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#Erik x reader

Originally posted by unfcollection

I do NOT own this image

Summary: Adjusting to your new normal comes with some hurdles

Pairing: Erik KIllmonger x Reader

Words: 2081

Warnings: Little itty bitty angst, little bit of drama

A/N: Thank you for the response to the last two parts I appreciate it so much. I can’t wait for the rest of this story to unfold. I hope you enjoy this chapter if you do please like and share. Also I finished my classes for the semester so hopefully I’ll be able to get updates out quicker.

PrologueChapter 1


That night you drove across town to Kayla’s place she forced you to eat and take the vitamins that the doctor recommended and get some sleep. When you woke up the next day you began your new normal.

For the past three months, there was a routine of sorts between you and Kayla. You’d wake up early and cook her breakfast, a thank you for her generosity when she left for work you’d start your work assignments for the week, and depending on the day Kayla’s brother, Matt would drive you down to the library to do your online classwork. You had taken Kayla’s advice and enrolled part-time to take the last few classes you’d need to finish out your degree.

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Part 20: Recovery

My shit busted, Erik frowned frustrated as he sat looking through the rearview mirror in the Wawa parking lot. He hated this part of the job. Though he could take a hit and it wasn’t his first, second, or third time getting shot, he didn’t like the feeling of being dependent on someone else for help, even with a wound. Getting severely injured was always a risk but he preferred dealing with things on his own. Aside from that, he didn’t trust hospitals. He probably needed surgery again but definitely not in Texas. Sighing, he decided to swallow his pride for the umpteenth time to go ahead and call the man he always went to when he got shot, stabbed, or had something bad happen to him that he couldn’t completely fix in his own with a needle, some Tylenol, and time.

Dr. Charles. He had the equipment and resources and made private trips. He also knew Erik personally from his military days. On top of that, he was a proud Nigerian and didn’t ask for specifics of Erik’s dealings, deciding that it was best for him not to know so that he stayed out of it. Erik trusted him more because of it.

“Yellow,” Charles answered on the first ring. Erik’s eyes rolled. The man was in his sixties and it showed.

“Sup Chief. My leg’s busted again. I’m a fly to you-”

“No no,” he spoke forcefully. “If you’re bleeding you must contain it. You will stay down and rest! Keep your leg elevated. Have you wrap-”

“Yea yea… it’s in a tourniquet,” Erik sighed. He felt like a child being fussed at by an elder.

“Where are you?! Drive to the nearest hospital and give them my information! I’ll take care of it. We will bring you in and I will take a look.”

“Or I could just-”

“No!” It was absolute. Erik’s mouth set in a straight line. Charles reminded him a lot of his father. No one else could talk to him like that. “You pay me too much to be abandoned! Eh? Let us help,” he insists kissing his teeth. Erik had no retort. He stared through the mirrors silently biting his thumbnail.


“Alřiiight,” you sing listening to Erik’s ‘Necessary’ playlist in the background. Moving around has warmed you up despite the fact that his A/C is pumping. Shake the Room with Pop Smoke and Quavo plays, the vocalizations in the background sounding like a lowkey creepy chant a secretly possessed Tebetian monk would do. You switch to some song called Kalifornia and climb the stairs to toss the cleaning rag into laundry taking your phone from its charger. “Downstairs is officially spotless… and sanitizzzed,” you gasp to the walls as you stretch backwards feeling that sweet pull and release of tension in your back and shoulders. When you head back down, the entire bottom level smells like coconut mango, lysol, and tea tree oil mixed. “Mmm,” you sigh having inhaled deep to smell the goodness. It was fresh. “That good shit,” you chuckle.

Again, it feels so, so good to be in this house in the clear brightness of daytime. It’s calm, spacious, and beautiful like a retreat or vacation home. You can go completely nude and feel at ease, alone with no one peeping at you in a private space. You can look outside and not feel as nervous in stepping out to the driveway. So you do just that.. proudly in the nude to feel the heat on your skin. It’s still hot and muggy with the sun beating down so you head back into the A/C deciding to hit the hot tub instead.

“Oh my God,” you nearly cry with a homemade smoothie in hand as you chill in heated water, the bottom of your fro soaked and hanging on your shoulders as you sit butt naked and slumped. “I’m never leaving this house… this is officially MY house now…”

It’s an entire hour later when you dry off, as relaxed as Katt Williams’ hair on a good day. You head through the lower level again before going back upstairs. You can’t help but to be nosey looking again through his rooms and belongings. Where is the kink? This is ridiculous! It’s all too simplistic… minimalistic. It’s just weird… For someone who lives as boldly as Erik does to have no evidence of it anywhere. It seems sneaky and bizarre. You wonder why he hasn’t accumulated a house of unique knickknacks. Maybe a toy drawer? Even you have a toy drawer. Alas, the craziest things you find are six different bongs, an ugly tie dyed pair of shorts that are way too short, a keyboard piano, and boxers printed with Obama’s face. He’s really good at hiding his deviance. “I bet it’s all in that lil room,” you mutter heading to the locked door. You try the knob again thinking of using a credit card to get in. Whether it actually works you’re not sure.. and you don’t want to mess up your card. You’d bet good money that everything you wonder about is behind that door.


“Fuck this shit,” Erik gritted through his teeth as he hunched over the outdoor freezer of the Wawa. Goddamn kid, cracker ass bitch, shooting don’t know what the fuck.. He definitely needed fixing on his leg before he bleed out slowly in the Wawa parking lot. He was convinced he looked absolutely insane with a busted leg held tightly by his handmade tourniquet. It hurt like hell and he knew he had to do something. He hid the injury. No one could see it unless they really paid attention, he’d overlapped it with bandana and draped a jacket around his waist. He pulled the ice bag out of the freezer and sat it on the ground, not needing to look up to spot the camera above. In fact, he wouldn’t look up because of it. Erik looked to a hefty ginger kid in a camo cap, beige shorts, and sandals. He couldn’t be more than thirteen and he was hanging onto the glass door with a plastic bag of snacks dangling from his wrist as two rednecks entered through the door he held.

“Hey kid,” Erik nodded watching the boy’s eyes drift to his injury in question. He was observant causing Erik to shift the leg. “…Faulty machinery. Hence the ice.. but could you do me a big favor and save me some walking?” He held out a twenty and the boy took it. “And a strawberry milkshake,” Erik called behind the boy who went back inside to pay for the ice as Erik limped back to the stolen vehicle. The kid was back and at his window quickly.

“Here’s your change.” The kid held it out, ready to drop it regardless of Erik’s hand not being out to receive it.

“Keep it,” Erik muttered.

“Nah, you look like you need it a lot more than me,” the kid muttered scooting off. Erik stared after him. Little bastards. He scoffed starting the engine.

He pulled up to the hospital as instructed sending the info to Dr. Charles and as promised, Dr. Charles came through, calling on Erik’s behalf. Erik initially refused the treatment learning that they intended on treating him right there in that hospital. “Treat me yourself,” he’d fussed on the line with the trusted doctor. In the end he was swayed. He ended up in a hospital bed in Texas getting x-rayed despite his protests. Turned out they did need to operate to repair the fractured bone and tend to his vascular injury. The operation took three hours. When he woke, he was in recovery aka lockdown. His head was a little cloudy from their drugs. He decided to call the one person who he could count on to be truly excited to hear from him. He thought about how he’d start the conversation to keep her from asking too much. He just wanted to feel that warm glow she always gave him.. feel that she was with him without giving too much away.  

Thinking bout you.. Just wanted to hear your voice..

What you doing.. how’d you sleep?

Y/N. Can you talk to me for a bit while I listen? I’m tired…

Hey forehead…


That’s your pocket buzzing. Pulling out your phone you do a double take at the screen and a streak of irritation surfaces, plucking your nerve. Perfect time to ask about that so called colleague he’s probably hitting and he’d better fess up to whatever it is he’s hiding.

Erik: You alive?

Instead of texting nonsense back, you dial his number and he picks up on the first ring.

“Angel… I miss you already girl.”

“Well then you know where to find me,” you snap hearing his soft chuckle. “And what the hell is so funny?”

“You… with all this bass. You hungry?”

“Don’t ask me nothing dumb like that.”

Yeaah…. you need your tummy full. When’s the last time you ate?”

“Erik?.. Shut up. You know what I wanna talk about,” your voice lowers. “Tell me why that girl felt comfortable waltzing into your house last night and getting into my face like she belonged there.. Last I checked you don’t have any friends.”

