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#Essy's Undertale Headcanons
oh thats a good point actually - do your Boys all have different set romantic/sexual orientations or do you have them change depending on the scenario they're appearing in? :>

Ohh yees this is a very, very excellent question Ethan ohhh :>c

I do not have their sexualities change depending on the scenario they appear in, but most of my boys overall are pretty much completely pansexual, with some small leanings here and there but overall so are they hella pan, or bi.

As I headcanon in monster culture that, unlike humans, so is there no definite sexualities in monster society, they haven’t needed any names for their sexualities. 

Since there is no stigma whatsoever if you love someone of the same gender or is not interested at all etc, thanks to all monsters been so overly diverse and that there have never been any so called stigma thanks to religion etc, to change that.

They love whoever they want to, or don’t it’s all up to each individual monsters, so pretty much all monsterkind is pretty much pansexual or bisexual, with some few who are not. 

For example, Undyne who is a whole ass lesbian, and Mettaton who is asexual, in my headcanon at least. But while it’s a bit strange to only be interested in one gender or not been interested at all, so is there absolutely no stigma or hate happening. 

With that explained, let’s return to the boys.

Most of them are completely pan, or bi, they don’t really care or have a preference when it comes to gender overall. 

Though some do have some small things they prefer when it comes to appearance and stuff, some leans a little bit more towards one specific gender a tiny bit. But overall none of them cares what you got in them pants, if they like you they like you, simple as that.

But some of them aren’t only pan/bi tho, for example, Stretch; he is also demisexual, it takes a bit for him to grow romantic feelings for someone, he needs a proper friendship connection before romance starts. He is also poly, up for having more than one partner at a time.

Though I almost forgot tho, my G snas boi Gans, he is completely aro/ace. And is the only one out of my boys to be so. 

Technically though, I don’t have proper or set sexualities overall for most of the boys, as they don’t fully need it anyway thanks to my headcanon about monster sexualities overall, they will fall in love no matter what the person identifies as or got in them pants.

And while some, like Stretch above, do have some small preferences, so is this post already getting so long, so if you want to know more like proper specifics then send in another ask ye. 

The only exception to the whole sexualities and this ask tho; are my pirate boys. 

Since they all were originally humans before dying and becoming cursed skeletons, so is it only right that they all got properly named sexualities. Since they have not grown up in proper monster culture and are not originally monsters, unlike my other boys.

So Boney; he is a gay demi bisexual, it takes a bit for him to fall properly in love but this more out of trauma and fear of actually falling in love, but he does lean a bit more towards men overall. This is why I say he identifies as a gay bisexual, easier for him to get interested in a man, or someone who is more masculine overall, but he can still fall for someone who is a woman or nonbinary etc. 

Pass on the other hand is completely pansexual, he literally has no preference like at all, if he likes you he likes you and that’s that. He is also very poly, but it is something he technically doesn’t fully need, as he adapts himself to his partner, if they aren’t okay with adding more people into their relationship so is he completely okay with that.

Then there is my Seafell pap boy Crow, who is completely and utterly gay. Men is the only way he rolls, the gayest ex pirate there ever was.

I haven’t properly thought out the rest of my other pirate boys, but I do have my female versions of Boney and Pass, aka Bon and Nessie. Though Nessie is like pretty much the exact same as Pass though so I’mma skip her.  

Bon tho, she is very much a lesbian. A complete and utter lesbian. 

And that’s all ya get for now yeah. 

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Who's the gayest boi of them all?

This boi (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)❤

Or at least with how he behaves and just how fab he is, and that he does lean a bit more towards men overall compared to all my other boys. Except for Crow my Seafell pap boi, who is officially gay. :>c

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ESSY I have an important question! I just saw the comic about the swaps and the lollipop/cig what is the most memorable trick played by any of your brother sets?

Oh gods, can’t believe you found that old thing xD it’s so old, and my swap bros have changed so much since then. But oohh this a good question mhhh… let’s see… 

When it comes to pranks/tricks, so is my swap bros the ultimate pranksters, they prank one another constantly and their prank wars are in fact, legendary.

