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#Erik Stevens x black!reader

Characters: Erik Stevens x black!reader, Nicky Fury x daughter!reader

Summary: Its time for your dad to meet your boyfriend.

Warnings: None

A/N: Based off this imagine. After almost a year its finally here! I hope you all enjoy it.


Originally posted by gwensstacy-archived


Originally posted by savvy-ivvory

“Okay, remember to play nice. My dad can be intense.” You warned Erik before ringing the doorbell.

“As long as he ain’t on some fuck shit.” Erik was already not too fond of the work your father did.


“Aight, I’ll be nice.” He changed the tune of his story when he saw the crazy look in your eyes.

The front door opened and revealed Tony Stark. “What are you doing here?” You asked shoving the cake in his hands.

“Nice to see you too, kid.” He kissed the top of your head. Despite your love-hate relationship, Tony was like a big brother to you. Actually, all the avengers were like older siblings to you.



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So I’m thinking of a new series, really it’s gonna be a collection of one-shots.

Plus sized reader, does their friends in fashion school a favor. Ones a fashion designer and the other a photographer. For their project she models for their photoshoot. The photoshoot is avengers themed.

3 outfits (lingerie, casual wear, and evening gowns) inspired by each avenger. The photoshoot becomes viral and the avengers notice and is extremely attracted to the model up to the point they have to meet her.

Who’s interested?

PS: I’ll probably write for Erik even though he’s technically not an avenger 😂

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“Brown skin girl
Your skin just like pearls
The best thing in the world
Never trade you for anybody else” - Beyoncé, Saint Jhn, and Wizkid feat. Blue Ivy Carter

A/N: This is one of my participations to the Quarantine Writing Challenge proposed by @chaneajoyyy and @shaekingshitup (won’t let me tag you) I hope you guys enjoy it! I’ve also been dying to use this song for a fic because I love it so much

Word Count: 1783


You hummed to yourself trying to keep yourself calm with this fidgeting little girl between your legs. The fidgeting little girl is your adorable, sweet, and at the moment, very annoying daughter Sarai. You were trying to do her hair but it was like she didn’t want you to. She wasn’t usually like this so you figured she was just having an off day where she didn’t want her hair messed with. You understood completely. You kept on understanding until it got too damn irritating.

You huffed putting the wide-tooth comb on the bed beside you. “Ok Sarai. What’s the problem?”

You could hear her pouting and she mumbled something incoherent.

“Excuse me? Mommy is speaking to you clearly so can you give mommy the same treatment back? And face me…” You turned her around to look at her pouty, dismal expression. It hurt you to see your baby so sad. “When I’m talking to you. That’s how a conversation works. Now tell mommy what’s wrong.”

“I want my hair straight.”

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Characters: Erik Stevens x black!reader

Summary: ITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN (lol that’s all you’re getting) 

Warnings: THE FLUFFIEST SMUT lol.  Its 6.1k words.

A/N: I’m so happy I finally got this out! I think I got about 2-3 more chapters then this series will be finished. 


Originally posted by savvy-ivvory


Originally posted by darianf0rrester

Erik did not want to be at this day party at all. He rather be bothering you, getting on your last nerve. But today you had plans with Deja and Shannon, and he promised T’Challa he would socialize more. So, when some of his old associates from the kill squad wanted to link up, he said yes.

He saw the group of guys sitting at a table in the back. “Killmonger, what’s up, man” The man he known as Slice asked.

“Nothing much,” Erik said taking his seat. “And just call me Erik. That Killmonger shit is done.”

“Shit, I heard you were out, but didn’t believe it. What fuck you doing now?” Roman another teammate asked.

“I’m an engineer at the Wakandan Outreach Center.”

Bones, the biggest out of all of them shoved Erik excitedly almost knocking him over. “Word? I knew your smart ass would be doing big things!”

A grunt came from the corner, Erik’s been ignoring. Although Erik wasn’t particularly close with his crew members, but he couldn’t stand Painkiller’s ass. Something about that light-skinned nigga rubbed him the wrong way. Perhaps it was because they were too alike. Alphas among alphas, cocky, methodical, smart, and ruthless.

