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“One word, love; curiosity. You long for freedom. You long to do what you want to do because you want it. To act on selfish impulse. You want to see what it’s like. One day you won’t be able to resist.”

At the moment I am incapable of editing anything except Pirates of the Caribbean Tributes. So I hope, thats what you’re here for.

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psa I got my hands on video editing software finally (it’s too heavy for my regular laptop :(() and I cannot decide which fanvid to do first so I’m absolutely accepting song suggestions and cql playlists to listen too, especially for favids not centering around wangxian bc that’s most of my list :’)

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[Vietsub] Kinh hồng nhất diện (Tuyệt đại song kiêu/The Handsome Siblings) (Giang Phong-Hoa Vô Khuyết)

[Vietsub] Kinh hồng nhất diện (Tuyệt đại song kiêu/The Handsome Siblings) (Giang Phong-Hoa Vô Khuyết)

Tên vid: 【Hồ Nhất Thiên】Hoa Vô Khuyết|Giang Phong|Kinh hồng nhất diện (【胡一天】花无缺|江枫|惊鸿一面)

Nhân vật: Giang Phong, Hoa Vô Khuyết (Tuyệt đại song kiêu/The Handsome Siblings) do Hồ Nhất Thiên thủ vai

Bài hát: Kinh hồng nhất diện – Hứa Tung


Tác giả: 壁花阿佳

Phụ đề: Joel7th

Tóm tắt: Vid ghép cảnh của cha con Giang Phong-Hoa Vô Khuyết


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Happy Birthday Adora!!

[S5 spoiler alert]

I choose this song because I think it just fits Adora perfectly. The scenes aren’t exactly matched with the lyrics so there are some scenes presenting Catra’s feelings (yeah after all it’s a Catradora AMV XD)

I hope you enjoy this video! And happy birthday to Adora!

BGM: Make You Feel My Love —— Adele

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