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OC Asks | accepting!

4. What’s your favourite headcanon about your muse?

// For Graún, I like how she seems flirtatious at first but can completely freeze up if flirted with, especially romantically. She’s not as open as she might like to think.

// For Sezo, the headcanon that he’s more creative and resourceful than he might seem is one I came up with very early on and still hold dear.

// My favorite headcanon for Penny is that she’s extremely gentle, but can also go berserk if pushed far enough. Especially if someone hurts Sezo or any other loved one of hers. It comes unexpected even to herself.

// The fact that Magnus actually manages to feel something akin to goodness despite what people often think, is my fave part of his character.

// A friend inspired me to make Ferdinand a good singer, and that thought is still funny to me.

// Where to even begin with Kris? I like how excitable and generous he is with friends. Seriously, if he considers someone a friend they’ll never see the last of him.

// Abraham is so, so awkward, even though he has some of the most powerful of spells at his disposal. He’s just a dork.

// Ochera likes cats, which is… I would say humanizing to her as a character? But also kind of ironic considering she serves a feline god.

// Oliver is pretty poetic, even though he’s not very good with words no matter who he’s talking to.

// And finally, I love Dinah’s morality. How she has strong villain vibes but somehow manages to stay on the good side of that line. //

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: So I needed a break from fluff…and if I’m being truthful, some of this is based on feelings I’ve had during the quarantine…or still have, to be honest. I haven’t written for Dorothea in awhile, and I wanted to explore the less charismatic, less cheerful side of her. I’ll probably be writing more shorter things like this as I try and get back into writing, please be patient with me!

SPOILER WARNING: No spoilers are given, but this takes place after the 5-year timeskip.

Hope you all enjoy! Feedback is appreciated!


“Dorothea, are you alright?”

Ferdinand’s voice echoed in the empty cathedral, as did the choked sob that responded to his call, for sitting in a corner, the skirt of her dress crumpled around her and stained with tears, was Dorothea.

“Thea…” Ferdinand moved to sit beside her on the floor, a chill running down his back as his warm hands met cold stone…very cold. “You’ll get sick if you sit here much longer-“

“How do you endure it, Ferdinand?”

Dorothea’s voice cracked as she spoke, a wave of fresh tears welling up in her eyes. Her hand found purchase on Ferdinand’s cloak, warm and sturdy beneath her fingers, and she inhaled shakily, leaning into Ferdinand when he placed an arm around her shoulder, drawing her closer.

“The pain,” she sobbed. “How do you endure the pain? I know I have you and Edie and everyone else here but I feel so alone, Ferdie. I feel alone and it hurts.” A fresh wave of tears trailed down Dorothea’s cheeks, reddened from crying and cold.

“You aren’t alone, you know-”

How could he say that? Of course she wasn’t alone; Dorothea was surrounded by friends, professors and suitors galore. If she so desired, she would never lack for company or support of any kind. The Black Eagles had been good for her, teaching her to remember the good in people while still knowing their imperfections, some greater than others. However, a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, and the swirling pit of emptiness in Dorothea’s stomach was unmistakably…indisputably, the feeling of being alone.

“Of course I know that, Ferdinand! That doesn’t make the feeling any lesser…I still feel alone,” Dorothea whimpered, jerking her head as a particularly bright ray of sun pierced the colorful glass of the cathedral window to shine directly into her eye. 

Ferdinand pulled Dorothea closer, sighing with relief as her muffled sobs turned to smaller sniffles, her tears perhaps not falling quite as fast as before. Minutes passed, enough that Ferdinand lost track of the seconds that ticked by in silence.

Perhaps she felt isolated, even in the arms of a dear friend. Perhaps she felt she had no one, even in the midst of companions and training partners. Perhaps she felt alone, but maybe somewhere, Dorothea knew she wasn’t alone.

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❣️- They see their crush

For all his flaws, Magnus knows what love feels like – or at least a gnoll’s version of it. He’ll try to impress them in any way he can, mostly by showing off his strength as that was what his tribe valued. But on the flipside, he can get jealous or even possessive if they show interest in someone else.

Ferdinand, on the other hand, becomes an awkward disaster. He’ll stammer even more than when he’s just nervous, but he’ll also shower her with affection and gifts in any way she likes.

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Clowns: Does your muse prefer comedy? Or horror?

“Comedy, definitely.” Ferdinand smiled. “I deal with enough tension in real life.”

Mirrors: What is your muse’s least favorite thing about their appearance?

“I… don’t like how tired I look most of the time. It’s not something I can really help, but I do wish I didn’t.”

Tight Space: Does your muse ever feel that they’re not living up to their own potential?

He responded with a nervous laugh. “All the time. I do everything I can, but it always feels like I could do more if I just pushed a little harder.”

Closet Monsters: Does your muse hide any aspects of their personality/life from others?

“Yes. It’s, um, obvious… not everyone reacts well when they find out I’m a werewolf. I often don’t even get to tell them I don’t eat people or anything like that.”

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I…see. That is an odd reason to buy a pony, nor am I in need of one. However, if you insist on the matter, as well as ensure me you will not assassinate your father, I will accept your gift. Lachesis will get the best care here at the monastery.

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As students

Ferdinand: It is my life’s goal, nay, my very duty to prove my superiority to you, Edelgard!

Edelgard, plotting for her war: Huh? Oh, ok sure. That’s annoying but you do you.

During the war

Ferdinand: To be a good Prime Minister I must show the world how much better a leader I am, your Majesty!

Edelgard, taking down three enemies at once: I’m a little busy at the moment Ferdinand could you maybe help rather than gloat?


Ferdinand, with Hubert by his side: Why, all of Fodlan simply adores us! Who’s better now, Edelgard?

Edelgard, retired and just trying to plant some carnations in her garden: Still don’t care!

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