And one of the amazing pranks they have done on one another: is when Berry succeeded in hiding literally all of Stretch’s crocs all over the underground.

To get them all back, Stretch had to literally search through the whole underground, alongside solving various puzzles and riddles and so on. While also avoiding traps and other various things meant to stop him from finding them, made by Berry, who went way too overboard like he always does with literally everything.

But both of them had allot of fun, and no one got hurt, or well mostly at least; Stretch did end up a bit burnt in one of the more harder puzzles, but he turned out fine. 

Stretch was in no way angry about having to search for all of his crocs/shoes, or that he did end up a bit burnt, it was allot of fun and it was one of the longest pranks done to him; since it took him pretty much a whole month to find them all.

And it also took Berry a couple of weeks to plan the whole thing, and to come up with all the puzzles and traps as well. While making sure Stretch didn’t catch him since it’s real hard to keep shit from him. 

So yeah, that is one of the most memorable tricks ever played between the two of them. There are many, many others, but those are for another day.  

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What's Boney like in a relationship?

yeess :>c


He is kinda clingy, he is very touchy feely and just desperately wants to be close in every way he possibly can, without seeming desperate. He’s a very affectionate boy when he gets into it and just really loves to cuddle, to have like soft make-out sessions, that could lead to more if the relationship has gotten that far, hugs and kisses and just lot’s of romantic shit. 

He just really loves to touch his partner allot, so there will be allot of small touches all over the place, like sit and fiddle with his partner’s hand, standing really close so some part of him is just touching his partner, he will sit in their lap or they in his allot. 

Lots of flirty banter, he loves to banter and flirt, he especially like to have like very deep discussions about things like literature, history etc what have you. He likes to talk allot, but also really likes to listen.

But Boney is really hard to even get into a relationship though, thanks to a lovely thing called trauma caused by his arse of an ex, who is the cause that Boney and Pass died and became cursed skeletons to start with. 

Thanks to said betrayal so are Boney really, really scared of opening up properly in any way and get close with other people. Especially romantically, since he fears he will end up betrayed, used and hurt once more. Also fear that he will end up hurting his brother again, like his now ex did literally kill him.

So while Boney might appear chill and confident, so is he really not when it comes to romance, not anymore. He fears romantic relationships so much while also craving it like mad, he is a very romantic and social kind of guy, he wants and needs that romance stuff but he is terrified of it.

But when he do get into a relationship again, so is he really affectionate, lots of touches and wanting to be near to be as close as he can. He likes giving gifts and kinda pamper his partner, but he even more likes to get pampered like seriously shower him in compliments and gifts he will eat that up like a man starved. 

He’s a really romantic boy, whose idea of a date is to infiltrate while wearing very fancy disguises some rich people’s party and sneak away from said party to steal their shit and make out in shadowy corners. All the while bantering and just having an exciting time before escaping, maybe running away from the guards if caught, before celebrating the success at a bar or in his cabin/a rented room with some wine and maybe some fun between the sheets.  

And that’s all you get as otherwise this will turn into several pages worth of headcanons but these be the basics, enjoy UwU ❤

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Holy sheit this goat man took way longer than I had planned, but shit am I proud af of myself for drawing and finishing him like srsly look at him grnekjgnkej xD

I am so proud of his design, his armour is very influenced by The Iron Bull from Dragon Age Inquisition, because this guy needed a tiddy window ok. His hair is black but it is blue so u can see the small details of it because I did not spend like over an hour drawing it all for it not to be visible! I’m just mgejkgkje so happy how he turned out so proud of myself, drawing them goats are always such a pain after all, and yes you get a nekkid version bc srsly I worked hard on that flipping body hair! xD

Ok here is some personality stuff for him yes, putting it under a cut UwU ❤

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Because currently I haven’t drawn for like 3 days, and I’m like tired and all over the place so have some more super old sketches that are prolly older than this whole tumblr blog, at least the first two since I made those around the time I properly joined this fandom about 4 years ago??? xD like I mentioned before, I have lost concept of time completely

