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At Last

A Doctor Who fanfiction for #WhouffleWeek2020

Day 4 - Coat, outerwear / Food

Featuring the Thirteenth Doctor and Clara

The Doctor was working on a problem that had plagued her for not just days but weeks now. She danced around the console, from tweaking measurements one side to dials on the other, glanced at the displays, grimaced, then changed something yet again. It was proving difficult at the very least. She stopped and exhaled.

Maybe she should stop bothering about it.

But she couldn’t help it.

It was so hard to be alone! And she adored her new TARDIS team, sure, but they didn’t know her. They didn’t understand the darkness of her past, and if they knew, they’d probably leave her… just like so many companions had left her. And then there were others she had left behind…

The Doctor missed all of her friends with a burning constancy. Bill Potts, Missy, even Nardole! And she knew it was foolish to hope to find any of them, but there was a slight possibility that there was one person she could meet.

On second thought? Maybe it did make sense to give up.

She turned around slowly, boredly, expecting to see that same result she’d grown used to… null. Nothing. Zero. A blank space, and then she’d have to start all over again with a new plan…


A wild, crazy grin grew on her entire face, a grin that popped at the eyes and wrinkled her nose.

Yes,” she whispered. Then, louder and louder: “Yes, yesss, YESSS!”

And she prepared the TARDIS, pressing a number of buttons, turning dials, entering coordinates, until she finally gripped the lever in her hand. At last, long last! She felt the power course through her veins as she held off for a mere second, relishing what she was about to do. And down went the lever with a satisfying, resounding thrum from the engines…

She was off.

“So! Where to, next?” Ashildr said, in a distant and second-hand set of dimensions.

The room was white and blaring. They hadn’t been able to change the desktop theme yet. The manual hadn’t been particularly helpful, and it made Clara understand why most of the time the Doctor preferred to steer through trial and error…

“I don’t know,” she said to her, standing up and staring at the vision screens. One of them showed a rolling peach coloured ocean at a pearly white coast, one of the most gorgeous planets they’d visited in their travels. They didn’t get into nearly as much trouble as the Doctor would, though. That was heartening, what with her delicate… health… She placed a hand on her wrist, subconsciously looking for a pulse again. It had become a bad habit. She noticed, and scratched her ear instead. “Maybe we’ll just… Stay here for a while… We could just have a stroll, look at the view, and have a swim in the eveneing! Who knows what we’ll find? And we could always leave the next adventure till tomorrow.”

Ashildr was unconcerned. “Sure, whatever you want.” She sat down on a chair and propped her feet on a footrest, both silver as the floor designs, with a journal on her lap.

Clara rolled her eyes. Her companion could be really unenthusiastic sometimes. Well, what she thought of as her companion.

“Right,” she said, “I’ll be out in reception if you need me… I’m gonna finish up some of that banana icecream from the pantry…”

“You know that eating is probably not recommended in your case, right?”

“It helps me think, okay? And so what if I don’t have a metabolism anymore, I still have senses!”

“Okay,” she said, holding up her hands in a concilliatory fashion, knowing it was a touchy subject. “Okay, go ahead.” And she went back to writing.

Clara glanced at the screen again. “What -?” She flipped her head around at Ashildr, then back again. “Do you –”

“I see it.”

“Should I -?”

“Go! Find out.”

She put her journal aside and stood to observe the second screen, the one that had changed. Her companion dashed inside to change into her waitress uniform. Well, what she thought of as her companion.

Meanwhile, the figure on the screen moved to the counter and sat down.

“Hey!” Clara said to her with a smile, entering the main hall of the diner at last.

It was like water bursting out of the ground in a barren desert. The Doctor looked at her, and everything came alive, fervently and insistently: the Ice Warrior in the submarine, the mummy on the Orient Express, the portrait of her in Time Lord Hell where it hung for billions of years, and the dazzling euphoria of bringing her back on Gallifrey… It filled her heart, and there was only one thing to be said…

“Doctor,” Clara said nodding at her confidently, interrupting her train of thought.

She raised her eyebrows, impressed.

“You recognised me! Clara Oswald, ever full of surprises.”

Clara grinned. “As are you!” she countered. “Where did you find your memories? Guess that Neural Block didn’t work on you for too long, eh?”

