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prompt request: one dropping hints about their feelings, the other one is completely oblivious
which i fully feel fits Druig really well with the whole oblivious thing going on 馃ぃ but it could also go the other way 馃挄
Awww sweet @basicrese, this is perfect! thank you dear :)
News Flash
Tumblr media
Summary: Druig can be a bit oblivious, even as a mind controller and mind reader. Thank God for Kingo and Phastos for snapping him out of it.
Warnings: Just a good ol' fashion fluffy fluff!
"You can't be that blind."
Druig looked up from his spot, seeing both Phastos and Kingo looking down at him with small looks of judgment and scold on their faces. Druig raised an eyebrow, closing the book in his hands while he was propped against the small awning in the Domo, his favorite spot to read and get away from his family. But in this case, the perfect spot for his family to find him.
"What are you talking about?" Durig asked the pair of them. Kingo rolled his eyes and Phastos huffed.
"You know that she likes you, right?" Phastos asked Druig, seeming a bit annoyed that the mind controller was not picking up on what he was speaking about. Druig paused, cocked his head at the inventor.
"Who?" Druig asked, still not picking up on the subtle clue. It was if on cue that you and Makkari glided into the room, arm and arm and giggling about something Makkari said to you with her nimble fingers. Druig saw you two, as well as Phastos and Kingo as you were laughing whole heatedly and throwing your head back in glee. For a brief moment, Druig almost fumbled his book in his hands for a moment as your laugh sounded like clear chimes on a crips morning, so heavenly to his ears. You paused, seeing the three men there and you waves.
"Hey guys!" You said, your voice light and filled with relaxation. Makkari waved too.
"Hey ladies!" Kingo said back with a wave of his hand. Phastos waved with a nod of his head, and yet Druig just shyly waved at you. He looked eyes with you, making you almost stumble a bit in your step with how his blue eyes were contrasting with your brown ones. You grinned at him, waving back neutrally at him as you kept walking with Makkari out of the room and out of site.
As soon as you were out of the room, the boys whipped back around and glared at Druig again, having Druig look at the pair of them with uneasiness.
"Are you kidding me?!" Kingo said in a snap at Druig, gesturing in the direction where you disappeared with Makkari, Phastos placing his hands on his hips as Druig looked in that area too, "She likes you, Druig! She really likes you!"
"How can the the psychic of the group not get the subtle hints she drops for you?" Phastos asked Druig sarcastically. Druig then sat up a bit, placed his book on the awning surface, and glared at them both.
"First of all, you know I hate it when you call me the 'Psychic', " He stated, then pausing for a quick moment, "And there hasn't been any subtle...hints."
"You're really thick," Kingo said in a low tone, Druig glaring at him as Kingo went on, "She's been dropping so any hints and passes to you the last couple of years. Everyone on the Domo, including Ajak mind you, can see it and yet you can't!" "What hints?" Durig asked, sitting up a bit more and now intrigued with the notion of your trying to make a small move on him.
"For one, she knows your favorites snacks and sneaks them to you during our meetings," Phastos explained, "Clearly she knows you get hangry when you haven't eaten in some time,"
"She was being nice," Druig reasoned.
"How about the times when you got hurt when a Deviant fight," Kingo butted him, Druig's head snapping over to Kingo, "She would get to you and help you before Ajak could. She made sure no one else got close to you, even snapping at Ikaris that one time in Babylonia when he was going to pull you up with your busted arm,"
Druig remembered that day clearly in his mind: his arm coming out of his socket when he was fending off a Deviant from a cluster of humans. You moved in swiftly, killing the Deviant instantly and then tending to Druig. Ikaris thought the wound was minimal, you telling him to back down as soon as he was about to grab Druig's arm. Druig saw anger in your eyes in that split moment: anger and protectiveness.
"She was protecting me," Druig once again reasoned. Kingo and Phastos looked at each other, shocked that Druig was still oblivious to what they were trying to tell him. Phastos then reached over to his arm, shoving his wrist to be seen and the black beaded bracelet hung there on his gangly wrist.
"Hey!" Druig snapped, pulling his arm back as Phastos pointed to the bracelet.
"She made you that for you herself!"He explained, Druig pausing as he looked at Phastos with wide eyes, "Do you not remember when she gave that to you, after that falling out you had with Ajak 20 years back?!"
That night was rough on Druig. He was crying from yelling at Ajak, getting in a argument with her over not being able to help the humans from murdering one another. It pained Druig so bad to the point of feeling so alone. He stormed off to his room, crying openly and silently and feeling useless in not stopping the pain and the torment that humans gave to one another. But when Druig calmed down a bit, you slipped in with sadness in your eyes too. You hated seeing Druig so broken and defeated, sitting on bed with him and letting him cry on your shoulder.
You said nothing but had him unleash that pain next you, then placing that very bracelet in the palm of his hand. Druig looked down, pushing away from of the tears as he stared at the black beaded bracelet with a hint of fondness. He never got a gift from one of the other Eternals before, not as personal as this. You made it yourself, thinking that it would give him some sense of peace. In a split moment, Druig felt some love from you.
Druig never took it off, not once.
Druig blinked few times, looking at the bracelet and having the pieces all clicked together in his mind. You would gravitate to him all the time and he would let you, he would come to you as well when he needed your company. Your presence was a essential comfort for him when things got heavy or tough, and Druig did feel lighter when your hands brushed or your eyes locked.
Did the others know? How did they know before Druig.
"Son of a bitch," Druig said abruptly, flying up from his spot and his book falling to the ground. Before Kingo and Phastos could react, Druig moved out of the room and in the direction to where you and Makkari walked.