Anyway so, these 3 women here are part of Undyne’s family in my headcanon, who were supposed to have appeared and shit in a old ask sideblog I never got off the ground so to speak, so since I’m on a roll of showing old sketches I have never posted I thought why not just go ahead and post these as well

I really like how these still look like tho, they might be yeas old but they still hold up xD but anyway have some facts down below ye

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What are your headcanons for grape, and cash? If you don't mind me asking

Of course I don’t mind! There’s a reason why I got my headcanons open after all, I want ppl to ask about all my characters and Cash and Mauve, Grape have been renamed, are some of them! So ofc I don’t mind feel free to send in more ask yo UwU ❤ 

But ok let’s do this, fair WARNING tho there will be some suggestive shit and dark stuff, might be triggering, since my Swapfell KH is a bit of a mess, which you can read about in some other post with headcanons I got posted aye just so ya know


He is practically a slav with how much he Slavic squats all over the place, he got crazy af balance and can squat on pretty much anything and everything, from beer bottles to the ledge of a building. 

The rings he wears on his fingers, are actually wedding rings he have stolen from some of his clients, as he loves to be a bit of an ass and pretty much blackmail married clients. So if they want their ring back they have to do something special for him, and if they don’t then he will just keep the ring, and they will have to explain to their spouse how they lost it.

He might live as a sex worker and a black market businessman, but he got one of the greatest educations there is and he is really, really smart, even though he pretty much quit school at around 15-16 to start living the life he now leads.

The person who introduced him to the under belly of his world was Neon, SF KH muffet, who he now got like a sort of friendship with, they are business rivals who both like and dislike one another, and who sometimes fuck. Neon most likely was the first person Cash ever slept with.

Cash wants a harem, a harem of people who he can spoil and be a sugar daddy to and have them kind of like pets with collars and stuff. 

He always keeps the socket with his missing eye closed or covered at all times, as if he have it open weird things begins to happen. 


Haven’t talked much about this guy, but do know I do not like him.

Before the so called plague that hit his world, he used to be this cold, looking down on everyone and anyone pompous asshole with extreme self control. Now after getting fucked up by the plague he is one feral, overly aggressive boy who his former more sane self would detest af, he would be disgusted with how far he have fallen, he is extremely disillusioned and lies to himself all the time.

He is constantly angry, constantly demanding and ordering people around, thinks overly highly of himself and ignores the fact that the only reason he is still in the royal guard, even after breaking many of their rules and laws, is because Cash is paying them to keep him, which he denies very aggressively if anyone even tries to tell him otherwise.  

He thinks he is the absolute greatest, and that everyone should look up to him as he is the best and most perfect example of a monster there is, he got a very big ego.

Have randomly murdered other monsters who have set him off, which is way too easily done since he is one word away from just attacking. 

Is a sexist prick, he detest sex workers and is just overly extreme and shitty.

You could say it isn’t his fault that he is this way, since he became like this after the plague came and fucked him up, but nah he have always been like this, he just had way better control over himself back then. 

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What's Pass like in a relationship?

Ohhhh :>c


He is… really, really good. 

See, Pass got this thing he does when it comes to romantic/sexual partners which is that he completely adapts himself to what they want and prefer while never asking for more. 

So if his so called partner only wants to sleep with him and keep shit casual, so can he do that, if his partner wants them to be an item and not have him be with others then yes he is all for that. 

It does not mean that he is changing himself completely and lose himself in the process or anything, it’s just that to him as long as his partner is happy, then so is he, and he is willing to only get/take what his partner is willing to give him, he won’t ever push for more than what they are comfortable with.

Unless his partner does want him to push them a bit then he can do so.

Which is why he is a really good boy to get together with if you are ace etc, as he is completely okay with no sex and stuff in a relationship, as long as his partner is happy so is he. 

He is very honest and blunt with what he feels, he is extremely attentive and pays attention af when it comes to his partner. He’s very uh precise(?) in putting down proper rules and making sure he and his partner is on the same wave lenght, talking things through properly and so on, he is very open about pretty much everything and will do all he can to make sure his partner is comfortable with him.

Consent and very good communication is very important to him, he is really good at reading people and just understanding things without getting this properly explained to him, he is a very smart boy and he will figure it out one way or the other. 

