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ocearnawrites · 3 months ago
a king’s summons (draft)
part 1 | part 2
edited version now on ao3
John is only five minutes late to the Watchtower and yet, somehow, he still walks into complete and utter chaos.
"You agreed to let him do what!?" Zatanna yells from where she is facing off against a blank-faced Batman and increasingly concerned-looking Superman and Wonder Woman. "What were you thinking!?"
"Why do I get the feeling you're talking about me?" John asks, stopping in the doorway to light up another cigarette - despite Supe's disappointed look.
"John!" Zatanna shouts, rounding on him instead. "What the hell—"
"Why's she here?" John interrupts, focusing his attention on Batman. "If I'd known you were calling Z too, I wouldn't have bothered."
"I wanted a second opinion," Batman replies, no inflection in his voice. "It seemed wise."
John scoffs. "Y'mean because of my stellar reputation? Yeah, I guess that's fair. Still," he mutters, turning to a fuming Zatanna, "why are you so mad at me this time?"
Zatanna huffs, one hand on her hip and the other reaching forward to poke John in the chest. "Your plan, for whatever the JLA showed you, is to summon the Ghost King?"
"Yeah. So?"
"'So'!?" Zatanna hisses. "What kind of problem, short of the apocalypse itself, could warrant summoning that bastard!?"
John pauses, and takes a drag of his cigarette. "Glowy pools of weird green sludge that can bring people back to life? Seemed ghostly to me."
"That's not—" Zatanna cuts herself off, resorting to just glaring for a moment. "Even if it is ghostly, you could summon any ghost. Why the King? Are you trying to get us all killed!?"
"Why are you so against this?" John asks, frowning. "Do you have something against the Ghost King?"
Zatanna's mouth drops open, stunned for a moment before she can respond. "Why am I against this? Why am I against this!? Because you're talking about summoning Pariah Dark!!"
"Oh," John breathes. Then snorts, then breaks out into full-blown laughter. 
"John..." Zatanna drawls, warningly, arms crossed over her chest. Unfortunately, it just makes John laugh harder.
The JLA has been watching the back and forth with reactions ranging from concern (mostly the founders) to amusement (mostly Flash and Green Lantern). Superman finally steps forward though when John's laughter is finally starting to peter out, looking all earnest and helpful.
"I get the feeling that, perhaps, there was a... misunderstanding happening?"
"A misunderstandin' is one way to put it," John replies gleefully.
Zatanna's glare doubles. "What is there to misunderstand?" she asks.
"Well, less a misunderstandin' and more your info is out of date, love," John drawls back, pulling a phone out of his pocket and fiddling with the buttons. "See, Pariah isn't the king anymore."
"What." Zatanna's arms drop along with her glare, surprise and something like fear taking over her face. "But that would mean..."
"Yeah," John replies with a possibly-inappropriate amount of glee. "Someone finally beat the bastard in combat."
"Who?" Zatanna breathes, incredulous.
"The new king," he answers cheekily.
Zatanna huffs at the non-answer. "When?" she tries next.
John shrugs. "A couple years ago? It was fairly recently. I only found out a few months back - stumbled on the info by accident, really."
"And you didn't think to tell anyone?" Zatanna hisses, apparently offended.
John fixes her with a look. "He asked me not to."
"He—" Zatanna pauses, taking a second to realise the implications of that. "You've met the new Ghost King?"
"Yep," John replies, back to messing with his phone after receiving some kind of notification.
"Zatanna," Batman interjects, apparently tired of their squabbling. "Explain why you are concerned about this."
Zatanna sighs, casting a look around at the rest of the JLA who seem just as curious. "The old Ghost King," she starts, "was called Pariah Dark. He was an ruthless, ancient, powerful ghost who ruled the Infinite Realms - the home of all ghosts - with the help of his ghost army. He was... imprisoned, at some point, when the other ghosts tired of his tyranny and warmongering. But..." She pauses, unsure how to continue.
"It took several ghosts to take him down," John explains. "The first time, that is. That's why he was still considered the king - because no one ghost had managed to beat him in combat."
"Until recently, apparently," Zatanna adds with a frown. "But, the fact that there is a ghost strong enough to defeat Pariah Dark..."
