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毎日絵 #2314 everyday drawing




Have a good day!


#毎日 #絵 #お絵描き #illustration #イラスト #dailysketch #sketch #girl #スケッチ #drawing

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Updating Sage’s design slightly, and giving you guys a little update on the comic: I’m chugging ahead and I’ve decided I’ll start posting again every other Monday starting April 5! can’t wait to be back on track!

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#caturday #everyday #day in the life #ife LeungSom deCatherine LakeForest Schmidt #Amish #kitten #brownnosing #sniffing #Chocolate’s tail #Love #pet #grooming #cats #napping #catnaps #cat #nap #Chocoface #MaoMao #meowmeow

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virtual seat
naturally, the 1st thing I drew in VR = my trusty studio chair. It’s a crude drawing but I loved it. Immediately imported to #C4D and did some dynamics simulations. Lots more VR related stuff to come.

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TECHNICAL BREAKS - Sat Feb 27 2021

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#FoT236:機械妖精/Mechanical Fairies 


The mechanisms of the mechanical fairies have become a source of research material for the development of drone development technology well.

The people in Technigica seem to be paying attention to the quietness of flight and hovering by the antiscience used by the fairies.




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there were some days where you were on your best behavior. just a perfect little angel for him. <33

there were also days where you pushed his buttons. you liked to test his patience with you. how much sass could he take. boba can keep it together, for the most part. it takes a lot to get him to raise his voice or even punish you.

today you woke up and chose violence. since the moment you woke up, you decided to be bratty today and talk back. there’s so much excitement in not knowing what he’ll do, it gives you a rush 😈

baby. this is the second time i’m asking you to pick up your things from off the floor”

“i don’t want to” “ah. be careful little one. you’re going to get yourself into a situation you can’t get out of” “now this is the last time i’m going to tell you. pick. up. your. things. NOW”

“i saaaiid. i. don’t. want. to.”



that’s it, come here.”

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Everyday white beans in tomato sauce 400 gr - Everyday’s White Beans in Tomato Sauce are an excellent source of natural fiber and protein and are ideally a substitute for meat or eggs…

everyday colruyt

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