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yoa-artblog 6 months ago
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Etcetera in pastel colors because it鈥檚 what she deserves!!
my beloved @lozeyart suggested Etcetera when I asked so this is for him 馃挅 we both might be a little obssesed with her, girl is just great!
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syme-arts 2 months ago
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Little Meow Meow
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hysterical-cats 2 months ago
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kitten wrangler
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cat-brrr 22 days ago
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Nyan cats 馃悎 2
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fluffytuffles 4 months ago
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what if.....they
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the-pied-pipers-assistant 3 months ago
Listen up, people! I am not ashamed to admit that it took me well over 30 minutes to learn how to say 鈥淥ld Deuteronomy鈥. My brain just couldn鈥檛 get my mouth to say it correctly for a while.
This got me thinking and...CAN ANYONE IMAGINE HOW HARD IT WOULD BE TO TEACH THE KITTENS HOW TO SAY 鈥淥LD DEUTERONOMY鈥?? For some reason I feel like Munkustrap would be the one to sit the kitts down and try to teach them how to say 鈥淥ld Deuteronomy鈥 because, well...that鈥檚 his dad.
I imagine that entire situation would go a little like this:
Munkustrap: Alright, kitts! One more time. Listen carefully: Old Deuteronomy. Now you try!
Pouncival: Old Dew-terry-oNOmie!
Etcetera: Old Dew...TERRR...o-nomy?
Electra: Old Deu-tah...ummm...what?!
Tumblebrutus: Old Deew-tkjghsh...onomy!
Munkustrap, looking concerned: ...Not quite. Listen very carefully: *points to his mouth* Old Deuteronomy.
Pouncival, Etcetera, Electra, and Tumblebrutus: *look visibly confused*
Munkustrap: Actually, Jemima, why don鈥檛 you try?
Jemima, on her first try: Old Deuteronomy.
Everyone, collectively:
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ickyprincetothesun 2 months ago
OBC Etcetera Appreciation Post
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She鈥檚 baby 馃А
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indianasolo221 3 months ago
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Christine Langner as Etcetera.
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mystery-vixen 22 days ago
Macavity having a mini meltdown when he realizes, after being covered with kittens and called a big softie by some stray cats, that he, the monster of depravity! Is not scary anymore..
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Redemption took a long time to achieve, but no one takes him seriously anymore.. What should he do?
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homo-sexual-cats 2 months ago
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Ace Etcetera, Jemima, and Demeter!
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catsxshowtime 2 months ago
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Wanted to take some screenshots here bc Rumpleteazer and Electra but took more than I thought I would
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yoa-artblog a year ago
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Chaos kittens time because I love them!!
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star-freckled-kitten 7 months ago
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Missed my gal :,)
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hysterical-cats 7 days ago
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shoutout to this post聽for being the inspo for this drawing :) cettie deserves a big yellow neck bow fr............
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cat-brrr 4 months ago
*squash them with love*
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Alon-zo, Victoria,Plato, Munkustrap,rum tum Tugger, mungojerrie,rumpleteazer and etcetera
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yumeiikyu a year ago
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hi I forgot I could post here anyway this is now a cats fanpage for god knows how long
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jellicle-cats-opera-phantoms 4 months ago
Etcetera: Hi, there!
Etcetera: You may see me and ask yourself, "Wow. She's pretty dressed up. Is she going on a date?"
Etcetera: The answer is no.
Etcetera: I鈥檓 going to the Aquarium and I need the sea otters to like me.
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the-pied-pipers-assistant 8 months ago
Ok so I might鈥檝e made myself cry with this. And this might just be me over-analyzing everything I find, but hear me out!
I was watching Cats 1998 the other day and I was focusing mainly on Bomba just to see where she was throughout the film. And I noticed that during the Macavity fight scene she takes on a very protective roll.
At the very beginning, when Macavity has just dropped the Old Deuteronomy disguise, Bomba is already holding Jemima鈥檚 hand even before she is seen on screen. You can see Jemima looking at her in the same way a scared child would look at their parent during a scary situation.
Technically, both of them are in a safe spot, out of Macavity鈥檚 immediate reach and behind Munkustrap, but Bomba looks like she鈥檚 trying to get somewhere else. The reason for this is that Etcetera is quite close to Macavity, who seems to be in a frenzy, putting her in immediately danger. Bomba wants to get to Etcetera before anything happens to her. Then, you can see Bomba trying to sneak up behind Munkustrap, never letting go of Jemima鈥檚 hand, and making her way toward Cettie. Always keeping Jemima behind her.
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When both of them are finally close enough to be able to reach Cettie, Jemima extends her arm towards her, trying to call her towards them, but right then, Macavity slashes at Etcetera.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This makes Cettie roll back, giving Bombalurina a chance to get a hold of her. She desperately reaches for Etcetera many times trying to bring her close, which she is finally able to do. yay!
Tumblr media
I love when Bomba goes auntie mode! Because she鈥檚 super chill and flirty during most of the film but she will literally END YOU if you mess with any of the kitts.
I just think this entire background interaction is very neat and that it reveals so much of Bombalurina鈥檚 character, at least Rosemarie Ford鈥檚 interpretation of her.
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freelance-pac 3 months ago
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I Care For Them.
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icarussrancidart 3 months ago
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Perks of being short and having a Stronk鈩 boyfriend
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