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#Felix can be a jerk
iturbide · 2 months ago
does this mean we'd get a more emotionally sensitive felix??? maybe not the crybaby he was in his childhood, but definitely not constantly lashing out in anger???
THAT’S THE THING WE MIGHT!!  We might get a Felix who is genuinely excited about sparring with people and open to helping others improve their form and technique, not because he’s chasing a victory against his dead brother but because his brother is still alive and the more people he spars with and tricks he picks up, the more likely it is he’ll actually be able to beat Glenn in a match through something other than brute strength.  I’m reeling at the idea of how it would recontextualize his supports with Bernadetta, since he wants to know how the heck she managed to disarm him like that so he can try pulling it on his brother the next time they cross swords.  Just imagine in their B support when Bernie shuts down Felix doesn’t just leave her, he hangs out to make sure she’s okay; maybe he coaxes her to a safer place, maybe back into her room or something, and puts a blanket or a cloak over her so she has a little cave to feel safe in.  Just...Felix paying attention and showing more regard for other peoples’ feelings.
He can still be a jerk sometimes and he can still get angry and lash out, but he probably has a much longer fuse and knows how to apologize when he’s gone out of line.  He even has the capacity to make friends instead of just being a prickly cactus masquerading as a human being. 
can we please have this I want this very much
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ziracona · 4 months ago
I’m a little confused about something, and I’m not sure if there’s some lore I’m missing. You say that Felix is married to the woman carrying his child, but the lore says that she’s just his girlfriend. Is there some other piece of story that says he marries her?
No, there’s not! I said wife, but she’s technically his comitted romantic partner that there is no indication he had any intention to break up with and he plans to raise a child with. I mean, ofc marriage isn’t the exact same thing since you legally have connections and vow to not leave the other. I just wasn’t super careful abt my exact langauge because I’d assume from how it’s written there’s no reason to infer they won’t marry or like, common law live together and raise a child? And while ofc a spouse is a bigger comitment than girlfriend you’re having a kid with, that’s uh still p intense, and cheating on any partner is cheating so I’d be like ‘Don’t talk abt my poor boy like he’s a cheater’ regardless. But nah, you aren’t missing anything. 👍
#ask#anonymous#dead by daylight#dbd#felix richter#ofc some people I am sure headcanon he like...idk isn’t serious with the girlfriend carrying his child or they decided to quit dating or wht#hve you even tho it’s not indicated in canon at all so that he could date other ppl without being a cheater and that’s their business#& I ain’t gonna ever bother anybody in they inbox or something mean like that — that’d be frankly neurotic levels of investment in this mino#detail in a vidya game and like...a jerk move lol#but I /am/ gonna judge and sideye the intense need of some people in this fandom to make a character sexually available to others in the#realm in order to find them interesting. to create content. or to be invested in them at all#because...gross#that’s not the do all end all of life or stories & it’s so tiring and disappointing when literally all some folks can understand how to care#about anymore is caring about a person’s ability to go down on someone else#there’s...a lot more to charcaters stories and like...peeps and life than that#and I am tired of seeing the complete lack in some of an ability to relate to anything /but/ sex anymore and intense like#worryingly constant need to talk abt portray and obsess over sex and just sex and nothing else#like no shame on sex it’s a fun time for folks and not like...remotely a bad thing or anything#just like#u know other stuff exists too right#and the obsession can get...unhealthy and kinda genuinely worrying#also like. a relationship that’s only abt that isn’t healthy unless it’s only a relationship /for/ that/a casual sex for sex’s sake bang#agreement#so#yeah. i never see jack abt Felix except him being screwed until éldoie showed up and thank god#while on the one hand it’s kinda tiring I see him shipped with like every dude in the game and /nobody/ ships hin w Élodie (it’s racism &#mysoginoir baybeee!) I am at least glad their friend content means he exists somewhat in fan works outside of being a vehicle for sex#also the like /desperate/ need to make characters sexually available even when it means erasing canon and decent relationships is so tiring#to me. :’-] So tiring
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gildedmonstera · 4 days ago
character asks: Sylvain!
favorite thing about them:
oh there’s quite a bit actually!
he cares a whole lot about others, and tries really hard for his friends (even if a bit extreme sometimes, like to the point of sacrificing himself on the battlefield) but in his supports he’s always willing to hear everyone’s troubles and offer himself in the way he knows he might be able to help, even if it involves like, honesty or vulnerability. he shows up when someone really needs it and that’s just. very neat of him <-these thoughts might be kind of jumbled up sorry
hm this isn’t really a new observation within fandom but also that he’s a smarty pants! i love that we get lots of context and lore from him during explore times. i was a bit surprised by this when was first playing the game, before i knew more about his character
editing to add: he’s just kinda fun to think about
(running out of thoughts and need to start the day so gonna end this question here)
least favorite thing about them:
he’s kind of a jerk! haha. he’s not very nice to the people he’s dating. and yeah, it’s an outcome of an entire life dealing with being put on a pedestal for his crest, and later a reaction to feeling (or forecasting for this) objectified due to his status/crest/whatever
still a jerk tho :v (whomst i care a lot)
favorite line: HOLD ON I FORGOT ABOUT THIS i’m back and the entirety of his marianne and bernie supports are good...also:
“Don't you love looking after horses? I do. They repay your absolute love and trust with the same.” (White Clouds, Ch. 3, Mutiny in the Mist)
“I don't feel like I can just forget all the awful stuff he's done...but if His Highness is owning up to his past, and trying to move forward... I figure I can give him that chance. We've been friends since we were kids. I'm gonna be there for him all the way to the end.” (Azure Moon, Ch. 18, The King’s Triumphant Return)
brOTP: ingrid! hm sometimes i ship him with mercedes but as the resident big sis/big bro of the blue lions lookin’ out for their friends, they gotta take care of each other too!
OTP: *laughs in dimivain* also sylvix, sylvain/mercedes is a nice side pairing sometimes!
oh dimivain, my dimivain. like this one ‘cuz dima relies and trusts sylvain a whole lot, and sylvain is like, ride-or-die there for him. it’s also nice that dimitri feels comfy enough around Sylvain to not hold himself back and be playful and a bit tactless haha. sylvain...i think is willing to put a lot of faith in him and wants to see things through with him.
like sylvix ‘cuz sylvain and felix can hash it out in a really honest way, between each other they can kind of cut thought the heart of things, with felix’s desire for honesty and sylvain, at some level, wanting the same thing? i think felix sees sylvain for who he is and the face sylvain wears daily kind of falls apart in front of that? tbh don’t have too many well formulated thoughts on them, tbh! i only more recently started consuming their content haha
nOTP: don’t really have one tbh, but haven’t thought about it much either
random headcanon: headcanon him as a fairly competent musician. he can hit a mad riff on the mandolin and totally shred it on the flute, learned how to play in no time! says he knows how ‘cuz it’s to impress the ladies, but really he just wanted to learn them! occasional recruit for the orchestra of local opera performances, but doesn’t tell anyone. he’s made Dorothea swear to secrecy.
speaks close to fluent sregnese!
also think he’d have lots of fun in abyss, hanging out in the tavern and library, playing chess with different travelers and reading peacefully
unpopular opinion: not sure how unpopular this is (feels like this has been talked to death kinda lol) but while i see what they were trying to do by giving sylvain so few a supports, there are some big missed opportunities by not giving them to him! would’ve loved to have seen him with more
um also unpopular opinion but i love him a whole lot
song i associate with them: some of these might be kinda on the nose (i also don’t rlly listen to any cool music so putting five songs here is to make up for it! ;o;), but:
razzle dazzle - richard gère, chicago
grace kelly - mika
i’ll be good - jaymes young
do it all the time - i don’t know how but they found me
aperture - sleeping at last
send me a character!
(i feel a bit insecure on my Sylvain opinions despite him being one of my faves ‘cuz i feel they are not as thoughtful as some others ideas about him but hope these answers will suffice ;o;)
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eighet · 6 days ago
its me again w the asks!!! (im ovulating so that means im horny as shit n i wanna make it everyone else’s problem) n guess what,, yes exactly i dreamed about fucking skz in public again 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 this time it was jisung (which is my other bias), unlike felix this mf LOVED fucking in public and talked to me through the whole process like… “yeah you like that dont you?” “mhmm yeah that feels so so good” “keep moving like that” n i think his loud as shit moans woke me up and NOW i cant stop thinking about it like we all know jisung is loud in bed its a fact but him being into public sex? 😳🎤 watcha think -🧃
jisung loves public sex and literally gets off the idea to someone walking in on you guys, watching as he fucks the shit out of you. his biggest fantasy is for a stranger to walk in on you get fucked and they start jerking off to your lewd face. he’s purposely loud so that you guys can get caught, most definitely. probably whispers his perverted fantasies to you too.
“m-my little slut wants someone to watch them, right? you wanna get caught, don’t you, baby? such a dirty whore. you want someone else to see you like this, don’t you?”
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sailorhyunjinz · 11 days ago
Felix is the type of partner that jerks off while eating you out & then cum embarrassingly fast. like he’d be so worked up by your moans he would perform quick tight strokes on himself until he’s a moaning & breathy mess against ur crotch & wetting the bed with his cum
— (can I be anon ‘🙈’ ?)
he’d be so embarrassed but he cant help it :(( he’s so weak for your dripping swollen pussy and your pretty moans with those lewd facial expressions, but you dont let him stop OOOH NOOO even if he’s begging to fuck you, you dont give in, telling him to eat you out like a good boy or else you will punish him, fuck him and make him cum until he only remembers your name :( 
ALSO YES!! HI WELCOME!! you are very very welcomed here~! <33
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haechanniesunflowers · 11 days ago
Blood Red Skies
mafia Stray Kids x mafia Ateez x Y/N
tw// guns, knives, blood, drugs
Chapter 6
“welcome to Paris.”
The group was escorted to an underground base by a few of their ally gang members. The base looked nothing like their own and was much smaller than they expected it to be, but they made it work. It only had three bedrooms and a kitchen next to a small living room. The members gathered there and went over the preparations that needed to be made. Chan instructed Jisung and Ceres to make sure the clothes for the mission were available for everyone in time. the excitement and tension for this particular mission was immense, not because it was their first ever international mission since the gang was made, but because the prize they would get once they succeed was huge. The chip they needed to steal had information about weapon and drug trade of almost every gang operating in Korea and the government officials involved in it, and once they get their hands on it, they would be able to sabotage the trades and blackmail the officials to turn things in their favor.
After the meeting, members went to their rooms to rest. Chan, Minho, Changbin and Jeongin stayed in one bedroom; Hyunjin, Jisung, Felix and Seungmin in one and Y/N, Juno and Ceres and another female crew member in one; the other three crew members stayed in the lounge. It was a little hard for them since they had never stayed like this before, but they were ready to compromise for the sake of the mission.
The girls were talking amongst themselves, discussing their clothes and the best way to get their hands on their weapons they’d be hiding, when the conversation shifted, and Ceres started asking them about their love lives.
“one of my ex-boyfriends was a complete jerk, he manipulated me and tried turning me against my team. Thank God I caught on in time and put a bullet in his head.” the crew member revealed.
“ooff spicy.” Ceres remarked. It didn’t affect them that she talked about turning against the team because everyone was close to one other and knew they wouldn’t hurt the team. This was special about Stray Kids, they treated each other like family and even though there were ups and down and arguments a lot of times, at the end of the day, they had each other’s backs and were family. This brotherhood was seen in Ateez too and that’s why it was easy to trust them and form an alliance with them. Ateez proved time and time again that they would sacrifice everything for family, the teams being the only family they knew. Their loyalty to one another was unquestionable so Chan joined hands with Hongjoong and brought the two teams together. Ateez have put their lives on the line for Stray Kids, and vice versa.
“I used to have a big fat crush on Minho, but he didn’t show any feelings towards me, so I forced myself to grow out of it.” Juno admitted. Y/N and Ceres exchanged looks and smiled, knowing she isn’t over the crush.
“he’s a tsundere, I’ve been here for less than two years, even I noticed that, and you can’t take that out of perspective.” Y/N reassured Juno, caressing her hand. Juno smiled back at her.
“yeah, but you can tell when a person likes you, I don’t feel that from him.” Juno answered.
On the other side, the men in the first room just got finished talking about the government and who they think are in this dirty business and Jeongin was feeling a little mischievous.
“so Minho…”
“you and Juno.” He began wiggling his eyebrows at the other member, receiving a glare from him.
“what do you mean?”
“you know… she likes you, it’s so obvious, I can even see the googly eyes she gives you in pitch black.” The younger teased.
“you think this is a sleepover? you want us to wear unicorn pajamas and braid each other’s hair and paint our nails and talk about our crushes? Huh? Is that what you want?” Minho berated the younger.
“well, we can’t necessarily braid our hair because they’re not long enough, but we can definitely do the rest.” Jeongin continued teasing Minho.
“you have five seconds to get out of this room and join the girls.” Minho warned. Jeongin laughed and ran out of the room.
“it could work out, you know.” Changbin stated.
“what are you talking about?” Minho inquired.
“braiding our hair… Of course, I’m talking about you and Juno, you idiot.” Changbin remarked.
“you’re the one acting like an idiot. This is serious business, and I can’t rush into things like this.”
“don’t rush into it, just think about it and maybe show her that you feel the same way.” Changbin said. Minho didn’t say anything and opened his laptop to distract himself and to end the conversation. He knew very well that Juno liked him, but he didn’t want to think about her like that. He feared it would put the entire group in danger and he would lose focus, and that’s the last thing he wanted.
In the girls’ room, Jeongin asked if he could come in and be a part of the conversation, and they let him in but they changed the subject so he couldn’t know about their crushes. Jeongin started with Juno but when she didn’t give him any straight answers, he shifted the conversation to someone else.
“Y/N what about you and Chan?” the youngest started.
“Jeongin you idiot.” Y/N commented. Jeongin clutched his chest, feigning hurt.
“why does everyone call me an idiot, I’m just trying to do you all a favor. You guys are ignoring the fact that you like each other and maybe it’s hard to take the first step so I decided to help you out but what do I get? I get called an idiot.”
