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#Erik Killmonger fanfiction

Hey love!! Everyone’s doin okay! My older sis is in the process of moving into her new home with her fiancé. But still doin well. How about you and your loved ones? I think i know what story you’re talking about it’s called Three’s Company (i think) by @thickoreo but she left and i posted an ask with it but somehow i can’t find it in my search😩. If anyone has it please hit me up! I’m so sorry i couldn’t be of better help😒. Please come back if that’s not the one. I haven’t gotten a chance to catch up with all Chiron and Erik content.

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Chapter 7 


The smell of chemical warfare infiltrated your lungs the same way your mother’s homemade apple pie after church on a Sunday afternoon would. You couldn’t help but reminisce at the thought of your mothers smile as you would rush into the kitchen begging for a slice right out of the oven, regardless of the possibility of burning off your taste buds. To you, the hotter the caramelized filling that scorched off your taste buds, the stronger a connection of love was felt between you and your mother. To you pain was love, and maybe that’s how you ended up in a situation with a man that didn’t value your life or the life of anyone around him… To him you were all pawns in his game of life…

“Aye! Stop fucking dazing off Princess! We need to finish cooking this shit up and get it bagged before our next meeting!”  

“Okay Erik! Damn.” You rolled your eyes at Erik barking orders. It was two in the morning and you, along with two other women you recently met an hour ago were standing butt ass naked in Erik’s million-dollar kitchen cooking up the most corrupted form of snow. The type of snow people would kill their own husband for. The type of snow you would sell your soul for just a taste. The type of snow that brought your demons out to play. Cocaine. Had someone told you a year ago that your life would end up like this you would probably laugh in their face and refer them to a psychiatrist, but here you were, being the girlfriend to a notorious Mob Boss that you use to only know as Zaddy.

Of course you had your suspicious about what type of lifestyle Erik lived and how he acquired all this wealth but none of that mattered to you, especially after the night Erik helped you release your true form. There was a point in time after that eventful night when Erik could do no wrong in your eyes. Erik could’ve punched a baby in the throat and you would have defended Erik and gave a laundry list of reasons on why that baby deserved to get karate chopped in their esophagus. If you looked up dumb and naive girlfriend in the dictionary there would be a picture of you riding Erik’s dick into the sunset. You LOVED Erik and didn’t even know his last name until a week ago when Kuku became aggravated with Erik taking forever to get dressed to leave and yelled it out, “Erik N'Jadaka Udaku Stevens! LETS GO!” There was so much you still didn’t know about Erik, about yourself, and you felt yourself slowly reaching your breaking point with the man you use to “love”.

“Girl, stir faster before Mr. Cranky gets to throwing a fit and yelling again.”

You sided eyed the chocolate beauty named Maxx that had the audacity to give you instructions in your house, in your kitchen, about a man that you could give two shits about making angry. Erik might’ve struck fear in the hearts of everyone around him, but you were just as crazy, if not crazier than him. If a nigga wanted to act a nut you were more than ready to get it popping like a jar of Nutty peanut butter with no toast.

Before you had an opportunity to respond back to Maxx, the smell of sandalwood and Emberosia kush fought against the toxic smell of powdered death as Erik placed delicate and strategic kisses along the left side of your neck, each time letting his gold fangs brush up against your life line. Erik was toying with you, but you knew he didn’t have it in him to kill you. Right? Even though the idea of being on the verge of death fulfilled your forbidden kink it seemed like Erik was taking the situation literally. Erik placed a small bite along your neck that was deep enough to draw droplets of blood and cause you to jump from shock and look at your reflection in the microwave that was placed over the stove. You watched as Erik’s eyes jumped between their usual cool amber brown to a menacing yellow that sent shivers down your spine. “Get to work Princess. You know I don’t like repeating myself.” Without allowing you a response Erik left a tingling smack on your ass and one final kiss to your tender bleeding neck before strolling over to the island marble kitchen counter that was occupied by Maxx and the other woman you had met just an hour ago, Jee. You watched through the stainless-steel microwave reflection as Erik antagonized you through his usual tactic of asshole-ism. You knew Erik would go this route as soon as he tasted your blood, you might’ve been able to lie with a straight face, but your blood always gave away your truth and now Erik would be on his Erik bullshit and piss you off until you told him that you were hungry.

Erik turned on his charm as he let his lustful eyes dance between Maxx and Jee while occasionally glaring back at you through the microwave reflection. Technically the ball was in your court, but you refused to put your pride aside and instead of folding, you rolled your eyes at Erik’s inquiring quirked up eyebrow letting him know that you wouldn’t cave in anytime soon. Erik decided to focus his attention on Maxx first since her innocent comment seemed to rub you the wrong way. “What’s your name again baby girl?”

