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So my obsessive thoroughness is actually great for some things, like my ultimate fan casting! Starting with Maas and ACOTAR, May I introduce my casting pick(s) for Feyre Archeron…

My number one is Emma Corrin (Diana in The Crown), runner-up is Alycia Debnam-Carey (Lexa on The 100) - and honorable mention Maya Hawke (Robin in Stranger Things)! What do y’all think? Here’s Feyre’s physical description in the book for context (paraphrased):

Tall, slender, powerfully built with pale skin, golden-brown hair and slightly up-tilted blue-grey eyes. Once she starts to eat normally she fills out; her skin tans and freckles in the spring court. She has a pert and pretty straight nose, sharp cheekbones and a soft mouth (her father’s). Rhys says she is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen.

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you know… i reread the Az POV and 

Rhys lied to Azriel about how Lucien, as Beron’s son, has the right to demand the Blood Duel to Azriel if he presues Elain

I’m here like, “WHY IS YOU LYINGGG”

But I totally get why RHys didn’t say anything aboyt Lucien’s heritage because… you know… it’s a secret but STILL

Bruh, what if Az finds out that Lucien is not Beron’s son (but Helions) and he also finds out that Rhys and Feyre knew about it and that Rhys lied to him about the whole “I will challenge you and take your girl” thing! ANd it pisses him OFFFFF

(i’m still team Gwynriel but like this could f some people up)

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*Asking RHYS if he can marry Nesta and being and overall prick*
*Cannot function cause he's so jealous*
*trying not to laugh*
“You can return every Solstice present in exchange for letting me tear him apart”
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Headcanon that Az and Gwyn are the only sure fire way to get baby Nyx to calm when he’s upset. When Feyre and Rhys have to leave baby Nyx for any length of time, Mor calls Azriel in a panic. He shows up, and his shadows reach out to tend to baby Nyx immediately. He takes Nyx in his arms, and the once fussy baby is now giggling and content playing with the flurry of Az’s shadows that peak around the little boy in an elaborate game only those two know. And when Cassian has Nyx at the House of Wind, and he starts to seriously question wanting his own screeching children especially if they are going to have lungs like he and Nesta, Gwyn walks into the room. Cassian sees her at the door, and then the next moment, Gwyn is near his side, and she takes baby Nyx from his arms. She starts to coo under her breath softly, and then Cassian realizes that she is singing. Baby Nyx is immediately taken by her, and Cassian could swear that the pair of them start to glow slightly with a soft light.

At every holiday, occasion, or meeting either Az or Gwyn can be seen with baby Nyx in their arms. Sometimes they entertain him together with their intermixing show of light and shadows and music. The others look on in awe, knowing that when the time comes both Az and Gwyn will be the best parents.

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i find it amazing that people feel so angry because a 14 child had to go hunt (when she choose to) for her family but then find it acceptable that it should be a 16 child to go hunt, not the dad, but the 16-year-old child.

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Just finished acosf and I don’t usually post about anything but I just have to ask for opinions…


Az and Gwyn are going to be mates, I can feel it. We all know the way Sarah writes and how she is the queen of foreshadowing and there are so many things I picked up on. And one of those things is I believe Elain is going to be evil…

Hear me out.

In Azriels POV I found his shadows actions around Elain SO interesting. When Az was heading into the sittingroom (or whatever, can’t remember what it’s called now) his shadows are hissing at him to ‘sleep’… and then Elain appears and Azriel’s shadows hide from her. It’s as though they knew she was near and tried to keep him away.

Also, Freyre’s POV was quite Elain heavy at the beginning. Her and Rhys were talking about how Elain basically acts like she’s all sweet and innocent but that’s all it is, and in my opinion that is true and it sounds like Rhys agrees with me lol

Anyway, Rhys and Feyre talk about Elain becoming 'interesting’ and I found the whole conversation purposely put there to start sowing the seed of a possible evil Elain. We all know Sarah does not write anything without having a reason for it.

Contrast this with the fact that Az’s shadows 'dance’ with Gwyn and 'sing’ in response to her singing… and the whole cute bit at the end with him giving her a gift and imaging her reaction and how it makes him feel warm just shows how different the two situations are.

Gwyn is endgame and Elain maybe has ulterior motives for wanting Az on her side?

I saw a theory that she is still seeing Grayson and that’s why she doesn’t react when Nesta mentions his name. She doesn’t even flinch. The woman who became ill over the thought of Grayson not wanting anything to do with her… and that she is working with the queens and Grayson and in return they promise her humanity back.

And it’s also worth noting, in the Court of Nightmares chapter, where Elain is in night court black and Cassian says it does not suit her shows she does not belong there. How can she be with Az, a Night Court Spymaster, Rhys brother, a fae literally surrounded by shadows, and not fit the Night Court black?

I think that theory is real good… thoughts??..

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halfway through acosf and something i’ve noticed w feyre is the lack of respect she gets when it comes to like social situations. at least from my pov, i get rhysand’s being “protective” but ever situation i see him in, i like him less. Maybe that’s just me though, if you guys have an opinion lemme know in the notes cause i want to talk to more people about it

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Cassian when Nesta had a “just sex” policy and wouldn’t expect him to stay in her room after sex.

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would love to see in any upcoming books nesta and elain absolutely babying feyre and treating her like the baby sister she is

in front of the bats too i just think it would be so cute

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Me before starting the book: ok I’m a grown up I’m not gonna cry.

Me during the whole part 1 of the book: I’m gonna go to hell for reading this!!

Me during part 2 of the book : aww nes you can do this! You deserve love too!

Me during part 3 of the book: screaming and crying and laughing through tears. Cause what the f*ck was that!!!?

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is anyone else kinda confused why SJM writes super badass, awesome female protagonists (bryce, nesta, aelin) and then takes their power away?? like obviously they can be badass without their powers, but i find it kind of weird that it’s becoming a pattern…

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Ok please don’t come at me because, dude, I LOVED this book but I just wanted to share MY opinion - get that? just mine, not yours so feel free to totally disagree. 

  • More inner circle scenes!! (can understand completely SJM’s decision to not involve too much in the plot, but I feel like the characters came across a little two dimensional in comparison to the other books?)
  • Cassian’s past in greater depth
  • More build up in Nesta and Cassian’s relationship! I feel like there could have been a lot more anticipation and angst, especially towards the argument the characters had in ACOFAS. 
  • A conversation between Nesta & Cassian about what was in the BOX!!!! Ok this grated on me, especially after all the effort we now learned he went to. 
  • Mating bond realisation moment from Nesta/Cassian I don’t know about anyone else, but the bond discovery moment in ACOMAF was one of my favourite chapters and so beautifully crafted - I felt a bit underwhelmed in ACOSF: maybe because it wasn’t as big a moment as it was in ACOMAF. 
  • Cassian TELL US HOW YOU FEEL BRO! ok so the scene where Rhys banishes Nesta for telling Feyre her baby is going to die, and Cassian takes her to a healing lake? Favourite chapter, loved it, cried, flaw-lessss. Well - almost. I WANT TO HEAR WHAT CASSIAN HAS TO SAY! like they’ve been walking for 5 days in silence, tell Nesta about how she hurt you, about your fears and flaws, about your sad upbringing because she’s listening and loves you and I get she hasn’t told you yet but just wait a few pages I promise. 
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