interesting.” I patted his chest and giggled, “Calm it down, Harry.” we followed the group when all of a sudden it heard the voice again, “Ah-Ah-Ah…” I stopped walking and turned around looking at the trees. Everyone must have noticed my action because I heard Carlos ask, “Are you okay?” I ignored his question and I called out, “Ah-Ah-Ah…” I sighed softly when I didn’t hear the voice anymore but I heard Harry’s, “Love, is everything alright?” I turned around and nodded, “Y-Yeah, sorry. I thought I heard something. Let’s keep going.” the group began to walk away but Harry stayed back, “You sure you okay?” I shrugged and hugged myself, “Yeah. I’m fine, it must have been a bird.” Harry nodded and we made our way back to the group. We walked through the forest a bit more when Carlos yelled out again, “Ben!” I smiled as Harry’s arm slightly got stuck in a bush but my smile quickly faded when I heard the voice, “Ah-Ah-Ah…” I tried to ignore the voice and continue to walk but Dude walked over to us, “Boy, something stinks. And it wasn’t me this time.” I sighed softly, “Nasty…” we all jumped back when a beast growled and jumped out from a tree. I held onto Harry’s arm as the beast swung for Gil. I watched the beast and his clothes looked so familiar. It was Ben. 

Before I could say anything the trees surrounding Ben and the trees surrounding us suddenly went up in purple flames. Dude screamed and jumped into Carlos’s arms, “We’re gonna die!” We tried to step back from Ben but we also tried not to get burned. I faced the flames and lifted my hands and shot ice out from my palms. The ice made contact with the flames making them die away. Everyone saw and instantly backed up more. I put out more flames but I tried to figure out where they had come from. I turned back towards Ben and saw him growling at a small purple flame. The flame looked at Ben and before anything could happen and I quickly created a wall made it ice, separating the two. I managed to put out the trees but I was focused on the purple flame. The flame tried to run out from the side but I made two more walls blocking it in. I raised my hands to put out the flame but it quickly jumped up from the ice cell and ran deeper into the forest. I looked at Harry and Jay, “Calm him down, it’s Ben. I’m gonna get that flame.” Harry looked at me and nodded, “Be safe, Camila.” I nodded and softly smiled, “I always am.” I began to run off chasing the flame and putting out the fires. 

I stopped running so I could put out more flames:


Originally posted by foreverfrozensolid


Originally posted by kristoffsqueen

*both are not my gifs*

I began to pant trying to catch my breath but I was getting tired fast. I pushed myself to continue but it seemed like the flames only grew larger. I looked around and saw the flame jumping from tree to tree. I shot out more ice from my hands but I quickly stopped when I heard Harry yelling out my name, “Camila!” I turned around and watched Harry try to run over but he nearly collapsed due to the smoke from the fire. My eyes widened and I quickly froze all flames on the ground giving Harry the opportunity to get fresh air. I saw Gil running over yelling out, “I got him!” I nodded and held my side, “Get him out of here! Go if the flames get too high!” Gil looked hesitant but he nodded, “Be safe!” I continued to freeze the flames and I ran after the flame getting annoyed by this ongoing mess. I watched as the flame jumped from the tree and I quickly began to freeze all trees, even the ones with no flames on them. This caused the flame to let out a small yelp and fall to the ground. I cornered the flame into a small hole and I raised my hands again but I lowered my hands when I saw the flame slowly dying out to reveal a small lizard. I raised an eyebrow and whispered, “What are you?” the lizard looked and suddenly burst into a flame. I tried to lean down towards the lizard but I jumped back when it shot out fire nearly hitting me. I quickly froze the tree and faced the lizard with a small smirk. The once angry lizard twisted his head in confusion. His once sharp angry filled eyes turned to round intrigued filled eyes. I twisted my head and I smiled as I watched the lizard crawl towards me. I lowered my hand to the dirt and he looked up at me before poking my finger. I smiled softly and whispered, “It’s okay.” he then crawled into my hands, it burned for a couple of seconds but I was happy to see that the little guy was no longer on fire. I looked up towards the trees and saw that they were no longer on fire. I smiled at him, “You must be the Fire Spirit.”

Yay! Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! Hope everyone is doing good! Please stay home and stay safe. Love you guys


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Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven leave Arendelle to travel to an ancient, autumn-bound forest of an enchanted land. They set out to find the origin of Elsa’s powers in order to save their kingdom.

As fun as Frozen 2 was to watch, it was also rather tedious at times. The plot was not particularly engaging, especially when compared to the original, and was also rather predictable (again, different from the first film). It feels simultaneously like too much is going on, or nothing at all. 