“Getting soft, Killmonger?” Painkiller asked, hiding a smirk behind his glass.

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A/N: Here’s the highly requested part 2 that I’ve taken forever to write and release! Click here for part 1!


Originally posted by theandrophile


“Is my daddy late again?” Ashanti questioned aloud as she sat at her tiny desk with her eyes still focused on her drawing.

It was half past 3 and school let out at….3. So yes he was late again.

You sighed deeply coming up to her desk and crouching down. “Yes he is. But while we wait for him, We can do something fun.”

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Baby It’s Cold

Summary | Erik and his girlfriend have a cute moment outside at a party.

Pairing | Erik ‘Killmonger’ Stevens x Black!Reader

Prompts | “It’s freezing. Come here.” + “You’re shaking.”

Authors Note | This is really short but I thought it was really cute! So I wanted to share it.

Erik laughed at the story his girlfriend of two years was telling about the time her mother caught her older brother with a girl in the house. The two sat out on the balcony at a party his cousin threw deciding to step away from the celebration inside for a little bit of quiet time.

The two continued to talk for a bit as they sipped on the drinks they had. They talked about everything under the sun, from this event to work and their families. [ Your Name ] let out a shaky sigh feel the crisp cold air, feeling goosebumps form on her arms.

“You’re shaking, baby are you cold?” He questioned finishing his drink.

She nodded, rubbing her hands down her arms trying to warm herself up. “It’s freezing. Come here.”

She pulled Erik to her causing him to wrap his arms around her. “If you wanted me to just hug you all you had to do was say so.”

[ Your Name ] giggled into Eriks chest, scooting closer, getting a little more comfortable. “I really love moments like this with you E.”

“I know baby, I do too.” He mumbles kissing her.

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Pairing: Erik Killmonger x Black!Reader

Summary: The best way to fight your monsters is to have a bigger one standing at your back OR the socialite with the perfect life, you find yourself on the run and in hiding in your parents’ old neighbourhood, and suddenly under the protective wings of a man who’s just dangerous enough to be enticing

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: the happy ending they both deserve

A/N: wow this has been a long time coming. big thank you to all the love and support y’all gave me through this journey. i hope this lives up to what you want


||  Not small and warm and gentle, but burning, exhilarating, larger than life could ever be. ||


T’Challa had taken you, stricken and unresponsive, to Wakanda. A king. A king had gently led you from the ship, his voice low and soothing in his lilting accent. His sister, a princess, a princess, had greeted you just as gently, as kindly, and if tears sparkled on your cheeks, they pretended not to notice.

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Erik Killmonger x Reader

Erik runs into his old high school girlfriend and realizes how much love he still has for her.

Please Note: In this series, there was never a fight for the thrown between Erik and T’Challa. It’s all good between them. Erik became a Seal and used his pull to go to Wakanda in the hopes of just finding his family. Together, he and T’Challa founded the Wakandan Outreach Center in Oakland.

Thanks for the feedback and love. :) excuse any mistakes. enjoy.


It had been weeks since you ran into Erik… or since he literally ran into you. Good thing you only went running on the weekends. That made it easier to avoid him if you spotted him again. But luckily, you didn’t. You purposely waited until about 9am to go running and you were sure that was why. If he was an early bird, he wouldn’t catch you.

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SUMMARY |  When Erik makes his way back to Wakanda to fight for his spot. And along the way he runs into a familiar face.


WORD COUNT | 3.2K (sorry if this is too long)


Wakanda 2018
             Finally, months after being on a strenuous mission in Europe [Your Name] was home in Wakanda. She smiled as she flew into the city, an overwhelming feeling of happiness washed over her. Soon, she would be able to see her family after debriefing with her superiors about her mission.

Unbuckling herself she made her way to the front of the carrier sitting next to Xoliswa, she smiled at the Dora before looking onto Wakanda once again.

“As many times as I’ve seen this view, I never tire of it.”

“I feel the exact same way, [Your Name]. Especially the sunset, it’s truly breathtaking.”  Xoliswa responded.