Y/N knew he was right, she was in love with Chan at this point and he did feel something for her too, but she wasn’t sure if he just liked her or if his feelings were as strong as hers. She wanted to tell him how she felt but was afraid that he wouldn’t reciprocate her feelings and it would ruin their relationship as individuals and would affect the team overall. On the inside, she wanted Jeongin to do her the favor of bringing Chan closer to her, but she felt embarrassed about it too.
“look Jeongin, I appreciate your services, but I want to focus my energy on the team and our missions. And besides, I don’t think Chan would want to date someone in his team, I’m sure he wants to focus on the big picture too.” Y/N replied. Jeongin scooted closer to her and playfully shoved her shoulder with his own and giggled. Y/N smiled at him and thought he was very cute and reminded her of Aaron sometimes, but he was not a part of her life anymore so Jeongin was the baby brother she knew.
“maybe if I find out how Chan feels, you can consider giving it a chance.” The younger said with a gleam in his eyes. He really wanted his teammates to be happy and if that meant he has to step up to make them realize their feelings, so be it. Y/N laughed about it and hit him with her pillow. This prompted the other three girls to do the same and so began the pillow fight, which could be heard in other rooms too.
Minho, Chan and Changbin exchanged glances when they heard the screams and giggles of four women and one man.
“you need to thank me for kicking him out of the room on time, or else he would be hitting us with those pillows and honestly I would’ve punched him square in the face.” Minho said and smiled a little and the other two agreed and snickered.
Two days had passed, and it was the day of the mission. The team was busy getting ready and loading their weapons. The eight members of Stray Kids were dressed in tuxedos with silver jewel like flowers incrusted on the blazers and dress pants, each one of a different color and the women were dressed in gowns, which was a first for them.
Chan walked into the lounge in a black tuxedo and waited for the rest to join him there. He felt nervous thinking about the mission but kept reassuring himself that it will go as planned and his team was more than ready. A few minutes later, Seungmin, Hyunjin, Felix and Jisung walked in the room wearing red, mauve, white and dark green colored tuxedos, respectively. Only Felix wore a white dress shirt, the rest of them wore black ones. Minho and Changbin joined them, wearing dark blue and bluish gray. They wore matching eye masks, with a similar color to their suits and silver jewels on the sides. The hid their guns in their waistbands, on either side of their chests and knives in their sleeves, shoes, and socks. They were more than prepared for the mission. Sometime later the women and Jeongin joined them in the lounge, looking extravagant. Ceres wore a light green colored gown, which matched Jeongin’s olive colored tuxedo, the perfect combination that would make them pose as a couple. Juno wore a sky-blue gown and Y/N had a blood red gown, with matching masks and jewel like flowers on the border of the gowns. The four other crewmates were dressed formally and would act as their chauffeurs.
“wow you guys look absolutely stunning.” Felix complemented the women.
“thank you for telling me how good I look Felix, I appreciate it.” Minho joked, making everyone giggle.
“Ceres and Jeongin, hook your arms, you two are a couple madly in love. Juno and Changbin, the chemistry needs to be believable and Minho, make sure you spike those drinks. The rest of us will handle things individually. Good luck everyone, let’s get going now.” Chan instructed and they started getting out of the base to get to the four limos waiting for them outside, one would accommodate Ceres, Jeongin and Felix, one for Changbin, Juno and Jisung the third for Hyunjin, Seungmin and Y/N and one for Chan and Minho. They wore the tiny wireless earpieces Jisung and the tech crew made for them, specifically for this mission so they wouldn’t get noticed or detected. They looked like earring, attached to their daith and tragus piercings for better hearing and picking up voices.
Almost half an hour later, they arrived at the mansion where many people were dressed similar to them, unsuspecting that they were a mafia.
Ceres and Jeongin locked arms and went inside, laughing and pretending to be lovers, followed by Felix and Jisung, who walked inside with Juno and Changbin, giving each other flirty looks. Chan and Minho entered confidently and made their way to the bar waiting for Y/N, Hyunjin and Seungmin to enter. Once inside, the mission officially commenced. An hour into the event, Ceres sat on Jeongin’s lap while he played poker with some men, all wearing masks.
“Ceres and IN in place.” The female informed the team. Y/N gnawed at her bottom lip waiting for her signal. Juno grabbed Changbin’s hand and took him upstairs to one of the rooms and that was Y/N’s cue to sit on one of the bar stools. “Tachi in place.” Y/N informed, using her code name.
“Juno and Spear B in place.” The male announced. Minho had snuck in behind the counter and used the drugs Felix prepared for the mission and spiked the drinks ready to be served to the VIP table. They were the people who were hosting the event and Stray Kids had to steal the chip from them.
“Lee Know in place.” It had been three hours now and everyone was drunk, the spiked drinks had been consumed and took a toll on those people. Jisung was busy getting the chip from where it was being kept. The rest of them were scattered around the dance floor with only Chan and Y/N sitting on the bar stools, having drinks. Y/N grabbed her thigh through the cloth of her gown, trying to feel the gun strapped there to keep herself calm. Chan eyed her movements and licked his lips.
“don’t worry, we’ll be out of here in no time.” he chuckled.
“yeah, I hope so, I’m anxiously waiting for Peter’s call.”
“guys why is Yeosang calling me? Doesn’t he know we’re on a mission?” Jisung complained through the earpiece.
“the fuck does he want?” Changbin said in an annoyed tone.
“omg just ignore him and focus on your task Peter.” Seungmin instructed.
Everyone was getting nervous and wanted to get out of there as soon as possible, they could update Ateez about the success later.
“phew I got it, time to move Tachi.” Jisung finally broke the news. It was Y/N's part of the mission now, she got up and pretended to look for a bedroom upstairs to ‘rest’. she asked one of the butlers if there were empty bedrooms while pretending to feel dizzy. They gave her directions and she made her way towards the staircase.
“excuse me, miss.” a man called for her, making her turn around and ask him what he wanted.
“may I have this dance with a beautiful woman.” The man asked politely and held out his hand for her.
“Tachi, I swear to God, tell him to go away.” Ceres groaned through the earpiece.
“I don’t feel like dancing sir, I’m going to have to turn down the offer.” Y/N politely rejected with a smile and went up the stairs. She couldn’t help but think his smile looked familiar, but she had a bigger task at hand, so she brushed the thoughts aside.
she went up the stairs and looked around for the hallway that led to bedrooms.
“which room Peter?”
“the third one from the end of the hallway, go in and look under the side table on the left of the bed, the chip is under there. Grab it and give us the signal. Good luck Tachi.” Peter said.
Y/N followed his instructions and found the chip and put it in her hairclip like Jisung taught her.
“I have the chip.” She informed and a series of sighs were heard.
She had to act like she's resting on the bed for about 10 minutes and while doing so, she got a phone call from Seonghwa which she declined because she was anxious about the mission and wanted to get this over with.
“oh my God guys Yeosang just isn’t getting the hint; he keeps calling me.” Jisung complained again and the boys told him to ignore it. Y/N’s heart was racing at this point because if Yeosang kept calling Jisung and now Seonghwa was repeatedly calling her, they might have something important to say, so without telling the team about Seonghwa’s calls, she answered her phone.
“hello? What’s up Seonghwa?”
“why aren’t you guys answering your phones? We’ve been calling you for the past two hours!”
“Tachi, what are you doing? Focus on the mission!” Chan interrupted through the earpiece.
“listen Tachi, get the hell out of there! Do you hear me? Take your team and get out! This is important! NCT Dream is at the same event.” Seonghwa pleaded. Y/N felt like the air got knocked out of her lungs, her head started spinning. ‘how on earth did NCT find them here?’ ‘how did they know about the mission, literally no one but Ateez, Stray Kids and the crew knew about this, it was top secret’ were the thoughts Y/N was having. She was brought back to reality with Seonghwa yelling through the phone.
“Tachi?! Are you there?! I said get out and tell the rest to evacuate the place, NCT Dream is a group of skilled assassins! If they find you guys, you might not make it out alive so get out right now!”
Y/N put the phone back in her purse and started warning the team about what Seonghwa just told her.
“guys, Seonghwa said NCT Dream is here.” She said in a shaky voice, getting out of the bedroom and heading downstairs.
“impossible, he might be mistaken, no one knows about this mission, how could they possibly be here?” Lee Know said. Y/N thought back to her encounter with the masked man 30 minutes ago and realized that she recognized him.
“he’s not mistaken. The guy who asked me for a dance, I recognize him, he's an NCT Dream member. Guys they’re here we need to run.” panic set in and the members were getting anxious.
“alright, we have the chip guys, let’s move out.” Chan ordered.
Jeongin and Ceres were the first to leave along with Seungmin, Chan, Juno and Changbin. They didn’t leave at once to avoid suspicion and being recognized by NCT Dream. A few moments Felix and Jisung left. Hyunjin and Minho stayed near Y/N to make sure she doesn’t get attacked and the chip is safe. They slowly started leaving the venue. Minho left first and Y/N got up to follow him after two minutes when a hand grabbed her shoulder. Assuming it was Hyunjin she didn’t shrug it off.
“Tachi, someone is behind you, don’t be surprised and don’t attack.” Hyunjin warned.
Y/N turned around and was face to face with the same masked man from before, flashing his beautiful smile at her.
“are you okay now? Please dance with me.” He insisted.
“maybe he doesn’t recognize you Tachi. Don’t give him the impression that you know him. Brush him off and retreat.” Changbin said through the earpiece.
“sir maybe you could find someone else to dance with you, it’s really late and I am just about to leave.”
Y/N said and proceeded to leave but the masked man held onto her wrist and lightly pulled her towards him, easily making her run into his chest. He looked down at her and pouted.
“show me all you got pretty boy.” Jaemin remarked and licked Y/N’s blood off the knife.
“I’m afraid I can’t let you do that Tachi.” he said. Y/N could easily see his features and knew who he was.
"Na Jaemin" she shirked and he proceeded to stab her four times in the left side of her ribcage and let her fall to the ground. He then turned around and locked eyes with Hyunjin who was standing in shock but quickly got into a fighting position, anticipating Jaemin’s attack.
“Tachi got stabbed and is bleeding!” Hyunjin informed the team before Jaemin came at him.
"guys I have more bad news." Jisung told the team through the earpiece.
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eighet · 13 days ago
HELLO I DREAMED I FUCKED FELIX AND I HAVE TO TELL SOMEONE. So one of my kinks is public sex and we were at my university. I guess we were classmates because while we were fucking the other ppl were in class and we had a “plan” to excuse our absence. We were outside the bathrooms standing up and a few ppl saw us but they didnt care ?!?!? hksjjhs so i BEGGED HIM to go faster and harder and he kinda did but told me he was about to cum :’( so i thought yess okay at least fill me up but this mf comes and pulls out to jerk off smh… and I get on my knees to at least swallow his cum but it was too late and i just got a lil on my face and thats it :(( i better continue that dream again tonight otherwise i’ll go feral anyway can i be 🧃 anon? 👉👈
HOW DO YOU GUYS GET DREAMS LIKE THIS :( i rarely have a wet dream first of all </3
but omg :( this is so cute . lix would lowkey be scared of public sex unless he’s super horny, then he’s taking you straight to the washroom. MAN YOUR DREAM IS SO FIX💔even though he’s low key mean for not coming inside you, not even in your mouth :( HE WOULD SO TEASE YOU ABOUT IT :(
“awh, did my baby want me to cum down their throat. my little cumslut~” HELLO HEAD FULLL
and omg of course!! this was so fun to read :(
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erotichan · 14 days ago
besides being a stray kids whore in general, i think another reason why they’re one of my favorite musicians ever is because of felix and chan. australian accents have a special place in my heart. idk there’s smth about aussie accents that i’d drop my panties for. so i am here to thirst over chan & felix. okay, so i have a slightly small- obsession with like school themed writings and like pervert themes. so my mind combined them together and hear me out-
imagine, you just got home from one of your college lectures and you’re as happy as college student could be knowing that you have more papers to write(cause no teacher knows how to fucking assign shit on different days and weeks anymore). and you’re kind of confused because you’re used to chan and felix either being in the living room together, or like in the kitchen so you end up going to your shared room and there you have- felix n chan are jerking off on the bed while smelling your panties. i feel like you’d probably just stand there for like a good minute just watching then go at it, like they’d probably have so many pairs of your underwear in their hands and just sniffing it just going to town on themselves. i feel like they’d softly lick at it too, just to get closer and closer- i think you’d stand there till their finished and when they end up sitting up both of them would blush and just drop their heads. i feel like they’d fiddle with their fingers too and just be really shyish but you’d probably have to walk up to the both of them, and before you could say anything felix would say smth like “i’m sorry, i just missed you so much and i couldn’t wait for you to get home- i missed your presence, your scent, your taste, your everything” and he’d really blushy about it to. i think he’d be really rambly about it and you’d probably just be too immersed in him to not noticing that chan had already stood up and was already starting to kiss, bite, suck at you neck and he’d 100% slip his hands up your shirt to mess with your boobs. he’d probably squeeze them hard enough for you to relax at more and let your guard down and he’d probably murmur out an order to felix, so he’d know to undress your bottom half and i think chan would still be teasing your upperhalf like slightly playing with your nipples, squeezing you boobs, and nipping at your neck just to make you as weak and as wet as possible.
