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I forgot to post this earlier but I’ve still got 12 minutes left of my saturday so welcome to my first installment of “OC Saturday.”

This is my character Mitt Stoffet! I’m currently working on a really long character analysis about him but basically he’s an antisocial goat (or sheep if you wanna give him an identity crisis). 

Some other cool facts- He’s a music teacher. Most commonly referred to as “Mr. Stoffet.” His brother is a bird. Accidentally made one of the most powerful relics in the world and doesn’t even know it yet. He’s vegetarian. 

I can’t wait to post more about him and the other residents of Bristlecone Woods! I think this story will really resonate with people who like the Moomins, Over The Garden Wall, and some other third thing that I can’t think of right now. 

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I made a callout post regarding great misinformation regarding Fae and Faekin which can be found on my blog, but it doesn’t appear in the faekin tag, probably because it was a response to another’s post.

I am not going to directly reference who is being called out on the other post, simply summarize that it regards someone who published a book based on channeling a single Fae and who have declared that “faekin are not a real thing.”  Since there are references to it, it might be possible to figure out who, but you can also easily find the original post about it.

The point of this separate post is to lay out some of the attributes of fae and what we are to combat the untruths given, and as Fae (and I am going to have no shame in saying so) I am going to submit the following facts to a candid world.

1) Fae have a great range of lifetimes across the spectrum of types of fae.  Fae are not just one species.   A few kinds of fae are immortal, a few kinds live lifespans less than a human, but on the average it is the “tens of thousands” to “millions of years” range, not billions.  

2) Fae are not indigenous to Earth or in general, any planet.  They are part of Nature, but part of Nature in every part of the multiverse, and indigenous to the multiverse itself.  

3) Fae do not see ‘life’ and ‘death’ as the absolute boundary that humans see it as.   In fact the idea of life and death as being absolute is an anthro-centric principle, surrounding certain belief systems (primarily Elohimic) that promote a “One life and then judgement” view of the existence of a spirit.  In reality, Nature is an everlasting procession of cycles.  Even ‘the writer’ should be able to see this in her own practice.  Life and death do not exist outside this cycle.

4) I will affirm that fae do indeed exist in our world as real, sometimes physical (and sometimes not) beings.   But to assert they *always* take this form is to invalidate her own experiences.  She says to be “channeling” Atri, but if Atri had a physical presence on the world, he could take to the keyboard itself outside of such channeling.  TL;DR of this paragraph?  We take both forms.  Please do not constrain us to the physical, kthx.

5) The spirit of Fae persists across lifetimes.  We tend to remember, or be able to remember, many if not all of the lives that came before this one.  This goes back to (3).  Life and death are a changing of form, it is only a beginning and end of a physical form, not of ourselves.

6) The idea that Fae cannot stand life as a human and it would kill one to become one is absolutely preposterous. This presumes that humans are not part of nature, and this anthro-centric proposition is a driving reason why humans think they can treat nature however the heck they want.  We see where her thinking lies.  

6a) It also presumes we do not have the mental nor spiritual constitution to handle being human.  It presumes that we have never have experienced sorrow, or anguish, or loss, in thousands to millions of years of existence and have no coping skills for it.  Really?

7) Incarnation as a human is rare, but it happens.   Even if 1 in a million humans out there are of Fae nature, that’s still 7 thousand (this is not a declaration of how many there are, but an example).  Neither humans nor fae are outside the Natural Cycle.  Their narrative presumes to disconnect us from it, which isn’t really the case.

8) Fae have no concept of ‘changeling’ as humans define it, and it really is a human defined word.  If they want to call “Fae that are currently incarnated as humans”, changelings, then so be it, or “Humans with fae ancestry”, the same.   To us, we just are what we are.   I would also affirm the assertion in the aforementioned blog that most words given to refer to us are human derived.  We have no desire to make your language, and humans have no capacity to make ours…

9) Fae-kin exist.  Full stop.  Whether it is through previous ancestry or through incarnation, those with Fae nature exist in our world.  Do not let any mortal tell you otherwise, and do not look to them to tell you who and what you are.   You know who you should ask?  The Fae.  Go out into Nature, your backyard, or wherever you feel our presence, and just ask the question.  Why are you asking such a personal, identity defining question on tumblr anyway?  Please, go to the source.  If you are asking yourself if you are fae-kin, Stop, Drop, and go to the Source with your question.   Don’t even ask me (I mean you could but I am not going to answer a question you should be going to Nature to answer).  Go to the damn source.

