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prunkge · a year ago
Liebe im Lockdown. 2020/21
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biggest-gaudiest-patronuses · 9 months ago
one weird thing about being the target of mass harassment over a long period time is how random it becomes. there are things you can predict—old smear campaigns popping back up because you’ve spoken out about a controversial issue, or because you’ve recently been particularly active and visible. that is always a risk; I’ve learned to mentally prepare myself for an uptick in harassment before starting new projects or posting about certain issues.
But. But. a lot of times it has nothing to do with your actions. which means you can’t predict it, you can’t prepare yourself. you are always on edge. because you can do everything right, or nothing at all (and the first will piss off way more people than you would expect), but once trolls have set their sights on you, there is nothing you can do to prevent being targeted again and again, years down the line, for the same old shit. this is how harassment culture works—it enables the harassers, ad nauseam. because at the end of the day, it’s about other people’s actions, other people’s whims. you can tread on a tightrope, anxious not to step on toes or invite discourse, but eventually someone who already hates you will remember you exist, and will take the opportunity to drag you through the same traumatic shitshow you’ve been through before, as many times as they are allowed.
and I wish I had a solution to share. but I don’t. this will keep happening and happening for as long as we, as a community, enable it.
we live in an age of constant misinformation and normalized harassment. please be careful how you treat other social media users, be careful what accusations you believe, and remember there is a human being on the other side of the screen. read critically and with doubt.
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anticw-spn · a year ago
Tumblr media
pov youre the spn cast ?
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yeehawshira · a month ago
Howdy everyone! Emergency commissions are now open!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I was in a major car accident on my birthday yesterday (5.11.22), and completely totaled my car. Along with my medical expenses after being discharged, it will probably be well over $10,000+ USD to fix the damages.
All commissions come with color for free.
Waist up -> $20 USD
Full body -> $35 USD (added character + $5 USD)
I also take donations, please don't donate anything over $10. I can also DM pictures of my car if needed for proof. <:)
V*nmo: BovineBeau
P*ypal: Snowepaws
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coccinelle-et-chaton · 9 months ago
my genetic makeup: i will give you a knack for theorizing and research.
me: sweet! am i gonna use it to do something usef---
my genetic makeup: you'll use it to talk about cartoons.
me: uhhhh well, you see, i kinda would like to be a researcher and use it to finish my thesis and do all these articles i have to wri--
my genetic makeup: cartoons, i said.
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oxygen-stealer · a month ago
Please please please pleASE SOMEONE send me that fucking post with the person in the stupid hoodie thing that zips all the way up and had Walter White's face on it holding blue rock candy with the caption "Jesse we have to fucking!!" Or something like that I need it for mental health reasons I am on my knees
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bakapandy · a year ago
Tumblr media
Judgey McJudgeface and Judgey McJudgeface Jr.
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hunkydorkling · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hello, friends and followers! I'm opening up emergency commissions to help fund my people and keep them safe in the streets while they protest for our rights. If you want to read more about in detail, read further.
From today until May 12, I am offering 3 SLOTS FOR FICS and 3 SLOTS FOR FANART services for the fandoms I'm in. Refer to the photos above for more deets!
If you're interested, feel free to DM me here or otherwise on Discord (which I will freely give in DMs to those to ask).
☕️ Ko-fi link:
Payment will be upfront as I will immediately donate it to different organizers.
I will message you once I start working on your piece, but because of my loaded schedule, it may take me time.
All commissions will be tracked in a dedicated spreadsheet.
I have the right to refuse a commission.
I and my fellow Filipinos are currently in the midst of a creating a pivotal moment in history as we expose the unjust and corrupt election day that occurred last Monday, May 9, 2022.
As I write this, my people—some I know personally, most of whom I share the same principles and thirst for justice—are camping out in the streets in front of the Commission on Elections, protesting peacefully yet strongly against the blatant disenfranchisement and electoral fraud that occurred yesterday: from broken vote counting machines to corrupted SD cards, people had to wait in line for more than six hours only to personally feed their ballots into the machines. A day after the elections, we've learned of additional anomalies that contribute to the spread of misinformation that contributed to Marcos Jr.'s win by (alarming) landslide. This has been the nastiest election day that I've ever encountered, and it will keep going.
Keeping us in your thoughts will matter to us taking a stand for our right to democracy. And whether you're a friend, a follower of mine, or even some random internet passerby, know that there are millions of us—millions—who are woke enough to take a stand to fight the powers that be.
P.S.: There will be Opinions circulating around news outlets; if you read World News, it's impossible to miss. But let me assure you that the last thing I would want is to identify with the red-and-green clad, misinformed masses who resist the change we've been promised by a dream candidate. There's only one president and for me and that's a woman—enough said. I hope you take a chance on me as a tool for my country's democracy.
Thank you for reading all this wall of text—I am eternally grateful you took the time to do so.
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fearlesstaylorsversion · 2 years ago
I’m curious. Reblog in the tags the last exciting thing you did before social distancing / lockdown/ quarantine / whatever you wanna call it started.
