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I miss writing F1 Fanfic yet at the same time I know nothing I write will ever be as good as this fic was and that I will never write a fic as good again and it’s a difficult place to be.

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so i was looking back at lando’s playlist and…

is it just me or is it really gay?

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Don’t worry Daniel, I think you’re still his favourite even now ☺️

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Lando, about to do something stupid
I’m glad we’re on the same page.
Same page? We’re not even reading the same book! I don't even know if you are reading a book or a leaflet you got from a dodgy guy at the street corner!
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ok but why are athletes (especially males) so overpaid???? fellas don’t go to school past 8th grade or some shit and now they get paid 200k a week to like kick a ball every now and then and be dumb

i do love all the sports i watch but sometimes i just.. think

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Toro Rosso gang at the Kitz Charity Trophy 2020

Featuring Franz Tost, Daniil Kyvat, Pierre Gasly, Alex Albon, Pol Espargaro and Sebastian Vettel the flagman

Original video

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in complete honesty we are in the wrong sport to be discussing hairlines theres like 9 hair follicles between the grid and lewis has transplanted 6 of them

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anyone else just watch the dts trailer bc dramatic vroom vroom boys

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Lewis Hamilton: Yes. Without a doubt. The original crush when I first got into F1 and discovered my gayness <3

Valtteri Bottas: No.

Max Verstappen: Yes. The boy has gotten *thicc* and I like that.

Checo Perez: No. Not my type

Charles Leclerc: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. God he seems like so much work, but he is SO PRETTY. I hate him. Let me have sex with him.

Carlos Sainz: At this point I don’t like him as a person anymore, but he’s still hot, so a yes from me. A reluctant one, but would still kinda hate fuck.

Daniel Ricciardo: Yes for the accent alone. Do I really need to get into how hot this man is? The thigh tattoo alone makes me a drool a little.

Lando Norris: No. He will always be the baby of the grid and nothing else.

Sebastian Vettel: No. I don’t know what it is about Seb. I used to dislike him a lot but now I just think of him as such a dad. And not in a sexy way :p

Lance Stroll: Now this is a hard one. Because my answer has always been no on this one BUT he has been getting hotter over time….So I think it’s a yes now, but I’m only about 85% sure…

Pierre Gasly: Get over here right now you insanely sexy French croissant. Abso-fucking-lutely yes.

Yuki Tsunoda: Same as Lando. It’s a no from me.

Fernando Alonso: Nooooo, not my type and also a dad.

Esteban Ocon: No. Get some meat on those bones, Este. You’re SO skinny.

Nikita Mazepin: Fuck off. Fuck all the way off. Fuck off back to Russia and never fucking come back you absolute fucking dickhead. No.

Mick Schumacher: Yes. He just seems so sweet and lovely and ugh I’m weak for that.

Kimi Räikkönen: No. Seb and Fernando times 100.

Antonio Giovinazzi: No. Almost because of the hair, but no. Not my type.

George Russell: Yes. Please. I want to be the one to take his shirt off, but I can’t cause he never wears one :(

Nicky Latifi: Yeeeeeeees. I love Nicky. He just seems to always be enjoying himself. With his cute Canadian accent. And he’d make you an amazing breakfast with nutella and toast. Gimme.

Bonus cause I love him:

Alex Albon: God yes. He’s cute, he’s handsome, with Alex you don’t have sex, you make love. I dig that.

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why do we bash ‘toxic’ management for dropping their drivers but we never question if the driver had a bad haircut? or was simply bald?

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After seeing the interview between Layla Anna-Lee and Daniel Ricciardo my bisexuality is skyrocket high✨

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People think I’m obsessed with this and I am obsessed with this but this is an obsession that doesn’t hurt anyone.

Yes F2 Lando made me WEAK

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magnussen in dts 1: “other teams race with money and other teams with their heart (referring to haas).”

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