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#Falcon and the Winter Soldier
superherocaps · a day ago
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Anthony Mackie in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier - 1.01: New World Order.
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happygowriting · 2 days ago
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Title: In your hands Pairing: SamBucky Rating: Explicit [ if you are under 18 do not interact] Word Count: 1218 Warnings: m x m smut, use of butt plug, oral sex, some dirty talk, teasing, anal fingering, anal sex Author's Note: I always want to write SamBucky and I’ve done brief things but I’m always so anxious and worried that I’m going to mess up writing Sam. I know this is just a smutty fic but I really hope that I wrote Sam well. I just love Sam so much I want to give him justice. Let me know if you enjoyed it!
Not beta’d, all mistakes are my own.
SamBucky Masterlist || Buy me a kofi!
By clicking read more you are agreeing that you are above the age of 18. If you are not above the age of 18 you do not have permission to read this. Minors are not allowed to interact with this post as it contains graphic sexual situations and descriptions. Nobody‌ ‌has‌ ‌any‌ ‌permission‌ ‌to‌ ‌translate,‌ ‌repost,‌ ‌upload,‌ ‌or‌ ‌do‌ ‌anything‌ ‌with‌ ‌my‌ ‌fics.‌ Additionally I do not post my work to Wattpad. If you see this fic on there please let me know.
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The way Bucky breathed his name sounded desperate and Sam loved it. He smirks, licking his lips as he runs his hand down Bucky’s back, tracing the line of his spine all the way to his pretty ass. He cups Bucky’s ass and squeezes it before pulling his hand back and spanking Bucky’s ass, enjoying the way the spank was loud and seemed to echo in the room.
“Yes Bucky?” Sam asks and he sounds almost lazy, fingers teasing between Bucky’s cheeks, tapping the buttplug that was nestled between them from when they fucked earlier in the day.
“You’re such a fucking tease. Are you going to do anything or are we just going to play all night?” Bucky whines and Sam knows that he’s pouting without even seeing his face.
“I thought you liked the teasing.” Sam chuckles, pushing on Bucky’s shoulder so that he falls on his back.
He climbs onto the bed, hovering over Bucky. For a few moments Sam just stares down at him, a smirk playing on his lips because he knows that this is killing Bucky. The other man always liked to go and go and hardly slowed down, but Sam liked to make him slow down and enjoy the special moments.
“Sam.” Bucky whines again, his hands running up and down Sam’s sides, pulling him closer.
Sam laughs and leans down, pressing his lips to Bucky’s. The kiss starts out soft, a gentle bite and a tugged on his bottom lip and the kiss deepens. Sam moans softly, pressing his body against Bucky’s as he licks into his mouth. He rolls his hips against his, feeling Bucky’s half hard cock against his.
“You act like you don’t like the teasing but your cock says differently sweetheart, I know you get off on the teasing as much as you get off on me fucking that pretty ass of yours.” Sam says as he pulls away from Bucky.
He kisses down Bucky’s chest, nipping and sucking little bruises along his skin as he makes his way down his body. Sam enjoys the noises that Bucky makes, the soft moans, his breath catching, all of it spurred Sam on. He runs his hands up Bucky’s thighs, pushing on them gently to spread them more so he can really settle between them.
He presses a kiss to the base of Bucky’s cock before he starts to kiss along the length of Bucky’s cock. He grins at the feeling of Bucky’s cock twitching underneath his lips. He runs his tongue over the tip, moaning at the taste of precum before he wraps his lips around his boyfriend. He slowly starts to move his head, taking more and more of Bucky into his mouth. Sam always enjoyed the heavy weight of Bucky in his mouth, getting off on it as much as Bucky did.
Bucky moans, hips jerking up as Sam sucks him off. He reaches down, running his hand over Sam’s head and grabbing onto his shoulders. Sam made him feel so fucking desperate that it wasn’t fair but right now, with Sam’s mouth on his cock, Bucky was enjoying it.