Maxx felt her heart jump from her chest down to her second set of lips as Erik’s rough voice danced through her ears, “M-Maxx. My name is Maxx.”

Erik let a smirk creep along his face, he hadn’t even started and already had one of the girls like putty in his hand, “Aren’t you going to ask what my name is sweetheart?”

You rolled your eyes as you continued to watch your “boyfriend” do everything in his power to get under your skin. You saw Erik’s eyes twinkle through the microwave reflection and Maxx’s body began heaving with lustful heat, “Your name is Erik-”

Erik held up a hand, “Imma stop you right there ma. In this house I only have one name, and that’s Zaddy. Got it?” Maxx was unable to speak as she nervously shook her head in agreement. Erik mockingly stared at you one last time through the microwave reflection before positioning himself behind Maxx and placing his left hand around her neck as he leaned into her ear to whisper, “Another rule in this house, speak when spoken to. Zaddy doesn’t like having to repeat himself, and he definitely doesn’t like it when you get quiet. Got it?”

Maxx was in the middle of nodding again in response when Erik dragged his left hand up to Maxx’s chin before scraping his gold fangs against her earlobe, “I got it, Zaddy.” Erik left a lingering kiss on Maxx’s face before smacking her on the ass, causing her to jump with excitement and her wetness to drip down her inner thigh.

“Why the hell are the three of us butt ass naked, but you get to walk around fully clothed giving out orders?” Erik shifted his attention to Jee and his eyes instantly roamed her thickness causing him to ignore her question. Jee caught on to Erik’s lustful gaze and added some pep in her step as she walked closer to the man beast. “Did you not hear what I said Erik? Why aren’t you naked too?”

You continued to stir the deadly mixture and watch through the microwave reflection as the circus of horny bullshit was back in your view. Not many things got under Erik’s skin, but playing with his name was like playing with his emotions. If Erik told you to call him Zaddy then you called him Zaddy, if Erik told you to call him Big Bertha then you would call him Big Bertha, everything about being called a specific name was a power move and anyone who questioned that power felt his wrath.

A tooth clawing silence fell in the room as a smug grin coated Erik’s face and he slowly stripped out of his black Nike tracksuit until he was wearing nothing but three good chains and his gold rimmed glasses. Erik made his semi hardened third member twitch as Jee’s eyes hazily dropped down to enjoy the dick show. “Is this naked enough for you?”

Jee licked her lips as she continued to eye Erik, “Its perfect.”

Erik flirting with other women usually had no effect on you considering you would flirt with them too, but this situation in particular had your blood pressure rising by the minute. This was not a situation of scouting for a woman to turn your relationship into a trio for the night, this was Erik being an asshole in order to prove a point. Once you saw Erik caress Jee’s face the same way he would do yours before kissing you with his plump lips, you tossed the wooden spoon you were stirring with onto the counter and stormed off into the living room. You plopped down on the couch in an effort to calm your nerves, but of course the source of your irritation had to walk into the room with his dick swinging and his new two admires following close behind. “What the fuck is your problem Princess? You know I need to get this shipment out by tonight?”

You searched for the remote and turned on the TV, not giving two fucks if it was a program you actually wanted to watch, “I’m taking a break.”

Erik glared at you for a few seconds and you noticed a shift in his demeanor and eyes as he waltzed over to the couch and sat directly besides you, “Fuck it. I guess we are all taking a break then.” Maxx and Jee looked at each other wondering what their next move should be, but they didn’t have to wait long when Erik motioned for them to come over to the couch. “Grab a seat and chill out since my Princess wants to be a fucking brat right now.”

Two hours of everybody uncomfortably watching reruns of Martin passed before Erik began getting bored of the games you were playing. Erik drifted his attention away from his wall mounted flat screen and focused on Maxx who was sitting on the couch with her legs snapped shut like she was trying to hide the truth that leaked between them. “You good over there sweetheart?”

“Y-yes, I’m good Zaddy.”

Erik chuckled to himself as he heard her lies seeping through her own words. “Why are you so nervous ma?” Erik paused and bit his bottom lip showcasing his gold slugs, causing Maxx to quiver slightly, “You know… I’m a licensed massage therapist and you look like you need some help releasing that pent-up muscle tension.” Before Maxx had a chance to provide a rebuttal Erik had her flat on her back as he began massaging the inner meat of her thighs while occasionally letting his finger “slip” next to her lotus flower.

Your attention was no longer on the television as you watched Erik slither his way into a full on threesome right in front of you. You weren’t even sure if the girls were bisexual, but Erik had Jee eating Maxx’s love cave while Erik received sloppy head from Maxx. It was a sight to see and all you could do was laugh to yourself. If Erik wanted to play bullshit ass games, then you were going to play. Mr. Petty vs Mrs. Petty was in full effect.