An uneasy feeling settled upon [Your Name] as the sunset was mentioned. Nodding agreeing with Xoliswa, as the carrier started to land. The two made small talk as they gathered their items making their way off the aircraft, where they were met with another member of the Dora and [Your Name]’s older brother. As they made their way onto the runway she noticed a worried expression on the faces of her the Dora and her brother.

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Pairing: Erik Killmonger x reader

Summary: Erik knows exactly what he’s doing to her.

Word Count: 533


his aura ~ she can feel it when he walks into a room, like lightening whispering across her skin in the most pleasurable way, chills through her body, shivers up her spine. He stands in the corner, speaking quietly to T’Challa, one hand tucked lazily into his pocket, the other tapping a slow pattern on the side of his leg. He’s larger than life, larger than her hopes, wants, desires, and she doubts he even knows it. T’Challa moves across the room, and he moves with him. She can feel when he leaves, just as she can feel his eyes lingering on her, less like lightening and more like a gentle spring storm.

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SUMMARY | Erik and the reader have a serious conversation about where they see their lives going. And they have completely different ideas.


AUTHOR’S NOTE | I decided to redo this series to give it a little bit more depth, and detail since I couldn’t move past the second part. So enjoy!



Massachusetts 2014
             [Your Name] took a deep breath walking up to her boyfriend’s apartment, it was their usual movie night. With some takeout from different places from all over the city, a few new movies from Redbox and Netflix. The two would just have a relaxing night in that usually got a little heated.

But now, here she is, at his doorsteps with the food for movie night nervous about the news shes about to give him. Knocking on the door, she waited a few moments for him to answer the door. Trying to steady her breath and calm her nerves so he wouldn’t pick up the mental battle she was going through. As soon as he opened the door she smiled up at him leaning in to give him a quick kiss, making her way into the apartment. 

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New Year’s Surprise Part 2

Erik Stevens x Black reader

Part 1

Warnings: Fluff + Smut

Tags: @l-auteuse @soufcakmistress​ @thehomierobbstark​ @fd-writes​ @artsninspo​ @twistedcharismaaa​ @chaneajoyyy​ @killmonger-fics​ @sheisexcellent1​


Originally posted by fragilefiller

Erik finally shut the front door with his foot and locked it as Laila held onto him for dear life. He sat on the couch as she straddled him. She pressed her lips against his, pushing his locs out of his face. 

“I missed you so much.” 

Erik caressed her cheek with his thumb as he bit his lip. “I missed you too, lil baby. You have no idea.” 

Laila kissed his face and wrapped her arms around his neck again, lying her head on his chest. 

“You smell good as hell. I couldn’t wait to get back to this. Mmm.” 

Erik rubbed small circles into her lower back as he buried his face into her neck, taking in the scent of brown sugar and vanilla. 

Laila finally came back from her moment of bliss, lightly punching him in the shoulder. 

“Ah, damn! What was that for?”

“For leaving me for three months, nigga. I was about to Facetime you for a little bit, eat my cheesecake, and cuddle up with my body pillow until I fell asleep.”

“You ain’t even gotta worry about all that, shawty. Big Papa is back.” He grinned at her as he patted his chest. 

Laila scoffed and laughed. 

“Whatever. Just don’t leave me like that again.” 

Laila had so much more to say, but she didn’t know if it was the right time. She convinced herself that she would delve deeper into her feelings in the morning. He had been on a plane the majority of the day and she just wanted to enjoy being back in his arms. 

 Erik lifted her chin to look in her eyes before he spoke. “While I was away, I thought about you every single day. I could tell you were trying to keep it together while I was gone. Truth is, I was too. You know shit can get crazy in my world, but you decided to be apart of anyway.” 

Erik paused, knowing he needed to cut to the chase. He closed his eyes and opened them again to see Laila’s honey brown orbs stare into his once again. 

