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I read omegaverse (to be honest I even write it now).

It’s fairly new for me, and here is why: up until a fortuitous encounter with an A/B/O fanfiction, I wasn’t interested. It’s nothing personal, some people read angst and some people read fluff. I didn’t read much smut for the sake of reading smut, and I didn’t read mpreg (or pregnancy stories in general), which often goes hand in hand with omegaverse.

I don’t waste my time on fics I’m not interested in. There are a lot of things I can read instead, that I really enjoy, so I’m intimately acquainted with the “close tab” and “go back” buttons. I don’t leave comments if I didn’t like the fic, and even when I do leave comments because I liked it, I generally keep concrit for myself because some people don’t want it.

Yeah, I know. I’m a weird creature.

Obviously, I didn’t know much about omegaverse, since I didn’t read it. I thought it was mainly smut, with canine inspired genitalia and an archaic conception of masculinity. I had no idea there was world building to be done, and since I’m a sucker for world building, I high-tailed out of this part of AO3 to browse the dark depths of the fandoms I’m part of instead, looking for elaborate alternative universes.

Then, I read one purely by accident. There was a hint of world building, so I followed the tags and fell down the rabbit hole of omegaverse. Since we’re being honest, I’ll admit that my interests have not changed much. I’m not interested in mpreg (or pregnancy in general), and I’m not interested in smut for the sake of smut.

What I am interested in, however, is non-traditional dynamics, and in-depth world building. Some people make Excel spread sheets for secondary genders ratio in the population of their universe! There are fake world history included with some stories! Scientific theories to go with the inner workings of omegaverse, and an entire sub-culture that goes with it!

Each author seems to have their own world building, so I can’t give an exhaustive recap of what is going on with omegaverse, especially since I’m still learning. I’ll just say that there is something out there for each and everyone of you, and bless the tags on AO3.

I have opinions. They are mine and I am open to challenging them, respectfully. I agree to disagree and I am by no means targeting anyone in particular when I share what I think. Who knows, I might even reply to myself later and change my mind.

That being said, here is how I perceive omegaverse now:

Omegaverse can be a criticism of society as we know it, and the inequities women and minorities face daily for instance.

Omegas are traditionally the weaker gender in omegaverse, and are over-sexualized and abused of in various ways. I think this is a great way to highlight issues in our societies, but it doesn’t bring much to the table in terms of solutions.

I love my heart-shaped glasses that paint the world pink, it’s comforting to read a story where the Omega character gets the recognition and respect they deserve.

I don’t want to side-step the problem, I want to remove the problem when it’s possible. If I want to cross the river, I need a bridge, and I will build it instead of waiting for someone to drive me across on a boat (in which case I’m dependent of the person driving the boat). I might need help to do so, but hopefully we’ll all grow into better persons by the time we’re on the over side of the river.

I wish that rather than having an Alpha treat an Omega right and saving them, we saw the Omega do things we didn’t think them capable of, and bring their accomplishments to light. I wish Omegas would come up themselves with ways to best Alphas when need be.

I enjoy reading characters arcs where the characters draw strength from their differences, and learn to know themselves and thus others, better.

It’s important to me that the characters involved maintain agency. I am easily spooked when the characters are reduced to physical biology and insane co-dependence. Especially when it’s one sided because the fictional society the characters are living in doesn’t reflect it entirely. Are the rules consistent or do they disappear for plot convenience? What are the implications of things such as getting slick, or going into heat/rut in public?

This is why I like non-traditional dynamics that challenge the status quo. Are Alphas really better than Omegas, or do Omegas believe they’re less than Alphas? They’re probably different in some ways, and both secondary genders can bring something valuable to the table.

Let’s not forget Betas while we’re at it. I would like to see more Beta/Beta, Alpha/Beta or Omega/Beta prairings! I’m interested in Betas who don’t fit in the Alpha/Omega categories, especially if Betas put Alphas and Omegas into perspective!

An example of this would be if Alphas and Omegas are few and far in between, making them the exception and Betas the norm (sort of like mutants, super powers, or anything exceptional). I’m sure there are plenty of ways to explore the role of Betas in this universe, that I haven’t thought of yet!

I think omegaverse can also take world building to the next level. There are inherent rules to this universe that are worth taking into account. By the rules of our world, same gender couples are “gay”, but according to omegaverse, this also becomes same secondary gender couples (Alpha/Alpha, Omega/Omega, Beta/Beta). If you use omegaverse secondary genders for fertility purposes, then same secondary genders are probably less fertile and thus, would face some sort of discrimination.

If omegaverse is a criticism of society, I’m interested in reading fics that ask relevant questions about society.

That being said, I’ll try to apply all that good thinking to my own writing!

The best part of all this, is that there are tags to find in-depth exploration of this universe, non-traditional dynamics, and more care-free stories for when we need a break! Now, let put my heart-shaped glasses that paint the world pink back on, and I’ll be off to read my comfort fics.

Don’t mind me.

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Taeyong was slouched over his desk. The world seemed to be exceptionally slow since the sleepover at Doyoung’s last week. 

He wondered if he should check in with Mark. The younger man had seemed stressed the last few days. 

