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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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good morning to the older gentleman at the train station in a dark turquoise suit jacket with black velvet elbow patches, faded brown leather loafers, a black turtleneck and knitted blue sweater vest, a marine blue beret, black slacks just long enough that you can see that his socks match the suit jacket, and a black Kånken and good morning to him ONLY. nobody’s fucking it up like you sir

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find it funny how much horror movies degraded from just the 80s to 90s…what happened 

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it’s 2021. we don’t have any need or use for terfs. we never have but it’s time we as a society realize this as we go about improving the planet

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knew lance was a farm boy as soon as he knew how to milk a cow.

(in which i somehow go from farm boy lance to voltron dance au)

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i really feel like people who preach about buying clothes from thrift stores because of sustainability (and they can obviously afford to buy new *cough* rich people *cough*) are probably the same ones who begrudge poor people for still eating meat because it’s also not sustainable and hurting the environment when in reality, it’s always the corporations fault because fast fashion is always being done in sweatshops and not paying the farmers and immigrant children for picking your quinoa is why mom’s can only afford to get their children a burger in a drive thru, because the prices for healthy eating is so jacked up, karen

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good timing - i’ve been on a sartorial uptick lately

lan!zyx finally being of the social position to dress Like That; wow! JC was going to treat her like alien superweapon technology, but finding out that they have common interests makes it much more enthusiastic on his part. All the cool outfits and new cuts and styles and fabrics… I drool. 

From how it looks vs what I know of the historical time period, I kinda headcanon that cultivator fashion is a tad more conservative than contemporary fashion. 

I also think that JC isn’t ‘conscious’ about his fashion like NHS is, but he understands the grandeur needed.

(oo another thought: JC and L!ZYX hiding their expanding conspiracies by pretending to be foppishly concerned over finery with NHS. on one hand, true and there’s a solid friendship there. on the other hand, once NHS learns that his precious Da-ge is being targeted for assassination by the Jins…)

LXC’s permissiveness is constantly tested. LWJ is a hypocrite about it all, knows he’s being a hypocrite about it all, and will not change his mind about being JC’s in-law (L!ZYX and LWJ passive-aggressively argue all the time post-ribbon pull ”once over is enough” “if the poison has been eaten, why not clear the plate?” “if one must perish anyway, why do more?” etc etc)

LQR is so frustrated, he’s mad and happy and everything. He knows it’s some sort of tomfoolery, but he’s happy that L!ZYX has made a good connection and formed a relation with an upstanding young man and filial duty blah blah, but there’s always a fucking caveat with her. He’s waiting for the other shoe to drop. Or he gets so tired of her nonsense that he’s just “I don’t want to hear it. Not my problem anymore, you’re marrying out.”

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