“Nah,” she said, broadening her shoulders. “It’ll take more than that to get you out of my head, Clara Oswald! Although I did have a lot of help… Tell me,“ she said, remembering her point, "how are you? I’m so sorry I couldn’t help you more last time, that I –”

“Don’t! Don’t apologise,” Clara shook her head, her ponytail bouncing with it. She looked serious. “You were so amazing, Doctor. This? Me being here, talking? That’s all you! So don’t ruin the effect by being humble. It doesn’t suit you.”

The Doctor closed her mouth. Oh, yeah. That’s who she had been, after all: proud and entitled. And Clara was the same. Neither her past self nor Clara had ever dealt well with raw emotion. Good reminder; something she would have to work on this time around.

“No matter,” she said. “So, go on,” she added, raising her tempo to something more cheerful, “Clara, the Time Traveller! Have you travelled much? I see you’ve picked a scenic spot to park yourself. The vagabond life treatin’ you well?”

“I’ve had some okay adventures,” she shrugged. “Nothing too crazy, thanks to your esteemed absence.”

“Hah! Well, I’m glad you’re taking care…”

And nice look, by the way!

“Thank you! I was wondering if it suited me… Brand new face and all!”

“I love your new coat! Very Doctor-y.”

“Oh yeah? I thought you might approveñ”

“It’s gorgeous… On the other hand, the colours? Yellow suspenders? I can see there that you’ve started to call back the… ahem!… fez-like… fashion choices…” Clara read the growing offense on the Doctor’s face and popped herself underneath the counter to hide –

What’s wrong with yellow? Plus! Fezzes! Are cool!

She jumped out of her seat and began to lean across to get a glimpse of Clara and where she was hiding.

“No they’re not!” she teased. “Fezzes have never been cool, and neither are bowties! Come on, it’s a new face isn’t it, grow some new taste!”

“How dare you! You know I never criticised you for the way you –”

Oh? Oh yeah?” She popped up from the opposite end of the long table, holding some plastic jars in her arms. “She’s got a face so wide she needs three mirrors!” she said trying to do a deep, gruff voice. The Doctor scrambled over the counter and raced to catch her, but Clara slipped open a door and locked her on the staff-only side. “Oh! Stay there,” she giggled, “stay there, or I’ll call in security!”

“Clara, let me out! – and I only said that because it’s true! What did you need three mirrors for?!”

“It helps to make sure my makeup is even! You know, the face colouring you never understood!”

“Well, I do now!” she lunged her arms forward to get at the latch and escape from her trap behind the counter but Clara slapped her away and raised up her hand, balancing jars dangerously with the other.

“Peace,” she called. “Peace offering! Doctor! Look, I’ve got banana icecream!”

The Doctor dropped her arms at that and rolled her eyes at Clara, who was comically supporting the jars between one arm and knee. Then she chuckled and gave her a warm smile, one that reminded Clara of the way the Doctor would look at her in a earlier, simpler times… “All right,” she said, leaning her elbows on the counter and raising her eyebrows. “Okay, we’ll let it rest. Just for the banana icecream… Bananas are good.”

“That,” Clara said, settling herself on a stool and setting the ice cream between them, “That, we can agree on…”

The Doctor reached into a drawer to produce some spoons, her heart swelling. It was a strange thing, but it was so refreshing to be around Clara again, to be surprised, to be challenged, even criticised… to be known.

When the universe turns you upside down, there’s nothing that can bring you back on your head like an old friend.

… All the while, Ashildr watched them and gave a heavy sigh.

She disabled the audio and stepped away.

It wouldn’t last, she knew. Even with her memories back, the Doctor would have to leave Clara once and for all. The girl was on the final thread of her life, maybe streached out a bit longer, but final nonetheless. There would have to be a goodbye, a difficult one, and simple comfort food wasn’t going to help either of them with that…

Still. At least it happened.

She turned a page of her journal, thinking.

Perhaps, in some cases, it’s better to focus on the good times you’ve had with someone, even the fleeting ones, instead of the pain they leave behind. Perhaps temporary happiness does beat permanent indifference.

Well… for mortals, at any rate.

She glanced up from her chair from time to time as they conversed, gesturing animatedly at each other, as the day wore on. Clara seemed to have forgotten about her plan to go swimming. She was so happy just talking to the Doctor, did she dare interrupt?

No. She smiled. This was what Clara had been waiting for. She’d let her have one day to herself, one day pretending to be alive and with the Doctor, at last.

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Open for requests

I’ve got a little problem I would appreciate some help with: I’m in the mood to write, but I lack inspiration. That is why I’m now open for requests.

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Throwback Thursday Podfics are going on hiatus!