“Well last I checked…,” he kisses his teeth. “Nah, I ain’t call you for all that..,” his voice calms. “Just know we ain’t close like you thinking. She happened to pop up. Ain’t like I invited her.”

“But if she’s close enough to you to perform pop-ups then I feel like you should’ve mentioned her to me like you mentioned your other three.”

It’s like I said, wasn’t nothing to mention.” Silence stretches as you wait for him to explain. “We work together. Work is all I have. Work is all she has. We just understand that about each other, that’s all it is.”

“Are you telling me the truth?”

“You starting to piss me off. Yes.”

“Don’t get smart.. I’m choosing to believe you.”

“Uh huh. Eat something.”

“I am,” you squint fixing your face when the waitress brings your drink and smiles. “I’m at PF Changs now.”

“Oh? What you order?”

“Potstickers… lettuce wraps…. Thinking of getting some spring rolls… but also kinda wanna wait to see how I feel first. I don’t wanna order it and have all these plates on the table at the same time and I’m the only one sitting here… you know?”

He chuckles and it’s a light breath of amusement. “You know what?… I’m proud of you, kid. You survived the night alone in that big scary house. Such a big girl.”

“Erik, don’t patronize me,” you flush, glad he’s not there to see it. Your tone gives nothing away. “I live alone. You forget that.”

“But that’s different.. were you scared?”

“Not at all!” You sip your ginger beer. “What are you doing now?”

“Mm. Resting before I head out. I’ll see you soon though.. before you know it.”

“No rush actually. I’m enjoying the house, you can stay where you at.”

“Here are your potstickers.. lettuce wraps..,” the waitress hums setting the white plates on the wooden square table. “Anything else for you?”

“Not yet, I’ll have to see how this goes.” The food looks delicious so you talk to it instead of her.

“Understood,” she smiles warmly dashing off to the kitchen as you pray silently to yourself. You almost forget Erik’s on the phone as you eat until he speaks up a minute later.

“Y/N.. Do you miss me?”

“Nope.” You take another few sips of ginger beer as he’s silent. “..I’m kidding.”

“Are you though?”

“Shut up. I told you come home.”

“Shame we couldn’t finish that little exercise when we were out together. I wonder how you’d have fared if we had.”

“You were gonna have me do something ridiculous, I already know it.” Sauce drips down your finger from the lettuce wrap and you catch it with the paper napkin from under your glass.

“Mm.. It’s only ridiculous if you’re easily embarrassed.. which means you care too much how you’re viewed by others. It’s holding you back.”

“We all care about how we’re presenting ourselves in society.” With another sip of ginger beer you pick up a potsticker and dip it. “It’s called self-awareness it’s how we maneuver.. and as much as we don’t like it, image is important especially when you’re black working against people’s pre-judgements.”

“Yes and awareness is crucial but avoidance is a fear-based response that you specifically utilize as a self-imposed barrier. You could go.. so much further.. if you wouldn’t avoid the situations that could cause others to view you in a way you don’t particularly like.. also keeping in mind you’re not a psychic to know what others are thinking.”

“It doesn’t take a psychic to read the room.”


“You know.. I’d love to see you be yourself..”

“I’m already myself.”

“With others and not just with me. Although I love having part of you to myself,” he pauses. “If I’m ever.. not with you for some reason, I want you to take that with you. Keep that same energy wherever you go. 'Cause you don’t and your interactions suffer for it.”

“I’m out at P.F. Chang’s eating lunch.. Why? Why do we always go to therapy when I’m eating?”

“Watchu mean? That’s the best time to talk to you, when your mouth is full. As a matter of fact, ballpark. How many people in the restaurant?”

“NO.” You bite another potsticker.

“YES. What we just talk about? Tell me how many.”

“Too many.”

He chuckles again, breathily. “More than 10?

“Yes! More than 10!”

“So here’s the thing. You do it and I’ll do something you want when I get back, don’t matter what it is.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Then your punkass don’t get shit. Easily put. This what I want you to do..”

“No, wait,” you frown and chew on your straw. “Let’s wait until you get back. It’ll give you incentive to come back quicker.” The waitress brings your refill. “I’ll take those spring rolls,” you tell her.

You think you slick,” Erik laughs. He sounds dead tired. “Okay. When I get back.

“You okay? You don’t sound too good.” Listening more closely, you hope he’s not coming down with anything.

Yeah I’m good. Did a lil workout, you know.. nigga a lil.. tired,” he exhales.

“Oh. Intense exercise. Can’t relate.. Okay, hurry back. Bye!”

Don’t hang up, I like hearing you talk!”

“Negro this food ain’t gonna eat itself.”

Aight,” he chuckles. “Enjoy.”

Hanging up, you grin having skipped out on embarrassing yourself. The lettuce wraps are calling your name and now you’re thinking of getting shrimp dumplings.

For $5!

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Story Summary: After the run in with Malix, Erik has been suppressing his emotions for Kayla. He enjoyed her company more than the incubus would have ever imagined. He wanted to make a move on her, but he didn’t want to rely on his past training. He wishes to win her over without the use of her charm, alas he thinks that he lost her forever. 

Word Count: 2,748

Trigger Warning: Some suggestive flirting since its Erik. 😉

AN: The song lyrics are in bold, while the past is in italics

Names of character

• Erik - Uzaeris

Link of song:

It was just another day in the Anderson household. Erik was lazily flicking through the television as he is reminiscing about how he got here. He couldn’t believe it has been six months since the attack on Malix, ended and (Y/N) decided to keep him and his brothers instead of throwing them out on the streets. Erik is forever grateful for her actions as she allowed them to stay. His thoughts wondered as he noticed (Y/N) came to sit beside him. She smiled at him as she focused on the TV. He observed her behaviour as this has been the first women that he really appreciated. He wanted to make her his, but he didn’t want to rely on using his empty flattery that he was taught. He bit his lip in worry as he was sitting so close he could feel her breathing.

He heard James call from the kitchen that dinner was ready, he looked towards (Y/N) as he stood up from the couch to head to the dining room. Leaving (Y/N) confused as he would usually accost her to meals. She sighed as she joined the brothers at the table, peering at the amount of food James made. Her smile was affectuous as she thanked James for making dinner. She dug in as they all ate happily around the table. A little while later, Erik stood from the dinning room after picking and prodding like a child to his meal. He dismisses himself and heads towards the kitchen to discard his plate. What he didn’t expect was to see (Y/N) looking at the brothers in confusion as Erik normally never played with his food. There must be something wrong as he has been avoiding her all week. She stood up a little while after him as made her way to the kitchen carrying the previous plates in her hands.

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Chapter 7 


The smell of chemical warfare infiltrated your lungs the same way your mother’s homemade apple pie after church on a Sunday afternoon would. You couldn’t help but reminisce at the thought of your mothers smile as you would rush into the kitchen begging for a slice right out of the oven, regardless of the possibility of burning off your taste buds. To you, the hotter the caramelized filling that scorched off your taste buds, the stronger a connection of love was felt between you and your mother. To you pain was love, and maybe that’s how you ended up in a situation with a man that didn’t value your life or the life of anyone around him… To him you were all pawns in his game of life…

“Aye! Stop fucking dazing off Princess! We need to finish cooking this shit up and get it bagged before our next meeting!”  

“Okay Erik! Damn.” You rolled your eyes at Erik barking orders. It was two in the morning and you, along with two other women you recently met an hour ago were standing butt ass naked in Erik’s million-dollar kitchen cooking up the most corrupted form of snow. The type of snow people would kill their own husband for. The type of snow you would sell your soul for just a taste. The type of snow that brought your demons out to play. Cocaine. Had someone told you a year ago that your life would end up like this you would probably laugh in their face and refer them to a psychiatrist, but here you were, being the girlfriend to a notorious Mob Boss that you use to only know as Zaddy.

Of course you had your suspicious about what type of lifestyle Erik lived and how he acquired all this wealth but none of that mattered to you, especially after the night Erik helped you release your true form. There was a point in time after that eventful night when Erik could do no wrong in your eyes. Erik could’ve punched a baby in the throat and you would have defended Erik and gave a laundry list of reasons on why that baby deserved to get karate chopped in their esophagus. If you looked up dumb and naive girlfriend in the dictionary there would be a picture of you riding Erik’s dick into the sunset. You LOVED Erik and didn’t even know his last name until a week ago when Kuku became aggravated with Erik taking forever to get dressed to leave and yelled it out, “Erik N'Jadaka Udaku Stevens! LETS GO!” There was so much you still didn’t know about Erik, about yourself, and you felt yourself slowly reaching your breaking point with the man you use to “love”.