But like I said, he is very keen on making the relationship to be what his partner wants it to be, nothing less, nothing more, like if his friend with benefits suddenly want more, then he can make things more with a little bit of time, since he doesn’t get together with people like this unless he is properly interested in them from the start.

He is very accepting, pretty much impossible to make him angry or pissed in any way, like as long as his partner doesn’t go and do something truly horrible that has hurt others etc then shit be cool.

How he behaves in the actual relationship all comes down to what his partner prefers, like if his partner wants him to be very touchy feely like hug and kiss them allot, then he is all for that, or if they prefer much less of that and just some of it, then he can easily adapt, he is happy either way as long as his partner is happy, so is he. 

Because he is just happy over the fact his partner wants to be with him, and he wants to make sure they are as happy as they can be with him, whether if it’s just for a night or for the rest of both of their lives.

And don’t worry, if something do makes him unhappy in any way in a relationship, so will he instantly bring it up and talk about it properly, he is in no way giving up his own happiness just to make sure his partner is happy.

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Hey! If you don't mind me asking, what's the relationship like between your Underfell Bros? Are they close or do they fight all the time or hate each other?

Of course I don’t mind you asking! These are the kind of asks I be living for ohhhh here goes :>c

Red and Edge:

Their relationship is a tad bit complicated, they are close but they still end up fighting time to time which is mostly because Red is an overprotective dick.

See, Red has taken care of Edge ever since he was created, Red has always been there and been raising him, and after Red escaped from the labs with Edge when Edge was only 4 years old, so have Red been Edge’s sole caretaker, his parent while still been his brother.

And Edge is Red’s whole world, Edge is the only person Red cares about and he would literally do anything to keep his baby brother safe, he would literally let the whole world burn if it meant Edge would be alive and safe. 

Red got an extreme brother complex/obsession and is very, very overly protective over Edge, can be pretty damn controlling at times but he does it out of love and worry for his baby brother, doesn’t mean it’s right to do so but that’s his reason, because seriously if Edge ended up dying so would Red not be far behind, Edge is Red’s sole reason to exist. 

While for Edge, this puts him in an odd situation. Since Red is not only his brother but also technically his parent/caretaker, his person of authority, it makes getting Red to be less protective and obsessive a constant battle, Edge loves his brother he do and he is very thankful for all the things Red have done to give Edge a good childhood and upbringing, but this constant overprotectiveness and obsessive behavior is not good for either of them.

Yes Edge do appreciate that Red wants to protect him, it’s what brothers/parents do but Red is going way too overboard with it, Red can’t protect him all the time and needs to live more for himself instead, Edge got his own life he is doing his darnest to change the underground they live in for the better, he is fighting to make people’s lives better, and he can’t have Red insisting on butting in with things he do and spy on him.

So yeah they argue time to time about Red been an overprotective arse, they have had to make several compromises, like how Red is only allowed to have 2-3 people in the guard as his informants as long as Edge gets to know who exactly those people are and so on.

They do love each other they really do, but things are just very complicated thanks to Red been both Edge’s brother and parental figure, and that Edge wants to do things that will put him in great danger for the greater good which he can’t do properly thanks to Red been so overly protective.

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if your head canons are still open, do the UF boys or SF boys play minecraft? i’m playing right now and the thought popped into my head lol

Duh I haven’t said otherwise so yes they open, wide the fuck open xD but we got a little bit of problem here, I only do 3 characters per ask, but since I’m feeling like it I will allow all 4, but only this once, or if I just feel like it pft

Though fun thing tho, I have been watching allot of Minecraft vids lately, and I have actually answered this before on a server I’m in xD but just wanna add that technically these boys don’t actively play Minecraft, so my answers will be more if they tried it out etc, but here goes!


Red isn’t really into playing video games,  but he is way too much up for causing havoc for others and be an ass, so he will fuck around with everyone and be a fucking ass, but might after awhile actually get into it somewhat. 

Since he is a science guy deep down even though he so do deny that he is because daddy issues etc, but there is allot of science and engineering you can do in Minecraft which is totally up Red’s alley, so he will be doing lots of red stone stuff.  

