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Cam Floyd - Serenade, 2022
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Auguste Levêque (Belgian,1866-1921)
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Charles Leclerc’s cameo appearance in the Italian version of Lightyear, where he portrays a security officer showing up to confiscate Buzz’s robot cat therapist Sox.
(Charles, you meanie! 😡)
🎥: Disney+
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Walter Alois Weber (1906-1979)
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mimi…. you have me thinking Thoughts abt dream………
the unrelenting heat of the floridian sunshine made you feel dizzy on most days. you’d slam back glasses of water and lemonade, the liquid often dripping down your chin and between your tits in your desperation. you never thought much of it but your boyfriend certainly did.
on evenings such as this one, you’d be between his legs. head on one of his thighs as he rubbed your scalp lovingly, the outline of his thick cock incredibly apparent through the material of his boxers; the only thing clad on his body. your eyes never moved from the twitching member while your mouth watered. he knew you loved the weight of his cock sitting in your mouth but his sadistic tendencies meant you’d always have to beg. he never gave in quickly.
“come on now, baby. i know you can do better than that,” his right hand dropped from your skull to squish your cheeks. “give me a bit more to work with, yeah? you wouldn’t want to disappoint me more would you?” you didn’t, but his low and condescending tone always made you shy.
“‘m sorry. ’m really tryin….. promise.” you say up a bit straighter, wiggling to put some friction between your heel and cunt. “please? jus wanna make you feel good. i’ve been well behaved haven’t i? ‘m always a good girl…” you trailed off as tears welled up in the corners of your eyes. “jus wan it in my mouth please? i’ll be good, won’t whine when you get rough. ‘m a good girl, promise.” the useless babbles made him grin. but as it turns out, he was feeling merciful on that hot summer night.
“alright alright. i’ll give you your chance. no gagging and whining right? you know i hate it when you act so ungrateful for my cock. i’ve got a good dick, yknow? be thankful.” your rapid nods made his heart swell just a bit. the hand on your cheeks moved to pull his dick out, the hardened member you always needed so bad. “open nice and wide.” you did.
his cock began easing down your throat at an achingly slow pace. yet you were thankful considering if he went any faster, you were sure to gag and back off the whole thing. when it was situated down your throat, you could never breathe. the massive dick was wider than your throat and filled it so tight. dream let out a sigh before setting a slow pace, sloppily thrusting into your mouth. “good whore aren’t ya? takin it all the way down… most sluts wouldn’t get past the head y’know? you were made perfect for my dick, doll.” you wanted to nod but the movement would be too much. his end got closer and closer as he bucked into your warm and drooling mouth, humming out similar sweet yet degrading words. right when he came, he made sure the last thrust was hard and sudden enough to have you gag and squeak. you jerked back from his dick. “oh? what happened to being good? what a shame…” his cum dripped down your chin and between your tits.
VENUS??? HELLO??????
first of all. hi fellow dreamie
second of all oh my god. skullfucker dream yes yes YES pls i love the thought of him condescending me while i’m choking on his cock :(( and the cum spilling on your tits?? drives him nuts. will take a dozen or so up close pics before scooping up his cum from then and pushing his finger past your lips 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 I LOVE THIS
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Dum Dum
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Dylan Efron
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I love doing geneaology research on my family. It's such an interesting thing to find stuff out about where your family comes from, your ancestors, your traditional clothing that they might have worn at some point, that kinda stuff.
I just learned that my family are mountain folk by nature lol. We come from Clan Little of Scotland, which were a part of the Border Reivers who were raiders along the Anglo-saxon border from the late 13th century up to the 17th century. Our clan was known as thieves and equestrians and were touted as having "the finest light cavalry in Europe". But most of my family is originally from somewhere in the Tatra Mountains in Southern Poland. And now we live in Colorado in the Rocky Mountains - so I guess we're just instinctively mountainfolk lmao. Fitting since most of us look like Dwarves.
Geneaology is so cool man, highly recommend studying your own :)
If anyone has any more information on the Tatra Mountains or Clan Little, please let me know so I can fill out more of my research! (I feel like @whoooooisthis might have good insight so I'll tag you!)
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@beenovel come check this out too!
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Danielle Winger
The rainbow never tells me, 2022
Oil on cradled wood
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MF DOOM x Han Cholo sterling silver ring
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Peach PRC via Instagram 16/8/22
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Furious that this sexy bitch doesn't even have a name yet--(with how much screen time she's been given not only this season but last season, as well.) She's complex, charming, hypersexual and chaotic af. It's giving favorite character.
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Shitpost headcanon time because I had to be normal at the doctor’s office today and I deserve this.
Conway runs a movie pirating site and helps people find free textbooks online. Morally he’s correct but legally...let’s say he just uses a lot of vpns
Misty played water polo but was kicked out after beating a girl with a pool noodle 
Gary knows every word to Hey Soul Sister by Train against his will because Tracey has it on their field work car trip playlist
Drew is one of those ‘my body is a temple’ vegetarians and he probably does yoga
Dawn bites her fingernails and has tried everything but cannot stop for the life of her. Zoey buys her that really bitter nail polish to help and paints Dawn’s nails.
Professor Oak wears bifocals
Morrison plays the drums. does anyone even care about this guy
Pikachu refuses to eat store brand ketchup
Paul never uses umbrellas and doesn’t mind being rained on but mostly because he doesn’t own an umbrella and keeps forgetting to buy one
Sophocles naruto runs and t poses 
May is really good at just dance and kills it at Living La Vida Loca every time
Mallow uses a mortar and pestle even after Lillie got her a nutribullet blender
Serena has ten million perfume samples but just uses viva la juicy couture every time
Brock loves shitty romance novels
Lana is a GTA5 twitch streamer
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Hiroko (85yo) and her takoyaki shop in Tenma, Osaka.
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