"Finally. Took him forever," Druig heard Kingo say in a snort as Druig sped walked down the hallway. Druig had to find you, he was on a mission to do so. How could be so oblivious all this time, with all those moments you both had together in the past? Those hints you gave him were subtle, not even big enough for him to see. But they were there, and now that Druig was realizing it, he had to make sure you knew he saw it too.
Finally, he heard you in your room, moving a bit faster now and stopping right at your door. He felt like his heart was slamming against his chest in a rapid pace, and he felt the beads on his wrist jingling as his hands were almost shaking. He was never one to be afraid to expose his feelings, not ever.
Not until now.
He tapped his knuckles against the door.
"Come in," you said on the other side. Druig opened the door and poked head in, seeing that you were folding some blankets on the top of your bed. Druig gave you a soft smile, seeing you grin widely at him as you stood up completely.
"Hey!" You hummed, walking over to where he was and around your bed, "Everything good?"
"Oh, yes," Druig replied, almost in a stammer as you peered at him, "I was...actually I wanted to see if you wanted...to go on a walk after dinner tonight. Just the two of us,"
Druig saw the warmth almost bursting though your eyes and in your smile. It made his own heart feel like it was going in somersaults, seeing the happiness on your face as you grinned widely and with no hesitance. Druig knew then that he could no longer be oblivious to you, not anymore. Not to you when you looked beautiful and breathtaking.
"I would love to," You replied, Druig grinning in return
The End.
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Tumblr media
medieval drukkari for the soul
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Forbidden Love
Heres part 2! Sorry it took so long, Im kind of struggling with how I want this all to go. Hope you like it, I kinda dont but ive rewritten it too many times to try again.. PART 1聽 Part 3 is already written! It will be out Wednesday.聽
Tumblr media
Every one of the Avengers' feet started moving before they even spoke. It impressed the Eternals how well they functioned being a ragtag group. Ikaris nodded towards Tony as the mortals and two gods all started moving towards a quinjet. It was a tight fit, but all 10 of the present Avengers and the 9 Eternals, but they squeezed in. Because Ikaris knew whatever this 鈥榖arndoor protocol鈥 was, it wasn't good and the team was headed straight to you.聽
Tony and Clint were at the front of the plane, Clint doing most of the flying while Tony spoke and turned to the group. 鈥淔riday, pull up security at the Manor.鈥澛
The car was silent, but not a comfortable silence as you drove home from Anvil. Billy and Frank had been gone for three days and you were having to pick up their slack. You knew it was important, whatever meeting they had to go to. But it was putting too much pressure on you, even more so when your daughter's principal called to inform you she had been suspended.聽
Turns out that controlling a bully to smack themselves over and over again is against the rules. Davina has the power to influence feelings, which is almost the same as the mind. She could compel someone to feel like they should do something, instead of just forcing them to do so mindlessly. It was incredible to watch, when it was in practice. But you didn't want her going around doing it just because, even if it was to deal with a bully.聽
You didn't want Arishem to find any reason to want her. You didn't want her to set off any warning bells in SHIELD, which is why Anvil was constantly monitoring anything to do with your name or hers. There are people whose whole job it is, just to watch out for anyone looking for or into your family. Needless to say, they are paid handsomely.聽
You cleared your throat for what felt like the tenth time since you left the school as you tried to get home. You could feel your muscles locking up and twitching, sweat beading on your forehead as you tried to focus. You wanted to call someone, anyone, but knew that it was taking all of your concentration to hold back and get home. Clearing your throat again you looked over at the teenager next to you. 鈥淲hen we get home.. No questions straight inside. Do you understand?鈥
Davina nodded, knowing all the signs as well. She had texted her father and her uncle, hoping they would be able to respond. She didn't want to have to call out to her godfather, knowing that you were trying to stay separate from the Avengers, but she would if she had to. Loki would respond immediately to her calling for him, he would be able to handle this if her father couldn't.聽
The car wasn't even in park yet when Davina jumped out of the car and ran inside. You parked, turned the car off and stepped out hoping that the fresh air and calmness of your home would help. But when goosebumps rose on your arms you knew it was too late. 鈥淛ax.. Activate barn doors please.. Nobody gets in or out that's not on the list.鈥 You heard the AI speak in a soft voice that sounded so much like Ajax.聽
Tony had made it for you, and installed the same security in your manor that he had at the compound as well as his cabin. Anvil had placed their own security around the house and throughout as well. To say that your home was more secure than the pentagon or white house would be an honest statement. You watched in relief as metal shutters closed over the windows and doors, your home effectively locked down.聽聽
Tony had gone as far as teaching the AI to know when you were yourself or not. So when you switched, if the house was locked down, Keyara was unable to get in. She would have to sit and wait for someone who was on the list. Which was not many, there were only five people besides you.聽
You had a love hate relationship with Keyara, you knew that the fight you and your husband had gotten into a week ago had pulled her to the surface. Then the stress of not hearing from the boys, the workload at work and the stress of being a parent was all too much. She had almost become a coping mechanism over the years. When you were too stressed or something bad happened she came out and dealt with it.聽
Part of you loved it, and part of you hated that you couldn't handle things anymore. All because you fell in love centuries ago. Arishem had ruined your life in some ways, but he also led you to where you are now. Your phone ringing pulled your attention from your thoughts, Billy's name flashing on the screen. But just as you reached to answer your eyes rolled back and everything went dark.聽