“Girl, stir faster before Mr. Cranky gets to throwing a fit and yelling again.”

You sided eyed the chocolate beauty named Maxx that had the audacity to give you instructions in your house, in your kitchen, about a man that you could give two shits about making angry. Erik might’ve struck fear in the hearts of everyone around him, but you were just as crazy, if not crazier than him. If a nigga wanted to act a nut you were more than ready to get it popping like a jar of Nutty peanut butter with no toast.

Before you had an opportunity to respond back to Maxx, the smell of sandalwood and Emberosia kush fought against the toxic smell of powdered death as Erik placed delicate and strategic kisses along the left side of your neck, each time letting his gold fangs brush up against your life line. Erik was toying with you, but you knew he didn’t have it in him to kill you. Right? Even though the idea of being on the verge of death fulfilled your forbidden kink it seemed like Erik was taking the situation literally. Erik placed a small bite along your neck that was deep enough to draw droplets of blood and cause you to jump from shock and look at your reflection in the microwave that was placed over the stove. You watched as Erik’s eyes jumped between their usual cool amber brown to a menacing yellow that sent shivers down your spine. “Get to work Princess. You know I don’t like repeating myself.” Without allowing you a response Erik left a tingling smack on your ass and one final kiss to your tender bleeding neck before strolling over to the island marble kitchen counter that was occupied by Maxx and the other woman you had met just an hour ago, Jee. You watched through the stainless-steel microwave reflection as Erik antagonized you through his usual tactic of asshole-ism. You knew Erik would go this route as soon as he tasted your blood, you might’ve been able to lie with a straight face, but your blood always gave away your truth and now Erik would be on his Erik bullshit and piss you off until you told him that you were hungry.

Erik turned on his charm as he let his lustful eyes dance between Maxx and Jee while occasionally glaring back at you through the microwave reflection. Technically the ball was in your court, but you refused to put your pride aside and instead of folding, you rolled your eyes at Erik’s inquiring quirked up eyebrow letting him know that you wouldn’t cave in anytime soon. Erik decided to focus his attention on Maxx first since her innocent comment seemed to rub you the wrong way. “What’s your name again baby girl?”

Maxx felt her heart jump from her chest down to her second set of lips as Erik’s rough voice danced through her ears, “M-Maxx. My name is Maxx.”

Erik let a smirk creep along his face, he hadn’t even started and already had one of the girls like putty in his hand, “Aren’t you going to ask what my name is sweetheart?”

You rolled your eyes as you continued to watch your “boyfriend” do everything in his power to get under your skin. You saw Erik’s eyes twinkle through the microwave reflection and Maxx’s body began heaving with lustful heat, “Your name is Erik-”

Erik held up a hand, “Imma stop you right there ma. In this house I only have one name, and that’s Zaddy. Got it?” Maxx was unable to speak as she nervously shook her head in agreement. Erik mockingly stared at you one last time through the microwave reflection before positioning himself behind Maxx and placing his left hand around her neck as he leaned into her ear to whisper, “Another rule in this house, speak when spoken to. Zaddy doesn’t like having to repeat himself, and he definitely doesn’t like it when you get quiet. Got it?”

Maxx was in the middle of nodding again in response when Erik dragged his left hand up to Maxx’s chin before scraping his gold fangs against her earlobe, “I got it, Zaddy.” Erik left a lingering kiss on Maxx’s face before smacking her on the ass, causing her to jump with excitement and her wetness to drip down her inner thigh.

“Why the hell are the three of us butt ass naked, but you get to walk around fully clothed giving out orders?” Erik shifted his attention to Jee and his eyes instantly roamed her thickness causing him to ignore her question. Jee caught on to Erik’s lustful gaze and added some pep in her step as she walked closer to the man beast. “Did you not hear what I said Erik? Why aren’t you naked too?”

You continued to stir the deadly mixture and watch through the microwave reflection as the circus of horny bullshit was back in your view. Not many things got under Erik’s skin, but playing with his name was like playing with his emotions. If Erik told you to call him Zaddy then you called him Zaddy, if Erik told you to call him Big Bertha then you would call him Big Bertha, everything about being called a specific name was a power move and anyone who questioned that power felt his wrath.

A tooth clawing silence fell in the room as a smug grin coated Erik’s face and he slowly stripped out of his black Nike tracksuit until he was wearing nothing but three good chains and his gold rimmed glasses. Erik made his semi hardened third member twitch as Jee’s eyes hazily dropped down to enjoy the dick show. “Is this naked enough for you?”

Jee licked her lips as she continued to eye Erik, “Its perfect.”

Erik flirting with other women usually had no effect on you considering you would flirt with them too, but this situation in particular had your blood pressure rising by the minute. This was not a situation of scouting for a woman to turn your relationship into a trio for the night, this was Erik being an asshole in order to prove a point. Once you saw Erik caress Jee’s face the same way he would do yours before kissing you with his plump lips, you tossed the wooden spoon you were stirring with onto the counter and stormed off into the living room. You plopped down on the couch in an effort to calm your nerves, but of course the source of your irritation had to walk into the room with his dick swinging and his new two admires following close behind. “What the fuck is your problem Princess? You know I need to get this shipment out by tonight?”

You searched for the remote and turned on the TV, not giving two fucks if it was a program you actually wanted to watch, “I’m taking a break.”

Erik glared at you for a few seconds and you noticed a shift in his demeanor and eyes as he waltzed over to the couch and sat directly besides you, “Fuck it. I guess we are all taking a break then.” Maxx and Jee looked at each other wondering what their next move should be, but they didn’t have to wait long when Erik motioned for them to come over to the couch. “Grab a seat and chill out since my Princess wants to be a fucking brat right now.”

Two hours of everybody uncomfortably watching reruns of Martin passed before Erik began getting bored of the games you were playing. Erik drifted his attention away from his wall mounted flat screen and focused on Maxx who was sitting on the couch with her legs snapped shut like she was trying to hide the truth that leaked between them. “You good over there sweetheart?”

“Y-yes, I’m good Zaddy.”

Erik chuckled to himself as he heard her lies seeping through her own words. “Why are you so nervous ma?” Erik paused and bit his bottom lip showcasing his gold slugs, causing Maxx to quiver slightly, “You know… I’m a licensed massage therapist and you look like you need some help releasing that pent-up muscle tension.” Before Maxx had a chance to provide a rebuttal Erik had her flat on her back as he began massaging the inner meat of her thighs while occasionally letting his finger “slip” next to her lotus flower.

Your attention was no longer on the television as you watched Erik slither his way into a full on threesome right in front of you. You weren’t even sure if the girls were bisexual, but Erik had Jee eating Maxx’s love cave while Erik received sloppy head from Maxx. It was a sight to see and all you could do was laugh to yourself. If Erik wanted to play bullshit ass games, then you were going to play. Mr. Petty vs Mrs. Petty was in full effect.

“Squeeze my dick just like that baby… Just like that!”  *smack* *smack* *smack* Jee was a moaning mess as she rode Erik like a bike with no training wheels, and Erik was in pussy heaven. Erik let out a low growl as Maxx paid delicate attention to the inside of his thighs, the same way he attacked hers earlier, before she let her wet tongue glide up to Erik’s exposed balls and cream covered dick. Each time Jee raised up to the tip of Erik’s dick, Maxx would plop it out and clean off the love juice, just to shove it back inside of Jee, causing her and Erik to moan in unison. “Y'all really trying to make a nigga cum, huh?” In one swift motion Erik flipped Jee so that she was on all fours on the carpet and instructed Maxx to slide under them, so she could continue gobbling Erik’s balls while tending to Jee’s swollen clit. Whenever Erik had sex with more than one woman he always made sure he would do the exact positions he saw in all his favorite pornos. Life was currently imitating art and you had seen enough.

Once Erik changed positions and was now the one lying flat on his back with Jee riding his face and Maxx showing off moves doing the reverse cowgirl, you decided it was time to sneak away from the scene before anyone noticed you were missing… It would be pretty hard for the freaky trio to notice though… You glided your way back into the kitchen and stopped in your tracks when you noticed Kuku in the kitchen, tending to the unfinished product that needed to be shipped out. “Um… What are you doing in here? I thought you and T were out working on that arms deal.”

