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mikeybooch · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
“Dawn appeared, her fingers bright with flowers.” 
I’ve been listening to Dr. Emily Wilson’s translation of The Odyssey and was especially captivated by her description of Eos, goddess of the dawn. Though often described as “rosy-fingered” I wanted to include flowers that bloomed at first light. 
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dicapriho · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wanda Maximoff | Scarlet Witch AVENGERS: ENDGAME (2019) | WANDAVISION - 1.09 (2021)
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bensonstabler · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1999 | 2021
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bensonstabler · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
elliot & olivia + one scene from every season (1999 - present)
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dnylvu · 22 days ago
summary he’s the enemy, the one you’ve despised since the beginning of time. but he’s also the very man buried deep within you.
pairing villain!jaemin x heroine!reader♀️
genres smut, pwp, enemies, bnha au (but it’s barely mentioned tbh).
warnings profanity, half of it’s just fucking tbh, jaem is kinda tsundere ?? idk, hate sex, fingering, teasing, mentions of blowjobs, mentions of death and murder, first time writing smut >:) not proofread!
word count 2257.
author’s note uhhhh welcome to my first piece ???? i hope it’s alright lmfao i’m like half awake as i write this note rn,,,, it’s my first time writing smut much less pwp so pls!! give fb so i can improve my - uh - smut skills… also!! the quirks are literally just shouto’s and momo’s :D
soundtrack 34+35 | ariana grande.
Tumblr media
You can’t die yet.
It’s too early to bid goodbye to the world. There are many things you’ve yet to experience, and millions of people cheering you on. You still need to reach the number one spot. You still need to watch the new Disney movie releasing next week. You still need to try out the mint chocolate fusion that’s been the craze the past few days. You still need to travel to Greece and admire the Athena Parthenon. You still need to—
Bottom line is, there’s hundreds of thousands of reasons as to why your life must be prolonged. You’re a heroine, and your career has just begun.
No, you truly can’t die yet.
But Na Jaemin seems to think the opposite.
The room—prison—you’re confined to is dark, only a sliver of moonlight slipping through the barred window. In the middle of the room stands a chair, a blond man sitting with his chest against the back. His arms cross over the top rail, one foot tapping against the ground in a rather erratic rhythm. His all-too-familiar smile is terrifying, and you resist shuddering under his wicked gaze.
“Maybe I’ll slit your throat,” he muses, watching your every action. Ice forms along his hand, creating a claw-like silhouette in the dim light. You gulp, a little intimidated by his power.
“As if I’d let you,” you huff, sharpening your glower to prove his presence isn’t feared. “You’ve got nothing on me.”
That’s a huge lie. Both you and Jaemin know it. The blonde laughs at your revelation, the ice melting off of his skin. It hits the ground—drip, drip—and forms a puddle at his feet. “Your courage hasn’t changed, Y/N, but neither has the gap between you and I. You may be dubbed a strong hero, but you know better than everyone that you can’t beat me.”
He hasn’t stabbed you yet, but the harsh reality of his words burn a humiliating pain in your heart.
“What use is strength if your intelligence can’t keep up?” you sneer, referring to your high school era just like he had. “Don’t forget, you were always second to me in every theoretical exam.”
You barely flinch when an icicle crumbles against the wall beside your head. The skin over your left cheekbone breaks apart into a cut, a thin stream of blood tracing the curve of your face. Jaemin tosses the chair away, the loud bang leaving a ringing in your ears. He’s mad, and it’s because of you.
You can’t die yet, but you’re about to.
Fuck. All because you refused to follow Ten’s suicidal mission. Well, it’s not like yours is any less life-threatening, but there’s less lives getting claimed.
“You know, you always pissed me off,” growled Jaemin, crouching in front of you. Even though he’s left you untied, you make no move to attack him in hopes of escaping. And that’s the thing—you can’t escape, and you know. He knows. Na Jaemin is too strong for you to outrun.
You spit, “The feeling’s mutual.”
