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#Fan Magnet
cosmokyrin · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I’ve drawn this way way back January and I kept forgetting to post here but here’s to art where Pyrrha lived
In this AU Beacon still fell, Penny still "died" but Pyrrha lived (no one died or got substituted for her death). They got reunited in Atlas and became really good friends!
You may support the artist via commission (at 30% off!) or Ko-fi donations! Link to Tumblr post here.
Artwork powered by Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS): Linux Mint MATE 19.1 and Krita 4.3.0
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chicinlicin · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
trying to figure out how Rune’s outfit works and it turned into a ref OTL
...i’ve decided that astrologian gear is held on with magnets. magnets everywhere. magic magnets. yes they could be normal magnets shush.
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donsveertje · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
My take on the iconic song Magnet for @throwbackfanzine. This was such a blast of nostalgia, and this whole project is filled with so much love and passion from every single contributor ❤
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bitchybeautyboy · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Lorna Dane Summer art by Lorna Moose
Lorna looks GORGEOUS! I’m glad a friend sent me this beautiful, wonderful, mesmerizing piece of art :)
@genoshan you need to see this.
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avaantares · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Holistic Detective Magnets
While I’m on the shameless self-promotion train, I also made some Dirk Gently Everbulb magnets! I used my new graphics tablet to hand-draw the design and laser engraved it in wood.
These are available in my Etsy shop, which is etsy (dot) com/shop/antaresversatilearts (because Tumblr hates links now)
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yenamisu · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“The rift, Pine tree—”
“Drop the gun, and tell me where’s Ford! O-Or I’ll shoot!”
“You don’t have the balls, pal.”
“I said drop it!”
a lil fan art for a lil fanfic of mine (that would probably never see the light of day)
i finally had the guts to start and finish this piece, and pick up where i left on my drafts. i mean, it’s still in the works, and needs a lot of tweaking
i do look forward to posting it on ao3 someday this quarantine, as well as my other drafts
Size: 1920 x 1080
you can also find me on: DeviantArt Instagram
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theartofthecover · a year ago
Tumblr media
Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises #3 [Textless] (2016)
Art by: Steve Rude
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imperiuswrecked · 9 days ago
I loathe fandom magnet fam. 😒😒😒 So much of it is like watching an episode of the Simpsons. Like a bad sitcom. (via @hellspeed )
I’m putting this it’s own separate post because wow do I have things to say about Fanon Magnet Family. It’s not imo as bad as Fanon Bat Family but it has it’s very terrible takes and I want to rant about it.
1. Lorna is Daddy’s Little Girl.
Disgusting. This imo has 100% has to do with Wolverine & the X-Men cartoon that features this very Princess in Need of rescue Lorna and her father the King of Mutants. Lorna was confirmed to be Magneto’s daughter in Uncanny X-Men (1963) #431. That’s literally DECADES after her first appearance. The way Fandom has reduced her to being Magneto’s daughter and not her own character annoys me. However I will ask @salarta who knows way more about Lorna than I do to weigh in on this if they want.
2. Wanda is the good twin, Pietro is the bad twin.
Every time I see this, I literally want to rage. Like fuck that, you can’t just label one as good and the other as bad. I love Wanda with all my heart but she is just as flawed as Pietro and isn’t perfect.
3. Wanda is oppressed by her twin brother!
I will BURN every single copy of that Scarlet Witch Solo. I literally hate how writers constantly use Pietro in a creepy overprotective misogynistic writing so that Wanda can have her “GIRLBOSS” moment for standing up for herself. Did you all forgot it was literally Pietro doing whatever his sister wanted to do? He wanted to leave the Brotherhood before her but stayed because Wanda felt she owed Magneto for him saving her.
4. The Wanda only stans.
Listen, I do not say this much but those fans who are ONLY here for Wanda and constantly reduce Pietro to that trope in no. 3. I do not interact with them at all. I get you might have a favored character but Pietro & Wanda are a set. Do not separate. You either love both or you aren’t allowed to have any takes on them.