The songs were a bit off-putting for me, and it felt like this film had way too many of them – I’m not sure if this was due to the actual number of songs or if I just had a decreased level of enjoyment because I didn’t like these songs the way I did those in the first Frozen.

That being said, there were entertaining moments, especially Olaf’s many monologues on life and questioning the future, and Kristoff’s many failed proposals. 

However, rather than watch this film again, I’d probably just watch the first one. 

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Cold Secrets Chapter 3: New Normal

A/N: Thanks for reading!!!

This is an AU where Runeard doesn’t build the dam until after Anna and Elsa are born as a gift to the Northuldra leader for allowing Iduna and Agnarr to marry. Whilst visiting the forest an incident involving Nøkk exposes Elsa’s magic to Runeard. Runeard attempts to kill Elsa but fails. Anna and Elsa are forced to stay in the secret room by day and their locked bedrooms by night. Until one day that balance is thrown off by a devastating loss.

It had been three years since the events in the forest and ‘acting the part’ was no longer a sufficient plan.  Anna and Elsa’s bedroom had turned into a winter wasteland due to Elsa’s frequent nightmares and was no longer in use.  The girls were given separate rooms but were always found in the same bed in the mornings. As Anna and Elsa grew closer their parents continued to drift apart.   There were times when Agnarr and Iduna’s spats required an intervention because things got out of hand.  

Despite the strain on their relationship, Agnarr and Iduna always worked together when studying Elsa’s magic. Agnarr was reading a book about nightmares in a means to help his eldest sleep better when Iduna placed a map in front of him.  “Ahtohallan. That’s where we need to go!” She was unusually excited about something they knew so little about.  

“Ahto-who-what?”  Agnarr asked quizzically while studying the map’s various locations.  “Ahtohallan, it holds all the answers about the past and what we’re a part of.  If we go there, we might be able to help Elsa reach her full potential.” Iduna began to list off all the legends and myths about the river while Agnarr was still wrapping his head around it.  He traced a dotted line from Arendelle to the Dark Sea and then to Ahtohallan. “…of course we might need to sail for two weeks and leave the girls with that tyrant, but we could give them instructions on how to carry on as if we were there with them. What do you think?”  She gave him that adventurous smile that rarely made an appearance after she left the forest. Agnarr smiled and held both her hands in his. “I’m all for it. If we’re able to find answers about Elsa’s uniqueness then it’s a trip worth taking.” Iduna embraced him and the two shared a kiss for the first time in months.


Anna laid on her back with her legs against the grandfather clock.  She mimicked the ticking with her tongue and watched the pendulum with her eyes.   Eventually watching the minute and hour hands revolve around the clock became repetitive.  At ten, Anna knew better than to open the door and disobey her parents, but having finished her lessons earlier than Elsa, the sameness of routine was bound to be broken.  Just as her hand closed around the marble horse head, a snowball whizzed past her.  

“Hey!"  She whipped around glaring at Elsa who was studying Arendellian history.   Elsa looked up, giving her younger sister a warning glance. "We can’t leave, remember?"  

"What if grandfather isn’t even in the castle?"  Anna suggested while attempting to open the door again.  "Don’t you miss running through the halls and seeing what Mama and Papa were up to?"  Elsa put down her fountain pen and sighed. Admittedly, Elsa did miss being carefree and biking down the halls despite the several warnings Agnarr gave them.   "Remember that old bicycle that father got from Germany? We used to ride it everywhere,” Mused Elsa as she recalled a simpler time.  

While her sister was distracted, Anna pulled the marble horse head and opened the door.  The sound of the stone door revolving brought Elsa back to reality. Upon seeing that her sister had left the only place they were safe, Elsa instinctively followed after her.  

“Anna! Anna, I’m not joking this is serious!” She yelled, checking every corridor for the feisty redhead.   After having walked the entire castle twice, Elsa noticed something…or rather someone sticking out behind the potted  crocuses in front of their parents’ bedroom. The door to the bedroom was slightly ajar. Curious, Elsa crouched next to the potted crocus and pinched Anna’s arm.  “Ow!” 

“That’s what you get for not listening to me,” Elsa narrowed her brows, “Anna you can’t just run off like tha-“  Anna placed a hand over Elsa’s mouth.

"Shh! I’m trying to listen."  Sure enough their parents’ voices rang out clearly inside the room.  “Are we sure Ahtohallan is a good idea?” Questioned Agnarr as he packed his suitcase with jackets and coats.  Iduna placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled empathetically.  

