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carlaerosie · 23 hours ago
people calling Pepa “a white woman” doesn’t sit right with me
it’s like ignoring her whole indigenous ancestry
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
she looks so much like Pedro too? the nose the smile the everything like how can people not see this??
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notthatadi · a day ago
Abuela Alma:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Bruno pt. 2:
Tumblr media
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meetthefatess · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
All the mutuals are drawing Encanto so now it’s my turn ✨🌈
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brunolivesinthebwalls · 2 days ago
Bruno as a child headcanons
As a child Bruno played pranks on his sisters…and he used his gift to know when the best time to do prank them
His pranks never hurt anyone
The reason he cares for rats as an adult is because Julieta found one in the kitchen and gave it to Bruno as a pet
He used to tell Pepa stories to help her calm down. Soon falling in love with the arts
The reason he likes green is not because of his gift or his family, it’s cause his first friend outside his sisters told him he looked good in green
He grow up hearing how his father loved them so, and how he gave his life for the family. Bruno wanted to be just like his father and protect his family no matter what.
He always won at hide and seek
Tumblr media
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ahurricaneofjacarandas · 2 days ago
A Kiss
> set before the movie
> the triplets are in their 20's in this fic
> agustin, i am so sorry but y/n is going to replace you here
> julieta madrigal x fem! reader
Tumblr media
“You know, ” Pepa sat down beside someone, “it doesn't really take an idiot to know you like her.”
Y/N groaned and rolled her eyes, “Not this again Pepa.”
Pepa shrugged, “I'm just saying! If you really like my sister, tell her–” Y/N scoffed and ignored Pepa, “or I will.” Pepa smiled mischievously.
Y/N looked from her sketchpad to Pepa's smiling face, “I don't like that smile.”
Pepa grinned, “Neither does Julieta! Now you both have something in common!”
“I knew this was a bad idea! Pepa–!”
Y/N turned around fo find Julieta looking at her concerned.
“Juli! Hi!” Y/N waved, “Yeah, I– uh– I'd love to talk but I need to see Pepa, bye!” she turned around once again and ran towards Pepa's door, leaving a flustered yet frowning Julieta in the kitchen.
“Pepa! Pepa! Let me in!” Y/N knocked repeatedly on Pepa's door. Sensing that Pepa won't open the door for her, she decided to let herself in.
Grabbing the doorknob and turning it was easy, wasn't it? Oh no, it's not. Once she grabbed the doorknob it sent an electric shock through her body, making her jump and clutch her now burned and numb hand.
“Ay Pepa! Let me in!” Y/N kicked the door softly.
“Who are you talking to?” Someone asked behind Y/N.
Y/N being the clumsy little thing she is, jumped and tripped on a potted plant, landing, not so softly, face first on the floor.
Bruno's eyes widened as he saw what happened. Giving his hand for Y/N to hold, he helped her stand up. Although, he didn't seem to notice the bruise forming on Y/N's forehead when she hit it on the edge of the pot.
“I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine–” Y/N said to herself and Bruno.
“Uh-huh.” Bruno observed Y/N's face and saw the bruise forming. “But now I see a bruise forming on your forehead, you need to let Julieta heal that,” he said before turning around, but before leaving, he stopped and said, “Pepa is not in her room you know, she's with Félix.”
Y/N nodded and waved Bruno away, she wasn't really in a mood to know that Pepa wasn't in her room that electrified her hand. Sighing, she touched her forehead and winced. Yep, this was going to be a long day and it wasn't even lunch yet.
Rolling her shoulders and letting it crack, Y/N huffed and continued to paint with her good hand whilst ignoring the throbbing of her forehead.
“Y/N!” she heard a familiar voice call her on the other side of the plaza. Looking up, she saw Julieta walking towards her in a hurry.
“Have you seen Pepa? Máma needs her to help the farmers.”
Y/N hummed and thought deeply, what would she get if she told Julieta where Pepa is right now?
“If I told you, what would I get?” Y/N asked Julieta with a raised eyebrow as she continued to paint the plaza in front of her.
“A kiss.”
Y/N's hand slipped with Julieta's answer, resulting in a now ruined page. “What did you say?”
Julieta bit the inside of her cheeks, “I said, if you told me where Pepa is, you would get a kiss.” she smiled warmly at Y/N.
Breathing in and out deeply, Y/N puffed and pursed her lips. “Fine. Pepa is at the meadow with Félix.” she ripped the ruined page off her sketchpad.
Standing up, Y/N brushed the dirt off her skirt. “But I'm going to hold onto that kiss.” Y/N looked at Julieta, seeing the twinkle in the girl's eyes, she grinned and leaned closer.