5. Magneto was right.
No, the fuck he was not. Magneto is a man with a shit ton of issues and he isn’t right about everything and it’s so fucking annoying to see fans think Magneto can do nothing wrong. I love a character doing war crimes as much as the next person but honestly, Magneto killed his own son. Magneto murdered people. Pietro has the right to not forgive Magneto for a ton of stuff and yet it’s always handwaved away with “Magneto was Right”.
6. Pietro is in love with his twin sister
Can we NOT make this into incest? Can we please for ONCE acknowledge the fact that platonic/family/friend relationships can be JUST as emotional and devastating as romantic ones? Thankfully this seems to have died down in recent years but I literally hate how Ultimates made it a thing just to be edgy and fans went with it. 
7. The Happy Family
God, what comics have you been reading? They are so messy and dysfunctional and I love that. I understand wanting fluff fics and arts and I die over them too but like, it really puts me off to have this weird “everyone is happy, and Cherik is main ship” pop up into literally any Magnet Family stuff.
At this point I know there is more fanon out there that I dislike but I can’t remember because I’m mentally spent, but I want to ask @esteicy-blog @teal-bandit @allwillbeone and anyone else to add more if they want.
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h-styles-babes · 2 years ago
hiiii can you do a blurb based on the dodgeball episode where y/n on michelle’s team and harry and y/n hit it off pretty well
“Is it weird that they have five players and we have six?” Y/N asked as she sat in her chair, the Late Late Show’s hair stylist teasing the crown of her hair in order to put it into a bouncy pony tail for the sketch.
“I asked James if he wanted to add someone else to his team, and he said it was fine,” Michelle shrugged.
Y/N still couldn’t believe that this was where she was. When she’d begun her acting career alongside the amazing Mila Kunis when she was but a spry thirteen year old, she never anticipated everything blowing up like this. Working alongside someone she’d seen in her favorite show growing up was one thing, but getting to do what she loved with people that she admired was something completely beyond what she could have ever imagined. And now she was sitting alongside former First Lady Michelle Obama, about to play dodgeball with her now-good friend and sort of mentor, Mila, as well as the hilarious Melissa McCarthy, Kate Hudson, and Allison Janney. Not to mention she was facing off against James, Benedict Cumberbatch, John Bradley, Reggie Watts, and none other than Harry Styles.
Where was Y/N to start with Harry Styles? He was only a year older than her, and she’d technically popped up in the mainstream media before he had, but he was undoubtedly the bigger star. Not to mention Y/N had been a pretty big One Direction fan when they’d been popular when she was in high school. She’d of course followed his solo career so far, and she was honestly really surprised that their paths hadn’t crossed before then. Not that she had many connections to the music industry, but she’d definitely attended a lot of the same award shows and events that he had over the years. She had friends that knew him a little more personally, and while she was a bit jealous, she never wanted to force a meeting between them. She was a fan, but she didn’t want to come across as obsessed or demanding of his attention.
So she sat in her little corner of the room, allowing the makeup artists and hair dressers do their thing, checking emails on her phone and having a light chat with the women on her team, sneaking inconspicuous glances at Harry across the room. He was effortlessly attractive and put together, joking and messing around with his own teammates. She’d always heard stories both in the industry and from fans about the magnetism that Harry naturally exuded, and she could finally attest to it first hand. Even though they were clear across the room from each other, she could feel his eccentricity and charisma. It was a little annoying in that way that she was mad that she didn’t get to experience that sort of thing on the regular.
James came up to her as the hair dresser deemed her finished.
“Have you met everyone here, Y/N?” he asked. She hadn’t been able to make it to the scripted rehearsal the day before due to some previous obligations, so she hadn’t been there to be introduced properly to everyone. She obviously knew everyone on her own team already, and she’d met John at premieres, Reggie on the show, and Benedict from a World War II movie they’d done together a few years before. The only one she didn’t know was the one that was most friendly with James Corden, and it was a tad intimidating.
“Everyone except Harry Styles,” she confirmed, trying not to give away that she was really anxious to meet him.
“Well, we start filming in twenty, so let’s get that sorted,” James decided, already turning to look around for his friend. When he spotted him, he gave a low whistle, immediately catching Harry’s attention. James beckoned him over with a wave, and Harry politely departed his previous conversation.
