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yeonjun ✙ ‘euphoria.’ photo shooting sketch
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EUPHORIA (2019– ) ϟ 2.04 You Who Cannot See, Think of Those Who Can + film references
1. Ghost (1990) / ft. Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore 2. Titanic (1997) / ft. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet 3. Brokeback Mountain (2005) / ft. Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger
for the art references, click here. 
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Me reconforta saber
que aunque la gente en mi vida
se vaya o llegue,
tú siempre permanecerás
sin importar lo que pase.
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Ambos sabíamos que la distancia nos iba a hacer bien, pero éramos tan estúpidos que seguíamos insistiendo en estar juntos.
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Why is ethan the bad guy in almost every fic i read??? He seems like a normal kid . And what kat did in that diner ... the fuck was that???? If anyone is the more negative one, it would be her that was some bullshit she pulled. And im not even talking about the borderline gaslighting, but about the language she used against him, to purpusfully humiliate him so that hed stop calling our her on her bullshit.
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no but lexi feeling like a passive participant in her own life makes me want 2 lay on the floor
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EUPHORIA. jung wooyoung special
Tumblr media
── episode. euphoria special: la vie en rose
── summary. in which wooyoung is your source of bliss on valentine’s day even when neither of you know it. or how you and wooyoung reconnect on a deeper level in college.
── roles. culinary major!wooyoung + fashion major!f!reader (mentions of san + seonghwa + hongjoong with appearances of other idols and ocs)
── genre. valentine’s day + slight high school + college + romance + drama + fluff + humor + angst + friends to lost friends to [redacted] + mutual pinning + smut
── word count. 8.6k 
── warnings. language + drinking + y/n gets horny for wooyoung + sexual tension + a little grinding + sex (fingering + slight nipple play + cum eating + protected sex + face sitting + riding + ass smacking but nothing serious) + jealousy + y/n judges a girl’s shoes + lingerie 
── developer’s note. am i posting a special before the actual series? yes, yes i am. consider this a teaser and special combined lol. also you all can thank @seacottons for asking if i was gonna write anything for valentine’s day and somehow giving me the idea for the special. side note: the actual series is not wooyoung x reader but ateez x reader!
── want to see what you’re wearing this episode !! also check out the playlist for this episode here !!
Tumblr media
high school valentine’s day dance, 2018.
the colorful strobe lights moving around the dark gymnasium was probably the most exciting thing happening at the dance right now.
the slow song playing right now not making you feel any less lonely as you watch all the couples on the dancefloor. it was sad now that you think about it. coming to a valentine’s day dance when you’re single.
you should’ve just saved your three dollars and stayed at home. you can’t believe you let your best friend talk you into this.
where was she anyway? oh yeah, that’s right. she’s on the dancefloor with her boyfriend. leaving you to be a third-wheel... again.
at least you looked cute. finally putting this black and tiny red flower pattern dress to good use.
your eyes scan the rest of gym before they land on the person you secretly wanted to be dancing with.
jung wooyoung.
instead he’s dancing with one of more popular and liked girls in your grade, sihyeon.
don’t get too torn up over it, y/n, he’s just some high school crush, you tell yourself as you look away from from wooyoung and down at your phone, immediately going to instagram.
just a high school crush. just a high school crush. just a high school crush. just a hi—
wooo.youngie commented on your post
wooo.youngie liked your post
wooo.youngie: wooow you look so cute, y/nnie!! can’t wait to see you tonight!!
double fuck—
your head immediately shoots up to look at wooyoung and right as you do, he looks over meeting your eyes.
triple fuck—
you quickly get up from your seat and dash out of the gym and down the hall far enough to where a teacher wouldn’t immediately see you.
pressing yourself to the wall, you slowly slide down it until your sitting on the cold floor. heart racing a mile a minute and your face feels like it’s on fire.
wooyoung liked your post. wooyoung commented on your post. wooyoung said you looked cute.
oh fuck. fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck—
“y/n, hey, are you okay?” wooyoung is kneeling in front of you. a look of concern written all over his face.
“umm...” that’s all you can say, suddenly not trusting your voice to answer him confidently. instead you just nod your head and he looks at you for a little longer before nodding his own head.
you think he’s going to leave you by yourself now that you told him you were fine, but no he doesn’t. instead he slides next to you against the wall, legs outstretched.
“you don’t have to stay out here. sihyeon is probably waiting for you, you know,” you say, heart sinking to your stomach as you fell nervous and flustered while around wooyoung.
“i don’t mind making her wait. i have a friend who i don’t want to leave alone right now.”
yeah you guys are just friends. not even best friends, thank god, but just two classmates who talk to each other.
you feel your heartbeat pick up suddenly. the thumping sound like ringing in your ears and you hope wooyoung can’t hear it. you also feel your palms start to sweat as you clench and unclench them.
you cringe at the way your body is suddenly acting around the boy and you quickly wipe your hands on your dress before standing up. wooyoung’s eye suddenly on you as he watches you stand before he rushes to do the same.
“i think we should go back to the gym before a teacher finds us,” you say, honestly you didn’t want to go back but if you stayed out here any longer you knew you were going to make some type of fool out of yourself.
you meet wooyoung’s eyes for a moment and in that moment he looked a little conflicted. like he wanted to maybe say something but changed his mind as he nodded, his usual smile appearing.