Julieta froze as Y/N lessened the space between them. “Tomorrow, at the meadow, lunch time.” she didn't get what Y/N said at first but when she did, her cheeks flushed. Nodding, Julieta remained quiet as Y/N gathered her materials.
Y/N straightened up and turned around to leave, but deciding that it was the right time to become confident, she turned to meet Julieta's gaze once again and leaned closer to kiss the blushing girl's cheeks.
“See you tomorrow Juli.” Y/N winked and left.
“See you.” Julieta whispered as she touched the spot Y/N kissed softly.
Shaking her head, she turned to run towards the Casita but not before she heard Y/N shouting,
“Don't bring anything but yourself tomorrow!”
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milfcove · 10 hours ago
in the encanto art book it says something about bruno being the town favorite as a kid and i personally think his fall from grace is more interesting than him being an outcast his whole life, just the sibling hierarchy shifting from bruno julieta pepa to julieta pepa bruno creates an angsty dynamic i really like
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jadzio · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Original audio for this
I got inspired by this tiktok and this comic (go check them out, they are great)
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manehead · 2 days ago
Young triplets
Pepa to Julieta: You don’t have to do everything our mamá says—
Bruno: We like to think of her rules more as suggestions
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m-mangachild · 20 hours ago
Y/n: Please tell me you didn’t eat this?
*Holds up a cupcake that has a bite taken out*
Taishiro: Yeah, sorry. I need to pack on more fat, but I saved you. It’s tasted horrible.
Y/n: Baby. This is a candle.
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catastrouge · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
i’m just begging for new contents
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lariskapargitay · 2 days ago
Pepa being super affectionate with her children like how Alma probably never was with her gives me all the feels 🥺
Tumblr media
It’s so obvious that her love language is physical touch so the fact that she makes sure to hug and kiss her kids like this to show she loves them and not let them have any doubt that she loves them like she felt growing up legit makes me want to cry
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random-fandoms-fanfics · a day ago
Rockabye Baby
@leoisgayforwriting, ta-da hope you enjoy my dude
You held the small boy against your chest, rocking him gently as you petted his curly hair, “it’s ok sol, Mamá will be back soon,” his tiny hands gripped your shirt tighter and you could hear him let out a sob, “shh baby it’s gonna be ok, they’ll find him,” his sobs increased and his face burying deeper into your neck, “shush baby shush, I’m sorry it’s ok, it’s ok,”
“Felix, how’s the search going?”
“Not good, how’s my little man going,” he lifting the boys face, seeing his freckled face stained in tears, “not good either, you know how he is, such a sensitive little thing,” Felix brushed the hair of the child out of his face, “more like he just has a big heart, you love your tio don’t you Camilo,” he nodded, blinking the tears out of their eyes and trying to suck the snot back up his nose, “I- I- I want Bruno,”
“Oh cariño my baby,” Pepa ran over to you with a rain cloud above her head and her arms outstretched, “mami!” Camilo reached for his mother, almost falling out of your arms as he tried to jump over to her, “calm down big man, we don’t need another disaster tonight,” walking over to the jittering redhead you passed him over to Pepa who was almost choked by the boy wrapping his arms around her neck, her face was just as stained as her son, tears still gliding down her face “are you ok mi luz?” pulling her towards you by the waist you rubbed the small of her back, “I chased him away I know it, I was too cruel to him I, this is my fault,”
“My love you can not blame yourself, we don’t truly know why he left, I’m sure he’ll come back in a day or two and explain everything, and remind you he loves your relationship,” you felt a large hand grip your own, looking down you found Felix now beside you, “mi vida you should get some sleep, we’ll go out to help the others,” nodding you watched her cloud shrink as she kissed Felix on the head, “good night chaparrito,” then shrink even more as she turned to you with her nose pressing to yours, giving you a peck on the lips “good night osito,” telling her goodnight you let her glide out of her arm as she walked towards her room, rocking the small boy in her arms.