“Squeeze my dick just like that baby… Just like that!”  *smack* *smack* *smack* Jee was a moaning mess as she rode Erik like a bike with no training wheels, and Erik was in pussy heaven. Erik let out a low growl as Maxx paid delicate attention to the inside of his thighs, the same way he attacked hers earlier, before she let her wet tongue glide up to Erik’s exposed balls and cream covered dick. Each time Jee raised up to the tip of Erik’s dick, Maxx would plop it out and clean off the love juice, just to shove it back inside of Jee, causing her and Erik to moan in unison. “Y'all really trying to make a nigga cum, huh?” In one swift motion Erik flipped Jee so that she was on all fours on the carpet and instructed Maxx to slide under them, so she could continue gobbling Erik’s balls while tending to Jee’s swollen clit. Whenever Erik had sex with more than one woman he always made sure he would do the exact positions he saw in all his favorite pornos. Life was currently imitating art and you had seen enough.

Once Erik changed positions and was now the one lying flat on his back with Jee riding his face and Maxx showing off moves doing the reverse cowgirl, you decided it was time to sneak away from the scene before anyone noticed you were missing… It would be pretty hard for the freaky trio to notice though… You glided your way back into the kitchen and stopped in your tracks when you noticed Kuku in the kitchen, tending to the unfinished product that needed to be shipped out. “Um… What are you doing in here? I thought you and T were out working on that arms deal.”

Kuku stopped measuring out the death flour on the counter and couldn’t help but take in your naked figure before stumbling over his words trying to speak, “We finished the deal early because I didn’t need to "persuade” our clients… But uh… I thought you were partaking in whatever the fuck you guys have going on in the living room.“

You took a quick look back at Erik happily enjoying himself with someone other than you. Fuckboy. "Today I decided to be a spectator. A bitch can only take so much of the same dick before getting bored…”

Kuku raised his eyebrows at the suggestiveness in your statement. Everyone in the household including Erik could see that something deeper than a friendship lingered beneath the layers, and that’s one of the reasons Erik started sending Kuku on longer missions and deals. “What happened to all that talk about Erik being your soulmate?”

You shrugged as you walked over to the counter to help Kuku package up the goods. “My soulmate isn’t a disrespectful ass nigga. All of this was fun in the beginning, but it just seems forced at this point. I’m thankful, and happy for this new life… but at what cost?”

Kuku let you ponder on your own question as he continued to cut up and distribute the cocaine in the designated bags before wrapping them up and placing each pound into a brick press. A few minutes passed as you worked in “silence” with Kuku. This moment would’ve been peaceful had your boyfriend not been on round three with his house guest. The sounds of whimpers, and skin clapping reminded you of the reason you decided to come back into the kitchen as you stopped bagging up the dope and began searching through the cabinets. You felt your eye twitch as you heard, “Yes Zaddy” and “Deeper Zaddy” continuously be repeated by someone other than you, and Kuku noticed as well.

You were two seconds from climbing onto the counter to reach an upper cabinet when the feeling of strong, but unfamiliar hands gripped your waist, “What are you looking for Lulu?”

You sighed in defeat and turned around in Kuku’s arms, “I’m looking for something that will make me feel better.”

Kuku tightened his grip around your waist and brought his forehead close to yours so your lips where almost touching. “Don’t do anything you’ll regret.”

You eyed the way Kuku’s lips shined with a Wakandan chapstick and began nibbling on your own set of lips, “What would you do if I kissed you right now?” Before you gave Kuku the chance to answer, you filled in the inch of space between your lips until you were fully engulfed in a forbidden French kiss. Everything about the situation felt right and wrong at the same time, but you didn’t care. For the past year you had been living to please someone you thought you loved, and for the first time in a long time you felt safe, compassion, empathy, and mutual love.

The sound of a voice clearing its throat immediately snapped you out of your steamy make out session as you cautiously peeked over Kuku’s shoulder. A sigh of relief escaped your lips when you noticed T'Challa standing against a wall with his arms crossed… Kuku’s eyes of judgment had nothing on T'Challa. You quickly removed yourself from Kuku’s grip and immediately longed for his skin to be pressed against yours for a second longer. “Do you two care to explain what is going on in here or can we all just forget this ever happened and just blame the drugs?”

Without a beat of hesitation Kuku spoke up, “I don’t know what you saw, but nothing happened. Now help me finish packing all this shit up.”

T'Challa pushed himself off the wall and snickered to himself, “Smart man.”

You watched as the two men worked and moved on with their lives like nothing ever happened, like they weren’t drug dealers packaging up pounds of cocaine in the kitchen, like Erik wasn’t fucking two other women in the living room. Like Erik wasn’t fucking in the living room. Reality hit you like a ton of bricks and you hastily went back to searching the cabinets until you found what you were looking for. Kuku and T'Challa halted their movements as they inquisitively watched you barge back into the living room with a new-found chip on your shoulder.

