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Amras: Why do I exist?

Celegorm: What brought me to this life?

Caranthir: I feel pain. I know pain.

Curufin: Creation is made to be destroyed.

Maedhros: Stop being dramaqueens and do your damn homework.

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Day 6 of the @feanorianweek 2020


I chose to draw something inspired by the version of the legendarium in which one of the brothers dies at Losgar. And had to include Nerdanel as ultimately she wanted to keep at least one of the twins with her!

“‘That ship I destroyed first,’ said Fëanor (hiding his own dismay). 'Then rightly you gave the name to the youngest of your children,’ said Ambarussa, 'and Umbarto "the Fated” was its true form. Fell and fey are you become.’ And after that no one dared speak again to Fëanor of this matter.“



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Hey everyone! As always thank you so much for making Feanorian Week awesome again this year. I’m sorry I was so slow in reblogging, between grad school and my internship, and work all being moved online, I had to find time to dedicate to the week. 

That said, please continue to send me your content if I missed it, and I will get to it. I am still accepting new submissions, so feel free to continue to post work. 

Also, feel free to start a dialogue with me regarding next year’s week.

I really want to expand it! Even move it to Instagram of twitter if possible. I want to thank @elesianne​ as always for creating the collection, @lidoshka​ for the art, and Lizzie for the design. 

Until next time! 

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the king is dead; long live the king

a late entry for @feanorianweek day 2: maglor, using the prompt “kingship”

inspired by @isilloth’s fic “The Dispossessed

[notes available on AO3]


“He’s not dead yet.”

Carnistir looked at him. “We don’t know that, Kano.”

“We need a king,” Curufinwë pressed.

“We have a king,” Makalaurë repeated. “Nelyo.”

“Nelyo’s dead.” Tyelkormo said it flat. “Dead as Telvo. Dead as Alatya. Dead as Atar.”

“We don’t know that.” Makalaurë clenched his fist, trying not to shake in front of his brothers. “Telvo burned. Atar turned to ash. We saw Alatya’s broken body. But we haven’t seen Nelyo’s. I will not take the crown until we know he is dead.”

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Caranthir x Reader

2.1k words

This is completely and totally based off of the post by gothaur-the-gay and you should definitely go and read that first before you read the rest of my post!

Caranthir skin headcanon by


* * * 

Caranthir opened his heavy oaken bedroom door with a sigh, his rubicund face redder than what it was normally. Surely between stress or work and the heat of summer baring down on Thargelion. It usually did not get so hot, but it would be his luck that today would be one of the hottest days that he experienced since taking Lordship over Thargelion.

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I was trying to do this for the @feanorianweek but I wasn’t able to finish it. and then I tried to do a more simplified Maglor (just as I had done with Maedhros). At this point I don’t think I’ll finish it.  Maybe I will, or maybe I won’t.  Looks promising.

I just want to finish it because it’s been long since I painted something as difficult (even more so, using the damned cintiq -which I kinda hate). 

Cintiq + Photoshop

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@feanorianweek​ Extra: encuentros

“Esta solía ser la habitación de mi hermano,” explico Haleth, “no es un airb&b b pero es cómodo y está a solo 10 minutos del hospital”
“Es más que suficiente, gracias.”

Modern!au, coronapocalypse!au, Thargelion es una ciudad que ha sido muy golpeada por el virus, así que están solicitando doctores de otras partes de Beleriand para asistir.

Haleth – una médica local – se ofreció a hospedar a los nuevos reclutas en su casa.

…pero no está muy segura si esta hospedando a un modelo o si le acaba de abrir las puertas a un vampiro (¡es que es muy pálido!)

PD1: me he sentido decaída en los últimos días y no he tenido muchas ganas de dibujar, así que cuando esta idea me llegó la tomé con las dos manos. :P

PD2: no se que están haciendo los otros miembros de la casa de Feanor en este universo, pero ya se me ocurrirá eventualmente.
( °꒳° )


@feanorianweek​ Extra: meetings

“This used to be my brother’s room,” explained Haleth, “it’s not an airbnb but it’s cozy and is only 10 minutes away from the hospital”
“It’s more than enough, thank you”

Modern!au, coronapocalypse!au, Thargelion is a city that has been hit with a lot of cases of the virus, so they are getting doctors from other parts of Beleriand coming to assist in the medical efforts.

Haleth, a local physician, has volunteered to lodge some of the new recruits in her childhood home.

She’s just a bit unsure on whether she’s boarding a model or just welcomed a vampire into her home (he’s so pale!)

PS1: I’ve been feeling down in the last few days and didn’t feel like drawing much, so when this idea hit I grasped it with both hands and didn’t stop until it was done. :P

PS2: I have no idea what the other feanorians are doing in this universe, but hopefully it’ll eventually come to me.
( °꒳° )

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Feanorians and their favourite sibling:

1. Maedhros

He likes all of his brothers equally, but in later days in Beleriand Maglor becomes his most and Curufin his least favourite (he still loves them all no matter what)

2. Maglor

Maedhros has always been his favourite, but he does have a soft spot for Caranthir.

3. Celegorm

Used to be Maedhros but after Curufin was born that changed quickly. Has a soft spot for Ambarussa.

4. Caranthir

Used to be Maglor up until Ambarussa was born.

5. Curufin

It’s always been Celegorm.

6,7. Ambarussa

Caranthir is their favourite, they see right though the harsh facade he puts on.

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