“Come, Bruno couldn’t have gotten too far,”
“I’m going to kill that man, hurting my babies for no reason, after he makes Camilo and Pepa happy I’m gonna strangle him,”
“Hey hey hey, no need for strong words, he always has a reason for things like this,”
“NO you just don’t disappear on a night like this, if you want to leave your family do it like a man and not when your family is concerned and trying to help your sobrina,” he held your cheeks in his large hands, directing you towards him,
“(Y/N) my love shush, breath,” letting him pull you down into a quick hug he began whispering into your ear, “I get it, you’re angry and it’s fine that you are but we can’t kill Bruno, imagine how Camilo would feel,” pulling away you let a heavy stream of air blow out of you nostrils while rolling your head, looking back down at your partner, you struggled to ignore him but the moment you looked at him and saw that sweet smile you caved, your shoulders dropped and you begrudgingly smiled back at him, “there’s my sweet man,” giving your knuckles a kiss he pulled you towards the front doors with your hands still entwined “I’m still going to beat the shit out of him for making Pepa cry,”
“I know amor, I know,”
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encantoheadcanons · a day ago
Pepa now makes sure she doesn't take any day with Bruno for granted. She's still scared he will leave again and she couldn't go through that again
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brunolivesinthebwalls · a day ago
With the family
Something I see Bruno doing with his family after the house is rebuilt!!
Him and Antonio would get all of their animal friends together, having a huge animal party pretty much. The rats would go between acting out story’s that Bruno told or nibbling on the food that was around. Were Antonio animal friends would be flying around or laying around him and his tio, watching the rat show.
With Camilo I can see Bruno taking him a bit from the house waiting for the perfect moment that Dolores was busy. He would pull out an old notebook, giving Camilo a shy smile before handing the book over. Camilo would be the one he would pass his old tricks and safe pranks to and of course tio Bruno would show Camilo that they still work even now. (But Bruno does keep his best ones to himself. He needs to make sure Camilo is ready for best Bruno pranks.)
With Dolores things would be more simple and relaxing. He would thank her for not telling anyone were he was hiding when he was living in the walls. Knowing how sometimes loud sounds still get to her even to this day. They would sit in her room simple reading and having conversations about books to life.
Isabela would be doing most of the talking, I don’t mean that in any way but excited. She would be showing Bruno of all the plants she could grow. She would somehow get Bruno to dance with the family like old times. Surprising Bruno dances better then most only to stop when everyone is staring. Isabela would smile and distracted him to forget everything but listening to the music just as he did for her as a child.
I can see Luisa and Bruno going off to were the donkeys graze so she could relax. He would show her how to make her own story’s so if she ever wanted to. I see Bruno trying to teach her to relax only to have it turned on him. The would both just lay back in the grass cloud watching till it was time to go home. Once dinner was done he would tell her stories of the stars in the sky.
With Felix and Agustin would pick Bruno up by the arms and pull him away from Casa. Now this is were poor Bruno regrets everything. They spend half the time running away from the bees chasing Agustin. (Having to go home to get some of Juliet’s food real quick.) Then the other half of the time Felix dragged them to a party that was happening at one of his friends house. Poor Bruno had to be coaxed out of the walls.
Juliet and Pepa would pull Bruno into the kitchen just like when they were all kids. They would all sit around the table just talking and telling jokes as if kids again. They would catch Bruno up on some of the things he had missed outside the walls. They would show him pictures of moments they thought he missed only for him to tell them he was there just in the walls. Bruno would then get more hugs from his sisters then he had in a while.
Alma and him would be a little bit more tense in the beginning of them spending time with each other. But things would be fine in no time, they would spend time each day drinking tea and talking. Alma is just happy to have her family back together.
Mirabel would be the one to coax Bruno to spend time outside of Casa. She just wants her tio Bruno to be happy, after hearing her mama and grandmother talking about someone he used to spend time with. She would bug him tell he told her stories of his childhood so she could figure out who this mystery person was. They both enjoy just spending time together.
Tumblr media
When Bruno finally got a minute to breathe to himself. He walks into town taking a path he had taken many times before. He comes up to a green door, slowly raising his hand to knock. Taking a deep breath he knocks three times, he quickly pulled out the salt and surger he brought throwing them over his shoulders. As the door opens he hears his named whispered as if the voice couldn’t believe what they was seeing. Soon after he was pulled into a tight hug and the words I missed you whispered into his ear.
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ahurricaneofjacarandas · a day ago
Pepa, clutching her foot: oh cry me a river!
Y/N, crying: *running towards Pepa with two buckets full of water while their nose looks like a smASHED PAPAYA*
Pepa: why are you crying?
Y/N: you said cry me a river so I asked Isa to insult me but she said she couldn't even though she was in a bad mood, but she did punch me with a vine
Pepa: .....
