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Uuuh can I get a farlan x reader one shot?? Like he meets the reader at the survey corps after they joined and he falls for the reader? That would be awesome :o I love this blog btw keep up the good work!!!

Farlan’s Promise

Words: 1742

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Pairing: Farlan x Reader

Warnings: Nothing, aside from Spoilers.


Originally posted by dirtylevi

They were gangsters from the underground. What was Squad Leader Erwin thinking? Apparently, they were smart and was able to procure 3DM gears and use them masterfully. Even better than some Military Police, as some people say – which I honestly doubt. It took us three years of training to be able to use the gears effectively!

“Y/N! Ready the horses. The new recruits will be starting on that today.”

“Yes, sir!” It was Erwin Smith. Of course, it’s just my luck to get assigned to help those gangsters get used to riding horses. Obviously, there weren’t any horses down where they came from.

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Little something of soe minutes I made for the character appreciation day in # snkpositivityweek 

And… I hardly ever see this two again neither on tumblr or other sites and IT HURTS.  They gone for so much too and agghhh. I miss them and still cant watch ACWNR with a pain in my heart :,)

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oh whoops, it looks like it says “Jan” instead of “Jun”

Anyways, hey, it’s been a while! I’m still making portraits of the underground thug trio, the second being this lil’ ol’ portrait of Farlan! I’ll be drawing Isabel next, the good bean of the group that must be protected. Hopefully she won’t take as long as Farlan did. Stay tuned! (^v’)ノ

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