He gave a slight jog up to where James stood with Y/N, who popped out of her seat so she wouldn’t be sitting when she introduced herself to him. Seemed a bit rude, honestly. And she was already having to pretend not to have a little bit of a freak out internally, so she figured giving herself the distraction of having to stay standing would be a good idea.
“Hey, don’t think we’ve met before,” Harry greeted her, reaching his hand out.
Y/N accepted it, a little overwhelmed by the warmth of his skin and the way his hand nearly completely engulfed her own.
“No, I don’t think we have. I’m Y/N.” She was honestly surprised she was able to get the words out so easily and sound like an actual functioning human adult.
“Harry,” he reciprocated, flashing her one of those lopsided smiles she’d seen a lot on the red carpet and in magazines. It was a little disarming, in all honesty, now that she was close to it and all it’s cheeky glory.
“I know it’s like two years late, but I really love your album.” Y/N couldn’t help but gush just a little bit. She was a fan and there was no reason to hide it completely. She’d just have to tamp it down a little bit.
The smile on his face widened into a full blown grin that crinkled the corners of his eyes. “Thanks! Thank you so much. That means a lot.”
“Get friendly. We’re gonna start pelting each other with rubber balls in twenty minutes,” James told them, clapping Harry on the shoulder as he passed by to go talk to someone else.
“Yeh know, I really loved that movie you just did with Chris Evans,” Harry told her, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning his hip against the makeup table their artist had set up. “Actually, I think I’ve loved every movie yeh’ve ever done. I’m kinda actually a really big fan. Mates make fun of me for ownin’ all your movies and watchin’ all your interviews.”
Y/N felt herself flushing, but she was pleasantly surprised to see that a bit of red was tinging the tips of his ears as he bent his head, that cute little smile on his face, looking a little embarrassed. She couldn’t hold back the excited little giggle that escaped her mouth at his adorable behavior.
“That’s really sweet, Harry. And tell your friends to get off your back. My friends used to make fun of me for liking One Direction. Look who’s laughing now.”
Harry laughed. He looked back up at her, and she noticed him biting down on the tip of his tongue with his back teeth. When she was a teenager, and Harry was a teenager, that look used to drive her crazy. Now that they were both adults, the look was one hundred times worse, and Y/N had to physically swallow to control her reaction. Lord help her.
Y/N and Harry chatted about mundane industry things for a few minutes, waiting out the time until they were due to start filming. Y/N found that Harry was just as charming and adorable as he’d always come across in interviews and videos. He was a bit more willing to answer her questions than he was in answering interview questions. And he was really funny in that dorky way that would be embarrassing if he wasn’t so willing to embarrass himself.
James finally called everyone to order, and the next thirty minutes could only be described as absolute annihilation. The UK tried to make their comeback in the second round, America crushed them in the third. While Y/N was celebrating with her teammates and playfully making fun of the Brits for their loss, she felt a hand wrap around her wrist. She turned to look down at the hand and noticed the rings adorning the long fingers of the hand. Trailing up the arms, she took stock of all the tattoos and knew immediately who it was.
“Congrats on the win,” Harry told her, a broad smirk stretching across his face.
Y/N bowed her head mock seriously. “Thank you, sir. You were a noble opponent. Honestly, you and Cumberbatch carried the team. Don’t tell James that.”
Harry placed a hand over his heart. “Thank you, that means a lot. And I won’t tell, promise.”
Y/N smiled at him but she wasn’t really sure what else she was supposed to say to him. They were on friendly terms now, but she was still a little nervous around him.
Harry apparently sensed her unease or was a bit uneasy himself, so he spoke after a few seconds of silence had passed between them. Although she was more surprised by what he said than she was uncomfortable by the silence.
“Do you wanna go out sometime? Grab coffee or have lunch or something?”
Y/N’s mouth popped open just a little bit in shock. Was Harry Styles actually asking her out? Asking to spend time with her outside of work?