There’s no way you and Jaemin could ever get along with each other, much less develop feelings opposite to the word hate. In high school, it was always a battle between the two of you. Na Jaemin—first in practical exams, second in theoretical. You—first in theoretical exams, second in practical. To be frank, the two of you would’ve been a formidable pair if it wasn’t for his egoistic attitude and your competitive personality. If it was doubtful then, it’s impossible now.
After all, Jaemin’s become the very villain he once wished to eradicate.
“I saw you on television, all your interviews, the blurry cuts of you fighting. Made me wanna wipe that stupid smile off of your fucking face.”
The rivalry between you and Jaemin wasn’t unnoticed during the three years of high school. But what most failed to detect was the sexual tension that brimmed beneath the surface of the enmity.
“I saw you too, on Wanted posters.” you hiss, wiping the blood on your cheek. It’s a little dried. “Looking all smug for a hero turned evil.”
Jaemin chuckles, prodding his inner cheek with his tongue. He looks to the side, then he glares straight into your eyes. “What can I say? The criminals are less corrupt than the righteous hero industry.” The blond man mimics quotation marks with his hand at the word righteous. “You, too, are a waste as a hero. Why don’t you join me? Wipe the damn system and build a new one from scratch. Doyoung doesn’t bite, you know. He likes pretty girls like you. I do, too.”
You don’t retaliate with phrases that glorify the hero industry. Jaemin’s right, albeit you refuse to outright acknowledge it. Instead, you snap, “Fuck you.”
He licks his lips. “Is that consent?”
Yes. “No.”
Your head jerks backwards as Jaemin grabs your face with force, a throb lingering from the impact against the wall. His fingers dig into your cheeks, thumb dipped in your drying blood. Your hands grip his forearm and he tugs you forwards, decreasing the proximity between his face and yours. It’s faint, but a peach scent surrounds the man.
Jaemin runs his thumb against your lips, and a metallic taste overrides your senses. “I’ll ask again, Y/N. Is”—he parts your lips with the push of his thumb—“that”—his nail grazes your tongue—“consent?”
A beat.
Before you can release the entire breath, his hand wraps around your throat in a rough yet careful choke. With brute strength, Jaemin lifts you onto your feet, your knees buckling at the sudden exertion. There’s no time to adjust as his lips latch onto yours, snagging whatever oxygen you have left. He’s always been impatient, and even during foreplay, he shows no patience.
Your heavy pants fill the silence as he devours your lips, his tongue sliding against your tongue. Your lips that were chapped are now moist, saliva leaking from the corner of your lips. His empty hand situates itself on your hip, and you gasp when he runs it up under your shirt.
“Would’ve been sexier if you had your flimsy costume on,” he mutters against your lips. “Always wanted to strip you of that red abomination.”
“Sh—Shut up,” you groan, his hand seizing your breast. Your eyes flutter when he pushes aside your bra and pinches your nipple. The act leaves your core throbbing, aching for more. “Fuck, finger me.”
Jaemin kisses your chin. “If you blow me after, sure.”
You make the effort to glare at him. “I fucking hate y—oh.” Your jaw slacks as he shoves the hand on your neck into the warmth of your underwear, knuckles grazing the damp fabric.
“So wet, princess,” he jeers, using the nickname you loathed during the start of your youth. “I wonder who you’re aroused for?”
“Jeno, obviously,” you scoff, and Jaemin pulls away from you, his touch leaving your skin. “Wh—hey!”
The blonde distances himself from you, licking his fingers clean of your essence. “Hm?” he hums, an eyebrow raised. “I’m not about to fuck a girl who’s got another man’s name on her mind.”
You lean against the wall for support. “Holy fuck, you’re so lame.”
“Run to Jeno, then.”
Fuck. You swallow his saliva from the messy kiss, and with it, your pride. “Shit. Fine, I’m sorry. Can you fuck me now? I’ll even suck your dick.”
Jaemin beams, and it has your pussy dripping. “Of course! Since my princess asked so nicely,” he sings, daintily taking your hands in his. Your heart stutters as he places gentle kisses along your knuckles, and then the pad of your fingers. It’s sweet, until he throws your hands up and restrains them against the wall with ice.