Taeyong sighed and woke up his laptop which had nodded off a while ago. 

He didn’t have the strength to write a text to Mark. That was bad, because it also meant he didn’t have the energy to write anything else.

Taeyong hadn’t updated his writer’s blog in a while. There were a few messages from people who read the book he published nearly a year ago. 

It would probably do good to answer those people. His work might gain a bit more popularity if he did. 

He couldn’t bring himself to care.

Now thinking about it, Taeyong realized that it didn’t matter anyways. It didn’t matter how many stories he wrote, how many worlds he brought to life, or how many people read his work… He wouldn’t be happy in the end.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t a new discovery. It was quite old, actually. The fact was merely being highlighted by an awful case of writer’s block on Taeyong’s end. 

It would have seemed strange, were his usual thoughts not very similar to these.

Taeyong sank further into his chair and continued to stare at the few words sitting on his laptop screen.  They didn’t seem to make sense anymore. His story had a decent plot, alright, but the motivation of his characters didn’t make sense to him now.

Who would want to travel across half the world just to see a person for a few days? Why would they do it so spontaneously? How would anyone have the energy for all that? 

The young author sighed. His gaze slid to his empty coffee mug. 

It was too late for another cup of coffee but who cared anyways? Well, Johnny cared but he wasn’t here right now.

Taeyong stared at his mug for a while until he finally got up and took it to the kitchen. 

He started the coffee machine and sat down at his small kitchen table. 

While his coffee was brewing, Taeyong decided to brainstorm a little for his story. Maybe if he developed the later chapters, it would motivate him to continue writing. 

He took some sticky notes and a pen from the windowsill and wrote the title of his story on the first note. The next two were his main characters.

Sticky notes stuck onto the table, he started to map out some of the relationship changes. Half-way through a possible break-up scene he decided that one of the characters could be terminally ill. Excited that he had found something, Taeyong added a few more notes. 

After a while he added another one, then another one and a few more… until he realized that he had created a completely new story which had nothing to do with the one he was currently working on. 

Tears of frustration welled up in Taeyong’s eyes.

He lowered his head in defeat. 

His current story was too far along already. There was no way he could start a new project. A new project that Taeyong was sure he would abandon as soon as he found something new again. 

Taeyong reached for his phone just to realize he had left it by his laptop. 

Right, he wasn’t sitting at his laptop because he was making coffee.

Taeyong looked at the coffee machine. His cup wasn’t steaming so his coffee surely was lukewarm by now. 

He sighed and stood up.

Should he throw the sticky notes into the bin? It was a good story but if he didn’t throw it away, he would be distracted by it sitting in his drafts.

No, he had to keep the story. He liked it a lot. It would be such a shame to throw it away and anyways: once he finished his current one, he could start working on it.

Taeyong collected the sticky notes and took them to his home-office where he kept a little box with story ideas. 

It was quite full as he kept making up barely finished stories but he got anxious if he didn’t keep them all. They might turn into a beautiful story, Taeyong always told Johnny, who knows.

Once the new story was securely stored in the box, Taeyong returned to his laptop. He had been so enthusiastic about this new story, surely he could fuel that enthusiasm into his current one?

Taeyong managed to write half a page before he burned out again. The next scene was a vague idea but Taeyong couldn’t bring himself to flesh it out properly. 

He pulled himself into a proper sitting position and tiredly stared at his screen. 

Today was not his day. He told himself. This week just wasn’t his week. The whole month hadn’t been great, either. Actually, the past couple of months hadn’t been going well. 

Maybe life just wasn’t his, Taeyong mused. Why did God put him on earth? Why not someone else? Someone who didn’t waste his time with not being able to do things because Mental HealthTM. Someone who did great things, actually enjoyed life and didn’t feel like he was suffocating with every step he took. 

Taeyong sighed for the tenth time this evening.

Maybe he should go to bed, he decided.

He almost forgot to save his work progress. 

He skipped brushing his teeth altogether.  

For pajamas he just took off his sweatpants and put on a sleeping mask.

When he finally was in bed, he remembered his cup of coffee which was still standing under the coffee maker.

Oh well… 

He would have to put it away tomorrow.

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The Promotion by OptimisticBeth

A Reylo Office Romance

Fashion, romance, and office politics collide when Rey is promoted to management and the intimidatingly put-together temps start to tease her about Ben Solo, who she definitely doesn’t have a crush on, no matter how much help he is while she’s adjusting to her new role.

After all, it’s stupid to have a crush on a guy with a girlfriend.

Everyone is telling Ben to bring his mother to shit now, and he hates it. This is exactly why he’d hid the family connection for so long. He’s not entirely sure how they all found out, even.

It’s made things weirder than he would have expected. Some people are sucking up while others seem to hate him? And he has no idea what to make of the pictures of mountain lions Dameron keeps sending him. Maybe they’re supposed to be adorable or something. Ben never really understood memes.

