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#Fahc Fiona

Jack: Oh what’s going on now?

Geoff: It sounds like they’re torturing Matt again. So glad I hired him.

Trevor: I’m glad you hired him too. He brings…. so much to the team.

Michael: *taking out water gun*

Fiona: And they didn’t invite me??

Lindsay: *pulling out a similar water gun to Michael’s, or bigger and filled with hot sauce* Nonono you guys are NOT doing it right.

Gavin: *pulling up in a fire truck* HONK HONK BITCHES!

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I’m still working on my family soulmarks au

And like

I’m stuck on what marks Fiona and Geoff might give. If y’all could give a theme for marks each of them might give, what do you think they would be?

It could be literally anything. From a color to like a specific thing they can all do (like things that can fly) to an animal, literally anything. A type of food…

12 notes · See All The Raging Fiona Nova In the list of FAHC Playlists of mine (while there are some songs that aren’t really like her personality, it’s what I picture would play when she goes into a rage.) also the song “Fire and Gold” is supposed to be referring to The Duo of Gavin & Fiona. (Purely platonically)


Originally posted by witchsghost

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i don’t wanna go to heaven without raising hell - a playlist for fahc fiona

better in color - lizzo || raising hell - kesha (feat. big freedia) || hit and run - lolo || gold - milck || haters - tlc || crown - angel haze || run the world (girls) - beyoncé || crown - angel haze || we are golden - mika


image: hatm - flickr || font: darker marker by hanoded - dafont || filter: nash - pixlr

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for @fionaweek, Favorite au. Went with classic fake ah crew. This is pretty short and half edited but I hope you all enoy!

The TV is on a low hum, the flickering screen highlighting the figures sprawled in scene around it. Bottles were piled on the coffee table, some knocked over, some still full. Boxes of what once held pizza are thrown about. Some in pieces. Those are all definitely empty. The last time Fiona looked at a clock it said 2 am, so at this point all she knows is that it’s fucking late. Or really fucking early. Or whatever. She’s far too tired and comfortable to care.

Her head is lulled to the side, cheek tickled by hair of the body pressed to her side. Gavin stirs slightly, only to cuddle closer. He reeks of all the Fireball they’ve been sharing. Or maybe that’s just her. Fiona smirks, ruffling the hair in a way she knows Gavin hates as she shifts to let him lay comfortably.

The others are mostly asleep as well, bodies twisted and contorted wherever they fell. Michael and Lindsay were on the floor in front of the TV, snoring softly together through the reruns of Spongebob. Jeremy and Matt took a chair, Jeremy limp across Matt’s lap as Matt’s head was flopped on the back. She’s pretty sure she remembers Matt passing out first and Jeremy had jokingly crawled into his lap.

The twins are at her feet, on the floor, tangled together. She doesn’t even remember them falling asleep. Geoff and Jack took up the rest of the couch she’s on. Despite not even drinking, Geoff was one of the first asleep, curled in Jack’s arms. He mumbled something right before he passed out. Something about being too old, honestly Fiona was half paying attention as the rest were shouting and counting down shots.

The only other awake was Ryan, sitting opposite of her on the couch. His eyes were open, staring straight ahead at the TV. And if it wasn’t for the huffed laughter out of him every few minutes, she would’ve sworn he was sleeping with his eyes open. Ryan glances to her now, as if reading her thoughts, offering a smile. And Fiona can’t help but smile back.

“You have a good birthday?” he whispers, his voice a low rumble to not wake the others.

“Yeah,” she grins. “I didn’t even know you fuckers could steal that much lollipops.”

Ryan chuckles. “Michael’s idea. I think he’s trying to get back on your good side.”

“Well, he’s made a good start,” she smirks. “But he still has a ways to go.”

Gavin shifts as her voice wakes him up, blinking and then smiling and nuzzling closer. “Happy birthday FiFi,” he whispers sleepily.

“Thanks, Gavvy,” she hums, brushing his hair. “But next year, we are doing that Teletubby Heist for the birthday. I don’t care what Geoff says.”

Gavin and Ryan laugh and Fiona grins. She never knew she could have a family like this. Criminals, sure, but chaotic and caring all the same. She lets her eyes close, feeling the most safe and loved she’s ever been. Who would’ve guessed joining the Fakes would give her this much? She’s so glad she did.

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Omg she sees these pictures of Ryan’s ‘match’ and she’s like

“Ryan! That’s-” and the end of that sentence should be 'Rimmy Tim! Your battle buddy?’ but she’s shocked and confused because Ryan doesn’t have a second of recognition on his face. “That’s… great, I’m so happy for you!” and hopes the save is convincing enough.

Ryan’s too preoccupied with the pictures to hear the obvious fumble and Fiona has set herself down a path of pretending that she totally doesn’t know who Jeremy is and 'oh wow what do you mean your date turned up on a purple and orange bike, and he’s got a wicked scar from “wrestling” that was in the same spot Rimmy got stabbed, and he’s flexible just like our resident gymnast haha must be a funny coincidence’

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I’m working on a project for Fiona Week and I wanted to get some input. Is there any music that you associate with FAHC Fiona (or just Fiona in general?)

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“If we get arrested for this, it’s your fault.” Fiona huffed as she crouched next to the dumpster. Gavin stepped up onto her hands, dirt rubbing off onto her palms. “Swear to God, Gavin.”

“Not gonna get caught, love.” She grit her teeth as he peeked over the edge and caught a hearty punch to the jaw. Gavin collapsed on top of her, sending her tumbling onto the concrete.

“Goddammit Gavin!”

“This is all your fucking fault, asshole!” She hissed, cuffs ratting as she flipped the Brit off. Fiona turned away with the old metal biting into her wrists.

“Love, it’s okay—”

“Really, Gavin, it certainly doesn’t look okay!” She glared out the car window, ignoring the pitiful pout he was sporting. “Especially your face.”

“Jack said she was coming to bail us out, Fi.” The car thumped over a pothole, shaking both passengers from their discussion.

“How do you— Never mind, I don’t even wanna know.” Jack sighed, papers and pen in hand as she signed for their bail. The officer rushed in with eyes fixed to the ground and made quick work of the handcuffs holding the two. “I swear to God, I should ground the two of you.”

“It was Gavin’s fault!!” Fiona cried as the officer fled from the three. “His stupid idea—”

“Fiona!” He squawked, elbowing the brunette in the side. “You said you wouldn’t tell!”

“That was before—”

“Alright, that’s enough. Save your arguing for the penthouse and Geoff, I don’t wanna hear it.”

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