i think after they both realized that you’re really desperate and bothered, they’d probably throw you down(softly) and just look at you with the complete look if lust and adoration in their eyes. they’d both get on the knees right next to the bed and pull you over to them and just spread your legs as wide as they can go and they’d probably stare- like felix would feel his mouth watering and he’s touch your 🐈 slightly just to feel it and how wet you are. chan would probably get him the go ahead to start eating you out first and he’d say something like “go ahead, make her cum on your tongue twice””get her all warmed up for me” “she’s not moaning loud enough, lix, try harder” just to get a rise out of you and felix which it would work because you’d end up cumming ridiculously hard and as promised- chan would start going at it the SECOND felix pulls away- he’d go hard and he’d love to hear you cry and whine in overstimulation, he’d love it even more if you actually did start crying from pleasure and i think felix would just sit next to you, massage your tits and just say stuff like “is he making you feel good?” “you’re so pretty when you cry” “i love you” and be really sweet about it and i think chan would just keep eating you out until he think’s he’s had enough. by this time, felix would probably be hard again and his tip would he red and sobbing for some sort of attention, and obviously you’d give him a blowjob which he’d be so grateful for and would pet your face softly. i think chan would pull away after awhile and just still play with your folds and he’d definitely say something like “look at this pretty little pussy, you did so well for us.” and he’d probably slip a finger into you just to see how you’d react and i feel like regardless he’d smile and say “felix, i think she’d look even better if she had your dick so deep inside of her, don’t you?” and felix, being felix would nod and pull out of your mouth. i think chan would just watch from a distance and stroke himself. then i think felix would start fucking into you really slowly just to make sure he’s gonna last and after that- he’d definitely start pounding into you really fast and hard(like you’d have your legs over his shoulders), and he’d just be thrusting with all his might. which chan, would start teasing him saying, “she’s not moaning loud enough, see how she cried for me but not for you? i don’t think your as good as me” which would piss felix off, because who is who to say some shit like that so- even if it seemed impossible he’d go even harder and you’d be done for. im talking tears running down your face, throat sour from borderline screaming, shaking, the works- and i think from all of this you’d probably squirt for the first time which would mean a lot to felix because he was the one to do that, and he also thought it was extremely hot. and when you come to, you’d notice that you have felix’s cum dripping out of swollen, tired pussy and chan’s cum all over your breasts.
i think thats all my imagination has, i love them sm. - 👛 anon
i hope this time tumblr doesn’t play with me to answer this, i've been trying since yesterday. i have one word: dumbfounded. 
there’s one thing to be recognized and that is the fact that this duo of soulmates are an inseparable pair in all terrain, including the sexual one. i see them so connected in the fact that they would be so in need of you, as you described it, of your scent, of your taste, of having you, of touching you. and as one of them is totally a dominant and the other totally a submissive, here there are going to be several storms with both airs colliding.
i think your fantasy literally sums up all the ideas i can have, both agreeing to bring out their submissive side and break any kind of rule in order to get closer to the pleasure that you give to them, and then being complicit in ruining you.
this couldn't be more perfect, i literally loved every detail. 
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eighet · 15 days ago
the hard thought has slightly changed, but i love the idea of like going at it with seungmin- and you’re riding him and him, and chan and felix can hear through the wall- which causes them to get excited because they can hear all your moans and some of the dirty talk going on and they both probably start jerking off to that but i feel like the sounds wouldn’t be enough so they’d both try to open the door and sneak a slight peak without anyone noticing😀 - 🍯 anon
chanlix just watching you guys fuck, pumping their cocks to the pace of you riding seungmin :(( pretending that it’s you :( or them rutting against each other to the sound of your moans, doing their best not to make any noise :(
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sailorhyunjinz · 18 days ago
Imagine skz realizing their s/o reads smuts about them .... sksksksksk
LEZ GO HEADCANON/REACTION (i swear i know the difference i just dont know what to call these LMAO)
Warnings; SMUT!!! mentions of rough sex, mentions of pegging, mentions of threesomes, mentions of degredation, sub/dom!skz x gn!reader
he just needed to check the weather on your phone or smth
but was instead greeted by hardcore smut with him choking and fucking the reader
“why dont you read the cute like fluffy stuff? like going on dates by the beach or getting a dog together or something?” 
you try to act innocent like “read? i do read book with those themes if you didnt kn-”
“no i mean the things about me”
realisation just HIT 
“chan,,, how much did you read??”
“maybe like 3 or 4 pieces, all very rough??”
smile through the pain, you’re busted and theres nothing you can do about it lmao
“here i am,,, thinking my partner was so excited over news articles but no,,, oh no they reading about wanting to dom me. never baby”
he says it in such a serious tone so you’re cracking up, half embarrassed, half amused.
but he doesnt even blink
“also why the fuck does changbin get to fuck but im stuck jerking off in a random ass corner?”
so defensive
justice for minho in fics
starts judging how its written
“the writer doesnt describe my handsome face?”
“Y/N!!! COME HERE!!”
you skip into the room, your buff boyfriend sitting infront of your computer scrolling through a smut post you hadn’t bothered clicking down
“this is pretty hot not even gonna lie”
you punch him playfully on the shoulder but it doesnt make him move an inch
“c-can you not?! thats invasion of private property!!”
“ ’ah fuck yes changbin, im yours’ doesnt sound like private property”
you slam the computer screen shut and walk out but he grabs your wrist
“do,,, do you wanna try?”
“try what?”
“you know,,, recreate those,,,”
“b-but im right here?”
so confused??
like why would you need to read about having sex with him
rolls his eyes and starts making fun of you 
“y/n wants to be called a whore!!”
but then discovers smth really kinky that you like
idk like being tied up or restrained or smth
eyebrow wiggle 
“hey y/n i just wanna test something” 
you’re cooking food and you nod
he takes both of your hands behind your back and CLICK
mf had handcuffs behind his back 
he leans in real close to your ear, pressing his chest against your back
“dumb baby didn’t know that i would have found out, hm? reading those dirty things behind my back every night”
“my dick is not small”
you’re like wtf,,, he just says it randomly while you were grabbing a snack from the kitchen
“in that story you’re reading, it says that i have a small dick”
you cant even say anything, you just frozen, with a packet of crisps in your hands
“what more stories are there of me? are there any with me and a big dick?”
he vibes with it but kinda pouty because why didnt you tell him what you wanted to do in bed
baby starts worrying that maybe he’s not good enough :((
highkey loves the sub fics OOP
“y/n, i wanna try this”
he says, showing you a fic about him getting pegged/buttfucked
you’re all like static tv noises at first cause how the fuck did he even find out
but ya know,,,, it opened door ;))
“do you want to fuck my bandmates?”
bruh you choke on your mf water
“w-wha? why would i-”
“especially jisung, theres just countless links of jisung smut in your history”
you’re impressed over how calm he is?? 
“s-smut? pffft,,, i dont read that,,,”
he pulls out his phone cause he took a picture of what you were reading and you just wanted to sink underground and stay there forever.
“I quote; ‘jisung grabbed his leaking cock an-”
he just chuckles, looking up from his phone with his sharp eyes
“should be me instead...”
“wait is that the new volume of that manga?”
he says all pouty before he jumps on top of you, you lying on your stomach on the bed, deep into the story until you scrolled down and boom
the smexy scenes started ;)))
you quickly scroll up again but he’s all like;
“wait scroll down,,, im pretty sure i saw my name”
he grabs the phone out of your hand and runs away
flops down on the floor out of embarrassment 
and you flop down on top of him
just a pile of embarrassment
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eighet · 21 days ago
maybe u can call me amethyst 🔮anon 🥺 just to keep it unique hehe
ok but felix seeing ur body change during pregnancy would just amp up his breeding kink so bad 🥴
like it’s even better if your hormones during pregnancy make u horny too but even just him seeing your body swell to make room for the baby and ur tits growing and even the stretch marks or the glow u just have growing a little life that’s half him half you 😭
like he’d feel nasty about it but even when you’re too sore to do missionary or whatever he’s just jerk off to seeing you lie there naked or like with his shirt that’s clearly not fitting anymore with ur growing belly that’s open so he can clearly see ur breasts that he adores and ur tummy so he’d jerk off and cum all over ur torso and to see his seed all over u like that would just keep him going 🤧
ok nsfw aside no matter how much you tell your little kids years later to put on sunblock they still end up having the same galaxy like freckles like their dad and laugh like him 😫
I’m like #1 breeding felix enthusiast I’ve had the plans to write it forever ugh
that’s such a pretty name, baby :((
NANEJWJJW OHMY GDOWK LIX WITH A BREEDING AND PREGNANCY KINK i am truly living my best life i have found my people<3
HE’D FIND YOU SO BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY WHILE YOUR PREGNANT? like as pervy as it sounds, seeing the swell of your tummy and seeing your breasts become swollen too<3 AND THE STRETCH MARKS? HE GOES CRAZY OVER THEM OMLLSKSJ like you being pregnant is literally physical proof that your his to him? he’d say the filthiest shit oh my god you have to cover his mouth </3333
“all pretty n swollen for me... i did this to you, isn’t that right? i bred your pretty little cunt.”
“fuck, look at how big you’re fuckin’ tits are. wanna wreck you so bad.”
HE’S GENTLE WITH YOU BUT ITS THE MOST NICEST SLOW SEX YOU’VE HAD IN YOUR LIFE !! and its so messy and filthy too. the sound of your cunt squelching each time his cock thrusts into you, and the sight of you pinching your nipples while your eyes are rolled back ruins him. AND WHEN YOU'RE TOO SORE :( he tells you to look pretty for him so you just sit there, dazed and flustered as lix cums on your tits and stomach multiple times :(( gross<3
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stay-midnight · 21 days ago
I roll around in my sleep too lol so most likely I won’t wake up, I’ll be knocked yk. I would end up waking Minho up cause I throw things in my sleep.
I would wake up the next morning and just back hug Hyunjin the whole day. Also back hug Chan as well.
“I-nooooooo;^;” I would push myself even closer to him and just stay there cus of fluster-ness. If he were to do that in front of the others I would be really flustered, like I’ll stay hidden in his side for the rest of the day and anytime I try to answer anything it sounds like, “ahfobwochwoxbkB”
Tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if he did know👁👄👁. I would hum in agreement and chuckle, “You have me to yourself right now baby”
My tics aren’t like Tourette’s syndrome, they are completely caused because of anxiety so it’s an anxiety induced tics. I have GAD which causes me to be anxious all the time so I’m always ticking. I have certain tics cause by certain things then I have like regular tics that happen randomly. Most of them are vocal like I mentioned but I have a few physical ones like snapping, jerking my head and grabbing onto people. I also this thing that’s happens when I’m too anxious like I need to ask for permission to do anything. Ex: you give me a drink, I won’t drink it till you say I can drink it
My friends find my Yoo-hoo tic cute cus I say it in a high pitch voice, Yoo-hoo is just a comfort drinks lol. Also I haven’t had any monster today I only really have it like 5 times a week
“Sunshine your logic is a bit flawed, Channie is my baby so is Sungie, I’m at war with Jeongin about this. I may be the other’s baby but you’re my baby” I would laugh and lay down with him on my chest. “Imagine the others reactions to you call me Daddy they would lose it” -•^•
Minho would hike his leg on you if he got out of his burrito blanket 💀- Throw in your sleep I- Minho would groan and blink awake, then just fall asleep again like a kitten 🤧.
Hyunjin would nod and pet your head or ruffle your hair and Chan would look back at you and hug back.
“Cute.” He would smile at you and hug you close to himself, He will call you baby boy around others now seeing as it makes you the literal definition of a baby— He loves seeing you like that, he would cuddle and steal you from Minho from time to time and protect you from getting stolen by Jeongin.
I- Cooking Lessons with Minho, EP. 1 - Humans— Jeongin would smile and basically squish you into the bed, “Yep, stupid hyungs will not take you.” He would hug the life out of you.
Ohhhhhh, Tysm for informing me since I don’t have any backround knowledge on tics except that I know it causes people to repeat words or smth like that. What’s Tourette’s Syndrome though, first ive heard of that ausjsjsj. That’s good as long as you don't overdrink it much since it may cause health problems, and i dunt want that for you 🥺
Felix would look at you dumbfounded at your explanation, “So, if Chan is your baby.... Then you are his daddy?—” 👁️👄👁️ - he would have this face while asking you that- He would pout, “No way, I’m calling you daddy—”
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miraculous-rewrite · 23 days ago
Miraculous Rewrite- Dear Friend
Dang Luka, your friend group is just gotten SUPER cursed recently, huh?
We open on fencing class, the focus for a time being held on the clash of blades and the huffing of excretion as the two fencers spar back and forth. There’s a crash and a clang and with a swipe through the air one of their sabres is swiped from their hand, the other fighter landing a touch with their enemy unguarded. We finally pan out and see the victorious fencer being, of course, Kagami, in her red uniform.
“That’s game.”
Her opponent huffs for breath, and lifting up his mask it’s revealed to be Adrien. He’s clearly exhausted and even more clearly frustrated. “Good game.” He huffs and looks to the side, still troubled.
“You’re getting sloppy Agreste.” She states simply “We’re all doing our best to let you work through all of… this… on your own but if it starts interfering with your fighting-”
“I won’t let that happen!” Adrien insists, “And I’m not-...I don’t… Is it really so wrong to want things to be okay?”
“Of course not, but we are at a juncture where we cannot afford to let blind optimism or unhealthy coping mechanisms cost us in this war.”
“I know that!” He actually seems a bit more angry properly now “Believe it or not Kagami, I HAVE been doing this longer than you! I’m just trying to keep sane!”
“I know, but you’re stressing the others out in the process. You and Marinette are our leaders, the expected next guardians when Alya and the others can plot out an insurrection to return to us the Miracle Box.” Kagami’s expression grows soft “Your coping mechanisms are all well and good when they only affect you, but Marinette’s suffering from having to pick up your slack as well.”
“She-...Did she say that?” Adrien looks to the side and sure enough Marinette’s going through some drills with another fencing club person.
“Not in so many words, but it has become obvious…” She looks away from Adrien when his own expression goes soft.
We cut to Marinette’s sparring now. As she’s in the middle of fighting she gets near her opponent, who then speaks, and is, of course, Felix.
“Hey, do you know what’s up with them?” Felix asks lowly, jerking his head to the side in Adrien and Kagami’s direction. “Like, are they still a thing or…?”
“Honestly, I don’t know. They decided to try to be friends properly, but they never officially broke up I don’t think. Why?”
“Nothing, nothing. It’s just.. Adrien came to live with my family for some home related reasons and… he’s been here like a month and other than telling me the basic rundown hasn’t talked to anyone about what drove him to us. Like, what was the point in telling me so much only to go on and not tell anyone anything else, you know?”
