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theignishypehouse · 13 minutes ago
Chocobros reacting to their s/o falling asleep in their arms please <3
Sleepy time 😴
• He was already asleep, so he didn’t noticed.
• Hours later...
• Once he woke up, he saw you in his arms, sleeping so peacefully.
• He was in awe.
• He couldn’t help but smile.
• He wondered how he got so lucky.
• Caught off guard, He didn’t know what to do.
• He was wondering if he should put you bed but he feared he would wake you up.
• But you looked so cute.
• You were snoring a little bit but he thought it was adorable.
• He made sure to take some pictures.
• Once you woke up and saw you were in his arms, you immediately apologized.
• Prompto said that he wasn’t upset about it! 
• He even showed you the pics you took.
• You were flattered that he thought you were cute.
• A little taken aback.
• He was a bit awkward but he thinks your adorable.
• He was in a trance for awhile.
• After he was done staring, he put you to bed.
• He was blushing like a tomato.
• Gladio once read in a book that when someone falls asleep on you, it means that they safe.
• He feels so happy that your feel so safe with him.
• He hugs you and kisses your cheek.
• You looked so adorable sleeping.
• He’ll never forget it.
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radioactivepeasant · 46 minutes ago
Fic Prompts: Final Fantasy Friday
This is a piece of an au of mine related to this drawing where Ardyn becomes a Knight of Etro rather than Besithia's lab assistant and eventual chancellor (and therefore avoids a lot of problems for himself and everyone else)
Ardyn: Etroverse au
Nobody saw him coming.
Between the confusion and the chaos, that was somewhat logical, but Regis still couldn't help the instinctive thought that the stranger had warped into the road.
Had he come to help? To save them? Or was he an enemy?
Regis dragged himself forward. Noctis was up there, alone with the marilith. Alone. He'd heard the nursemaid scream. He knew death when he heard it. He already had his Armiger ready, preparing to warp, when the stranger beat him to it.
"Odin!" shouted the raggedy, flamboyant figure, "Give me a boost, won't you?"
Odin?! Regis felt his mouth drop open as the ancient messenger of the Astrals was suddenly just there. Not that he materialized, or stepped out of some fold in space; he was simply there where he had not been before.
The horned warrior lifted the raggedy man, and Regis glimpsed armor beneath the long coat. Odin launched the man at the marilith, and the man plunged a gleaming red blade into the daemon.
"Best get your little princeling to a doctor, young man," the warrior called nonchalantly, even as he ducked so that Odin could jab at the daemon with a monstrous spear. "I don't like the look of those wounds. I'd heal him myself but- Oopsie-daisies!"
He dodged so quickly that his hat was left behind, then just as rapidly reached back to snatch it back to his head.
"As you can see, I've just the teensiest bit of a full schedule at the moment."
Regis gathered his son into his arms. He's too still- he's much too still! Please, please, I can't lose him too! He gritted his teeth.
"Hold on, son," he whispered, "Just hold on."
Seconds before warping away, he looked up at their rescuer.
"Who are you?"
Not that he truly expected an answer when the man was in the midst of a life and death struggle.
"Oh," the man made a slightly bitter laugh. "Just a man of no consequence."
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hirooflight · an hour ago
Let’s Talk Crafters & Gatherers
Apologies for the delay, Warriors of Light; my new post is here.
Aside from combative classes, there are groups of classes that create and gather things that may have a use for someone, be it for stats, aesthetic, or monetary gain.  Since this is a page that advises the casual gamer, I recommend not picking up any of these classes unless you don't have anything else you're focused on.  In the later levels, these classes either take up a lot of time or money.
There are 8 crafting classes: Carpenter, Blacksmith, Armorer, Goldsmith, Leatherworker, Weaver, Alchemist, and Culinarian.   Every crafter, except for Culinarian, can craft equipment for players to use. In contrast, Culinarian makes food for players to eat that gives percentage stat buffs.  When crafting, you need all the materials that a recipe says you need. Be careful with the elemental crystal requirements as they are easy to not notice.  You have 2 bars, a green bar representing your completion and a blue bar representing quality.  Next to those bars is another one that represents item durability.  To complete a recipe, you must fill the green bar to completion before the item durability reaches zero, or the craft attempt will fail.  The higher the blue bar is, the higher chance the item crafted will be of high quality.  Various skills you learn as a crafter can raise both bars, so if you do pick up crafting, I recommend learning about what each skill does.  From my experience, synthesis skills generally raise progress while touch skills raise quality.  When crafting collectibles, the quality bar no longer affects its chance of becoming high-quality; instead, it shows its collectability rating. This rating must be a certain number before you deliver it to specific NPCs—more on that in a future post.