Audio editing takes time, and after 16 weeks straight of a new podfic (of an old fanfic) once a week, I’m taking a break to finish NaNoWriMo strong and to get a head start on a few other projects.

I’ll be back to posting new podfics each Thursday beginning in January, and in the meantime, there’s almost six hours of completed podfics you can listen to! 

On to the compilation post!

Brightest in the Dark | Rating: G | 01:23:28
A less-than-friendly interruption in the crystal catacombs pushes Zuko and Katara together, and they have to work together to find a new path. 
Chapter 1 | 30:55 | On AO3 | Direct Audio Link
Chapter 2 | 27:37 | On AO3 | Direct Audio Link
Chapter 3 | 24:56 | On AO3 | Direct Audio Link

Zutara Week 2019

Gifts | Rating: G | 7:07 
When Sokka drags him out on a “manly shopping expedition” on Ember Island, Zuko finds a gift for Katara.
On AO3 | Direct Audio Link

Speak | Rating: G | 19:49
Stealing from pirates doesn’t go as well the second time around. But at least Katara doesn’t have to be alone after she’s captured.
On AO3 | Direct Audio Link

Shattered | Rating: G | 6:09 
Leaving Ozai alive has consequences.
On AO3 | Direct Audio Link

Mentor | Rating: G | 8:37 
Zuko and Katara get advice from their friends before their first date.
On AO3 | Direct Audio Link

Youth | Rating: G | 9:17 
Zuko and Katara try to figure out how this parenting thing works.
On AO3 | Direct Audio Link

Found | Rating: G | 29:09
When Sokka comes up with an idea to get rid of Joo Dee, Katara finds herself in the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se with a tea server she did not expect to meet.
On AO3 | Direct Audio Link

Easier | Rating: G | 12:11
When Zuko arrives at the Western Air Temple, he tries to reconcile with Katara. Which involves doing lots of chores.
On AO3 | Direct Audio Link

Zutara Week Throwbacks

Secret | Rating: G | 23:02
Katara doesn’t want to let anyone know that she’s been having trouble with nightmares, and when Zuko finds out on his own, she struggles to accept his help.
On AO3 | Direct Audio Link

Dragon | Rating: G | 12:56
Zuko and Katara revive a forgotten Fire Nation tradition to solidify their engagement.
On AO3 | Direct Audio Link

Zutara Week 2020

Reunion | Rating: G | 11:01
Months after she vanished from Ba Sing Se, leaving only a note behind, Zuko finds Katara by accident in a poverty-stricken Fire Nation village.
On AO3 | Direct Audio Link

Counterpart | Rating: G | 10:30
While digging through old paperwork in the palace with Katara, Zuko comes across reports of a spirit whose powers sound oddly familiar.
On AO3 | Direct Audio Link

Fuse | Rating: G | 37:06 
A rainstorm separates Katara from her friends and when she takes shelter in a nearby barn, she finds Zuko already inside.
On AO3 | Direct Audio Link

Celestial | Rating: T | 42:26
An unexpected dip into the koi pond at the North Pole brings Zuko in contact with the spirits and grants him insight to his destiny. A destiny he isn’t sure he wants.
On AO3 | Direct Audio Link

Hesitancy | Rating: G | 14:06
After Zuko helps bring her family back together, Katara decides to give him a chance. Just a little one.
On AO3 | Direct Audio Link

Affirm | Rating: G | 13:04
After confronting the man who took her mother’s life, Zuko and Katara take an extra night away from their friends so Katara can begin to sort out her emotions.
On AO3 | Direct Audio Link

Rebirth | Rating: G | 12:42
While Katara is resting, a still-injured Zuko wanders off and gets stuck by the turtleduck pond.
On AO3 | Direct Audio Link

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It took all of MC’s willpower to not giggle openly at the childish expressions both her daughter and husband shared as she explained how to make clothespins into little dragonflies. Her daughter painstakingly painted stripes on hers as Jumin checked his phone at a picture of a dragonfly.  He painted more accurate stripes according to the picture, whilst his daughter painted more fanciful colours like pink, purple and red.

MC watched them work with a wistful smile.  Her smile widened as Jumin refused to place the googly eyes on his clothespin whilst their daughter stuck six up and down hers.

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I don’t know why people think it’s hot to be flirted with by an adult when you’re a teenager. It’s nothing but creepy and puts you off future relationships in my opinion.

I really don’t know what people get out of these stories and yeah, it bothers me a lot that Hawks (or any of my favourite characters and it’s usually them) are used as the creeps to flirt with them :/ Urgh.