“yeah you’re probably right,” he laughs and the two of you go back to the gym. a now upbeat song playing through the speakers.
your best friend sees you and immediately waves you over to her and her boyfriend. yeah, to be honest you forgot about being a third wheel while you were outside.
“i’ll see you later wooyoung,” you say loud enough for him to hear and you turn to walk away before he stops you. his hand gently grasping your wrist making you look at him.
wooyoung once again has a conflicted look on his face as he opened and closed his mouth before finally saying, “you look really cute tonight, y/n.”
please just fuck me, you want to say. “t-thank you,” you say instead before he let’s you go and you finally turn to go rejoin your best friend.
valentine’s day, 2020.
wooyoung is beginning to regret this double date he agreed to on with changbin. mainly because he had to watch his close friend acting all lovey-dovey with his girlfriend while the seat across from him was still empty.
“i’m sorry, wooyoung, she just texted me saying she was stuck in traffic but should be here soon,” changbin’s girlfriend, jiyeon, says to him.
“that’s alright. oh, um, what was her name again?” he asked, he feels bad for letting it slip his mind, but jiyeon doesn’t seem to mind.
“i’m here!” wooyoung thinks the voice sounds familiar as the bell above the door in the diner rings signaling a new customer.
wooyoung looks from jiyeon to whoever disturbed the calm and quiet atmosphere and he’s shocked to say the least.
“y/n?” his says the name he hasn’t said in probably over a year with wide eyes.
“wooyoung?” you’re equally as shocked to see someone you went to high school with and your high school crush nonetheless.
“you guys know each other?” jiyeon asked, both her and her boyfriend equally as surprised as you and wooyoung.
“we went to high school together,” you say as you take your seat across from wooyoung, who can’t take his eyes off of you.
wooyoung was amazed by how different you looked. your whole appearance and the way you held yourself seemed to change. like you were more confident, he was glad.
“ah! really? that’s so cool,” jiyeon says, she honestly seemed more excited about yours and wooyoung’s little reunion then the both of you did. 
and it wasn’t like wooyoung wasn’t excited or happy about seeing you and catching up, he was just still shocked more than anything. after the valentine’s day dance during your senior year, wooyoung had seemed to distance himself away from you as he and sihyeon began dating. it’s not like he meant to stop talking to you, it just happened. 
okay, maybe it didn’t just happen like he thinks it did. maybe he was scared of facing you because he was dating sihyeon, someone who at the time he wasn’t that into. and yes, he knows that was a dick move which was why he broke up with her after they graduated, but by that time he had heard you were finally dating someone. what was his name? hong-something? 
“hey,” your voice suddenly snaps him out of his thoughts as he looks at you. wait... was he staring at you this whole time? oh fuck, he thinks. 
“y-yeah?” nice wooyoung, good ahead and stutter like some school girl. god, his face feels like it's on fire. 
“you looked like you were spacing out,” you laugh a little, your smile he hadn’t seen in so long making an appearance. “how have you been? i didn’t know we were going to the same school?”
“i’ve been good and yeah, i had no idea either. cool, huh?” 
“yeah, it is.”
the two of you end up talking and catching up. him finding out you’re a fashion major and you finding out he’s a culinary major. 
“wow,” you begin, “you like to cook?”
“i love to cook,” he says.
“you’ll have to cook for me sometime then,” you say and wooyoung immediately nods. wow, slow down there tiger. you’ve literally only been talking for like an hour now, he thinks to himself as he suddenly gets the urge to clear his throat. “oh! before i forget, what’s your number?”
wooyoung won’t lie, that sentence catches him off guard. you were never one to ask for someone’s number he remembers barely anyone talking to you outside of school besides your best friend and maybe some other close friends. which he wasn’t a part of, he just couldn’t bring himself to ask you for your number.
“here,” you say, handing him your phone, “go ahead and put it in.”
wooyoung feels honored to be able to put his number in his phone, knowing that after all this time maybe you and him can get closer than you were in high school. he’s feels nervous for some reason, hands feeling a little clammy as he types his number in when you suddenly receive a text. he didn’t mean to look, it was just natural to do it.
sannie: happy valentine’s day my pretty girl!! make sure to text me when… 
sannie? who’s this? he asks himself as he watches the message disappear before he finishes putting in his number and without thinking titles his contact name as wooyoungie. was it out of some sort of jealousy from this sannie person? yes. yes, it was. 
you smile at him when he hands your phone back, “oh, someone texted you,” he mentions once your phone is back in your hands. you nod and he watches you look at your for a minute before he feels his own vibrate in his pocket. 
xx-xxx-xxx: it’s me, y/n! make sure to save my name as something cute!
wooyoung laughs at your message before glancing up at you to see you smiling at him. 
“wow, changbin, you would think they’re the ones dating not us,” you both hear jiyeon tease, in response you throw a french fry at her which she then eats.
Tumblr media
“thanks for walking me home, wooyoung,” you say as the two of you are nearing your apartment building. 
“of course!” he starts to say, “i’m glad i got to see you and catch up a little bit.”
“i am too, i’m glad i changed my mind on going on that blind double date with jiyeon,” you laugh. 
“was there something else you planned to do today?” like be with this sannie person?
“hm, there’s a few people i could’ve hung out with, but i think seeing you beats them.”
you stop walking which causes wooyoung to as well. you have a look like you’re thinking about it for a few seconds before you nod with a smile. 
smile. you’ve been smiling a lot tonight. a lot more than you used to. he’s really happy to see you smiling. 