There are 3 gathering classes: Miners gather metals, stones, and water from rocky gathering nodes around the game world.  Botanists do the same with more nature-related nodes such as trees or shrubs.  A menu will appear with all the items you can collect from that node when using a gathering node. Next to those items, you can see the percentage chance you have to obtain that item, along with a percentage chance you have to receive a high-quality version item.  The collectible gathering is a bit more complicated but still pretty simple.  I'll go more into detail on it if someone asks or if it becomes relevant in another post, but it opens up a new menu that assists you when you begin.  Again, collectibles must reach a high enough rating before they can be turned in.
The third gathering class is Fisher.  Unlike Miner and Botanist, you can't choose what you catch as a Fisher.  This will also ultimately be the gatherer you have with the lowest gear score. They only get one secondary tool, and that's at level 61.  You never receive one with stats higher than that one, but it allows you to go spearfishing.  If you ever get interested in fishing, I recommend looking into the scheduled event Ocean Fishing.  It's pretty fun.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thayag · an hour ago
Tumblr media
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biskywrites · an hour ago
Stone Ocean Farm hybrid AU HCs
Ok im gonna say this ONCE i was just gonna rb a post from @dragonanon​ about anasui being a ratboy but i got carried away
CW: Typical hucow weirdness, very slight SPOILERS but only in weather’s part, milking ment but not in a sexual context 
Tumblr media
Hermes- hucow, oh she hates being milked she hatesssss it good luck getting close to her without getting kicked 
Jolyne- hucow, I’ve made hcs about her before a few times but i think i neglected to mention that she has lots of freedom on the farm. Everyone is placed in different barns with lots of consideration as to what types of hybrid they are, temperament ect and its not allowed for them to mix but Jolyne and joseph usually do whatever they want 
FF- duckgirl, nobody even knows where she came from, there no other ducks on the farm but honestly why bother chasing her away shes so sweet
Wes- bullboy, v nice and friendly before, yk, he regained his memories and became fucked up and evil, as long as he liked u before hand he wont try and hurt you,, maybe. He likes being outside alot, hates being in the barn, doesnt like the house hes just always outside. Usually you can find him and Ansui together.  
Jotaro- hucow, grumpy old man. Hes much more mild now but earning his trust is much harder now not to even mention love. He has been through alot be patient ok?
Gwess- barn catgirl that never actually does her fucking job
Anasui- hes deff a ratboy and the product of gwess being a bad pest preventer, he’ll lie and say he’s a mouse becuase he wants to be like mickey. Tries to bribe you into letting him stay in the barn, if you let him get too familiar before you know it he’s spending every night in the farmhouse eating all your popcorn and watching disney movie marathons on your couch  
Emporio- farmdog, just a puppy a babe a little boy lil gogge, please keep anasui away from him he’s so mean :’(
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eventide · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Oh won't you come with me
Where the ocean meets the sky
And as the clouds roll by
We'll sing the song of the sea ✨
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every-foofighters · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Vol.6 Ch.54 The Kiss of Love and Revenge Part.4
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lorei-writes · 2 hours ago
Silly, Silly Husband
Ieyasu x MC Fluff
Written for: Dice be Nice Event Request: @tickotaku Roll: Ieyasu + Arranged Marriage AU + Sweet Nothings - Fluff
Whew, I hope it’s sufficiently fluffy ^^”
Content warnings: none
To be an heir meant to be born into politics, few domains of life being sacred enough not to be used to gain influence. Ieyasu was aware of it from the very beginning, accepting it in his indifference, certain things having always been unavailable to him. It was a passive sort of agreement, one solidified with words he did not mean nor crave – there were no friendships, no family as put today, no love to marriage… All there was were politics, alliances, treaties, unions – agreements of various kind, over goods, over land, the influence in the region and such. Consequently, it came as no surprise when he seemed unmoved by the arrangement, a bride having been chosen for him without his consent.