“Z-Zaddy I-I can’t cum any-ymore!” Jee was getting pushup drilled dick from Erik, while Maxx laid in a 69-position hovering her honey cave over Jee’s face and leaving hickies on Erik’s neck.

“Take. This. Fucking. Dick.” Erik had the stamina of ten bulls as he slammed into Jee while emphasizing each word, and he wasn’t anywhere near done with the two ladies.

“Mind if I join you, Zaddy?” The sarcasm in your voice perked Erik’s ears up as he finally realized that you hadn’t been in the room for a while. While depriving Erik of the chance to ask any questions on your recent whereabouts, you swiftly slid one of Erik’s gold-plated pistols deep inside of Maxx’s exposed twat before using it like a dildo. “How does that feel ma?” Maxx was beyond being able to speak as she moaned out in euphoric bliss. “Mmm it must feel really good. I bet this feels better than Erik’s dick, doesn’t it?”

Maxx’s eyes jolted open at your out the box question as Erik slowed down his strokes, so he could try and figure out what the hell you were doing. You yanked Maxx’s face away from Erik’s neck and increased the speed of the pistol, causing her to amplify her moans as you rapidly dragged the barrel along her g-spot. “I’m cu- I’M CUMM-”

*Boom* *Boom*

Erik completely stopped fucking Jee as Maxx’s now lifeless body collapsed on top of Jee. The sounds of horrific screams where cut short when you pushed Maxx’s body to the side and inserted the creamy coated golden pistol into Jee’s mouth. “Doesn’t this taste better than Erik’s dick?” Jee shook her head “no” and a sly grin appeared on your face as you pulled the pistol out of your mouth and began sucking it the same way you did the first day you had sex with Erik. You never broke eye contact with Erik as you yanked the loaded pistol out of your mouth and jammed it back into Jee’s. “I think you need another taste ma. I think that pretty gun does taste better than Erik’s community dick.” You leaned in close to Jee’s ear while still keeping direct eye contact with Erik. “Would you like to know what taste even better than this gun?… The bullets inside.”

*Boom* *Boom*

You slowly raised up off of the floor without an ounce of remorse in your body as you pointed the pistol in Erik’s direction. “Call up some new help so we can finish bagging this shit up.” In that very moment you did not care what Erik had to say or what his reaction would be. You looked to your left and saw Kuku and T'Challa watching you from the doorway that connects the kitchen to the living room. “Can one of you bring me a knife so I can eat? No use in letting these bodies go to waste.”

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Chapter 5


You fainted, and you weren’t sure how long you were out but when you woke up you were back at the estate and you felt an unbearable pain residing in your chest. You felt like your body was paralyzed as you laid in agony whimpering and creating a pool of tears around your eyes. Your mind raced back over the events that occurred earlier, Erik was involved in some sort of drug scheme and he wasn’t human, or at least his eyes weren’t human. You sure knew how to pick them. You sighed and wallowed in pain, conflicted by the growing feeling of pleasure that amplified as your pain levels increased.

“So, you finally decided to wake up eh?”

You didn’t have to guess who was addressing you and you rolled your eyes at the sarcasm Ku Ku was projecting. “That madman told you to eject those pills from your body, and now you lay in this bed in agony…” Ku Ku sucked his teeth as he walked closer to you and hovered over you, careful not to interfere with your comfort of personal space.  "I told you to stay away… Now look at you.“

You did the best you could to turn your head in his direction to speak, "What did… What the fuck did y'all give me?”

Ku Ku let out a heavy sigh and made his way to the edge of the bed. “The pills were simply vitamins from Wakanda, Erik had planned on tricking those colonizers into believing they were some sort of ecstasy 2.0, obviously shit didn’t go as planned… Those pills aren’t why you’re feeling like this-” Your breathing became ragged and Ku Ku took immediate notice cutting himself off and springing into action as he reached over to feel your pulse. Your heart beat was slowly coming to a halt. “Fuck Lu Lu! You couldn’t wait just a little longer?”

You were unsure what Ku Ku was referring to and your subtle whimpers turned into wailing, “Erik…. Where…”

Ku Ku did the best he could to coddle and comfort you, “Erik will be back soon Lu Lu, I need you to relax for me. Try and take slow breaths. Can you do that for me?”

You did your best to shake your head ‘no’, as you felt yourself beginning to hyperventilate. The more you struggled to breathe, the stronger the pain in your chest grew. You arched your back off of the bed and let out a blood curtailing scream as a sudden wave of pain shot through every nerve in your body. The feeling of pain and screaming went on for 2 minutes before T'Challa stormed into the room to investigate why you were yelling. “WHAT IS GOING ON- Fuck! She’s the one… Isn’t she M'Baku?”

