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Looking for a decent cheap place for a 4 month working holiday back end of this year from the UK

I’ll be honest, I’m 100% new to the travelling biz so I was wondering if anyone could give me any pointers on where I would be able to go on a budget working holiday for 4 months/any programmes in the UK that would be good to know about? Was thinking of likely taking it around autumn-winter time if that helps.

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Traveling in Turkey?

I’m considering a trip to Turkey in the spring and I have a few questions for anyone who has visited recently.

  1. I know due to COVID certain POI are limited as well as indoor dining. However did their current restrictions make you feel like you didn’t get the experience? I mainly plan on staying in the Istanbul and Izmir to see a friend.

  2. Any experiences with hostels during these times? It looks like you can still book on hostelworld but I have not found and info on safe practicing, requirements, etc.

  3. Any advice and or suggestions on things to make the most of my trip?

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What are the best European cities for young people looking to party/have fun?

PS: Of course, after the pandemic is over.

What I prioritize

1-Young people-oriented(lots of college students, young professionals), less older adults, fewer couples, fewer families.

2-Nightlife(bars, clubs, small concerts).

3-Arts(writers giving talks at bookstores, comedy shows, the ocassional convention coming to town)

4-Openness(Open minded people who want to meet others).

5- Can get by with mostly English and some conversational skills in their language( I am learning a bunch of European language, however, you have to bare in mind that there’s way too many and reaching. high level would take yers. If the culture is mainly catering to an international crowd, English should be fine).

6-**Live and Let live attitude(**this is mostly in the recommended district.) However, I’ve noticed that it all depends on the demographics. In places orientated towards couples and families, the landlords will be very strict.

-What isn’t that important

1-Jobs(I’m self-employed, so that I wouldn’t be working there.)

2-Weather(I’ve lived in all times of weather, so it no something I care about)

3-Nature(I’m don’t care too much about nature nor green spaces)

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Coming to Dubai ? you can join me for a hike.

Hi, I dont know if this type of post is allowed here, but anyway. Unlike what some people might think, the UAE is not just desert with modern cities here and there, there are many places that are excellent for hiking with breathtaking views and amazing scenery where you will truly feel the sould of this country and it’s hidden gems. I am an avid hiker who loves the company of people, so if you are planning to visit the UAE you can get in touch with me and i will take you for a hike, i am not going to charge you anything, if you are nearby i can pick you up, and drop you off, or we can meet wherever you want, you can also bring your friends, the only catch is that if i ever someday decide to visit your country and you happen to be a hiker, you will take me for a hike too :) , let me know if you have any questions.

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NEED HELP finding this podcast!

Hi all, I am in dire need and at my whits end trying to find this podcast I used to listen to in 2016 - 2017. It was not a long series (maybe 12 episodes), it had a yellow album cover with the text of the podcast name and I listened to it in apple podcasts. Not sure if these details mean anything.

It was a podcast where this guy would interview backpackers in different places and would get crazy backpacker stories. The one I remember the most explicitly was a man he interviewed had lived in cambodia and suffered from alcohol addiction. To get clean, he went to a thailand rehabilitation centre and he explains the details of this rehab thoroughly. One part of the podcast he discusses how they had them “purge” meaning drink some sort of cocktail of herbs that would induce vomiting. He goes into great lengths to describe the entire process and the person he interviewed ending up writing a book.

Another podcast was about this backpacker who unknowingly did ketamine in some south east asian country and he describes the events that followed.

Another was a love story that didn’t end well.

These stories were all truly amazing and I want to revisit them. PLEASE HELP!

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Mental stuff/Isolation

Just throwing this out there. I did my first trip over ten years ago and when I returned to “normal life” I just felt isolated. And that trend has continued till today. As soon as I hit the road, I feel very sociable and have embarked on quite a few adventures with people. I’m in my thirties now and have been looking to talk to someone about life and can’t think of anyone from my travels that I’d want to speak to (bar one and she won’t). It’s strange, sad, and maybe obvious, that those friendships were just based on the intensity of a shared experience and not much else . It’s not that I didn’t know that at the time, but it’s just become more evident now. It’s not the same as having friends from college or work or the neighbourhood.

