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#Fantastic Four

Send me requests and I’ll write short Characterxreader stories ! 


Ideas of characters : Loki, Avengers, Quentin Beck, vampire MCU characters,  Reed Richards, Victor von Doom, Charles Xavier, Magneto, Harry Osborn (TASM2), Sebastian Michaelis, Captain Hook, Fairy tales characters, mythological characters ….

Themes : Love (friendship, romantic, passionate, smut, cannibalism), vampires, magic (curses, metamorphosis from human to animal, hypnosis, manipulation, healing…), comfort, fatherhood, motherhood, siblings, fainting, falling in love, hugs…

My limits :  I don’t write things too hot or nsfw. Eroticism is good. // I am a delicate little heart so I avoid overly bloody descriptions and violence in general (torture, savage murder …) But I accept angst and darkness.

I’m French so I write in french and english ^^ You can find my work here :

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I got my March comics in the mail this past weekend.  Here’s the rundown:

1. Amazing Spider-man #41 and #42, Miles Morales: Spider-man #16, Ghost Spider #8, Symbiote Spider-man: Alien Reality #4, Amazing Mary Jane #6, Gwen Stacy #2, Spider-verse #6
2. Avengers #32
3. Captain America #20
4. Iron Man 2020 #3
5. Daredevil #19
6. Fantastic Four #20
7. Black Panther #22, Black Panther And The Agents Of Wakanda #7
8. Marvels X #3
9. Quantum & Woody #3

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Fantastic Four (2005)

Let it be said that this movie didnt at least try. Or at least they really tried to try. Its a serviceable movie but I wouldnt call it great. Im actually having a hard enough time calling it good. While I do like the casting, especially Von Doom, the cliche mid 2000 dialogue ruined some of the actual chemistry the actors were trying to form in scenes and the weird editing/order scenes played out didnt really help.

With the F.F. being Marvels First Family its not hard imagining them as more of the family friendly of the super heroes movies, however it seems they leaned to hard on that and it more or less came away as campy. And coming off the back of Daredevil(2003) this was exactly unexpected but it seemed to have work enough to warrent a sequel 2 years later.

Score: 5/10



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Hi skygem, I gotta ask: have you read this one spideytorch fic called "regular miracles, just like you"? because if you haven't, I think maybe you'd like it! (and if u have, then -- yay, I'm so glad, it's such a good fic)

regular miracles, just like you

ohh!! i haven’t read it, but it looks really good! i’m not reading much fic recently because i’m in a bit of a mood, but once i do, i’ll definitely check it out, because it looks right up my alley!

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the mood board is made by me

I wrote this to the Muskan’s 500 Followers Writing Challenge by @thebookwormslytherin

I rewatched Fantastic Four movies two days ago, then got here and kinda understood that there’s definitely not enough fan-fiction about Johnny Storm. So here you are. I hope it will be quite entertaining for you, guys.

Pairing: Johnny Storm x Reader

Words: ~1220

Warnings: a couple of bad words, but nothing more I guess

“Hey, Y/N, your turn.” said Alicia “What would you bring with you, if you were put on a deserted island?”

“What a question is that? Come on…” you looked around, all the guys were there –  the Fantastic Four and you BFF, who happened to be dating Ben and thus, drugging you into that superheroes-in-tights band.

“Hmm… I don’t know… Let me think for a sec.” you started to sort through your options. “ It’s not what, it’s rather who… I’d take Johnny with me…” you said nonchalantly and the younger Storm almost fell from the chair he was sitting on.

“Oh, man… Me?” he looked right at you with that cocky grin plastered on his face.

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