You felt your senses go haywire again but this time instead of becoming stronger they started to deplete, first went your hearing, but not before you heard what T'Challa said. Your heart continued to slow down as your mind tried to find a reasonable explanation for the statement. “…the one” replayed over and over in your brain. Next went your sense of smell, followed by your sense of taste. Your loss of taste hit you the hardest and you refused to believe it was gone. You bit down on your tongue until you felt blood being gushed into your mouth, you realized you could only feel the blood in your mouth and not taste it as Ku Ku cranked opened your jaw and filled your mouth with cotton balls, so you wouldn’t choke to death on your own life juice. Next was your sense of touch and you felt your body start to go numb as you were snatched out of your bed. Lastly your eyesight started to vanish as you zoned in and out of consciousness while Ku Ku carried you to an unknown location. You studied Ku Ku’s features with what little sight you had left while he carried you and you couldn’t help but focus on his eyes and how they resembled a tinted yellow like Erik’s. You blinked your eyes once, twice, three times and then your whole world went dark.

“… I gave y'all one fucking job…”

“Watch your tone…”

“Fuck that!… I left for a few hours…”


“If she’s dead I’m putting all y'all asses in the fucking dirt, I put that on my Daddy!…”

“She’s not dead N'Jadaka…”

“She’s the one…”

“I been knew that, why the fuck do you think I brought her home? Catch up you slow ass niggas…”

Your body rested on what felt like clouds as you regained your senses one by one and listened to the conversation.

“How’d you let this happen Ku? One job… One FUCKING JOB!”

“ENOUGH! You are a man acting like a boy, and if you continue I will treat you like one. She is not dead!”

You shifted on the heavenly bed causing silence to fill the air, your eyesight was still gone but you could feel that all eyes were on you once you moved. “Princess!… Princess…” You felt Erik’s presence weighing over you, his voice sounded broken as if he was on the verge of tears and his body wasn’t radiating its usual power, his aura was cracked and distraught. Your sense of touch was back, and you sighed at the feeling of Erik gripping your hand and rubbing small circles with his thumb, Erik usually did this to calm you down, but it was evident he was using this technique for himself this time. “Can you speak Princess? How you feeling?”

You turned your head in the direction of Erik’s voice, slowly you regained your eyesight and you took in Erik being bare chested with sweatpants that hung dangerously low. Even in a catastrophic moment Erik could still get your flood gates open. “What happened?”

Erik did his best to keep his face emotionless, but his eyes revealed the truth. “Do-do you know what you are Princess?”

You squinted your eyes at his question, “Yeah… I’m a black woman my nigga, do you know what you are?”

Erik’s demeanor relaxed a bit as he chuckled at your remark. “I’m not talking about that ma…” Erik let go of your hand and placed his finger on a spot behind your right ear. “You probably thought this was just a birthmark, huh?” You refused to speak while Erik continued to explain. “Your special ma…” Erik tilted his head so you could see the mark behind his own ear. “You aren’t like the others…” You felt the bed you were laying start to hover forward as you tried to squirm away, you soon realized you were restrained to the bed and tried your best to crank your neck up to look over your body, only to discover the sight of nothing holding you down.

“Wakandan restraints Princess, they have an invisible cloaking device because my little cousin is extra as hell.”

You heard Ku Ku’s thunderous laugh in the distance and T'Challa hum in agreement, you rolled your eyes at all three of them. Of course, the one time it would be good for them to disagree and possibly let you go out of spite, they decided to be in complete harmony with each other. “Restraints for what Erik?”

Your bed continued to hover forward until you were outside in an open field, it was now dark outside, and a full moon twinkled in the night sky. “These restraints are to keep US safe from you Princess.”

You tried to drown out your own thoughts with background noise, the sound of Erik’s rapid beating heart, Ku Ku’s occasional heavy sigh, and T’Challa’s agitated gulps. This didn’t last long once you realized that your hearing was now overly hyper sensitive once again, so sensitive that you could hear ants patter their feet against the dirt. All these changes were starting to irritate you. “Erik?…”

Your senses weren’t the only things that grew in sensitivity, you were extremely turned on and beyond confused about it. You were usually a horny person but this feeling of lust that flowed through you was unlike any other, it felt like you were in a permanent state of orgasmic pleasure and you weren’t sure how or why you were feeling this way. “Erik…”

Erik was leaning against a tree as he watched the moonlight radiate off of your golden copper skin. “I know baby.”

“Erik!” You called for his name a little louder than expected, your eyesight shifted again, but this time you weren’t going blind… You could see everything.

