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happy ffwf @ambivalentmarvel!! honestly, a lot of titles of my work mean something to me in different ways, but i think “There’s a Fine, Fine Line” wins out overall again, lmao! i feel it encapsulates my fic very well; there’s a fine line between hatred and envy, between despising someone and wanting to be them/their friend, and between hating others and hating oneself. flash struggles with bridging this line as well as figuring out what side of the line he wants to be on, hence why i really like this fic title!

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Happy FFWF Catchy! 💕💖✨ I sure do. The one I’ve reread the most is Stuck, because it’s short and easy to reread 😆 I come back to it sometimes when I need a quick dose of Irondad angst, and I’m quite proud of the fact that something I’ve written can still do that for my feels, even months after I’ve written it!

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Happy FFWF @ambivalentmarvel! Augh I take such a long time coming up with titles sometimes 😆 So when something comes along that just immediately fits the story, it is a pretty proud moment!

For me, that would be The Other Mr. Stark, my time travel fic about Peter meeting Howard. I don’t think I’ve ever had a smoother title-choosing process than for that fic!

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Happy FFWF! Yeah I do! I wrote this Pepperony fic a while ago that was angst with a happy ending, but then I thought what if it had a sad ending, though?!!

And so this other fic was born! It’s basically the “Pepper waiting for Tony to return post-IW” storyline, but um, hurt-no-comfort. I did tweak the plot from the first fic, so it’s not like the same story but just with a sad ending, it’s its own thing. But the similarities between the two fics are still there.

And in the end I’m glad I went through with both stories, the happy ending one and the sad ending one. They were both cathartic to write, each in its own way 😊

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Happy FFWF! Um not really, I don’t really talk about my WIPs that much, except when I do tag games and stuff on here 😄

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Happy FFWF to you as well! 

I’m not sure about some of these things but I do know that I have had several stories that have had several endings before I settled on one.  lol.  Sometimes I save the writing to be reused elsewhere and sometimes I scrap it completely.  I have an entire document full of ideas that stemmed from other ideas!  lol.

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Oooooh!!! That’s amazing! I love this question! Let me think about this!

My immediate thought is absolutely What Baking Can Do from Waitress for Rival Bakers au, for obvious reasons

But, other than that, I was thinking for Exits, the song Little Lies by I’m With Her (which is absolutely gorgeous), because of this bit, and the rest of it too, but:

If I pretend I never cried 

And my daddy raised me right that I pick myself up when I fall 

That I don’t need a helping hand 

On my own two feet I stand will you come running when I call?

send me asks for FFWF

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Happy FFWF, Tiger!! Sorry this was late, friend! Ummm…I’d say writing the middle is my favorite part mostly because that’s when things come to a head in the story, whether it’s a battle or the relationship (platonic or romantic) gets more development. The beginning and the end are both my least favorite only because it’s more difficult because with the beginning, that’s where things are set up and it has to grab the reader’s attention and keep it there and the ending is hard too because it has to wrap things up and has to feel satisfying to you and to the readers. 

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Happy FFWF! Okay, I freaking love comments! I can’t tell you how happy I still get whenever I see that someone commented on my fics. 

For my first multi-chapter fic, Believe It (my ROTG fanfic on, I had a lot of comments, but here are my personal favorites:

AngetianPrincess18 chapter 30 . Dec 26, 2015 I’m glad you made this story. It was a wonderful adventure from beginning to end. I love how they decided to redo the logo to include Jacks picture,I’m happy you brought it sense of family love is what I love the most from stories of this fandom. Can’t wait for your nest story,keep up the good Christmas!


(P.S. Signing with my pen name at the end of a review is my way of saying “Excelle
nt Story!”)