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Warnings; Smut || 18+

(All characters are above 18, and is consensual)

A/N; Todoroki will be set as 19 here

Please enjoy~🍰



Originally posted by when-doves-cry

  • My guy said ~0~
  • How could he not know this felt so good?
  • He had done well in his patrols and missions and you wanted to give a reward as a gift

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lRating: Explicit 18+ content MINORS DNI.
Pairing: Yagi Toshinori (All Might) X fem!reader
Word Count: 911  
Kinks and Warnings: Nurse play, dirty talk, gagging, blow job, deepthroating, rough deepthroating, cum-swallowing

Summary: It’s your job as All Might’s nurse to make sure he’s properly cared for… in every way.

Can also be read on Ao3 here: Taking Care of Number One

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I enjoyed the first long story I wrote. I can see where I messed up with POV changes but I am not going to rewrite it.

I’m on a new story now.

In the old story I had made a headcanon about why Thranduil wears the crown he does. I liked the way I wrote it and in my mind it is now part of Thranduil. So would it be bad to virtually lift those paragraphs from my old story to the new one?

I have seen some amazing writers in my fandom who have like 20 full length stories and they always build from the ground up, with no repetition in characterisation etc. I think that’s amazing, but I’m not in a place to be able to do that.

Would it be a bad thing to recycle in that way?

submitted by /u/AliceFlex
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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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Okay hear me out. I am currently have a fake date au as a wip, where both characters are not at all inclined to date anyone, but get pestered by their families to finally get a partner and one of them just really wants to piss off his father. Pretty basic stuff, you know the drill. Although I am writing one of them as demiromantic/demisexual character, so there is a lot of figuring out for him happening.

BUT. I do hate the assumption of people who say they don’t want to date/fall in love always being ‘wrong’ in the end and needing to end up in a relationship. Which is why I am considering writing something similar, but with them never really falling in love and truly only keeping the facade of a relationship up for convenience sake. With all the questioning included about how they like each other etc. The conclusion this time would be it is comfortable to be around each other and we don’t get bothered anymore, so let’s keep this up and be glad we have someone in our corner. A friends-with-tax-benefits situation.

Long story short, how the hell would I tag that? Because I don’t want to spoil, but also don’t want to falsely advertise.

submitted by /u/reallytiredstudent
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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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well, my tags are up and running, so I guess it’s time to make an introduction–

so, hey there!

i’ve set up a grishaverse fic library!

as a fun little side project and a way to organize the cool fan fictions of this fandom, I’ve decided to make a library! on the page you can find all sorts of fan fictions for big ships, side characters, and everything in between.

this is relatively new and I’m still getting the page up, but since the tags suddenly started working, I thought that I would make a post to explain (and apologize for) the blatant spam.

anyways, none of the posts will really have notes yet, because as I said before, I was trying to hide them from the main page to avoid spam. but feel free to look around, because I currently have over one hundred fics from big and small authors, and I’m working to keep that number growing.

anyways, feel free to check it out!

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dabi’s 5-step guide to being a better parent than endeavor
by twinkfrankenstein

A little voice inside his head whispered spitefully about how this was no place for a child, and how he was making a mistake and would only traumatize the kid, yada yada. He responded with an equally spiteful-

“Fuck off, its not like I planned to do arson today.”
(or: how Dabi becomes a good dad just to spite his own, realizes he kinda sorta maybe likes Hawks for realsies, begrudgingly admits the League cares and finally comes to terms with his protective side. Not in that order.)

Words: 19384, Chapters: 6/6, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of little bird (unconventional fatherhood)

Read Here:

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pygmalion’s pride
by chewhy

“Did you want anything sweet in this? Sugar, syrup, honey,” Kirishima says, listing them off. Bakugou’s halfway through shaking his head when Kirishima perks up, a lightbulb going off in his head. “Oh hey, how do you like spicy stuff?”

Bakugou pauses, a light smile ghosting his features as he shrugs, “I guess I like it.”
Another second later, and Kirishima’s sliding a mug over to Bakugou, little wisps of steam rising up and off the top. Bakugou doesn’t say anything, just holds it in his two hands and lets it warm him from the outside first before he takes a sip.

It’s cold outside. But here, inside.

It’s nice.

bakugou katsuki has found unparalleled success as a mixed media artist in only his mid twenties - and yet he can’t help but feel that there’s something missing in his life.

Words: 2969, Chapters: 1/5, Language: English

Series: Part 3 of mythologies

Read Here:

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this is getting kinda out of my hands (this is getting kinda out of my head)
by multiclassmaps

Kirishima and Bakugou have been together too long to keep avoiding the question.
Being the number one hero wasn’t the most important thing in the world, anymore. Not by a long shot.

Words: 3808, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here:

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So F!Adaar thinks Briala and Celene should get back together, but the blood is too bad between them. Briala goes along with it to get what she wants out of the talks, but her eyes are locked onto the statuesque Inquisitor. Their work at Halamshiral has Briala smitten and with Celene looking to keep up appearances, Briala makes many trips to Skyhold and eventually she ends up in bed with Lady Adaar. Adaar is surprised Briala has fallen for her, but reciproacates of course. She hasn’t been chatting up companions or advisors and this only strengthens Briala’s position in Orlais and gives her just what she was looking for with Celene, a healthy relationship.

from Pinboard (dragonage_kink)

At pinboard –>


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