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littlespoonevan · 4 months ago
i am once again asking for the chain by fleetwood mac to play when buck and eddie have their grocery store fight 2.0
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jjbdepression · a year ago
Childe: *takes off his shirt in front of Lumine*
Childe: You're having lewd thoughts about me aren't you ojou-chan?
Lumine: No, I'm having crippling depression.
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abysslll · 10 days ago
how the fuck do hospitals work
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gossip-guy-of-middle-earth · 2 months ago
Y’all…the day I just had at work
So, at our halfway point on our train journey, our train breaks down in the middle of the fucking rainforest, meaning we’re hours away from civilisation, with no phone reception or wifi
Now, naturally, being the overachiever I am, I was the guard today, meaning I am fully responsible for every passenger on board and am in charge of my two coworkers on with me today
So, it’s fucking storming outside and raining down, and our back carriage is empty and I need to get into it to go to the balcony to radio ahead to our driver three carriages behind me that the coast is all clear every 30 seconds for 15 minutes (we had to slide down the mountain backwards to get back to a safe platform)
Now, since the back carriage is only half attached, in the middle of a storm, I have to do some Indiana Jones stunt double shit leaping across moving carriages with nothing to walk on except the coupling chains, and not to mention the carriage I need to get into is locked
Nonetheless, we get back to town finally 12 hours later, and it’s dark and I’m hungry and tired
I did get a $100 tip though from a passenger for making sure they didn’t, you know, die
So feeling a little like this now, getting home at 6pm when I started work today at 6am
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favoriteginger · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Something lurks in the Deep
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peenalize · 2 months ago
i want to see villain lloyd bc im fucked up and evil and love angst but i dont want to see villain lloyd because that would cause me personally emotional damage. hope this clears absolutely nothing up !!!
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stagefoureddiediaz · 3 months ago
Calling it now - something is definitely going to happen to Buck in season 5 because - Buck and bikes…
1x10 a whole new you - Guy split in two on motorbike
4x01 New abnormal - Cyclist swept into storm drain when dam broke
4x05 Buck begins - Buck crashes multiple bikes - push bike and motorbike
plus he has push bike on wall of apartment
And now there’s a bike and a stop sign in 5x14 it’s making me very 👀👀👀👀👀👀
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duskroots · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just two sunflowers, chilling in Grothmar Valley~
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chocolate-pretz · 7 months ago
Watching Tommy stop himself from swearing around Grian is like watching Quackity mute in vc during MCC with Captain Sparklez and cursing up a storm cuz of one/some of the games
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speedkeed · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
     sighs into my cup. mutuals like this post for a starter before i regret making this post in the first place.
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theladyyavilee · 3 months ago
hello yes I am back with a no-911-monday crack theory after all (yes I know it isn’t monday and I missed like 7 weeks, I think, because my brain was not up to constructive thoughts, but I will (HOPEFULLY) make up for them by doing theories on other days as well and more than one on the mondays that still remain xD)
today’s theory is about eddie getting hurt/getting caught up in some kind of emergency and what I think the nature of that might be
I’ve been thinking about recurring themes this season and realized that quite a few of the big eddie cases were all centered about loss of control in some way (and I mean loss of control/his fear of losing control has also been a big theme for eddie this season in general but I think for now he is still - if only just baaaarely by the tips of is fingers - holding onto control but we all know he is rapidly runing out of time on that one) and more importantly maybe loss of control through no fault of the people losing the control!
okay, so we have the blackout in general which is just a big loss of control in general and then more specifically the helicopter crash because the pilot loses control of it (and I do think the whole it being a helicopter crash, eddie almost falling out of it and the heart-metaphor of it all ties this call very firmly to eddie and again the loss of control also ties beautifully into his personal life with how everything with ana and his own discomfort around her is spiraling out of the tight control he is trying to hold over it)
we have the driver that causes the accident in Home and Away and the way he tried to stop the vehicle but the brakes didn’t work and he completely lost control of the truck
we have the prison riot in Brawl in Cell Block 9-1-1, which is an even more out of control situation and the hostage taking which is an added case of putting eddie and buck in an out of control situation and again the prison guards (the people who lost control) weren’t directly responsible for the loss of control because the riot was staged by mitchell and in the same way eddie and buck had control taken away from them without any fault of their own (interestingly mitchell is grasping all the control in these situations because he too had control (and agency) taken away from him when it came to decisions about his own life and more importantly his ability to protect his son and he very violently took that control back to a certain degree, but at a very high cost)
and we have the extremely out of control fire in Defend in Place that parallels with eddie feeling more and more out of control when it comes to his own life and his own feelings (both things he is desperate to stay in control of)
and then we have eddie quitting his job to wrestle back control over his life but we all know that is not really going to fix anything beyond giving him the time he needs to do the things that will actually help him get back some control and get better overall (but he’ll have to work hard for that and I do think he needs to completely lose the tight control he has on himself before he is ready to start that healing process)
TLDR eddie getting hurt/getting caught up in an emergency that is centered around the theme of having lost control of something and at the same time hitting his breaking point of the control he is still hanging onto 
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