Y/N, shrugging: it's a win-win situation
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biromanticbeast · 18 hours ago
Guys you know Dolores' rap during "We Don't Talk About Bruno"?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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honeymilkbubbletea · a day ago
Tumblr media
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artsploon · 13 hours ago
doodle based on some hcs i had (hcs aka rambles listed below)
Tumblr media
i won’t lie a good chunk of this was based on my own experience with siblings,,,don't mind my rambling it’s just how i think
squabbles just squabbles
bruno is a cocky lil shit with his family he only really gets anxious with outsiders
bruno has good comebacks !!!!! 
playful arguments where they just throw meaningless insults at each other and giggle about it after
i heavily believe that pepa and bruno were the ones to have the most spats among the triplets
don’t get me wrong they care for each other but also keep in mind they’re siblings
pepa tends to overreact and bruno can be a lil shit when he wants to be
bruno likes to tease his sisters especially pepa, again, she has big dramatic reactions
but also pepa can hold a grudge and i wouldn't be surprised if at one point they got into a petty argument
bruno would be quick to apologize but let’s be honest if pepa is really upset she will say something really hurtful in the spur of the moment
will she regret it immediately after? oh, absolutely 
probably calling him a curse or restating the mean things the pueblo has to say about him, and bruno just kinda goes quiet cuz, damn that hurt
the realization hits pepa, she clamps a hand over her mouth and flees, i imagine she needs to calm down before she tries to apologize
julieta in turn is the type to pick up on the lil things, she’s a cargiver obvs she’s gonna notice bruno’s shift in demeanor
she’s the one to comfort bruno because she knows pepa just needs time to cool off and bruno takes these kinds of things to heart, especially seeing as it came from his sister
it’s just a lot of back and forth talk
i imagine it’s hushed whispers of reassurance from julieta, trying to reaffirm the facts that way bruno can’t deny them, and a lot of what if’s from bruno
julieta has to throw hands with bruno’s self-loathing when big arguments happen 
in the end i believe julieta and bruno would have this closeness/quiet understanding between them
pepa and bruno are close too ofc but well i guess there’d be some tension btwn them
at the end of the day they all care for each other and i would die for them
the end :)
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m-mangachild · 2 days ago
I could never imagine being Bruno Madrigal. They mad a whole diss track about him, making him out to be the villain when in reality he didn’t do anything. 😂😂
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bellathechildbitch · 10 hours ago
Hi! May i request pepa madrigal with female reader where pepa is very jealous and the reader kisses her to calm her down since the words couldn't? Thanks!
Tumblr media
It was a normal day in the encanto.. well it was for you. You were hanging out with Julieta all day long..
Helping her with the cooking because you saw how that poor lady work her ass off and for what..? So you decided to take some of the stress off of her shoulders.
As the two of you worked in the kitchen Pepa would be spying from afar.. leaning into hear what you were saying frowning a bit at the sight of you guys being so close to each other... Do you like her older sister more than her? Oh goodness the thought of being replaced killed her...soon thunder would echo throughout the Casita.
You were finishing with the dishes as you paused for a moment.. you couldn't shake the feeling off that someone was watching you.. slowly turning around you saw a glimpse of Pepa hiding in the far corner of the room.. your eyes meet as Pepa had a very displeasing expression on her face before stomping off.
Here we go again you thought to yourself as you would trail behind her "Oh mi amorrrrrrrrrr... " You said softly as you grabbed her hand "What ever is the matter my darling Pepa.."
She would scoff as she pulled her hand away from you "Leave me be.."
You were surprised at her actions but shook the feeling off "Pepa.. What the heck.. what's wrong.." she's glare at you before heading to her room.
"Oh dios mio.. " you groaned to yourself as you continue to follow after her to her room. Entering it she would have her back facing you, holding herself as the thunder became louder..
"Aye grumpy what's the matter.. you gotta tell me what's wrong so I can help you get through your emotions.. " you sighed
She would clench her fists "I see the way you look at her (Y/n).. I see the way you act.. you like her more than me don't you!?" She barked.
Confused you stood there, thinking of what in the world she was talking about but then it clicked. You would grin as you walked up behind her, lacing your arms around her waist "You seriously think I'd replace my one and only Pepa..?"
Rolling her eyes she would look away "For all I know.. yes you most likely would replace me with someone better.."
You'd laugh, moving her hair out of the way you would gently place kisses down her neck "You" kiss "are" kiss "the" kiss "only" kiss "one" kiss "that" kiss "my" kiss "heart" kiss "desires!" You said as you would soon spin Pepa so she was facing you. She'd be blushing by now, turning red as a tomato she would pout playfully. You'd continue to pepper her face with kisses until she started to laugh
"Okay! Okay! I get it I'm your only one.. Aye!! that tickles (Y/n)!" She whined.
Smiling up at her you pressed a soft kiss against her head "You better remember that.. because I'd rather die than replace my beloved!" You said dramatically.
Pepa would giggle as she placed her hands around your neck resting her head against yours as she took a moment to enjoy the feeling if you holding her "Very well mi vida.. " she said calmly as she melted into your touch.. <3
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