Kuku stopped measuring out the death flour on the counter and couldn’t help but take in your naked figure before stumbling over his words trying to speak, “We finished the deal early because I didn’t need to "persuade” our clients… But uh… I thought you were partaking in whatever the fuck you guys have going on in the living room.“

You took a quick look back at Erik happily enjoying himself with someone other than you. Fuckboy. "Today I decided to be a spectator. A bitch can only take so much of the same dick before getting bored…”

Kuku raised his eyebrows at the suggestiveness in your statement. Everyone in the household including Erik could see that something deeper than a friendship lingered beneath the layers, and that’s one of the reasons Erik started sending Kuku on longer missions and deals. “What happened to all that talk about Erik being your soulmate?”

You shrugged as you walked over to the counter to help Kuku package up the goods. “My soulmate isn’t a disrespectful ass nigga. All of this was fun in the beginning, but it just seems forced at this point. I’m thankful, and happy for this new life… but at what cost?”

Kuku let you ponder on your own question as he continued to cut up and distribute the cocaine in the designated bags before wrapping them up and placing each pound into a brick press. A few minutes passed as you worked in “silence” with Kuku. This moment would’ve been peaceful had your boyfriend not been on round three with his house guest. The sounds of whimpers, and skin clapping reminded you of the reason you decided to come back into the kitchen as you stopped bagging up the dope and began searching through the cabinets. You felt your eye twitch as you heard, “Yes Zaddy” and “Deeper Zaddy” continuously be repeated by someone other than you, and Kuku noticed as well.

You were two seconds from climbing onto the counter to reach an upper cabinet when the feeling of strong, but unfamiliar hands gripped your waist, “What are you looking for Lulu?”

You sighed in defeat and turned around in Kuku’s arms, “I’m looking for something that will make me feel better.”

Kuku tightened his grip around your waist and brought his forehead close to yours so your lips where almost touching. “Don’t do anything you’ll regret.”

You eyed the way Kuku’s lips shined with a Wakandan chapstick and began nibbling on your own set of lips, “What would you do if I kissed you right now?” Before you gave Kuku the chance to answer, you filled in the inch of space between your lips until you were fully engulfed in a forbidden French kiss. Everything about the situation felt right and wrong at the same time, but you didn’t care. For the past year you had been living to please someone you thought you loved, and for the first time in a long time you felt safe, compassion, empathy, and mutual love.

The sound of a voice clearing its throat immediately snapped you out of your steamy make out session as you cautiously peeked over Kuku’s shoulder. A sigh of relief escaped your lips when you noticed T'Challa standing against a wall with his arms crossed… Kuku’s eyes of judgment had nothing on T'Challa. You quickly removed yourself from Kuku’s grip and immediately longed for his skin to be pressed against yours for a second longer. “Do you two care to explain what is going on in here or can we all just forget this ever happened and just blame the drugs?”

Without a beat of hesitation Kuku spoke up, “I don’t know what you saw, but nothing happened. Now help me finish packing all this shit up.”

T'Challa pushed himself off the wall and snickered to himself, “Smart man.”

You watched as the two men worked and moved on with their lives like nothing ever happened, like they weren’t drug dealers packaging up pounds of cocaine in the kitchen, like Erik wasn’t fucking two other women in the living room. Like Erik wasn’t fucking in the living room. Reality hit you like a ton of bricks and you hastily went back to searching the cabinets until you found what you were looking for. Kuku and T'Challa halted their movements as they inquisitively watched you barge back into the living room with a new-found chip on your shoulder.

“Z-Zaddy I-I can’t cum any-ymore!” Jee was getting pushup drilled dick from Erik, while Maxx laid in a 69-position hovering her honey cave over Jee’s face and leaving hickies on Erik’s neck.

“Take. This. Fucking. Dick.” Erik had the stamina of ten bulls as he slammed into Jee while emphasizing each word, and he wasn’t anywhere near done with the two ladies.

“Mind if I join you, Zaddy?” The sarcasm in your voice perked Erik’s ears up as he finally realized that you hadn’t been in the room for a while. While depriving Erik of the chance to ask any questions on your recent whereabouts, you swiftly slid one of Erik’s gold-plated pistols deep inside of Maxx’s exposed twat before using it like a dildo. “How does that feel ma?” Maxx was beyond being able to speak as she moaned out in euphoric bliss. “Mmm it must feel really good. I bet this feels better than Erik’s dick, doesn’t it?”

Maxx’s eyes jolted open at your out the box question as Erik slowed down his strokes, so he could try and figure out what the hell you were doing. You yanked Maxx’s face away from Erik’s neck and increased the speed of the pistol, causing her to amplify her moans as you rapidly dragged the barrel along her g-spot. “I’m cu- I’M CUMM-”

*Boom* *Boom*

Erik completely stopped fucking Jee as Maxx’s now lifeless body collapsed on top of Jee. The sounds of horrific screams where cut short when you pushed Maxx’s body to the side and inserted the creamy coated golden pistol into Jee’s mouth. “Doesn’t this taste better than Erik’s dick?” Jee shook her head “no” and a sly grin appeared on your face as you pulled the pistol out of your mouth and began sucking it the same way you did the first day you had sex with Erik. You never broke eye contact with Erik as you yanked the loaded pistol out of your mouth and jammed it back into Jee’s. “I think you need another taste ma. I think that pretty gun does taste better than Erik’s community dick.” You leaned in close to Jee’s ear while still keeping direct eye contact with Erik. “Would you like to know what taste even better than this gun?… The bullets inside.”

*Boom* *Boom*

You slowly raised up off of the floor without an ounce of remorse in your body as you pointed the pistol in Erik’s direction. “Call up some new help so we can finish bagging this shit up.” In that very moment you did not care what Erik had to say or what his reaction would be. You looked to your left and saw Kuku and T'Challa watching you from the doorway that connects the kitchen to the living room. “Can one of you bring me a knife so I can eat? No use in letting these bodies go to waste.”

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Part II

A/N: Hey babies, I really hope y’all are being safe in these uncertain times. Here is more cuteness. It’s a bit long, but I have ground that I wanna cover and this is what will make sure everything gets touched on. Happy reading!!


Pairing: Erik Stevens x Thick Black Reader

The Present..

Anxiety has fully set in as the class reunion was underway. Wiping your hands on the sleek fabric of your little black dress, you frantically check in on the headset with your team at their designated stations in the auditorium. Leah manned the bar, Terri held down the games corner, Janiece at the food table and Renee acted as sentry at the DJ booth. Eyes were everywhere to anticipate your guests’ every need, while you were at the entrance, greeting everyone who arrived ready to get a blast from the past.

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I wondered downstairs the next day and began to make myself breakfast. As I spread the jam on my toast and began to munch Charles came into the kitchen.
       "Morning Mind-Reader.“ I smiled.
       "Morning (Y/N).” He smiled back. “Do you smell that?” I raised an eyebrow at his question.
       "Smell what?“ He walked towards me and took a whiff of the air around me before full on smelling me. "Uh..Charles…Dude….what the hell?”
       "Yup. You smell divine today.“ I raised an eyebrow Was Charles hitting on me?!
       "T-Thanks?!?” I couldn’t help it..I blushed.
       Suddenly the telepath put a hand on either side of the wall behind me. And leaned ever so closely as if he were going to kiss me. “Charles wha-”
       "Shh..“ He shushed me. Pressing a slender finger against my lips to silence me.
I was so. Fucking. Confused.
       "You’re lips are rather soft. Aren’t they?“
       "Uhm. I..wouldn’t…know..I don’t just go around feeling my lips all day. Like ‘Wow (Y/n) your lips are soft. How DO you do it?!?’ "I rolled my eyes.
       "How do you do it?”
       "Like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsi-pop Charles; The World May Never know.“
       Charles took his thumb and wiped the corner of my lip delicately with it. Before popping his thumb in his mouth and sucking it, before pulling it out of his mouth with a resounding pop.
       "You had some jam there.” He said
       Just like that Charles pushed off the wall, freeing me from his entrapment and walked out of the kitchen.
       What the hell was that about?  I asked myself. I turned to put the strawberry jam away when I noticed the knife I had used to prepare my toast was bent all the way backwards and twisted in an ugly way.
Oh no.
Raven was right.
I ran out of the kitchen to find my friend.
I check the library.
His study.
The Kitchen.
Every room in the mansion
But he was no where to be found.
I finally found Raven.
       "Raven!“ I ran to her
       "What?! What is it?!”
       "It’s Erik! He’s gone! I can’t find him. I was in the kitchen and…“ I spilled everything that had happened.
       "Okay woah. I told Charles and I wanted his help confirming Erik liked you..”
       "That’d be no fun!” Raven countered.
       "Unbelievable! UNBELIEVABLE! HELP ME FIND HIM.“
       "Okay! Okay! I think I know where he is.”