“So you think you might be able to get something from talking to Kagami?” Felix nods and Marinette is actually the one who parries and gets a touch. “I don’t know… You can never be sure how much someone else knows about a situation. You could end up giving THEM new information that they didn’t know about.” Marinette Dupain-Cheng, contractually obligated to keep Felix from chansing blowing her partners secret.
“Hm… You’re right. Good game by the way.” he takes off his mask and wanders over to Adrien. “Hey! Stop flirting for three seconds and do a round with me.” Adrien laughs, the mask slipping back on easily before he races to a fencing mat with Felix.
Marinette and Kagami both approach the water bench. “How are you doing?” Kagami asks quietly. “You got the better of Felix I saw.”
“Yeah… It’s easier to focus on physical activities when my brain’s running a million miles I guess.” Marinette shrugs, her own mask falling away and looking… tired. “I just want to… you know… be better already. We can’t afford to still be fumbling around in the dark. I need to get better and I need to be better otherwise The Old Order are gonna steamroll right over us.”
“You are far better than you were before. I remember the first day you were in practice, all gangly limbs and barely able to make a touch. If you feel as though you need extra practice I can spar with you a bit between giving the others their own fighting lessons.”
“No! No! You already do so much on the team! I wouldn’t dare ask for anything else.”
“A team you hold the weight of almost entirely on your shoulders. There must be something I can do to alleviate your burden...”
Marinette thinks for a moment. “...Can I have a hug?” Kagami chuckles faintly and opens her arms.
The scene changes just before we can see the hug, to that of a local university in town, and a familiar face looking up at the main building. It’s Alan, and he looks back down at his phone to check a text from Felix about the location they intended on meeting up at, and then back at the university.
“C’mon man, you can do this. Everyone else is looking into universities.” He mutters to himself, pausing briefly. “Sure, everyone is also freaking the heck out in the process, Mel just went full Akuma, but I can do this. This one’s in town, I won’t have to leave home, it’s perfect.”
A hand tapping the teen on his shoulder sends him jumping and spinning around to look at another familiar face, albeit one that isn’t SUPER familiar yet. Straight hair hanging messily around his face, warm brown eyes, and a bright smile on his face despite the knowledge that he’d just scared a poor lycee student.
“Are you a student here? Or just looking around?” He asked, and his other hand went to rest on the back of his neck. “I just started here, so it’s hard to tell the difference between a university student and a non-university kid.”
Alan chuckles nervously, shaking his head before extending a hand. “Nah, I’m just looking around. Gonna be meeting up with a friend, but I thought I’d see if there were any tours being handed out before heading out. My name’s Alan, what’s yours?”
“Sun Min, exchange student from China, and while I can’t give you a tour since I’d probably need one, too, I CAN show you where the nearest coffee shop is, and use my student discount to get us some half-priced sugary caffeine?”
“You had me at coffee shop, man.”
We cut to the coffee shop now, Sun Min sipping at some iced monstrosity and Alan swirling his own drink in his hand as Sun Min regales him with some story.
“So I said to Yun Eun-Ji, I said ‘Dude, we can’t just expect the peanut butter to distract the antelope for long enough for us to get away! We need to BOOK IT’ and you know what she said to me?”
“What did she say?”
“She said ‘Not with all those horse tranqs I put in it!’ Alan I need you to remember, I ATE SOME OF THE PEANUT BUTTER before we set the trap! We barely got a half mile away before I was completely loopy! She needed to carry me because she DIDN’T TELL ME THERE WAS ANYTHING IN THE PEANUT BUTTER!”
Alan of course is rolling. Both from Sun Min’s dramatic delivery and the story itself. “Ohhhh my god. How was it?”
“Surprisingly okay, I was super drowsy of course, but it was kinda like when you’re dizzy from laughing gas so I was super giddy, too. But let me tell ya our teacher was not happy when we got back to the campsite.” But just as the story wraps up Sun Min’s phone pings, he checks the messages and groans “I can’t believe this…Hey dude, I’m sorry for ditching ya while you’re waiting for your friend but my.. Grandma… is getting all up in arms about a thing with our landlord. I gotta make sure she doesn’t kill him.”
“Oh, yeah don’t sweat it, Thanks for keeping me company!”
“No problem at all, see you.” he gets up and is practically gone in a flash for how quick he departs. Alan humms and looks down at his coffee again.
“Come on Felix… what’s keeping ya man we’re gonna miss the prospect tours...”
We cut to Felix now upon his summoning and he’s just returning home with Adrein, Adrien quickly darts to the guest room/His room and shouts that he’s going to go hit Nino’s house and he’ll be back for dinner. Felix goes to follow but the door closes in his face.
“Sorry Fe!”
Quickly the door opens and Adrien’s in his street clothes again. But Felix grabs his shoulder, this time forcing him back into the guest room and standing between Adrien and the door. “Alright cousin, I’ve never been a brother before but today I’m going to start, Why are you avoiding talking to people about all of this? I talked with Marinette and she didn’t know anything either, Father is starting to get worried Uncle Gabriel was doing things the police should be called in on...which okay yeah, but not the Supervillainy kind of police.” Adrien flinches. “And you are not leaving this room until you talk to me. You made me your Secret Keeper, so let me Keep some damn Secrets.”
Adrien tries to Argue, but it seems as though Plagg and Fidde agree with Felix because they both appear, toting Adrien's phone between them. “He’s right kid, you can’t rely on the dragon for everything.”
“You’re worrying the others Adrien, at least with Felix properly up to date we can have assistance from someone uninvolved with the war.”
“...I’m sorry, did the dog just call what’s been going on lately a war?” His phone buzzes, but Felix puts it on silent without thinking and pockets it.
We cut back to Alan, his drink now almost gone, he checks his phone again, Felix didn’t even have him on ‘read’ he grumbles a complaint to himself. “I swear if he and Bridget are goofing off somewhere…” He dials another number.
“Hey Bridge.”
“Alan! I thought you and Fe were touring that university this afternoon.”
“Your boyfriend stood me up, Bridge. You got any idea about this?”
“Me? Nah… Well after Adrien came to stay with him and his parents he’s been really concerned over him… Never been a big brother before I guess, but apparently Adrien only told Felix he didn’t feel safe in his house anymore but never elaborated and so Micheal and Lucia have been trying to pry information out of him but nothing’s working and Felix is super worried and honestly i would be too, so maybe Adrien finally decided to come clean to him?”
“...Wow… the only thing I knew about all of that was his cousin was living with them… Maybe that is what happened. He’s not answering my messages though, think you can tell him to text me back?”
“I can only promise to try, you know how much Fe hates squishy emotions.”
“I do. Hey I think I missed the last orientation of the day, do you know anything about this uni?”
“Not much, and-oh! Sorry Alan, my Japanese tutor is getting on me about taking too long with the call, and if I wanna get into any study abroad programs I’m gonna need more than French and English in my spoken languages! I gotta go- Bye!” We cut to Bridget just as she hangs up.
“Sorry about that Manabe-sensei.” She nods at the teacher, and, sure enough it’s the same Manabe we met so recently. He seems chuffed at being referred to with respect.
“It’s no problem, young Bridget. You’re a loyal friend. Now, let’s work on this translation-”
But we cut now to the base for Team Miraculous, or rather, the hallway out front. Marinette seems generally cheered up from earlier, and is happily going on about how she’d been trying to work with lace a little more, and she’d been working on this peplum skirt with it and if Kagami is interested in skirts she could use a live model for it.
Just as the door opens to the main base room the two poke their heads in and there’s… a level of quiet in there, soft speaking from different sides of the room. Alya, Nino, and Amber are all sitting on one of the couches facing Alya’s ‘Storm the manor’ wall, but Alya herself looks… Not great. Her hair’s disheveled and her eyes look sleepless. But every time she makes a swipe for the cup of coffee Amber’s holding in her hands, Nino tightens his grip on her waist, forcing her to sit on his lap until she chills out.
“-But I haven’t figured out a way through the steel gates yet!”
“You’ll think more clearly after rest!”
“I can think just fine right now!”
“Alya, Babe. Babe. I can and will carry you all the way back home if you don’t consent to at least a nap.”
“Has Alya been here all night?” Marinette cuts in.
“She definitely cut class.” Nino responds.
“Lied to her sister and said there was an Akuma this morning too so Nora could call her out.” Amber added on. “Talk some sense into her Fearless leader, before she goes actually insane.”
“I said I’m fine!”
Marinette sighs, the tired leader tagging back in, she leaves Kagami in the doorway before approaching them “Alya, come on, we had this conversation back when it was just you and me-” Kagami turns and heads for the kitchenette, sure enough speaking quietly in their own corner, is a pair of familiar blonde and teal haired characters.
“-and I just don’t know why it keeps happen- oh… Hey Kagami.” Luka takes a step away from Chloe, who immediately shifts her gaze down to her mug and takes a drink.
“Good afternoon.” She responds and takes a soda from the fridge. “You both doing alright?”
“Fine.” Chloe responds maybe a hair too quickly. “We’re both just fine, thanks. Nothing to worry about here.”
“Yeah.. we’re… we’re good.” Luka responds after a moment yet no less suspiciously “Totally fine, nothing to concern anyone with here.”
Kagami looks between the two of them, unimpressed. “If you needed some time alone you simply needed to say so.” She responded simply “I get that there are some things one may be uncomfortable to share with others.”
She walks away and heads for the computer corner, where Max is easily tapping away. “Kante, your defence needs work.”
Max groans.
We hold on Luka and Chloe for a moment longer, Luka’s phone goes off quickly and he checks the message. “It’s just from Alan… Huh…Looks like Felix ditched him at the university.” he pockets his phone and stretches. “I should probably go be a good friend.”
But before he leaves Chloe grabs his arm. “Uh, no, you’re not gonna just do me like that. ‘Oh Chloe I need someone to talk to about snake things and I think you’d understand best’ and then ‘ohhh nevermind I’m gonna go push my needs aside and pretend they don’t exist’ right as it happens? I’m not taking that shit Couffaine. Tell him you can’t come.” Luka looks about to argue but Chloe raises a brow and he sighs.
“Fine.” He shoots Alan a text and settles back next to Chloe. “Who ever told you that you were allowed to be aggressive while you were being kind?”
“I figured it out, I slapped my sister when she was an akuma.” Amber seems to overhear this as she calls out from where they were strongarming Alya onto a cot and shouts “AND I REMEMBERED IT AFTERWARD TOO!”
Luka snorts. This time when they sit back down and Luka’s gaze grows distant, Chloe offers her hand, he takes it. A Show of solidarity.
Max’s back hits the training mats just as the scene changes.
Back to Alan of course.
A second drink by the first one now, both long gone. The orientations for prospective students are long over no doubt, and he sighs to himself, finger hesitating over Claude’s number.
“No point.” he finally mutters. “He’s probably off with Melody doing god knows what.” he sighs and puts his phone away, taking out a laptop instead. “Everyone’s got their own shit now…” he huffs “So why am I the only one thats stuck as the witness?” He goes on the university’s website and looks into their next orientation days, next week.
“Dammit… When did everyone else figue their futures out anyway? Why am I the one that’s left behind?”
“Friends since Premaire and yet they all have left, Felix and Bridget off on their own happily ever After, Claude and Melody on their own, Luka chasing his, and here you are, standing alone. You don’t have to suffer alone, You know what they say about birds of a feather. Let’s bring back your comrades to you, Dear Friend. Remind them why you all mattered so much to each other.”
Alan stops typing, but Dear Friend starts, he types and types, faster and faster, and sure enough as he hits enter on his laptop, a shadow is seen watching him finish up. Sun Min.
“Sorry kid, we got thieves convincing everyone they’re heroes. You understand.” he shrugs before calling someone. “Hey! Yun Eun-Ji how you doin’ over there? Yeah I'm sure Shanghai must be a little weird after you were so used to Seoul. Yeah I can’t believe it either! To think these old men waited so long to track that Fu guy down because they thought it’d be more likely for him to ditch the continent entirely than just checking Europe first!..I miss you too…”
We see a quick montage now, of just what Dear Friend has been doing. The thing he was typing out was like a sort of magical virus, setting off emergency alerts to seemingly random people across Paris, when someone answers their phone or clicks the alert on their computer they’re digitized and zapped into cyberspace. Among these randomly selected electronics of course are all of Alan’s group, Bridget zapped in the middle of translating a manuscript, Manabe doesn’t look up from his book. Claude and Melody zapped in the middle of what seemed to be a date night, Felix and Adrien are still talking, now both sitting upon the edge of the bed, when the alert goes off. Plagg grumbles angrily to himself about how stupid Felix’s phone is being and clicks the alert and PLAGG is zapped instead. Adrien and Felix share a lowkey panicked look.
And finally a ping comes up on Luka’s phone which is ignored, left on the countertop. He and Chloe have moved upstairs to the penthouse and out to the balcony as the emotions became too heightened and he risked shouting.
Alya groans from the cot, waving a hand around as if to smack an alarm clock, before partially sleepwalking over to the kitchenette. Nino and Amber glance up, just in time to see her grabbing Luka’s phone, and relax, only to see her zapped away and Luka’s phone clatters to the ground with a small cracking sound.
“Well that’s….”
“Really not good.”
Both teens immediately jump to their feet and dash off to find Marinette and/or Luka, whoever they stumble across first.
It’s Marinette of course it is.
She and Kagami were just in the middle of a battle of wills stalemate when the two come up and of course in her shock Kagami gains the upper hand and pins her.
“Hey! Cheater!”
“Not my fault you let your guard down. So, Nino, Amber, you say Alya was kidnapped by an Akuma?”
We hard cut then to the cyberworld, following Alya. She’s still dazed and sleep addled, but is thankfully adrenaline jumpstarted. “...somehow I don’t think that that was an alarm…” she mutters as she looks around, the cyber world is one of those more retro designed cyberspace mockups, all black backdrops and cyan grids that make up structures and things.
Alya grumbles to herself and Trixx pokes her head out from hiding(Read: Napping) in Alya’s hair. “Well, this is one way to wake up from a well deserved rest.” Alya yawns and scratches beneath Trixx’s chin.