To be an heir meant to be born into politics, few domains of life being sacred enough not to be used to gain influence. Ieyasu was aware of it from the very beginning, accepting it in his indifference, certain things having always been unavailable to him. It was a passive sort of agreement, one solidified with words he did not mean nor crave – there were no friendships, no family as put today, no love to marriage… All there was were politics, alliances, treaties, unions – agreements of various kind, over goods, over land, the influence in the region and such. Consequently, it came as no surprise when he seemed unmoved by the arrangement, a bride having been chosen for him without his consent.
Her arrival came upon them, the ceremony being ready to take place. Seemingly displeased, she remained mostly quiet, only ever speaking when asked or indirectly ordered to – and although in all technicalities he could say she knew her place, and cowered as the weak should do, Ieyasu found himself growing a genuine kind of compassion for her. Perhaps she loved a different person? A woman? Had different plans, feared of leaving home? He couldn’t tell. Knowing how disobedient his tongue was, the hideous organ seemingly twisting each word to its opposite, he opted not to say anything, instead speaking with actions alone. As such, he gave her time and space, any and all she needed, thus staying true to himself as well. Their marriage was purely political, wasn’t that the case?
Perhaps it was fate, perhaps it was a lucky guess – whichever the case, with time, somehow, his wife began to see him, and he… He truly began to see her. It was gradual and painfully slow, few of his vassals wondering what could possibly be the reason behind their lord’s unusual behaviour. They were married, weren’t they? Was that not the final step? No less confused than they were before pondering over the issue, they opted just to watch, the events unravelling before their eyes. Some things they could not expect, however, their lord re-marrying after four years… With his very own wife.
Wedding reception began to slowly quiet down, the couple sneaking out of the audience chamber to spend some time alone. Awfully tired, they hurried to the bedroom that was to be truly theirs for the first time, donned in the attire appropriate for the occasion. Their fingers entwined, their steps seemed to evaporate, no sound being left behind – perhaps save for few hushed whispers and laughs. “You’re silly,” she giggled, her cheeks adorned with a faint blush. “Hn, me? Look who’s talking…” “You really are, though. The greatest fool of all.” “Why so?” “Because you’ve married me the second time, and yet you still haven’t said it.” Ieyasu stopped, the door emerging before them seemingly out of nowhere. He wasn’t sure when the time had passed. He pushed it open, shaking his head – and yet, before stepping inside, he turned towards her. “I love you,” he said, his tongue pleading to be allowed to utter ‘I don’t care’, as she was everything he cared of then. A smile lighting up her face, she threw her arms around his neck, Ieyasu staggering a little. “I love you too, you silly, silly husband of mine.”
Tag list: @datenoriko, @nad-zeta, @tsubaki3192, @missjudge-me, @ikemencrossedmyth, @nuttytani, @thesirenwashere, @milas-imaginarium, @kisara-16, @yukas-clover, @alerialumina , @cheese-ception , @iamryxx, @cottonfluffballofdoom, @ozziegrl71, @rikumorimachisgirl, @bestbryn, If you want to be tagged under my future works, let me know (any way works)! ^^ Also, if you have some preferences (for example: you’d rather not be tagged under some series, etc.), please, tell me.  If you don’t want to be tagged anymore - please, do not feel bad about it, just say so :)
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searchingwardrobes · 2 hours ago
It’s Been . . . a DAY 2/7
Tumblr media
One month a few days, and finally I bring you chapter two! Sorry for the wait. Are you ready for Killian to have a bad day? And maybe a certain blonde makes it better?
Summary: Emma Swan bursts into Killian’s life in spectacular fashion - when her three year old pees on his office floor. Nevertheless, Killian is mesmerized by this tenacious woman. Perhaps fate will let them cross paths again …
Rated: G
Words: Just a bit over 2k in this chapter
Also on Ao3
Tagging: @kmomof4  @snowbellewells @whimsicallyenchantedrose @xhookswenchx @teamhook @let-it-raines @winterbythesea @spartanguard @shireness-says @superchocovian @thesschesthair @resident-of-storybrooke @vvbooklady1256 @hookedonapirate @ultraluckycatnd @hollyethecurious @welllpthisishappening @wellhellotragic @bethacaciakay @optomisticgirl @lfh1226-linda @ilovemesomekillianjones @ekr032-blog-blog @itsfabianadocarmo @profdanglaisstuff @thisonesatellite @winterbaby89 @tiganasummertree @xsajx @jennjenn615​
Chapter Two:
“That’ll be $2.50.”