“Uh…y-yeah, that sounds great,” she agreed quicker than she thought she was capable of at that moment. It was good to know she was able to actually still function under high stress situations.
“Great,” Harry responded, his face brightening. “Should I get your email or something? So we can set a time. Are you in London long?”
“I just landed a show here, so I’ll be in London for the foreseeable future,” she said, already feeling the hope of this lasting longer than one meeting flourishing in her stomach. “But is there something wrong with exchanging phone numbers?” She can’t say she’d ever swapped emails with people as opposed to cell numbers. Emails were for work appointments and contract drafts. Not casual conversations and dates.
Harry awkwardly chuckled and wiped at his nose with the broad part of his first finger. “I uh—I didn’t wanna be presumptuous.”
Y/N rolled her eyes and put her hand out. “Give me your phone, Styles.”
He smirked at her. “Bossy, are yeh?”
“I prefer authoritative and decisive.”
His smirk softened into a smile. “I like that.”
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pearljam · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
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ninjahaku21art · 2 years ago
Rip jack. he became a fan girl magnet.
Tumblr media
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tezzyarts · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Finally completed! Haida from Aggretsuko, made for my friend.
Features of this head include:
Built in fan
Magnetic blush marks
My first attempt at a more kemono suit head
Vinyl nose and teeth
Lined handpaws and wired tail
I hope to take pictures of my friend in cosplay sometime soon!
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rosalyn51 · 2 years ago
Shaping Season 2 of 'A Discovery of Witches'—The Characters, the History, and the Challenges
by RACHEL CARRINGTON geeks media
Tumblr media
A release date for Season 2 hasn't been revealed.
When A Discovery of Witches, the paranormal drama adaptation of Deborah Harkness' All Souls Trilogy, debuted in September 2018, no one could have predicted the overwhelming success of the series. With the program being renewed for Seasons two and three, fans are eager to learn as much as they can about Matthew Clairmont, Diana Bishop, and all the characters that make up this fantasy world.
This couldn't be more evident than by the Amazon ranking of the first book in the All Souls Trilogy, which is aptly titled A Discovery of Witches. As of this writing,  it's currently ranked #26 in Vampire Thrillers and #29 in Witch and Wizard Thrillers. And the book released in 2011. The second and third titles in the series are ranking even higher in similar or comparable categories while a companion to the series, The World of All Souls: The Complete Guide to A Discovery of Witches, Shadow of Night, and The Book of Life (All Souls Trilogy), which was released in 2018, is a number one bestseller in Horror and Supernatural Literary Criticism at Amazon.  
Fans are magnetized by the characters existing in the All Souls Trilogy and for those following their journey as it plays out on television screens, it's a dream come true. And while Matthew and Diana take the lead in the series, the world would not be complete if even one character was removed. Deborah Harkness agrees, saying there are no minor characters in the trilogy.
All of them are make or break characters to me. I think of Sorcha Cusack, for example, who plays Marthe. She is an absolutely crucial character in the All Souls world, the one person who knows ALL the history that is relevant to the story. She knows even more than Philippe did! It was crucial to me that the role of Marthe be cast perfectly. It would ruin everything for me if she weren’t superb. And she is. Sorcha IS Marthe. The same is true for all the cast. Philippe is no more or less important than any of my other characters to the unfolding of this complex story. I like to say that there are no minor characters in the All Souls Trilogy, and would like the same to be true for the dramatization.
Tumblr media
Teresa Palmer and Sorcha Cusack/A Discovery of Witches
There is little doubt that the casting directors were challenged to choose actors that could become these characters so convincingly that fans would hereafter connect them with their namesakes. As Harkness says, "the casting directors for both Series 1 and Series 2 are looking specifically for cast who can embody the characters, rather than slavishly going for a specific “look.” And with Season two taking the series into the 1590s, all eyes are on the next batch of actors to step into the All Souls World as the new time period brings its own set of challenges.