About thirty minutes later Raven had dressed me in bar clothes. A simple red fit and flare pin up dress with matching pumps. She too was dressed. Together we went to Erik’s favorite watering hole.
As we walked through the doors out of the cold loud music blared.
Erik! I saw him at the bar and rushed to him.
       "Erik! Oh thank God you’re okay! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!“
       "What do you care?!” He snapped his words slurring slightly.
       "Oh..You’re..drunk..Come on lets go.“ I grabbed his bicep.
       "No.I’m not ready to go.” He stumbled off the bar stool and into me. Raven joined me then, and together we dragged a resistant Erik out of the bar.
When we got back to the mansion Raven decided to leave us alone to talk.
       "If you need anything call for Charles in your mind.“ She whispered. Before walking off.
       "Erik. You’re drunk. Here have some water.”
       "Erik, look what you saw in the kitchen.”
       "You mean what I know I saw?“
       "It wasn’t like that. Charles was trying to make you jealous. To prove you like me the way I like you.”
       His eyes lit up, before darkening with drunkenness again.
       "You lie.“ He sneered. "Why would I get jealous of Charles? As if I felt any romantic inkling towards you at all.”
       "Erik…“ I whispered. "You can’t mean that…”
       "I do. I mean it. They say you’re the most honest when you’re drunk.“ He said, leaning against the door frame.
       "Well then!” I balled my hands into fist at my sides again. Aggravated with him. “What about the knife? Bent beyond repair?!” He hesitated a bit before answering.
       "I was bored, waiting for you and Charles to get done flirting. It was quite revolting really. To see someone flirting with one so revolting as you.“ I felt tears brimming in my eyes as my feelings for Erik began to suffocate my heart.
       "You can’t mean that…” I murmured. Looking down as the tears threatened to spill over. I heard his footsteps approach me but I didn’t dare look up at him. I smelt the alchol coming off his breath as he spoke the last words that would shatter me.
       "I mean it.“ He whispered. "Two days ago? In the snow? That was just…something to pass the time. Harmless flirting if you will. I was trying to rope you in. See if it was as impossible as it seemed. And look at that! It wasn’t. It was easy to fool you into caring for me.” The sound of skin on skin echoed through the room. A harsh stinging sound as my palm connected with his cheek.
       I ran up the stairs, not daring to look back as the tears began to spill over. They blinded me. And I stumbled up the stairs.
       "Erik! What did you DO?!?!“ I heard Raven scream, and then I closed my door.
       ”(Y/N)? (Y/N)? It’s Charles dear open the door now.“
       "Go away!!” I hollered. My voice coming out choked through the sobs as I quite literally ripped the dress off of me and climbed into just an over-sized t-shirt. “I don’t want to be seen!”
       "Move.“ I heard Raven’s voice. "I’m coming in whether you like it or not.” I heard the door open and then close again. My eyes shut tightly as I sobbed, cuddling my cat into my body. I felt the bed shift as Raven laid down beside me.
       "He didn’t mean it..(Y/N)…He’ll come around.“        
       She traced circles on my back.
       And while I cried myself to sleep.
       I was just grateful.
       Grateful for a friend like Raven.

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“Brown skin girl
Your skin just like pearls
The best thing in the world
Never trade you for anybody else” - Beyoncé, Saint Jhn, and Wizkid feat. Blue Ivy Carter

A/N: This is one of my participations to the Quarantine Writing Challenge proposed by @chaneajoyyy and @shaekingshitup (won’t let me tag you) I hope you guys enjoy it! I’ve also been dying to use this song for a fic because I love it so much

Word Count: 1783


You hummed to yourself trying to keep yourself calm with this fidgeting little girl between your legs. The fidgeting little girl is your adorable, sweet, and at the moment, very annoying daughter Sarai. You were trying to do her hair but it was like she didn’t want you to. She wasn’t usually like this so you figured she was just having an off day where she didn’t want her hair messed with. You understood completely. You kept on understanding until it got too damn irritating.

You huffed putting the wide-tooth comb on the bed beside you. “Ok Sarai. What’s the problem?”

You could hear her pouting and she mumbled something incoherent.

“Excuse me? Mommy is speaking to you clearly so can you give mommy the same treatment back? And face me…” You turned her around to look at her pouty, dismal expression. It hurt you to see your baby so sad. “When I’m talking to you. That’s how a conversation works. Now tell mommy what’s wrong.”

“I want my hair straight.”

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In My Mind x 05


Firm foundations and sturdy hands

still crumble under tyranny

“Where exactly are you taking me,” you slur through toothpaste, spitting it in the sink before rinsing. It’s still early, 8:45, but he’s fast, putting on clothes in his room while you take the bathroom.

“Well you need clothes, I ain’t forget.”

“And hair products, a curling iron, satin cap, my own body wash,” you add using his mouthwash. It’s good he has extras of the basics. The bathroom door is cracked so he can walk in and hand you a stick of deodorant which you jam under your arms and set in an empty drawer with your toothbrush for your own. “Okay, v-neck come through.”

Full business casual, he comes up beside you in the mirror brushing his shaved sides down and you walk out to put your shoes back on, wearing the same clothes from yesterday.

The way out of the building is just as smooth as the way in. You take a staircase to a display where his glossy burgundy BMW sits with tinted windows and custom tags.. his trophy.. and then you get in. He presses a button and you sink through tinted glass looking out at the view until you reach ground and the wall goes up behind you allowing him to back out onto pavement.

“I’ll never get over that,” you mumble looking through the side mirror to watch the opening shut. His own private entrance. A ‘sky garage’ he called it.



“What do you think about Black Wall Street?” He’s driving somewhat normal now, only six miles over the speed limit and you haven’t felt like you were going to fall through the door yet which is a plus.

“Black business, black mecca.”

“It’s been the pinnacle of black successful business. If you look at Tulsa, Jackson Ward, Durham.. We were at the height of self-sufficiency. We had bankers, builders, mechanics, electricians, cooks, shoemakers, tailors…. hairstylists. Anything you needed, you’d get from your own people and it worked! We were putting money in each other’s pockets and building wealth with each other, taking pride in our blackness instead of tryna be the third white race… you know Asians are the second.”

“I was with you until that last one.”

“Nia, you know what happened to all them cities?”

“They were destroyed.”

“By who? Did we destroy ourselves?”

“Boy. Who are you, Dr. Umar?”

“That’s what you think?”

You touch the small black, red, and green beaded necklace with the wooden brown carved Africa pendent sitting in his cupholder.

“Umar Johnson is an ignorant misogynist who uses his platform to spread false information while robbing his followers. That’s what you think of me?”

You blink. “No, I only meant the superwoke part.”

“Unlike him, I have a Ph.D and I don’t think AIDS came from gay black men, but it was intended to decimate the black population.”

“I get it, don’t compare you,” you mutter watching the Oakland city views through your tinted window. People are out, strutting and power-walking on sidewalks and jogging across streets to work.

“Who destroyed our black wall streets?”

“White people,” you sigh giving him what he wants.

“Never forget that the US National Guard united with White Nationalists in 1921 to bomb and shoot up the Greenwood District of Tulsa. They destroyed 35 blocks of self-sufficient black business, murdering an estimated 200 people and injuring more. This is what happens when you and I pull ourselves up by our bootstraps in this country. Jackson Ward? Socio-economic assault. They built a highway right through it and put their own businesses around it to undercut our efforts. They chased us out and sent us to housing projects then filled them with drugs. You see where I’m going with this?”

“I think I’m starting to.”

“Nia, you’ve seen my dreams, you’ve seen where I’ve been. I’ve stood on both sides and seen firsthand how easy it is to infiltrate and decimate an entire city, a region even with the right intelligence and firepower. Hell, I’ve even pulled the trigger and I’m not proud, but it was a necessary evil for me to see that it doesn’t matter how strong you build or how pure your intentions are. When a government decides that you’ve surpassed the ceiling of poverty they’ve designed specifically for you they’ll wipe out a generation, drug you up, and restart you from zero. Do you understand how deep this goes?”

You finger the beaded necklace in your lap. Of course you understand everything he’s saying, but what he’s expecting from you is a different story and you won’t agree to anything prematurely.

“Where’s the end,” you ask. How will he know when he’s accomplished this great mission he’s been on for most of his life? It’s all he breathes. Will he even survive without the fight as his purpose? Keeping your silence, you watch his profile as he turns left.

“Africa. Africa was the start and it’ll be the end, but in the meantime we need to provide legal and physical protection here, major city by city. We need safe houses, secured and armed.. built to withstand the force of a nuclear weapon.”