It’s an innocuous statement, or it normally would be, but Killian has just escaped the office after a particularly nasty run-in with Zelena Green. Escaped her demands for the most ridiculous tax deductions (with no receipts, mind you) along with her shrill screeching and her terrifying claws - ahem, manicure - so swiftly that he apparently ran to the coffee shop empty handed. 
“Um . . .” Killian’s panic mounts as he pats his jeans pockets and then his leather jacket with no success. “I think,” he chuckles awkwardly and throws the barista a lopsided and charming (he hopes) smile, “I forgot my wallet.”
The barista simply arches a brow at him, communicating quite clearly that she is immune to his wiles. She braces her arms on the counter and leans towards him.
“It’s still $2.50.”
He clutches the to-go cup in his hand so tightly that it threatens to pop the lid. 
“I heard you, lass, and I plan on giving you the money. I just need to run back to the office -”
“You’re not going anywhere until you give me two dollars and fifty cents.”
For a moment, he wants to snap at her, but he learned long ago that he can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. He leans his hip against the counter casually, lowers his gaze a bit, and gives the barista his best smolder.
“You’re a good worker . . .” he finds her name tag, “Ashley. I admire that. I promise you can trust me. My office is only down the block. I’ll be back in a flash.”
“Or I’ll never see you again. Just give me the damn $2.50. I got my pay docked last week for the tinder being short, and I sure as hell won’t let it happen again.”
This is clearly not his day. 
“$2.50 you said?” a voice over his shoulder asks. 
Killian spins, recognizing that voice. His eyes widen with joy when he sees none other than Emma Swan standing there with a sparkle in her green eyes and a smirk on her lips. She leans around him to set her cup beside his. 
“Just put his on my bill,” she tells the barista.
“I can’t let you do that,” he starts to protest, but Emma lifts a hand to stop his words. 
“It’s the least I can do after . . . well, what happened to your floors.”
He chuckles lightly, and she blushes even as she shakes her head and lifts her gaze to the ceiling as if to say what’s a mother to do though, right?
“Fine by me,” Ashley says with a shrug, ringing up Emma’s purchase. “So that’ll be $6.15.”
Killian grimaces inwardly - this is a local place, and the prices are steep - but Emma doesn’t even flinch as she scans her card and then takes the receipt. She turns to Killian with a smile, holding out his to-go cup. 
“I am in your debt,” he tells her. 
Emma rolls her eyes and waves her hand. “Are you kidding? We’re even now.”
Killian racks his brain for a way to prolong this little encounter, but before his mind can connect to his vocal chords, Emma turns to the bar that holds the cream, sugar, and various shakers of spices. He hovers, his brain still refusing to cooperate, as she removes the lid of her cup and shakes some cinnamon on the swirls of whipped cream inside. He practically jumps when she ends up breaking the awkward silence first. 
“You see, I didn’t really mind adding your $2.50 to my order. That’s nothing in this place.” She snaps the lid back on her cup and turns to face him. “Let me guess, regular coffee, black?”
He nods, a smile curling his lips as he takes a sip of said coffee. “Aye. And yours is?”
“Hot chocolate, actually. Most expensive thing on the menu besides the pastries, which is just unfair, in my opinion.”
Their gazes connect over the rims of their cups, and Killian catalogues the new information. She prefers hot chocolate over coffee, with whipped cream and cinnamon. 
“That doesn’t happen to you often, does it?” she asks.
“Forgetting my wallet?”
“No, your charm not working.”
Killian tilts his head back and laughs. Then he saunters closer to her, bends his head, and lowers his voice. 
“Wouldn’t you like to know?”
She doesn’t seem to be visibly affected by his flirting in the least. Instead, she tosses him a casual smirk, one eyebrow arching. “Perhaps I would.”