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Given that I’m going to write and publish my last chapter for my current series “Listen to me”, I decided to give you a little teaser about the next Reddie fanfic(s?) I’m going to write afterward.

The first will be called “Be still(,) my heart” and will follow a 40 years old Richie dealing with the death of his husband, Steve Covall, whose organs had been donated after his death. Managing to figure out the identity of the person that received his late husband’s heart, Eddie Kaspbrak, Richie sets out to find out what kind of person he is, befriending him in the process…

The second fanfic’s temporary title is “On the Edge” and will follow Richie, a building caretaker in a building filled with filthy rich people, who came across a certain Eddie Kaspbrak, standing at the edge of the building’s rooftop…

I can’t wait to start writing it all! Thank you all for your support, take care!

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I’m trying to write more often, I wanna do something productive

So if you have any prompts, mainly newsies but I’ll write other fandoms or original characters, send them in and I’ll try write a short story for it or something

I have a few slightly longer stories on my ao3 (jack_of_clubs), I’m trying to update that more often


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Welcome to the Beta Bartering thread! Here you can look for a Beta or a Co-writer for your fic or offer your Beta services to fic authors.

Please note that you can request a beta reader even if you can’t offer anything in exchange, however it will increase your chances of finding a willing beta if you offer something in return.

The rules are straightforward.

  • Make a comment below with the following information.
  • Reply to people that you want to trade with. There is no one making matches for you, reach out to likely people in the thread.

If you’re looking for a Beta or a Co-writer:

  • Name and Link to your fic (if it’s not published, link something else as an example of your writing).
  • Tell us what fandom you’re writing for.
  • Can someone who isn’t in your fandom make sense of your story?
  • The genre of your fic - romance/smut/gen/mystery/horror/etc.
  • What you’re looking for from a Beta or a Co-writer - Grammar/Structure/Plot/Planning/Idea soundboard/etc.
  • What your projected word count is.
  • How frequently you update.
  • What fandoms you are able/willing to beta for or what you can offer in exchange*.

Proposed options for no exchange wording:

  • If you do not want to offer something in exchange, please leave a brief note that you are unable to offer anything at this time.
  • Note: If you are unable to offer something in exchange at this time, please leave a brief note explaining.

If you’re willing to Beta for someone:

  • What fandoms you’re well versed in or if you’re willing to take on anything.
  • Preferred genre/types of fics.
  • Any subjects you’re not willing to tackle.
  • Types of Betaing you’re good at or willing to try - Grammar/Structure/Plot/Planning/Idea soundboard/etc.
  • Minimum or maximum word count.
  • One-off (single session) or ongoing Betaing.
  • Time constraints. Do you have a fast turn-around time? Is it going to be more than a week for you to get back to an author with notes?
  • What you’d like in exchange * for your services.

* Bartering Ideas!

Since some people want Betas but are too busy to reciprocate or aren’t confident in their writing skills and some Betas don’t write fics themselves, you can offer other things in exchange. Please do not offer monetary exchanges.

If you aren’t sure what to offer, you can also open this up to the Beta to suggest a barter in exchange.

Here are a few ideas for bartering:

  • Reciprocal Betaing (of course that’s welcome!)
  • Reading and commenting on their fics.
  • Write a fic for a fandom/subject/pairing/brotp of their choice.
  • Make fanart for them.
  • Name an OC after them.
  • Edit/give assistance with a non-fic project.
  • Research help for this/future fics.

Feel free to get creative, people have many specialties they can draw on!

Here’s a link to the previous ones just in case there’s someone in there that catches your interest.

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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the main problem with trying to implement a system that removes content on AO3 when actual p*dos are producing fucked up shit is that an ungodly amount of people under 23 have no idea how to properly curate their online experience so its safe and healthy for them, therefore if a report system such as that were to be implemented right now there’d be a lot of fic actually made by minors, survivors of trauma, people just trying to vent, or people trying to explore darker pieces of fiction to test their writing skill being removed for offending about ten teenagers who feel guilty when using the block button on and that wouldnt be good at all

in addition to this, please remember its not strictly the fault of AO3 when genuinely harmful grooming content is produced and placed on the website, you actually need to shift responsibility onto the creators(who do not HAVE to post everything they write) like you do with fanartists, you can report fanfic, you have the ability, sorry it doesnt get an immediate response of dog-piling like on tumblr or twitter to fuel your thirst for blood but that doesnt mean your power is magically removed because you dont see immediate results, fic authors are just as responsible for the content they put out into the world as fanartists and to pretend fiction doesnt effect reality at all ignores a lot of the bullshit minorities have gone through and are still going through

tl:dr until younger consumers learn how to responsibly interact with online content, fan-content creators on AO3 cannot trust them to be responsible for handling the real problematic people

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A Haikyuu Fanfiction

Pairing: Yaku/Lev

Words: 756


The two of them had always had that little something, Lev and him. A spark, a small flame that only grew and burned brighter the longer they knew each other.