“How pretty,” he muses, trailing his pointer finger down your cheek. Jaemin bunches your shirt and bra so it sits atop your chest, revealing your bare breasts. You shiver from the chill, but are warmed right away when his hands roam your torso. A gasp rips from your throat when the man teases your pants down, sliding two long fingers into your heat. Soft and shaky moans tumble from your lips, prompting Jaemin to move his fingers. His thumb—the blood clad one—circles your clit, fingers pulsing in and out of you with ease. He’s cruel, dragging the tip of his digits against the soft flesh of your walls.
As Jaemin fingers you, he seals your lips with his once again in a breathless kiss. Your tongue meshes with his, teeth clashing every so often. One hand returns to your neck, laying at the base in a tough hold. “Oh—” you mewl, “I’m so—”
Jaemin removes his fingers, and you fall limp, the restraints preventing you from crumpling to the floor. Your mind is hazy, but you manage to say, “You’re such a bitch.”
“Mhm, I am, princess.” he coos, unbuckling the belt looped around his jeans. Like you, he’s in casual attire, having dressed in civilian clothing when kidnapping you at the mall. He unzips the fly, head thrown back as he frees his hard dick. You whimper, biting your lower lip at the sight. “Aren’t you so honest?”
“Fuck,” you groan, touch-deprived. “It’s huge.”
“Can you make a condom?” he asks, slapping his length against your bare stomach. The precum smears all over your pretty skin. “I didn’t bring one, and I’d rather not impregnate you tonight.”
Jaemin’s either dumb or clever for relying on you to whip out protection. But you obey, formulating a packaged condom with whatever lipids left in your body. It pops out of your arm, and Jaemin catches it with a lopsided grin. He rips the packet open with his teeth, tossing the foil aside whilst rolling the plastic over his dick. You watch, counting down the seconds until he’s inside.
“Are you ready?” he whispers, lips grazing your ear.
“. . . Yes.”
Your answer is all he needs as he pushes into you, easily slipping in with the help of your lubrication. You release a shaky moan, eyes rolling back from pure pleasure. Jaemin hauls one of your legs over his bicep, and he catches your face in his hand. Your lustful gaze meets his, and you feel a thrill run down your spine at the look in his eyes.
He’s hungry—sex hungry, and you’re his doll to ruin.
Slowly, Jaemin pulls out before thrusting, the tip of his dick prodding your cervix. You cry out, hitting the ice wrapped around your wrists. Over and over and over again, Jaemin pounds into you, growling the dirtiest words as he does. Your back hits the wall every time his hips meet yours, but the pain drowns in the plethora of pleasure.
“So tight,” he rasps, speed increasing by the second. “You feel so, so fucking good.”
“Ah, oh my—god,” you whine, chasing his lips. He grants you a kiss, and you murmur, “Harder, fuck me harder.”
Challenges are a way to rile Jaemin up, and it seems he’s taken your plea as one. The villain grips your thighs as he lets out a low, guttural growl. He thrusts faster, at a speed you can’t comprehend. You’re seeing stars, tasting stars, in an absolute bliss no writer can describe. Jaemin stutters each time you clench around his dick, your pussy sending him into overdrive.
“Hey, cum for me.” he mutters, biting your lower lip.
You pant, running out of breath. “I’m close,” you chant, relishing the way his entire length fits inside of you. You beg, “Please—please don’t stop.”
“Keep asking.”
“Finish me off, Jaemin,” you moan. “I’m so close!”
Jaemin reaches for the restraints, melting them with his left hand. In one swift motion, he turns you so your cheek lays flat against the wall, ass up for him to see. He whistles, fondling the soft flesh. Your mewls don’t stop, spilling endlessly as he continues to slam into you.
“Jaemin!” you cry, clenching around his dick. “Close—close—so close—”
“Let it out, princess.”
And you do, orgasming with his dick still inside. You whimper when he keeps thrusting, chasing his high while simultaneously overstimulating you. Your mind is hazy when he draws his dick out, the condom full of his cum. Support is gone as Jaemin backs away, and you fall to the ground, recovering from the wild fuck you just had.