Keyara took a deep breath, feeling her presence fill your mind and body. The power that was constantly locked away slamming into her before seeping out of her pores. She felt her hair start moving as the little gold veins started breaking through on her neck and face. Eyes golden and red in a dark and sick looking combination. Her hands shook as they rested on the hood of the car.聽
She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath and allowing her mind to scan the immediate area. Not feeling anyone on the property she hoisted herself up onto the car and laid back. Sunbathing while she waited for whoever was going to show up, because it was always someone.聽
鈥淲hat just happened?鈥 Thena asked, shocked as they watched the change happen. Sersi had covered her mouth with her hand, while Makkari, Sprite and Kingo looked on in shock. Ikaris, Gil, Phastos and Druig stared at the screen watching Keyara lay back on the top of her car. They could all see the small vein-like cracks in her skin glow and move as well as her unnaturally flowing hair.聽
Tony opened his mouth to answer but Thor held his hand up. 鈥淚t is a long story. One that will upset you deeply, but also one that is not ours to tell.鈥 Druig scoffed and turned to the others, he wanted to see if any of them would disagree or argue. When he realized they were all staying quiet he snapped, his mouth opening to demand an answer when a small voice echoed through the cabin.聽
鈥淟oki.. Loki.. Loki..鈥澛
All heads snapped to the dark haired god as Loki kept his cold eyes on Druig. He knew you and Keyara were going to lose it when they brought the Eternals to you. He didn't know how large the fall out from this would be but he knew there would be on.聽
鈥淟oki.. Loki.. Loki..鈥
When the voice echoed again, Loki snapped out of his thoughts. Phastos, the ever curious one, looked around in search of the owner. He knew it was a younger voice, and it wasn't Sprites so he was confused. 鈥淲hat is that?鈥 He asked the question of the entire group.聽
Loki sighed, clapping his hands together allowing his magic to run over him. 鈥淭hat would be my niece calling for me.鈥 He turned to look at Thor, silently communicating in the way they have done for years before speaking again. 鈥淚'll see you all at the Manor. I'll be inside but I'll see you.鈥 He turned from Thor and allowed himself to vanish, teleporting to the little one calling out for him.聽
It felt like Keyara had been laying there for hours listening to her phone buzz. Billy and Frank were blowing her shit up trying to get ahold of her. But she had no interest, she was pissed at Billy and then by extension Frank. Even though Frank had done nothing wrong, he was breathing the same air as Bill was right now and that was enough for her.聽
The low hum and heavy wind alerted her to someone, most likely the Avengers, landing not too far from the house. She closed her eyes and listened to the hearts beating around her now. Steve and Bucky were easy to pick out, their hearts beat a little faster and a little harder than the others. Tonys was easy as well with the reactor, Smart hulk had a different heartbeat obviously. It was easy to pick out the Avengers, what shocked her was the other heart beats.聽
The ones that Keyara hadn't heard before. But when she turned her head, still laying on top of the car, and watched the people she knew from your mind's eye walk out of the woods鈥β
Needless to say, it set her off.聽
Her body lifted itself off the car, hair whipping around as the gold veins shined brighter against her skin. The car whined, and the trees started cracking as her anger caused her power to flow out of her. Her skin started to heat with the fire that wanted to rip out of her. The metal of the car whined as she unconsciously pressed it down. Her mind started to fill with all their thoughts as Keyara tried to gain some control.聽
鈥淭his was a mistake.. We should've stayed home.鈥 Steve
鈥淪he's hurting.. I hate when she's hurting.鈥 Wanda
鈥淣one of us will be able to bring her down this time.鈥 Natasha
鈥淚've never seen her this angry.鈥 Thor
鈥淲hat has happened to her?鈥 Thena
鈥淲ill I be able to protect Thena?鈥 Gil
鈥淗ow can we help her?鈥 Sersi
鈥淲ho did this to her?鈥 Kingo
鈥淚've got to stop her.鈥澛
It was that last thought that snapped you to attention. Your hand came up and in the direction of Ikaris, who was already floating a few inches off the ground. Throwing him backwards and through the trees in his body's path.聽
He flies back to you quickly, some of the others screaming at him to stop. Thor tries to grab him only to be knocked away by Ikaris鈥 fist. Kingo is yelling about how they all swore not to hurt each other anymore. But all Ikaris can see is that you are a danger to him and the others. You're not you, because you're Keyara, they have no idea that this is out of your power.聽
Ikaris鈥 hand wrapped itself around Keyaras throat, arms swinging to throw her into the air. Her body tumbling over itself in an airborne summersault before coming to a stop. The group watched as she stood in the air, staring down at them with disdain. Thor held his hands up looking at his friend's alter ego.聽
Tumblr media
鈥淜eyara, we aren't here to hurt you.. The Eternals are your friends.鈥澛
She scoffed, her voice echoing in all their heads, even Druigs which caught him off guard. 鈥淭he Eternals are no friends of mine, nor are they Y/n's family. Ajax took her in the night, and left her to Arishems punishment. They moved on and never looked for her! They are not our friends.鈥澛
The Eternals had never heard of 鈥楰eyara鈥, nor did they understand why you were speaking in a collective. They had never seen you as powerful as you were now, and to say they were confused was an understatement.聽
Tony stepped forward, trying to defuse the citation but just as he went to speak, Ikaris鈥 eyes turned gold. Beams shot out of his eyes in Keyaras direction, it all happened so fast they couldn't see the smile that made its way to her cheeks. When the beams hit her, she barely moved as her body absorbed the cosmic energy.聽
When he stopped, fear and a little panic spread through them all. The phone Keyara left on the car kept buzzing and eventually fell off onto the ground. Tony could see what was coming as Keyaras eyes started to glow, he tapped his chest and pulled Clint behind a shield he produced. Bucky ran for cover only to be drug under a dome Wanda had already made with Yelena. Steve grabbed Natasha and bent down to cover them with his shield.聽