“this is my building,” you say after a few beats of silence. wooyoung glances up at the building before back down to you. the night is over already? 
“well... i guess i’ll see you around then, right?” please say yes.
“definitely! you still need to cook me dinner, remember?”
wooyoung laughs, “i won’t forget.”
“great! bye, wooyoung!” you quickly hug him before dashing inside the complex leaving wooyoung feeling flustered by himself in the middle of the street. 
the whole way back to his dorm he couldn’t get over the way his heart was beating a mile per minute at the thought of you guys hanging out. finally able to see and reconnect with an old friend that he thought he lost. 
but wait– why was his heart beating like this if he only saw you as a friend?
july 2020.
you and wooyoung don’t truly get closer until later that summer. you were honestly surprised to see wooyoung with his old high school friends at the same lake resort you and your best friend plus her new boyfriend were at. 
you had been relaxing out of the water when you heard the rather familiar and loud laugh not too far away from you. turning in that direction you see wooyoung and his friend playing chicken in the water. wooyoung on top of one of his friend’s shoulder pushing at his other friend until wooyoung successfully manages to get the other guy into the water. you watch as wooyoung cheers loudly before his friend flips him off his shoulders and into the water. 
you can’t help but laugh as you watch wooyoung and his friend begin to roughhouse in the water. you’re so focused on wooyoung that you don’t notice your best friend moving out of the water and towards you until she’s sitting next to you on your towel.
“wow, is that wooyoung?” she asks and you nod your head turning back to look at her. “maybe you should go and say hi. you know since you still have a crush on him and stuff.”
“i-i don’t have a crush on him!” you stutter, feeling your face heat up a little bit at your lie. 
your best friend only laughs at you before letting out a “sure, whatever you say.” which makes you huff in reply. 
okay, maybe you did still like wooyoung, but like, who wouldn’t? wooyoung was honestly perfect boyfriend material in your opinion. every time you talked, texted, or saw him at a party he was always sweet with you and it left you feeling like a flustered mess. like you were high school all over again. 
you hated it, but also loved it at the same time. 
“uh-oh,” your best friend’s voice snaps you out of your thoughts as you turn to look at her. instead of looking at you however, she’s looking behind you and you can only imagine what – or who – she’s looking at. “it’s wooyoung and he’s coming over,” she says, making you panic a little bit. 
“y/n!” wooyoung’s cheerful tone makes your heart flutter a little bit as you turn to look at him, a smile immediately drawn on your face as you meet his eyes. 
“wooyoung!” you’re quick to stand up, almost falling over but managing yourself. geez what the hell is wrong with you, it’s not like you don’t know how to talk to guys like back in high school. “what are you doing here?” you ask him. 
“well the guys wanted to do a two week guy’s trip to the lake, so here we are,” he says gesturing back to his friends who are still playing in the water. “what about you?”
“same with you kind of except it’s just me being a third wheel and we’re only staying a week. i promised seonghwa i would go to this family birthday party next week,” you tell him and he nods. 
wooyoung had only heard of who seonghwa was because he was basically one of the richest people on campus. a business major a year ahead of him and you. he honestly had no idea you and seonghwa were friends or even close enough for you to be going to a family event. 
“well…” he begins, “if you need someone to keep you company then i will gladly do it.”
“ah! that’s so nice of you, wooyoung! why don’t you join us for dinner tonight!” your best friend says from behind you. 
“if that’s okay with y/n, then sure!” wooyoung says, looking from your best friend to you with hopefully eyes that you would say yes. 
“of course! i would love for you to join us,” you say. 
“great!” your friend says, “it’s a double date then!” she says before urging you to give wooyoung the information for tonight’s dinner. 
“see you at eight,” he said afterwards when his friends began calling him back. 
“see you at eight,” you say, waving to him.
you can’t believe you have another double date with wooyoung.
Tumblr media
damn. like hot spicy damn. you’re honestly starting to think maybe you and wooyoung should just stay in your hotel room with how hot he looks right now. it has been almost two months since you got laid and you wouldn’t mind wooyoung fucking you against your hotel door. 
“is this okay?” he asks you after he noticed you just staring at him and not saying anything. 
“yeah,” you squeaked out, making wooyoung smirk a little bit. “you look… you look really, really good,” you add and damn if it wasn’t feeding wooyoung’s ego just a little bit. 
he leans in until your noses brush against each other just slightly. “thank you. you look really, really good too,” he says echoing your words back at you. you knew you looked good, your black dress doing wonders to make your body look amazing. of course his words also feed your ego, it’s something you love hearing from the guys you liked. them telling you how cute, pretty, sexy, good you looked just always hit a core inside you. 
you didn’t need their compliments because you knew that looked good in anything and everything you wore, but that doesn’t it didn’t hurt to hear them confirm your own thoughts. and that wooyoung, a guy you liked since high school told you looked good, if felt good to know you really did change for the better. 
before college, hell before you even meet hongjoong, you always had an issue with your self-esteem. you hated that you didn’t look as good as everyone else around you. you knew that when you entered college, you were going to change and you did. 