“Come on buddy, let’s see what we’ve got to work with here.” Thankfully it wasn’t very long before she found someone, Bridget. She looks… way less chill than Alya is about this whole thing.
Alya yawns again and asks if this is her first time properly captured. Bridget is not pleased with this levity.
Meanwhile we’re back with Dear Friend, he’s looking onto his laptop screen, and sure enough he’s got cameras on everything in his cyberspace world. Trixx of course doesn’t show up in his feeds as is the Kwami’s nature, so Alya seems to be mumbling to herself alone before finding Bridget. Dear Friend huffs to himself and states testily that of course Luka’s ‘new friends’ would have intercepted his alert. And of course Felix would leave him on ‘read’ without even having the decency to get zapped inside.
The butterfly halo lights up around him and he waves it off. “Yeah yeah, I’ll send out the message now so they all transform and I can send them pings. I know what I'm doing, Mme Monarcha… Geez…”
We cut from Dear Friend back to the Team, now with everyone gathered, Adrien included after he and Felix made sure to turn off Felix’s phone so nothing else would happen to him. And when Adrien arrives with only Fidde, well….
“PLAGG GOT TAKEN!?” Tikki shouts, zipping up in front of Adrien’s face. “That means Kwamis are in danger, too…”
Callid pops their head up from their spot and points at Tikki “Ha-ha, someone’s worried about their partner…”
Tikki blinks once, before chasing after a fleeing Callid, and the two circle around Marinette’s head before entering the Kwami Rafters. Marinette glances up at the rafters, before letting out a sigh, and her attention focuses on the team.
“Ok, so we don’t know where Alya and Plagg are, but Alya grabbed Luka’s phone, and Plagg had interacted with Felix’s phone, right?” Marinette asked, and when Adrien nodded, she turned to Luka. “If this is another of your friends Luka, I’m absolutely terrified for when the rest of us enter the university crunch time.”
“Uhmmm guys?” Max, who was at the computers again, gets their attention “there’s a message playing.”
“Don’t click it!” Alix darts across the room and grabs Max, wheeling him away while he was still on the swivel chair and thus could be rolled. “That’s probably the Akuma Ping or whatever it is sucking people in!”
But after a timer runs out the message opens on its own, and thus comes the video message of Dear Friend.
“Dear friends! As time marches on and on and we grow apart, I’ve found myself more and more falling to the wayside, and I don’t know about the rest of you, but I'm tired of it. So! I’ve got approximately 25% of Paris here with me now, and we’re all going to stick together from now on. Okay?”
“Oh! And if Team Miraculous wants to hang out, I’ll be happy to accommodate them!”
The message ends there with Dear Friend waving, and the Team stares blankly at the black screen. Luka is the first to react, darting for his phone, and Chloe grabs his hand.
“Luka what are you-”
“This is our fault. He and Felix were going to tour a university, and I’m guessing Felix was a no show. And when I didn’t respond…” Luka trails off, staring at his phone. “I can’t go into the field as Viperion today. I have to go as Luka.”
Chloe’s grip tightens for a moment, before loosening, and Luka glances at her. “Just be safe, then, no Second Chances in this fight.”
“I will, I promise.”
Luka lifts his phone and clicks the alert still on his history and vanishes.
Marinette blinks once, before her shoulders sag. “Ok, so Luka’s off to see what he can do, and we can only hope he finds his friends and they can do something from in there, maybe even locate Alya and Plagg. Meanwhile, we need to find this guy. He was touring universities, right? So we’ll break off into teams of two; we’ve got a lot of universities to cover.”
“I can go with someone to check on Felix,” Adrien offers cheerfully. “He might be able to help us narrow down the search field!”
The teams are decided thusly, Max and Chloe will stay behind with the computer system to see if Max can do anything from this side about the cyberspace setup, utilizing the message Dear Friend sent out as a backdoor, with Amber positioned with them as backup if need be.
Alix and Kim are positioned on one side of the city, Kagami and Marinette on the other, and Nino and Adrien are returning to the apartment to talk with Felix to get a possible location ready.
But we cut back to the cyber world now. Luka is wandering around with Sass, the Kwami ready to dart into his pocket and hide if they come across someone else, but for now they simply chat.
“-I suppose this is what happens when I ditch my friends.”
“You weren’t ditching your friends Luka, you weren’t in the headspace to comfort someone else.”
“Neither is Chloe, but she’s doing a good job.”
“Extenuating circumstances, we don’t have the wherewithal to unpack all of THAT right now. But my point is, you weren’t being selfish just because you didn’t drop everything for a friend you had no idea was going through something.”
“Exactly Sass! I DIDN’T know! I should have! This is the kinda stuff I ALWAYS KNEW!”
“Stop torturing yourself child.” Sass glances to the side and smiles slightly. “Also, behind you.” He darts into Luka’s pocket right as Luka hears a shout of his name.
At his turn, Melody and Claude run up. Luka gets tackle-hugged by Claude.
“You don’t need to yell….” Luka offers, but Melody shakes her head. “Or I guess you do.”
Luka mouths an “oh” as Melody sighs in resignation.
“It seems as though we’re all going through it right now..” Melody says with a wry grin. “Also, I’m pretty sure he can see us.”
Luka looks around, and sure enough there are little dots in the cyber walls that were assumed to be decimals that in fact seem to follow the lot of them as they move.
“Yeah probably… Did they get Bridget yet?”
“No clue.”
“I swear I saw something else here though!” Claude speaks up “Like a little black demon thing! It was hard to see at first since the area is dark as is but I know I saw SOMETHING moving around.”
“....If Alan made a monster for this world to stalk us with, I'm putting him in a headlock.” Luka grumbles.
We zoom out and away on the three reunited friends, and fade in on Fenrir and Carapace arriving at the Agreste Apartment, heading for Adrien’s guest room, but when they get there, Felix is nowhere to be found, just a note saying “Heading out to meet Alan,” and Fenrir narrows his eyes.
“Hey, as a brother, is it normal to be frustrated by the actions of your other brother?”
“All the time.”
“Good, because I’m gonna kill him.”
And so, without Felix as a guide post, The message goes out to the others to just kinda… do their best and keep looking. Also if they find Felix, tail him.
Ladybug grumbles and closes the communicator on her yoyo. “I hate it when they’re so drawn out…”
“Indeed.” Ryuuko responds. “When they’re less active it feels as though they should be easier to defeat, but that also makes them harder to track, therefore one grows frustrated with their lack of progress.”
“Exactly. It’s like, I’ve been doing this for years, and NO ONE who edits the Ladyblog has seen him yet so we don’t even have anything to go OFF OF.”
“Let it out…”
“And- And I just… UGH! How can i be a good leader or even a good Ladybug at all if I can only just… ‘comb through Thirty freaking One universities in Paris and HOPE the Akuma didn’t move! Fu put his trust in me and I’ve done NOTHING to deserve it!”
Ryuuko reaches up and pats Ladybug’s shoulder. “You’ve done more than enough. It’s hardly a reflection of YOU when our enemies at times like to make akuma more geared toward irritating us than actually winning.”
Ladybug sighs and massages a headache, but she eventually grins at Ryuuko and they both take off in a seemingly random direction.
We cut now back to the Cyber World, and more specifically, back with Alya and Bridget. Bridget is facing one direction, calling out for someone else, and Alya has opened her jacket, gesturing rapidly, and darting inside is a little black shadow. Plagg curls up in Alya’s jacket and grumbles to himself, Trixx shoots him a smirk.
“So I get the feeling we might be going in circles.” Alya says after a beat. “That grid pattern that looks kinda like a lobster is here again.”
“Circles?!” If anything Bridget looks even more distressed. “We’re moving in circles?! Oh nononono this is not good. We have to get out of here!”
“Relax, if we don’t get out then eventually Miraculous Ladybug will GET us out.”
“Calm down, this isn’t even your first time getting caught up in an Akuma-”
Alya blinks. “...Wow…. yeah I guess it would be pretty scary if you’re not used to it…”
But sure enough Bridget’s panic didn’t do nothing, as we hear the echo of her panic on the other side of the cyber world. And Claude shouts back “HEY I CAN IDENTIFY THAT SCREAM ANYWHERE BRIDGE! BRIDGE! KEEP SCREAMIN!”
Soon enough Bridget (and Alya) meet up with the other little group, Bridget clings to Melody and looks a moment away from sobbing. Claude shoots Luka a thumbs up.
“Which one is this friend? Is this the Chloe girl you’re wooing on the rebound?”
“I’m not wooing anyone Claude.”
“EXCUSE ME I HAVE A BOYFRIE-....oh so that’s why Marinette would get so testy whenever we’d tease her about Adrien being Obvious.”
“You guys would tease her about Adrien liking her while we were still dating?” Luka looks over to Alya and raises a brow, who of course yelps and looks away, face turning bright red.
“Well… Claude and Melody noticed that it seems like Our Dear Friend Alan has been keeping an eye on us by those decimals in the grids. So maybe we can convince him to talk to us. Any ideas?”
The lot of them think carefully, and Claude gets an idea first.
“Hey Alan! I was the one who would eat half of your sandwiches while you were in the bathroom back in primarie! And I blamed Ruthie Goglemeyer because she had a crush on you!”
The surrounding world gives a shake. The lot of the childhood friends all look at each other in realization.
“Uh… I’m the one who hid your trombone music sheets back in College!” Melody adds in “I just couldn’t stand the idea that you could be better than me at instruments, Luka was bad enough!” Another shudder
“I totally convinced Jaquelyn Rothhower to ask you out after Claude and Melody hooked up because I was worried you and Luka would be lonely!” Something seems about to flicker to life above them.
“I’ve been basically attracted to Akuma fights since I WAS one and I’ve been hanging out with my Ex's friends mostly because they have the same problem and I don’t want to worry you guys!” Luka’s still got to keep a secret after all.
The cyber world gave one more shudder, and this time the sky flickers to life, revealing a webcam of Dear Friend, peering down at them.
“There you are.” Another voice remarks, a deadpan that is all too familiar, and tinged with the barest hint of concern, and a shadow looms over the form of Dear Friend, as if the figure speaking is standing behind the laptop. “Let our friends and everyone else out of there.”
The camera stays active, but we can only see through its perspective as Dear Friend lashes out behind him at Felix, insisting that Felix ditched him, to which Felix doesn’t deny, and goes further by apologizing.
“Look I’m sorry I lost track of time! You were counting on me and I let you down! But for god’s sake Alan! It’s one orientation tour! All of our lives are changing like crazy. We don't have the same priorities anymore!” Felix and Dear Friend continue to struggle, made huge by the screen we see them through, but in a quick comedy cut into the real world we see Felix and Dear Freind’s struggles are comically simple, little more than a wrestling match between two teenage boys.
“But I’m still sorry for ditching you! That wasn’t cool of me and i should have told you beforehand i was gonna dip so i could try and get my cousin to talk to me!” Felix seems to be coming out ahead, putting Dear friend in a headlock. “Now! Let! The! Others! Go!”
“No! We’re gonna still be friends! I don’t care about different priorities or not you’re not drifting away from me!”
Felix’s grip loosens a bit. “...Of course we’re still gonna be friends Alan. No matter if we all still live next door to each other or if we’re all a million miles away.”
Dear Friend glances to the computer, and sure enough the tiny electronic voices of the others call out in agreement.
“Come on Alan. We’ve been through too much. Remember Stella’s birthday party where Luka spilled punch all over my best shirt?” Felix grins.
“Remember that time Mme Auture barricaded herself in the kindergarteners’ room because they caught her with the science teacher?” Claude pipes up
“Or that time we went on the field trip to the zoo and Claude nearly fell in the gorilla cage?” Luka adds on.
“Or The time we all went camping and Bidget got her foot stuck in the river?”
“No regrets, the water current felt nice.” There’s a brief pause as everyone laughs at Bridget’s remark. “But what about when we all learned to dance together?”
Dear Friend huffs and looks away. “Okay, fine.”
There’s eventually the sound of leaping and bounding as a pair of heroes race across the rooftops, and as they descend, we see a flash of cyan and a chill tan color. Roi Singe and Semmix are the first to spot the boys. The two prep for interaction, Semmix happily chirping to herself that this will be her first real fight. They hop down there and-
There’s Dear Friend, still technically Akumatized, but the Akuma has been released front he broken laptop and is trapped beneath an overturned plastic cup, Dear Friend, Felix, and the rest of the Cyber World trapped squad are sitting around the tables, enjoying a few cups of coffee. Including Luka and Alya very important to note.
“Oh hey Semmix, hey Roi Singe, Felix talked down the Akuma, don’t you guys read the Ladyblog?” Alya grins and holds up her own phone, and sure enough there’s a Ladyblog post that no one has been able to see without risking getting ported into the Cyber world.
Semmix’s eye twitches. Roi Singe laughs. He undoes his staff to form his communicator “Alright, send all, we need a Miraculous Cure, but the Akuma’s taken care of. You want to grab something while we’re here Sem?”
“......Yeah. I want a sugary nightmare monstrosity because fuck this.”
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veevee-the-artist · a month ago
Dearly Departed Journal...
Archie leaned forward, resting his chin on crossed arms. He stared out the window of Valkory’s cabin, watching said hero poke a bonfire. Tonight they were having seared stakes. Valkory doesn’t make seared stakes often since it’s a long process but Archie insisted. Now He patiently waited... Oh boy he forgot how long it takes for the hero to cook them. Leaning back, a sigh escaped the illager’s mouth. Rubbing a cheek, he looked back into the cabin. Bored out of his skull, Archie glanced around for something to do. Spotting the bookshelf in the far corner, the small illager decided he could practices reading more.
Hopping down from his chair, Archie padded over to the shelf. He studied the colorful backs of each book, trying to find something that’ll interest him. So far... No luck. Groaning in frustration, Archie was about to return to his chair when he stopped an aged book nestled on the bottom of the shelf, squished between two fat notepads. Blinking, Archie realized he never seen this book before. Curious about the contains, Archie pulled out the book with great effort. Those note pads making it difficult to collect the book.