His heart hammers in his chest as he searches her eyes. This woman is a bloody marvel. He had seen it even when she was falling apart in his office, and it’s even clearer now when she’s the one in control. His gaze falls to her lips, and he can’t help wetting his own. Abruptly, she clears her throat  and takes a step back. 
“I . . . uh, I really need to get back to my stuff.”
She hurries over to a table by the window and starts gathering up a laptop and some books and papers. A highlighter marker falls off and rolls across the floor. Killian picks it up and hands it to her. 
“Thanks,” she mutters, color staining her cheeks. 
“Uh, no,” she stammers, tucking hair behind both ears, “it’s school. My current job sucks, quite frankly, so I’m trying to get my degree.”
“That’s admirable,” Killan tells her sincerely. “In what?”
“Dental hygiene,” she wrinkles her nose adorably. “I know that’s stupid.”
Killian frowns. “Why in the world would you say that?”
Emma shrugs. “I mean, who likes teeth?”
He arches both brows as he bites down on his lower lip. “I can think of some reasons people would.”
She rolls her eyes again and smacks him in the arm. “You know what I mean!”
They both laugh then as he rubs at his arm exaggeratedly. “Okay, seriously, dentists like teeth. I mean, I assume they do.”
Emma shakes her head. “I don’t think so. I mean, maybe some, but mostly I think they just know it will make them lots of money.”
“And that’s why you want to be a dental hygienist?”
Emma lifts her messenger bag and loops it over her shoulder. “I don’t need to be rich, but secure would be nice. I want to give Henry a good life, you know? And dental hygiene is steady work, steady pay, and good hours.”
Emma doesn’t seem to mind when Killian walks beside her as they leave the coffee shop. 
“You’re a good mother, Emma. I still fail to see where any of that is stupid.”
She hitches the bag further up her shoulder, then takes another sip of her hot chocolate. “I don’t know. Aren’t I supposed to be studying something I’m passionate about? Instead, I’m being completely pragmatic. All I need for this career is an associate’s degree, which will take way less time and money.”
“I think we put way too much pressure on people to find a career - a passion, as you say. At the end of the day, a job is pragmatic. We need money to live, and a job gives us that.”
“Is that why you became an accountant?” Emma tilts her head and studies him as she asks the question. “You don’t seem the type. No offense.”
He scratches behind his ear. “None taken. And yes, I make good money at it, so that’s part of it. Liam and I went our entire childhood barely surviving, so we both vowed to change that when we were old enough.”
“I get that,” Emma mutters into her cup of hot chocolate. Killian wonders at the comment, but doesn’t press her. 
“I do like numbers, though, so does Liam. We both excelled at that when we were in the Navy, and . . .” he shook his head. “It’s a dull story. We’ll just use the cliche the rest is history.”
Emma laughs, a free and easy thing in the early spring air, and Killian wants to hold onto it. For some reason, he gets the impression it’s a rare sound from her. 
“I suppose going to school for accounting is about as interesting as dental hygiene.”
“Well, then, here’s to making a living,” he tells her cheerfully, extending his coffee cup. 
She taps it with her cup of cocoa. “To making a living.”
They both sip, the air becoming charged again as their gazes linger. Then Emma glances over his shoulder, and her eyes light up. 
She hurries over to the sidewalk display and picks up a bunch of snowdrops. “These are Mary Margaret’s favorite,” she said with a smile. 
“Really? Elsa loves them too,” Killian says, gently touching a delicate white blossom. “Who is Mary Margaret?”
“My sister,” Emma tells him, her smile fond, “foster sister, technically. Eva and Leopold adopted me when I was twelve and Mary Margaret was sixteen. I was a terror, let me tell you.”
“You had been through a lot of pain, I’m sure.”
Emma studies him for a moment, slight surprise lighting her eyes. “Yeah, I had . . . but the three of them loved me anyway. And now, well, Mary Margaret is both my sister and my best friend. She and Eva both watch Henry for me while I work and study.”
“What about Leopold?”
Emma buries her nose in the snowdrops, “He passed away when I was still in high school.”
“I’m so sorry.”
Emma gives her head a quick shake. “The point is, Mary Margaret and Eva are both the absolute best. I don’t know what I would do without them. David’s not bad either, I guess.” She chuckles fondly.
“David?” He assumes by her laughter that he isn’t a boyfriend. Please don’t let him be a boyfriend.