"A powerful unknown," Batman says. "You're worried because we don't know anything about the new king."
Zatanna nods. However, John - pocketing his phone, finally - frowns. "He's a good kid, if you'll take my word for it. A bit young, but he's got a better head on his shoulders than half the bloody idiots we deal with day to day."
It takes a second for that to sink it. Then:
"Kid!?" comes the question from several members of the Justice League.
"He goes by Phantom," John replies with a shrug and a wave at the big meeting room screen. "Look him up, if you're curious."
Batman practically teleports to a keyboard, and within seconds photos and videos and news articles appear on the screen. 
Swearing comes from the direction of Flash and friends as they watch a video of Phantom get thrown into a tree, the trunk splintering and the tree falling a second later from the impact. 
Superman fixates on a video of Phantom shooting lasers of some kind at another ghost, both twisting and twining around each other in the air, hundreds of metres above solid ground.
Wonder Woman seems to be analysing the young ghost's fighting style, her eyes flitting between each new video that pops up of his battles.
And Batman simply appears to be trying to find as much information as quickly as possible.
Zatanna takes one look at the photos and rounds on Constantine with a hissed, "John, that is a child—"
Which is, of course, the exact moment John feels a chill at his back, right as a young, sarcastic voice replies, "A dead child, thank you very much."
part 1 | part 2
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seven-tastic · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
lukerosa but they share one braincell
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faetui · a month ago
Ok sooo glasses harbinger dude's name is pantalone. Pls tell me im not the only one who thjnks that he gives me so much soft dom vibes smiling while he stuff u with his fingers and wipes ur tears away with the other hand. Ok bye. It's my period talking.
YES YES YES PANTALONE!!!!!!!! he gives me such soft yet simultaneously mean vibes :( his voice alone has that type of gentle condescension that makes me turn to putty :((( i just :( i think he would treat u a little mean, and then spoil u silly to make up for it :( like ! like !!!
cw implied dom/sub dynamics, master kink, dacryphilia
18+ only. contains nsfw content. 
"i was a little mean today, wasn't i?" he runs a gentle thumb over your tear-stained cheeks. "shh, shh, shh, it's okay, you're okay..."
you sniffle, looking up at him with pleading eyes. "master..."
his voice drips with cloying pity as he coos at you, pressing fluttering little kisses over your face. being fawned over is nice, sure, but it's not what you want— it's not what you need.
"master," you whine, and your lips wobble into a pout— the cute kind, the one that makes you look pathetic and pretty, just how he likes you. "please."
for all of his manipulations and machinations and cunning, he never fails to melt in the face of your most earnest pleas. this time is no exception, and something flutters in your heart as he visibly softens.
"oh, baby. you never have to beg with me. i'll take care of you, i promise."
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justrandomstuf · 6 months ago
Andrew: If I killed someone would you call the cops on me?
Neil: No, but I’d use it against you all the time. I’d be like “are you gonna feed the cats or do I have to make a phone call?“
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redskiesandsailboats · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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r0ttingrabbit · 6 months ago
Y/N: Who the fuck added me to a fucking group chat?
Jeff: >:0 language
Nina: Yeah watch your fucking language
Tim: “The fuck word”.
Brian: Are you stupid? You guys use the f word all the time
Nina: Oh my god he censored it
Tim: Say fuck, Brian.
Nina: Do it, Brian. Say fuck.
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bluesylveon2 · a month ago
Lilia dropping a trail of whatever MC likes on the ground
Lilia: Oh no. I hope a human with no magic and lives with a cat monster does not follow me to the dorms…
Sebek, in the back, picking everything up
Lilia: Sebek, I am trying to find Malleus a wife here!
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s2pdoktopus · a month ago
In a world where they are slightly better at emotions and talking.
Tumblr media
And the entire plot never happened.
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marilxrants · 2 months ago
gotta love how lawlight fics vary from Light and L being the most abhorrent people on the planet indulging in the filthiest, most toxic and angsty dynamics to them just baking brownies and cakes on christmas. It's absolutely hilarious.