I had meant to meet people for something more substantial as I did more spiritual travel, but I’ve faced the same issue. I meet couples or friends who have been travelling/co-living for like a year, and maybe that’s the direction I need to go…

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Escape Plans

You know what the first thing I have to do when I enter any new location? It’s literally figure out the blueprints of the building or layout for the area. That way I have an escape plan for when I have an incident of major social awkwardness aka a disease related mishap. I have to run away just like Cinderella basically. Except for me, I don’t leave behind anything especially glass slippers.

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If you had $30,000 and could live and travel anywhere you want, where would it be and how would you spend your money?
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Motorbike loops in India/Indian subcontinent

Once it’s safe to travel again, I’d love to do a big trip around the Indian subcontinent (probably Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar. Maybe Bangladesh and Nepal).

On my other trip, which was around South East Asia, one of my favourite things was renting a scooter for a few days and doing a loop around somewhere really beautiful, staying in a few little towns along the way.

Does anyone have any experience doing something similar in the Indian subcontinent? If so, what are the rules like, do you need an international driver’s license or something? Are scooters cheap to rent? And which places would you recommend to do it? I can’t seem to find too much info online about small motorbike trips that you can do by yourself like this.

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Your most unusual and rare experience?

Has anyone been to North Korea? Or Antarctica? Gotten a ride in a cargo ship? or snuck across a border? Bribed officials? Been arrested in a scary country? Randomly run into your ex girlfriend in Mongolias steppes?

My most unusual experience I think was seeing Cubas secret nuclear power plant from a horse carriage. It was off limits to even go near so no taxi would take us. But a friendly local was curious about us and did it for free.

Or maybe the time I went to a super high end club in Shanghai only because I am white, and my Couchsurfing host needed me as “ticket entrance” so she could earn some money as “party girl”

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Anyone “runaway” or “escape” from problems/life to traveled?

Just like everyone here, I’m dying to travel again. I solo traveled plenty of times and even quit my job and traveled for 13 months and done plenty of thru-hikes, but my plans to hike the CDT(I have always wanted to do this hike), but it feels like I’m “running away” from my problems (exhaustion from work and problems with personal/social life) I had for the past year. I usually feel excitement and nervousness during my plans for travel, but this time, I feel like I need to do this hike for mental and physical health or taking a break from life. I don’t really want to talk to my personal issues (unless you guys find it useful to know), and I know the problems I have now will follow me but just in a different place or my problems with be there when I come back, but I just want to hear from people who had “runaway” or escape from life by solo traveling. What was your experience, did you regret it, do you recommend it?

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Road trip in Europe vs America?

I’m thinking of travelling either Europe or America this summer, and I’m wondering what you guys think would be more fun for me (21 M)? I live in Britain in case that’s relevant.

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I want to take a break/leave my life for about 6 months at least

I want to take a break/leave my life for about 6 months at least, I’m currently in college but im more and more realizing that this isn’t for me, since I already changed my major once. I recently turned 23 and am nowhere near to finishing college and rather close to having a burn out. I dont feel right, stopped talking to my family for over a year even tho im still living at home. Can’t get out of my bed for weeks (more like months) and am just unhappy in general, can’t find any joy in anything. So the idea of leaving my current life in western europe for a couple of months and moving to a little apartment in the Mediterranean my family owns came to my mind.

The biggest problem that occurs to me is: I need to start making money online without any real skills, 400-600 $/€ would be enough. But not with braindead jobs like surveys or anything. Does anyone a subreddit to post this in?

In my time off I thought about getting more in touch with the nature ( plants, etc) {subreddit?}

Start working out {subreddit?}

Read a lot of books to improve my mental and physical health and also my knowledge and maybe go into philosophical stuff {subreddit?}

There are so many more things in my head but since im close to burn out I can’t sort them and tend to lose my overview instantly, but I hope u got the idea of what I was trying to say so if anyone knows subreddits that could find, please let me know.

PS: you might’ve realized already but I’m new to reddit

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