He will still be an overly big arse towards people tho, because he finds it fun. 


He is way too busy with his work to spend time playing Minecraft, so he will be hesitant to even try it out as it can become way too easily a distraction from his real life work, like he got work to do. But as soon as he starts playing he will get hooked pretty damn fast.

In game he will pretty much make himself mayor of a village, where he will do his best to protect all of the villagers with everything he got, so he will be making complex puzzles and traps, proper defenses, all over the place, but also build very beautiful buildings that looks amazing, he is an artist after all at heart. So the village will quickly turn into a proper town/city with proper roads etc and with proper protection to keep everyone who lives there safe.

When playing with others he will end up doing this also, but he will also end up taking care of everyone else that plays with him too he will come to their help and give people resources if he can spare it, even while playing games so do he still take it upon himself to make sure everyone is protected and safe.

While he will be enjoying the game a whole lot, so is he taking some things way too seriously at times. 


He would mostly just fuck around, at least when he is playing with others and not playing alone, as when he is alone he would really get into redstone stuff as he likes engineering and mechanical stuff, so building with redstone would be something he would enjoy.

But playing with others though oh boy he will be screwing around with literally everyone and will either get kicked out or constantly killed by other players because they are so tired of his constant shit.

Playing with a SO tho so will he be way softer about stuff, he won’t screw around with the others that much and he sure as fuck won’t mess with his SO’s stuff, unless that’s their dynamic they got going, he will still prank them time to time and be irritating but nothing that ruins anything.

Oh also he will build really dumb stuff like giant dicks etc all over the place. 


He will absolutely refuse to play it at first, it’s a video game and video games are for kids and he is not a kid! But after some persuading or nagging/goading him a bit, challenge him by saying he can’t possibly play it and he will instantly try to prove you wrong, but he will give it a try and then instantly gets frustrated and pissed when a creeper ends up destroying his hard work and killing him.

Which instantly means war, he needs to win and completely conquer this game now.

So he will keep playing like a man possessed, fucking up allot and dying so many times and getting so frustrated and angry that he almost yeets his computer/controller. But yet he be learning and gets better, eventually swallows some of his pride to ask the one who got him to play Minecraft to start with how to do it, while pretending he already knew shit, badly, while reading up and researching on the internet about all the things you can do in Minecraft.

He will literally make those boards with red string connecting shit a conspiracy board but for his research about Minecraft with diagrams and graphs etc.

Eventually he becomes really, really good at it, he got his own complex ways of doing stuff and got things very, very orderly af. If playing with others he will be on extreme alert at all times and please do not mess with his stuff or he will get seriously upset, and he will end up trying to tell people what to do and so on, he really needs to calm his shit down as he is way too deep into Minecraft now.  

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SAY HI TO MELLO YA ALL (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ❤

Ok so, this needs some explanation… so over on twitter there is a bit of an Underlöst craze going on atm, but now with doing them with different au’s and stuff, and I got very inspired and couldn’t help myself from trying to make my own take on a SwapLust au because I got absolutely no self control xD but then things like got weird as the au I came up with is nothing like Underlöst, or even my own take on it either, it morphed into its completely own thing, so may I present to ya all… EeaseSwap! :D

Will explain a bit more about it under a cut later and also go into a bit more details about this boy, just want to say some other things first!

For example how happy I am with his design, I am srsly so happy with how he looks, his outfit is so good I am so proud of it like seriously look at this boi! He is so flipping cute and he turned out so good, used the original sketch I made of him in my sketchbook as the base for this whole ref, and I actually messed up a bit as when I did the refs of my Underlöst bros I put the head onto the body proper before beginning to draw all properly, but I messed that up but solved it in the end xD So proud of this boy though he turned out so good bless

And now, onto the actual AU! Warning for VERY suggestive and some dark stuff ye, and also feel free to send asks and ask me stuff about this boi and the au because I am very willing to share! UwU ❤

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💕💙💘 Buc and Boney~

Ohhh damn so did not expect to see this ship in my inbox damn 👀 this has been awhile but damn this gonna be fun, hopefully I can get Buc to be in character and stuff grnkjegekj

Buc is @tyranttortoise‘s oceanfell snas boi btw grkjegkje

💕: who is more likely to make huge declarations of love in front of other people?