“F-fuck, Sam. Your mouth.” Bucky moans and he doesn’t even know if he’s making sense. He feels so good.
If Sam could, he would be smirking but having a mouth full of cock made that hard. Instead he shifts, slipping a hand underneath Bucky. He wraps his fingers around the plug and pulls it out just a little bit before pushing it back in, teasing Bucky just enough to get him even more riled up.
He pulls off Bucky’s cock for a moment, licking his lips. “If you can still think, hand me the lube so I can get this pretty ass ready for my cock.”
It takes Bucky a few moments to realize what Sam’s asking. He reaches blindly for the lube on their nightstand and hands it to Sam. Sam grabs it and drizzles some lube on his fingers. He teases Bucky’s hole for a few moments before he presses two fingers in at the sametime he takes Bucky’s dick back into his mouth.
“Fuck Sam!” Bucky moans out, unsure if he wants to rock back against Sam’s fingers or jerk his hips up.
Sam hums in stratification at Bucky’s response. He pumps his fingers slowly, taking his time to get Bucky ready for his cock. When Bucky starts to make sounds like he’s going to cum, Sam pulls off of his cock. Sam pulls his fingers out of Bucky and moves so that he’s sitting against the head of the bed.
“Come on, I want you to ride me.” He says as he pulls Bucky onto his lap. He squeezes his ass as Bucky settles onto his lap.
Bucky groans and wraps his arms around Sam’s neck, grinning as he grinds down on Sam’s cock. “Knew you’d pick this, you always enjoy it when I’m riding your dick.”
Sam slaps his ass gently. “I know what I like, now get to work baby.”
Bucky rolls his eyes playfully and leans forward, kissing Sam hard as he reaches down between them to hold Sam’s cock. He teases himself a little before he slowly slides down on Sam’s cock, groaning as he feels himself stretch around him.
“Fuck Sam, never gonna get tired of how you feel inside me.” Bucky moans as he settles on Sam’s cock fully.
Sam runs his hands up and down Bucky’s sides before he settles on cupping his ass, squeezing it hard as he encourages Bucky to move. They both groan as Bucky begins to move, rocking his hips until he finds a good rhythm for them both. Sam brings a hand up to tangle in Bucky’s hair and pulls him close, kissing him as he wraps his other arm around his waist.
Sam groans, enjoying the feeling of Bucky’s ass squeezing his cock just the way he likes it. Bucky knew all of the ways to drive Sam crazy and Bucky always pulled out the tricks. Sam tilts his head as Bucky starts to kiss along his jaw, biting it gently before he trails the kisses down his neck and sucks gently at his pulse point, knowing that it always drove Sam crazy.
His fingers tighten in Bucky’s hair and he starts to thrust his hips up to meet Bucky’s, both growing desperate to feel the pleasure that an orgasm always brought them. He slips his free hand between them and wraps it around Bucky’s cock, stroking him in time with their thrusts.
With each moan, each movement, each kiss they grew closer and closer to losing themselves in each other. Bucky cums first with a moan of Sam’s name, his cock jerking in Sam’s hand and making a mess of them both. It doesn’t take Sam long to follow with Bucky’s ass clenching him tight. He pulls Bucky in for a hard kiss as he groans against Bucky’s lips, cock jerking in his ass and filling Bucky up.
Sam presses his forehead to Bucky’s, arms wrapped loosely around his waist as his cock softens inside him. “Always a good fucking time with you Barnes.”
Bucky chuckles and presses a soft kiss to Sam’s lips. “You know it. I love you.”
“Yeah, yeah, I love you too.”
friend tag: @daytonsferrari @steveng-rogers @daddyandybarber @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog @anothermcublog
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MCU Phase 4 duos playing House of Ashes:
Wanda and Vision: They repaired Eric and Rachel's marriage since they hated the idea of a marriage falling apart. All five protagonists survived thanks to Vision's logic and Wanda focused on keeping the group together.