Erik let out a low growl as he walked into your vision. Erik no longer looked like Erik; his dreads came down to his lower back, his hooded eyes were a misty yellow, his veins were visible and danced under his keloid skin, and he had grown 2 feet taller, putting him easily at 8ft. “I can hear you squeezing MY pussy and if you keep doing that…” Erik leaned in close so that your faces were inches apart. Erik unhinged his jaw and spread his jaguar like mouth open revealing his pointed gold fangs while he let his animalistic tongue reach out to lick your plump lips. “A nigga just might have to drop something up in that to make it stop, is that what you want Princess?”

Before you could respond you felt your eyes uncontrollably roll to the back of your head as you heard Erik curse under his breath and call Ku Ku and T'Challa to come over near you. You felt the rays of the moonlight swimming through your body and soon you felt stronger, faster, more alert… And hungry.

Your eyes resettled in their original position and you looked over at Erik who was glaring intently at you with a clenched jaw, your mouth watered at the sight of him, you weren’t sure what he was, but this new monster version of him could still clap your cheeks. You shifted your gaze to your left and saw that Ku Ku and T'Challa were no longer like their original selves either. Ku Ku somehow grew to be bigger and stronger, making T'Challa and Erik in their new forms look like children. “Lu Lu, how do you feel?”

“I’m hungry.” You almost jumped out of your skin when you heard your voice, it sounded like you but with more authority coated in a sensual lust.

Erik let out a sigh of relief as his gaze shifted from you to Ku Ku. “You heard my Princess! Bring her some food!” Ku Ku tapped T’Challa’s shoulder signaling for him to follow and leave you alone with Erik.

Once Ku Ku and T'Challa were out of sight Erik released you from your prisoner bed. Bad idea. As soon as Erik released you, you attacked him. You weren’t sure what came over you but the new animal instincts that flowed through your body told you that Erik was food and you were starving. “Shit Princess!” Erik fought you off and threw you into the wilderness, causing you to break through 10 trees before your body slumped down to the ground. You weren’t down for long, you jumped back up and cracked your neck before charging after Erik again. Every hit you threw at Erik he blocked and dodged, only to counter the attack with a defensive hit. “Ight Princess! I’m done playing with your ass!”

Erik roundhouse kicked you somewhere into the distance, all that could be heard was the snapping of branches and a final 'thud’ as you hit the ground again. Erik started to walk away in search for Ku Ku and T'Challa until he heard a devious giggle escape your mouth. “You might be done, but I’m just getting started Daddy.”

You charged at Erik once again but before you could reach him a pair of strong hands lifted you up by your neck. “N'Jadaka, why did you release this girl!?” Ku Ku tightened his grip around your neck every time you attempted to squirm out of his hold.

“She didn’t combust and die from turning into a Werepanther! I thought she was good.”

You completely stopped moving when you heard the term “werepanther”. “Lu Lu might not have died but she is far from good! You know she has to eat for this to be complete!”

Erik sucked his teeth and continued his journey back to the open field, letting Ku Ku carry you by the neck like a rag doll. “Yeah yeah. Just hurry this shit up, all that fighting got my dick hard and my Princess got Roaring Rapids happening in her pussy.”

Ku Ku gaged at Erik’s graphic language while T'Challa stood on the sidelines shaking his head and judging. “M'Baku… N'Jadaka… Get serious.” You continued to struggle for freedom from Ku Ku’s death grip on your neck and you finally stopped once you smelled fresh meat, human meat. T'Challa walked closer to you and Ku Ku and brought a chunk of flesh up to your mouth. “Eat (Y/N).”

You looked over to Erik for guidance, even though you wanted to kill him a second ago he was still your baby. Erik licked his lips while he looked at you and smirked. “The quicker you eat, the quicker I get to eat.”

T'Challa was over today and he was definitely over Erik’s mouth. “N'JADAKA, ENOUGH!”

“I didn’t even do anything!”

T'Challa dropped the meat into your hand and walked towards Erik, nagging him about his vulgar language. You were too mesmerized by the meal that sat in your hand to listen in on their petty argument and you dug into the bloody source of nutrients, not caring about the mess you were making.

Once you completed your meal Ku Ku dropped you down to the ground without warning, he then squatted down to your ear and whispered, “Welcome to the family Lu Lu.”  

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So I’m making an au!erik list and imma need some help to make sure i got every one. This is what i have so far. Did i miss any?

