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blackmoonmusings · 3 months ago
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Federico Garcia Lorca, from Selected Poems; “Arc of Moons”
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megairea · 3 months ago
I want nothing else, only a hand, a wounded hand if possible.
Federico García Lorca, from Qasida of the Impossible Hand; Collected Poems (ed. by Christopher Maurer)
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ancientsstudies · 9 months ago
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Federico Garcia Lorca, Half Moon.
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blooming-around · 4 months ago
« Ci sono anime sulle quali viene voglia di affacciarsi come ad una finestra piena di sole. »
— Federico Garcia Lorca
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bloodofgod1031 · 3 months ago
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i'll be your communion and your crime scene
vladimir nabokov // catherine of siena // unknown // federico garcía lorca
[id: four screenshots of quotes.
1: and yet I am ready to give you all of my blood, if I had to -
2: I have one body / And to you I offer and return it. / Here is my flesh; / Here is my blood; / Let me be slain, reduced to nothing; / Let my bones be split apart
3: He licked my blood off his fingers. He loves me, I thought. He completely and totally loves me.
4: Paint me a heaven of love with your bloodied mouth, /end id]
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elizabethanism · a month ago
"There are souls that one wants to look out like a window full of sun."
~ Federico Garcia Lorca
📷 Last known photo of Federico García Lorca, with Manuela Arniches on the terrace of the Café Chiki-Kutz Paseo de Recoletos 29, Madrid, July 1936
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luz-incarnata · 19 days ago
"Tenía frio y no pedía fuego, tenía terrible sed y no pedía agua; pedía libros, es decir horizontes, es decir escaleras para subir la cumbre del espíritu y del corazón. Porque la agonía física, biológica, natural del cuerpo por hambre sed o frío dura poco, muy poco, pero la agonía del alma insatisfecha dura toda la vida".
Federico García Lorca
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namitha · a month ago
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The rain has a vague secret of tenderness, some resigned and kind drowsiness, a humble music wakes up with her that makes the sleeping soul of the landscape vibrate.
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headlightsforever · a year ago
“You have the blood of a poet. You have that and always will. You show, in the middle of savage things (that I like), the gentleness of your heart, that is so full of pain and light.”
— Federico García Lorca
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queerasfact · a year ago
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Pride 2021: Federico Garcia Lorca
Spanish poet and playwright Federico García Lorca was part of what’s known as the Generation of ‘27, a group of avant-garde artists and writers which include the painter Salvador Dalí, with whom he had a close relationships. Federico’s works include plays, drawings, and poetry, and explored themes of sexuality and Andalusian culture.
In 1936, Federico was arrested and killed - his body was never found, but it is believed he was murdered by Nationalist militia, possibly because of his anti-fascist socialist politics; or his known homosexuality. His work was censored until the 1950s, and it is only in recent decades that it has come to be widely known and appreciated.
learn more with queer as fact: a queer history podcast
[Images: a young Federico in a suit, staring into the camera; Federico in overalls, standing in front a poster reading ‘La Barraca, Teatro Universitario, [obscured] Federal De Estudantes Hispanos’] 
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fuckindiva · 8 months ago
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blackmoonmusings · 2 months ago
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Federico Garcia Lorca, from Selected Poems; “St Gabriel”
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megairea · 4 months ago
I saw myself in your eyes but I saw that you were dead.
Federico García Lorca, from Little Backwater; Collected Poems (ed. by Christopher Maurer)
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innervoiceartblog · a year ago
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Illustration to an edition of twelve poems by Federico García Lorca Gabriel Pacheco (b. 1973, Mexico City 🇲🇽)
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baradibe · 4 months ago
*Nar tarih öncesidir bağrımızdaki kanın,
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litterae-ignotae · 11 days ago
Is my heart your heart? Who is mirroring my thoughts? Who lends me this— rooted passion? Why are my clothes changing color? Everything is a crossroads! Why does this slime look so starry? Brother, are you you
or am I I? And these cold hands, are they his? I see myself in sunsets & a swarm of people wanders through my heart.
Federico García Lorca, ‘Confusion’, tr. Jerome Rothenberg
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themrbinno · 8 months ago
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La lluvia tiene un vago secreto de ternura,
algo de soñolencia resignada y amable,
una música humilde se despierta con ella
que hace vibrar el alma dormida del paisaje.
Da Lluvia - Federico García Lorca
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luz-incarnata · 21 days ago
Si mis manos pudieran deshojar
Yo pronuncio tu nombre
en las noches oscuras,
cuando vienen los astros
a beber en la luna
y duermen los ramajes
de las frondas ocultas.
Y yo me siento hueco
de pasión y de música.
Loco reloj que canta
muertas horas antiguas.
Yo pronuncio tu nombre,
en esta noche oscura,
y tu nombre me suena
más lejano que nunca.
Más lejano que todas las estrellas
y más doliente que la mansa lluvia.
¿Te querré como entonces
alguna vez? ¿Qué culpa
tiene mi corazón?
Si la niebla se esfuma,
¿qué otra pasión me espera?
¿Será tranquila y pura?
¡Si mis dedos pudieran
deshojar a la luna!
Federico García Lorca
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rafaelmartinez67 · 15 days ago
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“Desechad tristezas y melancolías. La vida es amable, tiene pocos días y tan sólo ahora la hemos de gozar”. 
Federico García Lorca.
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rothko · 6 months ago
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federico garcía lorca, drawings c. 1933-1936
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