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ENGLISH: Word of the day SIMPLETON

simpleton noun

sim·​ple·​ton | \ ˈsim-pəl-tən  \

Definition of simpleton: a person lacking in common sense

berk [British], booby, charlie (also charley) [British], cuckoo, ding-a-ling, ding-dong, dingbat, dipstick, doofus [slang], featherhead, fool, git [British], goose, half-wit, jackass, lunatic, mooncalf, nincompoop, ninny, ninnyhammer, nit [chiefly British], nitwit, nut, nutcase, simp, turkey, yo-yo

Examples of simpleton in a Sentence
The instructions were so complicated I felt like a complete simpleton.
His silly antics at office parties have earned him a reputation as a simpleton

Recent Examples on the Web
Todd was always an only-half-knowable grotesque, one of those Jim Thompson-y fellas who could be a lucky simpleton or an evil genius.
— Darren Franich,, “El Camino is the Breaking Bad finale for everyone who thought Jesse got a raw deal,” 11 Oct. 2019

In the latter, good generally wins out, however messily: Dragons get slain, witches are shoved into ovens, simpletons land fortunes, and so on.
— Bruce Handy, The Atlantic, “The Peanuts Characters Aren’t Ordinary Kids,” 29 Aug. 2019

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Cold in Summer

Cold I feel in winter and in summer, too
It seems it can’t be warm here, without you
My heart is heavy and quite sad
When you’re not here all just feels so bad

I can’t tell you how I feel
No words fit for real
There is no way
I could just simply say

What you mean to me
I wish though there would be
Because then you would know
That I still love you so

- by DarkenLyght

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Quarantine day 1:

- Please stay at home, don’t go out instead of having to buy any basic necessities such as food,…

- Wearing health mask 😷, hat 🧢 before you go out, and washing your hand first when you go home.

- Keeping distance about 2 meters from people around you. Trying to not talking with strange people. Do not into crowds

I think this is the best time to rest, stay with family and focus on studying, reading something. Taking care of yourself, and I hope you would have the nice days. 💪

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