Clueless5point0 chapter 19 . Sep 23, 2014 So I’ve never left a review on FanFiction, despite having discovered it a while back. Fingers crossed that I’m doing it right! I suppose the whole “write a review here” should be a dead giveaway, but you know. Anyway, I’ve been reading ‘Believe It’ for a while. I started it after you’d already written a few chapters but blew my way through them and immediately wanted more. So I’ve been hanging around and reading each new chapter as it comes out. I really should have reviewed before now… But I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love this fanfic, and to keep up the good work! I am looking forward to when Jack comes around and can be his lovable self again, but at the same time I don’t want it to end! I look through the ROTG fanfics every so often and I have not yet found another one I like near as much as this one. So that’s my spiel, I hope I made your day a little better!

And my ultimate favorite comment on that particular fic:

Joshari chapter 18 . Sep 7, 2014 Cliffhangers! Ya killin’ meh!

Anyway, on another note. I love this story. The twists and turns that you like to throw at us. You have been doing a very great job playing with my emotions and my mind. I know that Pitch is lying, but to read that Jack doesn’t and Pitch doing what he’s doing- you got me yelling at my phone in aggravation.
Keep at it, I love this story and I want more, and will be reading until the end of the tale. You have gone beyond the other authors that I’ve seen, and made the whole bad Jack into a interesting story, with clearly defining the difficulty that the Guardians are having in getting good Jack back. Great details!

I mean the fact that these people take their time to read and enjoy my story and then leave amazing feedback in comment is just amazing to me! I also think that we need to appreciate those who also point out any mistakes you make in the chapter because to me that tells me that they read closely and wanted to help out! 

Recently, @an-odd-idea has been leaving me amazing comments and has been so supportive of my fics, especially on Raise Me Up! There’s even another reader who binge-read Raise Me Up and commented on every single chapter from where they left off, and it was the most amazing thing ever! EHarriet left an amazing comment on Raise Me Up as well, and I was smiling like an idiot the whole time. 

Basically, I love comments, and I hope more people will do it someday because they make your work more worth it, especially when it’s a friend or someone who wanted to help you out! 

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Happy FFWF! 

Yes! Definitely. In all of my stories, the final product is very rarely what I planned it out to be initially. While the general theme of the story doesn’t usually change, a lot of the main plot points will change as I’m writing, and sometimes, even the ending winds up being not what I initially planned. There are so many of those that it would be hard to list them all. However, there are a couple of standouts. 

  1. In Always and Forever, my initial plan was to have the story end with Peter, Harley, and Morgan playing a game in the living room the next morning, signifying that they’re moving on with each other’s help. However, after I wrote the scene of all of them in Morgan’s bedroom, that felt like the perfect place to end, and I didn’t want to add that final scene. Luckily, after someone requested a sequel where Pepper adopts Harley and Peter, I was able to incorporate some of that initial ending into the epilogue. However, even then, it didn’t end exactly as I had initially planned, but I still loved it. 
  2. In Who Knew Birthdays Could Be So Complicated, after Peter went back to confront Perceptivo on his own, I was initially planning for the lair to have all of these sudden booby traps that he had to try to find his way around. However, as I was writing it, it seemed kind of cartoonish, and I wound up going for Perceptivo having made it into a maze instead, which I honestly liked a lot better. However, it was definitely not in the original outline. 
  3. S’More Family Time, had, like, five different endings before I finally settled on the one that’s published. At first, I wanted all of them to end up laying on the grass and staring up at the stars, but then I couldn’t figure out how to tie it all together at the end. Then I thought about having them pack everything up and including the Destiel moment during that, but then I didn’t like that either. Then it occurred to me that it would be really funny if Dean burned his marshmallow again, so then I tried to write another three endings that included that somewhere in there, but finally, I came up with the one that’s up now, and I love it. XD :) 
  4. And lastly, my most recent story that I wrote as a commission, Nothing Wrong with Being Yourself, also had a different ending initially. When I first started writing, I wanted it to end with Tony having done some big public announcement of also being asexual himself in an effort to protect Peter from Flash by being like “we’ll see what that idiot thinks of asexual people now that he knows Iron Man is asexual.” But then once I started writing, the simpler comfort scene felt better, and I like what it looks like now. :) 

Thanks so much for asking this! It was a fun one! <3 

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Happy FFWF! 

