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#Eris & Mor are the opposite of queer solidarity
flowerflamestars · 21 days ago
Fix-it fic snippet
“I made muffins,” Elain said, suddenly, holding the basket out in Emerie’s direction, a determined, utterly foreign glint to her eye.   “They smell great,” Emerie told her with an easy smile, wings rustling in landing.   The smile only grew in size as Elain fished the largest and prettiest of the confections out, pressing the berry-studded, streusel and sugar-pearl topped monstrosity into Emerie’s hands. She needed both, to catch it.   “Gywn started trying to bake the third day we were here,” She confessed, to Nesta’s sister. “But it turns out most of the recipe books in the library are actually magic. We’re immune, but alchemy ingredients really don’t taste very good.”   Elain laughed, the clarion sound echoing loud.
Almost as striking as the frozen, near-predatory set to Lucien’s face, a grin with too much teeth, as he caught Nesta’s eye. Tilted his head and smiled wider, like a silent laugh, over the sound of Emerie saying something about fruit, and Elain’s bright voice joking of edible gold.
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