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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Using Veilspuns and Fae dragons in the coliseum is hilarious because like… those are babies… just little guys yknow…

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So possibly gonna do my first public print. This is my second accent I’m going to be printing.

Diaphanous Dreams is the name I want but if that’s too long I’ll name it Fan Flair

There are already two slots taken and I’m only shooting for 5, if there’s more I’ll print 10. DM here, on Discord or FR if you want a copy! ( ^w^ )

I’m not going to make accents as a shop so this is a very rare change to get an accent from me lol.

350g each

1) reserved- (me)

2) reserved

3) Open

4) Open

5) Open

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Some dragon memes. Feel free to inquire about any of them lol.

Also to make it very clear, Forbidden only wants you to assume he’s straight because he thinks it’s funny. This man is a prankster and you should not trust anything he says.

(blank versions below the cut)

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Okay blanking the name jic you don’t want me posting it but thanks so much for the reply I’m cryin

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Tsiti and Stefan came back from Coli training to replace Ruusu and Thais (who are still up for sale!)

Tsiti’s outfit only needed a little tweaking so he looks dapper and handsome as always! uwu

Stefan is… a mess. He’s supposed to be a pretty boy feral vampire but I have a hard time with his outfit. I keep trying to emulate his original design of long open coat with no shirt and fur collar. Unsure if I’m vibing with the red hair or want to switch back to black. A little sad I can’t find the perfect apparel to emulate shiny black leather pants 😢

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Bonsoir à tous et toutes !

Petit message de service pour dire que je réouvrirai les requêtes d’avatars Samedi 5 vers 14h (je posterai un message pour vous le signaler) toujours en privilégiant les ask avec galeries et photos HQ, ainsi que les commandes headers pour 2 places (forum fantastique, sci-fi, historique mais pas de city cette fois-ci ❤️)

Des pattounes sur vos têtes et encore merci pour vos participations au challenge d’hiver, ça me rend en joie de vous lire chaque soir !

(aufait, on a dépassé les 100k de visites totales ✨🐸ceyenorme alors merci 🌈)


Hi everyone!

Quick service message to say that I will reopen avatar requests Saturday 5, 2:00 p.m, French hour (I will post a message to let you know), favoring them with galleries and HQ photos. And I reopen too headers orders for 2 places (fantastic, science fiction, historical but no city rpg for this time ❤️)

(and maybe you already saw but the tumblr exceeded 100k of total visits ✨🐸it’s huuuuge so thanks you <3 )

Paws on your head,


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