FOUND FAMILY! No contest! That will always, always be my all-time favorite trope–especially when it’s sibling related. I love writing it, I love reading it, I love everything about it. I think found family is so freaking beautiful, and it always makes me so giddy when friends call each other family in any movie, tv show, book, etc. I just love it so much. I think finding people who are your family by choice, not necessarily by blood, is so important, and I love being able to see that conveyed. 

Related to that, I really, really, really love sibling relationships, and with found family, I can definitely get a certain level of that too, and since I can only pick one trope, I’ll go with found family, since it can kind of incorporate both of those. 

Thanks so much for asking! <3 

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Happy FFWF! 

Honestly, probably the fact that, if an idea hits me, I can write anywhere. I’ve been sitting at my desk at work and just suddenly grabbed a sticky note and written a full paragraph on a sticky note because the perfect wording suddenly hits me. While most of the time, I definitely do set myself up to write and give myself some writing time in a specific space, if I’m doing something else and an idea hits me, I have to write it down, whether it’s on my phone or paper or otherwise. And honestly, that happens more often than my readers might expect. Almost all of my stories have at least one paragraph that was written while I was walking down the school hallway or eating dinner or something like that. It just happens. XD 

Thanks so much for asking! <3 

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Thanks for the ask, nonny! Headcanons take me forever, so don’t mind this. For Fitz, I think my favorite headcanon for Fitz, at least for the moment, is the way he comforts his friends. When Jemma needs reassurance, or Alya has a nightmare, he starts with hugs. He’ll hold them close, and speak quietly. If that doesn’t work, he’ll bundle them up in blankets, and make them tea, get little snacks for them. On very very bad times, he will set them in the softest spot in their house, and put on a quiet documentary, depending on who that is, and just let them exist near him. :) 

send me asks for FFWF

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Happy Fanfic Writer Friday!! (Sorry I’m getting to these kind of late in the day!) 

I do! But honestly, it depends on the fandom, because I have a different person for each idea lol. 

For MCU stories, I tend to talk a lot to my girl @baloobird and also my bestie Grace.
Kris is really nice to talk to when I’m starting a new idea that I’m really excited about, because she’s always really excited and enthusiastic and supportive of what I’m doing. <3 <3 
Grace is especially good for when I’m struggling with what to do next, because she’s really good at letting me bounce ideas off of her and helping me figure out how I want to say things. 

For SPN stories, I babble to my mom and get her advice, because she and I watch the show together and talk about it all the time, so she knows my thought process a little bit and is able to help me figure out what I’m trying to say and also what would sound good based on her own opinions. 

For Stranger Things, I share all of my ideas with my stepmom, because we’re both really into the show and talk about it a lot, so I’m able to bounce ideas off of her, and she shares my excitement when it comes to things I’m writing. 

For any other random stories, it kind of depends on the story/fandom. In general, I get really excited about what I’m writing, so if I can find someone to talk about it with or read it over and tell me what they think, I will. 

Thanks so much for asking! <3 

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From the next chapter of i promised myself i wouldn’t let you complete me:

“Hi, love.” Hunter’s end of the line rustled slightly and Bobbi assumed he was leaving whatever room he had been in. He had probably been with his moms, Bobbi mused. “Everything alright?”

“I already told you I’m fine, Hunter,” she said, simultaneously exasperated and secretly pleased he had bothered to ask again.

“That’s not the same as everything being alright.”

“It’s not,” Bobbi agreed. “But they seem nice, I guess.”

(send me asks for Fanfic Writer Friday!)

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This is from i’ll give you the sun, my Hunter-on-Maveth WIP (which will hopefully start posting December 1st!)

“Fitz,” Bobbi said when they reached his work bench. “Jemma and I have a huge favor to ask you.”

Fitz looked up from the piece of monolith he was studying, flipping the magnifying glasses he was wearing out of his eyes. “I don’t like the sound of that.”

“You’re not about to like it any more,” Bobbi admitted.

“I need to go back to Maveth.” There was no point in keeping Fitz in suspense any longer.

(send me asks for Fanfic Writer Friday!)

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