“i know,” is all you say with your own smirk on your face. you watched wooyoung’s eyes flicker down to your lips which you made sure to purposely bite. you heard his sharp inhale and suddenly began feeling the tension between you two appear and thicken. 
you guys probably would have kissed or something if your best friend and her boyfriend didn’t appear from out of the hotel room next to yours. your friend cheerfully calls for you and wooyoung to come on or else you won’t get a table. honestly, you wouldn’t be upset if you didn’t go out to dinner. you would honestly rather have wooyoung eat something else, but that’s just a personal opinion. 
“let’s go, yeah?” wooyoung says as he moved away from you, hand threading through his hair and damnit now you want to do the same. you nod your head and step out of your room, locking the door behind you before the two of you trail behind your best friend and her boyfriend out of the hotel and to his car. you feel wooyoung’s hand resting comfortably on your waist as his lips ghost over the shell of your ear. 
“i drove myself here,” he begins and you get an idea at what he was about to finish with, “do you want me to drive us separately?” bingo.
“hey! wooyoung is gonna drive me and him there, so we’ll meet you guys there!” you say with a smile and you see your best friend giving you a knowing smile as she nods her alright. 
wooyoung’s car is nice. nothing too expensive or cheap and definitely an upgrade from a guy’s first car at sixteen. it’s also surprisingly clean, which the only other guy you know with a clean car to be seonghwa. 
“i know it’s not much as compared to what seonghwa might have but–
“wooyoung, your car is fine. i don’t judge a guy by his money or car, you should know that,” wooyoung feels kind of embarrassed for assuming that you would judge his car, but he was glad you said what you did. sometimes he felt insecure of the guys you hung out with more than him. he knew he shouldn’t be but… he was.
the drive to the restaurant was a quiet one, the music from the radio and the comfortable hand wooyoung hand on your thigh making you relaxed. if the drive had been ten minutes longer you probably would have fell asleep. thankfully you guys arrived at the restaurant and met up with your best friend and her boyfriend in front of the place after wooyoung parked. 
the restaurant was nice, it reminded you of the kind that your parents would take you to for your birthday or even when you graduated high school. it was classy. 
 like you had sat on valentine’s day, you guys were from across each other. but unlike on valentine’s day, you two were messing with each other all throughout dinner. playing footsies under the table and not only that, but you felt yourself getting turned on from every little thing wooyoung does. damnit did you need him to fuck you. like, soon if not right now. 
you probably pulled wooyoung’s arm out of place by how hard you pulled him out of the restaurant and to his car. you quickly bid your best friend goodbye and that you would see her later before you got in.  
“eager, huh?” wooyoung laughed once he got in the car as well. key in the ignition, but he didn’t start it just yet. instead, he turned to you and leaned in closer to you. his lips inches away from yours. 
“are you going to kiss me?” you teasingly ask him with a smile, eyes flickering down to his lips. 
“would you want that? for me to kiss you?” 
“yes, please kiss me,” you say and wooyoung doesn’t waste anymore time in capturing your lips with his own. his lips are about as soft as they look, he definitely has the softest pair you’ve ever kissed. you can’t help but lightly bite on his lip which makes him let out a soft groan in reply. you can’t help but smile at this. 
after a few minutes you finally pull away, both of you a little out of breath and you can’t help but smile and let out a laugh as you can’t believe you just kissed your high school crush. 
“wooyoung?” said male hums at you, the both of you not looking away from one another, eyes locked. “do you want to go back to my hotel room and…” you trailed off not knowing if you should ask what you’ve been wanting to do since you saw earlier tonight. 
“and…?” he’s teasing you, a teasing smile on his face as his hand comes up to caress your cheek. 
you pause for a moment, looking away from a second before back to wooyoung who is waiting for you to continue, “will you fuck me?”
wooyoung is caught off guard a little bit. he knew that’s you guys having sex might happen especially while you guys were flirting throughout dinner, but… he wasn’t expecting you to be so outright with asking. he feels like this is just one more thing that has changed since high school. 
he quickly overcomes his surprise before asking, “is that what you want?”
“wooyoung, if you don’t fuck me soon then i’m doing it myself,” you say, tone completely serious and wooyoung can only nod before he moves away and fixes himself before he starts the car and you guys make your way back to your hotel.
Tumblr media
wooyoung’s not shy when it comes to sex, but damn does he not feel like back when he was high school again as he touched you. both his and your clothes spread around your room floor as the two of you lay on the bed, you on your back and him on his side. 
the only sound leaving you is your breathy sighs and whines as wooyoung trails a finger your slit again and again. playing with your clit here and there and teasing your hole. your fingers are tangled in his hair as you pull him down to kiss you. tongues, teeth, and lips clash against each other as wooyoung finally enters a finger into you. 
you let out a small gasp as you throw your head back onto the pillow. wooyoung let’s his eyes lock onto your breast as they bounce just enough to make him reach over and latch his mouth onto one of them. 
“f-fuck wooyoung,” you whine as his tongue swirls around your left nipple while his finger slowly fucks into you. he doesn’t add a second in until he decides to switch attention to you right nipple. another whine leaves your lips as picks up speed with his fingers. your nails digging into his bicep and he’s sure there’s going to be small crescent marks there, but he honestly doesn’t mind. 
wooyoung pulls away from your breast once more in order to watch your face contort to pleasure as he brings you closer to the edge. he knows your growing close from the way your moans pick up in volume and how your legs begin to shake a little bit. 
“w-woo– fuck! fuck, i’m close!” 
