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Summary:  Tony knows he’s been second best to Howard since the day they pulled Steve fucking Rogers out of the Arctic. America’s wartime hero, Howard’s greatest creation, the man, the myth, the legend. It’s bad enough playing second best to your parents if you’re just an average guy, but when you’ve achieved two masters in engineering by the time you’re 19, and you still don’t make the grade? That’s shitty.

The year is 1991. Steve Rogers has been out of the ice for two years. Tony can’t decide if he loves or hates him more.

Warnings: panic attacks, period-typical homophobia, internalised homophobia, 

Tags: mutual pining, age difference, canon divergence, jealousy, fluff and angst, hopeful ending/happy ending

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And I have whipped up a little something just for this day!


Chapter 4 of Smash Kids - The Ultimate Prank

Disclaimer: I literally wrote this all last night. Apologies if its, well, bad

On AO3

It was the morning of a beautiful day. The sun was shining in through the windows, birds were chirping softly, and kids were screaming inside the mansion.

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Cappuccetto rosso!AU - cram session

Un AU nato da una oneshot nata da un aesthetic che al mio padre il mercato comprò AHAHAH e non è nemmeno la prima volta! Ma su questo ci torneremo sotto il ‘continua a leggere’, per chi ne ha voglia.

Resta il fatto che, terminata anche questa longfic prima che si gettasse nel vuoto cosmico dalla disperazione:

  • con mia gioia e gaudio innanzitutto, riprenderò la Jazz Age!AU ancora in corso;
  • finito pure quello, sarà finalmente la volta di un AU di cui vi ho dato un indizio nel capitolo 7 di questo, e di cui ho comunque parlato abbastanza in tutti i luoghi e in tutti i laghi perché voi sappiate già di che si tratterà.

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Pairing: Geralt of Rivia x fem!Reader
Some bickering, holding back feelings, sarcasm and eye-rolling. Also a tad of monsters and violence.
Thanks for the patience and support!
I may have to slow my postings down the coming weeks as I’m picking up extra shifts at the ER to assist on the COVID-19 diagnosis and care. I’ll do my best to update on the WiP/master list as well as posting.
Want a tag? Send an ask or reblog! I’d love comments and feedback – even if it’s corrections on language or whatever. I’m not picky as long as I know my work brings joy too.


Originally posted by buckeed

12 – Nightmares in Daytime

…   Geralt   …

“Hm,” the Witcher tells his horse, conveying all the annoyance saturating his cells, “y’need to keep an eye on them, Roach.”

The animal in question bumps him gently with the head as if to show that she accepts the responsibility and  understands her owners concern. Jaskier has been a fixed part of half of the horse’s life, and more often than not the lad gets himself into some sort of silly situation – though the risk of that is greater in the cities. But now? There are two. This is not to say that [Y/N] is cut from the same cloth as the bard, merely that she too lacks a certain understanding of the world and its darkness.

“Sweet talk vampires, pfft.”

“I heard that!”

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Synopsis: Every girl dreams of marrying a prince and becoming a princess. One day my life gets turned upside down and I find myself in the life of Prince Henry. Thanks to ‘The Princess Lottery' 

Disclaimer: I do not own Henry, he owns himself. I own myself and my ideas only. 

Warnings: Smut (eventual), kidnapping, tooth-rotting fluff. 

Taglist: @cavilliciousness@viking-raider@carietrekkie@onlyhenrys

Author’s Note: This is my April CampNanoWriMo project, aiming for 5k words. Might write more than that but we’ll see how it goes. I’m also happy to add people to the tag list, and please, please do leave feedback if you are enjoying it. 



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Pairing: TouKei / DabiHaul

Read here


They traveled in silence for the majority of the walk. It was normal, even preferable. He couldn’t really say with any conviction that it was fun spending time with a mobster’s kin. Unfriendly. Aggressive. Really fucking gorgeous. Too bad he didn’t have the personality to match.

Would he prefer dealing with an unsociable, violent guy or his family? Maybe it wasn’t all that different in certain ways.


WHEW! How’s quarantine treating you? Hopefully you’re all doing alright. I’ve been holed up finishing my thesis and I’m finally DOOONE! 

So, here’s an update. Enjoy :) 

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=Ruby La Rose= 

Nickname: The ring leader, circus demon

Age: 90 but physically 30

Gender: Female

Race: Succubus

Magical Abilities: Pyrokinetic, uses her tail to balance,grip,hang upside down or sit on it and uses it as a whip, can sprout bat-like wings when she is in her full demon form, can see in the dark. Her iris shifts into that of a goat’s when she is in her full demon form. Her horns become elongated as well.