After a little effort, Archie pulled out the book with a happy murr. Pleased with himself, the illager hopped onto the couch made himself comfortable, and opened the book to a random page.
'Yo Journal, you will not believe what I am about to write in you! Ok so, it's been about 670 days since I woke up in this blocky world. I've impressed myself how long I am alive, like dude I have no memories of how I got here! Anyways, you know I built a nice HQ in these mountains and it's pretty safe here. 
*dramatic music plays here*
 Someone has found my base and is stealing my food! Which is totally not cool. I'm missing bread and lamb chops, my favorite foods are getting stolen right under my nose! So Journal, I am setting up a trap to catch this thief! Write ya later! Mister Creeps signing out.'
Right away, Archie knew this was not Valkory’s handwriting. Felix made sure that the hero wrote in a ‘proper’ manner. Also Mister Creeps...? Archie blinked at the name. He swore he heard that name before. With a soft hum, he continued to read.
 "Dude Journal! Guess what I found in my trap? A little kid! Ok bro let me back up. So you know I set up a trap because someone is stealing my food. I thought it was one of those other guys from the bottom of the peaks, they're jerks and would steal. 
But instead, I caught myself a kid! She's like less than half of my size so she's pretty young. I think she's been alone too. At first I thought I caught a little puppy! What with all of those dirty worn out wolf skins she wrapped around herself. Scared too, she screamed bloody murder when I poked my head in the trapped. I can still hear the ringing. Anyways, it took me a good long time before I gained her trust. 
Thankfully those honey apples and cakes I buy at the village helped. It also took me some time before she spoke. Her name is Valkory and she's lost. Welp Journal it's time for another adventure to find this kid's parents. Must have gotten lost in a blizzard. Until I find this Lil Pup’s parents, she’ll be hanging out with me~! Write ya later! Mister Creeps signing out'
Oh... Oh! Now he remembers the name. Valkory talked about this Mister creeps once, and judging from the look on her face, it was painful to talk about him. She said he was a mentor and brother figure to her. So Mister Creeps found Valkory? Swallowing thickly as a foreboding feeling crawled into his mind, Archie continued to read.
‘Dear Journal. We found Valkory’s parents or at least what’s left of them. The kid lead me to a burnt down cabin. I think Valkory didn’t know about happened to the cabin as she looked surprised when we found it. She has yet to stopped crying. Cried right to sleep on my bed.
I think someone set fire to the cabin too. It’s easy for me to forget that this world can be cruel. Valkory will be staying with me until I figure out what to do with her. Mister Creeps signing out.’
Archie snapped the book closed, sudden guilt rising his chest. He felt like he just spied in something private. Returning the book to the shelf, Archie quietly walked back to his chair. He would keep this to himself, he didn’t want Valkory to be mad at him. Still, his thoughts wandered over to this Mister Creeps and he wondered... What happened to him?
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lostboi-lostgalaxyi101 · a month ago
Stray kids reaction to seeing your anxious tics for the first time
Tumblr media
[Requested[going off the basis that reader has explained briefly about his anxious tics]]
I think he'd be a bit taken back or surprised at first in a way that he just wasn't expecting it but he'd get used to it pretty quick
He'd want to ask questions about it and how various situations affect your tics
He might get quite worried and ask if he can help for some of the physical ones like jerking your head
At first he'd assume you were just making random noises out of boredom
I think it would take a while for him to realise its you ticing or for you to tell him
He'd ask how you want him to react to it but otherwise carry on as normal
I think he'd feel happy that you trusted him to show them to him
I think he'd be more curious and ask a lot about them and if you want him to react or do anything
He wouldn't want to point them out or make you feel self conscious of them either
But if there was someway you wanted him to help you with them he wouldn't hesitate
He'd be a bit cautious not to respond to them unless you wanted him to in case it made them worse
He'd be very curious about them and ask questions if you were comfortable
He might even do some research on his own
I think he'd be a bit lost in general on how to react but he'd follow you, if you laughed it off he'd laugh with you or if you seemed uncomfortable about them he'd comfort you
I think Jisung wouldn't necessarily realise what it was at first and might even copy/respond to your verbal tics
He'd assume its just some random noise or phrase you were saying out of boredom but he'd feel bad once he'd realise
He'd listen carefully to whatever you had to say about them
He'd have a very similar reaction to Jisung, neither of them would be particularly phased by it as stray kids generally make a lot of random noises
He would still ask about them and how it's linked to your anxiety and if he can help manage them in any way
If you told him before showing him your tics I think he'd realise pretty quick that's what they were
He might be extra observant about them out of curiosity but he wouldn't want you to feel judged in anyway
Likely to ask or do his own research about it
Feels a bit proud that you're comfortable enough around him to show your tics
I think he'd be the most curious
He'd want to ask questions but would be worried he'd make you feel judged
His playful personality would want to respond to your verbal tics but he'd be worried that you'd feel judged or mocked by it
He'd need to know how to respond to them
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trarioven · a month ago
FE3H Favorite Characters
Just recently finished all Fire Emblem Three Houses Paths (plus the Cindered Shadow part). 
Yesterday i discussed the game with some of my friends (who replaying again), bout the story, the motives, and especially talk about our favourite characters. I doodle this in the middle of the voice call~ 
Tumblr media
So these are my top 5 favourite male and female in 3H and the reasons why i like them! After playing the game for second time, some character that i don’t really care become my favourite and some still my favourite. Ashen Wolves are almost like sitcom character that never fail make me laugh with their interaction (Heck they even kinda joking around in the middle of danger)
1. Yuri (MALE) - Hilda (FEMALE)
Yuri is really interesting, my only disappointment is how little he got involved in the main story. He is this rough, smart, a bit jerk, mysterious, flirty, distrust kind of dude but deep down is good natured and honourable dude who made some bad decision in his past (life is just so unfair to him). He regret for what he did but try to act tough like he doesn’t care. I feel bad for Yuri and if his story is another path, I definitely choose him over the other three house leader. Because i trust that Yuri will always choose to protect his people first rather than following his ambition or ego or revenge. Also that makeup. Shame on you Trarioven, he even put better lipgloss than you! Oh and what the piip, IntSys, with YURI AND ASHE GOT NO SUPPORT?!
Hilda is a character that i truly feel connected XD Some people i know, really hate her for being lazy bitch, but hey, that’s rude. She is lazy yeah but that happen because when she was a kid, she learn how her big brother is too perfect that whatever she did will end up being disappointment (but i heard that she is being doted to much too). I really understand that position. But hey that doesn’t make Hilda grow up less than anyone. She really shine in timeskip, especially part that she stay for Claude in Crimson Flower, protecting him like a true friend. And when she defeated, her last word is... “It’s been fun Claude....sorry to go so soon”. FEEELS. That moment truly make me love Hilda. Also i always like the type character who is smol, pretty, petite but can kick your ass with weapon.
2. Dimitri (MALE) - Constance (FEMALE)
Ah Dimitri, tragic character in every route except his own route. In SS, he died and you see his ghost (what). In VW, died by some random soldier killed. In CF, Edelgard kill him with no hesitation, saying Dimitri is beyond saving (is he, El?). What the heck Dimitri... Well at least Dimitri got his happy ending in Azure Moon. From some polite prince, becoming crazy slowly due to betrayal and people die around him, and boom, he is totally crazy in the beginning of timeskip. I really like the part where he is technically a total jerk and talk with himself (or illusion). Annoying but that’s the charm, nobody perfect. He is too depressed and no one really guide him, resulting Dimitri pushing his own friends and death seeker. Glad he realise his mistake and that’s why he always my top 5. Also, please do not eat the weeds. Btw Azure Moons ending gave me so much feeling T_T
Constance. Well sometimes i hate “ojousama” type of character, because mostly they treat people like crap. Constance is different. Constance is ojousama that pulling her own weights, study harder to fulfil her dream (even it mean licking boots but not before change the said boot to licorice). There’s haughtiness but she is treat everyone equally (well she kind of always mad at Balthus but even Hapi got low tolerance with the dude ). She knows that following Edelgard will make her reclaim noble title faster, but when she knows Edelgard wrong, she not hesitate to challenge her in duel. Also i just love her student attire. Long noble skirt with some elegant frill in her dress. Ooooh~ always love that kind of clothes.
3. Felix (MALE) - Lysithea (FEMALE)
Felix is a meme for me back then and still a meme even now. He act so so tsundere, jerk to almost everyone, only love battle, rude. He is realistic tsundere that care for others with his own way or belief, and i like that. How he clash with Dimitri, how he rudely told Ingrid to stop being idealist too much, how he see his brother death is understandable. Everyone around him is kind of “HOO I’M GOING TO DIE AND KILL KID IN THE NAME OF KING” “HOO I’M GOING TO BECOME A IDEAL KNIGHT LIKE MY OLD BOYFRIEND”, although i know the one that said that will never done that too dumb act (Dedue and Ingrid are not stupid). But bruh, really? Like you guys have that mind deep down, that you will throw away life easily without even thinking what other think after you die? So i listen what Felix say about that, and i...mostly agree with his way of thinking. Well only mostly. Now Felix is just both my favourite and my meme character. His friendship with Dimitri, Sylvain and Ingrid, his support with Annette and Ashe, is really make him shine as a character.
Lysithea is this “I NOT A CHILD” trope. I never like that trope, but Lysithea really grow on me. She want to achieve as many as possible before she die. Yes, Lysithea got short lifespan due to experiment, that’s why she want to learn much, achieve much and being respected. But yes of course, she still a young girl deep down. She lost her temper a lot, she loves cake, she act like a brat a lot. But rather than annoyance, i smile at her. And you know how she care for her parents and her parents said Lysithea is a pride? Gawd, it warms my heart. All her ending, whether she survived or not, always warms me.
Btw in Felix and Lysithea non AM ending, where Felix saw Lysithea made most of her short life with her family and made Felix realise how precious life is.... (sob) sure Lysithea die in the end but that is one of my favourite ending
4. Claude (MALE) - Edelgard (FEMALE)
Claude... i like how he is the most open minded from all the house leader. I like most of his support (once again, he is open minded so he is really friendly). I just wish HE GOT MORE ROLE THAN JUST FOLLOWING TEACH. I really feel dumb when he just gone to Almyra and leaving Byleth to charge Fodlan, while for me Claude can be more than just “oh i’m curious with Fodlan history and lol Fodlan got dumb system so i’m pushing you to change the whole Fodlan Teach” role. I wish the writer put his more scheming personality in story. But if there’s one thing i truly feel bout Claude, is he always consider everything ,even himself, in a best way, unlike Dimitri revenge seeker that drag people around him, Edelgard too drastic way in changing the world become better place, Rhea manipulation in order to keep peace and Yuri selflessness that kind of put himself in bottom place. Claude got my respect a lot.
Edelgard is where i love her as a character and villain. As a protagonist? For some reason i feel a bit guilty following her. But if there’s one thing that i want to say, without Edelgard, story of Fire Emblem Three House and change that happen there will not happen. Sure her way is.... too drastic and bloodshed. But lessay if Edelgard is doing peaceful way, do you think Rhea will change her way? I don’t think so lol (hey i do not hate Rhea). Everything come to light because Edelgard are brave to make change (but she twisted a bit of truth too, so i dunno). And she is so... queen. I love Edelgard with her red queen dress theme. 
5. Ashe (MALE) - Petra (FEMALE)
I dunno if i like Sylvain more or Ashe more. In the end Ashe won. Not only because of his cinnamon roll personality, but there’s something more about being pure and overly idealist in Ashe’s character. He is conflicted with the death of Lonato and Christopte, and trust me, if i were in his position, i will be like him too. Questioning and feeling guilty with not realise the change in his family, but at the same time understand why Lonato didn’t tell him anything. And he is feel guilty with his life back then as a thief, but he is not overly blame himself since he understand he and his family need to stay alive. At first i don’t really like Ashe, but now i like him much.
Petra is really trying hard to learn all things in Fodlan, do everything in the best of her ability and so earnest, with hoping that one day she can achieve her dream, to make Empire recognise her country as an equal. Her broken English is cute and i like her timeskip design a lot. Btw one of my favourite part when playing this game, is when she says to Claude that there’s this guy that she like and she will drag him home even tie him if he refuse (lol). And next, she reach another support with Ashe where she really really want him to visit Brigid ,even promise him, making a knight order in Brigid simply for Ashe. And i was imagining Petra tying Ashe and drag him home lol. 
And that’s it, my favourite characters in Three Houses~ 
Actually writing these make me happy XD 
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glassbxttless · a month ago
Headcanon: Matt and Randy are overworked underappreciated sanitation workers who have had enough and are ready to snap
Will you except HCs on being overworked and underappreciated as a Technician and an Intern? Bc that’s all I apparently know how to write ):
Please accept these HCs of two out of three of my favorite Solos (you can read these as Sunny or as Randy’s girlfriend 😂)
Tumblr media
Matt has a wife, he has kids, and he still spends all of his free time at this fucking job.
He gets a day off, he’s called in, he requests a day to himself, it gets declined. He calls out sick— he gets told he better be there on time.
He started off as one of the worst technicians at Starkiller, but over the years he’s definitely worked his way up as head technician and now nothing ever stops.
He missed Douglas getting his first home run. He missed Felix’s first goal. He missed your speech at your graduation. And he’s getting fucking sick of it quite frankly.
He has half a notion to quit. But knowing his paycheck is paying most of the household bills, he sticks it out and lets himself jerk his frustrations off in the shower.
Until fucking Randy asks him if they’re keeping him until all hours of the evening too. And Matt can’t fucking stand it.
He goes into the main office, demanding he gets his vacation time and just to leave him the fuck alone for a week. He wants to actually watch his kids grow up.
And maybe he gets some head after he explains the story to you, because you think he’s hot and a week together really sounded nice.
Tumblr media
Randy rides on Matt’s coat tails for the most part. Everyone knows Matt, and even if his attitude sucks half the time— he’s a good fucking worker. Randy’s a shitty intern, but no one really wants to piss Matt off.
So he gets the bitch work. What none of the other interns want to do, eventually makes its way to Randy’s desk.