Maintaining historical accuracy will be a tough mission for the crew behind the scenes of A Discovery of Witches. The Elizabethan era is known for its lack of hygiene and overpopulation. History buffs may be expecting a certain look and feel to accurately depict the era. And, according to Harkness, the show will "strive to give viewers something that an Elizabethan person would recognize, if presented to them." But she does caution that the color palette will be different and adds, "people will not be filthy. City streets will not be filthy. We are not in Victorian or Georgian London, where the infrastructure of the city has collapsed under the weight of the steeply rising population."
It isn't unheard of for lighter historical dramas to take license with the look and feel of the past, changing everything from the clothing worn in the time period to making life seem a whole lot easier than it was. But Harkness assures that A Discovery of Witches is going for something "grounded, authentic, and as accurate as we can make it."
Still, she admits that some people will be nervous because "it doesn’t “look” like what people have seen on screen before; and that...challenges expectations. But that’s how we learn: by being a bit nervous and uncomfortable as we put our preconceptions and prejudices aside and embrace the past on its own messy, complex, and fascinating terms."
And fans of the book series that have watched the adaptation will freely admit they were nervous about the actors that would be portraying Matthew Clairmont and Diana Bishop because of the established rapport and chemistry. Episode one of the first season allayed their fears with perfect casting of the couple and the characters that make up this world. So while it will be a wait to discover who will embody future characters, more than likely, the wait will be worthwhile.
Tumblr media
Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer as Matthew Clairmont and Diana Bishop
And speaking of wait, while preparations for season two is underway, there will be quite the lag time before it makes its debut. At present, it has not yet been scheduled, and while that can make viewers and fans anxious, it also presents them with an opportunity to get to know the present and upcoming characters in the second season.
The television series doesn't have the opportunity to delve in to the backstories of all the characters, but the books upon which the series is based provide a treasure trove of information that may never make it to the screen, offering intricate elements that shaped the characters Harkness created.
Though A Discovery of Witches has many fans who haven't read the books, Harkness believes viewers don't get the full picture without reading the series.
I don’t think the viewers get the full picture without reading the books. I would say the same thing to readers who haven’t watched the show! There are many different perspectives brought to light in the show that readers won’t get the chance to catch up with for a while in novel form. Similarly, viewers might want to take a deeper dive into Diana’s mindset by reading the books. It’s up each individual, really.
There is plenty of time between the first and second seasons to learn more about the witches, vampires, and daemons populating this world. Of course, those readers still on the fence about viewing the television adaptation can take heart that the series does the books justice, and with the first season coming in at just eight episodes, there is plenty of time to binge-watch before Season 2.
A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Trailer
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lilyvandersteen · 2 years ago
How was the concert? I wann hear everything! :)
Long story short: it was AMAZING!!
Putting the rest of this under a read more, because I have a lot of gushing to do, and it will get looooooooooooooooong.
I got to spend most of my two days in London with @perfectanomaly, who is a perfect darling. Thank you, sweetie, for making me feel welcome from the moment I arrived, for making my nerves just melt away, for gently guiding me in the right direction any time I veered off (Yep, I have no sense of direction. At all.) and for the wonderful chats we had. I had a lovely time in London, and that’s in large part due to you. Safe travels home, honey, and I hope to see you again soon!
We met up with another Gleek, @misssnowfoxx, shortly before the doors were to open, and she was dressed as a very cute female Blaine - blazer, bow tie necklace and all. Just gorgeous!
Then, when I was queuing, I met @fionaroleplays and @sarkyblueeyes, both of whom were lovely, and talked to me about their past experiences seeing Darren perform. When we entered the building, I lost sight of them in the crowd, though - sorry for not saying goodbye!
In the concert hall itself, I got to meet @klaineunite, who was very sweet, and introduced me to two other Flemish girls who were sitting with her, and we chatted a bit about Lea because those girls were BIG Lea fans.
The thing is, @klaineunite and I both live in THE SAME CITY. And yet we have never met until yesterday, in London. Isn’t that crazy? Glee definitely brings people together, and I’m so thankful that it does :-)
But, anyway, you want to hear about the concert. Of course. Yes. Getting to that. *Happy sigh* Not over it yet. So not over it yet. I’m still just floating on air and pinching myself to check I’m not dreaming. Wow, that was a wonderful experience. Hands down one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.