 “I spent all day on the plane tryna come up with a clever way to tell you this and I don’t know no other way to say it. I just…  I love you, Laila. You look out for me, but you ain’t afraid to call me out on my bullshit. I know I be wylin’ sometimes and there are plenty of girls who would just let me do whatever. Not you. You challenge me and I didn’t know I needed that until we got together. I ain’t tryna be long-winded, but after all the shit I’ve been through and seen while I was away, I knew I needed to get back to you asap and tell you that. I wanna be all up in your face and space for as long as you’ll let me. “ 

Laila tried to hold back her sniffles and dab her tears away. Neither of them were vulnerable people by nature, but they were both trying. She felt as if a weight had been lifted off her chest. He felt the same way she did all along. 

 “I thought about you everyday too and I was afraid to let you know how I felt. I knew you had a lot going on with your family that you had to handle so I didn’t wanna put anything extra on your plate, but I’ve felt this way for a while. I love you too, Snookums. With all my heart.” 

Erik snickered at his nickname as he wiped away her tears. Erik glanced out the balcony window of her condo to see the fireworks from downtown. 

The clock struck midnight on the dot. “Happy New Year’s, baby. Can I get my 2020 kiss or nah?” 

Laila giggled as she rubbed his neck and brought his face to hers. Erik lifted her chin to press his soft lips against hers once more, caressing her face with one hand as he rubbed her lower back. 

For the last three months, all they had was Facetime, phone conversations, and the photos they texted each other. 

 Both of their senses were heightened at every touch. Soft kisses turned into passionate ones, rubbing, and grabbing. 

Laila pulled his Nike hoodie and t-shirt over his head with one tug, tossing it to the side of the couch. Erik followed suit as he pulled his old t-shirt over her head to reveal her pierced nipples. 

She ran her hands down his chest and abs to feel the small scars all over his chest and torso. His body heat and touch had her senses in overdrive. 

Erik bit his lip as she rubbed his chest. He swept loose curls from her bun out of her face before standing with her in his arms, heading to the bedroom. 

Erik laid her against the pillows, pulling her shorts over her hips to toss them. No panties. She never wore any around the house, but her glistening center had him ready to ravish her. 

Laila instantly closed her legs at the cool air, causing goosebumps all over her body. 

“Uh-uh, you ain’t gotta hide from me.” Erik grabbed her thick thighs, pulling her to the middle of the mattress, placing soft kisses on the inside of her thighs before he got to her stomach and breasts. 

Laila was trying her best to be patient, but she couldn’t wait. She moaned into his ear as he licked and sucked her neck as he kept her spread eagle. She was normally all for foreplay, but she was a ticking time bomb.   

Laila grew impatient and raised up on her elbows to pull off his sweats and boxer briefs herself. Erik watched as she continued to undress him before wrapping her legs around his waist to pull him closer to her. 

“Well goddamn!” Erik chuckled as her forehead wrinkled in sexual frustration. 

“I want you now.” 

“Say less, baby. I got you.” 

Erik pushed her legs back to slide into her inch by inch. He hissed at her walls gripping him instantly. 

Laila closed her eyes, toying with her nipple rings as he sped up. Erik gripped her thighs tighter to get her attention. 

“Mm-mm, look at me.”  

Laila gripped his forearm as she looked in his eyes. He glided in and out of her sopping wet folds, pulling her closer,

“Oooh fuck, baby, you’re so deep!” Laila pressed her hand against his stomach to alleviate the pressure. He caught her hand, pressing a kiss against her wrist.

“You tryna run from me? Huh?” 

Laila gave up as she threw her head back into the pillows. She felt the pressure mounting as he slid in and out of her while he strummed her sensitive nub with his thumb. Her legs began to shake as a warning. 

“Oh my God! Baby…” She whimpered his name as she tried to control her shaky legs. 

“Let it go for me babe, let that shit go.” He slowed his stroke down but sped up rubbing her clit. 

She let out a guttural moan as she squirted all over his hand and abdomen. He sucked on her bottom lip as he rubbed her shaky thighs. 

“FUCK! I been waiting for 3 months to make you cum again. C’mon baby, give me another one.” 

Laila swiftly rolled over and pushed Erik onto his back before she sunk down on his girthy member. 

Erik slapped her thigh before gripping her hips as she rode him like her life depended on it. She wound her hips and bounced on his throbbing dick, causing him to groan her name. 