“How will you manage that?”

“How long will it take is the question.” Pulling up to a building standing among other buildings, this one is as big as a high school with lettering across the front reading Wakandan International Outreach Center. Temporarily, you put the fact that you’re supposed to be shopping to the back of your mind. You’ve heard of this place on the news, but somehow you didn’t put this together. He parks in front of some well manicured bushes in a space marked for the CEO.

“You’re the CEO?” You look around at the cars in the lot, the WIOC bus, and to the people walking inside.

“You ain’t know? Ms. See Everything?”

“If I saw everything, I’d have figured this thing out between us. Don’t ya think?”

He steps out and adjusts his tie. He’s got the grey v-neck sweater vest, the white collared shirt underneath. The navy chinos.. and the navy oxfords.

Getting out, you spin showing off the same outfit you’ve been wearing and his brows raise subtly as you walk in beside him. Immediately he’s rushed with greetings from the three people at the front desk, two guys and a girl, all wearing black WIOC shirts with blue and purple lettering that reminds you of a 90s paper cup pattern. Very stylish and retro.

The girl with the baby face and two long feed-in braids, is reaching out, grabbing your hand to stamp with some sort of mallet which he gently blocks with two fingers on her wrist before it makes contact.

“Shakila, this is an affiliate,” he stares. The girl straightens, backing up meekly and the guy to her right.. the one with a rougher feel and a troublesome glint in his eye can’t be over 21, you guess. He rolls out from behind the desk and you see he’s wearing all black roller skates with orange and green swirled wheels. They look custom.

“72 people in the building, boss, counting you two. Ghost and Slim out patrolling, say we gotta bluebird.. 5-0 campin at Fuller’s they up to something but they been quiet..up there since about 8:15 this morning.”

“Keep watching. Let me know if anything changes.”

“Yezzir.” He rolls off down the hall and makes a right, disappearing.

“Donnie, how you doin,” Erik asks the man who’s been reading a magazine, chillin. He’s bald, light skin, and looks over 40. He’s also as big as Erik! His muscles make his t-shirt took like a muscle shirt, it’s tight, but it seems more of a personal style choice than an issue of not being able to get a bigger shirt.

Erik taps the desk before continuing down a short hall that splits into three and you walk alongside him, making a left when he makes a left and passing two young boys in the hall.

“An affiliate?”

“They thought I was bringing you in for assistance,” he clarifies and your face scrunches. “But you and your salon might be interested in becoming affiliates after I give you the tour.”

“Really? Wow..” This thing with him just keeps getting stranger.

“This is the women’s dorm,” he stops in front of a large expanded room, a space filled with about.. “Twenty beds, ten bunk beds. Forty women can sleep here with their kids. They call and we hold the spot or they show up and take it. That’s all the beds we could fit in there but I’m thinking of expanding. The men’s dorm is on the other side of the building. Don’t worry, we have security. No incidents yet. Further down,” he leads and you follow him down the clean tile hall. He takes you into another opening that says locker room.

“It’s like a YMCA in here.” You turn looking all through at the rows of lockers with actual locks, the showers, four toilet stalls, four sinks.

“There are 60 lockers, eight showers, eight stalls, eight sinks, two washers, and two dryers.”

“Y'all water bill high.” Looking back to him, he smiles and nods for you to head out into the hall again as you follow him. “This place is nice, if I didn’t have my apartment, I’d try to stay someplace like this.”

“It’s our safe place for homeless kids and families or just people who need a place to be without having to look over their shoulder, wondering where their meal coming from or who’s after them.”

Pausing, you look around and Erik stops. This place is beautiful. He’s even got the babies’ art hanging on the walls making the place warmer.

“You good?”

“Yeah.. You know, I’d actually love to be affiliated with this place. I wanna donate. How do I do that?”

“I’m glad you asked, Nia. Keep walking with me. Let me show you the rest,” he smirks, speeding up as he unlocks a door with his handprint that lights up blue.

“What the hell,” you mutter staring between him and the door.

“Staff only entrance. Extra measure to keep the women safe on this side, if you wanna leave or come in, there’s one way and you gotta get through security, that way you’re only back here if you’re supposed to be.

"Makes sense.”

Through the door is another hall that’s perpendicular to the one you just left. You follow him left and come to a large open cafeteria full of people sitting at tables, eating. Men, women, small children, teens, all black for the most part. There is a sprinkle of darker skin that isn’t black. A mother with three young kids and then an old man.

“How do you get away with only taking black people? Isn’t that 'discrimination’,” you ask with air quotes. Not that you take issue with it, you’re just curious. He laughs.

“When the colonizers come we just tell them we don’t have the space and if there’s an issue we have Donnie escort them out. We don’t get governmental assistance, we’re not required to run how they think we should run. We screen everyone who comes through and take who we think will benefit from our programs.

"Wow, I’m with it,” you smile following him to the food line.

“Gone 'head baby,” the older woman in front of him waves for you both to go ahead. He puts his hand on her back and kisses her cheek and the line ahead happily parts like the red sea letting the both of you through with a quickness. They love him. They genuinely love him. They also all have stamps on their hand. One woman is trying to pull her stubborn toddler aside and out of the way, but Erik sweeps him up and sits the boy on his hip, winking at the woman before passing you a white dish and grabbing two more.

“What you want lil man,” he asks as he goes through each option fixing two plates. One (sausage links, grits, eggs, bacon, fried potatoes, pancakes, fruit cup) for himself and one (sausage links, bacon, eggs, pancake, fruit cup) for the kid.

Choosing a table, you sit with your plate (some of everything because it looks good) and Erik follows, sitting across from you with the kid and the two plates.

“I’ll get the drinks,” you offer heading back to pick up two glasses of apple juice, making it to the table before returning for one more glass and three straws. You pass them out and take your seat, mouth watering and ready to eat.

“Bow your head and close your eyes, please.” You lower yours and wait.

“I don’t close my eyes.” He lowers his head and you say the prayer as the toddler reaches into Erik’s plate grabbing one of his sausages. Erik doesn’t look up but he shakes his head with a slow smile and you try to keep from laughing as you finish saying grace.

“Amen,” you snort picking up your fork.

“This why I keep my eyes open,” he points to the kid, shaking his head in humor. He sets the boy in the seat and hands him a piece of his own sausage. Looking over, you see the mom approaching with her plate and an apologetic smile.

“Lord,” she sighs. She’s pretty though she looks tired. “I’m so sorry, he’s a handful, I know.”

“Not at all,” Erik smiles. She sits next to her son and he automatically starts pulling on her, saying “mama, mom, mommy,” just busy, so she pulls him onto her lap to keep him still. They’re both cute and remind you of Lia and her son, Jackson.

“This is Chyna.. and Orion,” he palms the boy’s head playfully. “Chyna, this is Nia,” he nods digging into his plate.

“Hi Nia,” she smiles and you reach out to take her hand, asking how she is. She’s great but ready to eat, she laughs and for a while you all just focus on eating.

“Mommy,” Orion starts and you understand 40% of what he just said. His mom entertains him with hums of “Really? Oh wow,” as she eats, feeding bacon into his hands.

“You here for a job,” she asks looking up and it’s an innocent question.

“I’m here on tour of the facility, just lookin-”

“Nia is an affiliate and potential shareholder. We’re in discussion,” he interrupts.

“Oh okay..,” Chyna’s eyes widen. “So you’re getting a feel of the center. Let me tell you why this place is so important,” she says all humor gone.

“Me and my son have been here for the past few nights.. a few nights before that.. and then maybe a week prior.” She looks to Erik and he nods.

“His father, Rashaad,” she continues, gesturing to her son, “He died last month and didn’t leave a dime. I talked to his family and my family and they told me I could sign over his body and the state would cremate him,” she pauses, still in shock from it. “…But I couldn’t do that…” Tears leak from her eyes and you look around for a napkin. She swallows, her eyes turning pink, and takes a breath. “Then there was the rent.. We hadn’t paid it for the month and our extension was running out,” she sniffs. “Well I had a funeral to plan, I couldn’t let the state take him.”

Orion, feeling her sadness, rubs her face to try to make her feel better and she tries to pull herself together.

“So ah-” she wipes her nose. “I took a chance and contacted the Wakandan International Outreach Center and they not only paid for the burial and the coffin, they sent a representative to the funeral for words of encouragement and I’ll never forget that,” she sighs. Erik keeps his eyes down to his plate.