It all happened so fast that the Eternals didn't have time to react. All they heard was Keyara say, 鈥淵ou've exhausted my patience.鈥 And then she threw her arms out and screamed. They all grabbed their heads, screaming themselves as a pain they had never felt before exploded in their minds and bodys.聽
The protective armor that always kept them safe started breaking away and disintegrating. Druig tried desperately to get a read on you, to force his thoughts into your head but he was on the verge of passing out. The sky looked like it was on fire, they couldn't see any of the blue, no clouds. Just golden flames from the place your screaming was coming from.聽
They couldn't hear the HumVs that pulled up. Didn't hear the multiple car doors slam shut. All they could hear was you screaming, but they could see the two men get out. One with a large gun in his hand in all black. The other in a dark green long sleeve, tucked into black jeans and combat boots.聽
His dark brown, almost black eyes looked only at the fire in the sky. His mouth wide as he screamed out to the woman floating there. The longer he stood there, the quieter the screams got. The fire died down, leaving a huffing and angry Keyara in the sky. Even though she was mad at the man, his voice felt like velvet.聽
It was like a balm to burnt skin. Honey tea to a sore throat.聽
鈥淐ome on Baby.. I know you're upset, but it's time to come back.鈥 That was the first thing the Etnerals heard as their ears stopped ringing. 鈥淭hor.. Be ready.鈥 The tall dark haired man whispered to the god. Ikaris and Druig wanted to question who this man was, but they could barely breathe. Their muscles screamed with the need to just stop moving, stop breathing, stop everything.聽
鈥淭hat's it, Darlin鈥.鈥 He said as he kept his eyes on the figure in the sky. The group watched as the gold in Keyaras eye lit up once more before rolling back. Her body going limp as her eyes stayed closed. Her body starts to fall from the sky, only to be caught by the blond god. The Eternals didn't even see him move, but there he was.聽
Thor landed next to the man, handing the limp and unconscious body over to him. The group watched as he ran a hand over the woman's face, before kissing her forehead and starting towards the house. 鈥淛ax.. Remove Barn Door and open the front please.鈥 The Avengers all started to move with them, Natasha picking your phone up off the ground as they passed by.聽
The Eternals all stood, holding onto trees, or each other whatever was close by and semistable. Before they could look at each other to try and decipher who this man was, the AI that sounded like Ajax spoke. The shutters pulled back and the front door swung open to reveal a teenage girl and Loki.聽
鈥淲elcome home, Mr. Russo.鈥
Given the option, who would you like endgame to be?聽
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
or I guess maybe both?? IDK
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Barry Keoghan arrived last on the set of Eternals and still chose to learn signing his dialogues (as any decent human should) is very noble of him.
Especially because it adds more to Druig's character. Druig is the only Eternal who doesn't need to sign with Makkari cause he can telepathically communicate with her with ease. But he doesn't invade her privacy and read her thoughts without consent. And that just adds another layer to Druig, makes his relationship with Makkari even more charming.
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Hi hello. I come bearing nothing from the latest chapter of The Accidental Princess but I do come bearing gifts. I have some deleted scenes that I thought you guys would enjoy鈥攐r at least, I hope you would.
Tumblr media
(Random Kit gif for you to enjoy)
This first excerpt is from TA P pt 5, where Kit is jealous of Prince Frederick. It explains why but I didn't include it because it didn't really make that much sense then.
鈥淭he prince once confessed that he more than admired me,鈥 you began slowly. 鈥淭hat he was in love with me.鈥
Kit remained quiet.
鈥淚t was absurd, to have a prince fall in love with the likes of me.鈥 You said in a tone that was unbelieving.
鈥淲hy do you think it absurd?鈥 Kit asked.
鈥淏ecause I鈥檓 not a princess.鈥
鈥淚s that the only thing that confuses you?鈥
鈥淚t is the only thing that makes sense.鈥
He scoffed.聽
鈥淚 beg your pardon?鈥 You said, affronted.
He cursed himself silently at his callous response. 鈥淚 do not mean to offend you, Y/N. Forgive me. I was merely unbelieving that you do not think yourself worthy of the prince鈥檚 love just because you are not a princess.鈥
鈥淚t is the truth.鈥
鈥淚t is not.鈥
鈥淚t is. Princes are made for princess.鈥
Much like you and Princess Chelina. He swore he heard it from you even if you had not said it out loud.
鈥淗e was to propose marriage to me,鈥 you mumbled. 鈥淗e did not because my family was not royalty. It was the only way that stood between us.鈥
And the only thing that is now standing between us, Kit thought bitterly.
鈥淢arriages are political alliances. I have no kingdom or people. I wouldn鈥檛 have been a fit for him.鈥 You looked at Kit. 鈥淢uch like I am not fit for you.鈥
No. He refused admit the truth of your words.
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 need a kingdom or people.鈥 He found himself telling you. 鈥淵ou鈥檝e shown to everyone present in the feast that you do not need a title.鈥
鈥淜it, you don鈥檛 know what you鈥檙e saying,鈥 you said weakly.
鈥淵ou鈥檝e danced with two princes and lords of powerful houses. I鈥檝e kept watch of you the whole night, Y/N, and I had never seen someone make friendly conversation of serious political topics."
This next one tells me it should be a part of TAP pt 8 but I don't remember where I took it off from. It must be a wholly deleted scene because it does not fit anywhere else in that chapter.
You sniffled, blinking away the tears that were coming. You placed your pen on the paper, poised to write, when you felt a tear come down your face.
And to this, my love, I say to you. Go. Be happy. If all I shall be to you is a memory, then I hope the memories had been good as they were to me.
Another tear blotted on the paper and you paused, leaning back on your seat.
This one is for TAP pt 6, the scene were Y/N is in the marketplace with Chelina. It should be a scene before she discovers the apothecary. Another unnecessary scene but one where we can see her grace even when someone is being sexist against her.
You greeted the shopkeeper with a polite smile. The man only looked at you.
鈥淕ood day, Miss! How may I be of service?鈥 he asked.
