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/!\ Warning /!\ = I suck at comics; lazy background; the ghostsona who doesn’t belong to me may be out of character and I am so sorry!! ;0;

Good reading!!


@niky-uky What a REAL good day to enjoy without someone else 😎

I dunno if normally the place where is the Last Resort should be eternally in night. But I prefer to believe that the day and night pass normally.

Fell!Paloma comes from a country where the sun was really hot and even when she’s dead, she’s waking up in front of the brilliant sun. She had the idea to take her sunglasses which are enough for handle perfectly the day.

The lake she talks about is behind the hotel (and so her corrida)!


Going to swim and “"tan”“ is one of her favorite activites when it’s not about the bullfight.

She’s doing it usually the day for then coming back and sleeping before the night starts.

It’s a headcanon that I wanted to say in a special post about The Corrida’s details and what is around but why not to show it now.

Anyway, hope you like my art!!

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@niky-uky •w• Married



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The Mafia of fell!Nicolá. With in total including himself 16 members

1: fell!Nicolá. The boss of them all. @anamakara

2: fell!Hisoka. The trusted right hand of Nicolá.

3: fell!Carnicera. Nicolá’s trusty pet.

4: fell!Fantakutsi. Hisoka’s lady. @niky-uky

5: fell!Vela. Hard fighting skilled gal to not mess with. @daisvelazsstuff

6: fell!Jockey. The sound of chaos themselfs when needed.@djstandsfordeadjockey

7: fell@Hakucho. Sharp scratching killer. @hakuchotheswanghost

8: fell!Coraline. The smart gun woman with taste of nice guns. @hotelmist

9: fell!Page. The grim reaper in amazing snake form.@itsameaury

10: fell!Marshall. The wired electric killer machine.@peeshathejoyful

11: fell!Cherry. The perfect poision baker for silent kills. @mysty-nights-and-water-ghosts

12: fell!Starry. The massive Cherry protecting killer child.

13: fell!Ranze. The psychopathic speedy killer.

14: fell!Ginny. Youngest mess maker of the fell!triplets.

15: fell!Nikki. Middle one of the mess makers of the fell!triplets.

16: fell!Lindsey. The oldest mess maker of the fell!triplets.

All togather we are The Edge in the fell!au. You not dare mess with 1 of us or you get the whole pack after ya.~

(Toke meca lot of time to make this so i hope ya like the art cause i REALY wanted to make this. )

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