“Mary Margaret’s husband. They’re newlyweds and completely nauseating.”
Killian treasures each tiny nugget of Emma’s life and files it carefully away. He wants to know so much more. How did she come to have Henry? Why is she raising him alone? What pain was she forced to endure those first twelve years of her life? Though he can imagine that last one fairly well. He and Liam had spent nearly that long shuffled from home to home after their mother’s death, Brennan Jones never wanting to take responsibility for his sons. 
“I want to buy these for Jones & Jones,” Emma tells him, “as a thank you.”
“We’ve told you that it was no trouble. Besides, you bought my coffee, remember?”
Emma shakes her head. “I’ve been meaning to come by with flowers all week, but I was just too embarrassed. Please let me.”
Killian nods, albeit a bit reluctantly. He guesses that Emma is on a tight budget. She said her job sucks, and she’s caring for a toddler while also putting herself through school. He’s sure the small family she mentioned helps when they can, but still, she already spent over six dollars at the coffee shop, thanks to him. However, he can already see that she is a lass of great pride. He doesn’t want to insult her by refusing the gift. 
Emma purchases the flowers, and then she walks with him the rest of the way to Jones & Jones. Elsa exclaims over the flowers just as Killian expected her to, even enveloping Emma in a hug. Ariel hugs her too and asks about Henry. Even Liam is lured away from his desk, and he ends up showing off pictures of little Ian to Emma. He and Elsa swap funny stories about raising a three year old, and before long, an hour has passed. 
“Oh my God,” Emma suddenly gasps, “what time is it?”
“Almost five,” Elsa tells her. 
“Shit, I’ve gotta go. Mary Margaret is expecting me soon, and Henry gets cranky when dinner is late.”
Killian stands there like an idiot as Emma rushes out in a whirlwind, leaving her now cold hot chocolate on the edge of Killian’s desk. 
“Please tell me you asked her out this time,” Liam says once the door has shut behind her. 
Killian groans. He didn’t even get her number. 
“Maybe you’ll run into her again?” Ariel suggests, but there isn’t much faith in her voice.
Not that Killian blames her for her doubt. Fate gave him a second chance, and he doesn’t hold out much hope that it will give him a third. 
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sleepyowlwrites · 3 hours ago
find the (specific) word tag LXXXVIII
nobody tagged me, but I wondered how many times I could find certain words in my wips, and for this one, I’m doing protest(ed) because I feel like I use that word a LOT. let’s see. (since I expect most of you won’t read this, and that’s fine. I just wanted to do it, I’ll put it up here that if you have a word you think you use frequently and wanted to do a deep dive too, tag me! I wanna see!)
from Anxiety story:
- “What?” The person, a fluffy-haired guy with the most open expression Aiden had ever seen, kicked off his boots and struggled out of his coat with aggrieved sounds of protest.
- This girl didn't look scary. She looked anything but. She looked warm and friendly and kind of like she talked a lot, and that was a little scary, but Aiden was too tired inside to really protest.
- Aiden liked the warmth too much to protest the extra contact.
- He showed no signs of effort and Aiden spared the smallest thought to his weight and how it was probably a lot lower than it should be, then belatedly squeaked in surprise but wrapped his arms around Theo's neck anyways, too tired to do anything in real protest.
- Aiden squinted at her with blurry eyes incredulously. "No," he protested, unsure which part he was declaring a lie. Probably all of it. 
- “I’m not,” Aiden protested.
- “I couldn’t do that,” Aiden protested. “And it would be farther to walk to class.”
- "Well, you're easy, mostly," Aiden protested.
- "There will be people there," Aiden protested without feeling.
- "Stop it," Aiden protested without meaning it.
wow, okay. the lad doth protest too much, methinks. also, seriously? a single instance where it isn’t Aiden? yeesh.
further exploration of my love of this word below the cut
from Youth story:
- R slumped back against Evie despite her groan of protest. “You’re right. And Lucas already called him anyway.”
- Evie drove her elbow harder against R’s ribs and ignored his own groan of protest. “Won’t Bell get jealous if we get married?”
- “I’m never joining your shitty club,” Mark protested immediately, the harshness of his voice lessened with Daniel playing with his ear. “Adults are talking, Nyks. Go away.”