“yeah? is my baby gonna cum on my fingers?” by now he has three fingers pumping in and out of you, the wet sound leaving your pussy growing louder with the wetter you get. 
it doesn’t take much longer before you’re coming on his fingers, back arched a loud moan of his name leaves your lips. wooyoung almost honestly felt bad for the people on the other side of the wall. key word: almost.
wooyoung waits a moment before he pulls his fingers out and you whine at the eventual emptiness. wooyoung is about to wipe his fingers off before you grab his hand, stopping him. his look of confusion turns to one of lust as he watches you lick your own cum off his fingers. 
“fuck, y/n, you’re really something, huh?”
his fingers leave your mouth with a pop as you smile at him, “i’m not the same girl you went to high school with, woo.”
“you’re right, the y/n i knew would never lick her own cum off someone’s fingers.”
“well, you’re not a someone,” you say, once again running a hand through this hair and out of his face. your hand then trails down his chest before rubbing over his hard dick. “woo, please fuck me for real now,” you beg with a pout. 
wooyoung lets out a breathy laugh, “okay, okay.”
“hand me my bag, i should have a condom in there,” you say, gesturing to your bag somewhere on the floor. wooyoung is quick to get off the bed and grab your bag before handing it to you. the both of you are sitting on your knees as you dig quickly through your bag before pulling out the small package. 
“do you always have a condom in your bag?”
“most times, it doesn’t hurt to have one on hand,” you say before tossing your bag lightly off the bed, it hits the floor with a small thud. you gesture for wooyoung to take his underwear and he does so. 
he’s not the biggest dick you’ve seen, that would yunho’s no doubt about that, but he’s not small either. average you would say, it’s cute like him. you pump him a few times, earning you a few moans and a jerk of his hips as you run your thumb over his tip. you then open the package before slipping his condom on slowly. 
you move back until you’re laying on your back, legs spread wide and giving him a clear few of your cunt. wooyoung and you moan in unison as he runs his dick between your folds before pushing himself in all at once. 
“fuck!” you say as wooyoung grabs your thighs and wraps them around his waist as he moves to hover over you. “please don’t go slow,” you say, arms wrapping around his neck as he begins fucking into you. wooyoung doesn’t go slow like you asked him and you let out moan after moan at the feeling of him fucking you. your nails dragging down his back and he groans at how much you’re clenching around him.
“woo– woo– fuck! it feels good! please– please don’t stop,” you beg as you arch your back, your chest pressing against his before moves to sit up in favor of watching your chest bounce as he fucks into you, his hands gripping your waist tightly. 
it’s not too much longer until wooyoung can feel himself growing closer as his hips start to stutter a little bit. he knows you’re about to come again too as he hears your whines grow more desperate and high-pitched. 
“i-i’m g-gonna–
“me t-too!” he says and after a few more thrust you’re coming again and it takes him riding out your high before he’s coming as well inside the condom. 
wooyoung doesn’t notice either of you are drenched in sweat until afterwards when he’s watching you catch his breath as he does the same. when he feels himself go soft, that’s when he pulls out of you causing you to whine a little bit. 
“don’t whine at me,” he teases as he gets off the bed and takes the condom off, tying it up before throwing it in the trash. he then goes to the bathroom and quickly cleans up before coming out and doing the same to you. 
wooyoung comes back to see you laying in bed now with underwear one and he walks over and puts his own on before joining you in bed. the two of you immediately cuddle together, pulling the covers up as you turn on the hotel tv and setting the volume low. 
“tonight was fun,” he says, breaking the silence after several minutes.
“it was. i’m glad we got to see each other and hang out together. we should do it again before i leave or before school starts,” you suggest and wooyoung is quick to agree. 
the two of you soon end up falling asleep only to wake up the next morning to the sound of wooyoung’s phone continuously going off before you kick him out of bed.
two days before valentine’s day, 2021.
you’re an attention whore. there you said it, you loved having attention, but only of those that you liked. you were picky with whose attention you had. wooyoung was one of the few people whose attention you always loved having, especially after the two of you grew closer over the summer. 
was it because of your crush that never went away? maybe. or maybe it was because you were an attention whore like you said. 
so the fact that he was paying more attention to... whoever this girl was, was starting to irritate you a little. her stupid, high-pitched, fake giggle about three giggles away from making your ears bleed. 
you’re starting to think giggling is her only personality trait, and ugh... what the hell are those shoes? you knew closed-toe shoes were mandatory in the kitchen, but she really couldn’t find nicer ones. 
her stupid fake brown combat boots – yes they were fake, they had a fucking zipper on the side – and her fake giggle were starting to irritate you more than you thought. 
wooyoung had cracked a food related joke which immediately made her laugh and hit his arm playfully. “oh, wooyoung you’re so funny,” she says and you honestly gagged a little at that. 
okay that’s enough of this. 
you knocked on the side of the door, perhaps a little too harshly, making your presence known to the two of them. you saw wooyoung look up and his smile immediately brightened when he saw you.
“oh, y/n, you’re early!” he says as you walk inside, your white heeled boots clicking against the cream tiled floor. 
“my class finished early so i thought i would meet you here,” you said once you reached where him and the girl were. you stood one of the opposite side of the table from them and had a soft smile on your face as you looked at wooyoung. “what are you guys making?”