Sam and Bucky: Salim and Jason became close friends, reflecting Sam and Bucky's bromance. Eric died because of Bucky messing up a QTE. Rachel died because Sam thought it was a better idea to retreat rather than use the gatling gun. Only Salim, Jason, and Nick survived.
Loki and Sylvie: Eric and Rachel's marriage falls apart due to Sylvie choosing to cut the rope as Eric. Loki, who was playing as Rachel, tried his best to save the marriage but couldn't due to Sylvie's decisions. Salim and Jason become enemies. In general, Loki and Sylvie screw up most of the main relationships in the game by choosing the more selfish options. Out of the five protagonists, only Jason and Nick survive.
Clint and Kate: Kate, playing as Rachel, ends up going for the Nick Kay romance path because she thought Eric King looked too much like Clint. She felt it was too weird romancing her mentor/father figure, which Clint agreed with. So the Hawkeyes don't save the marriage. All five protagonists survived thanks to the Hawkeyes' superior teamwork, but they get the "Salim becomes a prisoner of war" ending due to Clint requesting for air support as Eric King (he reasoned that's what he'd do in real life).
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chlo-sims · 2 days ago
I haven’t really been much of a Hawkeye fan since elementary school but the Hawkeye show has really made me like him more, Kate’s my favorite on the show tho
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shurisneakers · 7 months ago
let's hear it for sam wilson,
the kindest character in the mcu who right from the beginning has been one of the most empathetic voices that people can't help but listen to, who can relate to the struggles of those who are ignored or tossed aside in favour for the big battles and players, whose first option is peace and not violence, who sees someone getting hurt and steps in even though he's been disrespected by that person several times, is genuine and tries to make things right and cares.
he cares.
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Alright, that’s two episodes of Hawkeye. So far, so good! I’m not gonna lie, this has the potential to be the best of the Disney Plus shows based solely on Clint and Kate’s relationship. It feels nice to step away from the grander/experimental side of Marvel in order to do a more character-driven tale. It’s familiar, but it works. Like, I’m invested in just seeing Clint and Kate talk, that’s how well they work off each other and how strong the show can potentially be since it doesn’t need the grander, Marvel universe elements in order to make it compelling.
In terms of plot, it looks like we have two main storylines happening:
1) Echo and the Tracksuit Mafia want Ronin 
2) Kate needs to find out who killed Armand Duquesne.
So having two storylines makes sense since they both correspond to a specific Hawkeye. The Echo storyline is obviously Clint’s story while Armand’s storyline is Kate’s story. We’ll see how this goes but it shouldn’t be that hard to merge the storylines together. In fact, you could say that in order to bring all the villains need to put them under a “kingpin”. Nudge nudge, wink wink.
Anyways, in terms of where we are in the season, I’d rank Hawkeye this way:
1) Loki still has the best first act of the MCU Disney Plus shows. 
2) Hawkeye is a close second
3) WandaVision didn’t have a bad first act, but it took them more episodes to get to where I feel Loki and Hawkeye are at now
4) Falcon and the Winter Soldier didn’t really hit its stride until episode 4. 
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thinking-about-fiction · 7 months ago
Bucky really went from a cranky scowling old man who never smiles to that Cool (gay) uncle who pulls up 2 hours late to the family cookout with sunglasses, cake and level 100 swagger
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Now that's character development
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shurisneakers · 7 months ago
So from what I understood (please correct me if I'm wrong) is that when the rest of his team were held as hostages, Isaiah Bradley went out there to get them back. He put his life on the line to save his men, even though there were explicit directions against doing so. He did so because they were his brothers and friends.
He was tortured, experimented on and jailed. He was erased.
Except, that's exactly what Steve Rogers did in Captain America: The First Avenger.
Steve was pardoned. He went illegally to Austria to rescue his team and he was treated like a hero. He wasn't insulted and had his history erased- he was glorified. He was given a medal. He was remembered, and that act went on to show as a reminder of how noble and good he was.
Isaiah Bradley didn't receive the same treatment.
And I hope you think about that.
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