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retrogamingblog2 · 5 months ago
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Gamecube Arcade Stations at McDonalds
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andrewminyardd · 4 months ago
Love how that post about TFC being badly written has gone around with little additions of ‘yeah buuuut there is this’ so many times that people have cancelled out that it’s badly written….bc it ISN’T badly written. Y’all get on my damn nerves. I have READ badly written. Things with a billion badly covered plot holes and things with 3 page run on sentences and authors who care less about their characters than they do pushing an agenda.
Nora created a story that genuinely resonated with thousands of people, as evidenced by how quickly it blew up. I was here when there were just 6 fans and a dog, okay? And we GUSHED and we LOVED and we BEGGED people to read these books and love the characters we did. And then people did. And there were a LOT of good ones, of course. But just enough bad ones; people incapable of critical thinking. People who exist in some insane world where everything is black and white. And those people ruined everything.
Started shitting all over the books and the characters and then Nora. Until she left tumblr and the series behind her entirely. Until many of the OG fans, myself included, just got sick of the negativity and abandoned the fandom.
TFC is and likely always will be my favorite series of all time. It speaks to me on such a personal level that I can’t help but see the good in it. It doesn’t mean that I am blind to the bad. I AM capable of critical thinking and fair criticism of all the media I consume. What I don’t understand is the people who claim to be ‘fans’ but decide that the author is shit and the writing is shit and half the characters are shit, etc etc.
That is not fan behavior. That is insanity. If you don’t like that many aspects of something then just say you don’t like it and go find something that you DO like and stop trying to tear to shreds something that is genuinely meaningful to a lot of people.
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mintjeru · 6 months ago
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his hairstyle means everything to me!!!
open for better quality || no reposts || ID under the cut || ko-fi
[Image description: Three chest-up sketches of Adaman. The first one depicts him leaning on a flat surface, his head resting on one hand as he smiles. The second shows him grinning with his body facing to the side. The third is a frontal view of him gathering his hair to tie it up. He is biting his hair tie while he bunches up his hair.]
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starthelostboys · 2 months ago
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andrews-left-nipple · 8 months ago
andreil doing that forehead touch thing as a sign of affection will always remain in the back of my head, waiting for the right moment to strike and make me cry from how soft and sentimental that action is
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all-for-andreil · 2 months ago
Neil: I can’t. I have a bit of an attitude problem.
Andrew *to himself watching Neil*: I wanna see what’s under that attitude
Neil: you know, I get it. Being raised as a superstar must be really, really difficult for you. Always a commodity, never a human being…
Andrew *nodding slowly*: ahh, yes…more attitude.
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nosfelixculpa · 10 months ago
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sanctuary_ending_ver.mp3 bass boosted
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leveloneandup · 2 months ago
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Angel City FC vs. Houston Dash | June 7, 2022
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hobeah · 8 months ago
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[[ content creator tag ]] show your gifs before and after colouring tagged by: the loveliest @loverjimin ♡ thank you love ♡ (the post) original posts in order: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
i am tagging everyone who wants to do this, but i'll still mention some content creator mutuals for clout ♡ jkjkjkjk @balenciaguks @baekhycn @flipthatjacketjiminie @heybaetae @jiminswn @yooboobies @kimtaegis @jjungcooks @kimtaehyunq @namgination @suga-ssi @v-hobi @kkulmoon @taehyungq @honsool (if you've already done this, please let me know so i can check it out ♡)
+bonus | prev. before-after/editing challanges here & here & here & here
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tampire · 6 months ago
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The Heroes and Rivals of King of Fighters XV
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kuuehlapis · a month ago
@ghostlj said joseph seed looks like a mix of walter white and jared leto im yelling screaming
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laurasimonsdaughter · 5 months ago
Emotional Magic Prompts
Let’s play another writing game!