“Fuck, Laila! Shit!” He squeezed her full breasts as she wound it up on him repeatedly. She had her mind set on riding him into oblivion the minute she opened her front door and saw his handsome face. Laila was finally getting her way and she was having a field day.

 She rolled her hips in slow motion as she leaned forward to lick and kiss his neck. She knew what she was doing. 

She giggled at his groans as she sucked his bottom lip. She teasingly mocked his words from 15 minutes ago.

“Let it go for me, babe. Let that shit go.” 

She had a vice grip on his throbbing member and wasn’t letting up. Erik was doing everything he could to ride it out, but she was breaking him down slowly.

His breath quickened as he watched her breasts bounce as she moved up and down his length. 

“Fuck, I’m ‘bout to cum. I’m cummin’ Laila! SHIT.”

Laila began rubbing her clit as her pelvis grinded against Erik’s. 


Erik gripped her ass cheeks as they came together, panting to catch their breaths.

Laila lifted off of him to wrap her leg around his waist, kissing his lips.

 Erik finally spoke, coming down from his high.  “Happy New Year’s to ME. Shit.”

Laila giggled as she laid on his chest. “Welcome home, my baby.”

That concludes my first Erik Stevens/Erik Killmonger fic. Lemme know what y'all think! 

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Pairing: Erik Killmonger x Black!Reader

Summary: The best way to fight your monsters is to have a bigger one standing at your back OR the socialite with the perfect life, you find yourself on the run and in hiding in your parents’ old neighbourhood, and suddenly under the protective wings of a man who’s just dangerous enough to be enticing

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: descriptions of violence

A/N: It’s been months and I am so sorry. This is the second to last chapter, and I’m working on the next chapter right now so hopefully it won’t be as big a wait next time. I do plan on finishing this story, though!


|| chapter seven ||

|| chapter eight ||

|| “Becoming the creature of wild and shadows that you’d never wanted to be, and that Erik had taught you how to use.” ||


The memories come as you wait for him to wake up, sitting by his bedside in the small patch of morning sun, reminiscent of other mornings with him. Of course, those mornings had been innately better, if only because of the fact that they’d been a place of safety and happiness and an odd sort of quiet recklessness.

That’d been what got you caught, and you sigh bringing the paper cup of coffee to your mouth and taking a dainty sip. You’d gotten sloppy, lazy, enchanted with the idea of what you almost had.

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I’m making a new tag list because I lost my old one 😭 respond under this if you want to added to future fics and I will add you!

So far I have



…annnnd das it! Also, do y’all want a part two to “It’s Been a Minute.”? I saw a lot of people asking of there was one!

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You’re mine

A/N: This is for @lifelover4u! I’m sooooo sorry, boo! Your ask got deleted and I couldn’t get it back, sadly! Her tag isn’t working so could y’all please let her know that I did answer! I am…not the best at angst nor smut in any form 😭 so bare with me!


Originally posted by wifin-niggaz


You and Erik have been married for almost a year. Thoughout the year you’ve had your good and your bad but it only brought you two closer to one another. Today you and Erik had been sitting in the house, the two of you deciding to take off work and stay at home this Friday.

The day was going smooth. It was sweet, filled with laughter, play fighting, and much more. It was going so perfectly…then Erik got a work call. The call was short and you thought that was all but then came another. That one took a little longer but still, it was in good time. Then another and it’s been…3 and a half hours.

You stood in the doorway of his office crossing your arms and leaning against the frame. You looked at him, eyebrow cocked as he typed at his laptop, talking about an event they were planning. He was the head of cultural development and teaching so yeah, everything had to be ran past him but he told you he let everyone at the center know he was going to be busy today.

“Erik…” you spoke, stepping into his office and placing your hands on your hip. He glanced up at you before putting up a finger. “Yeah, but the summer events booth needs to be placed next to—…no, you need more than that.” He spoke into the phone, his finger still up. You huffed looking up and taking in a deep breath.