鈥淕ood day, sir. Do you, perchance, have books about the politics of the kingdom?鈥
鈥淧olitics, Miss?鈥澛犅犅犅犅犅犅犅犅犅犅犅犅犅犅犅犅犅
You nodded.
鈥淚 fear I have none that would be easy for you to read.鈥
Your eyebrow rose.
鈥淭hey are reserved for the scholars.鈥 he said in a tone that hinted you were not one of those people.
It did not faze you although it did peeve you. 鈥淚 see. Show me still, sir.鈥 You insisted.
鈥淢iss, they are for scholars.鈥
You cleared your throat. 鈥淵es, sir, you had said as much. I am still in complete control of my faculties. I had heard you the first time you had told me. Would you be so kind, then, to point me to the direction of the library or whichever bookstore that would be willing to sell to me a book on this kingdom鈥檚 politics?鈥
The man frowned and made no move to do any that you had requested.
You gave a tight smile, quite irate at his demeanor towards you. 鈥淰ery well, sir. I shall bid you a good day.鈥
You turned to leave, huffing a breath as you did so. Despite how progressive the kingdom seemed to be, it was still not above them to judge you for your sex. Especially old men like the shopkeeper of the bookstore and the Grand Duke.
Oh, and before I forget, TAP 11 is hella long. Like hellaaaaaaaa long. I think that should make up for the long wait.
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brevoorthistoryofcomics a day ago
This issue of ETERNALS was another comic book that came to me in a 3-Bag bought at a Toy Store or a Department Store. There was no other way that I would have picked it up, as Jack Kirby鈥檚 godly Marvel epic was not to my tastes as a kid. I found it harsh, and shrill, and difficult to get into. All of the characters sounded the same to me, and I wasn鈥檛 interested at all in the larger mythology鈥
Tumblr media
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lemonsuponlemons 19 hours ago
Druig and voyeurism
He watches
Both the commune and you
Although the latter is his preferred object of observation
He's following you around any time he can, hiding in the crowd, behind corners and trees
Druig loves the fact that you don't know
It's like a mountain lion following a poor antilope, waiting for the perfect moment to strike
At first, it was just fascination but it changed one night when he caught a "glimpse" of your less-than-chaste thoughts
For a moment he just listens, curious about the whole ordeal, maybe a bit amused
But if he plays a role in those dirty imaginations of yours...
He's probably outside your window, leaning against a tree and just watching as if there's nothing better to do
Because, to him, there really isn't.
Aside from railing you, that is.
Druig's not someone who beats around the bush but this is one of those rare occasions when he enjoys the act of "chasing"
You don't know that he knows and the power trip he gets from that is satisfying in itself
The rainforest, obviously, gets very hot
And water has the best temperature for swimming in summer at around 4AM
You couldn't sleep one night and decided that maybe a little get away from the community, a moment to yourself and the peace of night would soothe your mind
Druig, of course, tagged along
Not that you would ever know
He doesn't go to bed before you do as a principle
He's just sitting somewhere among trees, perfectly hidden
There's no hurry so you're taking off your clothes slowly, tossing them on the grass
The honesty of your actions, the fact that you're being the truest to your own self right then, gets Druig up and going
And I mean that in more than one way
The crytal clear water is washing over your nude body in gentle waves and he could swear that it was you who came out of the sea foam and not Venus
Because, let's be honest, she's got nothing on you
Venus is most often presented naked and Druig would have zero, even a negative number of, complaints if someone painted you naked
If anyone else would look at it in envy of Druig, he would just boast even more but the second anyone tries anything funny with you, limbs shall be broken. Severly.
In the moonlight, the river looks a lot more inviting and, somehow, enigmatic
Painting you as a woodland or water nymph from Sprite's stories; one that made the greatest of men lose their minds
There's precum leaking from the tip of his cock and he can feel the slick drops running down his leg
You start washing yourself and it's not helping, honestly
Your hands are gliding across your skin and Druig is just about breadth away from coming out and just railing you against the rocks
Damn, how much he wants those hands to be his, gripping and caressing the body he's longed for ever since he laid his eyes on you
Frustrated as all Hell, he rubs his bulge just to ease the tension even a little bit
The slight timidness in his actions is quite surprising, to be honest
It's not like he has never fucked his own hand thinking of you and creating some very vulgar and vivid scenarios in his head
But now that you were in front of him, although fairly far and completely unaware, for the very first time, he feels dirty
But those ridiculous thoughts disappear the moment he can see the blissful expression on your face, moonlight brightening your wonderful features just right
You look completely content and Druig, already sliding his hand into his pants, wonders if that's the face you would have after spending the night with him
He's clenching his jaw like a goddamn vice as he's stroking his dick
The sounds you make are also a lot better than what he could imagine
Maybe you gasp at some animal running through the shrubbery, surprising you, or you moan gently feeling the lukewarm water against your skin. Maybe you start softly humming some folk song
He's going through absolute torture, fucking his fist and not your juicy, tiny cunt
Druig can not recall if he has ever seen something, or someone, this beautiful
So, to some degree, he has made you immortal in those early hours of the day:
Forever remembered as the wonder of the world
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Tumblr media
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thesevenumbrellas 19 days ago
Thor: Gods are real but they鈥檙e also just technically aliens
Eternals: Gods aren鈥檛 real they鈥檙e just stories based on aliens living on earth.
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yellenabelova 3 months ago
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Tumblr media
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redheadspark 2 days ago
Hawuuu for this prompt session can i request "hiding your feelings, not wanting to ruin the friendship, even going as far as avoiding each other completely, yet always ending up sharing an intimate moment" with Druig. Thank you and hope you have a great day.
This is a cute! Thanks for the suggestion, Anon!
Literally Glowing
Summary: Seeing Druig again in the jungles of the Amazon made you remember why you didn't tell him you loved him. But with the world ending, you had no choice but to tell him.