- “It feels creepy!” Daniel protested. “Why make me carry you in you’re not even going to be here?”
- “I don’t have favorites,” Nyks protested without letting go of Mark, who had resigned himself to the hug and was holding him very carefully.
from Space story:
- Jalek seems okay with it, 'cause he just hugs them and doesn't protest.
from assorted other stories:
- Sage didn’t see the point in obeying a hallucination, but then her pain got worse when something grabbed her shoulder and she forced her eyelids open in protest.
- Sage studied him with resigned and glassy eyes, seemingly too tired to make a protest.
- Lexi accepted it with all the tired angst she could muster up, meaning that she didn't actually protest and instead just let her head fall onto his shoulder like she didn’t hate being a damsel in distress.
- Jay smiled. "I thought you'd protest it a bit more now that you've received pain medication." 
- Adam put his hands out in protest. "Can this conversation like, stop happening? I'm getting very uncomfortable."
- Sizhui stiffened, chin coming up in protest.
- Jin Ling gave a muffled protest but didn’t push him away, which spoke volumes about just how exhausted he was.
- He plucked the topmost talisman from Jin Ling’s hand before he could protest and assessed it quickly.
- Everyone in the room turned to Meili and most were about to speak in protest when she continued.
- Jin Ling didn’t protest.
- "I was going to say since your friend seemed so insistent," Halstead protested, suddenly almost adorable.
- "I didn't," Evie protested before realizing that sounded like a lie.
- “It’s a fair question!” Jingyi protested, his grip on her arm lessening, causing her to list sideways.
- “Why do I have to do it?” Jingyi pulled his sword out just enough to lightly slice a finger even as he protested, carefully writing the correct calligraphy onto the newly blank papers in his hands.
- “So do you!” Meili protested, trying not to grin.
- “But I’m so weak,” Lin Meili protested, her voice echoing that sentiment. “I’m incredibly useless right now.”
- “That’s so cheesy,” he protested.
- “Sitting up makes my head hurt more,” he protested.
- Sage nodded acquiescence without protesting at all.
- he breathed in deeply, her lungs protesting such a feat and promptly causing her to double over with harsh coughing. 
- Meili was not happy with the idea, protesting, “I was already tired that day and there won’t be fierce corpses because they burned all the bodies.
- With her arm muscles protesting, Lin Meili pushed herself up, putting a hand against the wall when her full weight was on her feet.
well. okay. I love this word. and I not gonna stop using it. but maybe I could use it less. some of these instances were super close together. like. what heck, Sleepy?
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nanakibh · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Seven Bonding Event Secret Admirer (unofficial title)
[Setting: Ready Room]
Seven: Player, would you mind lending me a hand with something? Seven: There's a boy named Enra in Class First who asked me a favor, but I don't think I can accomplish it on my own. Seven: So I was hoping you'd be able to help. ...Alright, then let's go.
[Setting: Sorcery]
Rem: What? Could you repeat that? Seven: Rem... Can I have your special thing? I know this might be asking a lot, but... I'm asking. Rem: Wh- J-Just hold on a second! Slow down, Seven! My special-... This is so sudden... Seven: I'm sorry, but I need it. Rem: But we're both girls... Seven: Gender doesn't matter, does it? Rem: U-um... What should I do? Player, say something! Seven: Player is my witness. They're here to prove that I took it from Rem. Rem: That you... took it-- Seven: Right. If they're here, they can testify that the potion I received is indeed Rem's special potion. Rem: Huh? Potion...? Seven: Hm? Didn't I say? Seven: Enra told me he wanted "Rem's special potion." Seven: He said that his next mission would be dangerous, so he wanted to have it with him as a good luck charm. Rem: ...Oh, is that all? I was startled. I totally misunderstood what you were talking about. Rem: When you asked me for my special thing, I thought you meant... N-never mind! Here, take this. Tell him I said 'good luck'!
Seven: Rem really took off in a hurry... Did she think I had a problem with her? Seven: She was mistaken, but I wonder if it's because I said something wrong...?