“chocolate, you know since valentine’s day is coming up,” wooyoung told you and you nodded as you looked at everything that was spread about on the table. “i finished mine not too long ago, it’s just cooling down, so i’m just helping nayeon finish hers. i’ll be done in a little bit, okay?”
“that’s fine. i’ll just sit here and wait,” you say, moving to where wooyoung’s station was and you sit down on the stool. you pull your phone out and notice a few texts from the group chat with jiyeon and yeri along with one from san. 
you quickly both texts before your thoughts are once again interrupted by that annoying giggle and you feel a deep frown making its way to your lips. god, can she stop for like five minutes? not everything is funny.
thankful wooyoung doesn’t make you wait too much longer as when you are looking through instagram, he comes up behind you. his arms wrapping around your waist as his head leans on your shoulder. 
“did you finish?” you ask, eyes still glued to your phone. he hums before moving away from you and you turn to watch him grab his bag, double checking he has everything. 
sliding off the stool, you reach down and grab your own bag before looking to see wooyoung waiting for you with a smile. you can’t help but smile back as you reach for his hand, fingers immediately intertwining together as you walk towards the door.
“bye, nayeon! see you next class!” he says with a smile before turning back to you. 
finally, you think as you both walk out of the building. you’re pretty sure that if you heard that giggle one more time you would have actually screamed. not only that, but if she kept touching wooyoung like she was you probably would have ripped him away from her. 
but would that be a reasonable thing to do? you’re not dating wooyoung, so it wasn’t like she was flirting with your boyfriend, but on the other hand you do have special feelings for wooyoung. 
but wooyoung wasn’t the only one you had special feelings for, you remember. the seven other males you spend time with also occupied your heart. 
“y/n are you okay?” wooyoung’s voice snaps you out of your thoughts and you turn to him nodding. your usual smile on your lips.
“i’m just a little tired, nothing serious,” you say.
“do you want to go back to my dorm then?” he asks and you think for a second before nodding. 
wooyoung’s dorm was like any other male dorm. messy and unorganized. honestly, it gave you a headache sometimes because of how disorganized his dorm got. thankfully; however, these last few months he’s been keeping the place… somewhat organized. 
“wow, wooyoung, i’m surprised,” you say as the two of you enter his dorm room. he lets out a laugh as he turns to you to question what you mean. “this is the cleanest i’ve ever seen your dorm.”
“shut up, yeonjun went into full force cleaning mode for some reason the other day and so he made me clean as well. you decided to further inspect his room, like you haven’t been here a hundred times before. though to be honest, you really just like looking around to see if anything has changed. did he buy something new or did he throw something out? 
when you finally get done looking around, you look to see wooyoung laying on his bed watching you. you don’t wait too much longer to join him on his bed, straddling his lap. 
“when is yeonjun coming back?”
“not until tomorrow. he’s staying the night over at soobin’s,” you hum and nod as your hands run down his chest while his own rest on your waist. “you know, you don’t need to be jealous of nayeon,” he says, suddenly catching you off guard. 
“i’m not jealous. her laugh was just obnoxious,” you clarify to him. 
“oh, my bad then,” he teases before pulling you down to kiss him. you smile into the kiss as you feel wooyoung’s hands move underneath your purple cardigan. 
the two of you only end up making out and watching a movie before you have to leave to go hangout with jiyeon and yeri. 
“do you really have to leave?” wooyoung has his arms wrapped around your waist, your bodies pressed closely against each other as he hugs you. 
“i do, woo. i promised jiyeon and yeri we would all hangout tonight,” you say and hear him huff softly from behind you before his arms eventually drop from your waist. “but we’re still hanging out sunday, remember. valentine’s day,” you say turning to face the male whose face lights up when you remind him. “remember, be at my apartment at seven,” you say with a serious face, your manicured finger poking his shoulder lightly.
“alright i will,” he says before leaning over to kiss you one last time before you leave his dorm and head to jiyeon’s apartment.
Tumblr media
“this looks kind of weird,” you state out loud as you look at the metal bowl sitting on top of a pot.
“well that’s what it says,” yeri says as she re-read the step once again.
“i don’t understand why we couldn’t have just bought chocolate. making it seem like a lot of work if i’m being honest,” jiyeon confesses and you only roll your eyes at her before looking to see if the chocolate is melting. 
“because y/n have her eight boy toys she wants to make chocolate for and doesn’t feel like buying all that chocolate for them, remember,” yeri says like its the most obvious thing in the world.
“you’re giving one to hongjoong?” is the next thing to leave jiyeon’s mouth and you turn to give her a half shrug. “y/n, babe, you really need to forget about him. what if he just ditches you again?”
“okay... they’re not my boy toys first off,” you begin, giving yeri a point look, “secondly, me and hongjoong aren’t anything but friends now. a fresh start.”
“yeah, fresh start until he serenades his way back into your pants,” jiyeon mumbles, but you hear her and when you don’t say anything back she knows you heard her, “i didn’t mean it like, y/n. i just don’t want him hurting you again, especially since you’ve been doing well and happy now with the others.”