  • Collegeboi
  • Werewolf
  • Vampire
  • Pastor
  • Professor
  • Stripper
  • Pornstar
  • Actor
  • Mechanic
  • Firefighter
  • Mindreader
  • Baker
  • Escort
  • Undead/zombie
  • Artist
  • Baby!erik (experiment accident)
  • Boxer
  • Soulmate
  • Personal trainer
  • Drug dealer
  • Tarzan!erik
  • Soldier!Erik
  • Tattoo artist
  • Bodyguard
  • Football player
  • Sugar daddy
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“Brown skin girl
Your skin just like pearls
The best thing in the world
Never trade you for anybody else” - Beyoncé, Saint Jhn, and Wizkid feat. Blue Ivy Carter

A/N: This is one of my participations to the Quarantine Writing Challenge proposed by @chaneajoyyy and @shaekingshitup (won’t let me tag you) I hope you guys enjoy it! I’ve also been dying to use this song for a fic because I love it so much

Word Count: 1783


You hummed to yourself trying to keep yourself calm with this fidgeting little girl between your legs. The fidgeting little girl is your adorable, sweet, and at the moment, very annoying daughter Sarai. You were trying to do her hair but it was like she didn’t want you to. She wasn’t usually like this so you figured she was just having an off day where she didn’t want her hair messed with. You understood completely. You kept on understanding until it got too damn irritating.

You huffed putting the wide-tooth comb on the bed beside you. “Ok Sarai. What’s the problem?”

You could hear her pouting and she mumbled something incoherent.

“Excuse me? Mommy is speaking to you clearly so can you give mommy the same treatment back? And face me…” You turned her around to look at her pouty, dismal expression. It hurt you to see your baby so sad. “When I’m talking to you. That’s how a conversation works. Now tell mommy what’s wrong.”

“I want my hair straight.”

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I was inspired to write this fic a few months ago when discovering Jhene Aiko’s sister Mila J. She has a beautiful voice and had been criminally underrated in the music industry. I created this fic out of the narrative I found in her rmusic. 

I hope you enjoy, my taglist is open let me know if you’d like to be added.

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A/N: I’m posting this from my phone sorry for the formatting error and shit.

You sat on the porch of Eriks cabin tears flowing down your cheek, you were wrapped in his sweatshirt and a pair of nike shorts. Fuck was it cold and you regretted storming out on him without grabbing a sweatpants. And why did you have to be wearing HIS sweatshirt, his scent enveloped your senses which only made you cry more. This isn’t right you told yourself, this isn’t healthy this isn’t how relationships hare supposed to make you feel. The creak of the screen door snapped you out of your trance and you didn’t even have to turn around to know it was Erik. He walked out and sat down next to you, noticing your shivering body he pulled you closer to him wrapping his arm around your shoulder. You leaned your head against his chest and he let out a sigh.

“This isn’t good for us Erik.” You said between sniffles.

“I love you”

“We can’t keep doing this.”

“I love you”

“I don’t feel like it!”

“What do you mean you don’t feel like it?” Erik pulled you off his chest and forced you to look at him.

“I hate the way you make me feel Erik! This isn’t healthy I-I shouldn’t keep coming back to you after what you do to me. It hurts Erik! It hurts!”

“Y/N you’re just drunk you don’t know what you’re talking about” Erik rolled his eyes at your words not paying you any attention.

You stood up and looked at him.

“We need to break up erik. We need to end this now.. we need a break.”

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Warnings: 18+ Audience Only!! Smut, Alcohol Consumption, Sexual Situations, Cheating, and Profanity. Please read at your own discretion. 

So this is going to be a mess but I what can I say? I love a mess. I don’t plan on doing that many parts of this but I am excited because I have this one planned out.

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Sugar Babe Texts - Chapter 2

We wanted to start off by thanking everyone for their support of this story. Your engagement and kind words have made us really excited and the creative juices are definitely flowing. We are currently working on chapter 3, but we wanted to create a way for you all to connect with the story in between the chapters and a way for us to further interact with you all outside of the chapters themselves. 

What we came up with is to create a text conversation between Reader and Erik in between every chapter. They won’t have any spoilers for the upcoming chapter, they’ll just play off of what happened in the chapter before. This should be a fun way for us all to build a little Sugar Babe community. We hope you guys enjoy it!

Chapter 2 




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Pairing: Android!Erik x Black!Female Reader

Warnings: Language (chapter is short)


You and Erik lay in bed together. His arms were wrapped around you as you laid in between his legs.

“Erik, I have a question” you look up at him.

“Wussup” he looks down at you.

“A few questions actually…first, are you fertile? Can I get pregnant by you?”

Erik laughs.

“I’m sorry” he apologizes while still laughing.

“No I’m not fertile. If you haven’t noticed, I’m not a human. There are components of me that are human like, like my dick for example. But I don’t actually produce fertile cum. We good” he smiled and kissed the top of your head.

“Okay…well how long will you be alive?”

“Forever. Unless you shut me down”

“How do I—“

“I don’t fucking know. Next question” his mood changed with a quickness.

“Do you have emotions like a human? Do you cry?”

“You added emotions to me, for whatever reason. Yes, I can cry and get angry”

“I added emotions because I wanted to share something with you…”


“I’m pregnant…” you bite your bottom lip nervously.

“Pregnant? Wow. From the nigga before?”