He may off handedly bring up the fact that he feels like he’s burnt out to you one evening at dinner. And you feel like you’ve absolutely been crushed to see him like this.
When Randy brings it up to Matt, he just nods his head and comes up to him later saying he’s got a weeks vacation and not to fucking bug him on his.
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berlitzuaeme · a month ago
Why perusing is perhaps the best time approaching to learning English?
Who doesn't adore a decent story? And keeping in mind that a book can keep you engaged for quite a long time, perusing one written in English can likewise assist with growing your jargon and information on sentence structure. Tablets and tablets make learning English much simpler since, in such a case that you don't know.Who doesn't adore a decent story? And keeping in mind that a book can keep you engaged for quite a long time, perusing one written in English can likewise assist with growing your jargon and information on grammar.E-perusers and tablets make learning English much simpler since, supposing that you don't have a clue about a word, you can essentially tap on it to peruse its definition. Others prescribe tuning in to and perusing text simultaneously as a brilliant method to upgrade the learning cycle. We've recently investigated some incredible books that can assist you with improving your English language abilities, and our blog perusers gave us some more ideas of books that are both pleasant and valuable. We trust you discover their ideas supportive… 
Tuesdays with morrie – mitch albom 
A few of our blog perusers suggested this book, including Louisa Leung, Javier Casas, Prabha Narayanan, Pâñkâj Díxít and Dana S Cornelia Learn English speaking. Tuesdays with Morrie is a diary by paper sports writer Mitch Albom, who describes the time went through with his 78-year-old humanism teacher, Morrie Schwartz, at Brandeis College, who was kicking the bucket from a crippling illness. Written to put it plainly, straightforward sentences, alongside areas of discussion, the book is an incredible path for English language learners to learn jargon while improving relational abilities. 
The alchemist – paulo coelho 
Blog peruser Andra Female horse picked the English interpretation of this novel as his top choice for English language learning. It follows a youthful Andalusian shepherd in his excursion to Egypt, subsequent to having a repetitive fantasy about discovering treasure there. Andra says it is not difficult to peruse as far as jargon and tenses, so should help any learners in both of those zones. 
The ringer container – sylvia plath 
Another top pick among our blog perusers, this book is the solitary novel composed by artist and writer Sylvia Plath. Initially distributed under the name of Victoria Lucas, it is semi-personal, with the names of spots and individuals changed. Renata Woldan picked this as her number one novel, and the describing of a progression of flashbacks is useful for English language learners wishing to add to their jargon and syntax abilities. 
The supplier – lois lowry 
Blog perusers Séverine Claire, Sabrine Rouissi, Dru Hnn, Felix Show and Palden Phuntsho Wangchuk all picked this novel as their top choice. Composed by Lois Lowry, it is set in a general public where singularity and decision don't exist. The epic is on many perusing records in instructive foundations around the globe and is suggested by numerous individuals for creating hungers for perusing. Written in short sentences and utilizing basic punctuation, the book is a decent path for language novices to learn more about English. 
Journal of a weak child – jeff kinney 
Youngsters' books are an extraordinary spot to begin for English fledglings as the language utilized is straightforward as is the punctuation. Blog peruser Rushikesh Kohre picks this one as his book of decision, and the extraordinary news is there are in excess of ten books in the arrangement. This first book presents the lead character Greg and his closest companion Rowley. Appreciate the clever tales about what they get up to while you add as far as anyone is concerned of the English language. 
Somebody like you – roald dahl 
These short stories are extraordinary to peruse on the off chance that you need to learn more about the English language yet you don't care for perusing for quite a while. Despite the fact that Roald Dahl is a kids' creator, these accounts contain murder, loathsomeness and sci-fi. Blog peruser Magdalena Wilczyńska picks this as her book and her #1 story is Dashing Foxley, which is about a man called Perkins who renders retribution on a domineering jerk he recollects from school. 
The Lion, the witch and the closet – CS lewis 
Blog peruser Sid Sawant loves this book, which is about certain kids who access a secret supernatural land by going through the rear of an old closet IELTS. The creator takes extraordinary consideration to depict scenes in detail, so it is an incredible method to learn more unmistakable words in the English language. On the off chance that you like dream books, this is an extraordinary decision for you.
TOEFL course
Learning Arabic for beginners
Learn Turkish
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sailorhyunjinz · a month ago
~ ℙ𝕦𝕣𝕡𝕝𝕖 ℍ𝕖𝕒𝕣𝕥 𝕀𝕀 ~
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝕎𝕒𝕣𝕟𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕤: SMUT! Dom!Minho x sub!reader criminal!skz, gang!au, angst(?), criminality, mentions of scars, mentions of blood, mentions of injuries, explicit language, mentions of robbery, mentions of police, mentions of cuts, alcohol consumption, mentions of fights, public sex, PIV, fingering, unsafe sex (STAY SAFE), orgasm (m/f), cum, slight bulge kink, squint to see the degradation. 
𝕎𝕠𝕣𝕕 𝕔𝕠𝕦𝕟𝕥: 2.6 k 
ℕ𝕠𝕥𝕖: EEEEP part 2 of purple hearts that is more of a background story to the first one so if you haven’t read the first one please do so here!~ (also jesus fucking christ did i struggle with this sooo... don’t expect much lmao)
OH if you want a song recommendation; A good song never dies - Saint Motel (fits this fic heheh...) 
Tumblr media
A loud bang erupted through the room alerting the 7 other boys. Bangchan’s fist was firmly planted on the table as he looked at the shoked faces off the seven boys.
“We can’t go on like this anymore”
He spoke in a raspy voice, his breath quivering as the other boys avoided eye contact with both Bangchan and between themselves.
“Did you see what happened out there?!” Felix flinched at Chan’s loud shout as Changbin smirked, spinning in the office chair and staring at the ceiling. 
“It’s not that serious, Chan! Just a couple bruises tha-” Changbin started speaking but was soon cut off.
“Nonsense!” Chan growled out. “All of this because that son of a bitch won’t get a job, we included you because you were a detective. You were useful once, Minho”.
The entire room glanced over at Minho. His cheek scarred, a droplet of blood desended down from his knuckles as he swept his hair back with one hand. 
“Not my fault, you wanted me to plan the different robbing schemes so how the fuck can I work, huh? Ever though about that?” He spat on the floor as his gaze was locked with Bangchan’s. The leader getting visibly annoyed by Minho’s tone. 
“Calm down everybody” Seungmin said, carefully nudging at the curtain infront of the window and looking down at the blue and red lights that was flashing all over town. “Continue like this and we’ll all be dead meat for the police”.
Hyunjin was sitting across from Changbin, only the big white table seperating them as a lonely lightbulb hanged in the middle. 
“I agree with Chan, Minho used to help by getting access to information only the detectives had but now... well, he’s not doing much” he scratched the back of his neck while talking. 
Minho was aggrivated by his words, ready to lunge at anyone that dared to open their mouth about how he wasnt helpful after he’d been fired from his job as a detective.
“I-I’m gonna find a job, not like you fuckers sitting here and living off others pain”. He tried to defend himself but only earned a scoff from Felix.
“Please,,, don’t try to judge us when you’re in it yourself” Felix remarked snarkily, sitting on the cold stone flooring. A first aid kit was laid out infront of him as he treated a big wound on his forearm, wrapping bandage over the cut and hissing as the material stinged against the raw wound. 
“I’ll find my ways, don’t worry” he devilishly smirks, many of the boys sighing and rolling their eyes. All except one. Bangchan. His blood was boiling. Did Minho not see how the whole groups future was hanging on by a thin red thread? The red representing how much blood has been shed by these boys in order to survive in this vile world.
Silence filled the room, only the faint sound of police sirens could be heard from outside. Minho clenched his jaw, looking around at the silent boys before grabbing his coat from the wobbly coathanger and exiting the mobs headquarter, shutting the door loud enough to startle both Jeongin and Jisung. Confused glances were exchanged while Bangchan just stood at the end of the table, staring out into the dark night. 
The nightlife was well and alive in the big city. Music blaring, people chattering and cars humming. The neon lights were all around him as well as the vast crowds of people enjoying the night. Minho walked into a bar that was a couple of blocks away from where he and the boys had been moments earlier, robbing a jewely store and beating up the owners until puddles of blood formed around them. Most of the times it was easy but today the police were a step ahead and bad planning by Bangchan almost led to the boys in handcuffs. Luckily, all eight managed to escape, leaving the bodies and the spray painted SKZ mob logo on the old fashioned walls of the jewerly store. 
The bar reeked of alcohol as the lights were low, only a couple of silhouette visible. Unsteady bar chairs decorated the dim bar along with a wall of fancy liquor bottles and as Minho sat down he looked down at the bar table before croaking out;
“One boulevardier“ 
He licked his lips as he looked cockily at the bartender that quickly nodded, intimidated by the wound on his cheek. Minho rubbed the back of his neck whilst comtemplating his life choices. Graduated with a law degree, once being a well respected detective but what was he worth now? He was just a dirty criminal, ruining lives in order to survive. The drink was placed infront of him, a coaster on the bottom of the wide glas as the drink condensed, forming beeds of liquid on the rim. Just as he lifted the glas to his chapped lips you tapped him on the shoulder. 
“Excuse me” 
You stood behind his hunched figure and met his gaze as he turned around, drink in hand. You show your detective badge before speaking.
“y/n, y/l/n. Happened to see any commotion here tonight, sir?
He scoffs which makes you confused as you look him straight into his cold brown eyes.
“Detective? At least you got to keep your job”
Minho turns back and you stand there, wondering if he’s drunk or just refusing to cooperate.
“Sir, I asked you if you’d seen anything that could lead us to the SKZ mob? I’m pretty sure you know who they are. You know, the ones that makes the entire city shake of fear.” 
“Sure, I know of them.” He smirked with his answer.
He patted the empty bar chair next to him, signaling for you to sit which caught you off guard. You were hesitant since he didn’t look like the friendliest type but you nodded, slowly sitting down next to him. 
“Look, I might even surprise you about how much I know” he remarked, steadily raising the glas to his dry lips. 
“Is that so? How do you know so much?” you asked, geniunly interested in him and that scar on his cheek.
“Former detective” he stated simply. 
Your eyebrows jerked at his words. ‘Former detective?’ you thought, losing his job must have been hard on him judging from his scruffy appearence and by the way he waved his finger at the bartender, ordering another drink. 
“Then why did you lose your job?” Curiosity was going to be the death of you.
“Aren’t you asking too many questions, baby?”
Who was he calling baby? The two of you had met minutes ago but something in the way his voice rang through that word caused shivers to descend down your spine. 
“I’m a detective, that my job and you should know that” you replied sassily, not knowing what to do with the butterflies in your stomach upon hearing him call you baby. 
“I could help you but it comes with a cost.”
He moved his hand in a circular motion, swirling the liquor as the floating ice cubes bumped against eachother, the sound being completely masked by the distinct chattering of other guests. 
“Well,,, what do you want me to do?” You looked at him as he stared straight ahead, his silvery earring swaying as he turned his head towards you, grinning. 
“A job and you.” 
His deep brown eyes seemed to draw you in but you had to resist, you were on a patrolling shift after all. 
“I’m s-sorry,,, This is not appropriate behaviour” you say as you try to get up before being abruptly pulled back by your wrist, the purple heart on your bracelet reflecting in the minimally lit bar. 
“I know damn well that there is a promotion looming in the air” he said, not breaking eye contact with the bracelet on your arm. He was right. If he had valuable information it could change your career, make you climb higher in the ladder of success and peer down at all your co-workers that were once laughing at your lack of skills.
“H-how’d you know?” you said, flustered at his big hand that was still tightly gripping your wrist. He flashed his devilish grin before yanking you by the arm, dragging you to the bathroom. 
“W-wait,,, what are you-”
Pushing the door to the bathroom open, he slammed you against a cubical as he crashed his lips onto yours. Luckily the bathroom was empty leaving Minho without any hesitation to fuck you so hard that you’d be longing for more, fuck you so that you’d be left with no other choice but to hire him. You melted in his touch and as much as you knew how wrong this was something about his mysterious aura had you answering his kiss, pursing your lips and slipping your tongue inside of him. The kiss quickly got heated, sparks flying as his fingertips lightly nudged on the band of your jeans. Minho tilted his head, cupping your warm soft cheek with his brittle and bloody hands as you moaned into the kiss, adrenaline rushing through you at the thought of getting caught at any moment. 
Minho pulled you into a cubical, your bracelet jingling from the sudden movement. Locking the door, he put his hand by the side of your head and towered over you making you feel helpless. You needed him inside of you. 
“Deal?” he leaned over to your ear, his hot breath tickled your ear and all you could do was nod as you desperatly clenched around nothing. 
You reattached your lips on his, the bitter taste of liquor spreading in your mouth as your tongues fought for dominance. Minho stroked your hair until his hand slowly moved to peel off your shirt, exposing your bra strap. His touch on your bare shoulder made you shudder and your core quivering in anticipation, feeling a wet patch on your underwear. His hand unbuttoned your pants causing you to gulp loudly, holding the back of his neck to deepen the kiss.  Without warning his cold fingertips slid down beneath your panties, grazing your sopping folds and feeling himself get painfully hard, not wanting to admit the effect you had on him. 
“Already this wet, babygirl?” 
He broke the kiss, looking at your pained expression as he inserted a finger into your dripping pussy. Your eyes tightly shut as your hands wrapped around his arm, needing something to hold on to before your trembling legs gave up on you. You quickly stripped yourself from your pants and underwear, the fabric pooling around your feet and touching the surprisingly clean bathroom tiles. 
“Needy I see” he scoffed, inserting a second finger and sending you over the moon with pleasure, your hands still wrapped around his wrist. 
“s-shut up, you m-made me like this” you stutter back at him, trying to impose some sort of dominance but Minho only swiped his tongue across his bottom lip, looking at you with hungry dark eyes. A broken moan escaped your lips that glistened from saliva, Minho curled his fingers upwards, grazing your g-spot with every move. Before another strained moan managed to escape your lips he retracted his fingers, lapping off your juices from his long fingers with a mischievous look in his eyes. 