“it’s okay, jiyeon. i know you mean well,” you say, turning to her with a soft smile that she immediately returns. “yeri, what’s the next step?”
you three spend the rest of the night making chocolate and fussing about the instructions before you all settle in jiyeon’s living room watching different movies all night until you eventually fall asleep.
valentine’s day, 2021.
for the first half of the day, you spend most of it going around delivering seven chocolate hearts you made the other night at jiyeon’s. six out of the seven giving you either a shy and happy kiss upon seeing the chocolate you made them. 
the seventh chocolate heart went to the person you didn’t think you would see again. especially after the broken heart he left behind in you. hongjoong was mindlessly flipping through the old records in the music store he worked at when you entered. 
“welcome to– 
hongjoong doesn’t finish his sentence, instead cutting himself off when he sees it’s you. a fresh start, you think as you smile and wave at him which he is quick to return. 
“hey, what brings you here?” he asks, voice not hiding the surprise as he watches you walk up to him. 
“i came to bring you something,” you said before reaching into your bag and hongjoong notices the small, plaid, skull doll hanging off your bag. the skull doll he made for you. “here!” you’re smiling as you hold a small, cute, pink and red box between the two of you. 
hongjoong hesitates to take it from you, but eventually does. “i made chocolate the other night with yeri and jiyeon, so i thought i would bring you some. if you don’t like it then you don’t have to eat it,” you that last bit offhandedly.
“i’m sure it’ll taste good because you made it,” he says with a smile that you return. you watch the older male quickly open the small box before looking at the cutely decorated heart shaped chocolate before he picks it up and takes a bite. “i was right, it is good.”
 “thanks,” you say with a relieved sigh.
“thank you for this,” he begins as he puts the chocolate back in the box in order to finish later. “i definitely don’t deserve this especially after what happened. y/n…” he trails off looking away from the box and you to you, your eyes full of hope like when he first met you at the beach. “i’m sorry i was a terrible boyfriend to you and didn’t notice how you were hurting. i was selfish and i hope you’re doing better.”
“hongjoong…” you can’t help but run a hand through his now semi-long white-blonde hair. “thank you for everything even if we end up hurting at the end. i want you to know that i’ll always love you, even if i shouldn’t,” you say before dropping your hand and opening your arms up for him. 
hongjoong immediately takes the opportunity to hug you tightly. 
“what did i do to deserve someone like you to come into my life?”
Tumblr media
when wooyoung arrived at you apartment at seven like you told him, he was surprised to see that you cook dinner for the two of you. like always you looked stunning in what you were wearing, the black, sheer, off-the-shoulder blouse with red flowers reminded him of your dress you wore back at the valentine’s day dance in high school. 
“happy valentine’s day, woo!” you say with an excited smile on your face as he comes in and takes his shoes off. you notice the little gift bag in hand, but don’t say anything as you guide him over to your kitchen. 
“now, i know i’m no culinary student like someone i know,” you begin, giving emphasis on the someone as you turn to look at wooyoung who laughs. “buuuttttt! i did my best and my best was spaghetti.”
“spaghetti sounds great,” wooyoung assures you as he sits down at your small dining table and watches as you place his plate in front of him before you sit down with your own plate. 
“your spaghetti is as good as always, y/n,” wooyoung says, making you feel a little flustered at his compliment. dinner goes smoothly with the two of you eating and talking and afterwards you two wash up the dishes together. 
“okay, i actually made you something else,” you say and wooyoung watches as you go and grab the small teal and pink box off the counter. huh, how did he not notice that until now? 
when you hand him the box, wooyoung is quick to open it with curious eyes and they widen slightly at the sight of seeing a chocolate heart inside. 
“did you make it?” he asks looking up and you nod excitedly which makes wooyoung excited. thankfully, he doesn’t wait any longer before picking up the piece of chocolate and biting into it. you watch him as he eats the whole thing, “it was good!” he says, making you laugh. 
“that’s good, i’m glad. okay, now for you actually valentine’s day present. wait here,” you order for rushing down the hall to your room and you disappear inside your room before wooyoung can even say anything. 
when you were in high school, you never saw the purpose of lingerie or matching colored underwear. it was the girl with a matching color bra and underwear that died first and you swore to never be that girl. but here you are, not only matching bright red underwear, but wearing a bright red, lacy, lingerie set. 
you looked sexy. 
you then looked over at the large, thick, red ribbon sitting on your bed and you were quick to grab it and quickly tied it in a cute bow around your waist. 
“woo! come here, please!” you say as you jump onto the bed, sitting at the edge of your bed on your knees. you hear wooyoung’s feet padding down the hallway until you watch the doorknob turn and open. 
wooyoung visibly gasps at the sight of you which definitely feeds into your ego. if you had any of the boys wrapped around your finger, then wooyoung was number one on the list. his adam’s apple bobs as he swallows as he walks over to you. 
“am i gonna unwrap you?” he asks as he takes his hand underneath your chin to tilt your head up to make you look at him. 
you nod your head with a smile as you casually take a hand and run his over clothed dick. wooyoung inhales sharply as you do so making your smile grow. 
“don’t tease,” he says and you can’t help the laugh that leaves your lips. you then sit up higher on your knees in order to get closer to wooyoung’s face as you cup his cheeks in order to bring his lips over to meet yours. 
the two of you kiss in sync, having been doing it for months now. you bit and suck on wooyoung’s bottom lip before he opens his mouth just enough for your tongue to slip in and explore his mouth. you let out a moan as you feel wooyoung reach down and begin rubbing you over your underwear. 
“fuck, woo,” you mumble as you pull away from his lips, a trail of saliva connecting you to together until it quickly splits and disappears. wooyoung quickly starts kissing down your jaw and neck, leaving little love bites in his wake until he’s leaving them above and around your breasts. 