“I get it, you’re worried about going too far.  I’m sure Ahtohallan offers warnings to those who are about to cross the threshold.”  She kissed his cheek and continued to place journals and books into her own suitcase.   Agnarr paused for a moment, considering how not telling their daughters that they are leaving could affect them.  If he and Iduna never returned, Runeard would easily be able to hunt Anna and Elsa down. No matter how hard he tried, all Agnarr could do was think of the negatives.  Every dire situation he imagined ended the same way: his father ruling over Arendelle with an iron fist while Elsa and Anna watched from the dungeon or worse their graves.   “Iddy, maybe we should tell them-”

“Tell us what?”  Anna asked in an accusatory tone.  The redhead stood with her arms crossed over her chest.  She had heard enough secrets and saw how they tore her family apart.  No more! She thought listening to her parents talk in hushed tones.   Iduna sighed, looking over at the large family portrait hanging over the dimming fireplace.  She then looked back at Anna who was now joined by Elsa. The two stared her down, giving angry glares.   “We’re going on a diplomatic trip. The boat leaves in two hours, and we’ll be gone for two weeks.” Iduna watched as Anna’s arms dropped as fear flashed across her face. 

 “Wait, you’re leaving?”, Asked Anna, as reality began to sink in.  Tears suddenly formed in the corner of her eyes and she took a few deep breaths to calm herself.  It didn’t work, Anna let out a quiet whimper as she stood in the doorway crying. In an instant Iduna and Agnarr were embracing her.   Agnarr looked up and saw Elsa lingering outside the room, a snow flurry above her head. “Elsa?” Now the entire family is looking in her direction.  

“Why are you leaving now?! What if we’re in danger and you aren’t there to help?!”  Elsa looked between her parents, the anger in her rising. Agnarr spoke first, placing both hands on Elsa’s shoulders.  “I know it’s sudden and you think it’s outright stupid, but Elsa this is for you and Anna. It’s to save your future. If you’re angry…you have every right to be.”   

“This is just something that couldn’t be put off until later.  We’re sorry…” Iduna added, attempting to get a hug but Elsa refused.  “I don’t forgive you, nor do I accept your apology. You weren’t going to say goodbye!  I didn’t even know you were leaving until ten minutes ago!” With tears in her eyes, the thirteen year old ran off to her room.   

“Elsa!”  Iduna yelled, running after her eldest.  She stopped, seeing that the door to the old nursery was ajar.  Peeking inside the room, Iduna noticed that the small ice statues that hadn’t moved in years were now in motion again.    One in particular caught her eye, it was of a fairy’s wings being cut off. The scene played on a loop next to Elsa who was sitting on her bay window.   “ That’s very tragic, isn’t it?” Iduna asked as she sat next to the troubled teen. Elsa glanced at her and turned her attention back to the ice statues.  “That’s why you can’t leave. He’ll clip my wings…” She whispered looking out at the fjord where Agnarr and Anna were helping Kai load the suitcases onto the ship.  “Elsa, you and Anna will be okay, I have a feeling.” Iduna noticed a blue and green cloth protruding from the doll crib next to the window. She lifted the blue cloth and smiled.  “This was the scarf you were wrapped in as a baby. I want you and Anna to hold onto these. When you get lonely or scared just wrap it around your shoulders…it’ll be like I’m giving you a hug.”   Iduna wrapped the shawl around Elsa’s shoulders and kissed her on the forehead.  

“I believe I have a trip to go on.  Come see me and your father off,” Ordered Iduna as she stood up, Elsa following suit.   

As the boat began to disembark, Anna and Elsa ran after it.  They waved goodbye and blew kisses at their parents until the boat disappeared beyond the horizon.  Out of breath and sweaty, Anna squeezed Elsa’s hand, solidifying a promise she had made internally.  We must always protect each other.   In some ways, some promises were meant to be broken.   


Two weeks soon became five. It was warm and the sun was streaming through the windows which was a contrast to the dire news Gerda had received.  

“Your Majesty, I have some unfortunate news: Prince Agnarr and Lady Iduna’s ship was lost in a storm.  There were no survivors.” Runeard ran his fingers through his greying hair and sunk into his throne.   “Thank you Gerda, I’ll tell the princesses after supper.”  

Anna’s face contorted as she tried to grasp what had become of her parents.  Her legs buckled and she collapsed in a fit of sobs. The shrill cries echoed through the castle reaching Elsa’s room.  At first when she heard the cries, Elsa assumed it was Gerda but then she heard Gerda’s calm voice say: “Princess Anna, please.  You’ll hurt your voice.” Elsa’s heart sunk as she heard the heart wrenching sobs of her younger sister getting louder as Anna neared the room.  The rhythmic knock that Elsa was used to was replaced by a small tap on the door. She opened the door and gathered Anna into her arms. “Wha-”

“Your parents didn’t survive their trip. I’m so sorry.”  Gerda answered before leaving the two alone. The sisters cuddled together in silence, the only sound being the beating of their shattered hearts. 

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