10) I have been talking with the Fae for the majority of my life.  The earliest distinct memory I have of them is when I was 7.   That is a story for another post.  Learning about, and even accepting, my fae nature was a process that took another 8 years.  Discovering what kind, specifically, took another 4.  Not in any of the last 35+ years have they ever indicated that I not fae (quite the opposite, they not only told me but showed me I was and to stop doubting what I already know to be true) nor that it was disrespectful to say so.

10a) That being said, it IS actually disrespectful to say you are Fae if you are not, quite so, and They Will get on your Case about it if you are, and you will KNOW it.  I can understand Atri being so adamant about this, and can understand his offense, but no-one on the Internet can tell you what you are.  That only comes with searching and asking.  See (8) again.  If you can’t ask the Fae, then do not call yourself one.  If you have Fae nature, you will be able to ask.  Full stop.

The TL;DR of this whole thing is that the Fae, are real, we live, we reincarnate, we die, we are part of Nature, but not exempt from its cycle, and faekin are an actual thing, and don’t let any mortal or blog tell you any different.

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Backstory AU - with next installment.

The fight in Black Lion’s.

Some warnings in here - talk of slave trades, polyamory, fight to the death, people experiencing death, being burned, you know the good stuff, it is a massacre in here. 

Characters mentioned - 

Shuri - @maiden-born-in-snow

Angelique - @candideangel

Yume - @earthlystar

Fae - @meepsthemiqo


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Man, I’m living for TFP Jack being a “spooky child” with a creature/magic! heritage. So what if by weird, bamboozling events, Jack and Optimus get taken by Quinsettons, they take an Interest in the boy, and shit goes so very wrong (or very right) with the process, and they end up in a different universe?

The Magic and Dimensional Hopping!AU with a tired, truck father and a deaged, amnesiac, magic bird-son:

When Jack fell deep into recharge, Optimus scanned his processor, gently probing into recent memories which are a mess between dark shadows cawing, bright red eyes, and cold hands clashing sterile grey walls and so many tools dripping and hanging from the ceiling from the Quinsetton ship.

  • Jack can’t remember anything. Nothing recent. Possible years. He has no recollection of the Autobots. Nor of Jasper. Optimus could pick out dense forests and urban cities in his mind.
  • Jack’s small. More like a bitlet than a mechling-near-adulthood. He onlines with small, chirring noises, calling out for parental comfort. Optimus hopes that some part of him subconsciously realizes who he is, but it’s more likely he’s responding to the soothing EM field coiled over him, Matrix quiet as it pulses calm towards him.

Optimus teaches Jack Neocybex and he picks it up relatively quickly. He still stumbles over Iaconic sentence structure and properly tagging subglyphs, but it’s enough to understand him.

  • This strange new universe has many similarities including languages, so Optimus is able to chart to different places and pick up news.
  • It is a different universe since there’s no response to the emergency codes, outposts that were once intact are completely gone as if never built, but drives a coldness to his spark is that the beginnings of the Civil War is far different and so much the same.
  • Cybertron is dark. But here the command for both Autobots and Decepticons have been lost for millions of years…
  • Whenever they meet other mecha, either scattered Cybertronians or other living mechanicals, they’re placated when Optimus tells them that his carrier is gone. Sparklings go a little strange when they outlive their carrier, after all…

Jack is essentially a child, a bitlet; which means he has the curiosity of one. He’s wandering off, wings fluttering and flicking as he chases after whatever catches his attention. His frame, however, has a habit of falling into complete silence, pulling his field totally inward; literally ghosting proximity sensors and motion detection.