First thing I want to say is that because it’s Lea & Darren together, you’re definitely getting value for your money. It’s like two concerts in one, and that’s not counting the opening act, I believe his name was Tom Spade, who sang with a girl called Delia, and their songs were lovely, so that was a nice extra surprise.
So, as I was saying, the concert ran really long. Lea and Darren sang for over two hours, and their energy never flagged, not even for a minute.
Both of them have such a galvanising presence. They had the crowd in the palm of their hand from the first moment to the last. There may have been people there that just came along with their daughters or girlfriends, but by the end of the evening, they were clapping and singing along just as enthusiastically as the actual fans. That’s how magnetic Lea and Darren are.
They started off by singing Broadway Baby, acting it out like they did on Glee, and really hamming it up. You could see so clearly that they were enjoying themselves, those dorks :-)
Then they did Suddenly Seymour. Of course Darren couldn’t recall what episode they sang this in on Glee, and of course Lea remembered PERFECTLY. Down to the outfit! She described the pink top and the skirt she’d been wearing that day on the Glee set, and Darren said, “Huh, was I wearing that?”, which of course cracked everyone up. I’m sure Blaine could pull it off, though :-)
The third song they did together was Falling Slowly and oh, that gave me chills, it was SO GOOD. Their harmonies are so beautiful on that song.
After those three duets, Darren started yawning and said he needed a nap (Ha! I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually DID take a nap!), so then it was just Lea left. And she chatted with us like we were friends, telling us what was in all the cups and glasses and paraphernalia that were on the piano just for her. No alcohol, though she confessed that after the show, she’d have a drink to unwind a little. No, it was tea and cranberry juice and water and a throat spray, if I remember correctly, which she said she all needed for as long a set as theirs runs. I believe her wholeheartedly. It’s a wonder they can keep singing like that night after night - they certainly don’t hold back. They give it their all.
She sang Cannonball first, and oh, she DID sound like a cannonball. Her voice is so powerful. She got the crowd to join in, too, which I loved.
Then she sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and the backdrop on the stage actually turned into the colours of the rainbow for that song - it was so pretty. And of course she nailed the song. She said she’d always loved it, but she’d never sung it in public before, so she’d practiced it so she could sing it in London. Just lovely.
And then we got another confession from her: that she was a huge Gleek, just like us. That got a big cheer, of course!
She asked us what our favourite Glee songs were, and she sang a few snippets - I remember a stanza from Poker Face and then a bigger part of Don’t Stop Believing, getting us all to sing along, and of course we did so with gusto!! Yeah, that was a goosebumps moment. And you saw her beaming at the response from the crowd and being so pleased that we were so in the moment with her and singing along. Wonderful.
That segued into Lea singing Don’t Rain On My Parade, and KILLING IT!! Oh, she really went to town on that song, and we rewarded her for that with a standing ovation, which was more than deserved.
Then she told us about being a huge Lady Gaga fan, and how she was sad she didn’t get to sing Edge of Glory on Glee, because it was one of her go-to songs to sing in the shower, etc. And she told a story about her strong connection with her grandfather, and apparently Lady Gaga had written this story for HER grandfather. I didn’t catch everything, but it was a beautiful moment.And then she sang Edge of Glory, and you could tell that it meant a lot to her, that song. So emotional.
As was the next one she sang, Glitter In The Air. Apparently, that’s one out of only THREE songs that Lea got to choose for herself to sing on Glee (the others were Make You Feel My Love and This Time). And she recalled seeing Pink perform this song live at the Grammys hanging in the air from just a piece of cloth, and she remembers thinking, ‘If Pink can do that, I can do anything I put my mind to’. Lea’s performance of this song was just as intimate and goosebump-inducing as it was on Glee, and I just LOVED it.
After that, she sang Run To You, and I squealed excitedly, because those were back to back the two songs I’d really hoped she’d sing, so I was thrilled. I know she can belt like the best of them, but where Lea really touches me is when she makes her voice soft and vulnerable and crystal clear, every note just hitting the right spot, and conveying so much emotion that it fills you to the brim.
The last song she sang on her own was a Christmas song, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.