Pick a relationship and an emotional magic for me and I will drabble you some of that good urban fantasy flavour with original characters I’ll make up on the spot:
Family (you can specify if you want)
Love interests
Romantic partners
New friends
Old Friends
Emotionally influenced magic:
A: Nature growth: the magic makes flowers bloom, plants or fungi grow around the character
B: Appearance shifting: the magic makes parts of the character’s physical appearance change, for example their eyes or hair
C: Healing magic: the magic heals people or animals simply because the character’s positive attention is focused on them
D: Feeling-sharing: the magic lets the character’s feelings spill out of their consciousness so the other person can feel them
E: Spontaneous manifestation: the character’s magic creates objects or effects, could be anything from sparks or coloured smoke out of nowhere, to tears turning into pearls
F: Summoning: the magic attracts animals or magical creatures
G: Mind reading: the character accidentally starts reading people’s thoughts or feelings when they are tuned in on them
H: Environment altering: the character’s magic starts changing their surroundings, could be mending cracks, softening or smoothing a rough surface, or things starting to crumble or change colour
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firelightfables · 2 months ago
Clint Barton has appeared! What do you do?
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Play dead
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suddenxdesire · 29 days ago
So I've been replaying the Bioshock series this week after not playing them for a few years, and I really forgot how much I fucking love these games.
I am so utterly fascinated with Rapture (and Columbia too, but I just started game 2). The idea of an entire city underwater, devoid of natural light, air, rain, animals. When the 1st and 2nd games first released, I was constantly looking at fan art of Rapture and just so freaking obsessed with it all. I still think it's such a cool concept and I really love what they did with the story, but I think it could have gone so so many different ways and it's just all so fascinating to think about.
I've always been a really big cultural history fan, I love learning about the sociology of cultures and how people interact with each other. My favorite thing about video game worlds is often their own lore and finding out more about why and how exactly we got to this point that we're playing and exploring with our characters. It's just super cool that a team of people thought up all of this stuff and made an entire world from the ground up.
And Bioshock is definitely a game that draws a lot of empathy from you if you really take the time to explore and pick up all the diaries and such. I think it's both incredibly unfeasible and completely believable at the same time, and that's why it works and pulls me in so strongly.
Anyways I have no point except I fucking love Bioshock ✌️
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reddriot · a month ago
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luxanna crownguard (lux) ✧ cosmetics in league of legends
if you can smile, you can be the light!
for @tanchirou, a literal ray of light and the lux of the real world. happy birthday, aki!
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blurryayse · a month ago
I'm sure this word has appeared so many times but the only time I can think of now is the smut scene with the knife kink...
“Are you high on blood?”
“No,” Sirius laughed, and then he laughed again. He pushed forward, crawled up Remus’ body, kissed him once more. “No, no. Yes. Sort of."
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onebizarrekai · 6 months ago
my siblings and I completed everything in mario kart 8 deluxe today so I just want to say
Super™ Cool™ Characters™ that mario kart 8 deluxe has:
ah yes, metal mario and metal peach, my Favorite Mario Characters
baby daisy™
freaking baby ROSALINA what
baby peach has been here since mario kart wii and I still get visceral reactions whenever I see or hear her
every single individual koopa miniboss that nintendo has been trying too hard to market for like a decade
two entire inklings (not a very subtle marketing attempt)
two animal crossing villagers AND isabelle
LINK??? I MEAN OK (he was dlc in the og game. fine)
oh? you wanted a reward for completing 200cc? how about a re-textured metal mario let’s make him Gold that’s such a good reward right
absolutely no unlockable characters whatsoever, no unlockable cups, no unlockable modes or minigames, literally nothing
characters it could have had instead:
what happened to birdo
alternate skins for existing characters rather than making them take up slots
funky kong
literally any of the other kongs
lubba from mario galaxy 2
shadow mario (at least shadow mario is canon even if he’s just bowser jr)
petey piranha (did not care for this one at all but would definitely take over METAL MARIO)
il piantissimo or literally any pianta
anyone else you can come up with
even pikachu would have been a better addition compared to some of the other character choices they made
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