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junniwon · 4 hours ago
let's make memories together <3
on this account, I'll be sharing my thoughts and occasionally writing out things I've been thinking about for a while. (imagines, scenarios, drabbles, etc.)
warning : this account will include suggestive content, and it can reach to the extent of 18+ (only for hyung line)
you are responsible for your online consumption, if you understand this, proceed with caution :)
feel free to send me asks about your thoughts and ask about my thoughts on something
Tumblr media
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kuonmask · 4 hours ago
getting caught with armin.
♚ content warnings: semi-public sex, fingering, squirting.
Tumblr media
“ armin. “ you sigh against his ear. “ not here, please. “ the blonde doesn’t acknowledge you. he only smirks and continues to creep his fingers down the inside of your leg. no one is watching yet, but they will be. armin purposely decided to do this right where the prospect of being caught was almost guaranteed. the mop closet in the kitchen.
the minute dinner was over, he grabbed your wrist and led you into the dark, musty space, and sunk his fingers into your pants. armin moaned out profanities of how “ soaked “ you were for him and it only made you wetter.
now, he hovers over you, fingers plunging deeper into your battered cunt. your back is pressed up against a supply cart and your shaking legs barely support you. it feels so good, but you can’t give into the pleasure completely because your eyes kept drifting to the door that was sightly ajar where anyone could look in and see armin abusing your pussy.
pots and pans crashing, laughter, and other sounds of your comrades cleaning up the kitchen make you clench down harder on armin’s fingers. he notices how tense you are and takes his other hand, tilting your chin upward to face him. “ eyes up here, baby. focus on me. “
your demeanor softens when you peer into his bright blue eyes. they’re kind and merciful as he works into you slowly now, surpassing two knuckles deep. but then the corners of armin’s mouth twitch upward. it’s sudden and unexpected when he speeds up again, grinding his palm against your clit so perfectly that you let out a whine; one that surely would get you caught.
“ fuck! “ you squeal. he’s full-on smirking now and his pace is unrelenting, causing you to gush around them.
armin’s focusing on your pretty facial expressions and the way his rock-hard cock presses against the fabric of his pants. you’re focusing solely on his thick fingers moving in and out of you, even throughout your orgasm. neither of you hear the closet door squeak open...
Tumblr media
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erule · 4 hours ago
Never go to bed angry | t.h. blurb
pairing: tom holland x reader
summary: you two had only one rule
word count: 336
warnings: fluff
Tumblr media
You two had only one rule: never go to bed angry. The two of you promised each other the day you moved in together and never broke it. Until now. Tom had the brilliant idea tonight to go out with his friends, leaving you home alone, after finally returning from filming. You hadn't seen each other for three months. You certainly understood that he wanted to have some fun with the boys, but would have cost it too much to invite you? That was why you had gotten angry and pouted at him. Tom had known immediately that something was wrong, since he had found you still awake at two in the morning, but not to wait for him. You were just watching a TV show on your shared bed, bored. You hadn't even given him a kiss on the cheek. There was certainly something odd.
“Darling?” He called you. You didn’t answer. “Something wrong?”
You snorted.
“I’m not breaking the promise,” you just said. He furrowed his eyebrows.
“What promise?”
“Never go to bed angry. Remember?”
Tom immediately sat on the edge of the bed, worried.
“Did I get you angry?”
You sighed, putting your laptop away.
“Yeah, you did. You went out with your friends without me. I’ve missed you so much, Tom. I wanted to spend some time with you. But maybe I just overreacted, I mean, we live together, you’ll be there tomorrow when I’ll wake up,” you said, avoiding his gaze.
“Oh, darling,” he whispered, “come here.” He stretched an arm in order to hold you. He embraced you, leaving a soft kiss on your temple. “Of course I’ll be here when you’ll wake up. I just thought that you were tired tonight and didn’t want to hang out with my and the boys, but you’re right, I should have asked, I’m sorry. Can we cuddle so I’ll make it up to you?”
You nodded, laying down with him still hugging you.
“I love you, Tommy.”
“I love you too, babe.”
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silencedhills · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
372 Sephiroth in Crisis Core icons.  Free for use. You’re free to resize them in whatever way you wish. Download can be found here.  
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supersoftly · 4 hours ago
One of the things that convinced me that I was genuinely in love was after sharing my interests and hobbies, they never made me feel ashamed for having them. You gotta find someone who doesn't just tolerate what you like, but loves you for it.
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