“Erik…” you spoke again, a bit sterner. Your tone caught his full attention. “I thought we were spending the day together? Just the two of us?” You spoke, tilting your head. “Hold on…Y/N, I know what I said, baby, but this is very important. I promise it won’t be too much longer.”

“Erik, it’s been damn near 4 hours, how long is this going to take? Did you not tell them you were taking the day off?” You spoke and Erik sighed deeply. “No, I didn’t. I said I’d stay on call. You know this event is important to me.” He spoke and you nodded, biting your cheek before walking out.


By the time he had finished the call it had been a little less than five hours. Most of the day was gone so there was really nothing left to do besides eat dinner, maybe go for a late movie but you’re still kind of ticked off. You can’t really complain because you wanted someone who could handle themselves and make their own money but you two have barely had any time together. You both know this but it feels like, to you, you’re the only one who cares enough to try and change it.

Erik came out of his office as you were cooking dinner, baked ziti and chicken Parmesan. He stood to your left, looking over your shoulder as he placed his chin on it. “Princess…” he spoke quietly, slightly swaying the two of you. You gave a dry ‘Hm?’ as you continued doing what you were doing, removing yourself from his hold.

“Y/N, please don’t start this…” He spoke, grabbing your hand. You lightly moved it from his grasp and continued to silently pan fry the chicken. Erik sighed, rubbing his hand over his beard. “So, you ain’t speaking to me?”

“Speak to you for what, Erik? We talked about today weeks in advance and you refuse to make the steps to just take a break? There’s nothing to talk about.” You spoke as you pulled the baked ziti from the oven and left it on the counter to settle.

“You know how important this event is, why would I call out?” Erik spoke, causing you to tilt your head slightly. “You would call out because we talked about this prior to it happening!” You slightly raised your voice as you turned around.

“Y/N, I’m the head of a very important part of the Outreach Program and we’re orchestrating an event. You knew this.” You sighed, rubbing your forehead slightly. “Okay, Erik. I did know but it has been weeks since we even had a day to just one another. I thought this was that day.”

You and Erik stared at one another briefly before you sighed. “Food’s done, I’ll be in the bedroom.” You gently pushed past him and down the hall into your shared room. You lightly sighed before deciding to run yourself a quick bath.


Erik watched you walk past him before looking at the dinner. He glanced over to the still running tv before noticing a few things. There was an empty bowl of what looked to be popcorn, a blanket laid over the back of the couch and a stack of old movies. His face softened steadily as he glanced back to the food you had just cooked.


You sat in a warm bubble bath, your box braids pulled into a bun. Your eyes were closed and Syd’s (singer) smooth, steady vocals flow through your speakers. You were so caught up in your thoughts you hasn’t noticed Erik step in until you felt your water shifting. You opened your eyes, looking in front of you as Erik lightly rubbed his hands over your legs.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I know this day meant a lot to you. I know we haven’t been spending much time together and I was excited for today. The day just kind got away from me. Please, forgive me.” He spoke, squeezing your calf as he lifted your leg, lightly kissing up to your knee. He looked up at you as you lightly but your lip.

“I’m sorry, too. I should’ve been a little more understanding…I just miss you, honey.” You gently touched his face as he moved, laying between your legs. He lightly kissed your chin before making his way to your neck. You gently held his face, your fingers brushing over his beard. His teeth gently nipped at your skin while his hands lightly gripped at your thighs, pulling you closer.

You gently moaned, moving his head so you could kiss him. You lightly ran your tongue over his bottom lip, before lightly tugging it with your teeth. Erik groaned into your mouth, adding a bit more pressure to the kiss. Your legs wrapped around his waist, pushing yourself up against him as he rolled his hips against you.

You moaned softly, pulling away as Erik reached down to line himself up with your entrance. He looked up at you, lightly biting his lip. “I want a baby…” he lightly spoke, his thumb grazing over your swollen lips. Your eyes softened, your hands pressing against his back to pull him closer.

“Then put a baby in me…” you spoke, a grin spreading over your face as his eyes lit up. He gently rested his forehead against yours before sliding in, a groan leaving both of your mouths. “It’s gonna be a long night for you, baby.” Erik spoke as you giggled, pulling him closer.

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