=Character Looks= Appearance: An average height woman with brown wavy hair, two curved horns, yellow eyes, light tan skin and has goat hooves for feet. She also wears really revealing attire.

Strengths: Her tail, fire, singing, dancing, her wealth

Weaknesses : Water, her stubbornness, the cold, glitter =Character Info= Personality: She is charismatic, headstrong and takes the lead. She is motherly and protective of her family. She is adventurous and spontaneous. She is partly vain and a bit of a narcissist and will hog the spotlight when it comes to show business. She can comes across as pushy and bossy and self-centered. She is also a sadistic nymphomaniac.

Backstory:born into a rich family who happen to be one of the many overlords in hell. They are into show business; her father owns several 5 star Casinos and performs as a Magician; his wife is his assistant. Aside from being a magician’s assistant; Ruby’s mother is also a talk show host. The couple provided a lavish life for their daughter. Ruby grew up wanting to follow in her parents’ footsteps; in her own way. She has always been fascinated with exotic animals and the rich culture of circus life. She also was giving an opportunity to wayward demons in need of a job.

Fighting Style: she is very flexible, quick and agile so she will use that to her advantage. She fights like an animal, using her clawed nails, fanged teeth and tail. Also may use her hooves to step on her enemies. 

Quote: “Life is like a circus” 

Fun facts: She has an affinity for Alastor. She is a woman attracted to power and class. And she wants to dominate that power.

Voice Claim: Maria Brink

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5.  🍰The Cake (And A Prank) - April 1st 

 "I. Want. Chocolate.“ Sam insisted for what had to be the sixteenth time, though, still, no one was listening. 

He ran his hands through his hair, tugging at a small tangle with a snarl – Sam almost yanked the whole strand out, not having enough patience to deal with anything else that day, but he realized it would hurt. A lot. He took a deep breath and stilled his hands, closing his eyes and counting to five like his mom always told him to. 

Sam was still sore from the merciless teasing and physical jabs - if all good natured, nothing nasty - he had received the other day, and he missed Danny. Usually, his best friend was there to help keep things (the twins) under control, or their family was, but everyone else was out getting things ready, working, and/or running errands. He would have to handle this on his own, and they were unlucky for it; Sam was quick, decisive, and took no shit when he was cranky.

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forgotten (and lost)
by tsubisho

Larry the Cucumber has been abandoned, left for another universe he doesn’t understand. All he knows is that God wouldn’t accept this new hobby his abandoner seemed so emotionally connected to.

He can’t help but shake his cucumber head in disappointment when he watches the obsession over the two new fictional characters and their own universe. As words pile on top of each other about how happy they are, Larry wonders if he’s even real enough to make a difference.

Words: 393, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here:

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Fandom: Hetalia – Axis Powers
England, Spain

Summary: A storm is closing in on the English Captain Arthur Kirkland, privateer, and his hostage, the Spanish captain Antonio Fernández Carriedo.

Also available on AO3 (see the links in my profile).

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Hold me close and don’t let go

Summary: Ladybug, exhausted from several particularly tiring akuma attacks, crashes into Adrien’s window at 3am.

Read on AO3

Adrien startled awake at 3am to the sound of something hitting his window. It took him a second his eyes to adjust, and then his heart just about leapt out of his chest because he could swear that he saw a very familiar figure just outside. He stumbled out of the bed and over to the window and threw it open.

“Ladybug?” He asked with a yawn, not quite sure that he was actually awake and not just dreaming still. He discretely pinched his arm just to make sure and found that he really wasn’t dreaming.

Ladybug had been perched on the little ledge under his window about to throw her yoyo and swing away, but upon hearing him, she yelped and almost fell off. He reached out and grabbed her hand to steady her. “Sorry!” She gasped. “Did I wake you? I’m so sorry!” Her forehead creased and it looked like she was about to cry. “I should’ve been paying more attention to where I was going, I’m sorry, I-“

“Hey,” He cut her off gently. “It’s alright. But are you okay? What are you doing out so late?”

“Oh…” She blinked. “I- I couldn’t sleep. I was just getting some fresh air. I thought it would help. I’m so sorry for waking you.”

Adrien understood. He had often done the same thing when he couldn’t get to sleep.

“Do you want to come in?” He asked, too tired to think about whether that was a good idea or not.

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Hello there! I am a reporter, working on a story about fanfics during COVID-19. I’m looking to hear the stories of people who started reading fanfic for the first time as a way to cope with the pandemic anxiety as well as those who are reading more than they used to. Would love to hear your experiences!

submitted by /u/denocam
[link] [comments]

from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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