“Turn around”
His cold voice pierced your eardrums and as if you’d been hexed you complied, your body moving to his command. Your hot cheek pressed up against the cubical door as Minho’s body was dangerously close to yours, his clothed bulge rubbing against your bare ass. The sound of his belt unbuckling echoed as you pressed your ass up against his bulge, desperate for his cock. 
In a swift motion both his pants and underwear dropped down to the floor, his erect veiny member springing out, the tip shining with precum. He pumped his length a couple of times before rubbing the tip against your dripping heat making you mewl out in suspense, the burning feeling in your core growing stronger. Minho alined himself with your entrance, slowly pushing in the tip to which you hissed, a momentary sting hitting your senses. He teased you by dragging his fingertips across your buttcheeks and up your spine, goosebumps erupting. 
Not being able to control yourself you pushed your butt out making you sink deeper on his length, earning a groan from the dark haired boy. 
“Desperate much?” he cooed from behind you. 
Your hands formed into fists as they held you body up from the door.
“F-fuck,,, hurry, I’m still on my shift you know?” you spat out at him, your legs shaking from how his dick stretched out your tight walls. 
“Whatever you say”
He laced his fingers through your hair, grabbing a fistful before turning his hand and yanking you towards him, your back arching as his hips slam against yours causing your butt to jiggle. You choked on your own moan as Minho’s hand tightly held you by the roots. 
The movement repeated and got harder by each thrust causing you to bite your lip in order to stop from screaming out in pleasure. Heat rose to your cheeks as your eyes rolled back into your skull, stray pieces of hair landing infront of your hair. Sweat beaded on Minho’s forehead, his groans getting louder as he neared his sweet release. 
“S-so tight,,, fuck.” He spoke haltingly, hating the fact that you made him weak. In order to hold on for longer you clenched around him not knowing that he’d grunt loudly.
“Now you’re c-clenching around me like a little whore?” 
A string of moans ensued from your delicate lips upon hearing his new nickname to you. How did he know that you liked it? You could only nod, your speech all slurred from the impact of his dick burrowing deep into your cervix. The knot in your stomach tightened, your head dazed as Minho’s thrusts became uneven, the grip on your hair tightening. Not feeling your legs any longer the knot unraveled, your body shivering from the orgasm that washed upon you, your juices coating Minho’s dick that was still pounding into you at an immense speed. 
“A-aah,,,s-shit!” you screamed out as he rushed after his own orgasm, overstimulating you in the meantime. Tears prickled in the corners of your watery eyes as Minho’s last moan echoed in the room, the moan being high in pitch. He pulled out of you leaving your cunt dripping as he pumped his length a couple of times, throwing his head back before his white cum spurted onto your butt, feeling the warm substance drip down your leg. The two of you panted, chest heaving as your forehead made contact with the door, legs weak. 
In your peripheral vision you see the boy stretching out a paper towel, his chest heaving as he wiped off the small sweat beads with the back of his hand. You shake your head in order to come back to earth before taking the paper towel from his hand, muttering a small “thank you”. 
“So what you say, babygirl?” His dick turning flaccid before pulling up his pants, looking at you wonderingly. You wipe off the cum and discard the paper in a small waste bin before you reach down to grab your panties and pants, pulling them briskly up. You reach for your back pocket, holding out a business card between your pointer and long finger with one hand, the other hand messing with your hair, making it look presentable. 
“Call me on Monday” you say before stumbling out of the cubical, leaving the grinning boy behind you. 
Tumblr media
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possumsunshine · 2 months ago
not me takin forever to do my own gd survey LMAO BOY THAT THING WAS A WHOPPER HUH
heres everything you ever need to know about my detective, levy graham
long version under the cut!
Name: Levy Graham
Pronouns: he/him
Sexuality: Pansexual
Love interest: Mason
Best friend: Felix
Main skill: People
Secondary skill: Deduction/knowledge
Main personality trait: Charming
Secondary personality trait: Sarcastic
Why did they join the Wayhaven PD?: Rebellious youth.
Relationship with Rebecca: Very bad!
Relationship with Bobby: Ex-boyfriend, holding a grudge.
Verda or Tina?: Tina.
Murphy bite?: Neck.
Murphy's fate?: Captured.
Rescue LI or Rescue Sanja?: Sanja
more under the cut!
Name:Levy Graham
Nickname: Lev
Birthday: 4/18
Age: 35-38 (I waffle)
Pronouns: He/him
Sexuality: Pansexual
Hair color: Naturally black, half white
Eye color: Dark brown, basically black
Height: 4'11"
Piercings: Several in both ears, tongue.
Tattoos: SEVERAL-- ⦁ knife on left side neck ⦁ sun on chest ⦁ branches on top surgery scars ⦁ graphic line thingy on left elbow ⦁ stitches on left wrist ⦁ 3 stars and a moon on left hand knuckles ⦁ L-E-V-Y on right hand knuckles ⦁ skull on hip ⦁ eyeball tramp stamp ⦁ poorly drawn possum a la tina on foot ⦁ a sunflower...somewhere ⦁ butcher knife somewhere
Clothing Style: Modern, goth if it came in bright colors. Bones, eyes, harnesses, rainbows, patterns. Wears men's and women's clothing.
Apartment Style: Bright bright bright. Many yellow, green, purple, pink, blue walls. A lot of weird vintage decor (70s kind of stuff). One wall in his bedroom is a constant victim of a new mural.
Charming | Intimidating
Impulsive | Cautious
Sarcastic | Genuine
Friendly | Stoic
Easygoing | Stubborn
Traits: Heart | Mind
Optimist | Pessimist
Team Player | Independent
Skills: Main Skill: People
Second Skill: Deduction/knowledge
By the Book | Bend the Rules
Reason for joining the Wayhaven PD:
Seeing as he had little to no parental supervision in his teens, Levy got into All Kinds Of Shit, from vandalism to drugs and everything in between. He was offered jailtime or work on the force in replacement of community service, so that's what he did, and he's been there ever since.
Murphy bite:  Wrist | Neck | None Murphy’s Fate: Captured | Escaped Rescued: Love Interest | Sanja
Love Interest: Mason.
Why them?: At first it's a purely physical thing, Mason is very much His Type of big big hot dude who's kind of a jerk, but as they get to know each other, they have very similar senses of humor, ideals, morals, etc. Their interests align, and they help each other be better people, which makes me gay and weak LMAO Bold, shy, or mixed?: Bold in the beginning because it was just kind of like..."you want to fuck me so bad it makes you look stupid", but once he catches feelings, he gets a little more shy about it because he wants more than just...You Know.
What were their first impressions of each other?: kill bill sirens HOT HOT HOT HOT 
What do they find attractive about each other, mentally or physically?: Physically pretty much everything both ways LMAO. Especially the height difference (((: Mentally again its about the aligned values, the sense of humor, etc etc
What do they do to spend time together?: They spend almost all available time attached at the hip, so anything domestic really. Mason spends more and more time around Levy's apartment as they go on, they do household shit together, watch movies, Levy gets him into painting. Mason gets Levy more and more outdoors, something he was never interested in before, things like hiking and camping (altho if Levy gets the choice he will absolutely pick cabin camping over tent camping any day). When Levy's asleep, especially early on in their relationship, Mason goes around the surrounding areas of Wayhaven, finding little surprise places to bring him to, which helps foster that love.
What are their love languages?: Mason's is physical affection/quality time, Levy's is acts of service/quality time.
How do they handle being apart from one another?: Badly. Deep romance, they become pretty reliant on having the other one around. Emotional support husbands LMAO
Do they argue? How do they handle arguments and disagreements? How do they make up?: I think they might bicker at most, because both of them can be crabasses. One second they're bitching at each other, the next everything's totally fine, just a change of conversation, and neither of them think too much deeper on it than that.
What does their future look like?: They don't talk much about it; they're both very live-in-the-moment people. Mason out of nowhere one day suggests that Levy should get turned into a vampire, and he has a mini-meltdown about that (bc they've never talked about forever, and what does forever mean for them, they're not even married), but he does turn, and they get married sometime after that. Mason takes Levy's last name, which is a spur of the moment decision made as they're filing paperwork with the agency.  
Anything else you'd like to share: weed
Best friend: Felix
Why them?: He's just fun! He's a genuine, sweet, open and honest person with a lot of emotional literacy (unlike Mason) and you just NEED that sometimes. They're each others' free therapists.
What were their first impressions of each other?: They probably thought the other one was *very* hot before Levy was like wait no you're way too young for me LMAO
What do they do to spend time together?: They definitely shop together, I feel like they have the same gaudy ass style and spend like 3 hours at the local Sephora. They're definitely the 2 that when the gang goes to Laycott's (which is a gay bar in my Wayhaven, get at me Mishka), they're out there dirty dancin'. Also make terrible tiktoks of the rest of UB without them knowing bdfhgbfg. And play ACNH
Anything else you'd like to share: Their friendship gets to a point where Felix just walks into Levy's apartment whenever the hell he wants. He's not even phased by walking in on him and Mason anymore LMAO
OTHER RELATIONSHIPS (Feel free to go in depth!):
Relationship with Rebecca: Terrible! When he came into his own and realized he was trans and pan, the neighbor ladies who pretty much raised him were very encouraging and accepting...When he finally saw Rebecca again, a few weeks later, though she wasn't rejecting of it, she also needed time to get used to it and adjust and flubbed a lot. Especially because she wasn't there to like...spend time with him and get used to it. She's got it down now and is fine with it, but Levy holds grudges like you wouldn't believe
Relationship with Rook: Nonexistant. He has no memories of Rook, he died when he was far too young, and he knows hardly anything about him because Rebecca hasn't told him anything and he won't push it. 
Relationship with Bobby: Ex-boyfriend. They met at the community college in Wayhaven, around the time that Levy first started transitioning, so it was like...well, we're the only two gays in town! It was never a healthy relationship, they fought a lot, and then after they officially broke up they were stuck together for another 4 months bc they were renting an apartment together. RIP.
Relationship with Verda: Very good, they're very close in a gay-siblings way. Levy buys the girls birthday and holiday presents, he's the bad influence uncle. Relationship with Tina: Best friends. Insanely close, just as close as him and Felix. They met while getting into the same kind of trouble, and ended up on the force for the same reasons, although Tina was busted a few years later. They also were FWB for a hot minute until they just weren't
Relationship with the Mayor: Terrible. Hate. Absolutely no respect between them.
Relationship with Capt. Sung: Terrible. Hate. Absolutely no respect between them.
Relationship with Haley: They went to high school together, but weren't the closest back then or now. They get along well enough, and usually have a daily how's-the-weather, how-are-the-kids talk.
Relationship with Elidor: Levy adores him. Big hot man make brain go brrrrrr
Relationship with Tapeesa: No strong opinions or feelings. She's nice.
Relationship with Unit Alpha: Big hot man make brain go brrrrrr, Lesedi is very sweet but he's not very close to any of them.
Relationship with the Maa-alused: One more time for the people in the back Big Hot Man Make Brain Go Brrrrrr
Do they have any other important relationships, past or present? (Relatives, friends, etc.?): Levy was, for the most part, raised by his lesbian neighbors who he regards as his family (aunts or moms) as well. He texts them almost every day and goes over to dinner at their house on Friday nights.
Describe their personality: One of my friends called him an old bitch once, and they were pretty much right LMAO. He's short, he's cranky, he's bitchy, he's got anxiety, BUT when you get to level 5 friendship or higher, there is no one more loyal or caring. But also, this
Tumblr media
Strengths: Smart as hell, charming, a good listener.
Weaknesses: First instinct is to snap, whiny, anxious.
Where in the world is their Wayhaven?: New England, Maine. Stephen King territory.
What is their personal history?: Rook died when he was 2. Rebecca threw herself into Agency work, and ended up leaving him in the care of Jackie and Teresa Ward-Ruíz pretty much all through his childhood and teen years, until he turned 18 and (with their help, and Rebecca's money) got an apartment on his own. During his teen years he started gettin' into Some Shit. He did two years of community college, and hated every minute of it--in his first year, he started transitioning. He dated Bobby for about a year and a half during that time, wherein Bobby moved in with him until after they broke up. Meets Tina somewhere in all of that. When he was 21 he was busted for trespassing and vandalism, and was Very High at the time, and was given the choice between joining the force or going to jail. He chose the former. They cause a whole bunch of havoc and do a bad job, end up getting partnered off together because the Wayhaven PD doesn't have enough staff to fire them. Many Years Pass (during which he's had a lot of one night stands and FWB, but nothing serious), he becomes detective of the WPD because he's been there the longest. No one is happy about it, but no one is willing to take the job from him, so there you go. Meets UB, meets Mason, he falls in love the first time they [redacted], they end up together eventually after a whole lotta crap. Several years pass, [insert my theory about how Rebecca is gonna die in a violent passion and detective is gonna become the handler of UB]. Mason is the first one to bring up Levy turning, so he does, Felix does it. They get married someday. No kids, but they get a cat and Mason loves it more than he could love any human child. WHEW If they weren't a detective, what would their dream job be?: I don't think Levy knows. I don't think Levy thinks about it too deeply, honestly. He was going to community college for a liberal arts degree. He only started doing art in the past 5-ish years, and has no desire to monetize it. He's a very day by day person, and his ultimate goal is just to survive and be happy.
Zodiac sign: Aries
Hobbies: Painting, horror movies, makeup, farther down the road hiking.
Likes: Loud, bright colors and patterns, shit with skulls and bones on it, possums, stealing clothes from one night stands (he's got a collection of t-shirts), leaving people on read, verbal confrontation.
Dislikes: Physical confrontation, instant coffee, professional sports, being left on read, when he passes out drunk with his makeup still on and ruins a pillowcase, early mornings.
Drink of choice: Coffee.
Starbucks order: Trenta flat white with like, no less than 8 shots of espresso. Or just a trenta black coffee.
Favorite food: His neighbor-mom's tamales.
Favorite color: Yellow/gold.
Favorite music: St. Vincent.
Favorite genre (and favorite movie/book/etc): Horror. Fave movie is Halloween (1978).
Favorite season:  Summer.
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