“See, his daddy.. was a hood,” she continues, eyes dead on yours. You know what she’s talking about. You don’t have to grow up in Cali to have family in the streets. “He was shot out there in the streets in a driveby…,” she sniffs. “And you know.. people like to talk a lotta shit, but even if he wasn’t nothing to nobody else, he was someone to me. I loved him.”

“We’re working on getting Chyna a higher paying job to cover her rent,” Erik interjects giving her time to wipe her face.

“Yeah, they paid the rent for the month and they’re paying next month. I’m taking the class on building a resume now. I’m still working at Ross, I’m just trying to do everything I can.

"You’re doing a lot,” you offer and Erik gestures for you to stand to follow him out. “It was good to meet you and hear your experience,” you smile shaking her hand.

“Thank you, and I’m glad you’re trying to help. We need more people like him,” she points to Erik.

“Shit, don’t boost me,” he smiles. It’s something he’s done a lot since he’s been here and you’ve noticed that his smile is something that brings so much peace and a sense of safety to these people. Still, looking at him you can see deep down there’s a spot in him that isn’t touched. It’s full of rage and intense sadness that his smile can’t cover. If only the peace he provided to all these people would reach him.

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Warnings: Language. Repeated use of N-Word, Light Smut (Oral)

Pairing: Erik x Black!Female Reader 

A/N: I’ve been off my game and haven’t had much inspiration to write, so hopefully this imagine is something worth reading 🤷🏼‍♀️ 
I’d love some requests though! 

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there is a mention of self harm but it’s not explored, the reader is just sad.


not proof read, not the best but i like the idea!

- The day Charles and Erik found you was an odd one.

- You had ran away from home.

- Well to rephrase it, you had moved out from home because you were an adult.

- But how you did it was like an angry child running away from home.

- You’d always been the quiet plus size kid.

- The pushes and punches never seemed to hurt you, only the words did.

- You would come home from the bullies beating you up with only teary eyes, no bruises, no cuts.

- When you got home you’d just sleep, no one could wake you up, not even an earthquake.

- Your quietness made you less and less social, so much so that most people had never heard you speak.

- And because of of this you became the ‘disgrace’ of the family.

- ‘GOD DAME IT (Y/N)! Can’t you fucking talk like a normal person.’ or ‘Why can’t you be like your cousins and try!’ or even ‘Stop eating you don’t need anymore.’

- Their words hurt, they hurt so much that you did some things that your regretted.

- The tine lines on your forearms showed this. Though you’d never show anyone them.

- You realised that you were a mutant when you were fourteen.

- Sindy Ryan, the girl who had torment you since you could remember, had decided to make you her personal punching bag.

- Gone of the days of being called a ‘fatty’ she’d beat you up so bad that you’d never be able to move afterwards.

- But there was never a scratch. Your insides would hurt and your face burned but there was never a mark to indicate the abuse.

- When Sindy saw that her abuse did nothing physically to you she stopped. She would stay away from you like the plague.

- The rumour stated to go around about you being a ‘freak’.

- Others tried to harm you but only you could really harm yourself.

- The day you decided to leave your town was the best day of your life.

- You walked down highways and back roads, hitch hiked with total strangers, you were unafraid.

- A day after you had stayed with a bunch of hippies, getting high of second hand smoke, a bright yellow taxi stopped next to you.

- You were in the middle of nowhere.

- Two men emerged from said taxi both of them introducing themselves as Charles and Erik.

- The were mutants too, this being showed by Erik bending a metal sign down, but when Charles tried to read your mind he keeled over in pain.

- This got the taxi driver, Darwin, out of the car. 

- ‘Your pain… I-Your so hurt.’

-Somehow, you agreed to going to this ‘facility’ with the free mutants, not really because your mutation but because you had nothing to lose. 

- Getting to the facility only to be bombarded by a load of energetic mutants.

- You catching the eyes of Alex Summers as you blending into the background the both of you wanting to be alone.

- You just wanted to sleep on a bed and sleep until the middle of the afternoon.

- Being forced by the happy Raven to ‘hang out’ with the small group.

- ‘Come on (y/n) it will be fun, your be around your people.’ Raven would say.

- ‘I only came here because I’m a homeless fat mutant who needs some sleep.’

- Her dragging you to the living room anyway.

- You drowning in an oversized hoodie with no foot ware on, you just wanted to go to bed.

- You being next to Alex but trying not to be too close to anyone, your eyes dropping in tiredness.

- Alex understood you. He really wanted to be alone from everyone also.

- He’d keep looking at you to see if you were ok, you’d just be staring into space.

- He thought you were cute, he felt like just wrapping you up in his arms for comfort.

- ‘We should think of code names. We’re government agents now. We should have secret code names. I want to be called Mystique.’

- You weren’t paying attention to anything, you wished that you had a book or something to occupy yourself or a blanket to go to nap in.

- Time ticked by, the feeling of Alex’s eyes gracing you every know and then. It wasn’t a creepy feeling, more of a feeling of someone looking out for you.

- ‘You might want to cover your ears.’ Sean saying but you not hearing.

- Alex covering one of his ears whilst tapping your shoulder to alert you to the loudness about yo come.

- He was too late.

- The high pitched scream shattered the table and your eardrums.

- Pain shot through your ears but despite their ringing you knew that they weren’t damaged.

- ‘Are you ok?’ a soft touch on your arm brought you to your senses, your face gazing up to a concerned looking Alex.

- He was the only one who seemed to realise that you’d taking the full force of the the scream, that you hadn’t covered your ears.  

- ‘Yeah, my ears are just a bit throbby, no damage.’ you said below a whisper.’

- The name giving continued with the showing of the different mutations.

-  ‘ Alex, what is your gift? What can you do?’ You perked up to Darwin’s question.

- Alex trying to get out of showing his mutation, you speaking up.

- ‘He doesn’t have to show anyone…’

- His sweet smile to you as he steps out to show his mutation.

- The red swirls from his body captivated you, it made you want to hold him just like he wanted to hold you.

- There was a connection. The lonely ones stuck together.

- Feeling tired and feeling asleep leaning closer to Alex.

- You missing the shit show that went down, you missing the death and destruction.

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im gonna cryyyy 🥺 I LOVE YOU ALL TOOO! I LOVE YALL SO MUCH!! 💙💙💙 stay safe guys!

~tags are the people i write for because, even if you’re not one of my readers, please stay safe. i want everyone from these fandoms to stay safe because living in a dangerous city & hearing everything going on around me, i know how truly dangerous it is & today has been the first time i heard so many things on the bad side of things~

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Sugar Babe Texts - Chapter 2

We wanted to start off by thanking everyone for their support of this story. Your engagement and kind words have made us really excited and the creative juices are definitely flowing. We are currently working on chapter 3, but we wanted to create a way for you all to connect with the story in between the chapters and a way for us to further interact with you all outside of the chapters themselves. 

What we came up with is to create a text conversation between Reader and Erik in between every chapter. They won’t have any spoilers for the upcoming chapter, they’ll just play off of what happened in the chapter before. This should be a fun way for us all to build a little Sugar Babe community. We hope you guys enjoy it!

Chapter 2 




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This request is very very old now, sorry :( but! It’s more of a blurb and I ended it more angsty than fluff— I couldn’t stop myself.


“Don’t you see?” Erik was persistent, if you didn’t know that before you definitely did now. “Charles is holding you back.”

“Charles is the reason I have a stable home and job,” you shot back.

Erik rolled his eyes at your statement, even holding back a laugh. He felt you were wasting your potential by staying with Charles. Your mutation was unique, vastly different from most. Charles was teaching you how to maintain it, keep it under control. Erik felt you should be learning how to use it rather than hide it.

“He talks about you as if you were a monster, y/n! Telling you to hide your mutation, why should you?” He spoke strongly, a rage filling him at the thought of Charles. “The best way to learn how to control your mutation is to work with it, not against it.”

You were rolling your eyes this time. Erik and Charles spoke so easily about your mutation, acting like they knew it better than even you did. To be honest, you didn’t even fully understand your mutation and that’s why you joined Charles and Erik. Blood manipulation isn’t exactly an easy thing to practice, and it was something part of you feared.

“It’s easy for you two to say things. You can practice on a spoon, Charles doesn’t hurt people with his mutation.” You shook your head, “I can’t use my mutation without fearing I might accidentally kill whoever is in the room.”

Your words were shocking, more so the power you said them with. Erik’s shoulders fell and the air left his lungs. He knew you felt that way, there was no way you wouldn’t with how Charles talked to you. To hear you actually say it was an entirely different thing than just knowing though.