Tumblr media
Warnings: a hint of angst but mostly fluff
You ran out of the meeting hall before you could stop yourself, taking in some long breaths and hiding that small incline of pain in your chest. The col humid air hitting your skin and face like a blowback, your feet staggering and almost making you fall over the fallen leaves and roots that were sticking up from the soiled ground. No one else was around, thankfully, to see you look like a fool who was reuniting with her old friend and old crush.
Before you are, your thought you are going to be just fine seeing him again, you had a bigger situation at hand to deal with. The end of the world and the birth of a Celestial that could wipe out a human race. That was the main point of being there.
It wasn't you feeling yoru repressed feelings for Druig come up all over again.
You moved to hide near a cluster of trees and bushes, a bit away from the small village that Druig made himself over the past 500 years. Clearly, he was fine on his own when he left your family, when he left you, those centuries ago. There were times late in the night you wished you could have told him then how you felt about him, how you inwardly loved him. Maybe that would have made him stay and try.
But of course, you were a coward, and you let him walk out of your life. Idiot.
You sat down on a fallen log, pushing the tears away and trying to control yourself as you felt your cosmic ability coming through. Your emotions were on your sleeve, literally, as you would glow a distinct hue of pinks, purples and white along your skin. Like a mood ring, but with your emotions really, over your body that could then turn into blasts of pure heat and light. You've learned to control it over time, channeling your emotions to keep your "brightness" at bay and not have it be exposed. But with certain situations, just like this one, it was easier said than done.
"Hey," was heard behind you, making you freeze up and look dead ahead at the greenery and foliage of the forest in front of you as you heard footsteps behind you and a familiar voice. This was the last thing you wanted or needed in this moment.
A few minutes back, coming here with the rest of your family to get Druig, you were already on pins and needles, and going into his Meeting Hall to have Sersi tell him all that has happened, made you feel a lump in your throat. Lastly, it was the anger that festered in Druig, knowing that he was right all this time about Arishem and the purpose of the Eternals on the planet, that made your leg shake while you sat on the bench with Kingo.
Yet when he locked eyes with you at the very end of the conversation when he was squaring off with Ikaris, it was game over for you. You had to leave, you had to leave quickly before you would inwardly crash and burn.
It was never like this. You two were such good friends and had a tight relationship with one another for centuries and centuries on end. You knew more about each other more than the others, always happy to be together and take care of one another. Of course you were friends with the others and you were all family, but it was different with Druig.
You loved him, who heartedly and with no hesitation you loved him.
But there was always a fear of him not loving you back, not seeing you the way you saw him. How you thought he was beautiful in the afternoon sun after a long day working alongside the humans with a hint of sweat on his neck and cheeks, how his laugh reminded you the spring storms that would roll along the countryside and bring life into a thirty place, or how his eyes seemed so soulful and filled with wonder and life. How could someone as complex and wonderful love someone like you? It was hard pill to swallow and you were willing to let it go, to let that love you had for him die.
So you stayed silent, hiding it away and thinking it was for the best.
"You ran out of there before I could talk to you," Druig said in a soft tone, you sniffling a bit as you kept your gaze away from him, your back to him and taking in a long breath, "I wanted to see...see if you were okay,"
鈥淚鈥檓 okay,鈥 You hummed back, not wanting to have him hear or see it that you weren鈥檛 okay.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 think you are,鈥 Druig said back cautiously as you cringed a bit from hearing that from him, 鈥淚 know it鈥檚 been a good 500 years since we saw each other, but I can tell when you鈥檙e lying to me or telling me the truth.聽 Please鈥lease talk to me?鈥
鈥淭here鈥檚 nothing to say,鈥 You tried to reason again with him, but there was a slight pause.
鈥淣ot even to your best friend?鈥 You sat up a bit from hearing that, noticing the sound of his聽 voice and how it sounded a bit hurt.聽 You sighed, getting up from the fallen log and still faced away from him.聽 This was one last chance you had to be brave and take that step. take that chance, to tell him how you felt.聽 You lost it once when you were together and right before he walked away, and now that the end of the world was right around the corner, you were going to let him know.
This was do or die.
鈥淚 have plenty of things I want to say to you,鈥 you said to him finally, taking in a final breath before you turned on your heel and saw him standing there about 20 feet away from you.聽 He was looking at you carefully and with a hint of gentleness, something you rarely saw in him.聽 You missed that look, your heart feeling a bit tender now as you faced him, not wanting to back down anymore.
鈥淔irst of all, I missed you,鈥 you said to him, keeping your voice just as soft as his voice was to you moments before, 鈥淚 missed you more than I should. I know why you left and you had to leave, but鈥 didn鈥檛 want you to go,鈥
鈥淚 didn鈥檛鈥斺 Druig started to say, but you held your hand up to stop him,
鈥淧lease,鈥 You said him, watching him close his mouth again as you kept going, 鈥淚 was angry with you for leaving, but it took me some time to get over it and realize that we should be apart.聽 I鈥檓 sorry for avoiding you the last couple of year before you left, and that was on me.聽 Not you.聽 And now that the world as going to end, and I don鈥檛 know if we鈥檙e ever going to meet all over again, on another planet with new memories to make, I wanted to tell you what was heavy on my heart for centuries.鈥
You looked down, seeing that your hands were already glowing a hint of pink and purple with hints of white.聽 Your emotions were starting to show again, and you felt like you couldn鈥檛 control it as much now since this was the one confession that鈥檚 ben buried.聽 You could no longer hide it anymore, there was no way in avoiding him or fleeing. 聽
鈥淒o you love me?鈥澛
You heard shot up to see Druig watch you, his question ringing in your ears and almost making the rest of the sounds of the jungle fly away.聽 He asked so gently and calmly, not in shock or in anger, but in kindness and care.聽 The lights in your hands moved to your arms, almost the tide of the beach, engulfing you before you could suppress it or stop it.聽 A smile was on your lips, no longer feeling the weight of what-ifs or doubts haunting you or bringing you down.聽 Slowly, you nodded your head at him.