After that, Darren came back on stage to loud cheering, and they sang another song of hers, Getaway Car, together. Again, their harmonies give me chills. They sound awesome together.
When the Getaway Car duet was done, Lea left the stage to Darren for a well-deserved break, and Darren sang Cough Syrup. Never one of my favourite Glee songs, because of the whole suicide scene playing out while Blaine was singing it - *cringe*. But hearing it now without any of those marring elements, only Darren on stage singing his heart out, redeemed the song for me. Thank you for that, Darren! Now I have better images attached to that song :-)
And then Darren asked us if we knew the song before we heard it on Glee. I didn’t, and many others shook their heads as well, but Darren said he’d always loved the band Young the Giant, way before he got to sing their song on Glee. Which led him to enthuse about how wonderful it was that Glee mixed up all sorts of music genres, and led him to become more proficient at singing musical songs, for instance, and how he loved that aspect of being part of Glee, and how it had shaped his musical career. “Look at this concert! Where else would you hear a rock song and then straight after a song from a musical?”
That segued into Darren singing Hopelessly Devoted To You. And devoted he was. Oh, he sang that song beautifully on Glee, but during the concert, it was even more heartfelt, more raw. He dug deep, and at times, it felt like intruding on a personal moment. It made tears well up in my eyes.
After that, he sang most of the songs from his Homework EP. Again, I was THRILLED, ‘cause I love those.
It was just Darren and his guitar for both Going Nowhere and I Dreamed A Dream, and during most of that, you could here a pin drop. Everyone was so in the moment, and Darren’s voice is SO beautiful on both of those songs, which have gorgeous melodies and lyrics that really speak to you. Yes, that was definitely one of the highlights of the concert for me. I’ve listened to those songs on repeat for I don’t know how many times, but hearing them live is so much better still.
Foolish Thing was on the piano, and a lot more vigorous than the softer songs that came before, and many people sang along. The crowd was so responsive, I loved that.
Then Darren told the story of how he’d written Not Alone while he was in Italy, and wanting to write a big ballad, and he mentioned that he’d used it for AVPM, which of course got a LOUD cheer from the Starkid fans, and he sang a snippet from Going Back To Hogwarts, and we sang along, that was fun.
And then he sang Not Alone, and oh, SO INCREDIBLE. You could tell that the song meant a lot to him. Again, he poured just everything into it, and it was an outstanding moment, with the audience singing with him and just feeling the vibe. Goosebumps. Truly.
But he topped that with the song that came after, which was Teenage Dream. He asked us not to sing along, and during the quiet part, we didn’t, but as soon as Darren started belting, there were people singing along anyway. I’m sorry about that, but luckily, it didn’t get to Darren, who really gave his all on this song, and it was so stupendous that we ended up giving him a standing ovation. For TD and everything that came before. Seriously, the guy is pure magic and had us all under his spell. So SO deserved, that standing O.
Then Lea came on again, and they did This Time, reminiscing about Glee again, dedicating the song to us fans, and then harmonising so beautifully that I got tears in my eyes again. I’m getting emotional again just writing about it.
The last song before the encore was Don’t You Want me, and they were so full of energy as if it was their very first, getting us to stand up and sing and dance along, which we did enthusiastically.
And then the encore was Make you feel my love. Without microphones, just their voices. An amazing moment, that made us feel so connected and so moved. It was only marred by an idiot shouting something somewhere halfway through.
That was the end, and then I went to my hotel with @klaineunite who was staying there too, and I was still half in a trance. It was so superb that I’ll be reliving it for days and weeks on end. What a wonderful experience. Truly spectacular, and my admiration for the both of them has grown exponentially. Lea and Darren are amazing, and deserve all the praise.
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notaparagraph · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My cable management is in progress. Later today, I’ll need to partially disassemble it (for the third time, whoops) to pull the fan wires through. Magnetic shelves are coming this evening and I’ll arrange things a little more beautifully. Cacti do not need humid cabinets and my bird of paradise and fiddle leaf fig won’t fit in this space, but don’t worry; I’m already planning to get the wide version.
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