  • Optimus gets so much practice on pinging after Jack since his boy likes to disappear so often. He tells himself he’s going to get a bell on that child… (He won’t, though. That habit is too useful, just in case.)
  • He’s very surprised how much of an animal lover little-Jack is since the teen-Jack didn’t have any pets or interests in them. (Here is something that Optimus doesn’t know, Jack still feeds the corvids that follow him over the years. They just linger outside the Autobot base. They know.)

Due to the Cybertronian civil war spreading throughout galaxies, there’s few planets willing to accept refugees from Cybertron or its colonies. They are, however, willing to accept them as crew for one-way, long-distance transports and long-term expeditions. 

  • Optimus keeps Jack very close whenever they board onto a new ship or venture planetside and floating settlements. Letting him ride his shoulders or attach onto his back, making sure to feel the bright pulse of his field and keep track of it.
  • There are many civilizations technologically advanced enough to brute force their way into sapient metal species to see how to push their advancements further. With Cybertron’s voice in the political arena silenced, many would pay top credits to catch one since war tends to rack up many KIAs and MIAs, especially the younger ones with little forms of defenses to cut and hack into and easily transportable.
  • Even more so with Jack, his systems a cobble between cutting edge and throw backs; military-grade silencers and advanced ventilation systems to keep his frame silent; Optimus thinks he can find hints of multiple alt-modes on his frame. Jack would be priceless if caught..

Jack had taken to his Cybertronian frame with strange ease, able to scurry up walls with claws along with magnetic plates or use thrusters in short bursts, shifting his plating to pull tight against the protoform to get into cramped places. 

  • Optimus also gets a lot of practice finding Jack in the strangest of places. Usually high up or hiding down low. Jack ventures off cooing over critters to come to him or playing hide-and-seek with him. (Jack’s really good at that game.)

Optimus doesn’t know if Jack has a very overactive imagination or if there’s actually something going on…

  • Jack enjoys feeding various wildlife, particularly in avian-like creatures. Raptors and scavengers tend to perch near or on him. Sometimes they leave little tokens. A few actually swooped down to attack someone.
  • A few times Jack refuses to leave Optimus’ side, terrified of a place until they leave. (Optimus sees shadows from the corner of his optics, stretching and lengthening towards them, fear freezing in his energon lines, and keeps watch until morning.)
  • Whenever Jack falls into recharge surrounded by light-pens and datapads full of sketches. Optimus finds their recent ventures. But he worries over the various humanoid beings -bodies in strange, off-putting contortions; faceless with too many limbs and eyes. So many red eyes and a dog on fire.

“I miss them, papa. I miss mama and Liam.”

“Who’s Liam?”

“My dog.”

There’s times he catches Jack speaking to animals and empty spaces.

  • Between his soft words and giggles, Optimus can hear someone else speaking
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Hi! I decided to stop being a chicken, and to start putting my book out there. I wanted to share some of my favourite parts so far. A couple of chapters are posted on wattpad if you want to <3 It’s called A Flickering Light or @anabucsaru

She tried to lock her monster in a cage and burry it in the depths of her soul, only she quickly found out that the only way to survive beyond the walls of the palace, was to let it out to play.

Her dress swayed at her heels as she strode to the window and watched the raindrops race. She watched a single drop the whole way down. Sometimes its path took it away from all the others, but other times it crept back, closer and closer, until it was almost pressed against another. They held hands so tightly, the drops merged and raced to the finish line together. Her and Elys were like two drops, trying to carve their own path, but the past will always pull them back together.

“When you’ve lived as long as I have, you know what truly matters and gender is not it.”

It was starved for greed, a glutton for the rotting desire possessing humans.

Her jaw went slack, as she stepped through the massive wooden doors carved to look like an open book. As far as the eye could see, there was solely paper, parchment and leather, covering the walls from floor to ceiling.

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A couple of the pieces that have gone up on TeePublic.

How to safely work with the Fae is a really large topic in witchcraft, and quite frankly all safe interactions with the Faire Folk begin with respect and understanding. 

Before you choose to work with the Fae, do your research and try to learn what we have come to know about their customs when dealing with humans. Always use caution and never let your guard down, but don’t approach with fear.

Respect the Faire Folk and all should be well.

Safe journeys and Blessed Be dears!

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