“hey, will you sit on my face while i eat you out?” he asks and you gasp in surprise by his sudden question. to be honest wooyoung wasn’t the pussy eating type. he would still eat you out when you asked or after you sucked him off, but he would honestly never go out of his way to want and eat you out. 
“s-sure,” you say and he pulls away from you to go and lay down on your bed, his head resting comfortably against your pillows. you quickly discard your underwear and untie the ribbon letting them both fall to the ground as you climb onto your bed and all the way to the head of it. 
your thighs resting on either side of wooyoung’s head as you feel his hands run up and over your thighs and ass before he playfully smacks it. he grins at your pout before hooking he hooks his hands around your thighs and brings your pussy down onto his face. 
you immediately let out a moan as his tongue runs through your folds several times over and over again. you don’t know whether to grab the headboard or his hair, but you definitely feel your legs trying to close around his head, but his hands stop you from doing so. 
you don’t know when, but you eventually start rutting against wooyoung’s face. his nose causing friction against your clit. his tongue flattens out against your folds and dips inside you every so often causing you to moan and rut against him even more. to add to the pleasure, wooyoung starts to hum and moan which adds a vibration feeling to your cunt. 
“please! please! fuck, wooyoung,” you moan as you feel yourself grow closer to your orgasm. you finally take the chance to down done to find wooyoung already watching you with half-lidded eyes and that’s apparently what sends you over the edge as you come all over his face with a loud yell of his name. 
wooyoung is careful when he moves you off his face and somehow into his lap. the lower half of his face glistening in juices and you feel yourself slowly getting turned again knowing that you did that to his face. you know wooyoung will be up for another round since his boner is still going hard and strong against your back. 
“wooyoung…” you whisper softly, running a hand through his hair to bring him closer to you. “let me ride you, baby,” all wooyoung does is nod before you slip out of his lap, taking his clothes off and fishing for a condom in your drawer. 
like always, you pump his dick a few times, teasing him before your slipping the condom on him. straddling his lap, you hover above his dick before slowly slipping him inside of you. both of you moaning at the feeling and you wait a moment before you start bouncing up and down slowly on his dick. 
your hands trail up and down his chest leaving red lines here and there in the wake of your nails before you bring your hands to rest on his chest for support. you and wooyoung let out loud moans as he continues to hit all the right spots inside you and you continue to clench tightly around him. 
“fuck, y/n!” he says and you watch his eyes travel from your eyes to where the two of you are connected before going to your chest. his eyebrows furrow for a moment before his hands come up to undo your bra, letting it slip off and down your chest before he takes it and tosses it off the bed. 
yeah, wooyoung was a boob guy.
when you start to grow tired you switch from moving up and down to a more back and forth motion which you have learned always does wonders for you and reaching your orgasm. 
“mm, wooyoung, i’m gonna come again,” you tell him with a whine as the familiar bundle of nerve starts to build up inside you.
“s-same, baby. keep going,” he says, his hands reaching and smacking your ass again a few times before he pulls you down to his chest and begins thrusting into you from below. him taking over near the end is definitely what sent the both of you over the edge as you clench tightly around him when you come while he comes inside his condom. the both of you moaning, sweating messes as you lay together with your deep breaths the only thing you could hear in the room. 
after a few minutes, you and wooyoung clean up yourselves before you watch him quickly disappear out of the room before he reappears with his gift bag he had shown up with. wow, you completely forgot about his little present. 
“and here’s my present to you,” he says, handing it to you as you both sit at the edge of your bed together. you peek inside before pulling out the small red box and you look at wooyoung before looking down at the box again and open it.
a necklace with a tiny hourglass pendant. 
“wooyoung, it’s beautiful,” you say, looking at the male with teary eyes. 
“hey, don’t cry!” he says cupping your face and quickly kisses you. “here, let me help you put it on,” he says and you nod allowing him to put the necklace, although not with a few failed attempts. “there, perfect!”
you thank him before standing up and walking over to your mirror to look at it. 
he’s right, it is perfect.
you smile as you turn back to wooyoung and walk over to him. instead of saying anything, you just engulf him in a hug which he quickly returns. 
“happy valentine’s day, woo.”
“happy valentine’s day, y/n.”
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props to me and me only
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Tumblr media
Nina for EUPHORIA.
Credit: Derrick Freske (derrickfreske.com/).
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Olly Alexander photographed by Jack Alexander for EUPHORIA. Magazine, Issue 9 - Fall 2018.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Olly Alexander wearing LGN Louis Gabriel Nouchi A/W’18 jumper in a photoshoot with Jack Alexander for EUPHORIA. magazine, Issue 9 (September, 2018).
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tomorrow x together ✙ euphoria. magazine
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euphoria as anime ✨
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#Life imitates art
Euphoria 2.08 / 94th Annual Academy Awards
Tumblr media
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The devil works hard but fanfic writers work harder
Tumblr media
Ps. Y’all are amazing and the most creative writers ❤︎. keep up the amazing work ✩
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jules folded so fast bro i’m heated
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why yes, this is euphoria!hongjoong that no one asked what he looked like but i wanted to share anyway. because ✨visuals✨
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MADDY & CASSIE IN EUPHORIA (2.08) All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned for a Thing I Cannot Name
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