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friday, april 3rd

its been about 10 days if full lockdown in new zealand and it hasnt exaxtly gotten easier. im supposed to be on school holiday but as with all nz school holidays, ive still got to do assessments. weird i know,,,,,, anyways im pushing through it, trying to keep my head up and try as best as i can

study tip: a plan will help organise your day and help you not feel like a bum.

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So, as I’ve promised - I tell you about the process of my undergraduate application.

First of all, in our country we have to pass some final school exams and we can choose the subjects. I’ve chosen - Mathematics, English Language and Social Subject (idk how it is called in your countries, but this subject includes Economics, Politics and Social Relationships if I can say this way).

Well, I have understood that I needed a tutor for English Language and Social Subject. But there was not a tutor for the last one, so I had to prepare by myself.

I can say properly, that I had been preparing for a long time with only one book and I was really happy that I’ve found it. So, for Social Subject my score was 64/100. And it was not bad, I can say.

I’m so thankful for such tutors as I’ve found in one studio in our city. One that prepared me was really really smart and nice woman. She had always tried to help me or to explain smth that I couldn’t understand.

If to talk about Mathematics… so, guys, haha. I really love Humanities. But my score for mathematics was 5/5.

And now, some of you can tell: such a strange requirement you have in your country and your uni.

So, I had to bring my school diploma and the results of my exams only to apply for my program.

And now I’m a third year student of Education: Teacher of English.

It would be great to read your stories about application process in your country.


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SESSION 1 : Day 1 (02.04.20)

Posting at : 01:34 AM, 03.04.20.

So, I got almost 2 hours late today, cause I slept in, but I’m very happy that I managed to get through today’s task.


Practiced my physics derivations etc , memorized Bio’s topics I had marked for today, and made “notes” for things I get mixed up occasionally for no known reasons.


Wrote a short & quick poem to show gratitude to my person. :)

Productivity rating : 10/10
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4:19 PM

Finished the art class assignment. Gotta finish the history class assignment for after the holidays.

From tomorrow on I only have to focus on the books. No more online classes and shit.

Still waiting for them to cancel the final exams.

Started S5 of Clone Wars.

Should finish it by Sunday.

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stressed stressed STRESSED. finding it quite difficult to get my shit together for this upcoming exam i have next tuesday. there’s a lot of content and a lot of further reading and i thought i had my shit together but my to-do pile is constantly getting bigger and there’s a lot at stake right now. i really want to make my parents proud and i want to make myself proud. 

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Not my digital chickens today, but my real ones!

I woke up today to an email that my exams will happen next autumn, there won’t be any short options, and labs are being scored simply for completion - not sure exactly what will happen in my case, since I was meant to be doing 2 short options and fewer labs, but perhaps since French assessments were meant to be presentations anyway those can still be done?

But knowing I don’t have exams right ahead of me may have lowered my motivation, at least for today! I went for a bike ride, sat out on the deck knitting while watching the chickens, made myself a banana and caramel milkshake… the only really productive thing that happened was my Zoom call with other members of the Physics Society committee, to figure out the software enough to do “talks” on it next term. I’m somewhat leaning towards the paid tier so we have more controls as hosts, but the other committee members think it’ll work without, so I think we’ll try one on the basic tier and see what happens, the paid tier is less per month than we’d spend on pizza at one real world speaker event so I’m okay with buying it but we can always upgrade after the first talk if we need to.

Otherwise, after getting out of quarantine and getting used to the idea of isolation, I’m starting to find ways around things! As well as a board game with some family friends in the next town over by setting up our boards identically and relaying moves over video call, I’ve watched a movie (which was only available on Netflix UK, not Netflix US, but we’re not gonna talk about that, shhh) with my boyfriend while video calling, I’m getting pretty good at Words with Friends against my grandmother.

Some people are angry that exams have been delayed, and some people are angry that they’ve been held at all, but I’m really struggling to work on the proper schedule when I left most of my stuff for my degree in Oxford, and while I can eventually recreate it, it’ll take time, plus I don’t want to not be examined at all this year because it’ll just make third year more strongly weighted. So I guess I’ll just try writing about physics as my AprilWriMo project and hope to not forget any of it?


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3 0 D A Y S O F P R O D U C T I V I T Y:

So, I’m very very new. Like, “doesn’t even have one follower” kinda new. And I don’t know anything about Tumblr, not much anyways. And I’m using the mobile app so judge away.

But my exams are approaching, besides, I want to develop some new habits, so I’m gonna go with the 30 Days Of Productivity challenge!

I’m going to do this challenge for 2 …erm…“fields” .

  • My Academics ( Preparation for Exams )
  • Extra Curricular ( Work on my writing )

Goals :

  • study for at least 12 hours
  • 100% completion of 3 Subjects ( English, Physics, Chemistry ) & 40% completion of the remaining 1 subject ( Biology - do roughly 5/14 chaps ) - this isn’t the first time I’m preparing, so, no, I’m not setting up myself for too much.
  • set aside one hour for reading / writing any poem, even one paragraph, anything. must post it here.
  • one hour must. no more. no less.

I believe I’ll be able to keep myself in check & accountable this way.

I’m going to divide the 30 days into 6 sessions, each of 5 days.

About Me:

I’m a med student, about to give my uni entrance exam in like 5 months, after my college exams ( most probably in 2 months ). I had almost completed my prep for college exams ( originally to be held in April ) but got cancelled and I slacked down. So, now, i’m done with my days passing without me accomplishing anything and feeling as if i don’t have time (now. Really? ). Call me Lisa / Lis, if you wanna :)

The reason I chose Tumblr is none other than this;

I deactivated my IG accounts etc, and since, on other sites, i’ve friends added with me, i find the sites distracting too, but Tumblr is different for me. I feel, that since it’s just me here, with loads of strangers and no “real” life people, I can start “new” and be more confident & hopeful, especially with the study blogs and all on here.

So, there we go.

Challenge Starts : April 2, 2020.
Challenge Ends: May 4, 2020. ( 3 days extra , just in case. )

Here is one poem & some one liners ( Posting just because. )


Excited, jeez :))

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30 day challenge!

Goals for each day:

-spend time in prayer and in meditation

-go through at least one topic in organic chemistry every day

-go through at least one management PowerPoint

-go through at least one biochemistry power point

-go through exam topic for polymorphism class

-exercise every single day

-no junk food

-can’t buy candy

-eat vegetables every single day

-eat fruits every single day

-no pastries (unless baked by myself)

-clean every 7 days

-eat fish at least every 7 days

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Of course work offers me a shift the day before my exam. This is my third week home and the first time I’ve been asked to work. I was going to use Wednesday as an all day study session because I still have a lot of material to cover before my exam but I guess that isn’t going to happen now.

I can’t turn it down because my mom has been out of work so money is tighter than usual. My job is essential so if they need me to work then I kinda have to go. My job is also a lot safer than many of the essential positions because I will have very little interaction with the public. Just animals and my coworkers. I know that getting out of the house is really helpful for me mentally and I do love my job so I feel bad for complaining but the timing just kinda sucks.

I’m scared of being the reason someone in my family gets sick. My nana is coming over for Passover next week because she is so lonely being stuck home alone and it terrifies me. I know her being alone is really hard for her but by spending less time with her now, it ensures we will have more time in the future. I don’t know if she would survive if she contracted the virus and I just want to put her in a bubble.

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