He moved before you could stop him, walking over the lat 20 feet to trap your face in his hands and kiss you deeply and soundly in the darkness of the jungle. 聽
That light surrounded you instantly as your lips were pressed together, a blast of light hitting the area so fast and abruptly it looked and felt like lightening hit the ground.聽 Lips moved soundly against his as he kissed your over and over with no signs of stopping.聽 To feel him kissing you, pulling you in close and laced your hand in his to almost be swallowed by the light you were beaming off of your body seemed too good to be true. You had questions, plenty of them, but that could waist as your spare hand that wasn鈥檛 being held by Druig鈥檚 hand was framing his face and touching his neck and cheek. 聽
Druig finally pulled away, you noticing the light against your skin reflecting off his skin and making him look like he was glowing too.聽 It made him all the more beautiful as he smiled widely at you.聽 Even the blue in his eyes were brightened and heightened.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e literally glowing,鈥 He said in a gasp, though you were smiling so widely that your cheeks hurt.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 care,鈥 You admitted, hearing him chuckle as his hand went around your waist smoothly to keep you close, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 care anymore.聽 I have loved you, and鈥nd I don鈥檛 have the heart to let you go,鈥
鈥淢e neither,鈥 He said to you, searching your eyes with his own blue ones, 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry that I left you behind and didn鈥檛 tell you how I felt before I did.聽 I don鈥檛鈥 don鈥檛 want to have the world end before you knew how much I loved you too,鈥
You couldn't help but giggle, Druig seeing you smile and hearing you laugh made him lightly chuckle too as you leaned forward to rest your head against his neck and his arms going around you. Your hands holding him close too, the pair of you not wishing to let the other one go.
"We both have loved each other for so long...why didn't we say anything? You asked into his robes.
"We were foolish and naive," Druig replied, "Though it's better late than never right?"
You pulled away, searching his eyes and see that he was truthful in what he said. So many years wasted and pushed away in not knowing about the other's feelings, year of pondering and wondering what would have been. But there, in the middle of the Amazon jungle, at the eve of the destruction of the beloved planet you two loved more than anything, it might have been the perfect timing for this.
"Better late than never," you agreed, leaning in to kiss him once more and drink in his love for all it's worth.
The End.
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Marvel and their secrecy are scary
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MAKKARI & DRUIG Eternals (2021) dir. Chlo茅 Zhao
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magnusedom 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I've watched humans destroy each other when I could stop it all in a heartbeat. Do you know what that does to someone after centuries? Could our mission have been a mistake? Are we really helping these people build a better world? We're just like the soldiers down there: pawns to their leaders, blinded by loyalty.
Barry Keoghan as Druig in ETERNALS (2021) dir. Chlo茅 Zhao
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filmouts 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
鈥淭hank you. For what? For always taking care of me. I鈥檇 do it again, on any planet.鈥
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jakegyllenhals 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Harry Styles as Starfox ETERNALS (2021)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
#They're just like us, they use public transport (Well, sometimes they just destroy public properties)
In fact, they only use them to avoid destroying their own properties:
Tumblr media
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redheadspark a day ago
For best friends to lovers prompt list thing.
Finding old love letters you wrote to eachother as kids and reminiscing.
With Druig.
A/N: YAS! I love this with Druig! Thanks bestie!
Warm Feet
Summary: On the most important day of your life, you're reminded on how much he loves you
Tumblr media
Warnings: I'm on a fluff role at the moment!
"How does the weather look?"
"Not a single cloud in the sky!"
"And my family, are they all seated--"
"I promised you a perfect day, and you'll going to get it! Now work with me and let me fix your hair,"
You grinned as you sat in front of the mirror, Sersi pushing some fly away strands away from your face and getting the hairspray out to keep them in their spot. You felt your leg tapping nervously, your hands fiddling in your hand as you could hear the small chatter of the guests getting ready outside of the bridal suite, settling in their chairs. Though the thin curtains, you noticed your close friend Ajak, the officiant of ceremony, walking up to the archway with her portfoli in hand and her glowing motherly smile on her face.
Your wedding day was so far perfect.
Your close friends were in your bridal party: Sersi, Thena, Sprite and Makkari being your maid of honor. Although this day was planned at the last minute, it didn't stop you from making it small and intimate. Your guest list was no more than 60 close friends and colleagues, although it broke your mothers heart a bit that you couldn't invite the other 30 extended family members that you barely knew and met. You didn't care, this was your day.
A tap was on the door, you seeing in the mirror reflection Makkari walk over in her bridesmaid dress, her hair already up in a gentle high bun with her braids and some curls around her face. She opened the door, barely, and was signing to someone rapidly. You were watching her as Sersi was placing the last bits in your hair, seeing that Makkari's face look a bit concerned.
"What's wrong?" You asked, getting up from your chair and moving over to where Makkari was. Seris huffed, you were still wearing your robe and your slip, waiting for the very last minute to get your dress on because it was easy and you've practiced plenty of times.
"You're gonna give me a heart attack!" Sersi said in a grumble as you made it to Makkari.
"What's happened?" You asked and signed to Makkari.
"Oh! Sorry, nothing's wrong!" It was Kingo on the other side of the door, you sighing in relief as Makkari gave you a playful grin, "Everything's fine! I just have something to deliver to the bride is all,"
You know we're staring the ceremony in about 30 minutes, right? Makkari signed to him.
"Oh I do, I have an alarm and everything!" Kingo answered with a pep in his tone, "But I was instructed to give this to you right before you walked out with Gilgamesh."