This is the first instalment in a short story/oneshot collection I’m writing. If you’d like to check out the AO3 story where the rest of the stories will eventually be uploaded, you can find it here:

I was pretty happy with how this story turned out, I hope you enjoy!


Yaku stared at the contact in his phone, and prayed that he hadn’t changed his number after all these years. He’d been sitting on these feelings of his for ages now, stuck in the past and dwelling over what could have been, and never was. His stomach twisted. He’d had enough of torturing himself over it, enough of the sleepless nights and the endless “what if”s. He needed to know the truth. He pressed the call button, held the phone up to his ear, and waited. His heart was in his throat. 

The two of them had always had that little something, Lev and him. A spark, a small flame that only grew and burned brighter the longer they knew each other. 

Yaku could feel it roar to life as they bantered playfully during club activities, could feel it flicker, quiet and warm on their walks home together at night, where they would talk about everything and nothing. The heat in the moments they stole from each other, longing eyes meeting from across the gym. Small smiles only shared between them. The tension between them in the changeroom, of their shameless “fake” flirting and play-fights that would end with their bodies pressed together, out of breath, panting and laughing in each other’s faces. 

They never talked about their relationship, never tried to push beyond the friendship they had, despite the obvious connection between them. They never dared to take that leap, to fan the flames and confess how they really felt. And so it remained unspoken. 

Yaku remembered their last encounter vividly. 

It was the afternoon of his high school graduation, where the volleyball team stood in the gym one last time. The juniors had been tearfully saying goodbye to their upperclassmen, with the third years promising to return and watch their games. The air was thick with emotion, a combination of sadness, apprehension, and excitement for what lay ahead of them. 

Yaku and Lev walked home together, one last time, in a tight silence. So many things they could have said, wanted to say to each other, smouldering in their throats and extinguishing on their tongues. Finally, they reached the fork in the path. It was time to say goodbye. 

They stared at each other for a long moment. The air was thick with smoke, with a tension that bellowed off of them, a flame inside them that smoldered painfully, close to extinction, but still burning. 

 Lev’s green eyes were glassy, like drops of dew on spring grass, and finally, he stepped forward and pulled Yaku into a tight hug, which he returned desperately. 

“I’ll miss you.” Lev whispered. 

And despite himself, despite the time and the distance, these feelings of Yaku had never left him, had never dulled, and instead, he was burning up inside. 

The phone picked up. 

“Yaku-san?” His mouth went dry. 

“Lev, hi.”

“Hey! It’s really good to hear from you? What’s going on?” Despite the years, Lev still had the same bright enthusiasm, and a part of Yaku melted at the sound of his voice. 

“Yeah, you too, um … I miss you.” Lev was quiet for a moment, before he chuckled softly through the receiver. He sounded sad. 

“I miss you too. Did you call just to tell me that?” His tone had turned gentle, a slight vulnerability in his voice which caused Yaku’s chest to ache. 

“Kind of? Well, no, actually, I have something to tell you.”

“Yes?” He said, impossibly soft. 

“I’ve been sitting on this for a long time, and I’m really sorry if this is out of the blue, but I needed to get it off my chest.” He took a deep breath, preparing himself. “Back in high school, I had feelings for you, and I regret never making a move” Yaku leaned against the wall. “And I kind of felt like… you had feelings for me too.

“Did you?” 

Yaku gripped the phone with both hands, pressing the receiver against his ear. There was a long stretch of silence, before

“I did, yeah.”

“Did you… ever move on?” He bit his lower lip, rubbing anxious circles with his teeth.

“If I’m being completely honest… no.” 

“Yeah, me neither.” The line was silent for a few moments, Yaku’s heart pounded in his chest, his stomach twisting like a coil. Finally, Lev spoke again. 

“Do you, maybe, wanna get coffee sometime?” He breathed a shaky sigh of relief, his anxiety dissipating and being replaced with a familiar, flickering warmth. 

“Yeah,” he smiled, “I’d really like that.”

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