I can see them jokingly doing big declarations in public, but doing it for real? Not sure, like Boney is a romantic kind of boy but doing those kinds of things when it’s serious might be a bit too much, like holding hands/arms and other kind of PDA he is all for but like huge, huge declarations is like a no.

Think Buc is a bit the same, except I think he isn’t an overly romantic kind of guy, like PDA and shit is fine, especially more naughtier one’s, but huge declarations of love is a no unless made for fun.

Or when both are drunk off their asses, then who knows what will happen pft. 

💙: who is more protective?

Buc, I think, he got that feel in my opinion of being a tad bit more protective over the people he cares about. While Boney is a tad bit protective too, like not overbearingly so but still protective, so do I think Buc is a tad bit more, I could be wrong but that’s the overall feel I get from him.  

💘: who developed a crush on the other first?

Not sure, maybe Boney, maybe Buc, could see it go either way to be honest.

Like both of them are attracted to one another when first meeting and getting to know one another, like Buc is a so called bad boy which is one of Boney’s weaknesses and they got some stuff in common, while I think Buc would find Boney really pretty and just fun to have around.

So can see Buc only been interested at first just sexually, but then things turning more into a crush as times goes by and they get to know one another.

While Boney it would be something that would sneak up on him, like yes Buc is good looking and great to have around, so who cares if he hits like many of Boney’s list of good bad boy qualities? It’s not like he is going to suddenly end up crushing randomly one day haha… unless??? And then end up terrified because he do not want to fall in love because he scared he will get hurt again etc, and so cue the drinking and some minor avoiding so to not arouse suspicion.

So yeah, can see it go either way really pft

Asks from here 

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Does Stretch or Blue like to bake? if so, do they like to bake bread like things or sweet things?

Ohhh this a good one let’s see UwU


He loves to bake, he usually bakes mostly just sweet things, overly sweet things since he got one crazy sweet tooth, but sometimes he might attempt to bake more bread like things. He’s not the best at making more bread like things or rather bread overall tho, but he be learning.


This guy also got one big sweet tooth, but he can’t really bake at all, not the best cook overall actually, because he got this problem that is called not following the damn recipe, he always go hey let’s add more of this to make it better since I like it allot or hey maybe it will be better if I add this to it even though it is not part of the recipe at all. 

So no he do not bake like at all. 

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How would stretch react to getting a love letter? :3c

Heya Ham UwU ❤❤ and ohhh this good let’s see


He would be very surprised, thanks to his demi ass he doesn’t really get that much romantic interaction usually, like yes he does flirt and stuff but it’s mostly just for fun, most of the time his flirting is just really bad pick up lines anyway said in good fun. 

So he is feeling pretty damn flattered, like wow someone actually being interested in him is pretty new to him, he is also feeling a bit flustered but also a tiny bit anxious. 

Anxious because he does not know how his secret admirer will react when, if he ever finds out who they are, how they will react to him saying that he is flattered but he can’t really return their feelings, not yet at least, maybe if they get to know one another properly as friends first, then maybe but no promises though.

But he is doing his best not to worry too much about it, like first he needs to find out just who it is who sent him this, and heck who knows it might even just be a joke, a prank even, he wouldn’t put it past his brother to maybe do this though it prolly isn’t him either as it doesn’t feel like his style.

But he is happy about it anyway, it’s really sweet and he does hope it is genuine, not every day you get love letters after all, but he will keep the letter, prolly stash it away somewhere for safekeeping, but before that going to try to figure out just who it could be who sent him this. 

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does Stretch insist on sticking his dick in a pumpkin around Halloween bc he hasn't gotten the chance to stick it in something else? I'm asking for a friend (with benefits).

Noooppeeee, because he hasn’t stuck his dick into anything at all, it was said as a joke and because he is one big af virgin UwU ❤ so alas he can’t and also don’t do friends with benefits, he way too demi for that stuff pft

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♡💙💚💜💘 for Cash/Money and Stretch if you don't mind please?