You saw his hands going through the crack in the door, holding a rather large manila folder with something clearly stuffed inside. Makkari grabbed it to give to you, having you feel it was a bit heavy. Once it was in your hands, you looked down at the writing on the top of the manila folder:
To the Bride
"I'll see ya'll out there! And Makkari, you look amazing!" Kingo said in a light tone, then walking away before Makkari could rebuff a remark to him. She sighed, closed the door as you walked over to the loveseat that was in the suite. You sat down carefully, opening one end of the folder to pull out a handful of letters, all looking a bit ancient and worn down, but you saw your name on the mailing address. It made you freeze and your heart drop, almost somersault as yo knew what these were.
"Are those..." Seris asked, you clearing your throat as Makkari tapped her on her shoulder. Let's give her a few minutes. We should get Sprite and Thena ready. Makkari signed to her, taking Sersi out with her and leaving you alone in the suite. You took in a long breath, taking out the very first letter on the top that was the oldest one to date. 15 years ago.
Dear Y/N,
I think you're pretty, and I love playing with you. Can we be friends? I can share my snack pack with you!
You beamed, placing that letter on the ground and grabbing the next letter that was on top, unfolding it from the envelope, you saw the date. 12 years ago.
Dear Y/N,
Do you wanna come play with my this weekend at my house? My mom says I have to ask, and I think you're really fun to play with. You can bring your teddy bear if you're scared. You're my best friend!
You went on, letter after letter as the dates were getting closer and closer. The letters getting longer and longer, showing more details in how this writer expressed his love for you.
I know you're away at summer camp, but I miss you so much and I want you to come home! Kingo's annoying me, and Makkari misses you too! Don't have too much fun without me, okay?
Tomorrow we start middle school, I'm a bit nervous since we won't have every class together. But that's okay, right? We're gonna eat lunch together and try out for soccer like we planned too. Although, you're gonna be better at it than me, I can tell! I'll meet you at your house at 8 am sharp!
I'm so sorry you lost your dad. I know he was a great guy and he loved you. I'm here if you need anything, and if you want me to, I can help you and your mom out with the yard work and all. Please let me know, and I'm here for you.
I don't have the courage to say it to you, but I really like you. I like how you smile so big when I tell you corny jokes. I like how you hold my hand when I get sad after Ikaris picks on me and calls me names. I like how your hair reminds me of the sun, and your eyes remind me of the moon.
I just...I like you.
You remembered these, clear as day as you read each of them and cherished them. You couldn't help but have tears in your eyes, even with the new make up that Sersi and your sister got on you just for your wedding, you were only thinking about the letters and how much they meant to you. The last couple of ones that were at the bottom of the pile were very new and crisp. But these recents ones felt so intimate and raw to receive in the mail and read. The last letter though, didn't have a mailing stamp, or even a return address on it. Just your name.
Today is your wedding day. I can only imagine you are going to be as beautiful as the day I met you all those years ago. This is your day, and I don't wish to take it away from you, but I want you to know that I have loved you for most of my life, if not all of it. You have made me a better person in all that you have done for me and my broken life, yet you never saw me as broken. You saw me whole, and for that I am entirely in your debt from here on out. You deserve all the love and joy in the world that comes to you.
I have, and always will, love you with my entire being.
As if on cue, you heard a tapping on the suite door again. You took in a shape breath from reading that last letter, placing it on the loveseat and walking over carefully to not trip over yourself of have the jitters you were feeling get the best of you. You opened the door very slightly, seeing no one at first out in the hallway.
"It's me!" You heard a whisper from outside the door, out of your view. It was a low tone, one you've known for years and years. You sighed almost sounded like you were in relief since it wasn't another member of the bridal or groom party.
"We're not supposed to be seeing each other until the ceremony, Druig," You reminded him gently.
"We're not technically since I'm not lookin' at you," he replied smoothly, "I only wanted to see if you got my package,"
"The letters?" You asked coyly, hearing him chuckled as you saw a hand being held out in your view. It was dressed in a dress shirt through the sleeve was rolled up already to the elbow. You grinned and took his hand in your own, seeing your manicured fingers in his calloused ones.
"I wanted it to be a present for you before you walk down the aisle and start our new life together," He explained, rubbing the top of your hand with his thumb, "And I knew you kept all those letters."
"How could I get rid of any of them?" You asked back softly, "That last letter for me, that was beyond beautiful, Druig."
"Wrote it right after I proposed, though I knew you were goin' to say yes long before that," He said lightly, though you heard him pause as he stilled your hand in your view, "Are you ready to marry me?"
"Nothing's stopping me," You replied smoothly and quickly.
"Not even cold feet?" Druig asked, you were giggling.
"Darling, my feet are rather warm," You said in assurance, "I don't care that we're young and still in college. You're it for me, you have been since the day you said hello to me in Kindergarten and wrote me that first letter."
You remember seeing a 5 year old little boy walking up to you on the playground, his brown hair in his face and his blues eyes looking at you as you were new in town. He held out his hand for you to shake.
"Hi! I'm Druig. Wanna be my friend?"
"Let's get married shall we?" You asked him, hearing him chuckle as he squeezed your hand one more time.
"I'll see you out there, love of my life," he replied. As he rebased your hand and walked away, you closed the door in front of you and pressed your head and hands against the wood door, a smirk on your lips. With all you two went through, this was going to not just your day, but his too. You loved him and would do anything for him, whereas he placed you first ever since you two were five.
"Okay," You hummed to yourself, looking to the left to see your wedding dress hanging on the hanger that was on the closet door. waiting for you. You grinned, pushing yourself off the door and walking over with ease, "Let's get married."
The End.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ETERNALS (2021) 聽dir. Chlo茅 Zhao
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