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greenapplebling · 2 months ago
Steph: Seriously though, who's the Bat's favorite?
Tim: Dick
Jason: Timmy, I literally heard him cry when he heard your voice for the first time after you were away for one week
Damian: Like you're one to talk! Father is always whining about you not contacting him regularly
Dick: B wanting to know if Jason is alive isn't new
Cass: Damian is spoiled rot
Duke: Well, at least I'm not traumatized by him
Jason: Bro, that was cold. Even for me
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jensen57 · 3 months ago
daily aftg hc: andrew genuinely enjoys mapping neils muscles and scars out, no matter that he's had them memorized since the first time he saw them. neil isnt able to do the same for andrew so easily though. he can't keep the image of his back, shoulders, and wherever else andrew allows so readily in his mind. so, he starts counting. he knows there are 52 freckles and moles along andrews back, 20 on his left arm, 24 on his right. there's 2 on his left hand and one on his wrist. he remembers the numbers, and even though it may not be as clear as andrew's memory, he still finds his own way around it
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sensitivehandsomeactionman · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jensen Ackles | Good Morning America
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andrewminyardd · 4 months ago
Love how that post about TFC being badly written has gone around with little additions of ‘yeah buuuut there is this’ so many times that people have cancelled out that it’s badly written….bc it ISN’T badly written. Y’all get on my damn nerves. I have READ badly written. Things with a billion badly covered plot holes and things with 3 page run on sentences and authors who care less about their characters than they do pushing an agenda.
Nora created a story that genuinely resonated with thousands of people, as evidenced by how quickly it blew up. I was here when there were just 6 fans and a dog, okay? And we GUSHED and we LOVED and we BEGGED people to read these books and love the characters we did. And then people did. And there were a LOT of good ones, of course. But just enough bad ones; people incapable of critical thinking. People who exist in some insane world where everything is black and white. And those people ruined everything.
Started shitting all over the books and the characters and then Nora. Until she left tumblr and the series behind her entirely. Until many of the OG fans, myself included, just got sick of the negativity and abandoned the fandom.
TFC is and likely always will be my favorite series of all time. It speaks to me on such a personal level that I can’t help but see the good in it. It doesn’t mean that I am blind to the bad. I AM capable of critical thinking and fair criticism of all the media I consume. What I don’t understand is the people who claim to be ‘fans’ but decide that the author is shit and the writing is shit and half the characters are shit, etc etc.
That is not fan behavior. That is insanity. If you don’t like that many aspects of something then just say you don’t like it and go find something that you DO like and stop trying to tear to shreds something that is genuinely meaningful to a lot of people.
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the-dangerous-mute-lunatic · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
14 Years of Portal
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bulkhummus · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
whats better than one perfect scientist?
two perfect scientists!
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poikas · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
something catches andrews eye during a road trip
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buggachat · 6 months ago
Hi! So in connection to your last ask, the would emily’s ring be felix’s amok?
It's not totally clear, but here's my personal theory for all the details:
• Emilie's ring was Adrien's amok, and Gabriel's ring was Felix's amok. AKA, Adrien throughout season 1, season 2, and most of season 3 was not actually being "controlled" by his father, at least not in a magical way. His obedience was purely a result of his upbringing/abuse at that point (This explains why Adrien was able to disobey Gabriel in origins by sneaking off to public school... and also, perhaps, why Adrien seemingly had a big rebellious streak so soon after his mother's passing.)
•Then season 3 episode Felix happened. Felix came, knowing he was a sentimonster (I assume his late father told him on his death bed, but I really have no idea), and snatched the ring off of Gabriel's finger. (This explains why Gabriel didn't simply command Felix to give the ring back in Gabriel Agreste. Gabriel was not in possession of Felix's amok at that point, meaning the one Felix took was his own.)
•Because his ring was stolen, Gabriel then put on Emilie's ring. Thus, after Felix, Gabriel was wearing Adrien's ring.
•Then Megaleech happened, where Adrien publicly protested a Gabriel product. After that, Gabriel realizes that Adrien was growing too disobedient, and decided to start utilizing his amok against him. (queue ephemeral and risk scenes where gabriel almost begins to rely on using his amok against him)
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