Ohhh heck yeah some honeymoney bless u anon this will be good UwU ❤

♡: who is the bigger romantic openly? secretly? 

Stretch, he a soft romantic at heart and is very open about his feelings, Cash not so much he do not understand love or romance like at all that stuff is alien af to him. 

Neither of them are secretly romantic, since Stretch is very openly romantic while Cash just don’t know how, love and romance that you don’t have to pay for is just weird af.

💘: who developed a crush on the other first? 

Not sure, but Cash possibly but in his weird af way that he do these feeling things, see Cash got this thing where he believes everything and anything can be brought with money, so he will buy people to pretty much be his pets/property, to become their sugar daddy as that’s the only way he knows how.

So it could be possible Cash gets crushing first, without being aware of it because what the fuck are feelings??? While Stretch he is demi af so it would take awhile for him to even grow any romantic feels to start with. 

💙: who is more protective?

Cash, he is very, very protective of the people and things he considers that he owns, that are his. So yeah he will be seriously fucking protective of Stretch af. 

💚: who tends to get sick more often? who is better at taking care of the other?

It varies, but probably Stretch though it could be Cash too, but no it’s Stretch he got like shittier health overall even tho Cash does not treat his body the best, bc drugs and sheit.

And taking care of someone who is sick so is it Stretch who is the best at it, Cash is a former rich kid he doesn’t know shit how to take care of someone who is sick. He had servants and shit for that or hired someone to do it for him, though now I can just picture him when he like gets better mentally trying to do it himself but just fucking shit up pft. 

💜: who said “i love you” first? or, if neither has said it yet, who is more likely to say it first?

Stretch probably, after a very long time of like waiting for Cash to get to such a mental state that he will understand Stretch isn’t saying it for money or want of anything, just that he actually loves Cash with literally no strings attached. Cash might never say it back verbally but he got other ways to say it back, eventually. 

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💝, For YOUR fav ship

Sweet anon, I got many, many fave ships, like yes I do have some that are even bigger faves than some, but gonna go with a ship I haven’t done an ask for like at all that I wanna do, which is Edgelord supreme aka Edge x Scratch, or how I like to call it, smoltato UwU ❤

💝: who spends more time (possibly overthinking) what presents to get the other?

Scratch, hands down it’s the Scratch boy. 

He always overthinks like everything, he is overly paranoid and will go to extreme’s with things, choosing a present for his too good and kind boyfriend is one of them. He will do charts, diagrams, write down everything he knows on what possibly Edge would like, Scratch is technically that guy from that one meme with the wall with theories etc.

So he will run himself haggard af on what to get Edge, since it got to be perfect as that’s what Edge deserves etc, Scratch most likely will end up working himself up so much that he ends up completely failing at getting Edge anything as he keeps overthinking so hard, Edge will of course comfort him and reassure him he srsly do not mind at all, what matters is the thought and he appreciates it, but there is srsly no need to go so overboard with things especially when it causes Scratch such stress etc.

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💌💘💙 for honeyvenom please?

Hellu Kirango and ohh fyuck yeess some honeyvenom boys it’s been awhile bless UwU ❤

💌: who is more likely to send cutesy texts to the other?

Stretch maybe, though it wouldn’t really be like overly cutesy more like just really sweet texts which will fluster Scratch to no end but will make him feel very happy and loved. 

💘: who developed a crush on the other first?

Vary depending on like story, but since I mostly only got like one proper story idea/scenario for these two so is it Stretch who ends up crushing first, can’t blame him though because have you seen Scratch? He cute af.

But it’s a crush he keeps to himself, since he knows Scratch is so overly paranoid and got such trust issues, Stretch puts their friendship first as that’s what is the most important to him, and he don’t want to ruin what he already have.  

💙: who is more protective?

Scratch, he will do his best to keep Stretch safe, he will also be having troubles with jealousy and be paranoid especially at first if Stretch truly do mean the things he says, that he likes and loves him etc. Something he will have to work on, he will also be the one who if there is someone talking shit about the other will fight.

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