He lightly shook his head, slowly walking closer to you. “Please, come with me. I can help you lose that fear. I can show you how to embrace it and use it to empower yourself.” He took your hand into his own, “We will find a way for you to practice, no fear or harm.”

You let your head fall, looking to the floor in thought. The idea sounded nice. You were terribly afraid of your mutation, and you were tired of being scared. If Erik could really help you…

“It’s too risky,” you slipped your hand away, turning your back to him.

“I’m willing to face any risk, y/n. No mutant should live in fear.”

He was right, no mutant should. Charles did though, even you could see that. What Erik offered was a nice sentiment but you knew how far he took things. You didn’t agree with the things Erik did, it wasn’t about justice once he got to a certain point. Looking at your situation you realized you weren’t getting an ideal result either way.

“Erik, I can’t. I don’t agree with the things you do,” you began. “I don’t think we should live in fear but I can’t do the things you do.”

“I’m not asking you to, all I ask is that you come to help yourself. Leave when you’d like, do whatever you please. Just…” He licked his lips, pausing for a moment. “Come with me? For yourself. I’m not asking anything else of you, unlike Charles.”

It was tempting, you wouldn’t lie. But if you went with him you were no better than the things he would do.

“As long as you’re fighting the way you do, murdering innocent people…” you rapidly blinked in attempt to hold back your tears, “I can’t go.”

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I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, and finally decided to just go for it. I read a lot of Black Panther fan fiction, especially Erik Killmonger fics (they’re my favorite). I have decided to write reviews for the ones I read. I will discuss what is working in the stories and what could be better. I am an artist and love discussing works of art! I don’t know what to call this yet, but maybe it will come to me along the way. I am open to request just limit the fics to the ones about Erik Killmonger Stevens ( did I mention he was my favorite). So here we go with my first review. 

Title: Boy Next Door Crazy Erik PRT 1&2

Author: @nahimjustfeelingit-writes

Okay so this first story I would like to review comes from one of my favorite authors of the fan fiction world. @nahimjustfeelingit-writes has a nice curated master list, and its hard to just pick one. So that’s why I am starting with this one and will review others if this takes off. I reread the fics all the time like its my first time reading them, and I end up falling in love all over again. Yeah they’re that good. However I’m kicking this review off with fics I have not read multiple times. Yes it was my first time reading them. So here we go…

First impression based off the title: how crazy is Erik going to be? Like we all know that Erik is one crazy motha-SHUT YO MOUTH. So how can you top that.  Well before I even finished the part one I was screaming RUN BITHC RUN, and granted the fic is written where the reader could insert their name for the reader, I was yelling at myself. And anytime a nigga says to you “you have me, I’m all you need”, sis prepare your self to fight b/c he has you all the way…

This fic took me on a rollercoaster ride. A good one at that. One that you are about to have a heart attack just waiting in line for.  I was terrified reading this I didn’t know what the hell was going to happen next. The fic was written well and flowed well. I could feel all the emotions that ran through Erik, and there was a lot of them. And the smut…yess the smut. As always well written.  So when it came to the sex I was all for it and it didn’t disappoint. you could almost feel for Erik knowing his background and his childhood. Well I didn’t think I would say this but Erik definitely has Joe beat. Only a man with the nickname Killmonger could do that. Well done @nahimjustfeelingit-writes can’t wait to read the next one!

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Pairing: Erik x Black!Female Reader

Warnings: Language. (Maybe these chapters will be considered fluff??)

Part Six


Originally posted by lousolversons

A week passed and you hated every day not being able to speak to virtual Erik. You missed him. Was it grief? You were emotionally invested in something or someone that wasn’t real. He said it was real and it seemed real but you knew it wasn’t. You were at the funeral. You seen his lifeless body.

“Motion at front door” your phone alerted you of someone at the front door. You checked your phone to see a UPS truck dropping off two large boxes. You got up from the couch and went to answer the door.

“Good afternoon ma’am. How are you?” The man asked.

“Good. Thank you” you say observing the boxes.

“Do you need help bringing these in? They are very heavy”

“Yes please” you smile. Internally, you were screaming for joy. You knew this had to be the android that Erik was referring to.

The man pulled the boxes inside to your living room and you tipped him before he left.

“Okay. Let’s do this” you say and grab a pair of scissors from the kitchen before planting your body next to the box and carefully opening it.

You open the first large box full of packing peanuts and remove two large arms, detailed to look exactly like Eriks real arms. The keloids he had from his ear days were all over his arms. You finger every keloid, amazed. They were muscular just like he was. It made your heart jump thinking about his arms being wrapped around you again. You pull two legs from the box. Large, brown, smooth with light black hair. You missed his legs.

The next box you open was his torso. You could barely pull him from the box. He may have been bigger than you in real life but you don’t remember him being this heavy. You tip the box over and let his torso and head fall to the hardwood floor.

You stand there shocked. Amazed. Weirded out. Erik was laying on your floor. Well, an android version of him. It was creepy. He was naked and the enhancement you purchased for his dick was well worth the extra $300. He was at least 11 inches now. What would you do with 11 inches of dick that already destroyed you before? Take it all like you’re used to. You sat there on your knees looking at it for a while. You touched it and it was flaccid. Playing with it for a minute before grabbing the directions from the box.

“Thank you for purchasing our Phase 3 Synthetic Android…..” blah blah blah. You skim through the directions and get to the important stuff.

“Step One: attach arms and legs to the torso and tighten using included bolts” Bolts? The fuck?” You do as it says and he looks almost human like. You want to cry but you also want to hurry up and put him together so you can see him…Alive.

Step Two: place Android in tub full of ice along with customization serums included (if any)”

“I have to carry this big nigga upstairs to the bathtub. What the fuck!?” You sit on the floor next to fake Erik and sigh. This shit is a mess. It’s not like you can call anyone over to help. If they seen this life like Erik on the floor, they would probably lose their shit. You probably shouldn’t carry him since you’re pregnant and you don’t want to hurt your baby. You decide to take one for the team and and carry him anyways. He felt like he weighed at least 250 pounds. You hook your arms under his and pull him like a dummy through the downstairs floor and drag him up the steps. His body made a loud thumping noise each time you went up a step. You left him laying in the hallway as you throw on a pair of sweats and a T-shirt and run to the grocery store to grab a few bags of ice.

“Ma’am, do you need help getting this all to your car?” The employee at Whole Foods asked. You had a cart full of bags of ice.

“No. I got it. Thank you” they looked at you weird as you left.

Back at your house, Eriks synthetic body nearly gave you a heart attack as you carried the bags of ice upstairs. You begin pouring the ice into the tub completely filling it up. You climb into the tub and pull Eriks body inside. You then pour three large containers of liquid into the tub and prop Eriks head up against the tub tile. You run downstairs and grab the directions.

Step Three: let android sit in tub undisturbed for ten hours”

“That’s it? What the hell?” You shut the door and go back to your business. You had until 12:00am until something happened. You didn’t know what just yet but you were a nervous wreck.


You run upstairs to the bathroom to check on the android. Nothing. He just laid there lifeless. You weren’t sure what to expect. Would he talk? Move? What? Was he just a giant sex doll? You felt ridiculous. Erik didn’t elaborate on what would happen.

You get ready for bed and say your prayers before falling asleep.


You woke up to the sound of sloshing noises from the bathroom. You weren’t sure what it was at first since you were disoriented from being deep in sleep. You climb out of bed and walk into the bathroom, cutting on the light. Your mouth drops open when you notice the body is completely gone. You squat against the wall and look around. Water was on the floor. He must have left? Got up and walked away? Yea right.

You stand up and search the house, scared out your mind, but don’t see anything. Where could he have went? You decide to keep the lights on and go back to sleep. This baby was wearing you out. You fall back to sleep.


The bed dips. You stir and roll over. Your eyes open briefly and you see a shadow of a person sitting next to you. You jump back but hands cover your mouth.

“Don’t scream”

Your eyes grow wide.

“I missed you” Erik says.

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Originally posted by fandomnom

I do NOT own this image. It also kinda doesn’t have anything to do with the chapter but mmm he looks good.

Summary: The reality of your situation settles over you and you have to make a difficult choice on what to do moving forward

Pairing: Erik KIllmonger x Reader

Words: 2045

Warnings: Angst, whoopsie, I promise it’ll get happier…. eventually

A/N: Hey guys I hope you enjoy this chapter, please like and share. I’m trying to give this writing thing a go and it would mean a lot if you could give it a quick share. if you wanna be tagged in future parts let me know and I’ll add you

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