“Shit, maybe I should’ve came on your face,” he mutters, fixing his pants. Shirtless, he crouches so his eyes are parallel to yours. “You good?”
You spit and it lands on his chin. “I’m still trapped, asshole.”
“If you blow me—”
His words are cut short when the window explodes, the building crumbling from the impact. Both you and Jaemin glance over to the gaping hole in the wall, a confused Giselle standing atop the debris. She scans your half-naked body, then his lack of shirt, and analyzes the scene in no time.
“Ten! They fucked!”
A snicker flies from Jaemin’s lips as he tosses his shirt back on, ruffling his blond hair in amusement. The man glances at Giselle’s preoccupied state and looks back at you. With a wink, he says, “I’ll contact you for that blowjob. Later, princess.”
You simply blink as he runs off, escaping before he’s forced to engage in a (tedious) fight. When reality hits you and your mind registers his words, a disturbed scowl settles on your face.
You can’t die yet.
And for now, Na Jaemin seems to think the same as he hints at an upcoming rendezvous.
Tumblr media
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xeptum · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
today ( it’s raining outside 🌦 )
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iohym · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Selene 🌙 / Eos ☁ / Helios 🌞
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healing-sun-witch · 3 years ago
🌄Sunrise Witchcraft🌄
Tumblr media
☀️sunrise is the best time for: healing, positivity, happiness, anti-anxiety/depression, spirituality, self care/love, air magic, cleansing, soft energy/ positive energy amplifier, truth spells, protection, and peace
☀️sunrise associations: citrine, lemon, peaches, ginger, orange, morning dew, orange calcite, coffee, bergamot, lime, earl grey, mint, sage, cinnamon, grapefruit, morning glory, marigold, saffron, calendula, daylily, daisy, black tea, and frankincense
☀️tips and things to try:
🌞yoga (especially sun salutations!)
🌻sunbathe in the sunrise to cleanse and charge with positive energy
🌞if you can’t wake up before/during sunrise, just leave your window blinds open to help you wake up naturally and/or to charge in the sunlight while you’re sleeping
🌻this is a great time for tea and coffee magic
🌞this is a great time to charge stones, especially sun-sensitive stones. (Here's a post on solar stones)
🌻listen to and charge with soft or acoustic music
🌞 spend some time outside, take some deep breaths of fresh air, enjoy the birds chirping, flowers, dew, fog, and the beautiful colors in the sky that sunrise brings
🌻charge some lemon juice in the sunrise for extra boost of cleansing, positivity, and happiness properties (to make it stronger you can infuse it with mint or grapefruit, which both have similar properties and correspond with sunrise)
🌞if you’re comfortable with it, leave an offering out for sunrise deities and dawn sprites & other sun fae
🌻sunrise is a spiritual time, it's the perfect time for meditation, exploring spirituality, astral travel, etc.
🌞here's my post on how to connect to the elements in the morning/dawn
☀️My sunrise recipes:
🍋Sunrise tea: (has cleansing, happiness, positivity, energy boost, and protection properties)
1 part grapefruit (be careful if you’re on medication) optional
1 part sage or basil (whichever you prefer, both work)
1 part lemon
1 part orange
1 part mint
1 part hibiscus
🍊Sunrise oil/diffuser blend: (helps you connect to the sunrise, and it’s energy. It has positivity, happiness, anti-depression/anxiety, glamour, cleansing, and love properties)
🍑Dawn faeries/spirtes:
☀️What they’re like- human looking, lots of pinks (their skin as well as 'clothes'), they love dancing during sunrise, waking up the animals and plants sweetly, happy attitude, gentle, they love dew, pink clouds, they have a soft yet sparkly pink glow (it feels warm but not hot), and can bring about peaceful and positive feelings
☀️Offerings- rose quartz!!!, grapefruit, pink chyroprase, pink roses, peaches, peach roses, peony, geranium, hibiscus, marigold
☀️Deities associated with sunrise- Eos, Aurora, Hemera, Alectrona, Neaera, Mitra, Saranyu
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