“Yes…it’s hard for me to talk about. But he died before I could tell him that we were having a baby…” you wipe a stray tear from your eye and snuggle back into Eriks chest.

“Hm. So we’re having a baby then? I hate kids but we’ll make it work”

“You hate kids? How do you even know that?”

“I just do” he shrugs.

“Do you sleep?”

“Nah. I can’t get tired”

“So what will you do during the night?”

“Watch you, I guess. I want to ask you something”

“Okay” you sit up to give him your full undivided attention.

“You said I can’t go outside cause people will recognize me. Maybe we should just move”

You raise your eyebrows at him, confused. This robot nigga expected you to up and move? You just bought this house.

“No…I couldn’t do that. Me and Erik just bought this house—“

“I’m trying to be nice but you’re making it hard” he smiles with clear anger in his eyes. I don’t want to live in this house and I don’t want to be stuck in this house for the rest of my fucking life. List this bitch or I will” Erik pushes you away before he gets out of bed to walk into the bathroom.


You wake up the next morning and see a bouquet of roses and a note next to you.

Smiling, you sit up sore. You walk into the bathroom and look in the mirror seeing bite marks, hickies, and bruises on your body.

“What the fuck” you whisper to yourself.

“Good morning” Eriks voice scares the shit out of you causing you to jump.

“What the fuck Erik!? I have a doctors appointment today!”

“You mad? You wasn’t mad last night”

“Erik, I don’t even remember last night. You do know I’m pregnant right?”

“Yea, you told me” he brushed his teeth.

“Okay so you know that we can’t have rough sex like that…”

“Okay” he rinses his mouth with mouthwash and exits the bathroom.

“Erik! I’m serious!”

“I heard you Y/N. Also, I listed the house. Took my own pictures and shit. It looks good” he swiped deodorant under his arms and pulled a white T-shirt over his head before sliding into a pair of light wash destroyed denim jeans. He put on a gold cross necklace, gold slugs in his mouth and a gold Rolex on his wrist.

“Erik, I need you to slow down. I never agreed to sell this house” you sit on the bed and watch him get dressed.

“You ain’t have to” he shrugs and puts on a pair of white socks then pulls on his all white forces. He looked really cute. You couldn’t even lie. His fresh fade, facial hair low. The small diamonds in his ears. Erik from before definitely didn’t dress like this. He always dressed business casual.

“Get dressed so we can go” he sprays on some new cologne and looks at you.

“Where are we going?”

“Your appointment”


“Don’t fight me on this. It’s my baby, I’m going”

“But Erik, my doctor knows Erik-you-Erik. She knows. If she sees you—“


You get dressed and Erik leaves the room.

About 20 minutes later, you begin walking downstairs when you hear Erik laughing with someone. You step into the living room to see your parents standing there. Your mouth falls open.

“Mom? Dad? I swear I can explain”

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I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, and finally decided to just go for it. I read a lot of Black Panther fan fiction, especially Erik Killmonger fics (they’re my favorite). I have decided to write reviews for the ones I read. I will discuss what is working in the stories and what could be better. I am an artist and love discussing works of art! I don’t know what to call this yet, but maybe it will come to me along the way. I am open to request just limit the fics to the ones about Erik Killmonger Stevens ( did I mention he was my favorite). So here we go with my first review. 

Title: Boy Next Door Crazy Erik PRT 1&2

Author: @nahimjustfeelingit-writes

Okay so this first story I would like to review comes from one of my favorite authors of the fan fiction world. @nahimjustfeelingit-writes has a nice curated master list, and its hard to just pick one. So that’s why I am starting with this one and will review others if this takes off. I reread the fics all the time like its my first time reading them, and I end up falling in love all over again. Yeah they’re that good. However I’m kicking this review off with fics I have not read multiple times. Yes it was my first time reading them. So here we go…

First impression based off the title: how crazy is Erik going to be? Like we all know that Erik is one crazy motha-SHUT YO MOUTH. So how can you top that.  Well before I even finished the part one I was screaming RUN BITHC RUN, and granted the fic is written where the reader could insert their name for the reader, I was yelling at myself. And anytime a nigga says to you “you have me, I’m all you need”, sis prepare your self to fight b/c he has you all the way…

This fic took me on a rollercoaster ride. A good one at that. One that you are about to have a heart attack just waiting in line for.  I was terrified reading this I didn’t know what the hell was going to happen next. The fic was written well and flowed well. I could feel all the emotions that ran through Erik, and there was a lot of them. And the smut…yess the smut. As always well written.  So when it came to the sex I was all for it and it didn’t disappoint. you could almost feel for Erik knowing his background and his childhood. Well I didn’t think I would say this but Erik definitely has Joe beat. Only a man with the nickname Killmonger could do that. Well done @nahimjustfeelingit-writes can’t wait to read the next one!

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